What are the Grievances Exclusive to Sri Lanka’s Tamils?
Posted on December 17th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

 This question has been propping over periods of time without any conclusive answer primarily because the topic has been perfect for political advantage to both political parties and individuals. With the chapter of terrorism more or less closed it is no perfect a time than now to directly address this issue. We need to once and for all know what it is that ONLY Tamils are suffering from that are not shared by Sinhalese or Muslims or even Burghers? For it is in knowing these exclusive Tamils only grievances that any Government or foreign leader has any right to champion on behalf of the Tamils. If nothing exclusive can be proved or shown then it is time we call the bluff and ask Tamils to get on with their lives just as how the other communities are without inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry onto Sri Lankan soil whereby bringing more troubles than solutions. We do not need any sound from them either.

 Let us get down to the question itself.

 Sri Lanka’s population stands at just over 20million of which the Sinhalese comprise 14.8million, Sri Lankan Tamils comprise 2.4million (2,400,000). It is believed that 1million of this number now live overseas.

 Health sector

§  Are Tamils denied entry to Government or private hospitals because they are Tamil?

§  Are Tamils denied medical attention by doctors or nurses because they are Tamil – do Sinhalese doctors or nurses refused to treat any Tamil because he was Tamil?

§  Are Tamils purposely segregated and denied operations/surgery because they are Tamil?

The answer is that there is nothing in the health sector of Sri Lanka that Tamils can say they are discriminated against. In fact throughout LTTE terror the Sri Lankan Government sent medical supplies to the North including the final stages of the war. It is not the fault of the Government that the TNA heroes – the LTTE confiscated these medicines to be given to LTTE cadres and their families ONLY without giving them to the ordinary Tamils.

 It is also to be stated that the Tamils of Jaffna do not donate blood because of their high caste mentality and majority of blood supplied to the Government hospitals in the North is by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who donate blood on a voluntary basis regularly to ensure the blood bank is not short of blood. It must also be said that Muslims too do not donate blood but they are recipients of blood by Sinhalese. A little appreciation for this gesture is quite in order instead of always finding fault with the Sinhalese.

 Education sector

§  Are Tamils denied entry to schools even day care or Montessori because they are Tamils?

§  Are Tamils denied education because they are Tamil?

§  Are Tamil children systematically denied high honors at exams?

§  Are Tamils denied entry to Universities because they are Tamil?

Answer is NO. In fact there has always been the allegation that in the North, Tamil teachers gave bogus high marks to Tamil students during paper marking and even while exams were being held so that Tamils could enter university in large numbers. These allegations were never investigated. Moreover, enough of Tamils have secured top class honors at the GCE Ordinary Level/Advanced level and even Medical/Law and other university competitive exams throughout. Gold medalists in medical and other degree programs for Tamils have been awarded – if there was discrimination for being Tamil would such awards have taken place?

 Tamils drove out 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna university in 1977. Some of these Sinhalese were handicapped for life. These attacks were so that the university would become an ONLY Tamil university while other universities throughout the country were taking students of all communities. Now the Muslims have started Only Muslim universities using their clout. There are no ONLY Sinhalese universities in Sri Lanka.

 Daily domestic chores

§  Are Tamils denied entry to post offices, public or private banks, cinema, museums, shops or shopping malls because they are Tamil?

§  Are Tamils not served vegetables or other essentials in shops, market places or malls simply because they are Tamil?

§  Are Tamils denied entry to eat at Restaurants or Hotels because they are Tamil or are they made to sit in a separate area that says “Tamils Only”?

§  Are there sign boards that explicitly says “Tamils are not welcome’ or ‘No Tamils”?

§  Are there Sinhalese shops that deny the right to purchase to Tamils?

§  Are Tamils charged more or Sinhalese are waived off on any item because they are Sinhalese?

§  Do Tamils have to stand in different queues because they are Tamil (like how America/UK and South Africa treated blacks)

§  Are public facilities and utilities like washrooms, public drinking water denied to Tamils because they are Tamils (again like America/UK and South Africa treated blacks)

§  Are public transport – buses and trains denied to Tamils because they are Tamil or do Tamils have to sit separately because they are Tamil?

