United National Party will never lead Sri Lanka because…..
Posted on December 5th, 2013

 Shenali D Waduge

There is one reason and one reason alone that explains why the United National Party will never lead Sri Lanka and no one needs to be splitting hairs or having conventions to find out. UNP will not win elections because it does not command the Buddhist vote. The tragedy is that it does not even care to consider championing the Buddhist cause. The reason is plain and simple and explains why over the years it has forgotten the arithmetic realities of how parties can win elections and why parties win elections.

 A leader who wants to celebrate the arrival of the Portuguese ignoring the thousands of Sri Lankans the Portuguese killed and the hundreds of Buddhist temples they destroyed and upon which current Churches now stand, a leader always running to foreign nations for advice, who stumbles when reciting the national anthem and rarely shows any desire to honor ancestors and the country’s Buddhist heritage can never hope to become the country’s leader. It is that plain and simple.

 There are many who weep for the Grand Ole Party ” more so because a country needs a vibrant opposition and not an opposition that sits on the other side especially if that opposition is now known and branded as traitors. Unfortunately, the UNP has only itself to blame. It has been plagued with a midas touch but not one that turns into gold ” but one that is rusting in all corners.

 From J R Jayawardena, R Premadasa to being led by Ranil Wickremasinghe the party has had its ups and downs. At least during the period of Premadasa people can look back in time where state offices were sparkling, public officials from peon to Secretary were immaculately dressed, factories and job opportunities abounded and of course the gam udawa system and the famous clock towers. People would also remember his inferiority complexes and how many manipulated these for their own advantage turning the country into a virtual killing field ” the human rights organizations were very selective and chose to keep mum. There were many unnecessary deaths and people are still mourning their dead. The period will also be remembered for the deaths of 600 innocent policemen asked to give themselves in to the LTTE who shot them dead one by one ” unarmed, a clear violation of their human rights ” again no human rights organizations came to speak on their behalf.

 The UNP has done its arithmetic wrong. In thinking that by only speaking for and taking up the mantle of the minorities it has distanced itself from a block of voters that cannot be ignored if a party wants to come into power. Popularity does not win votes, certainly not popularity from urban elite or minorities alone ” numbers are needed. Going behind coalitions of minorities only, has not paid any dividends to the UNP matched with its treacherous ways and traitors they have taken to their fold and traitors they have nurtured over the years.

 We had UNP MPs going round the world complaining and whining to every international body in the world, we have had MPs drafting legislations that have contributed to dividing and partitioning parts of the country to a terrorist organization and going around the world boasting of it ” ironically this same person is now in Government probably doing similar damage and eyeing for Premiership giving a whole new connotation to ‘yes’ men success theory and doing damage by fooling.

 There is little we need to say about the quality of our MPs for the public end up voting for them despite knowing their wicked ways or they end up coming from the back door as advisors, consultants or national list MPs and worse still be given key portfolios that decide the country’s fate when they are not the people the public want to represent them. Bouncing the same bad eggs from this side to that side has become part of the political games politicians play. You will not find a single Opposition MP objecting to salary increases for themselves but ever ready to complain about cost of living.

 Yet, we need to mention with appreciation that it was the UNP Buddhist voters who transferred their allegiance to the JHU in the 2004 elections after realizing UNP leaders treacherous ways and saved the country from turmoil. It is unfortunate that the JHU did not deliver on the mandate given to them which showcases how shortsighted politicians are in putting the country before self.

 Returning to the question of the UNP running deeper into the political wilderness it has itself only to blame. First they blamed its leader and now a whole team is accountable for it is this team that allowed a foreign tv channel to make use of its head quarters knowing that it was preparing to throw mud at Sri Lanka. Until and unless the UNP politicians realize that when people are ready to throw mud it is not at their enemy they are throwing mud it is at our country of 20million people of which they too are very much a part of – the UNP will continue to wonder why it can never sit in the winning seat – when the answer has always been siting infront of it. In allowing such a treacherous act to take place every member of the UNP is responsible whether they were part of the organizing committee or not. Blaming tv channels and media for relaying what they had organized is simply trying to cover up their guilt.

 To clean up the dirty stables. the UNP seriously need to throw out the dirty garbage that have littered every party they have been part of and connived to destroy using foreign funds and foreign advice – they are now ruining whatever is left to seal the coffin of the UNP. It is just as well the party is kept alive because of its history but for the party to become worthy of being called an opposition party the UNP needs to realize that in aspiring to lead the nation it must represent all the people and not isolate an entire bloc that contributes to bringing party’s to power. 

