Posted on November 10th, 2013

‚ By Stanley Perera, Melbourne

‚ In the perspective of patriotic Sri Lankan, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Sing-â„¢s boycotting CHOGM in Colombo is considered as blessings in disguise.‚  Vast majority of Sri Lankans do not fancy Indians in Sri Lanka.‚  In the event India participating (Manmohan Sing) would have been Indian stealing the show of Sri Lanka.‚  India feels that they are the leaders in Asia which is a fool-â„¢s way of thinking.‚  It is very sad to note that India bullying surrounding smaller countries since India gaining independence from the U.K.‚  But Pakistan rejecting the Indian supremacy in the region made India take a step backward is seen as defeat in the war between the two countries.‚  Therefore Pakistan has become strong enough to compete with India.‚  China on the other hand is another stronger opposition to India becoming second to China.‚  With the nuclear race Pakistan is not second to India.‚ ‚  Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to-gather with Maldives seem to be uncomfortable to deal with India because of Indian bullying the smaller nations in the region.‚  India-â„¢s foreign policies is the biggest hurdle in the political stability in the region‚  as India-â„¢s RAW manipulating the militant and separatist movements in these smaller nations which has backfired by India-â„¢s separatists militant action.

With 2500 years of written history in Sri Lanka, prior to the British, Dutch and Portuguese invasions, India-â„¢s Chola invasions take a special place in Sri Lanka-â„¢s history.‚  Sri Lanka was invaded by Cholas many a time in which India becomes the only enemy in the region while China and Pakistan becoming the true friends together with Russia.‚  The last two UNHRC sessions, India voted against Sri Lanka and still India calling Sri Lanka as having stronger ties.‚  That is only because India only believes in one way trade with Sri Lanka.‚  Indian created terrorism has caused Sri Lanka immense damage and the campaign conducted by Terrorist remnants, India is fully responsible for.‚  The role played by India-â„¢s RAW in internal affairs in Sri Lanka is creating a calamity.‚  India is poking its nose in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka seen as the biggest threat to Sri Lanka-â„¢s territorial integrity.

‚ Indian fishing trawlers poaching in Sri Lankan waters has developed to an alarming rate.‚  Tamil Nadoo-â„¢s politicians are funded by the state to poach Sri Lankan waters and the catch is exported.‚  The number of fishing trawlers is estimated at 4000.‚  The illegal fishing in Sri Lanka has been going on for some sixty years.‚  One Mad Indian suggested that India fishing in Sri Lanka-â„¢s waters for three days and Sri Lanka fishing in Sri Lankan waters for three days leaving the seventh day as a free day.‚  It has got to be an Indian for the suggestion.‚  The world opinion is that Indians are the most unreliable people.

If a leader of a country is gutless to take and independent decision in the international affairs his leadership is good as a no leadership.‚  Manmohan Sinh-â„¢s boycotting CHOGM is not felt in Sri Lanka.‚  When the vast majority of Sri Lankans do not wish Sing-â„¢s participation in CHOGM in Colombo, Sri Lanka can manage its affairs without India.‚  India supported Indian created terrorism in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka eradicated the terrorist menace single handed with the support of China, Russia and Pakistan.‚  If Pakistan, Sri Lanka-â„¢s friend boycotted CHOGM, then Sri Lanka would feel Pakistan-â„¢s absence.‚  CHOGM is the meeting of the friendly countries of the Commonwealth.‚  Enemy countries do not mingle with the friendly countries.‚  Those who boycott are identified as unfriendly countries.‚  They are being isolated as bad apples.‚  The only way that the problems can be solved is by negotiating and not by boycotting.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should REFUSE the Endian delegation because it is NOT the Endian head of state.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    How is it that the “Sri Lanka Bar Association” has descended into becoming an Anti-National organization interested only in DEMONIZING Sri Lanka, and COLLABORATING with Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES?

    Shenali Waduge, could you please RESEARCH and WRITE an article that IDENTIFIES the composition of the Bar Association’s Membership and Leadership, and provide us some insight into how and why this National Organization is so interested and committed to destroying Sri Lanka?

    If the “Sri Lanka Bar Association” cannot conduct itself as a Patriotic Organization, then it is time to create a COMPETING Alternative Organization that would do so, and is empowered to RECOGNIZE and CERTIFY the CREDENTIALS of members of Sri Lanka’s LEGAL PROFESSION.

