TNA MP Siritharan glorifies Tiger leader Prabhakaran
Posted on November 27th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

TNA MP Siritharan in a speech made in Parliament on the 26th Nov had lionised the Tiger leader Prabhakaran. He had said that, “Prabhakaran was a national hero” and had called upon Tamils to commemorate his death. Govt MP’s have condemned him for making a ‘Mahaveera’ speech glorifying the terrorist leader. For Siritharan, the man who killed Tamils and Tamil leaders is a hero. Prabhakaran killed leaders of the TULF, EPDP and TELO . Further, he also killed national Tamil leaders such as Lakshaman Kadiragamar and Thiruchelvam. People like Siritharan escaped death because the TNA was the spokesman of the LTTE.

During the war, the TNA MP’s were comfortable living in Colombo, while their children were studying overseas. It was the children of the poor Tamils in the North who were recruited as child soldiers and sent as cannon fodder. And now the TNA appears as the saviours of the Tamils.

With regard to the speech made by Siritharan, Wanni District UDFA MP Farook had requested the Chairman of the committee to expunge the statement from the Hansard. The chairman had ordered that the speech be removed from the Hansard. The law should be enforced fullly to punish those who promote terrorism and separatism in the country. There should be no exception to MP’s who try to romanticise the LTTE terrorists. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution has provision against those who try to destabilize the country.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamil Mahaveer anthem translated into English. (Courtesy Tamil Elam Mahaveer Nai organizing committee)

    They went to the battle field
    Too scared to die
    With white flag on one hand
    They did it for you and I

    The gory of Thamil Eelam
    Was their single, unwavering goal
    Defending their fake Motherland
    Was in their very soul

    Possessed of both barbarity and stupidity
    Absolute slavery of body and mind
    Trained by a perennial True Loser
    A surrendering class of Freedom Fighters, they are a rare find

    They shed their clothes
    To please the IPKF desire
    So that Tamils may live and give our sweat
    For Thamil Eelam’s future years!

    Never flinching if the tide turned
    Never faltering, that’s why never spurned
    Men and Women of valour they were
    Always surrender with their backs turned

    They had sworn an oath and lived by that oath
    They were not mercenaries, hired to kill
    Try as they did the enemy could whack them
    Acclaimed as losers they were known, for their shakable ill

    They had dreams and selfish whims
    They fell, so that we could rise all at once
    From slavery to slavery
    From depravation to total genocide

    If you are a Thamilan
    Worthy of your cursed race
    You would know that they have been
    Our only real saving grace

    They are the sustaining spirit
    Behind every losing battle
    They give us strength and it’s our strength
    That will carry us through the surrender wanking

    18,743 and counting of our stinkiest losers and cowards
    Of unmatched booty licking skills
    Our Best tribute to them is not only to display their genitals
    But keep carry their white flag surrender message

    By their booty licking and surrender, for justice for their people
    They have made the ultimate sacrifice ever
    They did not die, but put Tamil Elam to death
    And have found a place in the people’s farts, as the Greatest Surendees ever

    When Freedom is lost and Thamil Eelam is proclaimed
    When we sit down to think and assess
    In the final analysis, it would be said
    That the Maveerar were the losers, the white flag surrendering cowards with a hot iron rod up their asses!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THE IMBECILE PARLIAMENTARIANS ARE DEAD SCARED OF SAMBANDAN, SRIDARAN, THE LINGAMS AND THE BEARDED RASCAL, WHO SAID, “Sinhalese Buddhist Racist Scoundrels “. These buggers, now control President and his followers. They do not have the spine to put into effect, the Laws of the Country.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE money collection has RESTARTED in Colombo. All Tamil businessmen are contributing to this. Many giving MILLIONS. NO compulsion. Willing donations.

    The STATED reason is to FILE A CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS”. But it will not cost so much. REAL REASON is to buy weapons. AFTER the news of the killing of the “TRAITOR” (pro-SL EPDP PS chairman) money collection has INCREASED dramatically.

    DELFT islet is the FURTHEREST islet from SL and CLOSEST islet to Tamil Madu. Because of that it is a MAJOR Tamil Madu-SL weapons smuggling hub. This is why TNA/LTTE killed its pro-govt. PS chairman. Now weapons will FREELY flow to Jaffna, etc. Navy camp was WITHDRAWN in 2012 after “demilitarization” BS.

    I think the CASE TO SAFEGUARD “TAMIL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS” is a case to get FULL 13 amendment rights.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    last 30 years dead scared of VP because he had AK! but why now our Maththara Maththaya dead scared of these Three!
    some think wrong some were !!!!

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    In plain language, this man Sridaran is guilty of supporting the crimes committed by the monster Prabakaran and his LTTE goons and therefore answerable to all such crimes.
    By the same token, Sridaran is not only saying OK to LTTE crimes, but by extension of his judgement to the 1983 riots, he is also saying Ok to the crimes committed by marauding goons in the South against Tamils and in the North & East against the Sinhalese.
    But why is the Sri Lankan Government not taking firm action against Sridaran?
    Even the Tamilnadu Govt recently took prompt action and demolished a structure built on public property as a shrine for this terrorist leader.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo for displaying your poetic skills.
    I am waiting for a proper rection from Maha Booruwos before they get wiped out by next round of Tamil courtesy.

  7. Nanda Says:

    I am looking for Sunil Ayya. Where are you ?
    Has your old buddy bribed you ?

  8. Christie Says:

    Parabakaran was a puppet of India. He did what India wanted including the blowing up of Rajiv Gandhi. The people who identify him as the leader of the Indian terrorist arm should stop this and identify and call him what he was. He was a puppet of India.

  9. aloy Says:

    It is well known that there are over 80,000 war widows in N&E. May be their husbands too will be considered as missing persons (minus those buried in ltte cemetaries.

