Sri Lankan Universities Falling Apart
Posted on December 13th, 2013

by Darshani Wimalasuriya

The quality of Sri Lankan university education is declining rapidly.  According to the World ranking Sri Lankan universities are now lower than the universities of failed states in Africa. Major universities in Uganda, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe are now in a superior position than the Sri Lankan universities. Instead of educational quality Sri Lankan universities are now famous for violence, extremist student politics, strikes, low productivity, and moral decay.

Mr. Navarathna Banda – a senior lecture attached to the Sri Jayawardhanapura University provides factors that pushed the Sri Lankan universities in to a deplorable state. According to Mr. Navarathna Banda over 90 % of Sri Lankan university professors and senior lectures are under qualified and do not have a wider exposure. Majority of these university teachers are working in the same universities where they graduated and they do not have any overseas exposure or experience. Academically speaking their knowledge and experiences are stunted.   Their knowledge is limited and outdated. These university teachers cannot provide students to face the educational challenges of the 21st century.

Over the last 30 years the Sri Lankan universities failed to perform any world class research, conduct any validated scientific study or to accomplish a notable publication that captured the attention of the international academia. These failures represent the emptiness that is filled in our universities. To cover-up these failures Professor Naleen De Silva recently did an Arsenic research at the Kelaniya University violating all the international research standards and it became a laughing stock among the academic community.

 Ragging and Violence in the Sri Lankan Universities

Unfortunately ragging and violence have become an inseparable part of the local universities. Ragging involves   harassment, abuse and humiliation that are aimed at the new students. It is a major form of human right violation. According to our assumption 100 % of former Sri Lankan university students have faced hazing -either physical or verbal abuse as first year students. So far no one could not disprove it and we challenge anyone to come forward and refute this statement.

For decades brutal ragging is prevailing in the Sri Lankan universities. All these years the university teachers could not and did not want to eradicate it from the universities. The   reasons are simple. These teachers were one time victims of ragging and majority of them later turned in to perpetrators as they became senior students. For them it is a moral challenge to prevent ragging in the Sri Lankan universities. The other point is radical political groups use ragging as a political weapon to control new students.

Sexual violence and brutal physical ragging is a hidden malady in the Sri Lankan universities and Perdeniya University has the worst reputation. The most infamous and horrible case of sexual violence was reported in 1975 from the Peradeniya University. A young 22 year old female student named Rupa Rathnaseeli of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya jumped from the second floor of the hostel -Ramanathan Hall when a group of seniors tried to insert a pen in to her vagina as a part of sadistic physical ranging. She sustained serious injuries to her spinal cord and became paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair for many years. Her dreams were shattered and young life was wasted. In 1997 Rupa Rathnaseeli committed suicide. Upon this incident the Peradeniya University Authorities made a cover-up story and concealed the evidence. After her death they conveniently forgot about Miss Rupa Rathnaseeli. Those who attempted to administer sexual violence on her working as administrators today. Some are university professors.

In 2011 three students from the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya were arrested by the Police and produced before the Kandy additional Magistrate Mr. Ravindra Premaratne for sexually assaulting a fresher. In another incident three second year female students of the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya were charged with ragging a group of female freshers in a lavatory. These female freshers were stripped naked during the ragging and they were forced to perform indecent acts of sexual nature. The University authorities imposed three week suspension on these three female students.

According to an unofficial internal report these three senior female students sexually molested a newcomer female student from Gampaha District. The internal report further reveals that the victim was afraid to lodge a complaint to the university authorities since they had very lethargic policy on female ragging incidents. Therefore no further charges were brought against the perpetrators. Although these senior female students had committed a serious sexual offence they were able to participate in lectures soon after the 3 week suspension. Up to date the authorities of the University of Peradeniya did not take any action against the perpetrators and they mostly covered up the incidents.

Similar events had been reported from Ruhuna, Sri Jayewardenepura, Kelaniya and Sabaragamuwa, universities and the authorities followed the Peradeniya method.

In 1993 an innocent student named Chaminda Punchihewa of the Ruhuna University died as a result of cruel ragging. He was viciously beaten and forced to perform vigorous exercises by senior students. In 1997 a first year female student of the University of Ruhunu committed suicide following intolerable ragging. She was subjected to unbearable sexual harassments. In 2011 Professor Susirith Mendis head of the Ruhuna University informed the media that a group of students administered physical ragging on a female student – Vathsala Kumudini De Silva and as a result of physical ragging she became semi-paralyzed in one limb.