    This Anti-National “Sri Lanka Bar Association” cannot be allowed to represent and speak for the ENTIRE Legal Profession in Sri Lanka! It is a DAMN SHAME!

    Sri Lanka Bar Association faults the government for not granting visas to IBAHRI delegation

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 10, Colombo:The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has faulted the government for not granting visas to the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) delegation that was to attend a seminar in Colombo.

    BASL President Upul Jayasuriya in a statement said that the IBAHRI delegation was to attend a seminar on ‘Commonwealth Values and the Role of the Legal Profession.

    Gabriela Knaul, the first-ever UN Special Rapporteur for Judges and Lawyers, Dato Param Cumaraswamy, and a senior representative of the IBA, Alex Wilks were to address the seminar.

    “Their visas were applied for by letter dated 17 August 2013 by the Secretary, BASL along with a visa for Sadakat Kadri. The first three visas were issued whereas Sadakat Kadri was refused his visa. Visas that were issued bear the following ETA Nos. 130826PG1218467 – 130826PM1504191- Gabriela Knaul, 130826PG1218467 – 130826PM1504192- Paramasothi Cumaraswamy, 130826PG1218467 – 130826PM1504189 – Alexander Jeffrey Wilks.”

    “All three visas were granted on the basis of travel purpose as, Conference, Workshops and Seminars. At no stage has the BASL been written to by the Department of Immigration or any other agency of the government relating to any prior approval for the purpose of holding ‘special procedures’ applicable for the holding of seminars with the participation of foreign dignitaries.” Jayasuriya said.

    “It appears that the Ministry of External Affairs is acting with miscomprehension of facts on the grant of visas, which is a matter within the Controller of Immigration and not the Ministry of External Affairs. As per the communiqué issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, it appears the Ministry is unaware that the three visas have been granted. We have not requested for any assistance from the Ministry either in the form of logistics or accommodation. We have made all arrangements to go ahead with the seminar at a time the topic of discussion is most relevant to Sri Lanka,” he has added.

    External Affairs Ministry said in a statement earlier that it informed the Sri Lanka High Commission in London two weeks after visa application that visa cannot be granted as requested since the organizers of the conference had not followed the due process of obtaining approval from the Ministry with regard to hosting of seminars/conferences with international participation.

    The Ministry said it had made it clear that since the Seminar had been scheduled to be held during the CHOGM 2013 week in Colombo, all the required resources will be fully utilized during this period and the Ministry will have logistics problems, especially in providing security to international participants and non-availability of hotels and accommodation facilities. The Ministry has further informed to the High Commission in London that a decision has been made to embargo the scheduling of visits and such events, during the period 20th October – 20th November 2013.

    The BASL however said the association was considering that it is their duty to make the voice of the legal profession heard at a time when Sri Lanka is taking over the Chair-in-office of the coveted Commonwealth Organization, which has now been thwarted with the cancellation of the valid visas that have been issued to them by the Controller of Immigration.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Truthfully, this Sing should not step into this country, because he was complicit in TRAINING, ARMING, SHELTERING TERRORISTS, to KILL many innocent Men, Women, and Children, in Sri Lanka. Let he be CURSED, and by the grace of THE LORDS ABOVE, he has been stopped from entering this pristine country.

    The TOP man Sing is no Leader. He is a puppet of the belly dancer, and the lap dog of the Tamil Terrorists.JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE TOORBHAN SING. SRI LANKA HATES YOU, and your puppeteers.

  4. Nanda Says:

    See my comments elsewhere. Government must do something about Bar Association. Traitors have grabbed the power the Looyers association.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Lanka can manage its affairs without India – since 1948 not at all !
    India decided what should be our land of law & when to implement(eg: indo Lanka accord 13 & NP election !

    We both community never learn & never will be …..

  6. aloy Says:

    What we need is the deterrent. One fine day TN will want SL invaded again just like what Rajive did. If we do not have it we will suffer the same fate over and over again. Pakistan had to face the problem until they got the nuke.
    Who can get it for us?.
    History has shown that people who appear to be invertibrates in democratic systems can make the difference. I have read somewhere that Hitler was such a person However after clinching power with a small margin he set fire to the parliament and made that country very strong.
    LKY of Singapore is another. Although he did not set fire to parliament the effect of his actions over a log period is the same.
    Who can do it in SL?.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    True we need DETERRENT. But we have it!!

