Lessons Learnt at CHOGM
Posted on December 3rd, 2013

by Gomin Dayasri

 A sigh of relief – CHOGM is mercifully over – but watch for the fall out. Whether a supporter or detractor: unconcerned or uncommitted: that is immaterial- it is the aftermath that matters.

 Did we accelerate the process Navi Pillay is trying to initiate at Geneva 2014 in taking our troops before an international inquiry on accountability? Did CHOGM provided a stage for the local/foreign hatemongers to perform to discredit the national image? Did Sri Lanka display to the dignitaries, the value of the peace dividend and its rewarding nature to all ethnicities making Sri Lanka look tidier at the next session in Geneva? Did the distinguished visitor carry away fond memories not merely of great hospitality but also of a country recovering on a proper path after a long war? Neither side obtained results to satisfy expectations: while the local hatemongers succeeded in becoming more disliked, even by their admired, by holding hands in public with the fiends and bellowing venom homewards. Government succeeded in making its supporters club happier and the rival camp angrier.

 Both sides played drab with India being the prime loser by kicking a ball into their own goal. The next ball game is at Park Geneva at the Human Rights Commission sessions in March 2014. Time is indeed short for the crucial session where we are at a greater disadvantage than in 2013. CHOGM was a costly distraction that eased the concentration in the preparations to make Geneva 2014 a success but yet it opened a window to learn lessons.

 Lesson 1

 Forget India’s brotherly concerns with their local elections oncoming. Caution: they will sell any old rope to make us hang ourselves for their political survival. Prime Minister of India lost face and made India look small – demeaned himself and his country by waiting until the last moment with indecisiveness, that showed weakness and brought no gain. His advisors know the response from the Rajapakse administration is not likely to be favorable for the insult hurled in keeping away. India by their conduct, unintentionally resolved, to make this government domestically stronger by the hostility displayed – it makes people rally around their own flag. Singh created an opportunity for us to react – to show displeasure by combining with the forces against India discreetly. Leave it to Indians to punish its leadership for its stupidity. We need only to move away from them and do the needful unobtrusively.

 True we lost India’s vote at the forthcoming Geneva 2014 –an early confirmation of the obvious. That helps us to turn a deaf ear to any overture. Keep India at a distance and they will make the running- for the moment their posturing is for the general elections.

 Forces within India manipulate events for political exigencies, making it impossible for them to formulate a coherent foreign policy, as it’s domestic needs dictate terms in a weakened India. Historically, India never helped in the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka but became reluctantly negative after Prabhakaran assassinated their Prime Minister and was declared a convict by the judiciary. Grudgingly India could not, thereafter, be proactive in aiding terrorism in Sri Lanka. That era is over with demise of Prabhakaran. India has to learn it the hard way.

 Lesson II

 Great Britain and Canada never came to our assistance; never did, during the course of the war, as domestic considerations compel them to swing with the Tamil diaspora to acquire the critical vote in the marginal constituencies. Act tough with them as they do with us, for there is no gain from being overtly friendly; it will strengthen the hand of the government in domestic politics as the opposition will move closer to the anti Sri Lanka forces, as they stupidly did, with channel 4 – and incurred the wrath of the voters.

 Nevertheless there is a live danger: Britain and Canada know they made no impact with their implorations and dented their image in the commonwealth, which is likely to result in greater resolve to act against us in international forums. Bashing Cameron –a national patriotic past time – helps Britain to strengthen the resolve to tighten the screws at Geneva 2014 against us. We erred in not improving our human rights record by being belated in attending to the prime necessities or failing to rectify the existing deficiencies.

 Lesson III

 We must identify our friends and place material positive to Sri Lanka in their grasp to enhance our reputation. Its more effective if attended to by our friends rather than by us, in the international circuit. Russia Maldives and Thailand have done the most on behalf of us in the past. It’s by strengthening the hand of our friends we strengthen ourselves for they must have adequate material in their possession to defend us. That material must be on the ground to make it effective. Prime sources in this line up to tap are Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and New Zealand.

 Lessons IV

 We must not shy away from holding domestic inquiries with a degree of transparency on war crimes. If such were held earlier much of the criticism would have been abated and we could have acted from a position of strength. If a domestic inquiry is positively on the cards international inquiry is off the record. In the reconciliation process with LTTE cadres being released and rehabilitated a case for an amnesty if faulted is a justifiable option. However the inquiries must be worked on according to our schedule and on our terms with guidance from friendly countries to show the British, Canadians and the Europeans that we are not dictated by them. We must ignore India to show them they hold no influence over us. The nationalistic elements must be mindful that international inquiries will be highly prejudicial against us and the threat to take us to international forums is gaining ground. If some domestic inquiries are held and the LLRC report is implemented substantially – the case against will have to be closed.

 Lesson V

 We must implement the LLRC report especially its chapter on legitimate reasonable Tamil grievances.

 A prime need is to implement the LLRC report with immediate attention given to implement its chapter on assuaging the reasonable Tamil grievances. Tamil people in North/East must be courted notwithstanding their showing no reciprocal gestures or any show of gratitude because they are under political influence of the TNA and funded by the Diaspora. It’s in their character to ask for more and more but they must be mature to understand that it damages their cause in asking for the impossible.

 The problem is our inability to understand the value structure of northern nationalism that does not touch terrorism. Lending helping hands, helps us internationally and if the northerners show no reciprocal gestures, discount it, as it still helps to prove our good intentions. Irrespective of the reaction of the North, however ungrateful they may be, we must do the needful by the people of the North irrespective of their response. Finally northerners will appreciate the goodwill shown as Tamil people have a great value structure built into their way of life.

 Reasonable Tamil grievances has no strings attached to the 13th amendment which has content that will eventually lead to separatism.

Lesson VI

 Discount the Foreign Ministry (except for the positive showings by the High Commissioners in Great Britain and Australia) to show positive results yet public funds should not be wasted on African Safaris, Caribbean Cruises, Latin American Jaunts and Round the World Girdles but such funds should be utilized to win over the foreign media by placing favorable material in prestigious media sources, even at a price, to improve the country image.