In her autobiography ‘Punarukthi – (Rebirth) the   award-winning actress, dramatist and writer Anoma Janadari states that inhuman and degrading ragging were imposed on students at the University of Colombo. She further writes that most of her female batch mates were   subjected to sexual harassments by senior students at the Colombo University.  Another former student of the University of Colombo (now completing her post graduate degree in a university in Michigan) confirms that in 2011 some senior students of the Colombo University splashed buckets of water over freshers and these water buckets contained human feces. She further says that it was an inhuman and degrading act committed in a major university in Sri Lanka and no one was held responsible.

The award-winning Sri Lankan film and tele-drama actress Yashoda Wimaladharma reveals that she had to undergo brutal ragging while studying at the University of Kelaniya and it became an emotional shock for her father Mr. R. L. Wimaladharma who served as a lecturer at the Kelaniya campus. According to Yashoda Wimaladharma her father could not witness these merciless harassments to his daughter and he suffered a heart attack.

The Student Unions  

Sri Lankan Universities have student political groups that are manipulated by the extremists. When a new batch of students arrives at the University, they are intimidated and threatened to use physical ragging by the seniors. Often the new students are not allowed to have a dialog with the university lecturers, not allowed ask questions at the lectures, not allowed to take part in the English courses and not allowed to use the university library by these extreme student unions. The freshes have to wear non expensive clothes and for them it is prohibited to wear shoes. In some universities they are not allowed to take baths or clean themselves after using the toilet for a number of weeks. In some universities the students are not allowed to drink beverages like coca cola. This sanction was vigorously implemented at the University of Colombo and University of Kelaniya.

The senior students of the Sri Lankan universities use physical and sexual harassments to control the newcomers. Among the sexual violence forcefully stripping naked, forced masturbation, forced to perform oral or anal sex, sexual act simulation, urinating on victim, inserting pens and candles to the victim’s anus or vagina, smearing tooth paste or marmite in the victims genitals, forcing to wear clothes without undergarments (without panties or jockstraps ) , bucketing or throwing dirty water with animal and human feces, swearing with utter filth, interrogating the victim with thousands of vulgar questions, forced to repeat filthy words or sing filthy songs in front  of a group etc. are quite common. Although rape and sodomy are rare the recent reports indicate that these types of extreme form of violence are slowly emerging in the Sri Lankan Universities.

The student political groups use ragging as a weapon to control the new students and to indoctrinate them. There are unspeakable human right violations occurring inside the Sri Lankan universities and many university professors and other authorities maintain silence. Many of the sexual and physical harassments are covered by the university establishment and the general public is unaware of most of the horrible events that occur in these educational institutions.

Majority of the university lecturers do not want to get involved in internal politics or to have grudges with the extremist student groups. Sometimes inhuman form of ragging is happening infant of their eyes and still they do nothing to stop it. Many university teachers pretend that they did not see the incident and move away. The professors and lecturers openly opposed ragging were subjected to numerous types of violence and some were compelled to leave the universities for their safety.

The Poor State of Sri Lankan Medical Faculties  

One time Sri Lankan medical schools produced knowledgeable doctors who had international recognition.  Unfortunately this trend has changed over the past few decades. According to a prominent Sri Lankan medical doctor who is workings as an associate professor in an American university, the quality of Sri Lankan medical faculties has come down. Majority of the   Sri Lankan doctors who graduated in the past few decades have very poor English knowledge and they are unable to communicate effectively and professionally.  He further says that Sri Lankan doctors lack attitudinal training, medical ethics and accountability towards their patients. According to the international ranking of medical schools many medical schools of the 3rd world countries such as Nigeria, Nepal, India, and Tanzania have beaten the Sri Lankan medical faculties.

Sri Lankan Universities are Virtually Dead

Sri Lankan Universities are virtually dead says a senior lecturer attached to the University of Colombo. According to him qualified professors go to the overseas universities seeking prosperous job opportunities. Only the old and inefficient academics are trapped in the local universities. Majority of the Sri Lankan University Professors and senior lecturers do not want to improve the quality of the local universities or stop sadistic ragging. They never send their children to the Sri Lankan Universities. Their children go to the universities in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. These irresponsible actions have created a huge academic void in the local universities.

