The Rowdiness of David Cameron lets Britain down despite the heartwarming charm of Prince Charles in Sri Lanka
Posted on November 26th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

 The best of British we were told would arrive in Colombo to participate in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting hosted by Sri Lanka. We didn’t have to say ‘Bob’s your uncle’ for Cameron made quite clear all the way from London he was not going to be fagged by Rajapakse’s hospitality and would be asking some tough questions, questions prepared in consultation with the LTTE rump in London amongst whom he is now canvassing after returning. He blew plenty of hot air none of which to be frank was unexpected given the rising number of UK MPs having plunged into the LTTE kitty. What a refreshing difference however was to have the charmed presence of Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles. Both blue-blooded and aristocrats Prince Charles sparkled where Cameron failed to shine and he claimed he was arriving to shine some light and he did – upon himself and his uncouth behavior!.

Standing Tall and Standing Small

English politeness is generally said to be everywhere – they are ever ready to dish out ‘sorry’s, ‘please and thank you’s but refusing to even sign in the nation’s guest book or accept the welcome on arrival is a bit going overboard. More so, unlike 9/11 a one off happening Sri Lanka faced terror for 30 odd years. We are a little piqued that Cameron or any other British Premier never showed the same gusto on civilian deaths apart from issuing a very unemotional official statement denouncing the act of terror and calling both parties for a cuppa tea and chat. Mind you, his very country kept most of the LTTE key leaders on UK soil and continue to do so.

Now this charade went on for a good 30 years. So we are a little puzzled that only when LTTE – terrorists and not freedom fighters, were a whiff short of defeat UK and France sends viceroys Miliband and Kouchner for damage control. Now there would be no storms from Cameron had LTTE not been defeated in May 2009 – is this not the crux of the entire matter?

So what was the point in dashing off to Jaffna or was this part of the UK election deal? Civilians died throughout and one type of civilian cannot be more important than the other as Prince Charles in his opening speech mentioned how he witnessed the rescue operations after the tsunami.

The Prince arrived in Sri Lanka on his 65th birthday and was not ‘tired’ to attend not only the birthday party organized by the British High Commission but even that of the Sri Lankan President. Prince Charles arrived at the Nelum Pokuna greeting the crowd in the traditional ‘ayubowan’, he made it a point to speak to every person and every aspect of body language showed he did not land as colonial master to order the colonial slave.

Not taking a leaf from Prince Charles, Cameron however thought he had gone back in time and himself as either the last viceroy or at best one of the British governors since his wife descends from landowners who had African slaves. In refusing to travel in the vehicles arranged and turning a cheek on all the hospitalities that had been specially arranged Cameron showed what a dork he is in our eyes for we are neither Britain’s slaves, nor servants and Sri Lanka is certainly not a British colony any more.

Come out with questions – we are ready, we have questions too and our questions have to be answered too. Cameron cannot ask and get answers for only what he wants to hear.

Prince Charles wins hearts of Sri Lankans

 Prince Charles’s 3 day stay in Sri Lanka covered visits to the museum, to Kandy where he laid a wreath for those killed by the LTTE, when Cameron failed to even remember the 3 Britishers killed by LTTE in 1986, Prince Charles also visited the tea plantations and to the delight of all founding himself putting his dancing shoes to do the Hokey-Pokey even if he couldn’t bend like Beckam. !

Cameron certainly needs to loosen up. He is not exactly well placed to be pointing fingers. Even if we leave out mention of the colonial crimes of the British, or the contemporary crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and even Syria he remains haunted by the fact that evidence remains of LTTE sponsors, LTTE activists and LTTE groups continuing to function from the UK. With UK banning LTTE as far back as 2001 we would now like to know if Cameron is taming the tiger! Therefore Britain’s moral audit does not give Cameron any scope to point fingers.

What needs to be said was that when Cameron claims he is not satisfied with what Sri Lanka has done it means the British High Commission and others advising him are either feeding him wrong information or they are all working to a different plan. It is only when as Muralitharan said those that see what is taking place in the North now who will realize what change has taken place. Therefore if Cameron came to play tough he can be happy with himself but all those who know which side of the coin the lie is will realize that it is better to have been like Prince Charles than Cameron in the face of hard facts.

