Who is responsible for continued accusation of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes ?
Posted on November 26th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 Sri Lanka is being accused for violation of human rights and its Armed Forces for war crimes

 But why and who is responsible for  this wild accusation by the West ?

 There had not been any violation of human rights  for which Sri Lanka could correctly  be singled out as the only country in the world committing violations against the rights of its people.

 If we examine the number of innocent people who have been killed and continued to be killed by other  wealthy Nations in the world, not in their own countries but in other developing countries outside their own, using their NATO or American Armed Forces chasing after terrorists, what human right violations Sri Lanka  is accused of having committed cannot be regarded as such.

 These accusations against Sri Lanka are being made without taking into consideration that Sri Lanka suffered from terrorism  for  nearly thirty years  and carried out military operations against the terrorists without going outside its own territorial boundaries, as the West is doing.  Sri Lanka cannot therefore be accused for violation of human rights as it carried out its military operations strictly within the country avoiding  damage as far as possible  to its own  civilian population.

 A war against terrorism is different from a declared war against a country. In Sri Lanka it was just  a group of  Tamil youth within the country who had taken up arms against the Government. They were  taken  by the Indian Secret Service and trained as terrorists and released into the country to accomplish their aim of dividing the country to form a separate State for the Tamil Community.  Those Tamil terrorists who eventually  turned out to be a considerable force had to be eliminated  as they were causing considerable suffering to the people of the whole country for nearly three decades.

 The civilians no doubt may have got killed in the course of  military operations  to eliminate that destructive  terrorism despite the care taken by the Government Air Forces for precise bombing, and others may have got killed being caught in the cross fire between the terrorists and armed forces.

 But vast destruction to the country and lot of murders of civilians in large scale massacres in unimaginable ways and means employing claymore bombs, in buses , trains, market places, and using kidnapped Tamil women trained as suicide bombers exploding themselves to eliminate selected human targets,  had been carried out by the terrorists through out the 30 years of their ruthless, atrocious existence. 

 In that situation of utter horror the country faced for thirty years the civilian deaths in the course of the elimination of terrorists by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka cannot by any imagination be called violation of human rights, and least of all war crimes.

 It is only the foreign media that makes an issue  of  human rights violation in Sri Lanka, supported by the  Governments of the Western Countries either bought over by the terrorist sympathising Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora, or through the jealousy  of the developed west towards  a developing country dare spring into being their equal, showing immense capability in economic development (while they are nose deep in a financial crisis), and  engaging in  a remarkable ability to build new diplomatic ties with  countries the Developed West would like to keep in a state of dependent underdevelopment.

 The Independent  website on 14 November,2013, titled its Editorial , ”  Sri Lanka’s appalling human rights record raises questions about  legitimacy of the Commonwealth.”

 UK Channel 4 has said “The people who so effectively executed the annihilation of the Tamil Tigers and many tens of thousands around them still run the country on a war footing.”

An NGO working for CNN writes, “As many as 70,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka’s war and in its final stage, which lasted from September 2008 to May 2009, the Sri Lankan army advanced into an area of the north where about 330,000 people were trapped by fighting. A U.N. report in 2011 said the government used “large-scale and widespread shelling” that left a large number of civilians dead.”

David Blair of the  Telegraph reported, “The world’s media took the opportunity to bring to the fore the plight of Sri Lanka’s disappeared – with 5,676 “outstanding cases” according to the United Nations – and the unresolved question of the atrocities carried out during the final battle of the civil war in 2009.”  He adds, ” The Sri Lanka “heads of government meeting” was a shambles, boycotted by the leaders of two of the most important members – Canada and India – and overshadowed by the controversy over its location……..”

Huffington Post UK wrote: “The Rajapaksa government’s human rights record has sparked international outcry as it is accused of committing war crimes in the civil war with Tamil separatists in 2009. The prime ministers of India, Canada and Mauritius all boycotted the CHOGM, while David Cameron was branded an “imperialist” for calling for war crimes allegations to be investigated.”

 Do not these malicious accusations against Sri Lanka for  violation of human rights and war crimes  by its Armed Forces  show the presence of  a  hidden agenda of  the Western countries, or is it a ploy to cover  up their own record of atrocious human rights violations and war crimes, in Vietnam, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria  ?  