Student Heroes

When the academics and university authorities were avoiding their responsibility several student leaders took courageous measures to stop ragging and sexual harassments in the Sri Lankan Universities. Ovitigala Vithanage Samantha was a third year Management student of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He was a charismatic student leader who launched anti-ranging champagne at the university and soon other universities were inspired by his humane crusade. A group of student extremists killed him on the 7th of November 2002. He was viciously assaulted at the university premises and attacked with a computer monitor and smashed his head. One of his killers and one who masterminded the murder – Sujith Kuruwita used his political backings to evade the charges and today he is at large. After Ovitigala Vithanage Samantha’s death his humane campaign had a lesser voice and again violence and sadism took control of the Sri Lankan universities.

  Sri Lankan Universities Ranking 2013/2014  

Sri Lankan


World Rank




University of Moratuwa



University of Colombo



University of Ruhuna



University of Peradeniya



University of Kelaniya



University of Sri Jayewardenepura



University of Jaffna



National Institute of Education Sri Lanka



Open University of Sri Lanka



Sabaragamuwa University



Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology



Eastern University of Sri Lanka



Rajarata University



Wayamba University of Sri Lanka



South Eastern University of Sri Lanka



Arthur C Clarke Institute of Modern Technologies



Uva Wellassa University



Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Sri Lanka



Postgraduate Institute of Sciences



Industrial Technology Institute



Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture



Institute of Fundamental Studies Sri Lanka



General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University



Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka Institute of Architects



University of the Visual & Performing Arts



Buddhist and Pali University



Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education



Sri Lanka Press Institute



Institute of Engineering Technology

 Sri Lankan Universities are backward than the African Universities

 The African Universities are now internationally more recognized than the Sri Lankan Universities. According to the 2012 world university ranking Makerere University (Uganda) has come to the 1174 place demonstrating a superior educational quality than Sri Lankan higher education institutes.  Ironically Idi Amen’s Uganda has easily defeated the major universities in Sri Lanka. According to the 2012 world ranking University of Moratuwa has come to the 2150 place, University of Colombo- 2255, University of Ruhuna -2353, and University of Peradeniya -2973. These local universities now represent a very low level of international ranking.

While Sri Lankan universities struggle with their low quality of education Polytechnic of Namibia has come to the 1319th   place and Sudan’s University of Khartoum to 1394th   place,   University of Nairobi 1435th  , Mansoura University of Egypt  to1685th , University of Ghana 1797th  Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University 1903rd    , Tanzania’s University of Dar Es Salaam 1977th   and Sudan‘s University of Science & Technology to 2020th place. Most of these African countries have low literacy rate than Sri Lanka. But they defeated all our local universities in the international arena.

 Need Action

 Regrettably Sri Lankan Universities are facing moral and educational degradation especially in the last four decades. One time Sri Lankan universities were the shining examples of higher education and academic leadership. Unfortunately the qualities of education and research work in the Sri Lankan universities have gone down drastically. Today Sri Lankan universities are lagging behind. According to the 2012 World University Ranking Sri Lankan universities have a lower position and some African countries with low literacy rate than Sri Lanka have far more better educational ranking than the Sri Lankan Universities.

Urgent measures must be taken to stop physical and sexual violence in the Sri Lankan Universities and the quality of education must be improved. Recently the Minister of Higher Education Mr. S.B Dissanayake told the media that he intends to invite overseas students to the Sri Lankan Universities. With current low grade of education quality, massive violence and frequent strikes in the Sri Lankan universities the foreign students might think twice to come to further their education in Sri Lanka.

Education is not a privilege. It is a human right. Higher education is the only hope and salvation to the Sri Lankans and do not let anyone to destroy it.


40 Responses to “Sri Lankan Universities Falling Apart”

  1. Eusense Says:

    One important aspect the Sri Lankan Universities need to change is how it recruits faculty. A first or second class academic achievement is an essential requirement for consideration. Achievement of a first or second class however, does not make candidates good academicians or researchers. Specially, based on how most Sri Lankan University exams are structured, what a student needs is to cram and memorize the material. In the US, irrespective of final grades all graduates are encouraged to apply for faculty positions. After several presentations of teaching, research interests and interviews with several senior faculty members they are chosen based on presentation techniques and research experience, ideas and publications. In most cases, the US faculty are not high scorers in exams but brilliant teachers and researchers. The only set back the US has is tenure, which makes a dent in continuous excellence in research.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you Darshini Wimalasuriya!

