Fixing The Economy Or Drowning In Odious Debt
Posted on November 28th, 2013

Janaka Yagirala

Lets face it, we are drowning in debt. Its no secret that our economy is in pretty bad shape, nor does it take a genius to figure it out. It is true that most of the world is suffering a similar fate. The Americans are 16 trillion dollars in debt. The British are close by with 2 trillion dollars. Japanese debt exceeds the value of their economy. These are things our good for nothing opposition will never tell you simply because they only want political power and care about nothing else.

 Economists are just like Christopher Columbus’voyage, they never know where they are heading and once they get somewhere they never know where they are. Fancy ornamental economists of the opposition are no different to their government counterparts who live in a hubris where Rs. 2500 is enough to live!

 There is a reason why patriots and patriotic organizations are quicker to come under fire instead of minority racist political parties. Anyone who loves Sri Lanka hates the TNA and SLMC who only have vested interests for their minority communities and nothing else. They will support any person or government as long as their interests are satisfied regardless of the damage they do to our nation. If someone were to suggest something beneficial for our country like rejecting Indian junk and developing our own industries, it won’t take long for that person to be discredited and ridiculed as being unrealistic. In a nutshell, we need to understand the root causes of why governments are so willing to bring in casinos knowing that they will have extremely undesirable consequences and similarly extremely unwilling to abolish the 13th Amendment or enforce the 6th Amendment against the TNA.

 The Two Economic Strategies: Production Vs. Pleasure

 In the past we had many great kings. They were not elected, they had absolute power (ironically which is said to corrupt) but knew that they needed the people to survive. After all, the lion guards the forest while the forest guards the lion. All of our great kings knew that it is the people that mattered, not anything else, so they kept the people happy.

 There are two strategies to keep people happy. Our kings constructed vast reservoirs and kept a meticulous irrigation system running so that the people prospered. Education was also seen as a priority. In our culture, educating ones children is the utmost priority while in India,children are seen as nothing more than an income and cheap source of labor. There were always difficult times such as foreign invasions when the people were heavily taxed but the loyalty of the people was always with the king and the country. In short, as long as the king did the right thing everything was fine.

 The other strategy to keep people happy is to indulge them and keep them in debt. The Romans constructed vast amphitheaters and staged bloody sports, brothels and other hedonistic activities were encouraged. Even in modern times, especially in mining communities, it was common place to have a bar, brothel and casino so that the mine workers will always spend their money and come back to work for a very low wage.

 Of course, alcohol, prostitution and gambling exist in all societies past and present including in ancient Sri Lanka. The problem occurs when they are encouraged for the gain of a few. It is true that alcohol and cigarettes bring in taxes, but the societal cost (debt and disease) exceeds the tax benefits.

 Thus, there are two economic strategies, one is the producing economy while the other is the spending and debt economy. The producing economy is difficult to implement but has long lasting benefits. The hedonistic spending and debt based economy is easy to implement because seeking comfort is human nature. Alcohol and narcotics provide quick and easy but temporary pleasure. Humans are highly sexual animals who engage in recreational sex unlike most other animals who engage in sexual activity mainly during the breeding season. Humans also love taking risks and gambling provides a risky opportunity to get rich quick. However, giving in to pleasure without thinking much can lead to undesirable consequences such as disease, addiction and squandering of wealth. That is why these activities are seen as vices. In addition materialism makes us spend on things we hardly need often using money we do not have!

 There is also a more sinister side to the debt based economy, it also enables people and entire nations to be exploited and manipulated. International money lenders always have “conditions” such as selling off assets and privatization, which in turn weaken the nation and benefit a few.

 When you do not produce anything you will eventually run out of money. That is what happened to Rome on multiple occasions. Rome was forced to expand and invade neighboring countries and steal wealth to survive. As a consequence, the entire African coast of the Mediterranean was over exploited to fuel the Roman Empire and to this date this region remains barren. Ultimately, the Roman Empire succumbed in 476 AD after lasting 5 centuries. In contrast, our nation did not have to invade any country, all our monuments were built by our own generated wealth, we were known as the “Granary of the East” and the kingdoms of Anuradapura-Polonnaruwa lasted 15 centuries.

 In short, a producing agrarian economy is sustainable while a debt based spending economy is not. Today, the “way out” of debt is to borrow more, resulting in an exponentially growing debt. To put it in perspective, George W. Bush incurred more debt than all of his predecessors during his time in office and Barack Hussein Obama has incurred more debt than all of his predecessors including Bush!

