A Movie by the Name “Tamil Killing Fields” – The Best Response to Channel 4 and Tamil Diaspora Allegations
Posted on December 16th, 2013

– Kumar Moses 

It is widely accepted wisdom that “best defence is offence”. Same goes in propaganda war. Unfortunately Sri Lankan defence authorities are yet to come to terms with the propaganda war. It is not mere propaganda but propaganda war; it is a full fledged war fought using media. The old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” can be rephrased to fit the contemporary times as “propaganda war is mightier than real war”. Sri Lanka won the real war but losing the propaganda war.

Rebuttals, responses and other reactionary hard work by the Ministry of Defence are not going to win the propaganda war. Instead a proactive tough approach is needed. Ministry of Defence must launch a full scale propaganda war targeting those who try to hide their war crimes, achieve Tamil Elam and discredit Sri Lanka.

Make a documentary film titled Tamil Killing Fields

The best response to “Sri Lanka Killing Fields” is a counter documentary film titled “Tamil Killing Fields”. If the government is unwilling to do so, it should contract out to a media agency or a group of young talented professionals to do so. It should not be a short clip but a long documentary.

Killing of Rajiv Gandhi must feature prominently in this film with graphic images. Tamil Nadu leaders, Tamil Diaspora financiers, Jihad suicide bombers, LTTE terrorists, ideological leaders of the LTTE including ITAK, TULF, ACTC and TNA leaders must be prominently displayed.

Aranthalawa massacre should also prominently display with SLRC video footage, recorded interviews of surviving monks, graphic images comparing it to the holocaust with holocaust images shown side by side. Attacks on Sinhala villages should also accompany images of the holocaust.

Training of Tamil suicide bombers, civilian terrorists, Sea Tigers and other terrorists should be compared to the images of the SS and Gestapo. Adel Balasingham, Shanthan and other foreigners complacent in war crimes must be included in detail.

Tamil child soldiers should also take centre stage. LTTE hostage taking operations should also feature prominently comparing it to Nazi leaders’ final moments when they hid in highly populated Berlin trying hard to cling on to human shields.

Various Tamil bomb attacks, cannibalisation of the own Tamil community by killing Tamil leaders and civilians by Tamils themselves must also get wide coverage.

More importantly vicious threats made by Tamil civilian leaders arousing racism and extreme violence must be included in the film. These include Malaysia born Chelvanayagam’s anti-Sinhala Tar Brush Campaign which defaced Sinhala letters, TULF leader’s wife Mangayakkarasi’s barbarous demands of swimming in Sinhala blood, Tamil atrocities in the 1958 riots, Vadukoddai Resolution which resembled the pre-WW2 Nuremberg Resolution and the demand for Tamil Homelands which eerily resemble the demand for the Third Reich. Interestingly, the Nazi term Fuhrer closely relate to the Tamil term “Thanthai” given the Chelvanayagam for his pioneering role in Tamil terrorism via Tamil nationalism.
Tamils have a clear target but Sri Lanka pursues a phantom enemy
Sri Lankan propaganda material target a phantom enemy. LTTE is now dead and gone as far as the international community is concerned. Targeting the LTTE and Tamil propagandists achieve nothing. The target of the Sri Lankan propaganda campaign must be clear.
On the other hand, Tamils very clearly identify their enemy – Sri Lanka. It is not just the government. Their target includes the government, armed forces, development partners of Sri Lanka, the constitution, the majority, even fellow Tamils. However, they make it very clear that the aim of their assault is Sri Lanka. It is easier to understand as with any branding exercise.

Why it should be “Tamil Killing Fields” and not “LTTE Killing Fields”?

The gravest propaganda mistake by Sri Lankan agencies has been targeting the LTTE instead of Tamils in its propaganda response. LTTE is now dead and there is little sense in stabbing the dead LTTE corpse over and over again. When distracted while stabbing the dead LTTE corpse, Tamil nationalists are against at it! They have now separated from the dead LTTE and attack Sri Lanka in their propaganda war. For this reason, Sri Lankan response to Tamils’ propaganda war has failed to get traction. 

The other reason is missing the wood for the trees. Anti-Sri Lanka propaganda war is not fought by LTTE cadres; all its soldiers are Tamil civilians. Targeting the LTTE instead of Tamils is a salvo of the wrong camp which does nothing to neutralize the real propaganda attackers. LTTE was one big part of the Tamil independence movement which has withered into nothingness. However, Tamil nationalism is still looming ugly and large; it is the single most dangerous threat to Sri Lanka.