    Ragging existed when I attended the Engineering Faculty at Peradeniya (Graduated in1969); but it was never as vicious and degrading as described in this article!

    Speaking for myself, I was a student TOTALLY dedicated to learning at eFac, to make the optimum use of the opportunity that I had won; I had NO TIME or INTEREST in doing anything else! I ADMIT that I was the quintessential NERD for what I had won was TOO VALUABLE TO WASTE to me and my family.

    I beleive that most students who university today, from the various strata of Sri Lankan society, are NO DIFFERENT from me.

    Therefore, Ragging and Politics within the Universities have to be STOPPED COLD NOW by DRACONIAN MEANS if necessary! The University Administration must RULE, not the students!

    These young people, the best and the brightest in the country, who like me so many decades ago, have struggled mightily to win a place in a University to acquire an INVALUABLE free University Education, MUST BE GUARANTEED THAT OPPORTUNITY to fulfill their hopes and dreams and those of the Nation, free of intimidation and extraneous barriers to education.

    EDUCATION, and EDUCATION ALONE, must be the ONLY FOCUS & PERMITTED ACTIVITY in our Universities!

    If CIVILIANS cannot run the University Administrations and CONTROL the troublemakers, let the GOSL assign the Armed Forces to ADMINISTER the Universities while the TEACHING is done by the ACADEMIC FACULTY!

    I am so DISTURBED by this article, about the declining standard of University Education in Sri Lanka, PARTICULARLY at Peradeniya University, that I am contemplating volunteering to serve as a full-time University Professor in an Engineering Faculty in Sri Lanka, if the Government takes the INITIATIVE to restore student (and faculty) discipline, so TEACHERS can TEACH, and STUDENTS can LEARN, free of intimidation!

    I urge all other patriotic expatriates with the necessary skills to volunteer as well.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    “If CIVILIANS cannot run the University Administrations and CONTROL the troublemakers, let the GOSL assign the Armed Forces to ADMINISTER the Universities while the TEACHING is done by the ACADEMIC FACULTY! ”

    Now you are talking!!

    That will take care of STUDENTS, TEACHING STAFF and MINOR STAFF bullshitting and doing anti-SL activities that disrupt everything.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Somebody suggested your idea long time back, and if I remember right, they did put Army into some Universities, not to Administer, but to control Discipline. Later they were withdrawn under Student Union pressure. Wavering on strong decisions taken, is a sign of moral weakness.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    All University miscreants’ photos, names, date of birth, faculty, should be published in our media as well as exposed in an ongoing List of Shame to join similar others in a Hall of Shame. Such students ought to be ostracized by others till they make public apologies and reform. Hand over this side of matters to the Army.

    Why are some students so perverse ? What are their homes like that they are so perverse and even dangerous to other
    students ? Bullies are not born. No baby is bully ! They made so by their home life styles, siblings, unhealthy media, and society itself.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! Agree with you, fully. Some students are so perverse and sadistic. Their photos should be published and shamed. Yes, Lorenzo has also suggested that this side of the matters should be handed over to the Army. I do hope it will happen.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Excuse me, but I was the one who suggested that the Army be assigned to ADMINISTER the Universities, not Lorenzo to whom you attribute ir above.

    Lorenzo was QUOTING from my comment, but I would be happy if it gets done irrespective of who gets the credit! But you have to get your facts right … don’t you think? Ha! Ha!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your Hall of Shame idea is great. It would prevent these guys from creating trouble while hiding in the background. There should be a SOCIETAL PENALTY to such activities.

    However, there are LEGAL issues. For example, can you do that without creating a legal liability for “defamation of character” if the miscreant has not either confessed in writing, or been found to be guilty in a court of law?

  9. Lorenzo Says:



    SW was talking about LONG TIME BACK and by somebody who is INFLUENTIAL.

    But apparently that was shot down by the VERY ELEMENTS that has ruined the universities. No surprise there.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SORRY ANANDA !! It appears that I have got my wires mixed up. Sorry. Yes, I missed Lorenzos part in ” now you are talking.” Iam getting old Ananda. When you were at the Peradeniya University, I was Manager Walker & Greig Ltd Kandy, next to Elephant House on Ward Street. I was in and out of the University, often visiting my uncle late Professor Carl Gunawardene. He lived right opposite the USO. Even long before that I come into the Campus to visit my childhood friend Dr. Arjun Aluvihares mother, Mrs Ram Aluvihare who lived in one of the University Bungalows. Your input brought back many nostalgic memories. My Elder sister was in the Hilda Obeysekere Hall, sometime before that. I have witnessed Student Police clashes. I also remember students throwing stones from Marrs Hall on the top of the hill, and one hit a fatal shot on a Police officer head. He died in hospital. I can say many more things. Good old days.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    OMG, you mean there is someone OLDER than me regularly posting comments here? Bravo! Wonders will never cease! We who were men-at-arms in our youth, are still serving the cause on our knees here! Not bad … eh?

