Do Tamils Control the Indian Government?
Posted on November 12th, 2013

Prof. Hudson McLean

For almost thirty years Tamils dominated BBC News, and suddenly disappeared when the LTTE was decimated by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

India, so it seems has not learned a lesson of “going-to-bed” with LTTE, even after LTTE terrorists blew-up Rajiv Gandhi during his visit to Tamil Nadu.

The latest reaction from another Prime Minister of India demonstrates the Indian politics being subservient to the Voice of Terrorists. Having exerted pressure on the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, the Tamils managed to control the Head of India.

Looks like when the (Tamil Terrorist) Tiger wags the tail, the turban nods its head!

War Crimes were promoted by Indian led Tamil Terrorists
Its a known fact that Indian Tamils have been attempting to gain political and geographical control in Sri Lanka for millennia, without success.

The thirty year old terrorism was headed by Norway & India, to gain both political & commercial‚  interests, as well as to secure a strategic sea lanes between the West & the East. Both countries lost out to better intelligence of the Sinhala.

This public humiliation is too hard to chew, specially to the Indians, who now prove without any doubt, are controlled by Tamil Nadu.

This action now gives more strength to President Rajapaksa to apply strength to ensure that the country is not about to be sold to the Devil.

India strengthens China influence in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is not short of strength, in friends supporting the efforts to contain global terrorism.

China has stood-by Sri Lanka since the dawn of Independence from British domination.‚  So has Pakistan.‚  Russia has vested interests in Indian commerce specially the defense sector supplies. However Russia has more back-bone than both Canada & USA packed together.

Sri Lanka has maintained a balance in the defence supplies with China and Pakistan, and this will further strengthen the on-going relationship.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka may develop the commercial ties between Sri Lanka and China-Pakistan axis, to keep Indian influence at-bay.

Indian actions of boycott gives Pakistan better political position.
Now India is strategically surrounded by China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and by the Indian Prime Minister’s current action, India has lost the warmth of Sri Lanka.

The Oxford educated economic genius has “Cut off the nose to spite the face” by trying to humiliate Sri Lanka publicly. The fact that the Conference will proceed will be a slap in the face to India.


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32 Responses to “Do Tamils Control the Indian Government?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said prof.

    Endia is going to learn a bitter lesson soon.

    SL should get the Chinese PM visit SL soon.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Many comments in the Times of India have been made that both the Sinhalese and the Tamils come from India. But that notion though true is not treated in the manner it is stated.

    According to the latest news the Sikh community in Great Britain has asked the British Prime Minister to not attend CHOGM and Mauritius a nation with a majority Indian population has decided to join India in not sending her leader to Sri Lanka due to the supposed human rights violations against the Sri Lankan Tamils

    When the veneer of hypocrisy is stripped off India considers the Tamils as part of India and not the Sinhalese. India was the nation that set the fuse to start the civil war. India was the nation that spent so much of money and effort in supporting the Sri Lankan Tamils in trying to achieve a separate homeland and failing it again it is India that is pushing all Indian dominated nations to boycott the CHOGM in Sri Lanka IN BEHALF OF THE SRI LANKAN TAMILS

    This clearly means that the Sri Lankan Tamils have a greater allegiance to Tamil Nadu and India and New Delhi has a greater affinity to the Tamils than the majority Sinhalese.

    It has to be an imperative that Sri Lanka purges herself of the Tamils for they ARE NOT SRI LANKANS. tHEY ARE INDIANS and as long as the Tamil presence exists in Sri Lanka India will use them to manipulate geopolitics against Sri Lanka to her advantage. Remove the Tamils and India has no power over Sri Lanka. It has been done before in other nations where minorities have been purged and life goes on and there is no reason why the majority makes life so difficult for the Tamils that living in India is a better option.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Actually the Chinese PM is due in SL early 2014!!

    He should be treated like a god.

    A bitter lesson for Endia.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Second comment:
    To date what have the Sri Lankan Tamils done to prove they are Sri Lankans? Have they protested against India? have they protested against the interference of Tamil Nadu or have they elected a party who now voices the words of the LITE?

    Before the war, during the war and after the war the Sri Lankan Tamils have taken their Que from Tamil Nadu and New Delhi. The Tamil National Alliance goes to Chennai and New Delhi to get advice on domestic matters. They do not act like a Sri Lankan, talk like a Sri Lankan or think like a Sri Lankan. In fact they act, talk and think like and Indian.