    Not nuclear, not chemical but conventional weapons and UNOFFICIAL.

    WHO does Endia want to protect in SL?
    You know the answer.
    We have deployed MBRLs, artilery, army, paramilitaries within STRIKING DISTANCE of them.

    In case of an invasion GROUPS of UNIDENTIFIED people NOT working under instructions from the govt. will activate them.

    This is what Endia wants REMOVED. They KNOW it too.

    Otherwise Endia would have already invaded us and colonized with Tamilians and other Endians.

    Peace is a function of deterrence (war capability), NOT peace itself.

  8. mario_perera Says:

    Man Moron’s Sing-Song was never on the cards but he did his jig on the stage of suspense until the very last moment. Really Man Moron had nothing personal to lose by ignoring the TN hula-hula dance macabre. At his age his political life is over and done with. But he has a commitment to the Gandhi dynasty that put him in the hot seat uninterruptedly. He furthermore knows Maha Ranee’s incapacity to stand up to India’s dictates. So in the end his was a workable the gamble of holding the TN and SL ends together.

    As for the Commonwealth Party, the institution has lost its soul. the two physically largest countries of the group have driven in nails into the commonwealth coffin and set a precedent for others to do so. Kurshid presented the excuse that the PM had not attended such meetings on previous occasions as well. But he has shot far wide off the mark. This is a meeting at India’s door step and in a country with which India has historical, cultural, religious and also strategic ties stretching back to the dawn of time.Further it is several decades since the CW show had shiifted to Asia of which India forms in every sense the largest power block. so Kurshid is talking nonsense.

    Yes the Commonwealth has lost its soul. It it not John Brown whose soul goes marching one. The CW soul is for all purposes with the body, and molding in the grave. what is being kept up is the appearance. Soul or no soul the show is made to go on. It is very unlikely that Sri Lanka will come off the better for the exercise, Indications are to the opposite with the most powerful attendant countries having stated their explicit purpose of propping up Tamil aspirations and reprimanding and threatening fire and brimstone on the Sinhala government. These are totally unacceptable deviations from generally accepted norms. Cameron’s visit to Jaffna is a typical case of the criminal revisiting the scene of the crime.He has fallen into the category of those deviating from the objectives for which the visa has been accorded. Cameron will become a Chameleon and change colours on landing in SL in gross violation of visa conditions .

    The Commonwealth has lost its purpose. Its ties are being undone on a massive scale. New precedents have been set in contempt of its existence as a fraternity with arms around the British monarchy. Canada with its presumptuous attitude is, at the same time, firing a salvo in preparation for secession from the British throne. the CW was predominantly an organization of solidarity with the British Crown, a crown that now seems to be dangling in a no-man’s land. The queen is too old. The immediate heir has been judged intellectually and morally inept. The next in line in too young.

    Whatever all that may be, the stage is set for the show. What will it eventually be: a comedy, a tragedy or a tragic-comedy? If we are to go by the signs of the times the certain thing is that nothing good will come about to the country…just a massive show, a glow, an incandescent but short lived aftermath and then the thud of crash landing from the ethereal spaces of fantasy right back on our bottoms.

    Mario Perera

  9. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Sad but true. World Bank & IMF are just international branches of the private banking cartel that also owns the US Federal Reserve, the Act for which was secretly drafted by a handful of men, all heads of banking dynasties. These people instigated & financed both sides during both world wars, created & funded Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao & countless others, and also formed the UN, their masterpiece. Now they control everything.
    Manmohan Singh who worked in World Bank/ IMF before becoming Finance Minister and Prime Minister of India. Similarly Palaniappan Chidambaram, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee and Montek Singh Ahluwalia were former employees of World Bank & IMF. In 1991 World when India needed loan, the world bank agreed to give loan on condition .The condition was to install Finance Minister of its choice and that guy was Manmohan Singh. Today World Bank trained guys like Palaniappan Chidambaram, Montek Singh are all at key decision making positions in the Indian Finance Ministry.
    Manmohan Singh was made Prime Minister by Congress as he was favored choice of Sonia Gandhi, but one may ask why he was the favorite choice first for Rajiv Gandhi and then by Sonia Gandhi. It seems that they were too part of the New World Order scheme of World Bank and the Elitist who want Global rule in the name of Globalization and Liberalization.
    All conspiracy are created in Bilderberg Meeting by 125 world’s most influencing people.

