For Cameron garnering Diasporic votes overshadowed CHOGM and its goals
Posted on November 18th, 2013

By Philip Fernando

‚ The attempt at political skullduggery that Prime Minister Minister David Cameron exhibited in Colombo using war criminality charge against Sri Lanka, duelling CHOGM host President Mahinda Rajapaksa seemed a brazen plot to garner votes back home. Statesmanship vanished as he denigrated CHOGM with sticky rhetorical verbiage, an egoistic flashing of the crudest type. Cameron got rebuffed almost immediately by the detached Prince Charles on arrival in Colombo who quoted late Jawaharlal Nehru that the Commonwealth was capable of bringing a touch of healing thereby delivering the very best future for those in the Commonwealth that should be taken to heart by every nation, big and small. Cameron, however, was oblivious that he may be incapable of manipulating the UN, especially the Security Council as regards war crimes. G-8 or G-21 would not dare dabble in it either. Perhaps only the circumspect British voters that outnumber the partisan riff raff Cameron was wooing could drive sense into Cameron. He looked so “un-British.” President Rajapaksa showed a better stiff-upper lip when facing the barrage below the belt shots.

‚ Abbott counters Cameron

‚ The logistically flawed attempts by Cameron and the like trying to link CHOGM goals to unsubstantiated war criminality charges disintegrated and looked whimsical. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had no qualms announcing that since the conclusion of the conflict there had been much progress in Sri Lanka. “I welcome the opportunity that Sri Lanka has had to showcase itself to the world.” “As I said, at the opening of the conference a couple of days ago, Sri Lanka has come through many troubles, but today there is more freedom and more prosperity. “Obviously there is more to be done, but much progress has been made, and the fact that Sri Lanka is prepared to showcase itself in this way to the wider Commonwealth shows the goodwill and the good intentions of the Sri Lankan government.”

‚ It’s funny how the best way things can go “forward” is when a diminutive group of self-centered trash-talkers run amok screaming-”all-â„¢s lost. That concerted effort to inject their agenda constantly on a scale rarely seen in recent times fizzled. They bandied with a vengeance bent on bankrupting the very concept of a -Commonwealth.” No one could decipher what part of the commonality of international affairs they believed in.

‚ Sri Lankans love their country for the opportunities they have enjoyed. Sri Lanka is still a great country for people who get an education and work hard. Anyone who dared to diminish and devalue that notion just cheapened themselves. They need to take their heads out of the claptrap they are in and get some fresh air! CHOGM guests took away lasting memories of Sri Lanka’s dynamism and singularity of purpose and that would be an imprint hard to erase.

‚ Temper tantrums

‚ Those exhibiting temper tantrums were hoping to have a field day but just failed to make a dent on what was being debated at the CHOGM. The phrasing and verbiage spewed out gave away the hidden agenda they carried–the whole “Osterreich mind set.” Commonwealth was meant to be a forum for common sustainable goals among equal nations. The detractors must have either slept through high school -Civics- class or never went to one at all.

‚ In his opening statement President Mahinda Rajapaksa put it succinctly: It is in recognition of the urgent need to address the burning issues connected to growth and development, which directly impinge on the lives of our peoples, that Sri Lanka proposed the theme, -Growth with Equity.”

‚ That theme embodied the purpose of the gathering. It highlighted the importance of equity in economic development, particularly in view of the existing disparities in the distribution of wealth, and economic benefits. Commonwealth was committed towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and indeed Sri Lanka had achieved that few years ahead of the target.

‚ Vision for the future

‚ The vast gathering of delegates saw Sri Lanka had spelled out clear strategies of improving the livelihoods of the broadest segment of society, and more importantly, the country was being taken into the future, by targeted dates and goals for achieving the growth.

The delegates saw that poverty in Sri Lanka had declined from 15.2 per cent in 2007 to 6.5 per cent in 2012, surpassing the MDG mid-term target. That had taken place while he post war reconciliation was going on at a fair pace. The pro-active approach to post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation was being demonstrated by Sri Lankan.

‚ It is in recognition of the urgent need to address the burning issues connected to growth and development, which directly impinge on the lives of our peoples, that Sri Lanka proposed the theme, -Growth with Equity: Inclusive Development- for this CHOGM.

Again, President Rajapaksa stated in his address: We believe that this theme has broad relevance to the larger Commonwealth, and highlights the importance of equity in economic development, particularly in view of the existing disparities in the distribution of wealth, and economic benefits. Inclusive development promotes progress and contributes towards achieving Millennium Development Goals.

Social indicators

‚ Sri Lanka had within a short period climbed to be a lower middle income group. First, the delegates carried away the vistas of a dynamic operation regarding the need for basic facilities, healthcare, education, productive employment, access to food and safe drinking water, eradication of poverty and hunger. They were real and discernible even to the severest critics like Cameron.