 If it is suggested that Sri Lanka should be taken before a Tribunal for  violation of human rights and war crimes, is it not correct that the first to be taken before such a  tribunal should be USA, UK, Canada, Netherland, Germany, France and the rest ?  

 They-America and the West cannot accuse Sri Lanka, unless  America and its allies of the West –UK, France, Germany, Canada, Netherland , Italy,  submit themselves  to an international  investigation of their  violation of human rights and  war crimes.  If there were to be such an investigation Sri Lanka should be a party to it.

 These accusations against Sri Lanka as a violator of the human rights of its own people  will go  on non stop as long as the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora continues to pay the Western media such as the UK Channel 4, and buy over the Western politicians.

 UK Channel 4 is specialising in  making documents out of collected images of horror perpetrated by the terrorist themselves  depicting them as committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to incite the  people in the Western Countries against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces, to awaken  them to act against Sri Lanka supporting the call  for an independent international investigation.

 The western television viewers love to see scenes of suffering and pathos, they are so moved by them the media offers more and more of it for their consumption often doctored  and falsified by  UK Channel 4 to the exclusion of  images of development  of roads,  bridges and buildings of utility,  beautification of streets, parks, cultural manifestations, and healthy happy children in clean and neat dresses.   

 The Western television viewers love to see the naked thin limbed African children  suffering from malnutrition with their mothers sitting and chasing away flies, or  scenes of disasters with country sides  devastated  by typhoons, tsunamis , or earth quakes, and  the  African soldiers and child soldiers in their dirty military fatigues, holding kalashnikov in their hands 

 For the  Western Television viewers the developing countries are the nests of suffering. Those images of suffering  displayed  before them by their  media- the press and television arouse their humanitarian sentiments.  The governments in these developing countries are depicted through these televised  images  as the cause of these unbelievable suffering of the people.  

 Sri Lanka another developing country emerging out of  its underdevelopment does not seem to interest as such to the Western media which produces their reports to suit  the Western viewers who  prefer images  of suffering  of these countries. Hence the popularity of  UK Channel 4. It does not matter where images have been taken or how the scenes had been created in studios, as long as the images incriminate the governments as  the perpetrator  of suffering in developing countries.

 It is with this back ground in mind  that  I sat down to watch the BBC  News  in the Television  the day the CHOGM was declared open by the Crown Prince Charles of Great Britain.  The BBC news started with a long report on the devastation caused by the typhoon Haiyan in Philippines,  then they came to Sri Lanka and showed the image of British Prime Minister David Cameron being received by the host the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka. 

 The presenter said  in Sri Lanka  the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is being held under a cloud of accusation of human rights violation by  Sri Lanka, then they passed on to show images of the Presidential election campaign in Chile, and then a report on the child soldiers in the Armed forces of Ghana.   There was nothing more about Sri Lanka and the CHOGM.  The media just presented what interested the Western viewers.

 But why is the visual media like the UK Channel 4, interested in preparing documentaries using  images doctored in studies to make them realist criminal offences committed by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, when there are other countries who commit war crimes in countries out side their own countries, killing civilians in reckless bombardments as it happened, in Libya. 

 There are meaningless killings of Afghan civilians by American soldiers, torture of prisoners, in Iraq,  death of civilians in drone attacks in the boarder villages of Pakistan, and torturing of  prisoners in Guantanamo Bay detention camps .  Despite all that UK Channel 4 is specialising  in  Sri Lanka creating  instances of human rights violation by doctoring images collected at random.  

 Why ?

 The obvious reason is that UK Channel 4 has been retained by the anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora for their vicious campaign against Sri Lanka.   Hence UK Channel 4 produce anti Sri Lanka films implicating its Armed Forces as war criminals at every occasion  the West brings accusations of violation of human rights against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva, or during visits of Sri Lanka dignitaries to UK, or even lately at CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

 Who provides false  information and encourages the foreign media and the Anti Sri Lanka humanitarian agencies to  interfere into internal affairs of Sri Lanka and maintain an ongoing anti Sri Lanka publicity campaign  of violation of human rights by the government and war crimes of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces ?