Ugly Englishman

 Ever Hear of an Ugly Englishman? We have all heard of The Ugly American caricatured in a 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer upon which a 1963 movie starring Marlon Brando was based. The novel became a best seller.

The novel is set in a fictional nation called Sarkhan (an imaginary country in Southeast Asia that somewhat resembles Burma or Thailand, but which is meant to allude to Vietnam). The book describes the United States’s losing struggle against Communism””what was later to be called the battle for hearts and minds in South East Asia ””because of innate arrogance and the failure to understand and respect the local culture.

The behavior of David Cameron typifies the Ugly Englishman in Asia. A combination of crass stupidity and low vulgarity. It is shameful conduct unworthy of a Prime Minister of a country that once ruled the waves. It will boomerang on him and his country one day.

13 Responses to “The Rowdiness of David Cameron lets Britain down despite the heartwarming charm of Prince Charles in Sri Lanka”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The prince and the punk!

    Prince Charles was such a gentleman.

    He NULLIFIED some of the dirty conduct of Cum-Moron.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    While appreciating the GENTLEMANLY CONDUCT of the prince we should NOT be too cosy with PRINCE CHARMING!!

    People do crazy things to celebrate their birthdays these days!

    Anglican Prince Charming was celebrating his birthday in Buddhist SL.

    When the Hindu Tamil leader’s birthday is celebrated in hell, the good SL Buddhist leader’s birthday is celebrated in Bethlahem.

    A special mass was held at the CHURCH OF NATIVITY in Bethlahem where Jesus was born to bless SL and the birthday boy MR a few days ago to celebrate his birthday. It was organised by the SL Embassy in Tel Aviv, SLs in Israel, Palestinian Authority, Israel Defence Forces and the Israeli government.

    (Asiantribune, Israel news, SL guardian)

    Just after Gota met the pope.

    I think the anti-SL resolution and its retaliation anti-Israel resolution at UNHRC is a tit for tat game. First USA brings a resolution against SL and Islamic countries support SL. Then Pakistan brings a resolution against Israel and all countries (except USA) support it. SL and Israel are just table tennis balls.

    IF SL and Israel patch up closer, this STUPID tit for tat table tennis game will end.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    NOV 24 – China declares no fire zone over disputed islands
    NOV 25 – Japan, USA criticise it
    NOV 26 – USA DELIBERATELY violates it sending 2 B-52 strategic bombers
    NOV 27 – China sends its only aircraft carrier to South China Sea escoted by 4 destroyers

    Hopefully it will end up without a clash. But if violence is needed to defend territory, so be it. China should NOT go to a clash with USA WITHOUT Russia.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka is wooed and booed by various quarters ! Why ? Sri Lanka only defended itself against terrorism of 30 + yrs. Is that wrong ?

    Look how PM Cameron intends to treat future migrant workers to the UK. He knows how to protect Britain. Sri Lanka should follow through with enough tougher laws to protect Lanka and deport all illegal migrants. Sri Lanka has been seen as the place to off load caste/poverty ridden Tamil folk of Tamil Nadu ever since the Colonists British & Dutch imported indentured labor from Tamil Nadu in vast numbers.

    Whilst sympathizing with the plight of caste/poverty in TN, Sri Lanka is not the place to off load their troubles and create ‘Eelams’. Eelams or no Eelams Lanka cannot afford illegal migrants from anywhere.


    27 November 2013 – BBC

    Migration plan could make UK look nasty – EU commissioner

    Mr Cameron is proposing powers to deport homeless migrants and cut rights to unemployment and housing benefits.

    But Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor urged the government not to encourage “hysteria”, telling the BBC that people in the UK were not being told the “full truth” about the benefits of immigration.

    In an article in the Financial Times, the prime minister said the last Labour government had made a “monumental mistake” in not restricting access to the UK labour market when Poland and nine other countries joined the EU in 2004, resulting in much larger numbers coming than expected.

    He announced measures including:

    New migrants not getting out-of-work benefits for the first three months
    Payments being stopped after six months unless the claimant has a “genuine” chance of a job
    New migrants not being able to claim housing benefit immediately
    Deportation of those caught begging or sleeping rough, with no return within a year
    Quadrupling fines for employers not paying the minimum wage
    Mr Cameron also questioned the principle of free movement of people across the EU, saying this right could not be “unqualified”.