Let us remind the Tamils that the Blacks of America had to eat separately, use separate toilets, sit on separate benches, drink from separate water fountains, sit separately in restaurants, cinemas had separate ticket booths, libraries had separate sections, there was even separate telephone booths, whites had restrictive selling to ensure properties were never sold to blacks. While in Tamil Nadu 80% of its population are Dalits and over 60% of them are illiterate. This is in a State that is run by Tamils for Tamils.

 Answer is NO.

Have Tamils ever been treated like the manner the Allied nations treated the Germans for 5 years after World War 2 – wherein all radio and other forms of communications especially posters referred to all Germans as Nazi’s and deserved to be murdered? 

Yes, the country celebrated the death of terrorists and the killing of Prabakaran. The country has no need to feel ashamed. We have every right to feel triumphant and we do not apologize for feeling jubilant that we can walk out of our homes without family worrying we will not return. For those who did not live in Sri Lanka to know what it felt like to live when LTTE was thriving have no right to be issuing how we should feel or act from overseas. Prabakaran and his terror force was responsible for murders, calculated, coldblooded murders that ran into thousands over 3 decades. If throughout these decades none mourned the deaths of those killed by LTTE, why should they mourn the death of Prabakaran unless they were part of the reason why LTTE prevailed?

 Also do Tamils ever feel shy to say ‘We sell only to Tamils’ when they are selling property or home? Is this not the same practice Muslims also follow? While Tamils and Muslims don’t sell to Sinhalese purely because of racial discrimination all the houses that Sinhalese have sold to have been to either Tamils or Muslims apart from a handful who realize that soon Sinhalese would become a majority tenant population.


§  Are Tamils denied employment to public sector or even private sector because they are Tamil?

§  Are job advertisements specifically mentioning that Tamils are not entertained?

§  Are Tamils treated differently in the public or private sector because they are Tamil?

Answer is NO

On the contrary most of the Tamil-biased employers place their advertisements in such a way that ensures Sinhalese job applicants cannot apply.

 Most of the foreign embassies manned by Tamils ensures Sinhalese visa applicants have their visa’s requests rejected for trivial reasons too.

 In private sector there are still many high caste Tamils who will not eat with low caste Tamils in the staff canteen, they will not share their food with them or even share the same cup and saucer.

 Ponnambalam Ramanathan, went several times to London in the 1930s to ask the British government to uphold the caste system.

Sports Sector

§  Are Tamils denied participation in sports because they are Tamil?

§  Are they excluded from being nominated to the National teams because they are Tamil?

The example of Muttiah Muralitharan is a shining example of how a Tamil cricketer continues to gain the respect of the Sri Lankan polity, not because he is Tamil but because he is a great cricketer.

Public sector

§  Does the Government deny water, electricity and telephones to Tamils because they are Tamil?

§  Does the Government restrict Tamils to travel to any part of the country?

§  Does the Government deny Tamil public officials promotions because they are Tamil?

§  Does the Government have any legal, constitutional and legislative State orders or policies that can prove that the State is systematically discriminating the Tamils?

Answer is No.

The language factor has been because the Government as all foreign Governments do, did not make all natives to know the Sinhalese language. In a country where 14.8million of the 20million know Sinhalese, what has stopped the 5.2m learning Sinhalese? Now the Government insists 14.8million know Tamil whilst there is no ruling that the 5.2m need to also know Sinhalese. Only then can there be true communication. However in the public service all Tamils and Muslims are required to know Sinhalese and it is only practical as 7 out of 10 are Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

 As for random allegations of public documents been sent to Tamils in Sinhalese the case is no different as Sinhalese are also in receipt of communications in Tamil. This is the fault of one or two public servants who need to have their eyes tested for there is no excuse they can give to say they cannot differentiate between a Tamil surname and a Sinhalese surname. These are only administrative hiccups and have nothing to do with purposeful discrimination against a race.

 Right to Live anywhere in Sri Lanka

However, as everyone can see a man who has lived virtually all his life in the South amongst the Sinhalese, was educated amongst the Sinhalese, secured employment and was nominated a Supreme Court judge by a Sinhalese who today is the Chief Minister of the North has the audacity to declare the North belongs ONLY to Tamils and asks Sinhalese and Muslims to leave the North and thinks that a mere title of Chief Minister affords him the power to dictate who the President of the country should appoint as Governor. He is definitely suffering from some complex and one that needs immediate treatment.