 The Colonial Strategy And Sri Lanka Today

 The Portuguese, Dutch and British came here for profit. Colombo was the preferred port because it was closer to Europe and cut shipping time of the plundered goods. The Sinhalese people revolted whenever they were given half the chance, realizing this, the British introduced alcohol and tobacco to diminish the fighting capability of the Sinhalese people (especially the youth). Education was made an English only affair and restricted to a chosen few who were the most loyal to the colonials and to this date loyally uphold the Thomas Babington McCauley vision of a class of dark skinned sycophants (aka Kalu Suddas) to govern by proxy and liquidate the local culture. Taxes were imposed to impoverish, next came the bare land act which broke the strong self sufficient economy that had worked for centuries and replaced it with cash crops. Now the British had the reigns in their hands and sycophants to enforce it. This paved the way for the complete exploitation of Sri Lanka. In a way we must thank David Cameron for he has racked more debt than all his predecessors. He is destined to be the Gorbachev who finally set the sun on the atrocious British Empire for good!

 Great people who stood up against the British like Ven. Anagarika Dharmapala ended up leaving the country. Leaders like Hon. D. S. Senanayake who created settlements to reverse the demographic alteration by the Dutch and British (lets not forget that a majority of Northern and Eastern Tamils were brought to Sri Lanka for tobacco plantations evicting the Sinhalese in the process) and regain our self sufficient economy suffered a similar fate. The red dinosaurs (no surprise!) objected to the settlements and Hon. D. S. passed away under suspicious circumstances. The same fate befell on Dr. Senaka Bibile who pioneered local drug manufacturing and Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero. JRJ’s odious “open economy” ruined all the sacrifices made under Hon. Sirimavo Bandaranayake to regain a self sufficient economy and Dr. N. M. Perera’s efforts to rid Sri Lanka of the dollar debt (for once something good from a Marxist!). Ironically it was Mrs. B’s very own daughter who implemented SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Agreement) and destroyed the little local manufacturing that had survived the open economy tsunami. All was replaced with odious Indian junk.

 As mentioned before, a nation with a debt based spending economy is easy to manipulate and provides ample exploits for a few. For the common people, it is all loose-loose. We spend billions to import substandard medicine, most of which is unnecessarily prescribed to maintain sales. We have plenty of pasture land in the sparsely populated North and East but spend billions to import chemical laced milk powder. We send domestic aids abroad to work like slaves at a huge societal cost (broken families, alcoholism etc.) to earn back the money we spend on imports!

 Casinos Are Not The Way Out

 A few words on the latest proposal to bring in “savior” casinos to fix our economic woes. First of all, do not fall for the Tamil Diaspora trick. They simply want us to think that these casinos are good for Sri Lanka by pretending to oppose it. Gambling squanders wealth fullstop. Its no joke like pyjama cricket. Romanticizing gambling as a tourist pastime is no different to social drinking or social smoking, it is just cooking a poisonous mushroom into a scrumptious meal, it will eventually and inevitably kill you.

 Depending on high spending gambling “tourists” from India and China is no better than a dream. Most Indian “tourists” are nothing more than illegal immigrants looking for work or petty businessmen looking to earn a quick buck. Chinese tourists are also not at all sustainable. Not so long ago, Japanese tourists were common place around the world. For a bit of a laugh check the “Clint Eastwood” scene of Crocodile Dundee II (1988). Today, Japanese tourists are almost unheard of. The Japanese who once prospered from cheap labor, hard work and later technological innovation, no longer have the money to spend on a vacation. China will never grow forever, eventually the pollution, resource depletion, rising wage demands, political totalitarianism and population decline due to the one child policy will catch up and China will end up like Japan today. Nations rise and decline. To put the decline of Japan into perspective, not so long ago in 2001 Yasushi Akashi was a prominent figure in the traitorous CFA, ten years later though still alive he has simply faded away! It is all because Japan no longer has the economic mojo.

 Another myth is that casinos attract black money. Casinos do attract money to a certain extent but, the corrupt who spend black money on casinos simply end up embezzling more to bankroll their lifestyle. Wearing a loincloth is not the remedy for diarrhea. So if you want to get rid of black money, simply fight corruption starting from the top. To save words for those who will ask the question “What about lotteries, roadside race betting centers etc.?” they are just as bad and cause untold misery to millions.

