Peace in SriLanka, and the Obnoxious Stance of Some Western Countries on SL
Posted on November 21st, 2013

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan Australian Citizen

22nd November 2013

Right Hon Mr Stephen Harper
Prime Minister
Government of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Right Honourable Mr Stephen Harper Sir,

Peace in SriLanka, and the Obnoxious Stance of Some Western Countries on SL

‚ As a patriotic SriLankan, and a patriotic Australian, I take this opportunity to write to you on a few questions and concerns of some parties, to SriLankan peace and stability. I wish to submit a detailed communication with humbleness, and shall be grateful if you could kindly read the communique in full please.

SriLankan Independence & birth of Tamil racial polarisation

SriLanka, Ceylon then, received its independence in 1948. SJV Chelvanayagam (SJVC), a Tamil Teacher and an Attorney subsequently, who was scurrying along with the Ceylon state council, parliament, formed his own Tamil Party, isolating Tamils from the rest, and in 1951, claimed that Tamils are of distinct nation. SJVC-â„¢s tunnel vision for the avidity of political power deceived the Tamils and the rest of the Tamil politicians. The SriLankan government never considered or treated the Tamils as second class citizens. Evidence to this fact is the several hundreds and hundreds of thousands of educated Tamils floating around the globe, who had free education at the expense of the Sinhala mass.

SJVC had a tendency to think only about one thing, which is power, and to ignore everything else.

Terrorism in SriLanka

At the auspicious time 12.43 p.m. on Monday May 22, 1972, Ceylon became the ‘Republic of Sri Lanka’ severing a 157 years old link with the British crown.


Terrorism from both ethnic groups gave birth in 1970 / 1971. Small groups of Tamil students and a group of Sinhalese students took up arms. Late Srimavo Bandaranaike (SB) was the PM then. The Sinhalese students grouped themselves as JVP with extremist ideology. Can we put a knot between the republican move and the terrorism?

SB ordered the military to shoot and kill the Sinhalese JVP group, and hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese students were brutally killed. The military did nothing to the Tamil terrorist group, because the orders were to shoot the Sinhalese only.

‚ The Sinhalese uprising was quenched by the government. However, the Tamil terrorism continued to build up.

The appalling act of the governance here is that SB did not make any attempts to engage into a dialogue with the JVP, but to kill them.

The shocking view is that the governance was entertaining dialogue with the Tamil politicians and terrorists (LTTE) on the Tamil issue.

May be we have to appreciate the governance of SB here, and her commitment to the democratic principles with respect to the minority in SriLanka. She took a path of sympathy and kindness towards the Tamils.

‚ However, we condemn the killing of the majority Sinhalese, SB being a Sinhalese. Several hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese were brutally murdered in 1971. (I was in SriLanka during this period)

Did the UN intervene into this killing? Did Canada do anything politically? Did anyone, to date question why such an act of brutal killing was carried out by the SriLankan government?

I am not a supporter of JVP, communism, or extremism. However, I am addressing the political blunders of governance on a human perspective.

Tamil terrorism was protected by all parties, and it snowballed into a giant LTTE terrorist group arming themselves with heavy weapons and artillery. SriLanka had several Prime Ministers, Presidents and Defence Ministers. No one took the initiative to quench the Tamil terrorism, but promoted dialogues with zero outcomes.

Finally the victims were Tamils, because LTTE forced Tamils to do what they want, demanded ransom from Tamils, brutally murdered innocent civilians, politicians, PMs, Ministers, and late Rajiv Ghandi and so on. ( Please refer (i), (ii), by Shenali Waduge)

LTTE built up their financial reserves worldwide and became the most dangerous terror group in the world. Initially India trained and armed the LTTE. India failed in her devastating foreign policy, where they caught the tail and not the head. Subsequently, I think the world now knows as to who would have supplied LTTE with heavy weapons, artillery, and hi-tech equipment.