    I was in Jayatilleke Hall from 1966-1969, and after graduation resided in Akbar-Nell Hall in 1970 when I served on the teaching staff at eFac. During that time I also taught at the College of Technology in Kandy as a lecturer, and later for a while at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

    BTW, you mentioned some time ago that you know Dr. Nath Amarakone well; so do I …. he is my broither-in-law married to one of my elder sisters. She was a Final Year dental student at Ramanathan Hall during 1966-1967 when I was also at Peradeniya University. Now I collaborate with Nath on many engineering enterprise ventures.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    It just occurred to me that the idea of Shaming miscreants as a way of reforming/punishing them was a routinely carried out in medieval Europe by placing them in STOCKS in the village square, where any passerby so inclined could administer additional minor punishment and humiliation.

    The stocks were horizontal boards mounted at chest level containing three holes for the neck and the two wrists, which could be used to lock the miscreant in place. A rather effective low-tech low-cost DIY device …. perfect for Sri Lanka!

    Therefore, I hereby propose that STOCKS be revived in Sri Lanka as a centerpiece of behavioral correction of its erring citizenry, in addition of course, to your Hall of Shame!

    It is an infinitely better approach than the destructive dismemberment and beheading as routinely practiced by those inestimable “democrats” of Saudi Arabia now bemoaning the lack of human rights in Syria!

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    SW and Ananda,

    May I humbly advise you AGAINST revealing personal info in a public forum.

    MANY Tamil TERRORISTS read these columns (obviously without posting comments). You know HOW HATE FILLED, DESPERATE they are and what they are capable of.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THANKS LORENZO !! Sometimes I tend to go at a tangent. OLD AGE I believe.

    Ananda ! I believe you would have known Vernon Rangala at CoT.

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THANKS LORENZO !! Sometimes I tend to go at a tangent. Old Age I believe.

    Ananda ! You would have known Vernon Rangala at CoT.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  17. Cerberus Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo. Ananda and Susantha if you value your life and the lives of your families do not expose your personal information on the web. Otherwise the fate that befell all our great leaders such as Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamilni Dissanayake, Lakshman Kadiragamar, Ranjan Wijeratna, Premadasa, etc will befall you. LTTE still exists and will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who is perceived as a threat to their cause. That is why Lorenzo and self write under pseudonyms.
    Create a separate email or a Google Group to communicate with other Sinhalese.

  18. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here are some more points on the topic under discussions.

    It must be noted that some women dismiss ‘unwanted advances’ by others, and shrug it off, if it isn’t of a serious nature.
    Others of a more sensitive nature may construe it as a ‘life threat’ and feel fear and even shame. It depends on the situation and the personalities concerned.

    Preventive Care is best even in the case of harassment. In our Unis, there are only a few individuals who are prone to perverse behavior patterns. They can be dealt with effectively after the first incident occurs, if Uni authorities are prepared
    and ready with the students well informed.
    Here is an extract from the web on the subject. Substitute the word University for workplace. Please Google the topic you may want to read further on :

    Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is a violation of women’s human rights and a prohibited form of violence against women in many countries. Sexually harassing conduct causes devastating physical and psychological injuries to a large percentage of women in workplaces around the world. Harassment directed against women in the workplace by their supervisors, fellow employees, or third parties interferes with the integration of women in the workforce, reinforces the subordination of women to men in society, violates women’s dignity and creates a health and safety hazard at work.

    Women’s advocates around the world work to further women’s right to be free from sexual harassment. Critical to these efforts to combat sexual harassment has been the growing recognition of sexual harassment as a form of violence against women which violates women’s human rights. States are obligated under international law to take effective steps to protect women from violence and to hold harassers and/or their employers accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace.