 Between 1971 and 1981 the more than 30,000 Sinhalese were kicked out without notice from the Jaffna peninsula where they had been living for generations.

LTTE denied access to Sinhalese for 3 decades to visit the North while no such restrictions were placed on Tamils who steadily flowed to the South to make use of the conflict situation for their own advantage which is basically why most Tamils silently feel a sense of gratitude to the LTTE for their lives became better because of the LTTE – numerically only a handful of Tamils actually suffered the majority Tamils reaped the harvest of terrorism – that unfortunately is the bitter truth.

 Moreover over 100s of Sinhala Cultural Heritage sites in the Northern Province and Eastern Province were destroyed with the sole aim of erasing the evidences of Sinhala civilization in the north and east. In most places after destroying the Buddhist temples Hindu kovils, Churches have been built on top of them to hide the truth.

 Ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in Vavuniya district in 1984 – with 73 Sinhalese shot dead in their villages to create a fear psychosis and make the Sinhalese leave on their own. 6000 Sinhalese refugees are still to return to their ancestral homes in the Wanni.

 Ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in the Trincomalee district 1984 – Over 150 Sinhalese villagers throughout the district including Buddhist priests have been killed and 20,000 Sinhalese refugees remain.

 Ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in Mannar district in 1980s – Sinhalese villages were attacked, their houses set on fire in order to either kill or chase them from the areas. Over 10,000 became refugees and some are still to return.

 Expulsion of Sinhalese from Batticoloa in the 1980s – again attempts were made to reduce the percentage of Sinhalese living in Batticola to almost 0% by 1990s. A Sinhalese student was shot and killed in Vandaramullai University in Batticaloa in August 22nd, 2008.

Ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in Ampara district 1980s – attempts to chase out Sinhalese by attacking villages and killing hundreds of Sinhalese whilst asleep or in their homes have been with the sole intention of forcing the Sinhalese out of the areas of North and East to claim that these areas are occupied ONLY by Tamils.

 It was not only the Sinhalese who became targets – Muslims were chased out of the North too. They were given 48hours notice to vacate their homes which were looted by the LTTE and those Muslims who refused to leave were all killed. Similarly, LTTE attempting ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in the East too by killing 300 in one instance and a further 100 who were praying at the mosque

 These ethnic cleansing attempts made after 1977, in 1978, 1981, 1983, 1984 and throughout 1990s have never made it to CNN, BBC or even C4. Close to 100,000 Sinhalese villagers have become refugees and around 3500 have been killed in order for the Tamils to claim a mono-ethnic area.Yet, a single event in 1983 not repeated for the past 30 odd years continues to be played like an old record still.

 Why is it that the Sinhalese people being attacked, getting killed or massacred is not considered a violation of their ‘human rights’ by UN, INGOs, Human Rights Organizations or even foreign Governments?

 Economic partners

Anyone contesting grievances of Tamils or Muslims need only to go to the commercial hub of Pettah to see who controls the wholesale establishments. Visit Pettah on a Friday just before 12noon and you can then count the number of shops owned by Muslims. Visit Pettah on a Tamil holiday to count the number of Tamil shops. 2 out of 10 shops are likely to be Sinhalese. Check the key business companies and count the numbers of minorities that hold top posts. More and more taking these statistics together the Government will realize that it is towards the Sinhalese in particular the Buddhists that policies have always been discriminated against. This unfortunately is the startling truth.

 Making this more shocking is the fact that the minorities of Sri Lanka are not really minorities. The Tamils have the moral backing at least of 72million Tamils across the globe. The Muslim backing runs into billions. Taking the same argument by religious faith Tamil Hindus, Islam and the Christian world all have powerful lobbies and Muslims/Islam and Christian and the Vatican go hand in hand because they have all the accesses to push the correct buttons which makes the Sinhalese Buddhists the real minority in Sri Lanka with hardly 14million up against all others.

 Law and Order

§  Are Tamil denied entry to police stations to lodge complaints?

§  Are there more Tamils in Sri Lanka’s jails?

§  Are Tamils falsely incriminated because they are Tamil?