 It is the  Sri Lanka Tamil Community  led by the TNA which is the mole-the traitor which  is discrediting the country,  and  destroying the unity and development of Sri Lanka, and feeds the Western Countries and media with false information to justify their claim to set up a separate Tamil State.

 If TNA and the Tamil diaspora  were to stop their traitorous campaign against Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka would have gone a long way, much faster  in its development, providing its people the benefits from the hard won peace.  But it is not to be.  Unfortunately the Tamils in the South are also silently contributing to  this conspiracy against the unity  and progressive development of Sri Lanka.

 We tend to believe that the Tamils in the South living in peace and harmony with the Sinhala, will not be a party to an attempt at division of the country and separation of Communities.  But the opposite is the truth.

 If it is not so, how can we expect a man like Vigneshawaran, who lived, studied, worked as a judge,  married his sons to Sinhala women,  after becoming the Chief Minister of the PC of the North,  takes side with the TNA against  the Government and the Sinhala Community.  He has become a shameless traitor to Sri Lanka going as far as comparing a terrorist psychopath to a National leader who died fighting  against the British colonisation of his country.

 If Sri Lanka is to  develop and divest itself of foreign interference Sri Lanka should  politically eliminate the TNA and its sympathisers,  as  it eliminated physically the terrorists.

 There had been no Tamils from the south who had so far stood up to defend  Sri Lanka and speak out against the TNA and their separatist Agenda.  The reason why the foreign media, the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries, the numerous human rights agencies interfere into Sri Lanka accusing it of  violation of human rights and war crimes by its armed forces, is the result of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community’s silent  complicity with the TNA and their separatist political agenda.

 The number of real Sri Lankan patriots amoung the Sri Lankan Tamil Community would not exceed ten.  Amoung them is our great cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, who was able to silence both David Cameron and the UK Channel 4 journalists through his frank declaration.

 Mutiah Mulitharan  declared to them, speaking as one whose family  had been victims of  race riots, that he has forgotten the past,  and advised them to do  like wise without digging into  Sri Lanka’s past, but help Sri Lanka in its development and reconciliation process.

 If there were to be more Tamils like him  Sri Lanka will be able to rid itself of the Western interference into its peaceful existence and continue with its progress and development towards the goal of building a prosperous  Sri Lanka for  every one to live happily together.

22 Responses to “Who is responsible for continued accusation of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes ?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Get rid of this mind set about the West. What I see is; It is India. India trained armed, financed branded their terrorist arm the Tamil Tigers.
    India has not stopped crucifying the island nation. It is the worst country killing people of the occupied Kashmir.

  2. Charles Says:


    It is not the mind set of the writer on the West that requires scrutiny…… It is still the West that holds the baton . India too is drawn into its orchestra. They work together hand in hand. India’s Congress Leadeer is a woman from the West.

    India was Sri Lanka’s friend during the reign of King Asoka.

    India of recent times from Indra Gandhi onwards has developed an expansionist mind set to include Sri Lanka as a part of it. In order to make that a reality they created terrorism in Sri Lanka to break away the north and east. TamilNadu helped in the process of training of the terrorists and killing Rajiv Gandhi to enable a break away territory from Sri Lanka a part of a Greater Tamil Nadu to enhance its present 72. 1 million population.

    You mentioned Kashmir- better read Ravi Nair’s article in Kashmir Times on line edition- Sri Lanka through the looking Glass, you will see their mind set better.

    It is the mind set of the Government that has to change vis a vis the unhealthy India.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  5. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Charles Perera……..ONE FINE ARTICLE. Just a reminder INDIA has to re-imburse US$200.00 Billion for devastation done to & in Sri Lanka.

    No sooner Indira Ghandi finished with Bangladesh ( East Pakistan), she turned her attention to Sri Lanka. FROM Day one after we gained indepenednce, INDIA is somehow manupilated & bribed our politicians to agree with THEIR AGENDA. India’s agenda is to keep her neigbours sepcially Pakistan & Sri Lanka involved in conflict, while THEY DEVELOP INDIA, at the expense of Sri Lanka & other neighbours.