    As the saying goes if it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck then it has to be a duck. The Sri Lankan Tamils are INDIAN OCCUPIERS. TIME TO SEND THEM BACK OR DO AWAY WITH THEM IN SRI LANKA

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    India might not necessarily be controlled by the Tamils in Tamil Nadu although the dependence of Tamil Nadu votes to keep the present administration incumbent is painfully visible. The attempt on Indian Tamils to gain control of Sri Lanka was perhaps primarily and historically upended the day Elara was killed in battle by Dutugemunu and its attempted recussitation by Prabhakaran fuelled by Tamil Nadu as one of the chief instigators put down for good by the Rajapaksa Administration. There could be further variations of the theme if preventive measures are not taken and the alliances between Sri Lanka and allies like China and Pakistan perhaps a good means to bolster this.India will surely regret the stand taken by PM Manmohan Singh to boycott the CHOGM Summit particularly when the decision brings a totally new concept of strengthened ties between Sri Lanka and many of India’s adversaries. Something India could ill afford where even at the last minute it would be in India’s favour to attend the CHOGM for whatever its worth!
    As usual Prof. HM has posted a well researched article that makes a lot of sense. Thank you Prof!

  6. Nanda Says:

    India is a Dalit who bow the head to Tamil Brahmin.

  7. S de Silva Says:

    Make India learn the lesson that when it comes to size even if SL is small the size of Sri Lanka’s friends does matter. That wil be a hard lesson for India. SL should phase itself out and not have any further contracts with India and impose all posible restrictions immediately on imports from India. S de Silva – London

  8. Nanda Says:

    Look at maharaja organization. Look at jewellery Trade. Look at hardware trade.

    It is the Indian 3rd grade rubbish sold to Sri Lankan public that made the Muslim and Tamil sharks prosper and own Colombo. Eliminate the source and problem will be solved !

    Proper importers have no chance with these sharks.
    Unless we ban Indian rubbish, Sri Lanka cannot develop ahead of India.

  9. Vis8 Says:

    They’ve used the fabrications against SL to gain access to the west where they enjoy free benefits and doles. The tamils are colonizing in areas of the west such as Toronto, parts of Australia and England. They have run against the very western politicians who helped them as refugees, and now have members in the Canadian and UK parliaments, openly supporting extremist separatism in Sri Lanka.

    Yes, the Tamils will soon control not only India, but politicians in most countries. The west will realize, only too late, who these terrorists in sheeps’ clothing, are. Until then, they will continue to baselessly hound Sri Lanka to please their pet voters and ‘campaign donors’.

  10. aloy Says:

    This is the divide and rule put in by colonials still at play. Were there such tactics during King Parakramabahu’s time when the country was very strong. Yes, we need to purge the undesirables and trouble makers. But above all what we need is a selfless leader whose only interest is that of the nation and navigate the ship safely just like LKY clan of Singapore are doing.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    My response to Mario_Perera at another article in


    Your visa experience is a DIRECT RESULT OF THE CRIMES THE EELAMIST TAMIL DIASPORA HAVE COMMITTED during the last 30 years while travelling under Sri Lankan passports, and because Sri Lankans are now viewed as DESTITUTE economic immigrants searching for GREENER PASTURES outside Sri Lanka.

    In this cruel world, NO ONE loves the POOR, EVERYONE admires the RICH! So, let us BECOME RICH together!

    THAT IS WHY Sri Lanka’s Primary Unwavering GOAL SHOULD BE to achieve President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Vision of becoming the NEW WONDER OF ASIA that NO Sri Lankan citizen would want to LEAVE, and ENVIOUS citizens of EVERY OTHER NATION pine to visit and enjoy, but cannot afford to because it COSTS TOO MUCH! Then, it will be OUR TURN to judge them!

    To achieve that, we must ENFORCE the RULE of LAW in Sri Lanka, HOLD Sri Lanka together by CONTROLLING and SUPPRESSING the Separatist ambitions of the Eelamists led by the TNA, HOLDING them ACCOUNTABLE for their CRIMINAL activities, and DEVELOP a solid infrastructure, and a modern self-sufficient THRIVING economy with a clean and sustainable environment that will propel Sri Lanka into the top rank of the wealthiest nations of the world.