‚ Second, Commonwealth nations were collectively striving e towards the realization of development goals, to enable its member countries to reap economic benefits? Sri Lanka was a veritable model for others to follow. The fierce urgency of those in charge of the development effort seemed the most impressive take away for the visitors to CHOGM.

Third, the need to address the notion of -Ëœcommon poverty-â„¢ before talking of -Ëœcommonwealth-â„¢ was amply demonstrated. The working sessions were a marathon “brain-storm” session as details of the growth patterns and targets came into sight. The business form was one humongous clinical lab testing hypotheses and what came out was indeed a development guide that Sri Lanka could be proud of.

‚ As a matter of priority, the Commonwealth, should focus on development challenges, confronting the majority of our member nations. There is a compelling need for those who guide the destiny of the Commonwealth to give serious thought to practical methods, focusing on social and economic issues. This will greatly enhance the relevance and value of the Commonwealth. Those with an ax to grind tried to be another United Nations. Sri Lanka is quite capable of dealing with any charges regarding the conduct of the war in 2009 or before.

‚ The Common a vibrant region body should not dabble in internal affairs of its members.



12 Responses to “For Cameron garnering Diasporic votes overshadowed CHOGM and its goals”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PHILIP !!

    IT is not only garnering votes. This British AH David Cameron has been in the payroll of the Tamil LTTE Terrorists Diaspora for a long time. These Tamil Terrorists Proxy Fellows were entertained by the British Parliamentarians in the ‘ not so sacred,’ but polluted precincts of the British Parliament. Time another Guy Faux appeared.

    These Terrorists Tamil Gang has so much money, they are like a virus buying up WORLD LEADERS, and making them obey to do their bid to demonize Sri Lanka at the drop of a hat, and they are obedient dogs.

    Even the Canadian AH Parliamentarians have been made to be servile, by these Tamil Terrorists Diaspora. It is a CANCER THAT IS VERY MALIGNANT, and probably end up making World Leaders ” A VEGETABLE ”

    These Tamil Terrorists Diaspora gang is gradually increasing their numbers in States and Countys, all over the WORLD, and they are breeding like rabbits. In the not so distant future the Tamil Terrorists Gangs will rule The Great Brittannia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other Countries. They will never be able to get anywhere close to China and Russia, period.



  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    It is time to close down the British, Canadian and Indian Embassies in Sri Lanka and remove any organizations affiiliated with these nations out of Sri Lanka, not to teach them any lesson but to lower their voice in Sri Lanka.

    It is also time to take this to the grass roots level and attack tourists of visitors from these nations in the same manner Sinhalese were attacked in Tamil Nadu.

  3. Marco Says:

    Mr Bernard Wijeyasingha – Judging by the comment above, I’m thankful that you don’t live in Sri Lanka nor do you make or influence policy decisions unless of course you are related or connected to the chairman of Tangalle’s Pradeshiya Sabha.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    We can’t close down HCs.

    Instead we have to HAMMER TAMIL RACISTS tactfully.

    The recent behavior of Tamils has brought to light HIDDEN Tamil racists. Now we know their names and addresses.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    TOILET Diaspora votes is NOT the main concern.

    e.g. Australia didn’t give a DAMN about the TOILET DIASPORA.

    It has more to do with DIVIDE AND RULE concept of these countries. They USE Tamil modayas as a tool to achieve their goals of dividing SL.

    In the UK Tamil votes are only 1%. Non Tamil votes 99%.
    In Canada Tamil votes are only 2%. Non Tamil votes 98%.

    True about Toilet Nadu.

  6. douglas Says:

    Marco: Hats off to you. I have always stated that our approach must not be “Thangalla Type”. If we adopt such a method of villainous approach, the enemy will gain more and more and our attempts to expose them would be lost in the woods. On the other hand, such use of vituperative language does not speak the credibility of the person who expresses an opinion and render the web column to be underestimated. Yet I too find it continuing unabated.

    In another comment in this page, I have expressly pointed out to the alarming spread of crimes that are taking place even in the remotest villages , predominantly inhabited by Sinhala, Buddhists and compared that with less in the North and the East. The methods adopted in these crimes are unspeakable and so barbarous. The administration does not seem to be moving in arresting this situation yet.

    The next outcome of this situation that goes unchecked would be the so called “Diaspora” to show the world: “what a bunch of barbarians this Sinhala Buddhist community is and what more could be expected of them”.

  7. thurai Says:

    Many Tamils who didn´t know about Pirabakaren and LTTE until they suffer themself in Sri Lanka. Now Tamil Terrorism
    do the same world wide. The time will come Tamil will say we are Sri Lankan and not Tamils.
    Tamil Terrorism Cheat the Tamils until may 2009. Now they started to cheat the world. Comeron or any other leader
    don´t represent the whole world. Innocent people belive paid propaganda and paid Jounalism by Tamil terrorism.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Philip Fernando for a valuable contribution. Judging by the responses, I find quite pleasure in Susantha Wijesinghe’s use of words which I UTTERED only few days ago, about India, TN & the Tamil Diaspora.