 Those party’s that merit from the bloc vote at the same time needs to also realize that they cannot afford to take that bloc vote too much for granted and committing the same mistake the UNP is currently doing which will be a key factor at future elections. 

 The voters are not as stupid as some politicians may like to think.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    We are stuck in this UNP-UPFA rut. Like frogs in a well we CANNOT think beyond UNP-UPFA. Has it benefitted the country? NO.

    BOTH UNP and UPFA are committed to empower TNA and divide the country. Half the UNP’s reproductive organs are in UPFA’s salmon valley anyway!!!

    Prince Gamunui was stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. He REALIZED it and did something about it. Will we?

  2. douglas Says:

    This UNP (Uncle,Nephew Party) has been written off the “National Balance Sheet” as an “Unrecoverable Bad Debt” by the people of this country. Unfortunately the replacement (UPFA) is worse than what we thought to be. It has all the elements of “Corruption”, “Nepotism”, “Boorishness”, “Buffoonery” etc. that have eaten into the society and more or less becoming a “cancer”. As things are it is a “CANCER”.

    What a pity? Where do we go from here and who will give SOLACE to us?

  3. aloy Says:

    Yes Lorenzo, someday someone will come forward like prince Dutugemunu, though he is an elusive one at the moment. But let that person not be from the military. Most of them are too dirty. We have only one hula now, imagine a situation when we have a junta of hulas. Look at Myanmar, they still haven’t come out of the woods.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    I completely agree with you Shenali …. the UNP is intrinsically incapable of leading the Sri Lankan nation, because it does not recognize or support our Sinhala Buddhist heritage!

    As you so eloquently said ….

    “A leader who wants to celebrate the arrival of the Portuguese ignoring the thousands of Sri Lankans the Portuguese killed and the hundreds of Buddhist temples they destroyed and upon which current Churches now stand, a leader always running to foreign nations for advice, who stumbles when reciting the national anthem and rarely shows any desire to honor ancestors and the country’s Buddhist heritage can never hope to become the country’s leader. It is that plain and simple.”

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    That is UNP who celebrates the arrival of the Portuguese.

    UPFA already celebrated teh arrival of the British who did more damage to SL !!! CHOGM!!

    Can’t you see the SAMENESS?

    UNP and UPFA are stuck together like a dog intercourse situation!!


    Only the military can overcome the POLITICAL UNDERWORLD. If you and I try we are DEAD. That is the UNP-UPFA-JVP-TNA-SLMC-CWC political system.

    A military take over run through a CIVILIAN CEO is the way forward.

    LEE KWAN YU didn’t come to power by election in Singapore. He controlled the military. Elections were held afterwards.

    BTW Nelson Mandela is dead. RIP Mandela. LKY will die soon.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    You identify the problem but not the solution.

    The solution is a military take over. Change the stupid constitution. Hold elections. We will have a NEW political system.

    ALL SLs who love SL MUST support a military takeover.

    They delivered 300,000 Tamilians from the clutches of terror.

    Now they have to save 20,000,000 people from the clutches of UNP-UPFA-TNA-JVP crooks.

    Army + Navy + AF , etc. cannot run away from their responsibility. STOP saluting politicians. Deliver SL from this misery.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Running with the hares and hunting with the hounds, is a feeling lead by fear.

    Somebody suggested somewhere, ” when a new government comes, they must check the Kallathonis etc” So a feeling of new government is there. Rhetoric, is just clowning. There is no question of a ‘hula’here. The sytem of governance has to change. We do not want Politicians who are involved in murder, extortion, rape, grand larceny, illegal businesses of any kind, and who are always ready to appease the TNA. I fully agree, and stand by Lorenzos concept. Everybody who write in length identifies the problem, but not the solution. A brickbat is thrown, while also trying to appease the governing party, and not getting onto their bad side. Just hypocrisy.

    While we are all deliberating on the same subject, The Government is obstinate and deaf. Nothing will change, and all our suggestions will never be heard. It is only just, us vs us.