 Odious Debt, Benefits And Patriot Bashing

 One thing all patriots should understand is that patriots are only good for politics during a national crisis or when they (marginally) pro-nationalist forces are in the opposition. Patriots helped win the war by supporting our armed forces and the political leadership that enabled them to defeat the LTTE against a plethora of dollar funded pacifists. During that time, many anti-nationals went into hiding or simply donned sheep’s clothing and changed sides. Today, they are ministers with vital portfolios or are ambassadors who continue their hidden agendas. There is no need to name such people because their actions are too obvious!

 Today, the very government that won the war with a teetering majority takes no action to abolish the 13th Amendment nor enforce the 6th Amendment against the TNA despite a solid 2/3 majority. Very few policies of today are even vaguely compatible with the “Mahinda Chinthanaya”, instead the nefarious (aka casinos) are being pimped. It is all due to the two fronts squeezing the government, odious debt and bogus war crimes. The jumbo cabinet are all about consolidating power than serving the people.

 On Novermber 26, 2010 India announced a $416.39 million line of credit for Sri Lankan projects. First of all it is money that India might have well spent by providing sanitation facilities to countless million Indians. A considerable amount went into negative return projects in the NE for those without an atom of loyalty to our nation and into the pockets of politicians. This was part of the leverage India used to open up RAW operational centers (aka consulates) in Jaffna and Hambantota and prop up the remnants of Tamil racism. It is also a major factor that keeps the government from abolishing the 13 Amendment, not non-existent Indian military strength as we are expected to believe.

 Had the government taken a tough stand on separatism (the same way Germany did with Nazism after WW2), settled landless Sinhalese and Muslims in the NE, tried the TNA as representatives of the LTTE for war crimes, strengthen monetary laws to make it difficult for NGOs to get foreign money, it would have been a different story. Similarly, had the government used the 2/3 majority to abolish the 13th Amendment, abolish the wasteful preferential voting system, provincial councils and pradeshiya sabhas and replace them with village councils, there would have been more political stability, political accountability, better governance, far less corruption and fewer opportunities for racist political parties to influence or engage in political horse trading (what the SLMC is really good at!).

 Instead, the government followed the easy way. Propped up anti-national forces got more vocal (election results prove that they haven’t got stronger, those who voted for the TNA are non-citizens in my books anyway). As a consequence of these near sighted actions, the Delft PS Chairman is now dead, considering what happened to Alfred Doraiappa, it should be no surprise at all. A cancer is not cured until every single cancerous cell is eliminated by hook or by crook. Now faced with the threat of war crimes and a propped up anti-national alliance the government is in a choke-hold. Lacking the masculinity to fight, the cornered government has no other option but to silence patriotic critics who see the reality, who see something for what it really is instead of through a political lens.

 We do not to have a president like Pres. Jose ‘Pepe’ Mujika of Uruguay who lives an austere life, drives a dilapidated car and donates 90% of his income to charity. We also do not have a president like Pres. Rafael Correa of Ecuador who declared most of Ecuadorian national debt “odious debt” taken by corrupt regimes without consulting the people for no benefit of the people that the people of Ecuador need not pay. We do have a president who rid our nation of the LTTE terrorist menace. For that we are eternally grateful, but we cannot sit back and watch the very same president or government make bad decisions that will be detrimental to the whole country for generations to come. It is saddening to see patriotic rhetoric followed by the opposite action. We continue supporting the current government because deep down we all know that supporting our unpalatable opposition is nothing more than asking for chillies in exchange for ginger. Believing that the UNP will not send our war heroes to the gallows for bogus war crimes is like jumping off a cliff believing that you won’t fall and die or drinking cyanide believing that it won’t kill you (choose what is better!).

 Water Is Our Wealth!

 In the name of our nation, in the name of all those young men and women who lost their lives and limb protecting our country, in the name of generations to come we must take action. We should stop this vicious debt cycle before our entire nation collapses.

We should realize the eternal words of King Datusena who said “water is my wealth” and King Parakrama Bahu the Great who said “never let a drop of water that falls on the earth go to the sea unused”. Based on this we, the people should rebuild our economy. One of the few good things the JVP ever did was renovate our irrigation tanks. We should find the strength, gather the people and continue that. We should phase out the current farming practices that require a huge investment (and debt!) for chemical fertilizer and pesticides that cause nothing more than harm and promote organic garden farming.