    WORD is CANCER……….it is a cancer which has to erradicated. Another is the Tamil Diaspora & their way to buy political leaders, spreading false reports, accusations & dis-information. I mentioned thoseas well. These leaders who criticized Sri Lanka, knowing fully well the TRUTH, are demonstrating UTTER HYPORACY when it comes to DIPLOMACY.

    This guy named Cameron went to INDIA to see the GODFATHR before landing in Sri Lanka. So bearded guy had a message to deliver, which he cannot deliver himself, worried that HE WILL BE NEXT VICTIM after Rajiv Ghandi to disappear with the help of TN terrorist state & its people.

    That was his worry NOT that he is obeying TN, in that case, WHY NOT INDIA give TN to have Tamil as its OFFICIAL Language. Without allowing any concessions which Lankan Govt has granted, STILL PESTERING our leader, thinking that we will be afraid. AFRAID of what?.. That India will invade.. So let her invade & find how they can manage 22 Million Lankns at their throats.

    This type invasion we are used to back in the history of lanka. First we had to move our Capital to Anuradhapura, then to Plonnaruwa & so on. It continued BUT our present leaders aare so worried about world opinion & India. One leader has sais DO NOT ANNOY INDIA. Are these people grade 12 students for them to have that type of mentality.

    ANNOY the HELL OUT OF INDIA as Pakistan does THEN & THEN ONLY India will realize what sort of people Sri Lankas are including Tamils & Muslims.

    As I mentioned in many of my comments, IT IS THE COLOMBO mentality which drives the TAMIL & MULIM upmanship. They should be moved out of Colombo district period. They can get back to NORTH & EAST. That is where their culture & religion should be practiced NOT in Colombo.

    13th amendment is ofcourse is a big deal which have to be tackled by Lawyers & Elders from SRI LANKA, not from Iresland or So. Africa.

    If our people protest & continue to hammer away the dangers of TAMIL RACISTS, and curtail their activities, there is some hope of recincilaition. If not the same old story will happen in years to come… Thank ou all , I really feel that OUR FEMALE EDUCATED partners should now get involved in writing letters, attending protest meetings & make our leaders understand the dangers of EXCESS Tamil & Indian population in Sri Lanka.
    Just another expat expressing his views……..from far…..a place called CANADA……J

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! We did close down Israel Embassy during my time long long years back, and asked them to leave the country. I do hope that I remember correct.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes but we reopened it a few years later.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Jayasiri!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Foreign elections and aftermath of Cold Wars or preparations for future Cold Wars seem to ‘call the shots’ from some past Empires and some ex-Colonists.

    Whilst we applaud the speeches of President Mahinda Rajapakse, Prince Charles and Australian PM Tony Abbott, we did find PM David Cameron’s speech unduly hard, considering the terrible past Sri Lanka has experienced with 30 yrs of ltte terrorism with only 4 yrs passed after the final war with much achieved in the aftermath. No reference has been made at CHOGM about conditions in Tamil Nadu for Tamils under the Caste/poverty bind. Sri Lanka cannot, must not, be held responsible for what goes on in Tamil Nadu re their Tamil Caste/poverty problems.

    However, for all powers that be, there is cause for concern from other quarters different to elections and past or future Cold Wars. That is that Global Warming is taking a turn for the worse with the Arctic Ice melt down. A new element has entered into Global Warming in the form of the gas methane, which is worse than carbon dioxide for Global Warming. The Global Community, including the CHOGM, should be concerned about such matters that will affect the well being of all mankind. Catastrophic and unpredicatable weather patterns have begun to show up all over the world. Such matters ought to make us forget all our differences and bring us together for Survival, and “Growth with Equity”, a worthy goal for the present Commonwealth, bringing Hope to all the C’wealth nations. Australia has stepped in with the right attitude and practical help – thank you PM Tony Abbott.

    Extract from the net on Global Warming :

    “Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK, put the importance of arctic sea ice in perspective:

    The present thinning and retreat of Arctic sea ice is one of the most serious geophysical consequences of global warming and is causing a major change to the face of our planet. The scientific community has drawn attention to the risk of dangerous climate change if the world does not reduce emissions of carbon dioxide – a worthy and critical objective. However, I wish to point toward a much more immediate problem that does not seem to be recognised among the climate change community at large: This is the problem of rapid retreat of Arctic sea ice, and likely consequence of catastrophic methane feedback.

    In summary: Rapidly warming temperatures have accelerated the melt of sea ice and permafrost, which in turn has now begun to cause the release of huge amounts of methane — which will cause even greater atmospheric warming”.


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