    This is not a PIPE DREAM, but an EMINENTLY ACHIEVABLE one. Given the SOUND FOUNDATION laid since INDEPENDENCE, we Sri Lankans have all it takes to achieve that DREAM if we work with UNWAVERING FOCUS, INDOMITABLE COURAGE, and IRREPRESSIBLE INDUSTRY towards it.

    When Sri Lanka becomes that New Wonder of Asia, ALL of these HUMILIATIONS Sri Lankans experience abroad today will VANISH without trace, like a bad dream of a bygone age.

    A Sri Lankan passport will then become a treasured credential RESPECTED, HONORED and ENVIED by the rest of the world!

    Ask not why the glass is HALF EMPTY, when it is in fact HALF FULL!

  12. Sooriarachi Says:

    Actually India at this stage has not decided to boycott the CHOGM summit. Only its prime minister Man Mohan Singh is keeping out due to political internal reasons, linked probably to USA and allies, rather than Tamilnadu.
    Tamilnadu politicians have realised this at the eleventh hour and only now are they demanding India fully boycott the summit. Is not this humorous if not for its future serious ramifications.
    Also, the decision to prevent the Indian Prime Minister out, is probably made by Sonia Ghandi and her Congress Council of five. Man Mohan is a weak Prime Minister, simply enjoying his position at the helm of the country. Sonia Ghandi is dangerous as she is supposed to be working closely with the Western nations and doing the bidding for them in South Asia.

  13. thurai Says:

    Tamil Terrorism lost in war with Arms against SL Government. Now they started war with politicians and money (Blood money). Tamil Terrosrism incite Tamils against Sinhalese and Sinhalese against Tamils. At the same time they try to incite Sri Lankan against India. We can see they (Tamil Terrorism) accuse President of Sri Lanka as war criminal. Now they gain from Man Mohan Singh`s boycott. Now Sri Lankans are against Man Mohan Singh and India. Where is the real enemies (Tamil Terrorist) of India,Sri Lanka and the world?

    Tamil Terrosrist live in safe all over the world including in Sri Lanka.

    I say again TNA don´t represent all Tamils who live in Sri Lanka. Decision of Tamil Nadu and Man Mohan Singh
    don´t opinion of whole India. Trap of Tamil Terrorism is all over the world now.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    I say again TNA don´t represent all Tamils who live in Sri Lanka- Agreed but 100% vote for TNA in last NP election so TNA represent NP Tamils .

    Tamil Terrorism lost in war – May 2009 All gone , no more Tamil Terrorism now !

    Now Sri Lankans are against Man Mohan Singh and India.- MR should open his mouth now otherwise his saram get wet every UNHR meeting , choose is his !
    How India wiped out Tamil Terrorism with out blood in their hand ??? big question !

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils all over the world USE Delhi Centre, as they use Sri Lanka and other places to get a country of their own in Sri Lanka.
    In the past, Sri Lankans have fallen to various traps set up for the purpose of gaining Tamil Eelam. Sri Lanka is particularly vulnerable as we are located too close to Tamil Nadu, the true homeland of Tamils but inimical to low caste and Dalit Tamils due to 3,000 yr old Caste structure.

    What others must tell Tamil folk is that the Caste structure does not exist as far as Sri Lanka and other countries are concerned. ONLY India has Caste structures in the government, no other country has Caste recognition in their government structures and therefore not involved in such matters. Therefore, Tamil people cannot demand SPECIAL treatment in Sri Lanka or in other countries. It is ONLY in India that special categories have been formed for low caste and Dalit origin Indians. Those special structures do not exist in Sri Lanka or other countries.

    Why do Tamils of Lanka behave as though the GoSL imposes Caste on them ? GoSL and Sri Lankans never imposed Caste on them. So why demand special treatment from GoSL and Sri Lankans ? It doesn’t make sense.

    When in Sri Lanka or other countries Tamil people have to integrate and live in harmony with others.

    Comments welcome on the above.

  16. thurai Says:

    Franz Diaz,

    I am sure there will be no Tamileelam. If you need RS 5000 ask someone Rs 10000 then you receive Rs 5000 from anyone. They asked Tamileelam now they have Provincial Council. Like other parrt of Sri Lanka.
    Northern Tamils like Government jobs or western countries to develop their status. They are unable to find any
    other works because works belongs to the cast system.