    Re: CHOGM & outburst of Mr. David Cameron, I say to him, the list is below for him to carry out BEFORE ASKING Sri Lanka to abide by what HE SAYS & complete that in 4 months. Are these MONKEYS still climbing trees, when Sri Lankans & other Asians were civilized & exorting products to Asian countries?.

    THE LIST……..1… PUBLISH SIR CLICOTT report which criticized PM Blair for supporting Mr. BUSH’s unjust war.
    2. .PAY COMPENSATION to Sri Lanka, for the attrocities done UNDER BRITISH RULE in 1818. & beyond
    3. Conduct inquiries & devastation caused by Western Countries INCLUDING UK, in the wars of LIBYA, TUNISIA, EGYPT, & NOW in AFGANISTAN.

    4. Arrest ALL wrong doers in the UK, under guise of LTTE & supporting organizations.

    5. Arrest ADELE BALASINGHAM who ilives in LUXURY in the UK, while so many child soldiers DIED under her watchful eyes.

    These FIVE will keep him BUSY for a while, when we in Asia & other suppressed people DEMAND more from Countries who bring FALSE ACCUSATIONS against the ONLY COUNTRY TRULY DEFEATED the Terrorits, iit is a shame that WESTERN MEDIA fail to report them.

    INDIA is wholy responsible for the devastation for ARMING LTTE & interfering in working of a INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN COUNTRY.

    Thank you all……Make sure to high light any ones I have missed so that UK & Mr. Cameron can be very busy attending to these & others which will crop up in the near future……..GOD BLESS SRI LANKA,,,,,,J

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Unfortunately the Tamils in the South are also silently contributing to this conspiracy against the unity and progressive development of Sri Lanka.

    If Sri Lanka is to develop and divest itself of foreign interference Sri Lanka should politically eliminate the TNA and its sympathisers, as it eliminated physically the terrorists.”

    ALL TNA racists LIVE and breed hatred in the south! Look at their addresses published by SW.

    OMMISSION and SILENCE is a BIGGER CRIME than commission. Tamils in Colombo is doing this crime every day.

    Murali has been THREATENED by TNA NOT to hold cricket training camps in the north. ONE TAMIL cannot swim against the tide and survive in the community. Now Murali will have to give in to LTTE in SOME WAY to survive. This is how it works unless he has military or paramilitary protection which he has refused.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Re: the mindset

    We are like the 5 blind men describing an elephant.

    1. Tamils in SL are AGAINST SL in one piece. It is they who vote for TNA at every election and Gonason to keep ELAMIST fires burning.

    2. LTTE RUMP (made up of blood relatives of Tamils in SL) is hell bent on Tamil Elam.

    3. Endia trained and armed LTTE and protects TNA to divide SL today. Endia CAN shut TN clowns easily. But it deliberately refuses to do it because it is good for Endia. It is like a man holding a barking dog. Let the dog bark and terrorize whoever Endia wants terrorized.

    4. WEST want SL divided for GEOPOLITICAL REASONS.

    5. GOSL is so damn foolish and corrupt it cannot see the ENEMY FROM FRIEND.

    ALL 5 above are TRUE. Add them together and you see the WHOLE elephant.

    TNA and TE activists in SL must be ELIMINATED one way or the other. They cannot be eliminated through elections because Tamils vote for them.

    e.g. Just imagine the havoc we would have IF TNA GIANTS like AMIRTHALINGAM, RAVIRAJ, PARAYAJASINGHAM, SRINIVASAN, MAHESWARAN, etc., etc. survived assassination? UNTHINKABLE. They were much worse than Sambandan. IT WORKED whoever did it!

    Just imagine the number of young minds they would have poisoned had they survived?

    We have peace today thanks to the DEATHS of TE separatists. The bitter truth refusing to go away.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Who is to be blamed for most of the negative things that happened in Sri Lanka in our near history ? We think it is mostly Colonisation & Cold Wars and Tamil Caste wars (the three C’s). In Lanka we still have some Labor problems (JVP) exacerbated by the other problems.