  8. aloy Says:

    If what we see now is what we are going to get in future after another election, we would like the whole system changed. Our people should be careful not to make it another Arab spring. So, how can it happen. We do not want Military to take over as there is the chance that the rule will perpetuate like in Myanmar. By naming hula I only referred to the evil force that is signified by that name. Under the present system of elections a change will never happen. Even the opposition is not interested in coming to power. It appears they are satisfied with what they are getting. Otherwise who is the idiot who will find fault with Gata for trying to change demography of Colombo. They know very well that they cannot come to power with votes of minorities only. It appear to me that there is some sort of game which we do not understand going on. And that has prompted BR to say that they will rule for the next 20 years.
    So, what is the solution?. To my mind if UNP wants to come to power all those traitors should be pushed out.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    The best from the country must rule, whether from UPFA, UNP, Tamil parties, Muslim parties, Armed Forces etc. In the end, in a Democracy, it is the People who must choose their leaders and formulate/demand laws and rules for society to govern by. It is the People themselves who have to obey the Laws they demand. In a Democracy, if we haven’t got what we want, it is our JOINT failure. If we basically get what we want, it is our JOINT achievement.

    The UNP ran with ex-Empires. Religious bodies run with their head offices in foreign lands.

    Each of us has failed to achieve what ? What is it that each of us wants and longs for ?

    Lorenzo, an answer is appreciated from you especially.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    ‘Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people’ – Nelson Mandela

    Tell that to SL leaders!!

    They sacrifice people’s freedom for their enjoyment.

    But there are REAL SL leaders who are ready and already did sacrifice ALL for the freedom of the people. Who are they?

    26,500 of them. And many more. But why REAL LEADERS have no place in SL only REAR LEADERS rule?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: Human beings don’t fare well under brute force and will not put up with it. Neither do they fare well under slip shod, weak governments.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    1. NO 13 amendment.
    2. NO kallathoni
    3. NO massive corruption
    4. NO animal sacrifice
    5. NO drug dealers, murderers, lunatics, racists in parliament
    6. NO race politics
    7. NO bowing down to every damn thing by Endia
    8. NO demilitarization

    The list goes on.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    No one uses brute force. Our army is VERY humane.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo, How do you define FREEDOM ? Freedom to do what ?

  15. douglas Says:

    I have noted the recommended “SOLUTION” – The Medicine. viz. “A Military Take Over”.

    In this regard my mind goes back to my usual village saying: LEDA MALATH KAMAK NEHA, BADA SUDDAHA UNA-NE”.
    meaning: “never mind the patient died, but the stomach got cleaned”.

    Good Luck.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    1. NO 13 amendment – imposed on Lanka during the Cold War.
    2. NO kallathoni – brought in by Colonists, and during Cold War (ltte rule of N&E).
    3. NO massive corruption – hand over to media to handle.
    4. NO animal sacrifice – done by Tamils of Dalit origin & some Muslim sects. Can be removed by Law.
    5. NO drug dealers, murderers, lunatics, racists in parliament – Can be mitigated through Education of MPs and exposure through media. Indian Parliament is quarter ex-jail birds. Regional malady.
    6. NO race politics – Ban race based political parties.
    7. NO bowing down to every damn thing by Endia – India was/is bowed down by Super powers & ex-Colonists.
    8. NO demilitarization – this will not happen till Tamil leaders (both in Lanka & Tamil Nadu) stop Separatism or tend toward Separatism.

    Our esteemed armed forces have to guard the Land and the People. We suggest that they can also be in charge of the Ministry of Emigration & Immigration (stop the Kallathoni business). Armed forces personnel can contest elections in the normal manner too, if they are so inclined. I think that by law they have to leave the forces to do so. Not sure.

  17. Ratanapala Says:

    What future for UNP with Christians – Ranil, Joseph Michael Perera, Ravi Karunanayake, Rosi Senanayake, Laxman (Perera) Kiriella, Born Again Sajith Premadasa, Ponna Mangala Samaraweera and Ponna Tissa Attanayake leading the way? This party has done hare kiri and no redemption is in sight.

    For countries like Sri Lanka Democracy and Human Rights are not the priority. These are mere tools the so called International Community use to subjugate less developed countries. It is far more important to have strong well directed leadership like what they had in Singapore and Malaysia to pull the country out of the doldrums. President Mahinda Rajapakse is doing his bit, but has too many mill stones round his neck and he is pandering too much to the Colombians and the Christian Church.

    He must remember it is the Sinhala Buddhist vote that brought him to power and it is the poor Sinhala Buddhist Ranaviruwoes who won the war for him.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    Well Said!

    MR “… must remember it is the Sinhala Buddhist vote that brought him to power and it is the poor Sinhala Buddhist Ranaviruwoes who won the war for him.”