 We should keep Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) out of our country and oppose any actions that will compromise local seed production or monopolizing of seeds. We should avoid embalmed imported mangos, pineapples, mandarins and oranges, fruits we can grow in our own gardens.

 Academics of universities can redeem themselves of all their notorious past industrial actions and prove the public that they are not in hubris by developing a commercially viable wholesome rice based substitute to bread made from imported wheat (a leading cause of diabetes). If the Japanese can make Go-Pan (rice bread) why cannot we?

 In short we need a strong agrarian foundation for food security and employment. We should also think post carbon and learn from Cuba, since oil is truly running out. Both Cuba and North Korea suffered a serious oil shock after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Rigid North Korea starved but flexible Cuba bounced back and Cubans today are living a healthier lifestyle than they used to. We should also reestablish our local industries, starting small. For example, we can replace imported synthetic mats (mainly from India!) with those made from local organic sources.

 The more we import, the more we loose money. Trying to fix an economy with too many imports is like trying to fill a bucket with a large hole. You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the problem is. We should think creatively to fix the leak and solve this problem. We should do whatever we can. If we take this course and take the helm of our nation into our own hands, politicians will end up redundant and be forced to follow suit.

 When all of us each take a small step in the right direction, together we take a giant leap!

22 Responses to “Fixing The Economy Or Drowning In Odious Debt”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    JANAKA !! What you have said is truth of what is happening in Sri Lanka. NO, patriots cannot do anything, because the Government Politicians do not want to lose their hold on their corrupt and wealthy lifestyle. They are all Rogues of the first order. There is a lot of black money among these politicians, and their family, and their relations. Eliminating a ruthless Tamil regime that killed innocent people, does not give the licence for the President and his cronies to ruin the country with Casinos and Brothels. The patriots should get together with the Sangha, and do what they have to do. Can you see the silence in the Sangha ? It is deafening.

    Honourable D.S. did not die under suspicious circumstances. He was Horse riding at Galle Face, and fell off the Horse, near Galle Face Hotel, that brought about his sad demise. I know this for certain, because my father-in-law was his good friend and often visited him at Temple Trees often.

    It is correct that Sri Lanka people hate the TNA and the racist muslims. That mind set is imposed on the Sri Lankans by the Government Politicians, because they have no time to check the impunity of the TNA and racist muslim leaders, while lining their pockets with Commissions, illegal businesses, and visiting whore houses.

    Many patriots have made several attempts to diffuse the situation that you have mentioned, but to no avail. I wish the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem in your endeavours.

  2. helaya Says:

    Well said Janaka. Good analysis. Most people have forgotten DS’s work. Thanks

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Sri Lanka has a target of self sufficiency in milk by 2016. However, without uprooting certain religious and moral considerations infused into the society through Hindu influence it cannot be done. India is not an example of humane treatment of cattle and concurrent high milk production. Per capita milk consumption in India is not a yardstick to follow. Besides India is the largest beef exporter in the world.

    Cashflow of farmers must be raised at the end of the useful life of cows.
    And milk volume available for sale (or domestic human consumption) must be raised. Otherwise the farmers cannot sustain their industry with fast shrinking grazing area.

    However, none of this can happen unless and until certain beliefs are done away with. These dogmas have condemned domestic milkmaids to housemaids in the Arabian Gulf. Over 200,000 housemaids working in the gulf are needed annually to pay for the dairy import bill and the cost and quantity rapidly rising. Therefore the 2016 target will not be achieved.

    There are very few parliamentarians with economic knowledge and no presidential advisor. Harsha De Silva certainly is not one of them. As a result the government and the opposition look for quick fixes.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    JANAKA !! Your comments are very appropriate. Well said.

    Honourable D.S. did not die under suspicious circumstances. No. He was Horse riding one morning at Galle Face Green, and he fell off the Horse near the Galle Face Hotel, which injured him, that led to his sad demise. I know this for certain, as my Father-in-Law was a good friend of his, and he was constantly in touch at Temple Trees.

  5. AnuD Says:

    Just check out that every developed country in the world has a Policy framework for the country’s PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT. Because of that what ever political party comes, they all have placed a system and suitable bureaucrats to implement that system.

    Sri Lanka has so many burning problems. Sri Lanka has a culture to protect.