  10. Nanda Says:

    which includes Barak Obama , Rothschilds , Blankfein, Netanyahu , Finkelstein,……

  11. Ratanapala Says:

    CHOGM without India is the next best thing to not having CHOGM at all. India is not a team player and if participated would have taken CHOGM in a direction that they would like. This is a golden opportunity to lead the CHOGM in the way the rest of the Commonwealth nations would like to.

    It is also a good lesson for Sri Lanka for relying on India. So far Sri Lanka has done all it could to please her “relation”. It is time that we rely more on all weather “Friends” than on bad blooded “relations”.

    It is also time that Sri Lanka took an Assertive stance in charting her way in conducting affairs. We must increase the strength of our Armed Forces and then police our territorial waters more effectively. It is exactly similar opportunities that have made other countries into great nations that they are today. It is time to take a stand and move forward without the smelly Indians.

  12. Nanda Says:

    But Smelly Buggers are coming without Extra Smelly Maha Ganda Singh ! India is participating only the Urulewa not coming !

    In Malaysia there is a storey.

    A Chinese man , a Malay man , a Tamil man and a shikh (singh with turban) all friends bet with each other how long they could bear bad smells. So they got hold of a Urulewa ( skunk) and put it in a room. First the Chinese man went in but could not last more than 5 minutes and ran away in a hurry . The Malay friend managed only 10 minutes but the Tamil bugger stayed in astonishing 1/2 hour and thought he won the contest. However, next went in the Singh. What happened was the Urulewa ran away out of the room !

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    Manmohan singh is guilty to come to Sri Lanka as he knows that his own congress party leader Sonia Gandhi’s mother in law then the prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi who trained 15,000 tamil terrorist against Sri Lanka. Everyone in this world know that Indira Gandhi trained, financed, smuggled weapons and gave know how of terrorist tactics to terrorists through Indian spy agency RAW. Including tamil terrorist leader Prabakaran and most LTTE’s, TELO, PLOTE, EPRLF terrorists were trained in India and tamil nadu camps. Can Manmohan Singh say no to it? My view is good that terrorist’s god father is not coming to Colombo.
    Manmohan Singh’s congress party president Sonia Gandhi’s mother in law’s policy motivated and encouraged tamil terrorist to kill thousands of innocent Sinhala civilians. Indira Gandhi and Indian congress party violated 1955 Bandung principals, Non-align principals and U.N charter and they are war criminals.
    We Sri Lankan’s are not welcome Indian Congress party war criminals to Sri Lanka.

  14. ranjit Says:

    Out of 53 even 35-40 comes for CHOGOM is a blessing for us. It means majority of the commonwealth is happy with our policies and the Government which have done so much to it’s people after a bloody war of thirty years.
    Who wants Singh or Ranil or even Magalaya. Those scavengers are fighting for their lives.The end has come for them.They have only their mouth and they shit from it instaed of back. We must boycot all Indian goods and we should not give them new contracts in our new era. If anyone loves our Motherland they should not worship India because they destroyed our land and the people.They helped the blood suckers LTTE to kill our infants,Monks,women,Men and even Presidents of the country. We have to run our affairs on our own way not the way Singhe or Cameroon the white Ass hole wants.

    These God fathers of all terrorists groups in the world are the violaters of all human rights and they think they can teach us a lesson.My dear white pigs our leaders will answer any of your questions without fear just be quick with your questions when you come for CHOGOM. We have great leaders and they are ready to answer your questions. We do not give sanctuary to terrorists like the westerners do. Not only give sanctuary but they finance them and give arms and training how to kill innocents etc. No shame for these white pigs. Come and taste the beauty of our land of Peacocks. Dont be jealous Cameroon when you see our beautiul land and it’s people and do not go and spread false propaganda like that black witch Navin Pillai the great lier.

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Thankfully India’s decision not to send her Prime Minister to Sri Lanka is a blessing. I sincerely hope they do not send another representative in Manmohan’s place for it has been suggested in the Times of India that such a representative would make a journey to Jaffna and meeting with the Tamil National Alliance his first and probably his only priority. That in and by itself negates the purpose of such a visit for the CHOGM is a meeting of the heads of nations for commercial reasons and not to use it as an excuse to gain political points.