 We must be mindful not to attract attention on the international platform till we are strong on domestic chores. More prominent we become – more vilification we attract.

 Lesson VII

 A defensive foreign policy will not work and it is imperative that we must be aggressive where attempts are made to belittle us but strengthen the hands of our foreign friends by getting our domestic policy in proper order by ensuring law and order and good governance are in working order. We have done much to improve our image but the positives have not been sold to the world effectively.

The President a must launch on a campaign to strike back hard against our opponents with well-researched material on their many shortcomings on the purported ideals and to court our foreign friends to engage on behalf of us by utilizing the best of the officers- in the public service and the private sector for the assignment and not limit the function to the Foreign Ministry which is a weak with many divisions within it.

 Lesson VIII

 We must establish solid links with the United States by implementing the LLRC report and by working furiously on the abbreviated Action Plan provided to Hillary Clinton. If assistance from USA is forthcoming much of the impediments will disappear. We must work in tandem with Japan, Australia and Malaysia to build bridges to United States.

 We must convince the United States with substantial material that we working on an intelligible time frame on a designed road map in the best interest of the reconciliation process in trying to bring amity between the major communities. True, Human Rights, Accountability, Democratic Ideals and Good Governance, needs attention but the time frame in reaching them must not disturb the reconciliation process, which is the prime requirement. However the other issues cannot be placed on a backburner.

 Results of CHOGM will be reflected at the prime show in March 2014 in Geneva. That will show whether CHOGM was a success or a failure.


28 Responses to “Lessons Learnt at CHOGM”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo ! Sri Lanka Armed forces planning to stay in the North for anoother Hundred Years!

    Too bad … if there is a Hundred Year Limit … that should be Lifted … Permanently.

    What is WRONG with the National Military settling in to PROTECT & DEFEND the country … PERMANENTLY?

    Even if it were civilian land, they are NOT STEALING the land without COMPENSATION; it is being PAID FOR in HARD COIN! This is NOT ETHNIC Cleansing by the Force of Violence and Killing that Velupillai Prabhakaran practiced while the TNA applauded enthusiastically! This is Ethnic Integration to create ONE Indivisible NATION, of ONE Inseparable PEOPLE, sharing ONE National DESTINY to bind together and usher in an ERA of PERMANENT Peace, Security and Prosperity in our Motherland!

    It is WRONG only to those Anti-National people … like Wigneswaran … who have things to HIDE, insurgencies to REVIVE, illegal immigrants to IMPORT, terrorist cemeteries to RECONSTRUCT, weapons to SMUGGLE, banks to ROB, terrorists to TRAIN, registrations to FALSIFY, and separatist causes to SUPPORT!

    Let the Sri Lanka Army lead the way to help settle Sinhala people in the North free from threats and intimidation by the Eelamist Tamils … just as Northern Tamils flooded in and settled the Greater Colombo area during the last 30 years … to escape the tender mercies of their vicious Tamil Savior …. the late unlamented Thalaivar …. Velupillai Prabhakaran!

    Sri Lanka military acquiring civilian lands, Northern Province CM informs UN envoy

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 03, Colombo: Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province C.V. Vigneswaran has informed UN Special Rapporteur for Internally Displaced Persons Dr. Chaloka Beyani that military is acquiring civilian lands in the North.

    Wigneswaran has held a discussion with the UN Rapporteur during his visit to the North.

    The local media reports from the North said the CM informed the UN Rapporteur that more than 6000 acres of land had been appropriated by the military in Valikamam North.

    The Chief Minister has also given details of land and the acreage acquired by the military in the Kilinochchi District as well.

    “On the basis of their present activities, they plan to stay in the North for a further hundred years, which really means that they plan to bring in people from the South and resettle them along with the army families,” Wigneswaran has been quoted as saying.

    The government earlier said it has decided to acquire 6,381 hectares of the land in Jaffna that is now being used as High Security Zones permanently and the owners of the land will be paid compensation.

    The acquisition is to be done under the Land Acquisition Act and the government has allocated Rs. 400 million as compensation for the owners.

    The Chief Minister alleged that the military was trying to colonize the North like the Eastern Province.

    The Army has denied that it plans to acquire civilians’ lands to establish military camps in Jaffna. Army has said that it has already earmarked government lands for that purpose.

    Wigneswaran also told the UN envoy that the livelihood of residents in the North has been seriously affected since the military has taken over all avenues of employment available to the people and the people have to take loans for their day to day living.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    IF army is pushed OUT of Jaffna Tamils in Colombo must be pushed out of Colombo too.

    Reciprocation OR retaliation.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    “We must implement the LLRC report especially its chapter on legitimate reasonable Tamil grievances.”

    There are NO legitimate reasonable Tamil grievances.

    Once we start giving in there is NO END TO IT.

    The real Tamil grievance is TAMIL ELAM. Everything else leads to that.

    USA will not be friendly just because we do LLRC. The driving force for USA is our links with China. Tamil nonsense and LLRC are only covers.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    SL ranks 91/175 in CORRUPTION INDEX 2013.

    SL’s score has slightly improved from 40 last year to 37 this year.

    Very poor.

    We have to improve.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Sri Lanka must get rid of the Spineless Alpa Dayanna at the Ministry of External Affairs and revamp the Ministry including all the dysfunctional diplomatic missions abroad. Gomin’s Lesson VI refers.

    Sampanthan has told parliament that the two critical areas are “reconciliation” and “accountability”.He must understand that reconciliation is a two way street. For Sinhalese to reconcile with Tamils, Tamils too need reconciliation with the Sinhalese. Tamil terrorists have planned and purposefully carried out atrocities against Sinhalese and Muslim civilians far more than Sinhalese have in a similar fashion against the Tamils.

    Trouble in Sri Lanka is our allowing the world to see only the Tamils as the aggrieved party. There is so much on the Sinhala side that is unsaid and unappreciated. GOSL have failed the Sinhalese in this respect by not being able to portray to the world the sufferings of the Sinhalese and the Muslims during the 30 year war.