    General Information
    Increase your understanding through a discussion of theories of violence, the prevalence of the problem, causes, effects, and strategies for protecting victims and ensuring batterer accountability.
    What is Sexual Harassment?
    Theories of Sexual Harassment
    Effects and Consequences

    Training and Advocacy
    Women’s rights advocates, sexual harassment trainers, policymakers, and others that want to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace can access training materials, program guidelines, and policy implementation tips.
    Sexual Harassment Training Materials
    Prevention of Sexual Harassment
    Prevention Mechanisms, Policies and Strategies
    Guidelines for Developing a Training Program
    Law and Policy
    Find information on states’ international legal obligations to discourage sexual harassment under both the United Nations and the European human rights systems, as well as model legislation to guide drafting and reform efforts.
    International Sexual Harrassment Law
    Regional Law and Standards
    Domestic Legal Framework
    Drafting Laws on Sexual Harassment
    List of Law and Policy Documents
    Articles, Research, and Reports
    Explore links to select web-based materials on sexual harassment topics, including law and policy documents from around the world, reports, articles, books, and more.
    General Resources
    Reports by Institution
    Reports by Topic
    Websites on Sexual Harassment


    P.S. : Ananda & Susantha : I agree with Lorenzo & Cerberus. Best be careful.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo, Cerberus, and Fran,

    Thank you for the caution against revealing personal information. I am very well aware of the dangers.

    However, I am an ordinary old man, without political ambitions like those that Cerberus mentioned, with my finances and ID securely locked down against untimely liberation, and little to lose except life. A bullet/bomb aimed at me would be a terrible waste of a terrorist’s resources. The loss of my life will not affect king and country, become a national tragedy, or benefit terrorists of any ilk in any way, and few if any will feel an irreparable loss. Sudden death is not something I worry about, having already lived a full and rewarding life liberally sprinkled with much joy, with only ill health and creeping death to face in the future, as we all must someday. Only a burning desire to help Sri Lanka thrive with my engineering ideas and ventures keeps me happy. My only real worry is that I do not cause undeserved harm to others unjustly with anything I do. This is a Buddhist ideal that has guided me, and my family, all of our lives, that I would like to preserve to the end of my days.

    Thanks & Cheers!

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    Sorry, but I do not recall meeting a Vernon Rangala at CoT.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    “A bullet/bomb aimed at me would be a terrible waste of a terrorist’s resources. The loss of my life will not affect king and country, become a national tragedy, or benefit terrorists of any ilk in any way, and few if any will feel an irreparable loss.”

    That is just one possibility. There are MANY more avenues they can USE this INFORMATION.

    The point is the ENEMIES of the nation will KNOW the ORIGINS, associations, economic, political, etc. circumstances that CREATED patriots and DESTROY them one by one.

    e.g. Tamil Elamists came to know SL patriots drawing inspiration from the Mahavamsa and they went on to RIDICULE it. Of course it does NOT matter to us. But it matters to the GOOD IMAGE of our history among THIRD PARTIES and on-the-fence people.

    As Cerberus said use another email to IDENTIFY and continue your WORTHY discussion.

    Tamil Mafia maintains a database of SL patriots. They use it to their advantage economically, politically, etc.

    ALL this must be done by MOD. We should TRACK ALL Tamil Elam patriots, identify their circumstances, associations, connections, relatives and DESTROY whatever we can whenever we can.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA ! I may be ten years older than you. Iam sick, and I might not last for another six months. Iam referring to the Aruppola Technical College, Kandy.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:


    I am very sorry to hear about your poor health; may the Noble Triple Gem Bless and Protect you.

    When the day comes as it must to all of us to depart this imperfect world, go Roaring Defiance like a Victorious Vijaya Sinhaya that you ate, rather than a Whimpering Cowed Mouse!

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    I am very sorry to hear about your poor health; may the Noble Triple Gem Bless and Protect you.

    When the day comes as it must to depart this imperfect world, go Roaring Defiance like a Victorious Vijaya Sinhaya that you are, rather than a Whimpering Cowed Mouse!

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    Please look after yourself.

    Even at 75 it is not that old for a healthy SL man.

    May god bless you and grant you good health.

  27. Nanda Says:

    We need young guns to hand over the batton.
    Surprisingly not many interested.

    Here in SL hotel sector is booming. Yet the old system of inefficiency,red tapes, only one old man accepting cash in a corner exist. Lies,cover up rather than honestly accepting mistakes make the progress slow.

    Stupid government wasting time, money by inaction. 10 Sabhas, booruwos running the country.
    A proper stern leader must take over the old womans government before next dissaster.

