Utter waste of money and Energy
Posted on December 5th, 2013

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,Vanderwert Place, Dehiwela

The anti mosquito campaign is a failure is a foregone conclusion, proved not only by the ever increasing number of cases of Dengue and malaria but also be the way the government officials go about taking action.

Once in a blue moon, suddenly there will be a flurry of activity from the officials and every house in a particular area will be visited and those who had even a coconut shell with stagnant water will be hauled up in the courts to pay heavy fines – fair enough. But the mosquitoes must be having a hearty laugh since the very drains just outside these same  houses  will be full of muck and stagnant pools of water.

If the officers who visit are more concerned about actually eradicating mosquitoes than just  gleefully issuing  warrants to the house holders, feeling grand that they ‘caught’ so many errant house holders, they would have  taken  a holistic approach.

They would have  first made sure  the drains are clean for that’s where most mosquitoes breed, then they would have taken time to explain to the inmates of the houses the importance of keeping the surrounding clean and would have visited on a regular basis to  make sure  their orders are carried out.

Now and then the Municipality wakes up to the fact that the  drains in the lanes need cleaning then there is a flurry of activity, a whole battalion of labourers and supervisors will land on the lane, removing  overgrown weeds and the garbage obstructing  the flow of water in the drains. For a full day there will be activity and then, all what they removed  will be dumped in heaps right along  the curbs and they will disappear.

When questioned they will assure that these will be removed during the course of the day, but alas! The heaps  will  remain for days to come, slowly being kicked back into the drains by the vehicles, the pedestrians and the rain. The drains will be blocked even worse than before and we can rest assured the municipality workers will not be sighted for at least another 3 months! Just visit Vanderwert place now for proof.

There is no planning, no coordination between the labourers and those in charge of the municipality  vehicle, and no consistence in the project. Everybody – the laborers, the officers, the supervisors and the municipality councilors – all feel smug that they have done their part. But then the mosquitoes are singing their way to their victims,  now that they have even better breeding places.

Will there ever be a consistent plan to carry out such a simple project?  Why cannot the municipality allocate a few officers for a few lanes specifically, and first of all, educate THEM  and instruct them to visit the household owners regularly on a friendly basis?  The eradication can never be achieved without the willing cooperation of the public. Cleaning the premises, including the drains, fumigation, proper  garbage disposal – all have to go hand in hand, and continuously supervised and carried out  to eradicate mosquitoes.

Until then,Party time for  the mosquitoes and Goodbye to the eradication.


10 Responses to “Utter waste of money and Energy”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree.

    Something must be done. Colombo mayor MUZAMMIL is not doing a proper job much like his predecessors.

    Muzammil is breeding mosquitos and mosques.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Recent visit to the island, we were almost mosquito free, thanks to the government’s efforts.

  3. mjaya Says:

    This is cycle,

    1. Write extremist articles for a few Saudi Riyals
    2. Get humiliated
    3. Keep silent for a significant period of time
    4. Write a few “important” articles to regain credibility
    5. Back to 1.

  4. mjaya Says:

    This is *the* cycle

    Now the cycle is in 4.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Mjaya, Lorenzo,
    I am currently living 1 km from Saudi Place, Dehiwala.
    Mosquitos have invaded this area in similar proportions to Moslims from Saudi wearing gonibilla suit.
    Both are bitting hard but cannot bear the later more than the former.
    All our former simple moslim women who were wearing sari covering the head have been attacked by Saudi Dengue Mossies and died.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Take care. Don’t catch any of those fevers.

  7. radha Says:

    Mareena Thaha makes some very valid points in her post. There is no need to gang up against her just because she is Muslim, or because in the past she failed to speak out against Saudis that beheaded that innocent Sri Lankan Muslim girl.

    Regarding the failure to eradicate mosquitoes it is the government that should carry the responsibility and blame. Passing the buck back to householders is a crafty ploy by the government to slide off their responsibility. What can a small house holder do when as Mareena states there is a vast range of more salubrious accommodation for mosquitoes in areas that is within the responsibility of urban authorities, provincials and the government. The relevant authorities do nothing worthwhile to sanitize large scale dumps of fresh and dirty water sources, nor mass scale treatment as they used to do in the 1950s (as I remembered) against malaria carrying mosquitoes.

    Important looking petty officials visiting a household and their fining the householder thousands of ruppees for not having turned over a coconut shell tantamount to arrogance, and stealing from the poor. If these official dogs bodies really care so much, then they should take the Community Health, Environment and Urban development minsters to the court.

  8. mjaya Says:


    **Mareena Thaha makes some very valid points in her post. There is no need to gang up against her just because she is Muslim, or because in the past she failed to speak out against Saudis that beheaded that innocent Sri Lankan Muslim girl. **

    As I have mentioned above, this lady goes through a definite cycle. Now she is in stage 4 and judging by your comment, it seems to be working well!!

    There is an obvious reason why there was no condemnation for Rizana Nawfeek, its because this person is dependent on Saudi money. Its no secret that Saudi money comes with “bad effects”!!

    Just wait and see, sooner or later (hilarious) extremist articles will follow……

  9. radha Says:

    Majaya … thanks for your comment. Well I have no idea what you are talking about re Saudi money etc. I am simply supporting her argument about the socio-economic inequity and responsibilities relating to mosquitoes as presented in her post, without deviating to irrelevant material.

    May be, for the public to know, you should publish what the problem is, what is the connection between what she writes about, the saudi money, the motives and most important present the evidence. That way we will be educated to the same level of knowledge as you have. It is fair, no?

  10. mjaya Says:


    Just check out this article

    Check my comments……BTW this dates back from 2010!!!

    Furthermore, I criticize anyone who deserves to be criticize, specially those with hidden agendas, regardless of their race or religion. Another person who I criticize often is the”Specialist Consultant” who write articles that are most likely indirect advertisements. He is a Sinhalese Buddhist.

    Also check out her latest article
    (lankaweb site)/news/items/2013/12/06/fantastic-method-of-collection-of-statistics-and-decision-making/

    It starts off with statistics but ends in Middle East style segregation!!!

    The Muslim community for many years remained a productive community who contributed a lot to Sri Lanka. When we were young, they were very much like us, often different only by religion like Sinhalese Christians. The story now is very much different.

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