    Colonisation is over (unless neo-Colonists creep in, and the Cold War is over (1946-1991), and hopefully Tamil Caste Wars of Lanka are also over. Beware that Caste/poverty wars of Tamil Nadu still goes on, and the Tamil Nadu illegal migrants will keep trying to enter Lanka. The Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 (Tamil Eelam through violence) is still in place and yet not revoked. The 13-A is still in place too. Lanka has a further distance to go to achieve real and lasting peace.

    A new threat is looming for all of mankind in general : Climate Change and Global Warming. This ought to bring all countries together if we are to survive.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    When the Hindu Tamil leader’s birthday is celebrated in hell, the good SL Buddhist leader’s birthday is celebrated in Bethlahem.


    A special mass was held at the CHURCH OF NATIVITY in Bethlahem where Jesus was born to bless SL and the birthday boy MR a few days ago to celebrate his birthday. It was organised by the SL Embassy in Tel Aviv, SLs in Israel, Palestinian Authority, Israel Defence Forces and the Israeli government.

    (Asiantribune, Israel news, SL guardian)

    Just after Gota met the pope.

    I think the anti-SL resolution and its retaliation anti-Israel resolution at UNHRC is a tit for tat game. First USA brings a resolution against SL and Islamic countries support SL. Then Pakistan brings a resolution against Israel and all countries (except USA) support it. SL and Israel are just table tennis balls.

    IF SL and Israel patch up closer, this STUPID tit for tat table tennis game will end.

  10. Christie Says:

    1. There was no India before the British made it.
    2. British were the absentee landlords while Indian colonized the island nation. Most of the colonists happen to be Tamils due to the proximity to the island.

    Those who carry the Indian baggage should go for a walk in Pettach and look for Sinhalese or listen for Sinhala.

    Rise up against India. West is a dead horse.

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Who is responsible for continued accusation of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes ? THE TAMILS! The Tamils are behind every nation that has accused Sri Lanka of human rights violations. Nations that do not have a large Tamil population like China, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia do not accuse Sri Lanka of any human rights violations.

    It is easy to point to the accusers but who is prompting them to take that stand? THE TAMILS. This is the case with India where Jayalalitha and karunanidhi including the AIDMK keep prodding New Delhi to not attend CHOGM, to push for human rights violations not once but twice. This goes for the Canadian Prime Minister who also boycotted CHOGM because of the Tamil pressure put on his government.

    When Rajapakse was in London he was met by thousand of Tamils waving placards with LITE on it and Scotland Yard did NOTHING. If those placards had Al-Qaeda on it those placards would have been removed and the protesters arrested. What is worse is that the Tamil National Alliance is working within Sri Lanka to bring these people into Sri Lanka to make propaganda documentaries for the Tamil Diaspora and all the nations beholden to them. Even worse is the silence of the Sri Lankan Tamils who find no objection in the tirade of Jayalalithaa and actually in their silence give consent. As long as Sri Lanka has a Tamil population Sri Lanka has an Eelam problem

    A book titled Crucible of Decline by Rocky S. Bagaladi covers the rise of Sri Lanka on the world stage and pokes fun at the Tamil Tigers. It goes into detail the strategic importance of Sri Lanka, her Trincomalee harbor, her victory over the Tamil Tigers and her strategic alliance with China. Go to Amazon.com and read the back of the book which outlines the fall of the US but within her pages Sri Lanka plays a prominent role. It is worth reading.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    NOV 24 – China declares no fire zone over disputed islands
    NOV 25 – Japan, USA criticise it
    NOV 26 – USA DELIBERATELY violates it sending 2 B-52 strategic bombers
    NOV 27 – China sends its only aircraft carrier to South China Sea escoted by 4 destroyers

    Hopefully it will end up without a clash. But if violence is needed to defend territory, so be it. China should NOT go to a clash with USA WITHOUT Russia.

  13. Christie Says:

    Very interesting to see those who call themeseleves Sinhala cannot see what India is up to.

  14. Charles Says:

    Christie do you read the comments and the article ?

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Alfred Duraiappa-2 killing yesterday!

    Delft PS chairman from pro-govt EPDP killed yesterday by LTTE/TNA in a repetition of 1975 killing of Alfred Duraiappa.

    He strongly OPPOSED Mahabooru Day celebrations in Delft island. So he was killed.