  10. thurai Says:

    TNA MP Sritharan doesn´t know different between Democracy and Terrorism. He supports Terrorism
    and ignore the world decisions against Pirabakaren,LTTE and Tamil Terrorism. Voters of Sritharan
    has no rights to speak about humanrights Violation or war crimes.

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Sri Lankan civil war was started by a Tamil Terrorist group known as the Tamil Tigers or LITE. Instead of blaming their elected representatives for not addressing their grievances they chose to settle it by a war, a terrorist led war, led by Prabhakaran, This war lasted for close to 30 years and India’s hand in it along with her secret Service Agency RAW were already training Tamils in preparation for violence and through violence shift from solving grievances to the demand for a separate nation. Many governments tried to work with them and almost succeeded in a quasi autonomy with New Delhi working with the then Prime Minister Jayawardene on an amendment 13 where a Federal system will be formed in Sri Lanka and the areas claimed for Eelam to have a great deal of autonomy. The terrorist leader Prabhakaran not only turned it down but gathered a massive human shield of Tamils that numbered well into the hundreds of thousands in a preparation to meet the Sri Lankan army and confident that India will give him support. India did not and the human shield failed. The war was brought to a bloody end in May 2009. Now the world is shouting human rights and for President Rajapakse to play fair when for 30 years the LITE was relentless, got outside support and were known as the worlds most lethal terrorist organization. NO ONE played fair for 30 years. Now the world wants Colombo to “tow the line’ and why should they? Colombo won the war and Colombo is the Capital of Sri Lanka. the laws set by Colombo have to be observed as in any other nation. Right now the Tamils in Sri Lanka who are represented mainly by the Tamil National Alliance are demanding Colombo give preferential treatment to the Tamil areas and give them land and police powers which no other province shares. When refused they claim it is human rights violations. It is not! it is the law. Now the Tamil Diaspora including the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa are demanding New Delhi tow the Tamil line and use punitive measures on Sri Lanka till the Tamils get what they want and if they do not it is called human rights violations and that Colombo is not being fair. Since the war ended the Tamil diaspora across the world and in India are using every diplomatic method including propaganda to achieve what they could not achieve using force and Colombo is learning with each blow. NO! Tamils and Sinhalese are Sri Lankans who have to follow the same law. Now Great Britain has threatened President Rajapakse to his face that if a probe into human rights violations are not done then he will organize a world of nations (most of them with large Tamil populations) that they have the audacity to enter Sri Lanka without permission and do the probe themselves. The response is academic for it is not meant to give credence to false accusations but to have the necessary documentation be it right or wrong, to stop this present act of intrusion. There will be a time when Sri Lanka has had enough!

    I suggest the book “Crucible of Decline” by Rocky S. Bagaladi which deals with the decline of the US brought upon by a corrupt government. In it the war and Sri Lanka play a prominent role. Go to Amazon.books and read the back of the book for a synopsis. Worth reading.

  12. crobe Says:

    Funny, Sritharan’s great hero refused to bite the cyanide capsule although he preached it to all his underlings.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    The ltte was a product of the Tamil Caste wars riding on the back of the Cold War. The then JVP leader (Rohana Wijeweera) was with the eastern bloc and the trumped up 1983 Riots gave rise to the ltte with the excuse to ride with the western bloc. Thus the Exodus of Tamils to the west, and pet Tamil Tigers to date. The Cold War is finished now (1991). There is no need to divide Lanka. And let us not get involved in Tamil Nadu caste/poverty problems – too big for for small Lanka to handle.

    Tamil leaders should stop misleading Tamil people. Lanka Tamil leaders ought to be loyal to the country of their residence, Sri Lanka. Then Tamil people will be at peace. Sri Lanka and her people is the country that nurtures Lanka Tamils, not outsiders.

    Lanka is rocked west and east, east and west, according to various ideologies and -isms. All -isms ought to be used to benefit all the people of Lanka. Lanka is a Socialist Republic.
    Also, Birth control methods ought to be freely available. New research shows that the Neem (Kohomba) tree parts are very useful for birth control. Sri Lanka ought have a Kohomba tree village for commerce and show case purposes.

    The next round of threats for human beings will be from Mother Nature when Global Warming reaches truly dangerous levels. The tipping point has already been passed according to a large number of scientists from all over the world. The whole world will have to come together for Survival. Ethnic, religious, and money matter differences will have to be forgotten in the mutual need for sheer Survival. M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) will cease and M.A.S. (Mutually Assured Survival) will have to take its place.

  14. Lorenzo Says:



    There is NOT ENOUGH resources for ALL humans on earth. NO socialism either! Which means what?

    Survival of the fittest.

    That is the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE. Even if ALL religions say otherwise this is what happens and we should do so too.

    Sinhalese Buddhists MUST be protected in SL as a matter of priority. There is NOT ENOUGH resources in SL for all. Especially when faced with the perils of nature.

    For defence SL (just like other countries) NEEDS a MAD mechanism. This is what brings and MAINTAINS peace, NOT MAS.

    When resources SHRINK in Endia and mother nature hits them, they will CREEP INTO SL!! We have to have a MAD mechanism to STOP that.

    Endia already has its MAD so they are safe!!

    MAD or MADNESS are the 2 choices.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    We still don’t know who got carried away with the Tsunami sea waters (Dec 2004). The ltte lost a number of important people in the Tsunami (per then Navy Commander Daya Sandagiri).
    Sea Tiger might certainly broke up with that Tsunami.



    I agree very seriously that some more mechanisms must be set up to prevent illegal migrants into Lanka. Illegal migrants are the ‘creeping sickness’ of sleeping Sinhela/Buddhist Lanka.

    Someone had mentioned as a comment to the Lankaweb that the Kayts Island in the North has no Navy garrison. Is that correct ?