    But, politicians are doing nothing and they simply destroy the country, people, culture and the civilization. They think Casinos, so much tourism and various kinds of prostitutions to go with that, liquor licensing every where and sending every woman to serve for Arabs are the way to development. All those are short term and work only for political purposes and to win the votes. In the long term that defeat the country.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Yes AnuD !! There has to be a change of heart by the Politicians to develop the Country, yet it will not happen. How they can be kicked out has to be planned. Then again, who is going to have a PLAN ? Certainly not the UNP. They are with their tongues out, salivating till Power falls into their mouths.

  7. douglas Says:

    Dear Janaka: You have hit the nail on the head. This is how all “PATRIOTS” – (NOT THE FAKE ONES) must see the bigger picture of the present day governance of the country. Did you notice how TNL member of Parliament read out a written statement on the Mahaveera Day hailing the barbaric Prbakaran as a “HERO” and a “FREEDOM FIGHTER” and our Hon’ble the Members of Parliament who normally behave in the most degrading way listened to that rough MP, observing complete silence as if they were given a recent training in “meditation”?

    Also in the news, the Pradeshiya Saba Chairman of Delft island has been gunned down in his own home and the perpetrators escaped unharmed.

    In another news, a Catholic priest was threatened at gun point by two people posing as “Intelligent Unit” members.

    Another news, TNA warning “DON’T MAKE IT WORSE” referring to the reply speech made in Parliament on the Mahaweera Day of Prbakaran.

    Another one, TNL visiting Australia to meet the supporters with a view to raise funds.

    I spoke to my neighbor , Jamis mama and this is what he said: “ENA HATI HONDA NEHA”. (COMING COLOURS NO GOOD).


  8. Nanda Says:

    Coming colour is RED with yellow Tamil Face and two T56s on Top.
    Maha Ranee is a big liar. He promised to people before election that he will reduce cabinet and number of ministers substantailly, but he keeps on increasing it on monthly basis.
    He is the new Ranee WeeKaranasinghe, betraying the nation slowly but steadily.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    Lorenzo poet wil fill the next lines.

  10. mjaya Says:

    Here is a news of a big spending Indian tourist, too bad she’s not in the casino. :D

    “An Indian woman has been arrested in the Kalavanchikudi area for violating visa regulations an engaging in the textile trade in Sri Lanka. ” (source Adaderana)

  11. mjaya Says:

    Hey people, lets not be angry over this Mahabooru Day,

    Next year on Mahabooru Day lets also celebrate something, like

    World Toilet Day
    Self Immolating Donkey Day (or one less donkey day)
    Sinna Lingam Frustration Day

    Official Logo: Praba’s head on May 18, 2009.
    Official Mascot: DonkeyLingam – A burning Toilet Nadu Donkey

    Suggestions most welcome!!!!!!!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    With what shall I fix it, dear Ranee, dear Ranee?
    With what shall I fix it, dear Ranee, with what?
    With LLRC, dear GL, dear GL, dear GL,
    With LLRC, dear GL, dear GL, with EL EL AR SEE.

    LLRC is dumb, dear Ranee, dear Ranee,
    LLRC is dumb, dear Ranee, too dumb,
    Then f* it, dear GL, dear GL, dear GL,
    Then f* it, dear GL, dear GL, f* it.

    With what shall I f* it, dear Ranee, dear Ranee?
    With what shall I f* it, dear Ranee, with what?
    Use your heads, dear GL, dear Basil, dear Dayan,
    Use your damn heads, dear GL, dear Basil, with your damn f*ing heads.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    No. I think next year Mahabooru Day will be held OFFICIALLY by TNA.

    Look how they improved in the Mahabooru celebrations.

    2006, 2007, 2008 – UNDERGROUND
    2009 – Jaffna University
    2010 – Jaffna Library
    2011 – Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya
    2012 – Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya, Batticaloa
    2013 – Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya, Batticaloa, Mulaitivu, Trincomalee, SL Parliament

    We are the Mahaboorus to celebrate the May 18 victory.

    There is no victory to celebrate now!!

    Our army chased out of Jaffna JUST LIKE how we chased out the LTTE (without violence).
    Our navy chased out of Jaffna JUST LIKE how we chased out the Sea Tigers (without violence).
    Our jets crashed and not replaced JUST LIKE how Tamil takaran planes crashed (without violence).
    Chingalams and Thambis KEPT OUT of Jaffna which is ONLY Tamil.

    We are the Mahaboorus to celebrate the May 18 victory.

  14. mjaya Says:


    What you say is correct. This stupid government has been making blunder after blunder. Now people like the Delft PS Chairman are paying the price.

