Harper’s Rep Lays Flowers for Tigers
Posted on November 14th, 2013

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

Regarding Mr. Harper’s representative laying flowers for the Tigers, it illustrates clearly that Canada has become the new spokesperson for the Tamil Tigers in their continued effort to divide Sri Lanka and create their Eelam.‚  It also proves that Canada who has‚ supported Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka for decades continues to do so and‚ is treating‚  the dead LTTE cadres the same way as they treat fallen Canadian troops. It is ironic that on November 11, which Canadians‚ consider remembrance day honouring‚  Canadian troops who died in defence of‚  Canada’s freedom,‚  is‚ the day‚  Mr. Obrahai and the Canadian High Commissioner laid flowers in tribute to‚ the dead LTTE cadres.‚ By this act, it appears that‚ Mr. Obrahai and‚  Ms. Whitting‚ have added the LTTE terrorists to the ranks of Canadian soldiers. If anyone doubts that Mr. Harper‚ is not attending the summit because of‚ his domestic agenda of wooing the Tamil votes and keeping his promise to them that he would not attend, this should dispel all doubts.
What is disturbing is the‚ statement that the two Canadians‚ “entered the cemetery in spite of a Sri Lankan official accompanying them requesting them not to lay flowers there”.‚  It illustrates‚ the arrogance and insensitivity of these Canadians and is an insult to all those who were killed by these LTTE cadres. Canada’s close relationship with the LTTE terrorists, with full knowledge that‚ they were terrorists,‚ gives the lie to Canada’s stated policy of not supporting terrorism.‚  Canada is made‚ a partner of LTTE terrorism.‚ This also applies to the U.K. because Mr. Cameron and all the British Governments in the past have also supported the LTTE as proved by the documents‚ released by Wikileaks.
I trust that this incident has been videoed and is repeatedly broadcast on local news channels and the print media as well as given to all the foreign media present to illustrate the close association Canada has had and has with the LTTE. This is the opportunity for‚ the Sri Lankan media and government to broadcast the hypocrisy of the‚  countries whose citizens supported the suicide bombings, massacres, destruction and extreme terrorism inflicted on Sri Lanka by these supporters of the LTTE.
The media‚ should persist in‚ asking for‚ a media briefing from Mr. Obhrai‚ to ask him why he laid flowers at LTTE graves and ignored paying tribute to‚ those who died defeating terrorism. Further, he should be asked if he is aware‚ of the thousands of people, not just the Tamils in the north, who were the victims of LTTE terrorism and have been displaced throughout the island and are not getting much support in their rehabilitation with the concentration of the effort in the north. ‚ Since Canada had said that it is concerned about human rights violations, is Canada going to pay compensation to the thousands of civilians who were the victims of LTTE terrorism supported by Canada.‚  Even if‚ Mr. Obhrai‚ leaves the country without a media conference these are the questions that should be asked of the Canadian‚ High Commissioner on every occasion when Sri Lanka is accused of human rights violations.‚ The same applies to the representatives of the United States and Britain in particular.‚ 
As for the statement that “officials alleged that other delegations visiting Jaffna, too, would try to follow the Canadians” is it not time that these “officials” grew up and handled this type of situation‚ in a firm manner. All this type of “events” should be recorded and videoed.‚  It should be made known to these “guests” that‚ not only are they rude and‚ arrogant‚ but that they are violating the human rights of Sri Lankans by supporting the LTTE who terrorised the population.‚ The Foreign Office in Colombo should table these abuses to Sri Lanka at the summit by these so-called defenders of human rights. It will‚  prove that most of those‚ accusing Sri Lanka of human rights abuses are in fact more abusive of rights than those who they accuse.‚ ‚ ‚ 
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
Ontario, Canada

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