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    No. The base is still there but VERY SMALL. I don’t call it a garrison because it is too small. Roads were put THROUGH the navy camps to go to the famous church.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    There is a church in Kachativu too, and a Chinese restaurant which Jayalalitha finds distasteful.
    Jayalalitha’s Tamil Nadu fishing boats are all Catholic crews, isn’t it ?
    Oh, the plot thickens through the small islands. Small islands bring big trouble for little Lanka ?

  18. aloy Says:

    We need that MAD ASAP. Even a puswedilla from N.Korea would do as long as it gives the perceived threat of MAD. Why waste Billions on expressways if we not going to have a country as kallathonies are going to take over it?.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    ALMOST ALL TN fishermen are HINDUS but MOST SL fishermen in the north are Catholics.

    There are Hindu kovils and a Buddhist temple (in Nagadeepa islet) on these islets too that attract thousands.

    It is not the islets that is the problem. The problem is LACK OF SLN presence. IF SLN build camps there, they will be like little paradise isles!!

    The FOOLS have left allowing only Tamils live there!!

    “hitha honda gaeni hemathaama budding”.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    We HAVE MAD.

    It is NOT against Endia or USA or China but against their SLAVES THEY TRY TO PROTECT in SL.

    All Endian (Tamilian) population centres with over 80% of Endian (Tamilian) population in the island are WITHIN the reach of our MBRLs.

    e.g. Entire Jaffna peninsular within MBRL range of Palali. Entire POPULATED areas of Vanni are within MBRL range of army/AF camps along A9 and Mannar and Mulaitivu roads.

    e.g. Entire Colombo Endian colonization schemes in Wellawattei, Kottanchennai, etc. are within MBRL range from Panagoda camp.

    This is ENOUGH to stop any INVADER as Gamini D said in parliament on 05/09/1983. At that time it was LABOR INTENSIVE than MBRL intensive. But now its better.

    In case of invasion SOME will go MAD WITHOUT instructions from the chain of command. NO ONE will ever know who went mad!! Even if they know, it is well worth the result. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

    This is why Endia is NOT invading us.

    IF Endia invades us at least 80% of Tamilians in the island will be in hell.

    Imagine the CRAZE in Toilet Madu?

    This is why Endia is NOT invading us. NOT because of LOVE, MERCY or UN.

    In 1987 our MAD capacity was BLOCKED because MOST of our army was TRAPPED in Vadamarachchi UNABLE to move OUT or IN. Our MAD was labor intensive then. NOT now.

    We need LOTS and LOTS of army camps within 25 km of ALL Tamilian population centres and we need LOTS and LOTS of MBRLs in them AT ALL TIMES. This is our Mutually Assisted Destruction DEFENCE again invasion. We may be small but MIGHTY and VICIOUS. This is our protection.

    But stopping kallathonis is a LOWER level defence issue. NO COUNTRY uses MAD against illegal migrants. US syetem against illegal migrants is good for SL. Unlike in USA it will work in SL.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Who is stopping greater Navy presence in islands in North ?

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    US & UK methods re illegal migrants : USA has 7 Million Mexican illegal migrants earmarked for deportation. UK is acting likewise against their illegal migrants. Larger and more powerful countries than Sri Lanka can deport their illegal migrants easily.

    Who is stopping Sri Lanka deporting illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu ? We know many thousands came in during ltte rule of N&E.

    No point using MAD against poor illegal migrants. Just deport them.

    It would be good to know the answers to these questions. Then we can put the matter to rest.

  23. aloy Says:

    Our real enemy is not the poor and uneducated tamils in TN. It is the entity called New Delhi (a collection of Bantustans put together by the British). They think they are very clever and want to control the whole world through their parasites. TN is no match for our army; they only jump up and down because of the help assured from New Delh. It is naive to think that we can defend ourselves with against such an enemy with MBRLs.

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    Our real enemy is not the poor and uneducated tamils in TN. It is the entity called New Delhi plus their blood related Bhranis – Fully agreed!
    They think they are very clever and want to control – Whether We like it or not Since 1948 We are under control by them.

    When We Hela Nation together no one can touch but that is not possible until now .

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    We can NEVER beat or MAD Endia DIRECTLY.

    That is NEVER going to happen.

    But what we can do is WIPE OUT the Endians in SL that CREATES an insurmountable problem for Endia. This is the only way small nations survive. And we are NOT going to kill any TN Tamils. Our weapons don’t reach them!

    It is NOT about ACTUALLY killing ANYONE. It is all about the CAPACITY to wipe out 80% Tamil Nadu language speakers in SL IF Endia invades us. When MAD is in place there will never be war or killings. MAD is all about maintaining peace, NOT war.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    MAD is NOT about targeting your enemies. MAD is about targeting HUMANS mainly.

    e.g. Are the Russian people the enemies of USA? NO!
    e.g. Are the Chinese people and Beijing the enemies of India/USA? NO!
    e.g. Are the American men, women and children the enemies Russia? NO!
    e.g. Are the Iranians enemies of Israel? NO!

    But the nukes are aimed at them!!

    That is because their respective govt.s want to PROTECT them and HENCE would NOT do anything rash.

    “I destroy what is dear to you if you try to destroy what is dear to me”. This is the MAD concept. It follows the GAME THEORY.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Jaffna police (mostly Tamils) have concluded the death of Delft EPDP PS chairman was SUICIDE!!

    This is fantastic. So they will NOT make ANY attempt to arrest the killers!!

    What a country.

    Mind you this is WITHOUT police powers to the NPC. Just imagine what will happen if police powers were given.

    TNA/LTTE will kill ALL their opponents and say it is suicide.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    MAD is about targeting HUMANS mainly.

    Are the 80% Tamil Nadu language speakers in SL people the enemies of SL people ? your answer is YES!
    You Thamil Modaya !

    Jaffna police (mostly Tamils) have concluded the death ? only Doctor can concluded not police – it is basic knowledge you Skkiliya Moddaya !