    Noone openly fight against cast discrimination in the North now,at same time cast discrimination isn´t strong
    like before 50 yrs. The problem is the people who want to rule their own people without considering
    the social and economic situations in the north. Like jeyalalitha & Karunanithy in Tamil Nadu rule until they die save assest for their own families. Let others to beg at street.

    There is a common enemy of Sri Lanka. Tamils and Sinhalese are not enemies. India and Sri Lanka not enimies.
    Some educated Tamils who don´t want to serve the Tamils or any others they need power to rule.
    If they started to dedicate their life for Tamils and Sri Lankans there will be no political problem.

    We need Tamil Leaders who consider Sinhalese also have the same problems in the life as others.
    Otherweise Tamils destroy themself.

  17. thurai Says:

    Franz Diaz,

    Until there are Tamil Political Leaders who consider other communities in Sri Lanka also have the same problem
    like Tamils noone can help Tamils. Now the Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka want to be Jeyalaitha or Karunanithy.
    Rule until you die and save assest for next generation.

  18. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Prof. Hudson…This question has been asked & answered many times by PATRIOTIC Sri Lankans, BUT the lankan leadershp does not want to listen.

    Every issue, every deal we sign with INDIA has very unhealthy repurcussions in years to come. INDIA held back Sri Lanka from DAY ONE, that is how e could not achieve STATUS like Malaysia or Singapore. Only few years Singapore EMULATED Sri Lanka & wanted what we had.

    Because some of our lost leaders, wanted lanka to be the SWITZELAND of Asia. INDIA made sure in every move it does, is against our achieving DEVELOPED STATUS because India CAN never achieve, due to their MASSIVE illiterrate population.
    WHY Maratius (an Indian colony).. is wiith India , because the INDIAN population in that country controls the indegenous people of that country. IT IS NOW clear that India’s aim is to make Sri Lankan govt. SUBSERVIENT to Tamils in North & East. That is the way INDIA behaves according their TAMIL NADU state.

    HE Rajapaksha MUST REALIZE NOW, that INDIA has used up all the goodwill she had. Twice she voted against us, where as ALL other countries in ASIA voted with us.

    WHY there are so much INFERIOR products INCLUDING DRUGS & Pahrmaceutcals, because INDIAN PRODUCTS ARE GARBAGE. But our leaders SELECT the easuy way out……BUY FROM INDIA for loans & other aid.

    WHEN I was responsible for importing machinery in Sri Lanka, I ALWAYS selecetd BRITISH made, even though cheaper proucts & serices were available from East Europe & Rusia. Even the higher officials backed me on this.

    IT IS TIME to go against INDIA & TAMILS. Then ONLY we Sri Lankans be free. Thanks you all, I am sure ALL others have responded very well. NOW is the TIME TO ACT against Indian HEGAMONY…..J

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you.

    Your statement : “They (I add: Northern Tamils) are unable to find any other works because works belongs to the cast system” contradicts ‘Noone openly fight against cast discrimination in the North now, at same time cast discrimination isn´t strong
    like before 50 yrs.”. There is less Caste discrimination in the North thanks to SWRD’s Prevention of Social Disabilities Act of
    1957. But we are agreed on the point that Caste discrimination does exist in the North ?

    Thurai, I know you mean well. But the fact that west has accused Sri Lanka of various Human Rights abuses is a serious matter. It is designed to denigrate, humiliate and control Sri Lanka (and India). We know now that Lanka was caught up in the Colonial past plus the Cold War, and our leaders acted according to those times. But the so called ‘Tamil Problem’ and the ltte wars matters have gone on too long for modern times, and we need to know why.

    Re: Caste :

    Even though you say that there is no Caste problem as such in the North, there is such a problem in Tamil Nadu, which is a mere 12 nautical miles away, and the homeland and cultural centre of Tamil people.

    That Tamil Nadu does have Caste based problems is true. There are, even today, some 95,000 ‘night soil carriers’ employed by the local state govt. of Tamil Nadu. There are some 11 Million Tamils classified under Scheduled Castes. I think it was Ananda who published the news on Lankaweb about a Caste based mini war in Tamil Nadu, as recent as this month.