    He suggested a future Conservative government, as part of its pledge to renegotiate EU membership, could seek more discretion over migration policy.

    Working with other like-minded EU governments he said they would look at allowing member states to halt arrivals if numbers moving exceeded a certain level.

    He also suggested that freedom of movement should only be fully allowed if the average income of a country’s people was not too far below the EU average.

    ‘New settlement’
    Transitional controls limiting Bulgarian and Romanian workers’ access to the UK labour market – in place since the two countries joined the EU in 2007 – will expire at the end of the year.

    There have been warnings of an “influx” of low-skilled workers and calls from across the political spectrum to review migrants’ access to the health service and welfare system.

    “We are changing the rules so that no-one can come to this country and expect to get out-of-work benefits immediately,” Mr Cameron wrote.

    He said it was time to recognise the principle of free movement, a fundamental tenet of the European Union, had “become a trigger for vast population movements”.

    “It is time for a new settlement which recognises that free movement is a central principle of the EU, but it cannot be a completely unqualified one,” he added.

    Graphic: Eastern European workers in the UK
    Mr Cameron said the UK would work with other EU countries to “return the concept of free movement to a more sensible basis”.

    However, Mr Andor described Mr Cameron’s proposals as “an unfortunate over-reaction”, adding that EU rules applied equally to all 28 member states and had been agreed to by the UK.

    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “dismantling” the rules could lead to a “slippery slope”.

    Mr Andor also said: “The point is that the British public has not been told all the truth.”

    He added that there were existing EU safeguards to prevent “benefit tourism”, saying: “We would need a more accurate presentation of the reality, not under pressure, not under hysteria, as sometimes happens in the UK… I would insist on presenting the truth, not false assumptions.”

    Immigration from Poland and other countries had benefited the UK economy, he said, arguing that the prime minister’s suggestions risked “presenting the UK as a kind of nasty country in the European Union”.

    The Lib Dems said the “sensible” changes would “restore confidence” in the immigration system and “ensure that the right to work does not automatically mean the right to claim”.

    ‘Too generous’
    “Other countries in the EU already have similar policies and are considering the case for going further,” said deputy prime minister Nick Clegg. “Unfettered access to benefits across the member states does not exist.”

    But shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the prime minister was “playing catch-up” and copying a Labour idea.

    “After Labour proposed this change in March, the government said it was all fine and nothing needed to change. Yet now, rather than following a coherent plan, they are flailing around.”

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said the UK was “still being far too generous”, adding: “Under his proposal, somebody can come here on 1 January from Romania and within 12 weeks be entitled to unemployment benefit.”

    He added the plan would do nothing to stop an unrestricted flow of a “very large number of unskilled people” coming into Britain at a time when the country was struggling with youth unemployment.

    The UK has been involved in a long-running legal battle with the European Commission about EU nationals’ eligibility for benefits and UKIP has said this cannot be stopped unless the UK leaves the EU.

    MigrationWatch UK has said it expects 50,000 people to come from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK in each of the next five years but the Bulgarian ambassador has said he believes the figure will be much lower – predicting levels of about 8,000″.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Geetings from Colombo ( The Gonibilla City) !

    China + Russia vs USA + Europe+ Aus NZ+Canada is a complicated balltle. How do we fit in here ?
    Aus has an economic reliance of China.
    Aus now has a new strategic relationship with Lanka , thanks to the boats.
    Lanka is in a position to build strategic partnership with China without antagonising USA, to hell with Canada and Europe.
    Very intersting situation.

    Meanwhile, backboneless regime allowed a LTTE(TNA) tiger to insult Sinhale buy declaring Pukaharan as a hero in the parliament. Only solution is to white van this bastard. Let the next one speak thus and white van him too. This is not my preference as a devout Buddhist but before this cancer grows, operation and chemotherapy is a must.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Alfred Duraiappa-2 killing yesterday!

    Delft PS chairman from pro-govt EPDP killed yesterday by LTTE/TNA in a repetition of 1975 killing of Alfred Duraiappa.

