The Apathy Of The British Prime Minister’s Call For Rights Violations Put Into Perspective.
Posted on November 30th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

November 28th, 2013
It seems a bit odd that British Prime Minister David Cameron in demanding a “transparent, credible and independent” probe into the alleged massacre of Sri Lankan Tamils, days after he pressed President Mahinda Rajapaska for an enquiry into rights violations during the final days of the civil war in 2009 continues his persistence and never gives up on what many believe is a lost cause

However it also seems akin to  a hollow echo which resonates demands of the pro Tamil Tiger Lobby and  has exposed his transparencies towards Tamil Tiger sympathies as otherwise his demand should have by rights included the attrocities, greater by far committed by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka against masses of innocent civilians, State and property eventually quelled by the Armed Forces which simply displays either a very apathetic and obnoxious frame of mind or a premeditated ploy to appease his Tamil constituents of whom there is a large number in Britain on whom his political future probably depends to a greater part according to intelligence reports from reliable sources.

He has also displayed a Rip Van Winkellian frame of mind where during the CHOGM summit in Colombo this month, he had said that” if the Sri Lankan government fails to launch an independent enquiry  soon, the UK will call for an international enquiry through the United Nations something the United Nations itself circumvented sensibly as the likes of General Secretary Ban Ki moon and his ambassador Navi Pillai chose to do albeit being hell bent on the issue previously on the very apparent reasoning that they had no tangible evidence to go by and an accepted norm as far as the International Community as well as the Tribunal was concerned and a futility out of which the outcome would only have proved to be an embarrasment to the accusers.

His barnstorming type of mentality has not only drawn anger from many quarters of the Sri Lankan populace as well as discerning members of the International Communitie and some important World Powers who disagree with the Cameron rationale and agree that what transpired in Sri Lanka was a precedent setting war against  the roots of global terrorism where the Government action was perfectly justified. Perhaps a quiet whisper into Mr Camron’s ear that in this case the old British adage “all’s fair in love and war” with of course the absence of the love part might be a worthwhile mention!

It has also exposed the misguided and persistent individual he appears to be, taking on an assumed role of judge, jury and executioner over an issue he seems to know little about but still chooses to carry on as though he had carte blanche to intimidate Sri Lanka on the assumption that she still was a British Colony. Mr Cameron is furthest from the truth ! as those were the days of yore when his ancestors ravaged, pillaged and pounded Sri Lanka into subjugation until they were removed from being the hierarchy they once were. It might also be worth mentioning that the minority Tamils in the days of British Rule were the favoured race eventually displaced by the majority Sinhalese if there are linkable realities to the Cameron mentality and of great consequence towards exonerating the Sinhalese on the basis of fighting for inherant rights if true.!

Neither Britannia  nor Cameron in this respect rule the waves any longer and if he thinks rather misguidedly that it was the Tamils who were hard done by, he needs to thinks again, pore over volumes of tangible evidence of Tamil terrorist attrocities on the Sinhalese, as we are talking nation destructive terrorism here ! where it was legitinately put down regardless of the opinions of what his or any other biased politician’s broadcasts are and continue to insist that what transpired in Sri Lanka was a violation of human rights! Mr Cameron needs to get his definitions straight rather than continue to make blunderbuss  of himself and perhaps if he emuulated his Royal Prince Charles for decorum and diplomacy  he would be doing himself a good turn.

It seems painfully apparent that regardless of whether  the prime minister huffs and puffs until he is blue simply to appease his Tamil Diaspora constituents and consorts in Britain as well as other supportives for the same cause globally, nothing will change from the stark reality that this was a Sovereign Nation defending Sovereignity and Territoriasl Integrity where a huge organized insurgency by a minority commited the real attrocities against a nation of majority Sinhalese and deserved to be put down as it was legitimately.
Those within the minority community that supported it if they too were hard hit by the defensive actions of the Government had only themselves to blame for supporting a wrong cause rather than live peacefully in accordance with the Nation’s laws and legalities.
Amazingly today this seems to be the case with the tamils who have taken up allegiances with the Governmrnt which Mr Cameron surprisingly seems to have missed .or has deliberately ignored .

And if Mr Cameron has no tangible evidence beyond innuendo, doctored videos and melodramatic build up blown out of proportion which he seems to be using to stake his claim he should think again where he needs to abide by the Sri Lankan Government’s stance over related issues as should all other bucket carrying sycophants of the Tiger sympathetic Tamil Diaspora!

It seems quite appropriate that the Sri Lankan Government has  rejected Mr Cameron’s demand and is considering to launch a ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission,’ modelled on South Africa where if he cannot reconcile himself towards such a response ( no pun intended) he should focus his attentions on matters related to his own administration within his own backyard not forgetting what his country commited as violations with impunity against humanity in both World Wars as well as in Nortern Ireland during ‘the Troubles’ as these are real issues not based on hearsay, conjecture innuendo and souped up videos! which the world watched inh horror!

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  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Mr.Cameron is still baying like a blinkered hound that he will persist in going after Sri Lanka to dance to his tunes about what he envisions as wrongdoing by Sri Lanka in his obnoxious, bull in a chinashop manner, or else push for a UN based investigation which is probably out of his jurisdiction based on the supportive nations acknowledging Sri Lanka’s right to defend sovereignity, territory and integrity.He needs to be adviced by someone or some foreign powers that matter that he is barking up the wrong tree!!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    David Cameron had no option but to act according to the wishes of his masters. They met him just before he left to Sri Lanka and must have given him a script to follow. Highlight of his visits were, he avoided the welcoming party at the airport, he met those who were with the Tamil separatists and terrorists, he avoided Sri Lankan journalists at the so called press conference, he avoided meeting any of the victims of LTTE terrorists and he displayed the type of upbringing he would have had, when he threatened the host of CHOGM, with finger wagging demands linked to deadlines.

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