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    “He must remember it is the Sinhala Buddhist vote that brought him to power and it is the poor Sinhala Buddhist Ranaviruwoes who won the war for him.”

    It is time they take over the country, FIX the problems and hand back with a good set up.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    I have give a list of freedoms to start with.

    You are listed down the HISTORY behind these but that doesn’t make SL’s problems GO AWAY!!

    Will ANY elected govt. scrap 13 amendment? NO!!


    Because they need MINO-RAT-Y support, their sons and nephews are EMPPLOYED by PCs, etc.

    ONLY a military take over and a NEW CONSTITUTION can do it.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Dogles true to his UNP credentials ONLY criticize the UPFA but doesn’t give a solution. The IMPLIED solution is UriNePee!!

    That is worse than UPFA!! MUCH MUCH worse.

    This is why I want a military take over NOT allowing a frying pan (UPFA) to the fire (UriNePee) situation.

  22. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: I have no CREDENTIALS from any party (political or otherwise). My comments are purely on assessment of facts I see and study. Those could be refuted by wiser counsel and I respect such opinions too.

    Anyway you see the “MILITARY TAKE OVER” is the “SOLUTION” and obviously that is not my solution. Yet, I hope YOU could give that much needed “LEADERSHIP” towards achieving that GOAL. That is why I wished you GOOD LUCK.

    Please DO IT, your way, and let us see how that works. You have shown so many good things that could be achieved with the “MILITARY TAKE OVER” and why not spearhead that movement?

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    The 13-A will never go away, thanks to the Cold War politics and Tamil Separatism (Tamil Caste war transformation). Sri Lanka will never really gain true independence in that we are tied to the rest of the world, politically and economically. This is true for every country in the world – it is only the degree that differs. We will have good periods and bad periods in cycles. The 13-A has now been morphed to a manageable level. That is all we will get. At least if we look at the history of things, we will not be befuddled and bemused as to how and why we are the way we are here at present.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    That is not acceptable. If you have a sickness that is CURABLE would you just let death take you?

    We have to DO something about it without just accepting bad situations.

    Glad you AGREE there is NO HOPE in the present political set up.


    Leaving nonsense aside BOTH UNP and UPFA have FAILED SL. NO POINT bringing UNP to power just because UPFA is bad.

    I will work hard to bring a temporary military rule to SL. A compromise may be made IF it serves the END purpose.

  25. aloy Says:

    UNP going to field another robber (former CJ) as CM candidate for WPC elections. We can gauge the strength of Karu’ spine from this episode.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    I NEVER said “Glad you AGREE there is NO HOPE in the present political set up”. Where did I say so ?

    On the contrary, I am saying that the entire world is in a cycle of change in a downward spiral due to adherents of PURE -isms. It will pick up on a new range of values that put “People before Profit”, or at least more so. This is not so much for Lanka (socialist Republic), but for more affluent and powerful nations. Small nations like Lanka gets dwarfed by large powerful nations. What we feel in Lanka is the sickness from there expanding into our country through media, economy and globalization. I am also saying that it is far better for Lanka not to be split up the way we are politically speaking and it is better to have a National govt. as the Jnt Opposition is completely ineffective. It is bad enough to have religious differences.

    Of late, you interpret what I say in the wrong way ! Why do you do that ? I would be very glad if you would stop doing that with your “one liners”. The present situation in Lanka cannot be summed up in “one liners”, as you do.

    I will not expand on Fear & Greed in case you misinterpret that too, to suit your way of thinking.

    I am NOT with you in this idea of yours for total military rule in Lanka.

    I am for two areas to be GIVEN to military i.e. Defence (of course – goes without saying), and Emigration & Immigration (to stop illegal migration and guarding of coastlines mainly).

    Re GoSL (not Jnt Opposition), matters are being corrected in the best way possible right now, with the least harm to everyone.

    In my book PATIENCE is a virtue. Slow and steady wins the race – that is true both for large and small countries. It is best to keep an eye on the Environment while enhancing the Economy. Mother Nature has no favorites.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    Look up LLRCaction.Gov.lk for GoSL Plan of Action for Sri Lanka. Very hopeful.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Agreeing to a military take over comes ONLY AFTER you fully understand the mess we are in.

    I thought you were beginning to understand the mess we are in.

    LLRC is another mess. It mainly serves Tamils and not others!!!

    In that website more than 90% of the benefits are for Tamils but 90% of SL population is NON TAMIL. How damn unfair!