    The so called “Border Villages” Sinhalese are still suffering due to years of neglect followed by tamil terrorist war: and their lot is far worse than that of the average Northerner or Easterner!

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    In your article lesson V: Tamil grievances? What are the grievances of tamils who live in Sri Lanka? Can you describe their grievances in logically? Don’t you think Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays, Burghers, Javans, Chettis, Parsis, Bhoras and Keralites who lives in Sri Lanka doesn’t have grievances? As a Sri Lankan I cannot see only tamils, have special grievances?
    LLRC report is an utter failure useless report to give some ransom to tamil racists, Indians and European neo-colonialism. This was a trap? South African “truth and reconciliation commission” report was made to white wash British colonial criminal past and save apartheid criminal Botha and de Klerk’s nazi regime. It is up to Mandela to cover british crimes in his country and be a lap dog of western imperialists. To please Navi Pillai, Indians and Western imperialists some advisor’s copied their poisonous concept and we gulped it but unfortunately cannot vomit it now.
    If it was a real LLRC report we would have go back to 1815 British invasion and onward. How British crimes in 1818 Freedom fight, 1848 Freedom fights in Sri lanka and British massacres and human right violations of Sinhalese by British and Indian mercenaries during 1818/1848. Illegal tamil settlements in Eastern province, North and Central Provinces and internal displacement of Sinhala nation. Discriminations to Sinhala Buddhists by British and tamil administrations. British, Indian and Norway training, funding to tamil terrorists. Indian and tamil nadu terrorism training to racist tamil terrorists etc had to heard from real LLRC report. But we failed that too. If we address the grievances of Sinhalese too then imperialist and their henchmen had to hide their tails between legs.

    Lesson VIII? Do you think American imperialist will help us? JRJ was nick named as “Yankee dickey” as he was the most pro American leader in U.N.P than D.S, Dudley and John Kothalawala. But when Rajiv Gandhi invaded Sri Lanka in 1987 during JRJ era what was the help America even gave us. Was there any verbal or diplomatic help offered to JRJ. What they told JRJ that Indian business is worth to them than Sri Lanka’s friendship. So still same American policy and even 2013 Geneva HRC resolution against Sri Lanka was drafted in New Delhi but tabled by Washington. Yankees will never help us. For them India is a better customer.
    Lesson to us is united as at 2009 May and throughout our history. Sinhalese must lead the country as King Gemunu, Wijayabahu and Parakramabahu eras. Then we can defeat any external force or forces. In 2009 Sinhala heroes not only defeated tamil terrorism alone we defeated Indian neo colonialism, tamil nadu tamil expansionism, Norway; CIA cat’s paw, tamil terrorist’s god father Britain, tamil terrorist’s fund Canada and tamil eelamists advisor U.S.A.

  7. callistus Says:

    Can someone tell us what ‘legitimate reasonable tamil grievances’ are please. Readers please watch this video here and pass it on :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGNgNxh2-ro

  8. Christie Says:

    Dear Gomin, India trained Tamil terrorists in Palestinian refugee camps in 1969 and 1970 and they trained them in Israel, Tamil Nadu and in Arunachal Pradesh. It is India who organized, trained, armed, financed, managed and branded them Tamil Tigers. India has not given up and will only give up when the island nation becomes another Mauritius.
    India has a good relationship with the Nordic countries as they helped India to develop its armament industry. UK has almost 2 million people of Indian extraction. British Canada has lots of Indians and the guy who was at CHOGM Deepak Obraih is an Indian colonial parasite from Tanzania and now an Indian vermin in British Canada.
    India will try all its trumps for ever but their win will not be sooner.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re Troubles in Lanka :

    How Sri Lanka fares at any given time period depends on the world political & economic situation. Proximity to India (mostly to Tamil Nadu), causes a lot of the problems. Cold Wars and perceived ‘enemies’ of Super Power/s at any given time wags both India & Sri Lanka. Tamil Caste wars of Tamil Nadu and Eelam idea created to DISTRACT the lower caste/Dalit origin Tamils of TN and give leverage to breakaway state of Tamil Nadu, have been foisted on Lanka. The Government structures of Sri Lanka do not recognize Caste as is done in Tamil Nadu local govt. where there are some 11 Million Tamils under Scheduled Castes. There is no real Tamil Problems in Lanka. Upcountry Tamils must realize that no one ‘ties them to the tea bushes’ and they are free to leave the tea plucker fold. Tea plucking can be done by anyone using the modern day tea plucking machines. Basically, in real terms, all Tamil problems are the same as the problems of Others in Lanka.

    Some Solutions to the Problems :

    Only way to combat all these external and trumped up issues is to be as Self Reliant as possible. Go with ‘Buy Lanka’ as Shenali suggested.

    Currently, the most urgent problem, the Water borne problems (CKDu) must be attended to by the entire Parliament, not just GoSL. Pipe borne Clean Water to all rural areas a must and immediate Plan, simultaneous to the Scientific studies on the problem. We wish that CHOGM was made meaningful to Lanka by discussion of the Water borne problems and how to overcome the problems. We wish the CHOGM was made meaningful also by discussion of Illegal Migration and Deportation of such illegal migrants. Tamil illegal migration from Tamil Nadu has been going on since Colonisation of Lanka 500 yrs ago. The delicate ethnic balance was tilted with the British importing One Million Tamil people as indentured labor (with the Dutch importing about half a Million such Tamil labor). Since then, the ‘divide & rule’ principle of the British Empire was imposed on Lanka, with the Sinhala people marginalized. Hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal migrants also came in during the time of the ltte rule.
    All these Tamil people have been accommodated and given the same free education & health care by the successive govts of Lanka. Did PM Cameron praise Lanka for that ? No.

    The present GoSL is facing problems coming from many centuries. We have to all get together to solve our problems or may face a divided Lanka with neo-colonial rule. It is important to recall the times of Colonial rule with heavy loses to the Sinhela masses. Neo-colonisation will prove to be same with heavy loses to the Sinhala people.