    India’s absence will be filled by both China and Pakistan’s presence, including other regional powers such as Japan, not because of some vengeful act by Colombo but because of the natural impact of the void India’s absence would create. It is claimed that India is Sri Lanka’s largest trader but in an ever changing world that can easily be China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, to the ASEAN nations to Germany, and other European nations to Russia.

    The good thing about Sri Lanka is that it is a small economy and does not need hundreds of Billions of dollars of infusion to rapidly develop. In fact if Sri Lanka were to receive such massive infusions of money it would overheat the Sri Lankan economy and greatly contribute to corruption, ecological destruction and “white elephants” or worthless projects. Keeping this in mind Sri Lanka’s current 7% growth rate can be sustained and even increased with modest Foreign direct investments from the nations mentioned above.

    Another aspect of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s absence would be a great loss for Chennai for Jayalalithaa to Karunanidhi cannot do anything of significance without New Delhi’s input. With New Delhi not present in CHOGM India has lost her hegemony over Sri Lanka. Now there is no reason for Colombo to listen to anything New Delhi or Chennai have to say or interfere in the domestic issues of Sri Lanka. India’s absence has not only empowered China and Pakistan but reduced India’s role in Sri Lanka. This absence should be a moral victory to the Buddhist Sanga and the nationalist movement. Since India has bowed out of CHOGM the it is time for India to bow out of a series of other issues that do not pertain to her.

    There are many aspects of India which need stating and many of them are based on studies and statistics. According to one study India is home to half the world’s known slaves (in the classical sense). The study placed worldwide slavery at 29 million of which 14 million reside in India.
    India has some of the world’s largest slums. The slum in Mumbai is the largest in the world and it is estimated by one study that India’s slum population will grow to 104 million people in a few years. Simply put India is not progressing on this front, in fact India is regressing.
    India claims to be a functioning Democracy but that claim falls apart in the thriving caste system of India that sees man as unequal and is judged accordingly. Millions of Dalits live lives of hopelessness and poverty simply because of their birth. Democracy cannot exist if the Caste system also exists. One or the other has to go and it looks like that Democracy Indian style is nothing but a paper tiger. India is in all respects an Oligarchy ruled by the elite while the rest of her population are left in abject poverty.
    Another study showed that rape of Indian women and girls is so high it is now considered an epidemic.
    Another study stated that out of India’s one Billion three hundred million people 60% live on one dollar and 50 cents per day and out of that 60%, 37% live on 2 dollars per day while India has been since her independence to the present the largest recipient of loans and grants from the IMF and the World bank and to date has little to show for it.
    In yet another study India’s corruption is at every level. From New Delhi to the villager corruption rules the day. In this atmosphere of the Caste system, extreme poverty, high illiteracy, high levels of corruption India is a Democracy as much as Cuba is one. There is no functioning Democracy in India and most of what I have written constitutes not only human rights violations on a gargantuan scale but crimes against humanity.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indian Foreign Policy Paralysis is a Natural Consequence of its Federal System and its Pandering to Caste and Communal Politics throughout the Indian System of Governance.

    While it may be indicative of Creeping Foreign Policy Paralysis in INdia, ths is EXCELLENT NEWS for SRi Lankan Patriots who want to EJECT India OUT OF Sri Lanka, REPEAL the Indian-Imposed 13th Amendment, DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System, REGAIN control of Sri Lanka’s Economy expelling Indian Enterprises from Sri Lanka, and RESTORE Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty to the Motherland!

    AT LEAST NOW, let us HOPE & PRAY that the GOSL will summon its native wisdom and courage to ESCAPE from India’s SUFFOCATING DEADLY EMBRACE!

    PM missing CHOGM will be a signal of foreign policy paralysis
    November 11, 2013

    With the Congress red-flagging Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s participation at the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo out of populist electoral considerations, the country’s foreign policy has hit an all-time low. Under pressure from the DMK as well as ministers within the government, a divided Congress core group has impressed upon the PM not to visit Sri Lanka. This utter capitulation to domestic political sentiment – months before the general elections – exemplifies an infirm government whose creeping paralysis has affected its foreign policy as well.