LTTE took over 300,000 civilians as human shield into an area known as Mullivaykal and Mullaitivu. Even then the SriLankan government did nothing but went on with dialogues with zero outcomes. Now the victim were the Tamils and the country, as several billion dollars-â„¢ worth of SriLankan assets were destroyed, plundered and blustered off by the LTTE. The chains of Presidents, Prime Ministers were hood winked to enter into dialogues with the LTTE, while arming the LTTE through the back door. This is the worst form of diplomatic relation in the political world.

Finally in 2009, the world wanted LTTE to be eliminated, and helped SriLanka with assistance.

We venerate and value our current President HE Mr Mahinda Rajapakse as the Leader and protector of Tamils and SriLanka, as the war freed over several hundreds of thousands (300,000) of Tamils from bondage of the LTTE.

If not for our President HE Mr Mahinda Rajapakse (HEMR), Tamils will still be starving and suffering from the grip of the LTTE, and SriLanka would be impeding in socio-economic-technological advancement, while other countries would be growing fast.

Sir, the western world should have the stature for restorative justice, and provide the needs, and not engage in restorative or punitive justice.

‚ Sir, in modern society, is there a place for punitive justice?‚ 

SriLanka has just come out of a 39 year filthy terrorist torture, and a 64 year political pandemonium because of fanatic, facially disoriented Tamil politicians, and the west should understand the values with pure reasoning.

The country-â„¢s internal war is over but the war of words from the west and TVs are not over. May be, has it been converted into a political business?

Laws of War

Principles of the laws of war

Military necessity, along with‚ distinction, and‚ proportionality, are three important principles of‚ international humanitarian law‚ governing the legal use of force in an armed conflict.

Military necessity‚ is governed by several constraints: an attack or action must be intended to help in the military defeat of the enemy, it must be an attack on a military objective,[13]‚ and the harm caused to civilians or civilian property must be proportional and not excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated.[14]

Distinction‚ is a principle under international humanitarian law governing the legal use of force in an armed conflict, whereby‚ belligerents‚ must distinguish between‚ combatants‚ and‚ civilians.[a][15]

Proportionality‚ is a principle under international humanitarian law governing the legal use of force in an armed conflict, whereby‚ belligerents‚ must make sure that the harm caused to civilians or civilian property is not excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated by an attack on a military objective. (Ref:

USA and UK launched military attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan & Vietnam. Didn-â„¢t the war note liability of civilian casualties? Still the world is confused as to why US waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

The war in SL is over. It is worthwhile if the west gives a supporting hand to SL to achieve total peace and commit to development. Does the west allow SL to be in peace? NO! Some communication facilities are making use of unsolicited, fallacious stories to make business out of it. Journalists who have been never heard of are now in the picture stressing for punitive justice.

  1. 1.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  An example is one where the leader of LTTE V. Prabakaran views his own dead body in a TV.
  2. 2.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  In the recent Isaipriya-â„¢ s case: Analysis on Isaipriya video.

‚ The first video shows army personnel respectfully escorting Isaipriya. They gave a sheet to cover her body. The video does not show the same army people undressing Isaipriya. Well, the narrator say Isaipriya is naked, but she is not. She seems to have worn underwear, and may be nothing on top. The question is who made her naked? There is no video that shows her been forced to undress? May be I have not seen it. The army staffs have been most respectful and kind in the video.

‚ Then the video shows her lying killed on the ground. There is no evidence of what happened in between. There is no evidence raping or of who raped Isaipriya.

‚ Further, the first video indicates the army is posing for video. The cameraman with a phone or what, does not seem to be hiding. He openly shoots the video. What does this mean Sir? That it is a planned shooting of a video in good faith of protecting a girl. Who are the culprits who killed her OR was she killed in a cross fire.

‚ There are lots of questions to be asked. However, Channel 4 is quickly rushing into a conclusion that she was raped and killed by the army. Where is the evidence that she was killed by the army? ‚ Even the LTTE can wear army uniform. I am a Tamil, and I am quite knowledgeable about what Tamils can do to implicate others. The videos are in pieces, and somehow Tamils seem to get the copies and merge together to make it true. (Ref:

‚ Claim of Human Rights Violation in SL

‚ The west is claiming about HR violations in SL. Today, the west could find millions of Tamils from SL who had free education drifting around the globe. SL right from independence provided free educational facilities to its citizens irrespective of race, religion and language. Political parties are formed on ideological basis, religion preached throughout the island, and anyone can float a hard copy media, and several, within the laws of SL. Well, SL practices true democracy and all its principles. No country will have transparency in its defence, intelligence and other key political program.

