Callum MacRae (Tiger Director making Films-for-Pay)
Posted on November 15th, 2013

November 14, 2013

The Pet Tiger, Callum MacRae, who recently arrived in Sri Lanka to report on the CHOGM, cannot be dismissed as a mere idiot. Having been educated at Britain-â„¢s Edinburgh Arts College, he is an educated crafty man. Therefore, his vile activities have some impact and public acceptance. Britain, the birthplace of Colonial Imperialism, which stole a significant portion of the world-â„¢s wealth over a period of 500 years and sucked out and digested all that was of value in Sri Lanka, is Callum MacRae-â„¢s birthplace. He is a news reporter available to all and sundry for rent.

In the international battle field there are mercenaries, but generally there are no mercenary media journalists. Filling this deficiency, around 2010 Callum MacRae made a documentary video in support of the Tiger terrorists in return for payment of blood money. During the 2011 United Nations Annual Meeting that made-for-pay video was used to stage a vast comedy by the expatriate Tiger activists, and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora who enable and feed their terrorism. That attempt was not as successful as they had expected. For that reason, the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora hired Callum MacRae to produce a second video. Recently, Callum MacRae has been earning his keep screening that video in Tamil countries and Tamil communities worldwide. This proves that Callum MacRae is an opportunist who can be bought and sold very easily for money. This became very clear the day before yesterday from his comment during a discussion with the Island newspaper staff. He said that the LTTE, who sustained him all these years, should be investigated immediately for their war crimes! Why does Callum MacRae say this about the Tiger movement who fed and nourished him until now? At the moment he said it, he was in Sri Lanka, so does he think that he should adapt his comments to please Sri Lankans? Why has he not said in his native England, even in passing, that the Tigers should be investigated for war crimes? We think he will not say one word against the Tigers, for if he does that he will lose his pay, and his life!

Sri Lanka is a country that having defeated the terrorists who sought to breakaway a part of its territory and offer it for consumption by Tamil Nadu, is attempting to breathe freely again. What wicked mercenary media manipulators like Callum MacRae are trying to do is to tightly pinch our nostrils just as we attempt to breathe again. This is a characteristic of the abusive relationship between the neo-colonialists and their former colonies. Many Sinhala journalists, who are similar mercenaries, also exist, but they live under the protection of European countries. We all know that, compared to the number of terrorists who died in the separatist war in Sri Lanka, many more …. hundreds-of-thousands …‚  terrorists have been slaughtered in European conflicts. For destroying the Taliban and Al-Quaida movements, the United States drops bombs daily on the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In these bombings, Taliban activists, together with government employees, shoppers buying goods, traders selling dates, sleeping children expecting to go to school the next day, die by the hundreds without distinction. Why doesn-â„¢t Callum MacRae make a video, or stage a play, about these vile acts? Spying on half-the-world by American President Barack Obama-â„¢s National Security Administration (NSA) was recently exposed. Why doesn-â„¢t Callum MacRae make a video, or a play, about this? The whole world knows that the wicked British Colonialists slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans in suppressing the Uva-Welassa Revolt of 1818, also ravishing thousands of women, decapitating thousands of children, and burning hundreds of thousands of homes. Why does Callum MacRae avoid making a historical movie about this awful genocide? The mercenary journalist for rent that he is, is it impossible for him to find a sponsor for this movie?

Patriotic Sri Lankan expatriates should initiate and fund projects like this.

Our understanding is that there is no ethical or legal room for Callum MacRae, as a journalist, to even contemplate, much less actually make, any movies under signed contractual agreements with a proscribed terrorist movement such as the LTTE.

4 Responses to “Callum MacRae (Tiger Director making Films-for-Pay)”

  1. Samanthi Says:

    An excellent editorial and its brilliant English translation!
    Thank you, Lankaweb for publishing this wonderful article.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    Here is the ORIGINAL video of ‘channel 4′ infamy, WITH ALL DIALOG in TAMIL, the language of the tiger terrorists. This video of terrorists who have donned SL Army uniforms from disrobed soldiers, shooting soldiers for propaganda videos, was dubbed in Sinhalese, the language of the soldiers and given to channel 4.

    Notice how clear the dialog (Tamil) is in this original video. The dubbed video that ch4 airs is fraught with disturbances – just how the fabricaters want it to be. These channel 4 ‘journalists’ were nominated for a ‘Nobel prize’ based on a terrorist-fabricated video! How ignorant!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! Chris Nonis did an excellent job of debating and defending Sri Lanka against an OVERLY aggressive interviewer.

    Chris Nonis is urbane and articulate. Whats more, he thinks on his feet, foiling attackers and pushing them onto the defensive. We need people like that! Jayawewa!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Cameron was using SL visit to win UK Tamil concerns-MR
    November 16, 2013

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ‘suggested’ that visiting UK Prime Minister David Cameron was using the visit to win favour with the Tamil community in the UK, the UK’s The Guardian reported.

    Downing Street sources conceded that Cameron made little headway with Rajapaksa during an hour-long meeting on Friday evening.

    They described the exchange as robust and animated, with Rajapaksa acknowledging problems in his country but arguing that they needed time to be sorted out.

    During the encounter, Cameron quoted Winston Churchill, urging the president to show “in victory, magnanimity”, and compared the path of reconciliation to the Northern Ireland peace process.

    He brought up attacks on Christians and Muslims, the murder of British national Khuram Shaikh, the killing of journalists and seizure of land.

    Cameron also mentioned a Channel 4 documentary about atrocities allegedly committed by state forces in the last months of the war, containing images verified by the UN.

    However, the president batted away the allegations and suggested that Cameron was using the visit to win favour with the Tamil community in the UK.

    Earlier, a Sri Lankan media minister had warned the prime minister he could not treat the country like a colony.

    Following his visit to Jaffna on Friday evening, Cameron told television reporters he believed the visit had been worthwhile to highlight the plight of many people suffering in Jaffna.

    “The pictures of journalists, shot and killed, on the walls, and hearing stories of journalists who have disappeared long after the war has ended – that will stay with me,” he said.

    “And the image, in this camp, of talking to a young woman who came here when she was very young – a child in this camp – and wants nothing more than to go to her own home.”

    Cameron also argued that the Commonwealth had helped bring about elections in the provinces and suggested that he would raise concerns about the situation in Sri Lanka in international forums including the G20 and EU.

    This could include pushing for an international investigation into human rights abuses, amid few signs the government will agree to hold an inquiry of its own that would satisfy observers as credible.

    He added: “These issues aren’t settled in one day or one visit.”

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