Saving moderate Tamils from extremist Tamils is the other reason. Moderate Tamils are not targeted by the LTTE today. But they are under threat from extremist Tamils. These threats include economic and social deprivation, humiliation, excommunication from society, physical harm falling short of murder, threats to do harm to family members and barring from Tamil cultural education. To save moderate Tamils, extremist Tamils must be attacked in the propaganda war. Dangers the Tamil society at large is facing due to the dominance by extremist Tamils must be highlighted. It can be done by relating Tamil instigated violence to the Tamil society.

It is the old Tamil Nadu caste discrimination and violence at the root cause of the terrorist problem. It is not the creation of the LTTE but the Tamil Hindu society.

Fourthly, Tamils who had nothing to do with the LTTE are involved in major crimes and immoral acts around the world. Credit card scams, fraud, human trafficking, tax evasion, insider trading and anti-assimilation behaviour by Tamil communities in Canada, UK and Australia are examples. Tamil nationalism will eventually merge with this criminal syndicate for mutual benefit. It needs to be brought to the attention of the international community.

Fifthly, Tamils gained by the acts of LTTE than any other ethnic group. Sinhalese and Muslims gained absolutely nothing good from the LTTE. But Tamils gained heaps despite losing more. For instance when LTTE evicted Muslims from the north, Tamil civilians appropriated the displaced Muslims’ lands and valuables. LTTE bomb attacks specifically targeted ethnic Sinhalese in Colombo City. As a result Sinhalese were compelled to sell their properties cheap and seek safety elsewhere. Tamils grabbed the opportunity to colonize Colombo City in very large numbers deriving huge economic benefits. Tamil Diaspora is the biggest beneficiary of LTTE terror. Thanks to LTTE terror they could get riches beyond their wildest imagination. For this the Tamil Diaspora is grateful for the LTTE and intends on resurrecting it.

As the government is unwilling to sponsor a documentary titled “Tamil Killing Fields”, a private group should be entrusted to do it.

The fallacy of reconciliation without cooperation

True reconciliation is a two way street with both Sri Lanka and Tamils reciprocating. But Tamils have given nothing to reconciliation. In fact Tamils exploit reconciliation to get various appeasements. Reconciliation has ties Sri Lanka’s hands allowing Tamil propagandists to bash it at will.

Only a counter propaganda attack can level the playing field.
A counter attack on Tamils’ crimes indicates the potential threat a war crimes investigation can have on the reconciliation process when both sides resort to discrediting the other. It is ample conviction for the international community to stop its demand for war crimes investigations which can further split the two sides.

Game Theory for peace, reconciliation and cooperation

Game theory is an economic theory widely used in reconciliation, conflict resolution, peace building, business strategies and even in human and animal behaviour.

Game theory called tit-for-tat (TFT) is extremely important in reconciliation, conflict resolution. Imagine 2 adversarial companies – “A” and “B” playing a TFT game in pricing. They can cooperate with each other and not change prices arbitrarily. If “A” lowers prices undercutting “B” their cooperative existence will fail. Following tit-for-tat “B” will undercut “A” in the next price change. Ultimately both will lose. As a result, both will come to an unspoken understanding not to hurt the other’s business. They are said to be in Nash Equilibrium. (Named after Nobel Prize winning mathematician Prof John Nash whose eventful life was turned into a film titled “A Beautiful Mind”.)

It is very widely used in diplomacy, peace processes, conflict resolution and war. The concept of “live and let live” emerged from the TFT game theory. During WW1 German and British troops dug up trenches close to each other. Generally they didn’t use snipers to kill the other while relaxing in the trenches between battles. If one side used snipers to kill a soldier in the other camp, the other camp will also use snipers to kill. Ultimately they both realized it is best not to use snipers on each other. An unwritten “peace agreement” came into operation that benefitted both.  

What Sri Lanka needs in its reconciliation process is to achieve Nash Equilibrium with Tamils so that reconciliation will be meaningful. For that to happen, Sri Lanka must do tit-for-tat to Tamil propaganda attacks. Otherwise Sri Lanka will be at the receiving end always and there will never be any cooperation and “live and let live” equilibrium.
Propaganda war is war itself fought differently against a broader enemy base. Until that is factored into Sri Lanka’s propaganda response, it will not be effective.
(The writer is a qualified defence expert specializing in Violent Extremist Organizations – VEOs).