Of course it is another matter how police treats ordinary citizens but that is a grievance the Sinhalese, Muslims and even Tamils can all claim equal suffering. This is not part of state strategy but simply the manner police have been inclined to behave though their courtesies have improved from what it was but not near the courtesies shown by members of the armed forces from what they were earlier.

 Sri Lanka’s jails, houses more Sinhalese than Tamils and Muslims put together. whereas in US and UK statistics reveal that blacks and browns are more likely to be arrested and be put into prisons and these prisons are all private profit making entities.

 There should be no areas designated to one race simply on the ground that they chase out the rest of the races in order to call it their own. Such is the case with the North. It started with the LTTE and is now being continued by the TNA their proxy. All those who can recall will remember how the bakeries of the North were run by the Sinhalese and when it came to April New Year the people of the North were in want of bread because the staff had all gone back home.

 Constitutional provisions for Tamils

§  Under the 1978 Constitution, Chapter IV (Language Provisions) – Article 18 (1) & 18 (2) amended by 13th amendment Sinhala and Tamil official languages of Sri Lanka. Article 19 – National Languages of Sri Lanka shall be Sinhala and Tamil.  

§  A person is be entitled to be educated through the medium of either of the national Languages. – Article 21(1)

§  Sinhala and Tamil shall be the languages of administration throughout Sri Lanka. – Article 22(1) as amended by the 16th Amendment

§  In any area where Sinhala is used as the language of administration a person other than an official acting in his official capacity, shall be entitled:

                       I.        to receive communications from, and to communicate and transact business with, any official in his official capacity, in either Tamil or English;

                     II.        if the law recognizes his right to inspect or obtain copies of extracts from any official register, record, publication or other document, to obtain a copy of, or an extract from such register, record, publication or other document, or a translation thereof, as the case may be, in either Tamil or English.

                   III.        where a document is executed by any official for the purpose of being issued to him, to obtain such document or translation thereof, in either Tamil or English. – Article 22(2) (a) – (c) as amended by the 16th Amendment

  • In any area where Tamil is used as the language of administration, a person other than an official acting in his official capacity, shall be entitled to exercise the rights, and to obtain the services, referred to in above in Sinhala or English. – Article 22(3) as amended by the 16th Amendment
  • All laws and subordinate legislation shall be enacted or made and published in Sinhala and Tamil, together with a translation thereof in English. – Article 23(1) as amended by the 16th Amendment
  • Sinhala and Tamil shall be the language of the Courts throughout Sri Lanka. – Article 24(1) as amended by the 16th Amendment
  • What do Tamils enjoy in par with Sinhalese and Muslims?
  • Sri Lanka’s national flag denotes the 2 ethnic minorities – Orange depicted for Tamils & Green depicted for Muslims.
  • All public documents are in Sinhalese & Tamil (marriage certificate, death certificate, immigration forms etc)
  • Sri Lankan currency & notes are in Sinhalese & Tamil
  • All public events are presented in Sinhalese, Tamil & English
  • Tamils have ownership rights to property, land, business ventures – Tamils & Muslims together out number the Sinhalese in Colombo. But Sinhalese are denied purchase of property in the North.

So now the readers must ask themselves – what do the Tamils really suffer from? What are their real grievances?

 Moreover the false claim of a territory for Tamils only comes in the backdrop of LTTE killing its own people. It is on this ground that it lost its ‘freedom fighter’ status. Scores of Tamil police officers were killed on duty, the entire moderate Tamil politicians were wiped out leaving a handful of puppets that make up the TNA. LTTE has killed over 200 Tamil public servants.

 We have been misguided by the notion of grievance over aspirations. We all suffer aspirations – there are many things we want to become but we cannot. Only one person can become the President of Sri Lanka but all of us may aspire for that role – it cannot be categorized as a grievance. Lakshman Kadiragamar came close to becoming the country’s first Tamil Prime Minister – but that opportunity was lost because the LTTE decided to bump him off and Sri Lanka lost a bold and patriotic crusader, smarter and intelligent and with pluck nowhere near to the incumbent in his same role.