    While there are certain issues on which domestic considerations can influence foreign policy, the latter cannot comprise a surrender to sentiment alone. By not attending the CHOGM summit the PM would be creating a significant amount of ill will in Colombo. In strategic terms, New Delhi’s subservience to such sentiment could drive the Sri Lankan government – yet considered an ally – into the arms of China. It’s not at all clear how the PM would be able to magically influence the Rajapaksa regime to do more for Sri Lankan Tamils – including greater devolution of powers to Tamil-dominated areas – by staying out. Rather, lack of engagement will push such goals further away.

    We have already seen the results of such an ineffectual foreign policy approach in Bangladesh. Despite the historic opportunity presented by a friendly dispensation in Dhaka, Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s petulance was allowed to torpedo what could have been a new chapter in India-Bangladesh ties. As Bangladesh heads for national polls – slated for January – the opportunity cost of this is something that India could end up ruing for a very long time. On the other hand, India’s determination to steadfastly support engagement with Myanmar – despite international criticism – is today celebrated as commendable foreign policy foresight that has held New Delhi in good stead.

    There are several ways in which the CHOGM issue could have been handled. As proposed by the external affairs ministry, combining the PM’s Colombo trip with another to Tamil-dominated Jaffna would have been good strategy. In fact, the newly-elected chief minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council had already invited the PM. This would have addressed Tamil concerns and yet kept the relationship with Colombo on an even keel. By choosing the path of least resistance, New Delhi risks all its strategic capital in Colombo.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    We Sri Lankans have to UNDERSTAND that these “Diplomatic Errors” are not isolated rare events; they ARE, and WILL BE, a CONSTANT RECURRING FEATURE stemming from the IRREFUTABLE FACT that Tamil Nadu is MORE IMPORTANT to India than Sri Lanka.

    As such, India will ALWAYS be more SUSCEPTIBLE to BLACKMAIL by Tamil Nadu and WILL ACT against Sri Lanka’s National Interests, EVERYTIME. No amount of APOLOGIES and EXCUSES by the GOSL to sustain the relationship with India can change that IMMUTABLE REALITY.

    So, what should the GOSL do? The ANSWER is AS OBVIOUS as it is SIMPLE: Initiate a DIVORCE from India NOW before the Indian Octopus ENMESHES Sri Lanka in its Suffocating Deadly EMBRACE and hands over Sri Lanka for Tamil Nadu to do with as it wishes.

    REDUCE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s affairs AT ALL LEVELS: Diplomatic/Political, Economic, Military and Reconstruction/Rehabilitation work.

    Eliminate Indian Embassies in Hambantota and Jaffna, and allow only the Embassy in Colombo to exist, take back the Palaly airport and Trincomalee oil storage tanks, discourage ALL Indian investments in Sri Lanka, Levy high taxes on typically shoddy Indian products to discourage Indian imports, initiate import-substitution production on agricultural products (eg. dhal, onions, films etc), STOP military cooperation with India from which we cannot get arms and equipment anyway because of TN opposition, INCREASE military cooperation with China and Pakistan,

    INITIATE production of military equipment (small arms and ammunition, artillery, missile firing armored vehicles, IED resistant armored vehicles, robotic mine clearing systems, airborne surveillance and mine-detection drones, all types of airforce, naval and army missiles, small naval vessels upto frigates in size, transport vessels, radar systems to fill our own needs and to sell to other friendly nations to grow a PROITABLE self-sustaining military industry. The MODEL for the development of this military production industry should be Israel.

    GET India out of reconstruction/rehabilitation work in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. India is slowly but surely wedding itself to the Tamil community there, to cement its hold on those areas just as it pushes for devolution of greater powers to the TNA and its cohorts.

    SEVERELY REDUCE the ISSUANCE of Visas to Indians. This will promote retaliation by INdia against Buddhist Pilgrims, for example. SO BE IT … let us ignore the places of Buddhist worship in INdia, and concentrate on growing and developing those places in Sri Lanka. Country FIRST …. religious pilgrimages SECOND.

    BUILD coastguard and Naval bases within EYESIGHT of each other ALL AROUND the island, exploiting and expanding the LTTE’s own naval bases, to protect Sri Lanka’s natural resources, stem the flood of illegal Indian immigrants, gun runners, smugglers, and terrorists crossing over at will. Furthermore, do not restore the Railway link between India and Sri Lanka, and allow DIRECT flights between India and Sri Lanka only through BIA in Colombo.