    The challenge of our times in Lanka is to face the fact that United we Stand and Divided we Fall. Internally, Sri Lankans come from different walks of life. They must see themselves primarily as Sri Lankans, as human beings first with similar Human Needs, if they are to survive divisive, destructive ‘divide & rule’ Colonial methods of the past. Hearts & Heads have to work together, one by itself will not/cannot work properly.

  10. helaya Says:

    I agree with Rathnapala who says the SL government should have taken CHOGM reps to border villages affected by Tamil terrorism. Also as commented earlier there are plenty of evidence that SL forces did not kill civilians indiscriminately. For an example the leaked cables form former ambassador Robert Blake regarding cautious movement of our troupes to avoid civilian casualties. AS some one said our foreign ministry should be revamped and appoint more knowledgeable and patriotic people.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Gomin is a PROVEN PATRIOT.

    However, his theory FALLS when he describes TAMIL GRIEVANCES.

    Why hasn’t he described Sinhala, Muslim, etc. grievances?

    Tamil grievances NEVER ends – beggar’s wound!

    Once you fall into it no coming out.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    India IGNORES Sri Lanka’s request for Joint Oversight on the Sethu Samudram Project.

    So, why does Sri Lanka HEED India’s requests on ANYTHING, including implementation of the 13th Amendment?

    Stop this SLAVISH behavior; IGNORE EVERYTHING India wants … NOW!

    Lanka Seeks Joint Mechanism to Assess and Monitor Sethu Samudram Project

    By PK Balachandran | ENS – COLOMBO
    December 4, 2013

    Sri Lanka has sought a joint Indo-Lankan mechanism to assess the Sethu Samudram Canal Project (SSCP) and continuously monitor its implementation and operation.

    On November 25, Colombo announced that it had shared with India a Lankan expert committee’s report which had pointed out several flaws in the project and suggested a joint mechanism to assess it, monitor its execution, and continually keep an eye on the operation of the canal.

    The committee headed by Ariyaratne Hewage, then Secretary to the Ministry of Education, and Prof.Shantha Hennayake, geologist at the Peradeniya University, pointed out that India had shared only “a little information” with Lanka and that “repeated requests” by Lanka to set up a joint mechanism for the assessment and monitoring of the SSCP had got “no positive response.”

    The committee said that dredging for the canal, and continuous dredging to keep it open, would have an impact on the Lankan side as the canal was only one kilometer away from the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). Indian environmental impact studies had “not identified and evaluated the full impact” of the project and the impact on the Lankan side had not been considered at all, it said.

    Continuous dredging would disturb marine life in the Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar, adversely affecting fishermen on both sides of the IMBL. There was no clarity on the quantification of maintenance dredging. The question as to who would compensate for damages caused by dredging, was not addressed.

    “Insufficient attention” was paid to problems posed by oil spills, leakages, discharge of sewage, bilge and ballast water. The committee said that Lanka should be involved in the preparation of oil spill contingency plans in keeping with the International Convention on Control of Pollution from Ships (the MARPOL Convention of 1973).

    The modeling used by India was not backed by adequate field data and had “under-estimated the nature and types of impact of the SSCP,” the panel said. The “water exchange” across Adam’s Bridge had not been studied using Advection Dispersion Modelling. The committee proposed “collaborative mathematical modeling.”

    Work on SSCP is currently on hold as there is a case against it in the Indian Supreme Court.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! Finally the tide is turning in Australia ….. which will DENY “Permanent Protection Visas” to illegal boat arrivals: “… none of the 33,000 people who arrived in Australia illegally by boat and were yet to be processed will be granted a permanent visa …

    STOPPING the ADMISSION into other countries of Fake Refugees from Sri Lanka, is CENTRAL to STOPPING Fake Human Rights ALLEGATIONS against Sri Lanka.

    If Fake Refugee Claims will produce NO BENEFIT; that INCENTIVE to Make FALSE ALLEGATIONS will END!

    Now we have to work on Canada, New Zealand and other countries whose Refugee Policies are STILL WIDE OPEN TO ABUSE by these Kallathonis!
    Australia announces tough new measures for illegal boat arrivals

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 04, Colombo: Australian government has abolished the permanent protection visas granted to illegal boat arrivals before and vowed not to grant visas to anyone coming illegally by boats.

    The tough new measures for illegal boat arrivals were announced on December 3 and anyone who arrived in Australia before 19 July 2013 is subject to tougher rules, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, said today.

    Morrison said the anti-people smuggling measures the Australian Government had introduced, including a ban on permanent protection visas for people who arrived before July 19 this year, demonstrated the strength of the Government’s resolve to stop the illegal trade.

    He said the government has acted swiftly to ensure that none of the 33,000 people who arrived in Australia illegally by boat and were yet to be processed will be granted a permanent visa.

    Mr Morrison said the Australian Government’s message is crystal clear: “you should not come because you will not be allowed to stay.”

    “The Coalition will never act to honour the promise of a people smuggler by providing their customers with permanent visas in Australia,” Mr Morrison said.

    “‘In addition I will be using my powers under Section 46(A) of the Migration Act to prevent anyone who had arrived illegally by boat to make applications for a permanent protection visa. This bar will remain in effect until such time temporary protection visas are able to be granted to boat arrivals,” he said.

    However, the measures will have no impact on those granted protection through the government’s offshore refugee and humanitarian programme, the Minister assured.

    Protection visas for offshore applicants, waiting in camps and other such places, will continue to be issued as normal. He said it is important that people who come the right way have continued access to this programme.

    He said the government will stand up to any challenge that comes in its way on illegal boat arrivals, be that from people smugglers or the opposition parties.

  14. Marco Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble
    Australia has every right to protect its borders from boat arrival refugees be they Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese.
    Australia has been rather late in denying the “Protection visas” for refugee arrivals unlike UK, Canada or US.
    The “fake” or otherwise human rights allegations is 40:60 from within Sri Lanka to outside Sri Lanka.
    Not sure how you stop people living in Sri Lanka providing “evidence” of HR allegations. Understand its a new tack for March 2014

    We should be applauding Australia as and when they ban LTTE and its front organisations. Don’t you think so?

