Cameron Confronts Sri Lanka Leader over Human Rights Abuses‏
Posted on November 17th, 2013

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

The Editor
The Star
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Sir:
I am writing to bring to your attention that you are again reporting inaccurate information on Sri Lanka. The most glaring inaccuracy is “a UN report found credible allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Sri Lankan government in the last days of the conflict against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam charges the government has denied”.
Firstly, is is not a “UN” report. It was a report the Secretary General asked for as an advisory document. Regarding finding credible allegations, this is what the report stated:
1) page 6 – it was an advisory panel and that it was not engaged in any investigation,
2) page 14 – stresses that the panel’s mandate precludes fact finding or investigation,
3) on page 3 it is stated “the panel has not conducted fact finding as that term is understood in United Nations practice,
4) most importantly in paragraph 53 the panel states “this account should not be taken as proven facts, and any effort to determine specific liabilities would require a higher threshold”.
5) the panel admits that facts detailed in paragraphs 55 to 245 are not proven facts which same “facts” it states indicates the commission of crimes.
Further, the submissions are sealed for 20 years. Why? Based on the above it is because these are allegations and can not be proved. They are far from “credible” except for those who do not know and do not care for the truth in their zeal to denigrate Sri Lanka. For these allegations to be credible the supporting documentation with facts and figures should have been made public. As they are not credible the Sri Lankan government has to dismiss them.
As for Cameron confronting the leader of Sri Lanka, he is clearly directing his remarks to his Tamil constituents who he is representing. During his press conference, news reports indicate that he ignored the local press and dealt with Sky News, BBC etc. who would relay his act to the U.K. It has not convinced anybody in Sri Lanka and others who are well aware of the U.K.’s support of the LTTE and that his performance is geared to domestic politics. The Indian Foreign Secretary in an interview with CNN explained that the Indian prime minister did not attend due to domestic pressures. “We are now into five elections and important elections, the last round of elections before the general elections some time in the middle of next year. We are also handling some very, very critical economic issues including issues which are far-reaching reform issues, some of which will come before the next session of Parliament that’s now a few weeks away,” Khurshid said, explaining the reasons for Singh’s absence at the summit. He had the integrity to admit it. The Canadian Prime Minister, as all Canadians know, is catering to his Tamil vote base by boycotting the summit but does not have the integrity to admit it.
Sri Lanka has dealt with “Cameron’s confrontation” with the insignificance it deserves because, as all the people of the Commonwealth are aware, Britain with it’s serious violations of human rights and it’s suppression of reports which would expose British Prime Ministers as proven war criminals is in no position to point a finger at Sri Lanka. Unlike Sri Lanka, in Britain’s case there is proof. It is only the western media such as in Canada, who represent the countries that helped the Tamil terrorists for decades to terrorise Sri Lanka, that are misrepresenting the facts and “spinning” these statements to criticise Sri Lanka.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
Ontario, Canada

3 Responses to “Cameron Confronts Sri Lanka Leader over Human Rights Abuses‏”

  1. Nanda Says:

    As for Cameron confronting the leader of Sri Lanka, our president questioned why war crimes by his country were not investigated for 40 years and Came-ran could only open his lower mouth. Came-Ran ran away with the tail in the mouth.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    As Shenali Waduge said elsewhere, let us NOT HAVE ANY Half-Hearted Solutions NOW! NONE but FULL-THROATED Complete Solutions!

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment
    2. DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System
    3. ELIMINATE Indian Involvement in Reconstruction & Rehabilitation efforts in the North & East
    4. REDUCE Indian Involvement and Investment in Sri Lanka’s economy
    5. END Military cooperation with India; they can’t and don’t help SRi Lanka with any weapons ANYWAY!
    6. SECURE Sri Lanka’s coastline with coast guard and naval bases within EYESIGHT of each other to protect Sri Lanka’s Maritime resources and PREVENT illegal immigration, gun running, and goods smuggling
    7. LAUNCH a thorough investigation of the CITIZENSHIP STATUS of the residents of Sri Lanka to IDENTIFY & DEPORT upto 1.6 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens from TAmil Nadu as indicated by the 2012 Census.
    8. ADOPT Ethnic Integration as National Policy with the goal of achieving a UNIFORM ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION nationwide, without REGIONAL ethno/religious concentrations.
    9. INCREASE the number of Armed Forces camps and Personnel in former LTTE-infected territories, PERMANENTLY SETTLE military personnel AND their FAMILIES in the North and East as part of Ethnic Integration, providing land, good hmes, schools, hospitals and other INFRASTRUCTURE to INCENTIVIZE PERMANENT SETTLEMENT by Sinhala people in these areas. In the Final Analysis, Ethnic Integration of this kind is the only permanent hope for peace and security of the people of Sri Lanka.

    The END of CHOGM, and the CLEAR DISPLAY OF ENMITY by India, Tamil Nadu, and Western Nations with large Sri Lankan Eelamist Tamil Populations, has given the GOSL the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT the above 9-POINT PROGRAM in the National Interest.

    Carpe’ Diem! Seize the Day!

  3. Nanda Says:

    10. Build a “Multichannel Oxidation Ditch” starting from Putlam to Potuvil seprating Endian waste released from tamil nadu towards Sri Lanka. Pump out the treated waste back to Toilet nadoo.

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