    DISCOURAGE Indian business involvement in Sri Lanka. Give the Sampoor Power Plant project to another country, such as China, Japan, South Korea. Stop Indian banks, hos[ital chains, and oil exploration, production, refining and distribution compamies from doing business in Sri Lanka, discourage the importation of Indian built vehicles, machinery, wind turbines, power plants, construction materials, small tools etc into Sri Lanka with very high taxes. End involvement in Free Trade Agreements with India.

    INCREASE the number of bases of ALL BRANCHES of the Armed forces in the North and East. SETTLE them and their EXTENDED FAMILIES in these areas, providing every administrative and financial assistance, with top quality schools, hospitals, banks and other infrastructure to Take ROOT, GROW and PROSPER.

    ADOPT Ethnic Integration as National Policy with the OVERALL OBJECTIVE of REDUCING and ELIMINATING Communal Conflicts with the IMMEDIATE GOAL of Eliminating Ethnic Concentrations and Homogenizing the demographic distribution of communities throughout Sri Lanka. This will DEMOLISH the VERY BASIS of the Call for Eelam.

    STRENGTHEN & ENFORCE the LAWS AGAINST TREASON. Anyone collaborating with foreign countries, organizations and individuals to undermine the nation should be prosecuted and severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. Inviting Foreign Nations to ACT AGAINST Sri Lanka, for whatever reason, should be declared and PUNISHED as TREASON.

    STRENGTHEN and DEVELOP strong diplomatic, economic and military alliances with countries not wedded to INdia, including China, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Brazil etc.

    These are AMONG the steps the GOSL should take to WEAN Sri Lanka AWAY from DOMINATION by INdia, which cannot act Impartially in Sri Lanka’s Interest.

    India, as Sri Lanka’s 2nd largest trading partner, MUST be GRADUALLY REPLACED by other FRIENDLY nations.

    We CANNOT CHANGE India’s Internal Politics or its susceptibility to Tamil Nadu BLACKMAIL; We must QUARANTINE ourselves away from India and INOCULATE ourselves against Indian DISEASES!

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Australian PM seems to understand what Canada, India, and the UK leaders PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND!

    There is NO EMPATHY for the VICTIMS of the LTTE; SYMPATHY is reserved for the TERRORISTS!

    To the jaundiced holier-than-thou critics of Sri Lanka plying their own self serving agendas, it is only A QUESTION OF WHOSE BULL IS BEING GORED!

    Most important civil right in Sri Lanka is to live without threat of war, Australian PM says

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 11, Colombo: Affirming his participation in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka this week, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the most important civil right is the right to live without the threat of death or violence through a civil war.

    In an interview with Alan Jones of Radio 2GB on Monday, the Australian PM said it is getting better in Sri Lanka for the war-affected Tamil people in the North and ordinary civil society is resuming in the Tamil parts of Sri Lanka.

    However, he said he will be urging the Sri Lankan Government to respect everyone’s rights when he visits the island to attend the Commonwealth summit beginning on November 15.

    When the interviewer referred to the detention of the Australian Green Party senator Lee Rhiannon and the Indian Prime Minister’s refusal to attend the summit on the basis of human rights, the Australian PM said he is attending the summit because he respects the Commonwealth and he wants Australia to be a good participant in the Commonwealth.

    “I want us to be a good international citizen generally, but I certainly don’t want us to trash one of the very long-standing and important bodies that we are a senior member of. So, I’ll be going to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka,” Abbott said.

    He further noted that Sri Lankan Government is very committed to stopping illegal boat arrivals from Sri Lanka and readily takes back the illegal immigrants.

    “If a country is cooperating fully and effectively with Australia, it seems right and proper to maintain the best possible relations with them,” the Australian PM pointed out.

    When asked whether he would raise the human rights concerns the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper raised, Abbott replied that he will not lecture other countries on human rights.

    “I am not inclined to go overseas and give other countries lectures; really aren’t,” the Australian PM said.

    Emphasizing that the Tamil Tigers were the inventors of suicide bombing and “an absolutely vicious outfit” Abbott said it’s not to say that the atrocities were all on one side.

    “Now, that’s not to say that the atrocities were all on one side. I don’t pretend that for a second. The Sri Lankan army fought a savage war against the Tamil Tigers and yes, terrible things happened in that war, no doubt about it and it wasn’t all on one side. I accept that. But the war is over,” he said.