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    The Canadian REFUGEE Policy which began after WW II, is very easy going. WW II was a traumatic experience especially for Europe and European Refugees found a safe place in Canada, which was well and good.

    But nowadays, a person has only to arrive there as a REFUGEE from some trumped up riot or so (like the 1983 Riots), and hey presto ! that person gets REFUGEE status. This means an allowance of Candian $$s, shelter plus an OHIP card (fee health care) plus a host of other benefits. A person who goes there in the legal way gets none of these benefits. No wonder Sri Lanka Tamils form their main Tamil Diaspora there. Also, there is a Catholic priest there who aids and abets all such bogus Tamil economic REFUGEES who end up spreading falsehoods about Lanka however much Lanka had helped them in the past.

    It is high time Canada revised these laws so that BOGUS Refugees to not gain access to the country and use up tax payer money. Also, Canada is a Brit lap doggie when it comes to politics. So there we have it.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    I disagree.

    At least with REFUGEE VISA in Australia, SL could FLUSH OUT the shitt OUT OF SL.

    Now this shitt will STAY IN SL and shittt everywhere. MOST human rights fake “evidence” came from SL by persons LIVING in SL.

    It is better to FLUSH OUT traitors from the body than keep them INSIDE and complain of INFECTION.

    Channel 4 loser was handed at least 100 CDs by TNA, NGOs when he was in SL. He took them to UK for more feature films!!

    TNA MP Sritharan was making disgusting films with Tamil girls to discredit the army.

    Australia is VERY SELFISH and NOT genuine. IF genuine it should BAN the LTTE like Canada, USA, etc., etc.

    Australia is ONLY looking at its interests. SL should do same.

    Send boat people OUT of SL but not let them reach Australia. A bomb attached to the hull would go off 4 hours into the journey and 100 Tamil men will be gone without a trace.

    IF it can be done every week, 5,200 Tamil men will be erased. That is around 50% of Tamil male population growth annually.

  17. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PEOPLE SMUGGLERS TO AUSTRALIA, WILL LOSE THEIR EARNING BY THE MILLIONS. Probably they will start Arms smuggling to compensate. Will have to watch out.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as: …. OHIP card (free health care) …

  19. Ananda-USA Says:


    I fail to see where we differ in most of what you have said, for you have accepted what I said about Australia, despite your “Sorry to burst your bubble” snide remark.

    Of course, ” Australia has every right to protect its borders from boat arrival refugees be they Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese” which I myself applauded, but for the first time they are acting seriously on it against a multitude of organized Eelamist supporters, and are changing their view of Sri Lanka’s struggle against the Eelamists because Sri Lanka is helping this Ausralian Governt protect their country from those who flout their laws.

    Of course, “Australia has been rather late in denying the “Protection visas” for refugee arrivals unlike UK, Canada or US.”, but better late than never. Also, unlike UK, Canada and the US, they are now beginning to breakaway from those countries to support Sri Lanka in internal fora like the CHOGM, and to help Sri Lanka protect itself by giving 2 naval ships. This is at a time when India is holding back 2 new vessels bought by Sri Lanka in response to Tamil Nadu opposition. This is significant; every time India backs out, some other country benefits. In this case, it is because of PROACTIVE and SUSTAINED action by the GOSL to reach out to Australia on a matter of mutual interest.

    Perhaps, “The “fake” or otherwise human rights allegations is 40:60 from within Sri Lanka to outside Sri Lanka”, but reducing the motivations of “fake refugees” candidates by ELIMINATING the carrot that drives them is important, if onlybecause it is something we can do as opposed to wringing our hands about foreigners and Eelamist Diaspora that we cannot do much about. Furthermore, it will support Sri Lanka when it moves to plug the stream of illegals entering Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu under various pretexts.

    Also, if the strategy we are taking relative to Australia can be duplicated elsewhere, may be we can turn this ship around. Rome was not built in a day. IN this context, it is important to recognize that there are segments of local populations in the UK, Canada and US who are TOTALLY opposed to, and FED UP with, the weak policies of their governments on illegal immigrants and fake refugees. In the US, the debate on what to about the 13 million illegal immigrants in a time of economic distress and burgeoning welfare costs, is upsetting many American who want the flood of illegals stemmed and is tearing the country apart. That is also true in both the UK and in Canada. Do your research on how this wave of resentment against mollycoddling of illegal immgrants is growing exponentially. That RESENTMENT will sweep some these political demagogues, like David Cameron who hope to ride “Human Rights” to political office, from power. I say again … DO YOUR RESEARCH …. before commenting.

    You say “Not sure how you stop people living in Sri Lanka providing “evidence” of HR allegations. Please understand that those who have neither a legal immigrant visa to a foreign country, nor any hope of busting in through the back door as a fake refugee boat arrival, has little incentive to muddy the waters in Sri Lanka where they must otherwise live. The TNA hardcore will make waves, but others will be cautious about fabricating stories. The Dual Citizenship facility, for example, will not be offered to fake refugees who demonized SRi Lanka to gain entry to other countries. That is but the tip-of-the iceberg of what can be done to dissuade these machiavellian liars fabricating stories out of whole cloth.

    You said “We should be applauding Australia as and when they ban LTTE and its front organisations.” ABSOLUTELY … the collaboration on interdicting illegal immigrants could very well lead to that also.


    Of course, “Australia is VERY SELFISH ….. ….it should BAN the LTTE like Canada, USA, etc., etc.”. Absolutely, it is GENUINE SELF-INTEREST at work … not concern for Sri Lanka, or high minded principle, but PURE SELF-INTEREST. Between countries, there are no friends but only self-interest …. I yhink we instinctively understand that… but in this case, there is a shared BENEFIT and MUTUAL SELF-INTEREST here.