15 Responses to “A Movie by the Name “Tamil Killing Fields” – The Best Response to Channel 4 and Tamil Diaspora Allegations”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    100% agreement with Kumar Moses. It is the government that is failing Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans by not being proactive in countering Tamil Propaganda.

    The war either against the LTTE or now against the remnants of the LTTE and their sympathisers is against Tamil Racist Terrorism. LTTE was just a temporary label that existed for a brief time. From the turn of the 20th Century to now it is Tamil Racism that is hurting Sri Lanka come of age. The damage the Tamils as an ethnic group has done to Sri Lanka is known history. If not for their selfishness the whole of Sri Lanka would have been a developed nation by now. Alas that is not to be!

    It is not too late to take the devil by the horns and tackle their propaganda without failing those elected this government into power. The ball is definitely in GOSL lap! If not we will loose the propaganda war and that will definitely clear the path to the Hague!!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    I fully agree with Kumar Moses on the need to WAGE a well-funded, all encompassing PROPAGANDA WAR against the Eelamists.

    The GOSL should take note and BEGIN NOW; to do otherwise is to be pushed into a losing defensive posture that in the end will result in the loss of everything gained in the Military Defeat of the LTTE and MORE!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    MOD has developed 9 media campaigns already and sent to ALL SL foreign missions.

    They are REACTIVE not PROACTIVE.

    Like Kumar says we are chasing phantoms. VIEWING them, NO ONE will know WHO the hell in WRONG. So they think BOTH Tamils and SL have truth in them.

    We have to BUST Tamils’ credibility.

    These 9 media campaigns FAIL to do that.

    e.g. A criminal case is NOT about WHAT is wrong. It is about WHO is wrong.

    What matters in this game is WHO not WHAT.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I fully support a counter propaganda attack against the LITE, the Tamil Diaspora, the Indian Tamils and their hold on India.

    It should be a kaleidoscopic coverage of Tamil aggression mainly aimed against Sri Lanka throughout the centuries but also against Indians who are not Tamils. Tamil chauvinism should be exposed like a naked woman whose clothing have been deliberately taken from her. The ways of disseminating such information should not begin and end with a film but also include the TV media. There is enough of money from the Sanga to support and promote this.

    In addition like the Tamils hire people who are not Sinhalese or Tamils to give the presentation the authenticity it deserves and never relent till this new avatar of war is won by the Sinhalese. Such programs or movies should also show the legal justification why the military should remain in Tamil dominated areas and why Sinhalese have the same right to live in any part of Sri Lanka

    No doubt the Tamil diaspora will up the anti and demand the world bodies address the “human rights violations” supposedly done on the Tamils. It is at these moments Colombo should show her strength and stand firm that no foreign body can do as they please in Sri Lanka when the world is undergoing far worse acts against humanity which go unrecognized.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Most important , the word “LTTE” shall be replaced by “TAMIL “.
    DOcumentary shall conclude “enough is enough. Tamil terrorists have given far too much freedom. Without shutting them down their killing fileds will continue. Sri Lanka is determined to do so in the name of humanity.”

    Soon after release of this documentary remove 13A nonsence and PC kudu sabhas.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE Tamils back!

    Look at the ANTI SINHALA TAMIL RIOT that happened today morning. See how Tamilnut INSTIGATED violence.

    “[TamilNet, Sunday, 15 December 2013, 23:12 GMT]
    Colombo has schemed a sinister move to demographically annex Thennai-maravadi, a strategic ancient Tamil village in Kuchchave’li division on the border of Northern and Eastern Provinces with the Sinhala dominated Padavi Sripura division of Trincomalee district, civil sources in Trincomalee told TamilNet. By annexing Thennai-maravadi to Padavi-Sripura, all the administrative affairs of the village would be taken over by the Sinhala officials. This will make it easier for Colombo to carry out the Sinhalicisation of the entire area, Tamil officials in Kuchchave’li Divisional Secretariat said. The lands belonging to Tamils will be seized and handed over to Sinhalese settlers with the aim of permanently wedging the demographic contiguity of the northern and eastern provinces. ”

    From adaderana.lk

    “Two excavators and a tipper truck which were parked in the Wilgamvehera area on the Trincomalee-Anuradhapura main road, where a reservoir in being built, have been set on fire and destroyed along with other machinery by a group of persons, police said.

    A group of seven individuals had arrived at the location last night, assaulted and tied up the security guard stationed there to safeguard the equipment before carrying out the act of arson.

    Uppuveli Police and the Navy’s fire brigade managed to douse the fire, however the tipper truck and machinery have been completely destroyed.