    The Caste structure is well and alive in Tamil Nadu & India, enshrined in govt. structures there and thus affecting jobs & wages. Thus Caste has a direct bearing on poverty and wellbeing in TN & India.

    Off loading Tamils mainly of low caste into Lanka seems to be the habit from a long time, and encouraging Separatism and purposely antagonizing others, Sinhela people especially, in Sri Lanka to achieve Eelam separate state has gone on for a long time too. These people, particularly the newly arrived Tamil illegal migrants bring with them the anger of caste marginalisation from Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lankan Tamil leaders use these people to pad up their election votes, gain all kinds of special concessions for Tamils only, etc.

    Tamil Nadu also controls Delhi Centre in a number of ways, particularly re Sri Lanka. Tamil LEADERS, DIASPORA & TAMIL PEOPLE act together with India, the west, and now at CHOGM, on Sri Lanka. Is this fair ?

    There are Economic problems and a Security problems that the Tamil PEOPLE drag along with them into Lanka. I have read that many cheap Indian goods are being imported into Lanka via the Tamil community, stifling any local growth of same goods.
    Lanka Security issues are constantly challenged by Tamil LEADERS constantly demanding special treatment as well as Separatism to form Eelam.

    In order to achieve their objectives (business, social status, money, jobs, education), the Tamil DIASPORA buys up various VIPs (money & votes) and organizations to propagate lies, cheat & deceit. Sri Lanka gets blamed for acts done by the ltte and other Tamils. This is the unkindest cut of all when Lanka gives free education & health care to all, including all Tamils here. In fact, as community the Tamil people gain the most through free education.

    Vested interests make use of these problems stemming from Caste/poverty issues of Tamil Nadu & Lanka North, further creating a sense of insecurity in Lanka.

    And I have always said that if there is NO concocted Tamil problem in Sri Lanka, then Tamil leaders of Lanka will be out of a job.


    To put a stop to the above unfair and unjust activities by various Tamil leaders misleading ordinary Tamils as well as activities of the Tamil Diaspora, Sri Lanka authorities need to :

    * Activate the 6-A.

    * Demand via Parliament (not just the GoSL) that the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) be revoked publicly through a written Declaration signed by all Tamil political leaders in Lanka.

    * Mechanise & Modernise the Labor sector, particularly the tea estates and the other plantations sectors.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    * Deport all Illegal Migrants. Most illegal migrants into Lanka are from Tamil Nadu.

    P.S.: Thurai,

    Do you know how it is that expectations (in all spheres) from Sri Lanka by Tamils became so high ? Can Sri Lanka live up to such high expectations ? Have we the Resources ?
    For instance, I think that Tamil illegal migrants were enticed into Lanka during the Norway ‘peacekeeper’ times were done with false promises of land, housing etc. which the present GoSL has been forced into keeping.

    I know for fact that in old times 18th to 20th century, it was said Caste could be lost merely by ‘crossing sea water’. Hence the exodus into Lanka from Tamil Nadu. (See book “Sri Lanka through American Eyes” ed. H.A.I. Goonetilleke.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    While Tamils run India OUT OF Sri Lanka (Hallujah!), other nations RUSH IN to INVEST in Sri Lanka!

    The MORE Tamil Nadu Politicians HOWL, the BETTER IT IS for Sri Lanka giving us both the INCENTIVE and the JUSTIFICATION to File for Divorce from India!

    Sri Lanka to sign $2 bln FDI deals including port city – minister


    Nov 13 (Reuters) – Sri Lanka will sign $2 billion worth foreign direct investment (FDI) deals, including the $1.3 billion investment from China Communications Construction Co Ltd to build a port city, the island nation’s investment minister said on Wednesday.

    Along with the port city, Sri Lanka will sign two mixed-development projects totalling $700 million on Thursday, Investment Promotion Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardhena told reporters in Colombo.

    The realised FDI had already reached $1 billion this year and with the start of some already signed projects, Sri Lanka will be able to achieve its $2 billion FDI target for this year, Abeywardhena said.

    As part of the latest deals, Australia’s Property Alliance Capital (Pvt) Co will pump in $450 million in a mixed development project including commercial buildings, malls, service apartments and multi-level car parks in the heart of Colombo.