    Getting Australia to DENY ENTRY to Fake Refugees is VERY IMPORTANT for Sri Lanka for three reasons: 1. It reduces the INCENTIVE to demonize SRi Lanka with allegations of human rights violations, and 2. it weans Australia AWAY from the Wolf Pack of Foreign Western critics to the extent Australia is giving naval ships (2 Bay Class OPCs) to Sri Lanka, and 3. when Sri Lanka moves to stem the tide of Kallathonis entering Sri Lanka it will help to have allies who have walked that path ahead of us.

    On the other hand, your suggestion “Send boat people OUT of SL but not let them reach Australia. A bomb attached to the hull would go off 4 hours into the journey and 100 Tamil men will be gone without a trace.” is PREPOSTEROUS and CRIMINAL suggestion even if, I suspect, you wrote it only to provoke an argument from others. Well, I won’t argue … but I think it is an absolutely awful thing to say.


    I fully agree with you. Canada will act only when its own interests and safety is threatened. Some Canadians are LIVID with their government’s lax policies on illegal immigration … including fake refugees. The pot is on the stove, should boil over soon if the economy continues to slide downhill. But, it will take time … because Canada is still underpopulated and resource rich and can easily accommodate more illegal immigrants …. provided the economy remains on an even keel.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    “1. It reduces the INCENTIVE to demonize SRi Lanka with allegations of human rights violations”

    NO! The incentive is TAMIL ELAM desire. As long as it stays, Tamils will demonize SL in whatever way they can. Tamil demonizing SL DID NOT WORK with Australia!!! That is why they gave us 2 warships!!!

    Canada, UK, France, USA, Swiss have MORE Tamils than Australia.

    “2. it weans Australia AWAY from the Wolf Pack of Foreign Western critics to the extent Australia is giving naval ships (2 Bay Class OPCs) to Sri Lanka”

    Only to some extent. Its interests with the west is FAR GREATER than SL.

    “3. when Sri Lanka moves to stem the tide of Kallathonis entering Sri Lanka it will help to have allies who have walked that path ahead of us.”

    Disagree. Today the kallathonis take the PLANE to come to SL!! They overstay visa forever!! Anyway SL has NO such visa category Australia had for them.

    BTW the criminal, preposterous, bad, ugly, immoral, etc. suggestion is no joke. It is a WIN-WIN for both SL and Australia.

    e.g. I have a parasite on me. I can give it to you and I will be free! But you are my friend. So why should I? OTOH I would NOT suffer with the parasite either.

    So instead I lure it out of my body and bust it and you and I are both happy!

    Developed DEMOCRATIC civilised nations do FAR WORSE (better?) things than this in the name of national security. IF SL were to survive this jungle it has only few options. SL is the heaven IF not for the separatists. I seek NO other heaven after death!!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    What you say is true : “Today the kallathonis take the PLANE to come to SL!! They overstay visa forever!! …”

    This is due to lax SAARC rules that allows SAARC country people (India with TAMIL NADU, Pakistan) to freely enter Sri Lanka. However, INDIA has managed to circumvent this rule – we do not know how India has managed to do it. We have to find out how and do the same.

    Various religious bodies aid and abet this type of kallathonis entering Sri Lanka. The ordinary boat kallathonis cannot afford plane rides – these are more affluent kallathonis affiliated to various wealthier religious bodies.

    The protector of kallathonis to Canada is Rev. Emmanuel, a Catholic priest.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: The armed forces of Lanka ought to be given the Ministry of Immigration & Emigration, in addition to ensuring the Security of Lanka.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! Immigration and Emigration need no guns. They are well equipped. They should get the same incentives given to Customs.

    Army cannot do everything, that individuals fancifully desire. Army is a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Let Immigration and Emigration do their job, and improve their capabilities. We simply cannot make that Ministry defunct.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:


    Oops … you made a mistake: It was Lorenzo, NOT me, who said “Today the kallathonis take the PLANE to come to SL!! They overstay visa forever!! …”

    Some Kallathonis DO come by PLANE and overstay their visas, but there are others who come in the dead of night by sea sometimes posing as fishermen. I think the fishermen’s issue is being promoted by Tamil Nadu politicians, because they want to use this method to introduce Kallathonis into Sri Lanka and COLONIZE Sri Lanka surreptiously.

    Stopping this massive ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION into Sri Lanka is what I was primarily referring to in my comment about Sri Lanka’s future need to act against illegal immigrants. DEPORTATION of Kallathonis should HAPPEN in the future.

    For example, about a year ago, the Police arrested 34 Indian Tamils working in the rice fields of the Eastern Province. They were prosecuted and deported back to India. I very much doubt they came by plane to work in rice fields in Sri Lanka! There is a NETWORK of Sri Lankan Tamils, associated with the TNA perhaps, who help these Kallathonis to come to Sri Lanka, hide them to avoid detection, and enable them to get jobs and legal documents.

    Furthermore, as you and I have often pointed out, over 1.6 million Kallathonis were imported into Sri Lanka during the last 30 years when Sri Lanka lost control of its coastline and could not prevent illegals from entering Sri Lanka wholesale. The 2012 census do not reflect the departure of 1.5 million Sri Lankaan Tamils to live abroad; instead it shows an INCREASE in “Sri Lankan” Tamils resident in Sri Lanka amounting to a total increase of 1.6 million. Where did those people come from … except as Kallathonis from Tamil Nadu?

    To appreciate the DIABOLICAL NATURE of the trick the LTTE working hand-in-glove with Tamil Nadu politicians played on Sri Lanka, consider this: Even as these 1.6 million Kallathonis were being imported to work the fields and fill the ranks of the LTTE terrorists, Prabhakaran created an extensive human smuggling network and support structure abroad to EXPORT up to 1.5 million Sri Lankan Tamils as Fake Refugees. He got them onto the welfare rolls receiving welfare payments and employment abroad later, while simultaneously DEMONIZING the GOSL for “Human Rights violations” and “Discrimination” as the reason why they HAD TO FLEE! The goal was to create a CAPTIVE TAX-BASE to fund LTTE’s military forces, and to create a CAPTIVE VOTER- base who could be commanded at will to demonstrate against and bribe and seduce foreign politicians against Sri Lanka.