    I have completely lost confidence in this current gov. The UNP+JVP are no hope either (they are worse!!!).

    We need a new leadership. But who??????

    Boycott the election? Vote for some crackpot “independent” or “small party”? No point, it will help the UNP+JVP+SF.

    SF is the dumbest of them all, wonder how he sleeps at night seeing his efforts go waste? But then, he was the first to side with the TNA!!! His mouth is what gave the first fuel to the “war crimes” as well………..

  15. mjaya Says:

    Here’s my addition…

    Take down our camps, dear Ranee, dear Ranee,
    Take down our camps, dear Ranee, take down our camps,
    Then Endia is happy, dear GL, dear GL.
    Then Endia is happy, dear GL, as happy as can be.

    What about election, dear Ranee, dear Ranee,
    What about election, dear Ranee, the vote
    Wimal and Gota will trumpet, dear GL,
    The patriots will be hoodwinked and all vote for me!!

    What about the ppl, dear Ranee, dear Ranee,
    What about the ppl, dear Ranee, the folks
    They have lamboginis, and airports dear GL,
    They can race to the airport to the Cape of Good Hope.

    Hope Lorenzo can polish it up a bit…….

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    (Army + Navy + AF) should take over.

    I’m 100% sure MOST people will love such a move. People are FED UP of UPFA, UNP, JVP, etc., etc.

    Should have a civilian face as the CEO who is only a puppet of the (Army + Navy + AF).

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    “To this point, a senior official in U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration said Friday that commercial airlines are being told to abide by Beijing’s call to notify it of plans to traverse the newly declared zone over the East China Sea, even if the U.S. government doesn’t recognize it.

    “We … are advising for safety reasons that they comply with notices to airmen, which FAA always advises,” the official said.”

    – CNN

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    UK hurriedly destroying war crimes evidence!!!

    “British officials burned and dumped at sea documents from colonies that were about to become independent in a systematic effort to hide their “dirty” secrets, newly released files showed on Friday.

    Under “Operation Legacy”, officials in Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia, Tanzania, Jamaica and other former British colonial territories were briefed on how to dispose of documents that “might embarrass Her Majesty’s Government”.

    Newly declassified Foreign Office files reveal how the “splendid incinerator” at the Royal Navy base in Singapore was used to destroy lorry loads of files from the region.

    Other officials wrote of documents being dumped “in deep and current-free water at the maximum practicable distance from shore”, according to the documents in the National Archives.

    One dispatch from Kenya in 1961 mentions the formation of a committee dealing with “‘dirty’ aspects of protective security” which would “clean” Kenyan intelligence files, according to The Times newspaper.

    The British government agreed earlier this year to pay £14 million (16 million euros, $23 million) in compensation to more than 5,200 elderly Kenyans who were tortured and abused during the 1950s Mau Mau uprising against colonial rule.”

    – Kenya news.

  19. douglas Says:

    Dear Janaka: You say:- “CASINOS ARE NOT THE WAY OUT”.

    Then how about this: Our famous village game (played even during funeral times) “BOORUWA”. We can legalize it and leave it in the hands of “INDIGENOUS ENTREPRENEURS” such as the Provincial Council Chairmen and Members. The first of its kind can be opened up in Hambantota and there will be so many “Presidential Advisors ” to name it ‘MIHINDU BOORUWA VILLAGE”. This will enable the Southern Highway and Mattala Airport to earn an unprecedented revenue that can even offset the loss of “Tax Concessions” proposed to be given to CASINOS.

    We can also introduce the “BOORUWA GAME” to the foreigners and get our INDIGENOUS ENTREPRENEURS to set up such gaming complexes in foreign countries. If Packer can do his way, why not this game in OUR WAY? The foreigners will love it, because it is as simple as “ASKING AND HITTING”.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    GOOD EFFORT to INVITE Expatriates, but it won’t work …..Not as long as they DENY Dual Citizenship to even Patriotic Expatriates!

    How can Successful PATRIOTIC Expatriate Sri Lankans, who are often Citizens of Other Countries, contribute to Sri Lanka, if they have to RUN TO RENEW their PASSPORT VISA every month?


    INVESTIGATING the PATRIOTISM of applicants, for Dual Citizenship, and DENYING IT to Anti-National enemies of Sri Lanka … often FAKE REFUGEES who demonized Sri Lanka to enter other countries, is ESSENTIAL; but placing DESTRUCTIVE INSURMOUNTABLE BARRIERS to the RETURN of PATRIOTIC expatriates who WANT TO HELP Sri Lanka’s growth and development with their skills and their money is ABSOLUTELY ASININE!