To quote an example, can anyone float a Socialist party OR Communist party in Canada or USA? Why not? Does this fall within the framework and elements of democracy? I am sure intelligence and defence will move to quench and eliminate the act of forming such political organisations. This can be categorised as a form of indirect dictatorial administration. Wouldn-â„¢t you agree Rt. Hon PM?

Today SL Tamils ended up in Canada with a congealed, frozen population in Scarborough. Educated Tamils who have qualifications up to degree and post graduate levels, and those illiterates, have no concern to be cleaners, labourers, sanitary workers, security guards, doormen, and do menial work in Canada. This, they will claim as the parity value of the Canadian dollar. However, if the same Tamils experience a situation in SL to be sucked into do these jobs, what will be the outcome Sir?


Canada, west, and Europe do not mind allowing these Tamils to flood their country as they definitely need their cities to be kept clean, and they run short of people to do this menial work. How does this compare with the HR violations of humans? Asking an engineer to do cleaning and / or security guard work etc??

However, Sir, Australia and New Zealand practices true democracy and values education, and humans. No educated engineer does menial work in Australia or New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand value education, and grant recognition to degree holders. Sir, I bow down to the governments and the people of Australia and New Zealand.

Tamils discriminate Tamils within SriLanka. Tamils practice the draconian caste oppression/discrimination and oppress majority of Tamils in the N&E of SL.

LTTE practiced HR violations for 39 years, murdered hundreds of thousands of Tamils, Sinhalese mass, politicians etc. None of the country questioned at that time.

In Toronto, a Tamil radio station claiming it-â„¢s a community radio, is engaged in a propaganda war for separatism in SL. The link for this radio:

I am listening to this radio at this moment. (10:26am 20-10-2013-Canadian time) A female called -Tamil Praba- is engaged, and promoting LTTE cadre-â„¢s achievements, martyrs of LTTE, and secession. The radio interviewed MK Sivajilingham in SL, who is a fanatic separatist politician. (Radio contact: 306 Rexdale Blvd, Suite 7 Toronto, (416) 754-3223)

Sir, this act is considered an act of inciting, indoctrinating leading to intoxication. November of each year Tamils get into a state of fits and intoxication.

Sir, does this not mean that Canada is helping terrorists to promote separatism?

‚ Would Canada encourage secession, and allow Canada to be broken to 10+ republics?

Would US encourage secession, and allow US to be broken to 12+ republics?

Would UK encourage secession, and allow UK to be broken to 3+ republics?

Currently, the worst HR violation around the globe is practiced in India. I give below a few web links where you can see physical, killing of people.

Chenai Law College-Ref:



Asam Killing-Ref:


Tamils in Mullivaykal were held as Human Shield by the LTTE. Around 30,000+ Tamils were shot by the LTTE because they tried to flee from bondage.

Does the world know the atrocities carried out by the British in India and SriLanka? What about the killing of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam carried out by US?


Democracy is defined as a set of principles and practices that protect human freedom. It is defined as the institutionalization of freedom. It is also said as to rest upon fundamental principles, not uniform practices. One of the shortfalls, which, everyone must agree with, is the voting pattern.

In the third world, people are forced, terrorised and / or bribed to vote for candidates. In the west, we consider that the number of ethnic group determines how the governance will react to their needs. We sense that in Canada and UK, the number of Tamils determines how the politicians are reacting to democracy. Could this be considered as an indirect form of bribery? In terms of democratic principles, it will be better if Canada and UK provide Tamils, what they require to live in Canada and UK, and not interfere with political matters of another sovereign republic. Wouldn-â„¢t you agree Sir?