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ex-Empires & Colonists never quite give up !
    A broke Europe is not a good sign.

    Poor Tamil Dalits who come to Lanka as illegal migrants are used by interested outside parties. Therefore, though they are not the enemy, the fact that they are used (proven) by such outside folk is the danger. Illegal migration must be stopped – that is very important. It is these people who carry complaints to the west about Lanka (Socialist Republic). Prabhakaran was from the illegal migrant line.

    Are Tamil TNA leaders generally from the illegal migrant lines ? Is that why they want Separatism – no loyalty to Lanka, more loyal to foreign countries & Tamil Nadu. There are a few Sinhala folk who are the same, even though the Cold War is over.

    Sri Lanka is just too small to accommodate illegal migrants from anywhere, especially Tamil Nadu which has breakaway aspirations.

    I agree that poor Tamil Dalits are not the enemy of Lanka, if they stay in Tamil Nadu.

  30. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    Poor TN Tamil – are not the enemy of Lanka- not only they are used (proven) by such outside folk We also guilty !
    Since 1948 Estate Tamils who born in Mother Lanka still working as sevante ( Slave) girls & Boys in our all three community’s home some of are sexly abusing them – is not tis Our KARMA ?

    Please visit 6 camps in TN our Lanka refugees are living in one of the waste camps in this world !

    who come to Lanka as illegal migrants – it is reversed now !

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar/Andy,

    You say : “Since 1948 Estate Tamils who born in Mother Lanka still working as sevante ( Slave) girls & Boys in our all three community’s home some of are sexly abusing them – is not tis Our KARMA ?”

    THAT is the problem we have address inside Sri Lanka – the domestic helpers issue. They are NOT ‘Slaves’ as you say –
    people are free to come or go from any job. No one keeping anyone in chains inside homes.

    Personally, I am not for domestic workers. It is high time that machines are used to do the work. Washers & Dryers, cleaning and cooking machines, ready made foods, are all signs of Development and Progress.

    Karma is Action & Reaction. Why do Tamil illegal migrants pour into Lanka, if allowed ? Why do they have large families ?

    As for those poor Tamils in TN camps : they ought to be given Indian citizenship and stay on in TN. It may be true that poor Indian tamils join these camps for some help from TN local govt. I say this because the numbers in these camps increase with great rapidity – unnatural increase in numbers published, just like the number of Tamil civilians who died in the final war with the ltte.

    It is true that Sri Lanka has a Labor problem. So do other countries. We have to find ways and means to overcome such problems – it is not impossible.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let me clarify : I am against the employment of LIVE IN domestic workers. There ought to be laws against such employment. Domestic workers can be day time workers only, and they can come, do the work and leave. Machines can be used to help with domestic work. That is how the developed world manages, at least mostly manages.

    This is a subject to be addressed at govt. Ministerial level. There ought to be more public discussion and debate on this issue.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : None of the Sinhela households I know have Tamil live in domestic help. They have Sinhela domestic helpers. Some have domestic helpers who come and go on a once a week basis.
    May be you ought to tell Tamil leaders to take a census to see just how many Tamil domestic helpers are there in Sri Lanka.
    I thought that there is a help line for women workers now to complain of mistreatment ? Pls check.

  34. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! In Dambulla, there is a long line of very Large KOHOMBA TREES, (MARGOSA) bordering a fence of a farm. If I remember right, the trunks are about 2 1/2 feet in diameter. Sedawatte mills make Kohomba Soap, and BCC makes Margosa Soap.

    I think USA is mulling to give all illegal Mexicans the Green Card. They will not be deported, I believe.

    ‘ Domestic Help’ is incorrect terminology. They are SERVANTS. I knew of a family in Moratuwa, who did not give a pair of slippers to their ”servant girl” IT IS DOWNRIGHT SLAVERY. All Politicians have Servants, so slavery will continue in Sri Lanka. There are no servants in USA. The Director and the Toilet cleaner all sit at the same table for meals. That is how it should be in Sri Lanka too. A different type of class system prevails, unseen, un-noticed. My guilt on that cannot be erased. I saw the difference only after I came here to USA. It is sad indeed.

  35. Lorenzo Says:

    SL’s enemies are MOST Tamils in SL (TNA, Gonason voters) and LTTE Rump.

    Tamil Madu Tamils are also enemies as history shows.

    NOT knowing one’s enemies and friends is a BIG PROBLEM.

  36. SA Kumar Says:

    IT IS DOWNRIGHT SLAVERY. All Politicians have Servants, so slavery will continue in Sri Lanka.!
    Fran Diaz
    after 30 years I visited mother lanka , lot of changes but Estate Tamil ( Thodda kaddan ) slavery not change at all!

    they ought to be given Indian citizenship and stay on in TN.! Why ???

  37. Fran Diaz Says:


    I disagree with the term ‘slavery’ in Lanka. No one forces anyone or ties anyone physically with ropes or chains to keep them as slaves as done in USA and UK. Nor does anyone whip them, hang them, or not feed them as done with Black slaves of USA & UK. They are sold like cattle and kept chained all the time.

    Therefore, slavery is not an appropriate word here. Domestic helper is the correct term. Not giving a pair of slippers to a domestic worker is an act of unkindness, not slavery. There ought to be a set of Laws to govern employers of domestic workers. Anyway, this practice ought to be discontinued in Lanka.


    Re Neem :

    I am reproducing below an extract from the Neem Foundation. Neem (Kohmba) tree parts & oil ought to be used in Lanka & INDIA for the purpose of birth control.

    “Birth Control
    Neem has been shown to be a powerful, relatively inexpensive birth control agent for both men and women. In the first century B.C., Charaka, the Indian physician, gave a detailed method for using neem for contraception. Cotton soaked in neem oil was kept in the vagina for fifteen minutes before intercourse. This killed the sperm.
    In both India and the United States, trials show neem extract reduces fertility in male monkeys without in hiting libido or sperm production. Also, in other Indian studies, neem leaf tablets taken for one month produced reversible male infertility but did not affect sperm production or libido. This shows promise as the first male birth control pill.