 Loose words abound – former Indian envoy speaks of ‘self-esteem’ then there are other fanciful names thrown in like ‘self-respect’ ‘dignity’ which all lead back to ask the simple question what is it that Tamils do not enjoy that Sinhalese or Muslims ONLY enjoy which is the only way the Tamils can claim they have no self-esteem, dignity or self-respect?

 Moreover with the divisions of caste dividing Tamils apart in every form of living in simple actions as to deny drinking from the same cup because of one’s caste is it not this self-esteem and dignity that should be the cause for concern not a piece of land that has no practical relevance to ordinary people carrying on with their lives?

 The facts speak for themselves. At a time when low caste Tamils were denied education SWRD Bandaranaike a Sinhalese introduced the Social Disabilities Prevention Act 21 in 1957. This results in high caste Tamil politicians agitating against low caste Tamil children going to school so much so that these children ended up sitting on the floor to study and the Tamil politicians even wrote to UK asking them to legitimize caste system and objected to low castes obtaining education. It was this same issue that became a hot topic during the standardization for universities because the high caste Tamils did not want low caste Tamils to gain education.

The country is not ready to seek a political solution to satisfy a handful’s aspirations.

 No Government should entertain aspirations as a basis for political bargaining.

 Our leaders have been too weak to demand answers and put questions when allegations are being made.

 Top priority must be given to the need to first demand to know what these grievances of Tamils are that requires political solutions that demand a separately carved out territory to be ruled by Tamils? What a laugh it is to demand a separate Tamil only territory while the rest of the Tamils live amongst the Sinhalese and we just have to wonder why Governmental representatives have failed to place this simple question before all those making representations for Tamil grievances.

 Simply following the same mistake the previous Governments did by not putting this all important question – the single question that would silence all Tamil politicians is likely to make the country’s leaders commit the country towards greater divisions than we can handle.

32 Responses to “What are the Grievances Exclusive to Sri Lanka’s Tamils?”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    Prof.. Nalin de silva has been asking the same question for over more than 30 years. He has even challenged sunil ariyaratne and wickramabaho etc regarding this

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Untill the GoSL and the foreign affairs conduct a campaign to educate the International community, our efforts are invain. There must be an organised camapign first locally and thereafter go globally. Why the TNA and the GoSL not responding to this reqest?

  3. gdesilva Says:

    Shenali, there is one grievance you have missed out…..Are Tamils denied of setting up their own country? YES. This is the crux of all Tamil grievances – nothing more, nothing less. As long as the Tamils have a need to create their Utopia nothing will appease them. I wish the TNA could be forced to publicly respond to your list of grievances.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Sri Lankan Tamils have successfully managed to state to the world that they as Tamils are singled out and using this excuse have managed to bring world condemnation on Sri Lanka. One part of the article states that the Tamils chased out all Sinhalese making it first Tamil only university and now the Muslims are doing the same. One way around the whole issue is that all communities must show a thorough knowledge of Sinhalese before they can enter higher education. In addition all communities must show a thorough knowledge of the history of Sri Lanka including various levels of education of the Mahavamsa, the Culavamsa, the Dipavamsa and the Rajagiliya

    The constant complaint of the Tamils that they do not have land and police powers is now rendered academic since that issue was settled with the death of Prabhakaran and the new laws that land and police powers remain in Colombo and do not constitute a violation of human rights if they do not get it.

    President Obama recently stated that the US needs to be ruthlessly efficient. If the head of the most powerful Democracy can state that them Colombo does not need to be ruthless but it can be efficient in enforcing the laws of the land and dismissing foreigners whose only business in Sri Lanka is to chastise Sri Lanka unless she tows the Tamil line. Such people should not be allowed into the nation.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    a thorough knowledge of Sinhalese & a thorough knowledge of the history !
    Why not knowledge of Demila & a thorough knowledge of the history of Thamil as well in mother lanka!

    We are One Country , Two Languages (Same National anthem in both language), Four religion !
    Unity in diversity , No short cut, United Provincial council of Mother Lanka !!!