  28. Nanda Says:

    “Sri Lankan Universities are virtually dead says a senior lecturer attached to the University of Colombo. According to him qualified professors go to the overseas universities seeking prosperous job opportunities. Only the old and inefficient academics are trapped in the local universities. Majority of the Sri Lankan University Professors and senior lecturers do not want to improve the quality of the local universities or stop sadistic ragging. ”

    A big lie. Just because of one stupid Uni Colombo lecturer said so a foolish writer concludes “Only the old and inefficient academics are trapped in the local universities”. Such a writer is not intelectually qulified to write a sweeping attack on patriotic academics who served sri lanka by choice.

    Mixing up ragging nonsence with academic decline is a delebarate attempt to discredit good academics. The writer should be a UNPier Colombian determined to discredit government in whatever way possible direct attention away from important issueS.

    May I warn all patriots not to fall to this trap.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    We are very sorry to hear of your health problems. We do not know the nature of your ailments, but we recommend Homeopathy medicines in low potencies (6 to 12) whatever the ailment. H’pathy can be given to new born babies in very low doses – it is that safe. These medicines can also be given to animal and plant life – proving that they are not placebos. However, the mental state of the patient has to be clearly stated to the doctor and insist on lower potencies. Please read up on Homoeopathy from the net before you take these medicines.

    There are cell energizers such as Acetyl Carnitine when taken in small/tiny doses help the body/brain recover. Please study from the net nutrients Brain health too. Please remember that all supplements must be cut down to suit age and state of health of a person. Overdosing is as bad and may lead to new problems. Under dosing is better than overdosing.

    Listening to the talks in Words of Peace (look for the free programs) at website helps look at life in wholesome and thankful way. There is real help there, cheerfully presented.

    May you live long, Susantha, and prosper too ! Our thoughts with you.



    I myself thought LATER that the incidents of harassment in our Unis can’t be that bad. There must have been a few really bad incidents but they were FEW. The personalities of those people concerned must be brought to out too – they are bound to have been too sensitive and did not fight back.

    We need a new generation of fighters for Truth and Justice for all. We have to be mentally & physically fit for this new type of battle within the country – the fight to be conducted more through brains than through brawn.

    The older generation folk like us have to put out whatever we know of the truth of matters. That is our duty by the country and the people. Enemies win when our folk are badly informed as in the past, whatever the subject.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here’s a bit of good news. Much more has to be done, as we all know. CKDu or areas affected not mentioned here – curious ….. however better to get something than nothing.

    Daily News Online : Sri Lanka’s National News

    Monday, December 16, 2013 (All day)
    Seven water projects coming up next year
    Priyanka Kurugala

    The government plans to construct seven water supply projects and sewage systems in the country next year, Water Supply and Drainage Ministry Secretary Amarananda Abeygunasekera said.

    Attanagalla and Minuwangoda will have the largest water supply project under this program costing around US $ 229 m, he said.

    Abeygunasekera said a water supply project costing US $ 80 million will be built in the Central Province to attract more tourists to Badulla, Haliela and Ella. The US government will fund this project, he said.

    A new sewage system will be set up in Kurunegala at a cost of US $ 79 million. It will be funded by the Chinese government.

    Meanwhile, a new water supply project will be set up with Belgian government funds in Monaragala and Buttala. Around Euro 23 million will be spent for this project, he said.

    Abeygunasekera said with Austrian funds, a new water supply system will be established at Kirama and Katuwana in the Hambantota District. Meanwhile, three sewerage systems will be set up in Hambantota with Chinese funds. Around US $ 80 million will be spent for the project, the Secretary said. The ministry has also takes steps to set up a Rs. 500 million sewage system at the defence headquarters in Pelawatta while a water supply project costing around US $ 60 million will be set up in Anuradhapura North”

  31. Nanda Says:

    I have a lot of involvement is water/sewage projects.
    Chinese are masters of bribing to win jobs. They are extremely reliable too in that aspect.
    Now I understand Chinese are being used for money stealing process rather than security purposes, even though Endians think it otherwise. It could be 30% commisons involved. I don’t have a rpoblem with this ( although it is stealing poor man’s money, creating bad kamma) as long as the fools run the country properly, not giving into Endia and Hanumans.

    Scrap PC+13A and everyone ( even the Tiger Anday) will see mpore jobs created and poverty gradually reduced and Tamils prosper under Sinhala rule.