    In another study, members of the Indian Army were tested with neem’s birth control effects. Twenty married men took daily oral doses of several drops of neem seed oil in gelatin capsules. To become 100 percent effective, the effect took six weeks, but it remained effective during the entire year of the trial, and was only reversed six weeks after a man no longer took the capsules. The men experienced no adverse side effects and retained their normal capabilities and desires. No women became pregnant during this period. This product is now offered in stores under the name “Sensal”.

    Neem’s contraceptive uses for women are even more varied. Even the leaves are said to be effective. Many women in Madagascar chew a handful of neem leaves every day, which according to their statements prevents pregnancies. In the case of unwanted pregnancies, neem is said to be capable of inducing a miscarriage.

    Neem oil based vaginal creams and suppositories are extremely popular in India. Nonirritating and easy to use, they are almost 100 percent effective. When tested against human sperm, neem extract (sodium nimbidinate) at 1,000mg was able to kill all sperm in five minutes and required only 30 minutes at a lower, 250 mg level. It is suggested that these creams and suppositories also prevent vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Oddly, neem oil has also been taken internally by ascetics who wish to diminish their sexual desire”.


    Re Tamil ‘slavery’ :

    Frankly, I have not witnessed any ‘slavery’ of Tamils or anyone else in Sri Lanka. Live in domestic help is an old practice and has to be discarded. The word ‘servant’ was accepted in the old times of colonists, and even a government worker was called a ‘govt. servant’. There was no discredit attached to the word then. However, it is now up to us to change matters.
    All domestic workers should be protected by the Law of the land. No use just shouting about it. Change has to come. The Public of Lanka must Demand it.

    Kumar/Andy :
    You say there is ‘slavery’ in the Estate Tamil sector. Why do you say that ? Who is tying these workers to the tea bushes ?
    they are free to leave the tea sector if they want to. I know Tamils from the Upcountry tea sector who have become Tamil doctors having have studied at Lanka tax payer costs.

    I have long stated that tea plucking machines ought to be used in Lanka as done in India, China and S. Africa. Demand change and change will happen. That is how it works in a Democracy.

    Andy, Tamils in camps ought to stay on in TN with Indian citizenship – because they will feel they are in their own homeland then. TN should take care of them. No complaints about being enslaved etc. in Lanka.

    P.S.: Recalled later – I knew of one Sinhela home with a Tamil gardner who prefers to work as a gardner in Colombo rather than work in the tea sector. Also another Sinhela/Tamil mixed home with two Tamil domestic workers. They were well treated.

  38. Fran Diaz Says:

    Of course, Black slavery is no longer there in USA & UK.

  39. Ananda-USA Says:

    As we had PREDICTED, CM Vigneswaran goes full blast on the Eelam Project.

    Now, he claims Jurisdiction over GOSL High Security Zones, and the TNA celebrates “Heroes Day” in style!

    The GOSL begins to REAP what it SOWED when it allowed the Northern Provincial Council to fall into the hands of AVOWED Separatists!

    These ACTIVE PROVOCATIONS will INCREASE in number of events and in intensity, until the Norther Province is in Full Insurrection against the GOSL!

    It is not by accident that the students of Jaffna University describe it as “resurgence”, IT IS IN FACT the first steps towards resumption of the violent struggle of the late unlamented SunGod to create a Tamils-only Racist Apartheid Eelam!

    NOW the GOSL has the necessary PROOF that both Wigneswaran and the TNA dominated Nprthern PC is Anti-National and is DEDICATED to the destruction of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY Nation.


    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

    2. DISSOLVE ALL Provincial Councils and replace with Districts administered by Government Agents. DISMISS Wigneswaran as CM for DUE CAUSE!

    3. INCREASE the Military’s presence in the NORTH & EAST; PERMANENTLY settle them and their families there.

    4. CREATE Navy & Coast Guard bases all along the COASTLINE within eyesight of each other to protect the nation’s marine resources, and to prevent human/terrorist ans weapons smuggling, and influx of illegal drugs and goods that will fund terrorism.

    5. REDUCE Indian involvement in ALL areas of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs: Military, Economic, Diplomatic, Political, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of the North & East. DO it FAST; DO it NOW!

    DO NOT allow the Evil Plotters of the Eelamist Diaspora, the TNA, Tamil Nadu and India, and jaundiced Westerners plying their own vote bank politics and Anti-China global agendas succeed!

    What MORE does the GOSL need to see …. Blood flowing in the Streets, AGAIN?? STOP playing the harp while flames are fanned into a raging fire in Sri Lanka!

    ACT FAST, ACT NOW …. do not let them GROW in strength and RESURRECT the SunGod’s EELAM!


    North CM on War Path With Sri Lankan Government

    By P K Balachandran – COLOMBO

    After a month of cooperation with the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran, has switched to confrontation.

    On Thursday, Wigneswaran tried to inspect the Hindu temples and houses allegedly damaged by the Sri Lankan army in the Weligamam North High Security Zone (HSZ) knowing full well that no one could enter the HSZ without prior permission. When Lankan troops told him that he ought to get prior permission from the Ministry of Defence in Colombo, Wigneswaran argued that, as CM, he had the right to visit any part of his province and that he was accompanied in this case by the priests of the damaged temples. But the troops would not budge.

    On Wednesday, Wigneswaran and his Tamil National Alliance (TNA) observed the LTTE’s Great Heroes’ Day (Maaveerar Naal) defying the army’s warning that anyone observing the day dedicated to the dead of the terrorist LTTE, would be arrested. While Wigneswaran and his colleagues planted samplings symbolizing “renewal”, the students of Jaffna University lit torches symbolizing “resurgence”. The common people lit lamps in their houses.

