C-4 Callum Macrae absconding without paying van driver
Posted on November 16th, 2013


‚ Callum Macrae and the C4 team had to abandon their trip to the North due to a protest staged at Anuradhapura railway station. Some people had protested against their shady move in going to the North. The protest leaders had explained to Macrae the resons for their‚ protest. They had also told him that C4 is doing all this propaganda against Sri Lanka‚ because they are payees of the LTTE rump. After waiting for 3 hours at the railway station,‚ Macrae and the C4 team had no alternative but to turn back. So they have hired a van to return to Colombo.
Having arrived in Colombo, they had disappeared without paying the van driver. This is the type of mentality people like Macrae has on the poor, taking free rides from desperate van drivers who are struggling to make a living, while the C4 team is lavishly paid by the LTTE rump.
The LTTE massacred innocent people in the South for 30 years.‚ Among the victims were pregnant women, children, pilgrims,‚  clergy etc.‚  The C4 team is not interested in making documentaries about the atrocities committed by the LTTE in the South‚  because they are in the Tamil diaspora pay list. It is a shame that the C4 team is absconding without paying the poor driver‚ .
Recently, India refused‚ a visa to him because during his last visit‚ he had done something illegal.

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  1. helaya Says:

    Bravo to Anuradhapura patriots. Keep up the good work.

  2. Marco Says:

    This episode brings a whole new concept to White Van rides.

    Now they demand payment for the ride!!!

    sorry the cynic in me….

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Micro aka Narendran Rajasingham dirt is AVOIDING the topic of placing flowers after I posted a link to the foto of it!! Typical LTTE mentality.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When I visited Sri Lanka in 2009 just when the war ended and checked into the Galle face Green hotel I noticed a lot of UN vans parked in the parking lot. These UN officials who make the trip to Sri Lanka to point fingers and accuse stay in five star luxury hotels.

    They are as genuine to their cause as the Norwegian peace keeping force was. It was the ingenuity of President Rajapakse to see through their deception and summarily kick them out. People like Callum Macrae do these films because it sells and sells big making them money. Too many westerners come to the sub continent to make films of the poor, the destitute and suffering because it appeals to the Western sense of guilt.

    One move called “Mother India as told by the orphans” was a pathetic left wing piece of trash. One commenter from the US stated “After I watched that movie I was so moved that the suffering of my children paled into comparison to that of the orphans” yes it made that woman feel good and feel good movies of Eastern atrocities makes the White man feel superior and makes him or her “feel good” about themselves.

    People like Callum Macrae should be charged with anything even if it is trumped up and thrown into prison but even a better solution is not to give him access to step foot on Sri Lankan soil. He can go to Africa or South America and make some trashy sob movie to make the jaded, American hypocrites feel good about themselves as they take another puff of marijuana while watching such films.

    To profit from misery is as obscene as to profit from pornography, especially when the misery has to be cooked up.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    All Colonised countries continue to suffer due to colonisation, especially by the British ‘Divide & Rule’ principle. The Colonial guns ruled for over a century in both India & Sri Lanka.

    As for CH-4, some Pds Sterling converted to SL rupees would have been a paltry sum to pay the local driver ! Chee !!

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