  32. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THANK YOU EVERYBODY !! I did not know I had such concerned friends. Well Last month I passed the 80th mile post. I have a Neuro problem, a pinched nerve on my neck, caused by acute Arthritis. My nerves on the head have been synged, I have received a Cervical Epidural on my spine just below my neck. The violent pain has gone away, leaving a lingering pain, which the Neuro Surgeons say, it can only be remedied with Surgery, and in the same breadth they say I will be a very bad surgery patient, because of my age. Iam due for another Cervical Epidural, next week. So, I will have to live with the little pain, with pain killers, till my plane arrives. Iam in the exit lounge. I have nothing to hide. I will bat as long as I can. THIS IS NOT A GOOD-BYE NOTE. You will see my name floating here and there.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have many miles to go yet !
    Yours is not a serious problem. It is a Pain management problem.
    Have you tried Chiropractic treatment for spinal nerve pains ? There are simple exercises too which work wonders. You must ASK the C’Practitioner about exercises that will help ease the pain. Ask a reputed Chiropractor in your area all about it. Ask re payment arrangements prior to treatment. Some insurance schemes cover Chiropractic treatments others partially or not at all. Again, go on the web and learn a bit about this type of treatment without surgery. I have seen new borns brought to the chiropractic clinic. Spinal adjustments bring good health to young or old.
    Again, Homeopathy is also helpful for pain management. Arthritis is basically an inflammatory process and there are remedies in H’pathy that eases off inflammation. For instance, Apis (bees sting) in the H’pathy form is widely used as an anti-inflammatory as is Rhus tox (poison ivy).

    See you around for many, many moons more !

  34. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree with all you say here. I hope they just get the JOB DONE.
    I can’t wait to see Sri Lanka’s earlier good name restored world wide.

  35. Lorenzo Says:


    Water projects in these areas is a good thing. This is something we have been demanding.

    BUT they are BADLY NEEDED in north central province and Weliweriya areas!

  36. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Fran ! I replied you, but it has been deleted.

  37. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am sorry your response was deleted. Try another way of getting the message across by re-wording it.
    Anyway, follow through with some alternative medicine and it will work for you. Please go to a well known
    practitioner where people have benefitted.

    Good luck !



    Yes, I agree with you.

  38. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hi Lorenzo,

    I commend to you the article “Tamil Killing Fields” by Kumar Moses at LankaWeb. My support for his proposals should gladden your heart.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE Tamils back!

    Look at the ANTI SINHALA TAMIL RIOT that happened today morning. See how Tamilnut INSTIGATED violence.

    “[TamilNet, Sunday, 15 December 2013, 23:12 GMT]
    Colombo has schemed a sinister move to demographically annex Thennai-maravadi, a strategic ancient Tamil village in Kuchchave’li division on the border of Northern and Eastern Provinces with the Sinhala dominated Padavi Sripura division of Trincomalee district, civil sources in Trincomalee told TamilNet. By annexing Thennai-maravadi to Padavi-Sripura, all the administrative affairs of the village would be taken over by the Sinhala officials. This will make it easier for Colombo to carry out the Sinhalicisation of the entire area, Tamil officials in Kuchchave’li Divisional Secretariat said. The lands belonging to Tamils will be seized and handed over to Sinhalese settlers with the aim of permanently wedging the demographic contiguity of the northern and eastern provinces. ”


    “Two excavators and a tipper truck which were parked in the Wilgamvehera area on the Trincomalee-Anuradhapura main road, where a reservoir in being built, have been set on fire and destroyed along with other machinery by a group of persons, police said.

    A group of seven individuals had arrived at the location last night, assaulted and tied up the security guard stationed there to safeguard the equipment before carrying out the act of arson.

    Uppuveli Police and the Navy’s fire brigade managed to douse the fire, however the tipper truck and machinery have been completely destroyed.

    The damages caused by the fire have been estimated at around Rs 9.5 million, police said.”

    This is the work of LTTE Tamils to STOP non-Tamils settling in this area.

    Mavil aru – 2 has happened. What the govt. is going to do?

  40. Fran Diaz Says:

    ARSON is the latest ploy for Regime Change.

    Arsonists ought to be treated the same as Terrorists – confiscate their property and bring in the Death Penalty for arsonists.

    Only the implementation of the Law can save Sri Lanka. Or whatever govt that comes in is doomed to fail.

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