Suggested Questions For PM David Cameron, at Press Conference
Posted on November 9th, 2013

‚ Dr. Chula Rajapake ‚ MNZMLower Hutt.Spokesperson,United Sri Lanka Assn. NewZealand

Please find below questions being posed to th Q7 A TV program on NZ TV. These could be used also at press conferences in Colombo ‚ with the British PM , David Cameron:‚ 

Given that the main basis for questioning the right of Sri Lanka to host the CHOGM and chair the commonwealth for the next two years are the allegations of human right violations in thelast three months of their war of liberation from three decades of Tamil Tiger terrorism, through SL forces indulging in directed shooting at civilians leading to an unacceptably high number of casualties around 40,000 or more, and through SL forces indulging‚  in directed shooting at hospitals and no fire zones,

  • Given that these allegations originated from the Tiger Diaspora within hours and days after the end of the war on 19th May 2009
  • Given that the widespread use of misinformation was major ploy used by the Tigers‚  to garner support in the‚  west
  • Given that had these been true‚  it is very unlikely that 300,000 Tamil civilians trapped as human shields by the Tigers, would have streamed into the hands of the Sri Lankan soldiers as they did in full view of the world media, the moment‚  the Tiger built embankment to prevent them from doing so was breached.
  • Given that over fifty tamil civilians representing these 300,000 witnesses to the war , along with six Tamil doctors and a Tamil Member of Parliament who were with these civilians in these last months, in the documentary – Lies agreed upon- easily accessible‚  on‚  U tube had only the highest praise for the SL soldiers and confirmed that the only directed shooting they received was from the Tigers to prevent‚  their human shields from escaping.
  • Given that the Darusman commission, the committee UNSG appointed to inquire into Sri Lanka, withoutUNSC or UNGA sanction and against express wishes of some UNSC members, consisting of three who had in the recent past had been critical of Sri Lanka, and had been appointed without any consultation with SL & so in violation of the most fundamental principles of natural justice,
  • Given that Darusman commission conclusion of – credible evidence of HR violations- was based on evidence whose sources could not be divulged for thirty years while it called for -transparency- from Sri Lanka , so providing‚  an unacceptable contradiction,
  • Given that the main evidence for the HR violations by SL forces in the last three months have come from Callum Macrae-â„¢s films consisting of video strips, un-attributable & uncorroborated, with blurred faces and disguised voices, with tiger diaspora posing as independent witness, held together by a biased commentary to ultimately blame the SL forces for the human carnage shown which could have in reality come form any where, anytime, from war or suicide bombs of tigers.
  • Given that an orchestrator of these allegations currently is Amnesty International who have been exposed to have received a donation of $50,000 in Canada in 2012 prior to their current campaign so questioning their integrity and credibility
  • Given that another main orchestrator of these allegations is the Tamil UNHR chief‚  sitting in judgment over a dispute between Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka, a situation of very questionable fairness to say the least.
  • Given that two commissions have been appointed in Sri Lanka to investigate these allegations , the LLRC and the Army commission , but neither the Tiger Diapora, nor Callum Macrae nor AI brought any complaints of HR violations by army or any one els in SL.
  • Given that despite his films‚  Callum Macrae has received‚  a visa to Sri Lanka to cover CHOGM‚  while‚  a visa has been denied to him from India, which is hardly suggestive of oppression of the press.
  • Given all these which makes the case for Sri Lanka having to answer to HR violations and war crimes very weak

Why is Q & A

  1. Persisting in questioning Sri Lanka-â„¢s role in the CHOGM without supporting it.
  2. Would it not be more relevant to question how countries like Britain and Canada permit the Tiger Diapora,that financed three decades of terror in SL‚  and so threatened the most basic human right, the right to life, day in day out for three decades for 20 million Sri Lankans , to operate freely intheir countries with out investigating their role in such HR violations.
  3. Even worse, why does Britain permit these very same now relabeled British Tamil Forum, World Tamil Forum and Transnational Government of Tamil Elam the honor of celebrating their anniversary each March for three years now, in the premises of the house ofcommons with over 40MPs from both sides of the house including the foreign secretary and the shadow foreign secretary in attendance March 2013.
  4. In‚  relation to Sri Lanka, how is it that President Rajapakse, representing 20 million Sri Lankans had his & their most basic human right of speech denied to‚  them when he was not permitted to speak at the Oxford Union to which he was invited in 2010‚  & 2012, because of fear of demonstrations and protest by the Tiger Diaspora. Has Britain not surrendered any moral right to question SL-â„¢s HR‚  record in he face of such a poor record of their own.
  5. How is it that even as recently as September 2013, the film – Madras Cafƒ©- produced in Tamil Nadu India , an action thriller based on the Rajiv Ghandhi assassination that showed the Tami Tigers as the perpetrators of the assassination as happened in real life,‚  had to be withdrawn from being‚  screened in Britain through fear of demonstrations and protests by the Tiger Diaspora, so surrendering Britain-â„¢s moral authority to question SL -Ëœs record in media freedom.


‚ Dr. Chula Rajapake ‚ MNZM

Lower Hutt.


United Sri Lanka Assn.

3 Responses to “Suggested Questions For PM David Cameron, at Press Conference”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    THE BRISHITS (borrowed from Lorenzo), are now slaves to Tamil Tiger Terrorists Diaspora Money, which they receive, like Hosannas falling from Heaven. Their morals stink to high heaven. Cameron and his bunch of coolies are contaminating the realms of British Royalty. DISGRACEFUL.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said,

    “SL should refuse the Endian delegation.”

    Absolutely! Why? Because CHOGM stands for “Commonwealth HEADS of Government Meeting”

    Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is the HEAD of India’s Government; not Kurshid or any other lesser official.

    If PM Man Mohan Singh does not attend, then the Indian HEAD of Government does not attend … Therefore, INDIA does not attend.

    Indian Participation in the CHOGM, therefore, is Null & Void … and India should be declared ABSENT at the CHOGM and NOT ALLOWED TO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE at any lesser level. Perhaps only as an OBSERVER of events. No speeches by any any Indian Official should be allowed at the meeting … India has ELECTED to ABSENT itself … so ENFORCE that VOLUNTARY ABSENCE to the FULLEST.

    Let the GOSL ENFORCE the RULES and DENY attendance at any ACTIVE level to all who boycott the meeting. It should be the SAME for CANADA, and ANY OTHER countries that do not send their HEADS OF STATE! This is ENFORCING the RULES embedded in the DECLARED NAME OF THE MEETING itself!

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !! I think the same concept applies to Canada as well.

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