    The 2012 CENSUS shows that although 1.5 million Sri Lankan Tamils went abroad to join the Diaspora, their absence is NOT REFLECTED in the census in a DECREASE in the Sri Lankan Tamil population. INSTEAD, there are now an INCREASE in Sri Lankan Tamil residents in Sri Lanka.

    How can that be … except through illegal immigration of up to 1.6 million Indian Tamils INTO Sri Lanka to MORE THAN COMPLETELY OFFSET the 1.5 million Sri Lankan Tamils the LTTE smuggled abroad by various means. With their citizenship documents “destroyed” in the war, they are now claiming citizenship status although they are Kallathonis of very recent vintage.

    It is also VERY LIKELY that those 300,000 Tamils who accompanied Prabhakaran to form his HUMAN SHIELD, were Indian Tamils imported by him from Tamil Nadu into Sri Lanka, who feared being deported back to Tamil Nadu, and had no recourse but to stick by their immigration sponsor’s side to the very end.

    Sometime soon, the GOSL is going to have to SCRUTINIZE the citizenship status of these 1.6 million illegal immigrants with a MICROSCOPE, and DEPORT those who are TRULY ILLEGAL back to India. The GOSL should also PROSECUTE to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW Sri Lankan Citizens who aid, abet and EMPLOY illegal immigrants.

    All of this UNDERSCORES an important reason why Sri Lanka MUST NOT ALLOW any Anti-Elements to hold power in any part of Sri Lanka: they will then change the National Demographics of Sri Lanka with IMPORTATION of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to the detriment of the Bhumiputra citizens of Sri Lanka.

    The LOSS of Sovereignty to the British in the WHOLE of Sri Lanka in 1815 resulted in the wholesale theft of land by the colonialists and massive importation of Indian Tamil laborers from Tamil Nadu into Sri Lanka …. against the vociferous, but ineffective, opposition of the Sinhala people.

    The LOSS of Sovereignty to the LTTE of the Northern and Eastern Provinces in the last 30 years, has now resulted in the massive illegal importation of up to 1.6 million additional Kallathonis.

    I urge the GOSL to NOT REPEAR that sorry history of LOSS of Sovereignty, by EMPOWERING the TNA in the Northern Province with Land and Police powers, and WITHDRAWING the Armed Forces & Coast Guard.

    Empowering DEVIOUS Separatists will result in CONTINUED massive importation of Indian Tamils into Sri Lanka, with the local Tamil-dominated Provincial Administration working hand-in-glove with Sri Lanka’s enemies to provide all the Fake Documents necessary for Kallathonis to enter and consolidate their grip on the land. Let us REMEMBER that in the last 30 years, they provided FAKE PASSPORTS and FAKE VISAS to enter foreign countries, and fabricated documents to plead the cases of fake refugee alleging human rights violations and endemic discrimination.

    DO NOT Empower the Machiavellian Liars of the TNA/LTTE!

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    Under the current constitution and PROMISES made by our dear leaders we MUST empower TNA liars and racists!!

    No way out.

    Look at the 13 amendment. The list of powers to TNA is longer than the list of power for GOSL!!
    LLRC said full implementation of 13.
    BR and MR promised to fully implement 13.
    UNHRC same thing.
    Our pollies ALWAYS give in.

    And govt has NO 2/3 to REMOVE 13.
    No govt. ever will.

    There is NO way out. I want you to objectively see this as Prince Siddartha saw the misery of life and death.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Pardon my French ….. but BLOODY HELL … is this really possible?

    Is this the SAME David Cameron who supports the INCURABLE Eelamist Tamil racists demanding a Tamils-only racially segregated ethnic Bantustan in Sri Lanka, now declaring that “the policy of treating different cultures as ‘separate and distinct’ – known as multiculturalism – had been a ‘mistake’?

    We have pilloried David Cameron as a HYPOCRITE waving DOUBLE STANDARDS aloft before, but this takes the proverbial cake!

    Either he has a split personality, or is suffering from Advanced Alzheimers and does not know today what he said yesterday!

    Or, is it only a case of WHOSE OX is being GORED at any given time?

    Yesterday, it was Sri Lanka’s OX being GORED by incurably racist Eelamist Tamils; But today it is Imperial Britain’s OX being GORED by Fanatical Muslims”!!

    So, “Down with Multiculturalism” … yells David beCame-Moron … who was all for Multiculturalism in Sri Lanka … espousing the Tamil Separatist cause … only Yesterday!

    Yo, David …. Ever heard of INCONSISTENCY and HYPOCRISY?

    Hello, is anyone in #10 Downing Street checking David beCAme-Moron’s policies for CONSISTENCY?

    Mistake of multiculturalism aided extremists says PM: Report finds politicians’ failure to tackle the hard-line views allowed fanaticism to take root

    – Task force said treating different cultures as ‘separate’ was an error
    – Report was scathing about the ‘reticence’ to confront Islamists
    – Was a response to the killing of solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich
    – Claimed the government must take ‘responsibility’ for allowing fanaticism to develop

    By James Slack
    December 4, 2013

    Timid politicians with a ‘misplaced’ fear of offending Muslims have allowed Islamist extremism to take root in the institutions of Britain, the Prime Minister warned yesterday.

    A task force chaired by David Cameron said the policy of treating different cultures as ‘separate and distinct’ – known as multiculturalism – had been a ‘mistake’.

    The panel said it was far easier to combat the fanaticism that leads to terrorism when different communities ‘come together to challenge it’.

    Yesterday’s report – a response to the killing of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich – was scathing about the ‘reticence’ of politicians to confront Islamists.

    It was published by Downing Street on behalf of Mr Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and a string of other senior Cabinet ministers.

    The report gives a stark warning of how – by being afraid to challenge hard-line views – politicians had allowed fanaticism to take root in a string of British institutions.