SriLankan Tamils and Indian Tamils make up only 15.37% of the total population in SL. On a demographic perspective Tamils are distributed all over SL.

SriLanka is not a colony of the United Kingdom. Sometime we feel that Britain think they own SL and dictate terms to SL governance. It is also ridiculous to find that SL Tamil politicians making trips to UK, US, Canada and India to talk about power. Do the west politicians fly to China or Russia to talk about their power?


The head of CHOGM is the Queen of Britain. Irrespective of when and where the conference is conducted, it is fair to state that countries should recognise the Monarchy and value the outcomes of the conference. It is an organisation to keep the commonwealth countries together, and not generate friction or enmity against each other. Commonwealth has been responsible for the development and advancement in socio-economic-technological of poor C-Wealth countries.

As a human of the world community, I consider that Canada, Mauritius, India should not have boycotted the CHOGM 2013. It is an indirect disrespect casted on the monarchy. Well, we all value and respect the Monarchy.


Sir, I wish to appeal to you that Canada should stop Tamils regrouping and launching another terrorist attack or promoting secession on SriLanka.

There has been no Tamil Ealam in the Island, and for a small strength of Tamils with nil resources in the N&E, it is considered a criminal conduct, if Tamils want to secede, as people will starve to death subsequently.

Continued harassment of SL by the west is like pouring petrol into a fire in the minds of the Tamils. We care only driving in circles debarring Tamils to live in peace in SL. What Tamils want in SL is peace, good standard of living, education, employment etc., which our President has provided now. Continued harassment by the west is driving back the Tamils to their mindset of secession. The theory of self-determination is not practical around the world, in which case Canada has to be broken to several republics, and cannot imagine the number of republics in Africa and Arab countries.

With due respect to you Sir,

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan

Australian Citizen

Encl: Letter to Hon Rahul Ghandi

Cc: ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  High Commissioner for SriLanka in Canada



4 Responses to “Peace in SriLanka, and the Obnoxious Stance of Some Western Countries on SL”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good work.

    They KNOW these FACTS because they have BETTER information sources than the LTTE RUMP.

    But they do what BENEFITS them.

  3. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Kanthar!.. It is very heartening to see a TAMIL from Australia, taking the initiative to write & educate Mr. Harper & other goons of Tamil origin living in Australia & in Canada.

    IT IS ESSENTIAL that every tamil should read & if warrant DISPUTE this gentleman’s findings. I know when I was in Toronto many years ago, TAMIL strength was so much apparent & every time I heard was BLAMING SRI LANKA for their plight.

    WHAT PLIGHT ? Tamils who come as REFUGEES, go back to Sri Lanka on Canadian dole money & spent a great deal of money & enjoy the benefits of Lankan weather. NO HARM in that, BUT IF THEY are genuine refugees, THEY are NOT allowed to even visit Sri Lanka. Because they have come to Canada or any other country seeking REFUGE.

    This is a JOKE, going back to Lanka at Tax payers money, living on the dole, which Canadian tax payers provide & then BLAME SRI LANKA.

    Canadians YET do not realize, or even if they know, they do not want to annoy the Tamils hoping someday Tamils will VOTE for them. Canadian political leaders have very short memory, when UK foreign minister, DAVID MILBAND or someone visited Lanka with the FRENCH counterpart asking HE Rajapaksha to STOP THE WAR, our President DID NOT.

    The same man who did everything to garner votes from Tamils in the UK, LOST HIS SEAT. Amazing is that this happens in broad day light, to SERVANT of Tamils ending up losing his seat. What happen to Tamil vote he was so dearly expecting?

    This is a good lesson to our present political leaders in the WEST, who dream of having a votiing BLOC, voting for them or their party.

    If you believe in the GOOD SPEAK UP, do not OBEY your tamil masters & LTTE RUMP, because some day all this come to HAUNT you.

    Thanks again Kanthar for your valuable article……..J

  4. cw Says:

    Thanks Kanthar Aiya, This is a gem. What wonders me is whether you can make a completely disabled man like Harper walk, open his eyes & listen.

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