    Another $250 million mixed development project by Hong Kong-based Evic International Engineering Co and Nice View Investment Co will build a 528-unit apartment complex also in Colombo. Both projects will be completed in five years.

    The project by China Communications Construction will build the port city on a 233 hectare site that will be reclaimed from the sea. The deal will be signed on Thursday, the minister said.

    The site is next to Sri Lanka’s main port and Colombo’s historic Galle Face Green seafront. It is also close to where Shangri-La Hotels Lanka Ltd, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed Shangri-La Asia Ltd, is building a 500-room hotel.

    According to the proposed deal, 108 hectares of land will be given to the Chinese firm after the port city development, while 63 hectares and 60 hectares of land will be given to public usage and state-run Sri Lanka Ports Authority respectively.

    The land will be given to the Chinese company on a 99-year lease and the project will be completed in eight years.

    It has already created new land near the proposed port city as part of its expansion of the Colombo port to double its capacity by 2015.

    Since the end of a nearly three-decade war in May 2009, the Indian Ocean island nation has been spending heavily on infrastructure, including ports and highways to attract foreign investments to its $59 billion economy. (Reporting by Shihar Aneez; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier)

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka to sign $2 bln FDI deals including port city”


    Excellent news.

    Thanks Ananda for sharing this news. Point Pedro kallakarawa Narendran (Micro’s “friend”) cannot stand this good news.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Timing couldn’t have been better!!

    CHINESE Katunayake expressway opened just weeks ago.
    SHAMELESS Endians had to travel it!!!

    Now this when the Endians are in SL. A good DIPLOMATIC HUMPING of Endians and Tamilians by UDA chief who happened to be Gota.

  24. crobe Says:

    Of course, the Tamils control the Indian government.

    I would love to see what Jayalalitha has to say when her boy Narendra Modi becomes the next Indian PM? War Criminal, anybody?

    Just saying.

  25. aloy Says:

    If UK government representatives and media outlets like BBC & Ch 4 does not keep to norms (simply put as ‘behave in some other country’) then this probably will be the last CHOGM and it will be last nail on the UK empire’s coffin. Every non white nation (except India) knows that it is a bid drama they are playing on behalf of the ltte rump.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    What you say is all too true here :
    “Until there are Tamil Political Leaders who consider other communities in Sri Lanka also have the same problem
    like Tamils noone can help Tamils. Now the Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka want to be Jeyalaitha or Karunanithy.
    Rule until you die and save assest for next generation”.


    Let’s Divorce Tamil Nadu & India made goods – wonderful ! Get Self Sufficient as much as possible. Fortune Cookie says : Good fortune shall befall all in Lanka.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your Wish is My Command: Here is my English TRANSLATION of the Divaina Sinhala editorial!


    Callum MacRae (Tiger Director making Films-for-Pay)
    November 14, 2013

    The Pet Tiger, Callum MacRae, who recently arrived in Sri Lanka to report on the CHOGM, cannot be dismissed as a mere idiot. Having been educated at Britain’s Edinburgh Arts College, he is an educated crafty man. Therefore, his vile activities have some impact and acceptance. Britain, the birthplace of Colonial Imperialism, which stole a significant portion of the world’s wealth over a period of 500 years and sucked off and digested all that was of value in Sri Lanka, is Callum MacRae’s birthplace. He is a news reporter available to all and sundry for rent.

    In the international battle field there are mercenaries, but generally there are no mercenary media journalists. Filling this deficiency, around 2010, Callum MacRae made a documentary video in support of the Tiger terrorists in return for payment of blood money. During the 2011 United Nations Annual Meeting that made-for-pay video was used to stage a vast comedy by the expatriate Tiger activists, and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora who enable and feed their terrorism. That attempt was not as successful as they had expected. For that reason, the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora got Callum MacRae to produce a second video. Recently, Callum MacRae has been earning his keep screening that video in Tamil countries and Tamil communities worldwide. This proves that Callum MacRae is an opportunist who can be bought and sold very easily for money. This became very clear the day before yesterday from his comment during a discussion with the Island newspaper staff that the LTTE, who sustained him all these years, should be investigated immediately for their war crimes! Why does Callum MacRae say this about the Tiger movement who fed and nourished him until now? At the moment he said it, he was in Sri Lanka, so does he think that he should adapt his comments to please Sri Lankans? Why has he not also said in his native England, even in passing, that the Tigers should be investigated for war crimes? We think he will not say one word against the Tigers, for if he does that he will lose his pay, and his life!