    He strongly OPPOSED Mahabooru Day celebrations in Delft island. So he was killed.

    This is the beginning of the new LTTE/TNA.

    ULESS these terrorists are KILLED in large numbers NOW, this cancer will again grow into a big one.


    Exactly my thoughts in the last para!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    So ltte ‘sympathy killings’ and Caste (10%-20% North still under Caste according to S A Kumar/Andy), goes on in the North. What have UK & UNHRC to say about this ?

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE money collection has RESTARTED in Colombo. All Tamil businessmen are contributing to this. Many giving MILLIONS. NO compulsion. Willing donations.

    The STATED reason is to FILE A CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS”. But it will not cost so much. REAL REASON is to buy weapons. AFTER the news of the killing of the “TRAITOR” (pro-SL EPDP PS chairman) money collection has INCREASED dramatically.

    DELFT islet is the FURTHEREST islet from SL and CLOSEST islet to Tamil Madu. Because of that it is a MAJOR Tamil Madu-SL weapons smuggling hub. This is why TNA/LTTE killed its pro-govt. PS chairman. Now weapons will FREELY flow to Jaffna, etc. Navy camp was WITHDRAWN in 2012 after “demilitarization” BS.

    I think the CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS” is a case to get FULL 13 amendment rights.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Tamils already have “democratic rights”. By democracy, they mean,

    1. Democracy to kill whoever oppses Elam.
    2. Democracy to fill all university places by Tamils by cheating
    3. Democracy to kill all other races in Elam
    4. Democracy to fill all other areas with pests
    5. Democracy to carry suicide bombs and T56s.
    6. Democracy to use Tamil as the only language of Sri Lanka
    7. Democracy to steal democracy of everyone.

    Time has come for a major “Pest Control” before humans get killed by Tamil decease.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Time to carry out an operation to safeguard “human democratic rights” has come.
    Gotabhaya will otherwise become “Goo-bhaya”.
    Ranil Wichremasinghe has infiltrated the mind of MR.
    Hope these two heores will remain heroes, not ended up being betrayers.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    As we had PREDICTED, CM Vigneswaran goes full blast on the Eelam Project.

    Now, he claims Jurisdiction over GOSL High Security Zones, and the TNA celebrates “Heroes Day” in style!

    The GOSL begins to REAP what it SOWED when it allowed the Northern Provincial Council to fall into the hands of AVOWED Separatists!

    These ACTIVE PROVOCATIONS will INCREASE in number of events and in intensity, until the Norther Province is in Full Insurrection against the GOSL!

    It is not by accident that the students of Jaffna University describe it as “resurgence”, IT IS IN FACT the first steps towards resumption of the violent struggle of the late unlamented SunGod to create a Tamils-only Racist Apartheid Eelam!

    NOW the GOSL has the necessary PROOF that both Wigneswaran and the TNA dominated Nprthern PC is Anti-National and is DEDICATED to the destruction of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY Nation.


    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

    2. DISSOLVE ALL Provincial Councils and replace with Districts administered by Government Agents. DISMISS Wigneswaran as CM for DUE CAUSE!

    3. INCREASE the Military’s presence in the NORTH & EAST; PERMANENTLY settle them and their families there.

    4. CREATE Navy & Coast Guard bases all along the COASTLINE within eyesight of each other to protect the nation’s marine resources, and to prevent human/terrorist ans weapons smuggling, and influx of illegal drugs and goods that will fund terrorism.

    5. REDUCE Indian involvement in ALL areas of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs: Military, Economic, Diplomatic, Political, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of the North & East. DO it FAST; DO it NOW!

    DO NOT allow the Evil Plotters of the Eelamist Diaspora, the TNA, Tamil Nadu and India, and jaundiced Westerners plying their own vote bank politics and Anti-China global agendas succeed!

    What MORE does the GOSL need to see …. Blood flowing in the Streets, AGAIN?? STOP playing the harp while flames are fanned into a raging fire in Sri Lanka!

    ACT FAST, ACT NOW …. do not let them GROW in strength and RESURRECT the SunGod’s EELAM!


    North CM on War Path With Sri Lankan Government

    By P K Balachandran – COLOMBO

    After a month of cooperation with the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran, has switched to confrontation.