    On Monday and Tuesday, leaflets saying: “We will commemorate those who laid down their lives for freedom. We will remember them till the last breath,” were distributed at the main bus stand in Jaffna. For the first time after the 2006-2009 war, a Tamil MP praised Prabhakaran in Parliament. TNA MP S Sritharan had hailed him as a “hero”, drawing the ire of the Treasury Benches.

    Earlier, Chief Minister Wigneswaran refused to co-chair two District Development Council meetings, as the Chair was a pro-government rival, Central minister Douglas Devananda.

    Wigneswaran had also declared that he would not implement the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” which every Lankan government department is expected to implement.

    In Colombo on Thursday, TNA’s chief R Sampanthan reiterated his party’s resolve not to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on constitutional reforms. Sampanthan said the Tamils were not ready for another rigmarole but expected the government to talk to the TNA to thrash out a political settlement of the ethnic question.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Minister” Sanath Jayasuriya is a CONGENITAL IDIOT if he believes that India is STILL a FRIEND of Sri Lanka!

    Now, India “won’t rest until 13A is Fully Implemented” …. to its satisfaction!!

    GOSL, KICK India out of Sri Lankan affairs NOW!

    Start ADVOCATING self-determination for Kashmiris …. NOW. Let us see how Inda likes its own bitter medicine poured into its own mouth!!

    India won’t rest till implementation of 13th amendment: PC
    November 30, 2013

    India today asserted that it would not rest till the Sri Lanka implemented the 13th amendment and insisted on an “elaborate, independent and genuine probe” acceptable to the international community into the ‘genocide’ by that government during 2009 civil war.

    “There are attempts being made there for not implementing the 13th amendment in the Sri Lankan Constitution. Efforts are being made to dilute many provisions by the Rajapaksa government. TNA (Tamil National Alliance) is opposing it… the 13th amendment cannot be diluted. India has been and will continue to insist for its implementation,” Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said.

    Addressing a party meeting to explain the government’s stand on the Lankan Tamils issue here, he said LTTE chief V Prabakaran and thousand others would have survived if the LTTE and Lankan government had heeded India’s words.

    “None can deny that there was genocide. We will continue to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan government for an elaborate probe. I call upon the people of India, including Tamils here to support the government’s efforts to protect the 13th amendment, while Lankan government is trying to not implement it,” he said.

    Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to stay away from the Commonwealth summit in Colombo earlier this month, he said it was a “shock treatment” to Lankan President Rajapaksa.

    He accused the Lankan government of not following up on the functions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee and not punishing the guilty in the genocide, despite having constituted it.

    India has been consistently insisting for implementation of 13th amendment. “It is only because of India, countries are aware of the developments in Sri Lanka and that’s how Canada decided to boycott the Commonwealth summit,” he said.

    Referring to an invite extended by C V Wigneswaran, the Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said, “The invite is still open. There are chances that our Prime Minister will go to Jaffna and hold talks with him. If he visits Jaffna, it would amount to a visit to Lanka. There are chances that Lankan President Rajapaksa would change his mind.”

    Contending that is not an “easy task” to fight for minority rights in another sovereign country, which is also a neighbour, he asked “Are we saying it is right to fight for a separate land for Mizos or in Kashmir or in Manipur.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sanath Jayasuriya is a FOOL if he thinks India is a friend of Sri Lanka …. He thinks this s cricket. He should stop trying to score points with India on these matters.

    India always a good friend of Sri Lanka, no rift over CHOGM – Minister

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 30, Colombo: India is always a good friend of Sri Lanka and there is no rift in the relationship between the two neighbors over Indian Prime Minister’s non-participation in the recently held Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo, a minister of the Sri Lankan government said.

    Sanath Jayasuriya, former legendary cricketer and current Deputy Minister of Sri Lanka’s Postal Services, Saturday ruled out any dents in the relationship between the two countries over the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision not to attend the Commonwealth Summit due to the pressure from Tamil political parties in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

    “India has always been a good friend of Lanka. The decision to send whom to an international meet is the individual choice of that particular nation,” he told Indian media.

    Jayasuriya, who arrived in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala state of India to attend a cricket tournament as the chief guest pointed out that the Indian PM also did not participate in the CHOGM 2011 in Perth.

    “If my knowledge is correct, the Indian Prime Minister did not participate in the CHOGM held in Perth also,” he told reporters.

    Responding to media queries, the former cricket captain said there is no need for anyone to ask for an international probe to address the accountability issues during the last phase of Sri Lanka’s conflict since Sri Lanka has its own process.

    “There is no need for any international probe because as a sovereign, independent country, we have our own law and judicial system and the process of law is going on,” Jayasuriya said rejecting the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for an international probe if the Sri Lankan government failed to address the allegations of human right violations by March 2014.

    Praising the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Deputy Minister said it is not easy to address all the problems of a three-decade long war.

    He said the President’s determined efforts have led to the development in the country ravaged by the war for three decades and there is progress in all sectors.

    “Our President has done a wonderful job and is doing everything possible to see that there is overall development in the country. Both the country and the government are going in the right direction. Without a war in the last four years, the country has achieved immense progress in all fronts,” he said.

    He said the peace in the country has made it possible to attract investors from countries like China and Pakistan.

    On relationship with China, Jayasuriya said China is participating in Sri Lanka’s infrastructure development, especially in road building.

  42. Ananda-USA Says:

    Is this the TIP OF AN ICEBERG of something much more sinister? A weapons/special forces smuggling network under the guise of providing maritime security for destabilizing/undermining South Asian Nations?


    US maritime security firm contradicts Indian Navy chief … alleges Sri Lankan waters not safe

    November 29, 2013, 10:11 pm

    Galle Dialogue 2013:

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Much to the surprise of the defence establishment here, a US maritime security firm, AdvanFort, has claimed that it was avoiding Sri Lankan waters due to ‘high crime’ and piracy, among other criminal activities.