    Sri Lanka is a country that having defeated the terrorists who sought to breakaway a part of its territory and offer it for consumption by Tamil Nadu, is attempting to breathe freely again. What wicked mercenary media manipulators like Callum MacRae are trying to do is to tightly pinch our nostrils just as we attempt to breathe again. This is a characteristic of the relationship between the neo-colonialists and their former colonies. Many Sinhala journalists who are similar mercenaries also exist, but they live under the protection of European countries. We all know that, compared to the number of terrorists who died in the separatist war in Sri Lanka, many more hundreds-of-thousands of terrorists have been slaughtered in European conflicts. For destroying the Taliban and Al-Quaida movements, the United States drops bombs daily on the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In these bombings, Taliban activists, and government employees, shoppers buying goods, traders selling dates, sleeping children expecting to go to school the next day, die by the hundreds without distinction. Why doesn’t Callum MacRae make a video, or stage a play, about these vile acts? Spying on half-the-world by American President Barack Obama’s National Security Adminitration (NSA) was recently exposed. Why doesn’t Callum MacRae make a video, or a play, about this? The whole world knows that the wicked British Colonialists slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans in suppressing the Uva-Welassa Revolt of 1818, also ravishing thousands of women, decapitating thousands of children, and burning hundreds of thousands of homes. Why does Callum MacCRae avoid making a historical movie about this genocide? The mercenary journalist for rent that he is, is it impossible for him to find a sponsor for this movie?

    Patriotic Sri Lankan expatriates should initiate and fund projects like this.

    Our understanding is that there is no legal room for Callum MacRae, as a journalist, to even contemplate much less actually make, any movies under signed contractual agreements with a terrorist movement such as the LTTE.

  28. Nanda Says:

    He did not even pay the van driver from Anuradhapura back to Colombo !
    What kind of journalist is this criminal ?

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    Good for the van driver for taking shitt around.

  30. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let Sri Lanka USE this “Indian Blunder” to KICK India OUT OF Sri Lanka, completely!

    India is an ENEMY of SRi Lanka’s National Interests!

    Individual Sri Lankan Citizens can play an part in divesting Sri Lanka of Indian influence, independently of the GOSL:

    BOYCOTT Indian Goods & Services! Don’t buy ANY Indian goods .. including Parippu! Don’t patronize ANY Indian Banks and Hospitals in Sri Lanka! Don’t visit India for ANY kind of tourism or business deals … go to China instead!

    Indian blunder in Sri Lanka

    By Harsh V Pant

    November 11, 2013

    So finally the Indian government decided that partisan politics is far too important to be sacrificed at the altar of national interest and took the decision that external affairs minister Salman Khurshid will head the Indian delegation at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Sri Lanka next week instead of prime minister Manmohan Singh. This decision was taken in view of the opposition by parties in Tamil Nadu as well as a section in Congress and further underscores the weakening of the authority of the PM. The external affairs ministry has justified the decision by suggesting that in 10 summit-level meetings since 1993, the PM represented India five times while on four occasions, ministers had headed the Indian delegation. But the decision which has been taken under pressure will have long-term consequences for Indian foreign policy which politicians in their attempt at political tokenism are failing to comprehend.

    This decision comes after India voted with 24 other states in May in favour of the controversial United Nation Human Rights Council resolution on human rights violations in Sri Lanka. The main aspect of Indian intervention was the need for the institution of a credible and independent investigation into alleged war crimes and human rights abuses. If last year, New Delhi had tried to amend the West-sponsored resolution to make it less intrusive, more balanced and more respectful of Sri Lankan sovereignty, this year it was trying to do the opposite: bring in amendments to make some words in the resolution stronger. It reportedly pushed for seven written amendments in six paragraphs of the resolution. But if this was aimed at the domestic political landscape, it clearly failed to have any impact as both the AIADMK and the DMK accused the UPA government of “diluting” the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC by not moving any amendment demanded by it.

    As a consequence of such domestic political posturing, India has not only marginalised itself in the affairs of Tamils in Sri Lanka but has also made sure one of its most important neighbours will move further into the arms of China. After repeatedly opposing country-specific resolutions at the UNHCR and other such bodies, India ended up setting a dangerous precedent that will come back to haunt it. India’s foreign policy stands bereft of principle and pragmatism.