    On Thursday, Wigneswaran tried to inspect the Hindu temples and houses allegedly damaged by the Sri Lankan army in the Weligamam North High Security Zone (HSZ) knowing full well that no one could enter the HSZ without prior permission. When Lankan troops told him that he ought to get prior permission from the Ministry of Defence in Colombo, Wigneswaran argued that, as CM, he had the right to visit any part of his province and that he was accompanied in this case by the priests of the damaged temples. But the troops would not budge.

    On Wednesday, Wigneswaran and his Tamil National Alliance (TNA) observed the LTTE’s Great Heroes’ Day (Maaveerar Naal) defying the army’s warning that anyone observing the day dedicated to the dead of the terrorist LTTE, would be arrested. While Wigneswaran and his colleagues planted samplings symbolizing “renewal”, the students of Jaffna University lit torches symbolizing “resurgence”. The common people lit lamps in their houses.

    On Monday and Tuesday, leaflets saying: “We will commemorate those who laid down their lives for freedom. We will remember them till the last breath,” were distributed at the main bus stand in Jaffna. For the first time after the 2006-2009 war, a Tamil MP praised Prabhakaran in Parliament. TNA MP S Sritharan had hailed him as a “hero”, drawing the ire of the Treasury Benches.

    Earlier, Chief Minister Wigneswaran refused to co-chair two District Development Council meetings, as the Chair was a pro-government rival, Central minister Douglas Devananda.

    Wigneswaran had also declared that he would not implement the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” which every Lankan government department is expected to implement.

    In Colombo on Thursday, TNA’s chief R Sampanthan reiterated his party’s resolve not to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on constitutional reforms. Sampanthan said the Tamils were not ready for another rigmarole but expected the government to talk to the TNA to thrash out a political settlement of the ethnic question.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Minister” Sanath Jayasuriya is a CONGENITAL IDIOT if he believes that India is STILL a FRIEND of Sri Lanka!

    Now, India “won’t rest until 13A is Fully Implemented” …. to its satisfaction!!

    GOSL, KICK India out of Sri Lankan affairs NOW!

    Start ADVOCATING self-determination for Kashmiris …. NOW. Let us see how Inda likes its own bitter medicine poured into its own mouth!!

    India won’t rest till implementation of 13th amendment: PC
    November 30, 2013

    India today asserted that it would not rest till the Sri Lanka implemented the 13th amendment and insisted on an “elaborate, independent and genuine probe” acceptable to the international community into the ‘genocide’ by that government during 2009 civil war.

    “There are attempts being made there for not implementing the 13th amendment in the Sri Lankan Constitution. Efforts are being made to dilute many provisions by the Rajapaksa government. TNA (Tamil National Alliance) is opposing it… the 13th amendment cannot be diluted. India has been and will continue to insist for its implementation,” Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said.

    Addressing a party meeting to explain the government’s stand on the Lankan Tamils issue here, he said LTTE chief V Prabakaran and thousand others would have survived if the LTTE and Lankan government had heeded India’s words.

    “None can deny that there was genocide. We will continue to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan government for an elaborate probe. I call upon the people of India, including Tamils here to support the government’s efforts to protect the 13th amendment, while Lankan government is trying to not implement it,” he said.

    Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to stay away from the Commonwealth summit in Colombo earlier this month, he said it was a “shock treatment” to Lankan President Rajapaksa.

    He accused the Lankan government of not following up on the functions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee and not punishing the guilty in the genocide, despite having constituted it.

    India has been consistently insisting for implementation of 13th amendment. “It is only because of India, countries are aware of the developments in Sri Lanka and that’s how Canada decided to boycott the Commonwealth summit,” he said.

    Referring to an invite extended by C V Wigneswaran, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said, “The invite is still open. There are chances that our Prime Minister will go to Jaffna and hold talks with him. If he visits Jaffna, it would amount to a visit to Lanka. There are chances that Lankan President Rajapaksa would change his mind.”

    Contending that is not an “easy task” to fight for minority rights in another sovereign country, which is also a neighbour, he asked “Are we saying it is right to fight for a separate land for Mizos or in Kashmir or in Manipur.

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