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    Freddy Gamage is a CONGENITAL IDIOT if he thinks that the GOSL should remain SUPINE while TamilNet, the VOICE OF THE LTTE, broadcasts its venomous lies to Sri Lankan citizens to undermine and destabilize Sri Lanka! Not even the United States, with its GLOBAL NSA SPY Network, allows foreign websites dedicated to the destruction of the United States to survive long!

    Also, since when did TamilNet, SriLankaGuardian and LankaeNews become “local” news websites? You got to be dreaming!!

    Gamage is a UNP stalwart who has now created the official sounding “The Professional Web Journalists’ Association (PWJA) of Sri Lanka” as a POLITICAL TOOL to achieve his devious political ends.

    The days when the UNP represented the National Interests of Sri Lanka ARE LONG GONE. Unfortunately … despite its honorable record of bringing independence to Sri Lanka …..,today it has deteriorated into an umbrella organization sheltering all the Anti-National Elements in Sri Lanka.

    Don’t be FOOLED by this discovery of a brand new commitment to “Online Journalistic Freedoms” by the UNP! It is more Self-Serving Anti-National UNP Politics … now jumping into bed with AVOWED SEPARATIST ENEMIES of Sri Lanka like TamilNet … the Principal Mouthpiece of the LTTE Diaspora!

    It was only Yesterday that the US Embassy was warning Sri Lanka about “restricting press freedoms.” Is this move by Freddy Gamage a coordinated effort in collaboration with that foreign power to further destabilize and undermine Sri Lanka?

    Shame on you Freddy Gamage …. after all you are a Sinhalese …. are you not?

    Professional Web Journalists’ Association in Sri Lanka speaks against blocking of local news website

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 08, Colombo: says that the blocking of a local website is part of a ‘selective curbing of access to internet news.’

    Issuing a statement on the blocking of SriLankaMirror website, Convener of the PWJA, Freddy Gamage noted that over half a dozen websites from Tamilnet, Sri Lankan Guardian, LankaeNews that carry news and information on Sri Lanka and interactive participation by readers have been blocked from resident Sri Lankan citizens and in this selective curbing of access to internet news, the latest victim is SriLankaMirror (SLM).

    “While the Media Ministry insists web sites operating from within Sri Lanka and provide news and information on Sri Lanka should be registered with the ministry, there is absolutely no such legal binding for web news as there is for print and electronic media. Nevertheless, SLM was one of the first Sri Lankan news website to oblige the media ministry request, but had been at the receiving end with CID raids, indictments and now total blocking of the website, for their comparatively independent stance on reporting news and events, the media release adds,” the PWJA said.

    The Association added, “In a media culture that had been coerced to follow the leader where occasionally and ethically editors and journalists feel reluctant to fall in line with the regime, the growing internet culture is seen as a new threat to its continued rule of the land with massive corruption, fraud, money laundering and nepotism.”

    According to the PWJA, it is the duty and the right of the Sri Lankan people as Citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations to demand the Head of State of Sri Lanka as the new chair in office of the CW for the next two years, honor all democratic pledges adopted unanimously and signed into as a member country.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    The LLRC deals with the aftermath of WAR. The war was against the ltte, all Tamil terror outfit with some outsiders too. So it is necessarily dealing with Tamils and the aftermath of war. That cannot be helped. Lanka has to deal with the deadly mistakes of the colonizers.

    All that has happened earlier prior to the war and the war itself cannot be reversed. The events have happened and finished.
    We have to deal with the aftermath in a sensible way. Thus the LLRC and its implementation. It has to happen.

    Sinhela people are growing too.

    In addition, Lanka has to keep out all illegal migrants and deport them. That is the way to go … no other way forward.

  31. Lorenzo Says:


    If LLRC is implemented SL become very attractive to TN low caste Tamil illegals.

    LLRC has NOTHING for Muslims and Sinhalese who also suffered. It is a RACIST joke.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lanka is ALREADY attractive to all SE Asian illegal migrants. Already, OVER A THOUSAND illegal migrants have been deported for the year 2012, mostly from India & Pakistan. We wonder how many got away and are still in Lanka.

    That is why the Ministry of Emigration & Immigration should be handed over to the armed forces. As well, the coastlines and ports (air and sea), must be better guarded by the joint armed forces.

    Remember that the JVP had two insurrections in the past. In the end, all will benefit from the LLRC.

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