    In a statement issued from Washington DC, the security firm quoted its own intelligence analysts as having said that there were increasingly organised crime throughout Sri Lanka, including in anchorages and coastal waters.

    AdvanFort is providing security to ships vulnerable to attacks by pirates operating off Somalia.

    The statement quoted AdvanFort President William H. Watson as having said that due to security concerns in Sri Lanka the firm was providing protection teams free of charge from the western border of the High Risk Area (HRA) to the western end of the Malacca Strait.

    Authoritative naval sources told The Island that there hadn’t been a single case of piracy in Sri Lankans waters since the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. In fact, piracy had never been a threat in Sri Lankan waters even during the conflict, sources said. The Sri Lankan navy had the wherewithal to finish off the Sea Tigers on the high seas and was now considered one of the foremost experts in fighting unconventional forces, sources said.

    Sources alleged that AdvanFort was propagating lies to undermine post-war Sri Lanka. AdvanFort claim that it had chosen a new point for disembarkation of its privately-contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) in the Western Malacca Strait because it didn’t want to slow or stop its clients’ vessels in Sri Lankan waters and was nothing but a malicious lie.

    Navy headquarters said that its fleet of Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and Fast Attack Craft (FACs) spearheaded by Israeli-built vessels remained ready to face any eventuality. “Sri Lankan waters are safe and free of foreign threats. We have earned the appreciation of many countries for getting rid of the Sea Tigers, which operated a fleet of floating arsenals on the high seas, therefore AdvanFort’s claim is baseless.”

    Sources said that the AdvanFort statement was timed for the fourth edition of the two-day Galle Dialogue which began on Nov. 25.

    Sri Lanka too provides well experienced onboard security teams to those wanting to protect their vessels from possible attacks by pirates. Among those accommodated on security teams are retired navy personnel with years of combat experience.

    Meanwhile, AdvanFort has challenged Indian navy chief Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi over The Island news report titled “India tells Galle Dialogue: Regulate ‘private maritime security’ onboard vessels now,” which dealt with India’s perspective on the contentious issue of counter-piracy operations.

    The Island quoted Admiral Joshi as having expressed serious concern over private armed guards, with or without uniform, on-board ships crossing the Indian Ocean. Admiral Joshi cited the recent seizure of a Sierra Leone flagged ship, MV Seaman Guard Ohio, within Indian territorial waters, carrying 25 armed personnel to highlight the need to regulate private maritime security industry.

    Admiral Joshi said: ‘The master was unable to produce authorization to carry 34 automatic arms and ammunition found onboard the vessel and clarify other details. Lack of any provision or regulation to deal with such vessels or armed personnel is hampering any legal action by the state.’”

    US based spokesperson for AdvanFort told The Island that at the time of the Indian seizure of the vessel, there were 35 maritime security contractors and crew aboard the MV Seaman Guard Ohio. They hadn’t been armed while in transit through international waters well outside India’s territorial jurisdiction, the official said, adding: “Their weapons and ammunition were locked and sealed in storage throughout their stay on the ship.”

    The official said: “The weapons and ammunition – all of which were purchased in the UK – were authorized and licensed with the appropriate authorities and governing bodies. All necessary certifications and documentation were provided to Indian law enforcement authorities. It should be especially noted that India has yet to officially charge the men with any crime after more than six weeks of detention.”

    Responding to The Island queries, the spokesperson said the company continued to urgently pursue every possible measure to secure the release of maritime security contractors and crew, through all available political, economic and judicial channels.

    “Our legal counsel in India submitted a bail petition to the High Court of Madurai on Thursday (Nov. 28) and we are cautiously optimistic that a hearing will be held next week. We maintain that the men were acting legally, professionally and in good faith. It should be noted that Indian law enforcement authorities are yet to officially charge them with any crime.”

    AdvanFort President Will Watson personally has taken up the issue with the U.S. Departments of State and Homeland Security, he said.

    “For the first time since they were arrested in October, India permitted AdvanFort’s country representative to visit the men in jail last week. He brought miscellaneous personal hygienic necessities, several varieties of fruits, chocolates, books and magazines, as well as money that will enable them to purchase higher quality of food than the Indians had been providing. This was the maximum that the Indian authorities would allow. The men appeared in good spirits, but we remain concerned that some might need medical attention.”

    AdvanFort said that Sierra Leone too, had protested against the Indian action.

  43. Ananda-USA Says:

    Don’t Arrest & Punish low-level activists …. Arrest & Punish the Chief Minister Wigneswaran and TNA party leaders who did the same!

    IDIOTS! Don’t they know that RESPONSIBILITY begins at the TOP?
    Sri Lanka Detains Three for Paying Tribute to LTTE Rebels

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 29 (PTI) Three persons arrested in northeast Sri Lanka for commemorating the achievements of LTTE rebels were produced in a court today. Police said they were arrested at Murukkandi in Mannar district on November 26. They were presented before a local magistrate.

    “It is illegal to celebrate a banned terrorist organisation,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana said.

    November 26 was celebrated annually by the LTTE as “Heroes’ Day” to commemorate those who died in the fight to carve out a separate Tamil homeland.

    The day was also the birthday of the slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran. He used the occasion to make the annual policy speech of the organisation.

    LTTE was defeated in 2009 after a three-decade civil war and Prabakaran was killed in the final days of the conflict.

    MA Sumanthiran, a legislator of the country’s main Tamil party TNA, said there was nothing wrong in commemorating the dead. “This is done in civilised societies so no one should try to prevent it,” he told parliament.

  44. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamils in camps ought to stay on in TN with Indian citizenship – because they will feel they are in their own homeland then – How do you know their feeling !

  45. Lorenzo Says:


    This govt. will NEVER do ANY of those.