    It says: ‘The Government, as much as organisations and communities in the UK, must take responsibility.

    ‘We have been too reticent about challenging extreme Islamist ideologies in the past, in part because of a misplaced concern that attacking Islamist extremism equates to an attack on Islam itself.

    This reticence, and the failure to confront extremists, has led to an environment conducive to radicalisation in some mosques and Islamic centres, universities and prisons.’

    For three decades, Whitehall promoted a strategy of multiculturalism that Mr Cameron has previously described as ‘encouraging different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream’.

    The task force, which the PM personally chaired, warns this was a ‘mistake’. It says: ‘Extremism is less likely to be tolerated by communities which come together to challenge it.

    ‘Britain is stronger because of its open, multi-faith and multi-racial communities, which can tackle extremists together and challenge the view that it is not possible to be a true Muslim and be integrated in British society.

    ‘Approaches in the past that, on occasion, sought to deal with different communities as separate and distinct, were mistaken.’

    Mr Cameron called on the Government and wider society to ‘take action to confront extremism in all its forms, whether in our communities, schools, prisons, Islamic centres or universities’.

    He said yesterday: ‘I have been absolutely clear that this is not something we should be afraid to address for fear of cultural sensitivities.’

    The task force is recommending new civil powers – dubbed ‘Tebos’, or terror and extremism behaviour orders – to target extremists.

    They could be used to bar people from preaching messages of terror and hate, associating with named individuals thought vulnerable to radicalisation, and from entering specific venues such as mosques or community halls.

    Ministers also want new internet filters to block extremist websites and extended powers for watchdogs to shut down charities suspected of being fronts for extremist groups.

    The Government is also introducing a new definition of extremism which specifically includes a ‘distorted interpretation of Islam’ which argues against ‘liberal values such as democracy, the rule of law and equality’.

    In 2004 Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality – now the Equality and Human Rights Commission – said multiculturalism was out of date because it ‘suggests separateness’. He warned that Britain was sleepwalking into segregation.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Re: Cum-Moron

    Do what they do not what they say!

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here comes a TNA MP bearing a “Gift Horse” to undermine the Sri Lankan Troy!

    NEVER involve international parties in any “accountability” effort in Sri Lanka … as this Tiger Nominated Agent proposes!

    Like Norway’s involvement which saw the slow legitimization of a terrorist group on the world stage, such an act will SLOWLY UNDERMINE Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and INSTEAD OF ENDING the allegations will open up a CONTINUOUS PROCESS of foreign interference in Sri Lanka.

    NEVER AGAIN should such a thing be contemplated.

    We warned the GOSL that FAILURE to hold the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA ACCOUNTABLE for their support of LTTE terrorism and their TREASON against Sri Lanka at many different levels including inviting foreign invasions of our country, and EMPOWERING them through the Northern PC Election, will ONLY ENCOURAGE MORE TREACHERY.

    And as WE PREDICTED it has come to PASS that Sri Lanka’s difficulties have INCREASED, not ABATED by the ABJECT CAPITULATION to Terrorist Separatists and Foreign Powers plying their own agendas.

    At least NOW, the GOSL should backtrack, and implement the following

    9-POINT PROGRAM for Peace & Security in Sri Lanka

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment
    2. DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System
    3. ELIMINATE Indian Involvement in Reconstruction & Rehabilitation efforts in the North & East
    4. REDUCE Indian Involvement and Investment in Sri Lanka’s economy
    5. END Military cooperation with India; they can’t and don’t help SRi Lanka with any weapons ANYWAY!
    6. SECURE Sri Lanka’s coastline with coast guard and naval bases within EYESIGHT of each other to protect Sri Lanka’s Maritime resources and PREVENT illegal immigration, gun running, and goods smuggling
    7. LAUNCH a thorough investigation of the CITIZENSHIP STATUS of the residents of Sri Lanka to IDENTIFY & DEPORT upto 1.6 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens from TAmil Nadu as indicated by the 2012 Census.
    8. ADOPT Ethnic Integration as National Policy with the goal of achieving a UNIFORM ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION nationwide, without REGIONAL ethno/religious concentrations.
    9. INCREASE the number of Armed Forces camps and Personnel in former LTTE-infected territories, PERMANENTLY SETTLE military personnel AND their FAMILIES in the North and East as part of Ethnic Integration, providing land, good hmes, schools, hospitals and other INFRASTRUCTURE to INCENTIVIZE PERMANENT SETTLEMENT by Sinhala people in these areas. In the Final Analysis, Ethnic Integration of this kind is the only permanent hope for peace and security of the people of Sri Lanka.

    The END of CHOGM, and the CLEAR DISPLAY OF ENMITY by India, Tamil Nadu, and Western Nations with large Sri Lankan Eelamist Tamil Populations, has given the GOSL the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT the above 9-POINT PROGRAM in the National Interest.

    Carpe’ Diem! Seize the Day!

    Sri Lanka’s accountability issue will not go away unless government agrees to international involvement – Tamil MP

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 07, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says international involvement is needed to resolve the accountability issues and bring reconciliation.

    TNA parliamentarian, M.A. Sumanthiran has said in parliament that that if the government agrees to an international inquiry or at least an international involvement in the process of resolving the differences, it will move the country forward.

    He noted that Sri Lanka now has a great opportunity to agree to a process under the aegis of the United Nations.

    Pointing out that questions of accountability will never go away until they are met squarely and sincerely, Sumanthiran said the government must make use of the opportunity to bring an end to the misery suffered by people for decades in the country.

    He added that the External Affairs Ministry should take note of this fact and redirect its course.

    According to Sumanthiran, the time between now and the next UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions that is less than six months away is enough if the government acts with sincerity.

    The international community is pressuring Sri Lankan government to conduct a credible and transparent inquiry into the allegations of war crimes and human rights violations to address the accountability issue.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron warned the government that UK will use whatever in their power at the UNHRC to bring an international probe if Sri Lankan government fails to conduct an independent probe by March 2014.

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