    This is the beginning of the new LTTE/TNA.

    UNLESS these terrorists are KILLED in large numbers NOW, this cancer will again grow into a big one.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    REST ASSURED, ” EPDP ” will start killing TNA LTTE Terrorists just ‘ one by one’. MARK MY WORDS.

  17. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  18. Charles Says:

    If as Lorenzo suspects the death of Daniel Rexiyan is a political assassination it would be a bad omen for TNA/LTTE as one cannot rule out the retaliatory effect of such a dreadful act

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    EPDP has been DISARMED and as a pro-govt. entity they have TOTALLY GIVEN UP violence. Now they are law abiding. So there will be NO retaliation unfortunately.

    TNA/LTTE will keep killing those who oppose them TAMILS FIRST one by one. Just what they did in 1975 – 1991.

    First Tamil political assassinaion – 1975 – Jaffna PS chairman (another Tamil Christian)
    First Sinhala political assassination – 1991 – Ranjan Wijeratna
    First Indian political assassination – 1991 – Rajiv Ghand

    New round
    First Tamil political assassinaion – 2013 – Delft PS chairman (another Tamil Christian)

    The clock is ticking. Given Delft’s strategic importance to Tamils to bring weapons this is a HUGE victory for LTTE.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    I hope so but EPDP has been DISARMED and as a pro-govt. entity they have TOTALLY GIVEN UP violence. Now they are law abiding. So there will be NO retaliation unfortunately. Which will make LTTE BOLD and SAFE to kill as they please.

    IF EPDP is to do something do it to that bearded rascal.

    In 1975 GOSL must have retaliated with the PRIZED target – Amirthalingam. Then the 1977 TULF disaster could have been avoided and the 1976 Vadakundi Disaster could also have been avoided too. Just see how the TULF mad racism collapsed with Amirthalingam’s fall from grace in 1983 (when LTTE disagreed with them).

    Now people will be scared to join EPDP because they are targetted. TNA power will spread to northern islets which is BLOODY DANGEROUS as they link TN with the north.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    As we had PREDICTED, CM Vigneswaran goes full blast on the Eelam Project.

    Now, he claims Jurisdiction over GOSL High Security Zones, and the TNA celebrates “Heroes Day” in style!

    The GOSL begins to REAP what it SOWED when it allowed the Northern Provincial Council to fall into the hands of AVOWED Separatists!

    These ACTIVE PROVOCATIONS will INCREASE in number of events and in intensity, until the Norther Province is in Full Insurrection against the GOSL!

    It is not by accident that the students of Jaffna University describe it as “resurgence”, IT IS IN FACT the first steps towards resumption of the violent struggle of the late unlamented SunGod to create a Tamils-only Racist Apartheid Eelam!

    NOW the GOSL has the necessary PROOF that both Wigneswaran and the TNA dominated Nprthern PC is Anti-National and is DEDICATED to the destruction of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY Nation.


    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

    2. DISSOLVE ALL Provincial Councils and replace with Districts administered by Government Agents. DISMISS Wigneswaran as CM for DUE CAUSE!

    3. INCREASE the Military’s presence in the NORTH & EAST; PERMANENTLY settle them and their families there.

    4. CREATE Navy & Coast Guard bases all along the COASTLINE within eyesight of each other to protect the nation’s marine resources, and to prevent human/terrorist ans weapons smuggling, and influx of illegal drugs and goods that will fund terrorism.

    5. REDUCE Indian involvement in ALL areas of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs: Military, Economic, Diplomatic, Political, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of the North & East. DO it FAST; DO it NOW!

    DO NOT allow the Evil Plotters of the Eelamist Diaspora, the TNA, Tamil Nadu and India, and jaundiced Westerners plying their own vote bank politics and Anti-China global agendas succeed!

    What MORE does the GOSL need to see …. Blood flowing in the Streets, AGAIN?? STOP playing the harp while flames are fanned into a raging fire in Sri Lanka!

    ACT FAST, ACT NOW …. do not let them GROW in strength and RESURRECT the SunGod’s EELAM!


    North CM on War Path With Sri Lankan Government

    By P K Balachandran – COLOMBO

    After a month of cooperation with the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran, has switched to confrontation.