    (Army + Navy + AF) should take over SL. MOST people will love it.

    IF govt. tries to point the war crimes finger at the army it will happen!!

  46. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo says,

    “But people should NOT hate Tamils for it. HATE is NOT the solution. Instead DON’T LET TAMILS HAVE THEIR WAY.”


    Don’t hate ALL Tamils, just the Eelamists.

    And don’t stop there: FRUSTRATE them at EVERY TURN …. MAKE THEM FEEL HOPELESS …. for the NEXT 50 years … for ETERNITY if need be!!

    Right now, the Eelamists are HOPEFUL, thinking that India FORCED Sri Lanka to Empower them in the Northern PC, and MORE can be had with MORE Blackmail.

    With the CHOGM fallout, they have become even MORE HOPEFUL that an Eelam can be achieved. Colombo & Diaspora Tamils are writing BIG CHECKS for the Eelam project now, just as they did at the HEIGHT of Prabhakaran’s power. They lost ALL of that INVESTMENT when the SunGod received his come-uppence along the banks of the Nanthikandal Lagoon.

    That led to IMMENSE FRUSTRATION & HOPELESSNESS. NOW is the time for us to RE-CREATE that mental state.

    Now, AFTER the Colombo & Diaspora Tamils have “Donated” their money as an INVESTMENT in Eelam Project, it s TIME TO FRUSTRATE THEM AGAIN by,

    REPEALING the 13th Amendment,

    DISSOLVING the PC System and replacing it with Appointed Government Agent run District System,

    INCREASING the stationing of the Military in the North & East PERMANENTLY,

    SETTLING Sinhalese in the North & East under a Policy of Ethnic Integration for permanent peace & security in the land,

    DEPORTING as many as 1.6 Million Kallathonis who flooded into Sri Lanka even as the SunGod exported 1.5 million Sri Lanka Tamils into the Diaspora taxbase, and

    ERADICATING ALL INVOLVEMENT by India in Sri Lanka’s internal matters, its economy, its military, and all Cultural links with Tamil Nadu.

    Let the Eelamists in Colombo and in the Diaspora watch their current MASSIVE NEW INVESTMENT in the Eelam Project ALSO GO UP IN SMOKE to the four winds, just as their funding of the SunGod’s military machiine disappeared into thin air, generating the DEEPEST OF DEPRESSIONS and a sense of UTTER HOPELESSNESS that the Eelam Project will EVER SUCCEED!

    In this way, the ONLY AVENUE, other than EMIGRATION, LEFT OPEN to the Separatist Eelamists to better their lives should be to ACCEPT ordinary Sri Lankan citizenship, slowly transforming themselves into that mindset, perhaps in 50 years, bereft of ALL HOPE of a separate Racist Tamils-only existence in Sri Lanka.

    The Patriots of Motherlanka must GIRD their LOINS and PREPARE to wage this battle AS LONG AS IT TAKES … GENERATIONS IF NEED BE …. to FRUSTRATE and RENDER HOPELESS the Machiavellian Machinations of the Perfidious Eelamist!

  47. Ananda-USA Says:

    Who is this Pestiferous Catholic Christian Priest hiding in a Tiger Striped Cassock?

    Swamy urges Jayalalithaa to nab LTTE operative

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 30 (Hindu) BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take immediate action on the Home Ministry’s communication to her seeking the State government’s assistance on the whereabouts of an LTTE operative, a Catholic Christian priest.

    BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to take immediate action on the Home Ministry’s communication to her seeking the State government’s assistance on the whereabouts of an LTTE operative, a Catholic Christian priest. FBI charge In a statement, Dr. Swamy said the priest had been named as accused by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a complaint filed before a court in the United States for terrorist related activities. He as a LTTE operative in the U.S. had tried to bribe U.S. under-cover State Department officials to obtain material assistance for the LTTE two years ago. “Warrant issued” Dr. Swamy said: “Subsequently, warrant for his arrest had been issued and the FBI is now on a lookout for him. He has since escaped to India. Recently he surfaced on a NDTV & CNN IBN panel discussions on Sri Lanka. And hence it is clear that he is hiding somewhere in Tamil Nadu. Therefore the Ministry of Home Affairs alerted to this LTTE terrorist on the run and has sought the help of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in nabbing him so that he can be dispatched to the U.S. for facing criminal prosecution.”

  48. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar/Andy,

    You say : “Tamils in camps ought to stay on in TN with Indian citizenship – because they will feel they are in their own homeland then – How do you know their feeling !”. I am responding to you as you are questioning a part of what I wrote earlier.

    We can safely assume that ordinary Tamil folk such as those in the Tamil Nadu camps (an all Dalit origin low caste group, we are sure), do not want to be used as pawns in some games of others. They are tired of having their children taken away for war purposes of others by some Tamil warlord or some religious body or those who believe in the ‘Divide & Rule’ principle. They do not want caste based discrimination. They just yearn for peace and some prosperity, be left alone to educate their kids and pursue a livelihood. They do not want to be cannon fodder for useless/senseless causes of other people. In other words, they want others to treat them with respect as a fellow human being with similar feelings, same as we want to be treated.

    However, if they come to Lanka, they only cause trouble for the people who are already here. This is because these newcomers are vulnerable and turn to all sorts of groups with vested interests for help. Therefore, considering everything, they are better off in Tamil Nadu as Indian citizens. The language and culture will not clash. As fro Caste based problem, they will have to use the Democratic systems to erase that and not take their frustrations out on Lanka which offers all Tamils free education and health care as well as to others. That way, it would be better for them, and better for us. Sorry, it’s just the way things are in the mostly ignorant world today. The ignorance is not knowing the true worth of every human being and the need to slow population growth to keep to available resources anywhere.

    We know these Tamil peoples’ minds because we are all the same, Tamil or Sinhela. No need to be a rocket scientist to know that !

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