    As it is Sri Lanka has been rapidly slipping out of India’s orbit. India failed to exert its leverage over the humanitarian troubles that the Tamils trapped in the fighting were facing. New Delhi’s attempts to end the war and avert humanitarian tragedy in north-east Sri Lanka proved futile.

    Colombo’s centrality between Aden and Singapore makes it extremely significant strategically for Indian power projection possibilities. After initially following India’s lead in international affairs, even demanding that the British leave from their naval base at Trincomalee air base and air base at Katunayake in 1957, Colombo gradually gravitated towards a more independent foreign policy posture. And it was India’s enthusiasm for China that made Sri Lanka take China seriously but after the Chinese victory in its 1962 war with India, Colombo started courting Beijing much more seriously.

    And now China has displaced Japan as Sri Lanka’s major aid donor with an annual package of $1 billion. Bilateral trade has doubled over the last five years with China emerging as the largest trading partner of Sri Lanka. China is now supplying over half of all the construction and development loans Sri Lanka is receiving.

    Chinese investment in the development of infrastructure and oil exploration projects in Sri Lanka has also gathered momentum. China is providing interest free loans and preferential loans at subsidised rates to Sri Lanka for the development of infrastructure. It is the first foreign nation to have an exclusive economic zone in Sri Lanka. China is involved in a range of infrastructure development projects in Sri Lanka — constructing power plants, modernising Lankan railway, providing financial and technical assistance in launching of communication satellites.

    China is financing over 85 per cent of the Hambantota Development Zone to be completed over the next decade. This will include an international container port, a bunkering system, an oil refinery, and international airport. The port, deeper than the one in Colombo, is to be used as a refuelling and docking station for its navy.

    Though the two sides claim that this is merely a commercial venture, its future utility as a strategic asset by China remains a real possibility to India’s consternation. For China, Hambantota will not only be an important transit for general cargo and oil but a presence in Hambantota also enhances China’s monitoring and intelligence gathering capabilities vis-à-vis India.

    India has expressed its displeasure about growing Chinese involvement in Sri Lanka on a number of occasions. In 2007, India’s national security adviser openly criticised Sri Lanka for attempting to purchase Chinese-built radar system on the grounds that it would “overreach” into the Indian air space. Yet Sri Lanka has emerged stronger and more stable after the military success in the Eelam war and the two elections at the national level. To counter Chinese influence, India has been forced to step up its diplomatic offensive and offer Colombo reconstruction aid. With the LTTE out of the picture, India has been hoping that it will have greater strategic space to manage bilateral ties.

    However, where New Delhi will have to continue to balance domestic sensitivities and strategic interests, Beijing faces no such constraint in developing even stronger ties with Colombo. As a result, India is struggling to make itself more relevant to Sri Lanka than China.

    Colombo matters because Indian Ocean matters. The “great game” of this century will be played on the waters of the Indian Ocean. Though India’s location gives it great operational advantages in the ocean, it is by no means certain that New Delhi is in a position to hold on to its geographic advantages. China is rapidly catching up and its ties with Sri Lanka are aimed at expanding its profile in this crucial part of the world.

    India’s decision to not attend the CHOGM summit at the prime ministerial level will not only make India even more marginal in Sri Lanka with some grave long-term damage to its vital interests but will also raise doubts about India’s ability to lead South Asia.

    The author is a reader in international relations, department of defence studies, King’s College, London.

  31. Marco Says:

    Ananda you say…
    BOYCOTT Indian Goods & Services! Don’t buy ANY Indian goods ..

    I wish our Ministry of Finance & Planning had taken note of your comment.
    As from midnight today the import duty on Potatoes and Onions (India largest importer) has been drastically reduced.
    The Import duty on Potatoes and Onions were increased in Aug’13 to encourage our local farmers.

  32. Lorenzo Says:

    Micro aka Narendran Rajasingham dirt is AVOIDING the topic of placing flowers after I posted a link to the foto of it!! Typical LTTE mentality.

    The import duty is a seasonal thing. IF the harvest is not sufficient it is removed. Otherwise you will be pawning your backside to buy a kilo of potatoes for Christmas like any other Tamil Mahaveer loser.

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