    The damages caused by the fire have been estimated at around Rs 9.5 million, police said.”

    This is the work of LTTE Tamils to STOP non-Tamils settling in this area.

    Mavil aru – 2 has happened. What the govt. is going to do?

  7. helaya Says:

    Thanks Kumar. Before 2013 Geneva I sent a package containing most of the thing you mentioned in this article to NY UN mission (Sri Lankan) and ask them to use these to counter before it is too late. The response was angry whoever open the package. I got an email with one sentence. The problem is our diplomatic mission do not have patriotic people. When they come to these countries their only target is to earn more money and ignore their responsibility to the mother land. There are lot of materials do this project. I can not believe nothing is happening.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    * Kumar Moses says : “It is the old Tamil Nadu caste discrimination and violence at the root cause of the terrorist problem. It is not the creation of the LTTE but the Tamil Hindu society”. Past anger of 3,000 yrs stemming from the Caste/poverty bind has been unleashed on Mother Lanka who had nothing to do with it !

    * He also says : “The fallacy of reconciliation without cooperation”. A fallacy – because Reconciliation cannot happen without Co-operation.

    These two truths about sums up the situation re the so called Tamil Problem.

    About time that the Parliament (not just GoSL) realized these two truths and activated the 6-A.

    * Acts of Arson (plenty of it evident now – taxpayer money going up in flames !), should be met with seizure of all property of the guilty persons, and even the death penalty. Mollycoddling arsonists will only lead to anarchy and a new type of war.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NANDA !! Yes, there is NO LTTE NOW. So it has to be replaced with the word TAMIL, with due respect to the hanful of beautiful Tamils, not involved in scum politics.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Time has come to dissolve the two PCs run by hanumans and reinstate Army governement so that Tamil will learn to be human again. Without the Gun they always revert back to monkey business.

  11. Marco Says:

    The Horse has bolted!. 4 years too late.
    How ever many “Movies” , Videos , Presentations produced now is on deaf ears when there are clear and defined responsibilities set by the Resolutions passed in Geneva and more likely yet another one in 2014.
    In fact in my opinion it is likely to damage further the already tarnished credibility of the GOSL.
    There has been no clear thought nor the lessons learnt from the past two Geneva conflabs.
    I believe there is no legitimate excuse that GOSL can come up with to confront yet another Geneva Resolution.

    As regards to Kumar Moses suggestion of a Movie, sure why not have a credible independent enquiry into all allegations.
    Interesting i note Kumar (rather shallow in my opinion)has omitted two senior individuals from LTTE who are still alive and kicking.If you want a credible “Movie” made so that everyone can make an informed and unbiased opinion, why leave out the most important LTTE terrorist who was pulling the purse strings and instrumental in procuring weapons for the terrorist outfit. Perhaps, it was an oversight from Kumars perspective.

    Renaming it Tamils Killing Fields as opposed to LTTE Killing Fields- think that is exactly what the LTTE Tamil Diaspora are waiting for in its agenda.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE Micro stated the LTTE PERSPECTIVE as always. No surprise.

    Should GOSL listen to him? No way!

  13. jayasiri Says:

    EXCELLENT IDEA! Kumar Moses. Not only I agree with the NAME “TAMIL KILLING FIELDS” I adore it, even it is bit too late.
    Neverthiless THIS SHOULD BE DONE even if Govt. declines, a private company with expat support can make this happen.

    Someone few months ago, said a Sri Lankan in Lanka, wanted the major newspapers to publish a an ARTICLE about Tamil atrocities & damage they did to Sri Lanka. I also heard all NEWSPAPERS refused to accept the article. If such BIAS, corrupt MEDIA MOGULS are trying to quieten the MASS POPULATION & their free speech, THIS IS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS immediate action by ALL patriotic Lankans in Lanka & abroad.

    NO! DO NOT let this idea die, CONTINUE to organize & get the FILM MADE, to counter LIES propagated by Channel 4 & Macrae (with his Tamil wife).

    All responses are FOR SUCH a FILM being made, so PLEASE ORGANIZE NOW, not tomorrow or day or two later. Thank you all repondents & also KUMAR MOSES for bringng this excellent idea to light…………….J

  14. Senevirath Says:

    LET M. P.. Sarath weerasekara to derect the film. He is patriot a good soldier and very well educated. The govt and Sinhalese can rely upon him

  15. Sampath Says:

    I thought lies agreed upon covered the tamil killing fields. there are several of them

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