    Many PATRIOTIC expatriates, now living in retirement and owning real estate and investments accumulated over the most productive periods of their lives abroad, want to take the bulk of their assets to Sri Lanka and live out their last days helping the Motherland …. but CANNOT DO SO under the current immigration laws governing their return to their Motherland.

    ENABLE Dual Citizenship NOW with APPROPRIATE Safeguards against ABUSE by TRAITORS!

    WorkInSriLanka 2013 conference aims to attract expat professionals to country

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 01, Colombo: WorkInSriLanka, a volunteer-led initiative to advocate Sri Lanka as an attractive destination for highly skilled individuals and high caliber businesses, will hold its 2013 conference to on December 23rd, 2013 at the Taj Samudra Hotel.

    The “Work in Sri Lanka 2013: Asia’s Next Knowledge Hub” will bring together recent returnees, expats living in Sri Lanka as well as people considering returning or moving to Sri Lanka to discuss the opportunities and challenges in making Sri Lanka the a preferred work destination.

    First session of the conference will layout the public and private sector vision for Sri Lanka for 2020. Returnees and expats are expected showcase their stories and a panel of experts will discuss the challenges in making Sri Lanka a top work destination and what is being done about each of the challenging areas.

    A panel of leading CEOs will discuss opportunities that exist in various industry segments for knowledge based work and entrepreneurial activity.

    The conference will conclude with a cocktail event to provide ample opportunity for attendees to network with each other.

    WorkInSriLanka Chairperson, Gillian Daas will open the conference. Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga, Governor of Central Bank Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Secretary, Ministry of Defense and Urban Development Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and, CEO of Brandix Lanka Ashroff Omar are scheduled to address the conference in the first session.

    WorkInSriLanka, a “brain gain” initiative of SL2College, was launched on May 14th 2013 in partnership with key public sector officials, industry leaders, heads of international NGOs and government institutions, and civil society experts. The initiative aims to attract world class professionals, especially Sri Lankans, to return and become a part of Sri Lanka’s economic development.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lankan government re-introduces Land Acquisition and Re-settlement Committees

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 01, Colombo: The government of Sri Lanka has re-introduced Land Acquisition and Re-settlement Committees (LARCs), according to a local media report.

    The LARCs have been re-introduced to decide compensation for those losing private property in 18 major road-widening and construction projects, Sunday Times reported.

    The government disbanded the LARCs in 2009 and the Land Ministry assigned the Valuation Department to directly decide the compensation to be paid to the land owners.

    However the Road Development Authority (RDA) has received hundreds of complaints from land owners who were not satisfied with the compensations and felt that they were being treated differently to those whose compensation payments had been calculated before 2009.

    In regulations passed this month, the Land Ministry has laid down criteria for payments to property owners and tenants, to proprietors of businesses and even to encroachers.

    Those who object to the amount of indemnity they receive can appeal to an additional body called the “Super LARC” which will be based at the Road Development Authority (RDA).

    The projects listed in the regulations are the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway, the Colombo Outer Circular Highway, the Southern Transport Development, the Colombo-Kandy Road, the Orugodawatta-Ambatale Road, the New Kelani Bridge Approach (Kelanimulla to Angoda, Koswatta Road),the Matara-Kataragama Railway and the Deduru Oya Reservoir project.

    Ratnapura-Balangoda, Balangoda-Bandarawela, Padeniya-Anuradhapura, Tampalagamuwa (Tampalakamam))-Kinniya, Matara-Godagama, Horana-Pamankada, Southern Expressway-Madurugoda and the Kirulapone-Godagama Roads are the other projects. Also listed is the 5/2 Bridge Katugastota-Kandy-Jaffna Road.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    This article by Janaka is probably the BEST I have EVER READ at LankaWeb!

    The GOSL should make this REQUIRED READING for its Army of DO-NOTHING Ministers!

    As Janaka advocates, A Moral Society, Self-Sufficiency, Investment in Infrastructure instead of Consumption, Reliance on Indigenous Production and Agriculture instead of Imports, Courageous Confrontation of our Enemies, Enforcing the Laws of the Land, Repealing the 13th Amendment and Enforcing 6th Amendment against Treachery, are INDEED the Pillars of Sri Lanka’s LONG-TERM Survival as a Nation.

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