    On Thursday, Wigneswaran tried to inspect the Hindu temples and houses allegedly damaged by the Sri Lankan army in the Weligamam North High Security Zone (HSZ) knowing full well that no one could enter the HSZ without prior permission. When Lankan troops told him that he ought to get prior permission from the Ministry of Defence in Colombo, Wigneswaran argued that, as CM, he had the right to visit any part of his province and that he was accompanied in this case by the priests of the damaged temples. But the troops would not budge.

    On Wednesday, Wigneswaran and his Tamil National Alliance (TNA) observed the LTTE’s Great Heroes’ Day (Maaveerar Naal) defying the army’s warning that anyone observing the day dedicated to the dead of the terrorist LTTE, would be arrested. While Wigneswaran and his colleagues planted samplings symbolizing “renewal”, the students of Jaffna University lit torches symbolizing “resurgence”. The common people lit lamps in their houses.

    On Monday and Tuesday, leaflets saying: “We will commemorate those who laid down their lives for freedom. We will remember them till the last breath,” were distributed at the main bus stand in Jaffna. For the first time after the 2006-2009 war, a Tamil MP praised Prabhakaran in Parliament. TNA MP S Sritharan had hailed him as a “hero”, drawing the ire of the Treasury Benches.

    Earlier, Chief Minister Wigneswaran refused to co-chair two District Development Council meetings, as the Chair was a pro-government rival, Central minister Douglas Devananda.

    Wigneswaran had also declared that he would not implement the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” which every Lankan government department is expected to implement.

    In Colombo on Thursday, TNA’s chief R Sampanthan reiterated his party’s resolve not to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on constitutional reforms. Sampanthan said the Tamils were not ready for another rigmarole but expected the government to talk to the TNA to thrash out a political settlement of the ethnic question.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Minister” Sanath Jayasuriya is a CONGENITAL IDIOT if he believes that India is STILL a FRIEND of Sri Lanka!

    Now, India “won’t rest until 13A is Fully Implemented” …. to its satisfaction!!

    GOSL, KICK India out of Sri Lankan affairs NOW!

    Start ADVOCATING self-determination for Kashmiris …. NOW. Let us see how Inda likes its own bitter medicine poured into its own mouth!!

    India won’t rest till implementation of 13th amendment: PC

    November 30, 2013

    India today asserted that it would not rest till the Sri Lanka implemented the 13th amendment and insisted on an “elaborate, independent and genuine probe” acceptable to the international community into the ‘genocide’ by that government during 2009 civil war.

    “There are attempts being made there for not implementing the 13th amendment in the Sri Lankan Constitution. Efforts are being made to dilute many provisions by the Rajapaksa government. TNA (Tamil National Alliance) is opposing it… the 13th amendment cannot be diluted. India has been and will continue to insist for its implementation,” Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said.

    Addressing a party meeting to explain the government’s stand on the Lankan Tamils issue here, he said LTTE chief V Prabakaran and thousand others would have survived if the LTTE and Lankan government had heeded India’s words.

    “None can deny that there was genocide. We will continue to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan government for an elaborate probe. I call upon the people of India, including Tamils here to support the government’s efforts to protect the 13th amendment, while Lankan government is trying to not implement it,” he said.

    Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to stay away from the Commonwealth summit in Colombo earlier this month, he said it was a “shock treatment” to Lankan President Rajapaksa.

    He accused the Lankan government of not following up on the functions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee and not punishing the guilty in the genocide, despite having constituted it.

    India has been consistently insisting for implementation of 13th amendment. “It is only because of India, countries are aware of the developments in Sri Lanka and that’s how Canada decided to boycott the Commonwealth summit,” he said.

    Referring to an invite extended by C V Wigneswaran, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said, “The invite is still open. There are chances that our Prime Minister will go to Jaffna and hold talks with him. If he visits Jaffna, it would amount to a visit to Lanka. There are chances that Lankan President Rajapaksa would change his mind.”

    Contending that is not an “easy task” to fight for minority rights in another sovereign country, which is also a neighbour, he asked “Are we saying it is right to fight for a separate land for Mizos or in Kashmir or in Manipur.

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