    “I don’t say everything’s perfect there for a second, but I think things are getting better and while, yes, I will be urging the Sri Lankan Government to respect everyone’s rights, I think I will also be acknowledging that a lot of progress has been made and in the end the most important civil right is the right to live without the threat of death or horrific violence through some civil war,” the Prime Minister said.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    “PM missing CHOGM will be a signal of foreign policy paralysis”


    Some Endian fools still have some brains left.

  20. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Stanley Perera of.Melbourrne. I am pleased that 19 people who are true patriots have responded. It shows THE ANGER sri Lankans have against India. India doesn’t seem to get it.

    Neither our political leaders including govt. party members running to India to get advice. How can India advice, when THEY ARE STUCK in a low investment, higher illiterate population & depend on Countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh to USE THEIR unusable, goods of inferior qulaity. We small nations have become DUMPING grounds, because OUR leaders think that we CANNOT DO WITHOUT INDIA.

    As much I appreciate the anger, WE MUST TURN THIS ANGER for useful purpose. As few sugggested, to CURTAIL or COMPLETE stoppage of Indians coming to Lanka. FDI is not all that a concern UNLESS we learn how to attract OTHER countries who are powerful and have more clout.

    We all can write & exprss our views, BUT IF NO ACTION is taken it will be a worthless excercise. DEMAND from our leaders NOT to engage with India. It must be done through our Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Still important is to get rid of Tamils & Muslims from Colombo district. THIS IS A MUST, so that we would not have something like TORONRO situation in Sri Lanka in few years time.

    As Mr. Perera lives in Melbourne, I am sure representation to Australian PM to clasify LTTE as a terror org & ban it. THIS is very oppotune moment to address that issue. I feel Australian PM will agree. He is NOT bothered about TAMIL VOTE.

    Others who respoded too can sugest ways to overcome this INDIAN PROBLEM. Its a cancer & MUST be erradicated somehow……..Thank you all…….Other Austrilian -Lankans can aslo assist in achieving this goal……J

  21. Marco Says:

    As Mr Jayasiri has quite rightly pointed out Australians of Sri Lankan origin of the likes of Stanley Perera, Dilrook Kannangara, P A Samaraweera, Siri Hewavitharana should make robust representations to the Australian authorities to ban the LTTE under the Criminal Code.

    Its disappointing and equally surprising that PM Manmohan Singh is not attending the CHOGM especially as India was instrumental in strongly supporting Sri Lanka as a venue when there was a debate of a change of venue. Needless to say there will be repercussions within the diplomatic relations between the two nations. India do have seasoned diplomats who have “sussed” out the weaknesses of the Sri Lankan external office personal. No doubt the local media and various blogs, news sites will play to the local gallery to strum up nationalistic side shows with very little or no effect to the real players.

    Manmohan non attendance of the CHOGM has no real effect to the event itself. CHOGM is of no significance or clout. Its a Jamboree, Clown circus call it what you want.
    What concerns me far more is that Manmohan in a way has showed his hand in what we can expect from India in March 2014.
    Time to sharpen pencils now!

  22. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One must always keep in mind that the Sri Lankan civil war would not have happened if not for India. India was already training recruits well before 1983 and RAW India’s intelligence service to Tamil Nadu gave full support and monetary aid to the LITE.

    That is why the LITE were able to develop a navy (with submarines) and an air force and that is why the leaders of Tamil Nadu hold so much of bitter resentment against Colombo because they lost their chance to divide Sri Lanka

    Of all of India’s neighbors India spent more money and time on the Sri Lankan war than in any other conflagration with her neighbors. India spent less time in forming Bangladesh and annexing Sikkim than she did on the Sri Lankan civil war and once the war was won by the Sri Lankan military India did not relent but continued to persecute Sri Lanka with a series of hyped up propaganda. India is more than willing to accept without any question the contents of Channel 4 and the number of 40, thousand dead Tamils has literally been enshrined as the Tamil National Alliance wants to raise monuments on a bunch of lies and innuendos.

    India has battled Pakistan and has had trade disputes with China but what New Delhi did to Sri Lanka goes beyond treason or betrayal. It can only be the act of an enemy state bent on the destruction of Sri Lanka either by war or by diplomacy. It is time for Colombo to fight back India with the mountain of evidence gathered by Colombo during the close to 30 year long war.

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