  6. Nanda Says:

    Grievences exclusive to Tamils are,
    1. Sinhala extremists do not allow Tamils to cheat exams
    2. Sinhala extremists settle in Tamil exclusive areas.
    3. Sinhala extremists do not employ Ta

  7. Nanda Says:

    3.Sinhala extremists do not employ Tamil Tigers.
    4.Siinhala racists use the language Sinhala in Sri Lanka.
    5. Sinhala army extraminated innocent 40000 Tamil Tigers.
    6. Sinhala extremist consider innocent Tamil Tiger boss as a terrorist and killed him brutal way.
    7. Sinhale extemists do not allow Tamil Tigers to worship their dead idiots.

  8. Sri Rohana Says:

    Grievances are just a word to claim bogus political refugee status in western countries. Once they reach western world with bogus refugee claims they can earn $, Euro, UKP, Krona, C$, A$, NZ $ or JY.
    Once their refugee claims success they come back to Sri Lanka as tourists. Foolish westerners don’t monitor these cheaters. How come refugees go back to his/her country if they have life threatening? In Colombo’s 4, 5, 6, 7 most of the luxury apartments and other properties bought by tamils live in Western world gone as refugees. Tamils know very well to manipulate the system.
    In western world tamils don’t bother tamil language but ready to learn any language, they don’t have any cultural issues or employment issues. Even professionals ready to do cleaning work in Europe.
    Tamil propaganda machine repeatedly say that tamils have grievances. When challenges they never answered!

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Rohana
    Grievances are just a word to claim bogus political refugee status in western countries- than which country Mr Sampanthan & others living in NEP claim refugee status ?

    Once their refugee claims success they come back to Sri Lanka as tourists- Agreed with European Union passport (no one can touch)

    why this Kolaveri mate !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    What is the purpose of knowing the Tamil language when not a single job is given to a Sri Lankan in Tamil Nadu ? Tamil Nadu only vilifies Sri Lanka at every turn, poaches fish in Sri Lanka waters and sends in Tamil illegal migrants to destabilize Lanka.
    In addition, Sri Lanka tourists visiting TN are attacked, even Buddhist priests are attacked, and Lanka army personnel training in TN are thrown out. The list is endless.

    In return, Lanka imports substandard pharma goods from Tamil Nadu, allows poaching in our sea waters and accepts Tamil illegal migrants !! No wonder TN and Tamils try to push Lanka at every turn. Lanka is looked at as a pliable push over for TN – wither justice for Lanka !

    At this point in time, the less Sri Lanka has to do with Tamil Nadu the better. Tamil Nadu has to better their Human Rights record (Caste/poverty) and be a more civilized place before even the adjoining states of Kerala, Karnataka & Andrapradesh can reconcile with them. The Tamil language is never allowed to be prominent in any of the states adjoining Tamil Nadu. Why should Sri Lanka, which is a separate country ?

    We would be smart if we study how the adjoining states of TN handle TN. At present, TN does not project itself as a friendly sub-state of India nor a trustworthy one.

    Sending back all ILLEGAL MIGRANTS and STOPPING POACHING IN LANKA SEA WATERS should be among the most important external issues that Lanka has to address in the future. In addition, guard the coast lines and the sea areas against illegal migrants, piracy etc.

    In the long run, multiculturalism does not work in small countries such as Sri Lanka when the minority numbers grow rapidly due to illegal migration and other reasons (religions encouraging large families).

    In particular, with the proximity of Tamil Nadu, too much multiculturalism will be even more of a threat as Caste will get re-imposed on probably the whole of Lanka if the Tamil language is brought into schools. Lanka will be flooded with TN’s Tamil literature, films etc. With use of Tamil language comes use of Tamil culture.

    Let us be aware that Lanka is more vulnerable to negative manipulations with the Indian elections on next year.

    Minority religions gain when fear predominates and conversions happen.

    If Lanka authorities and Lanka People do not act firmly now particularly with regard to language, we will all see future strife.
    It should be mandatory that all in Lanka know the Sinhela language with English as a strong link language. No one is stopping anyone here learning ANY language, including Tamil, if they want to do so.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    To go toward a lasting Peace for All in Lanka, we need a Common Enemy to butt against. The TNAs ‘divide & rule’ policy (copied form the British) will not help the Tamil people or the rest of us in Lanka.

    The TNA leaders harken not to needs of Tamils or others in Lanka, but listens to only to their own Caste based problem and Tamil Nadu leaders and Tamils Diaspora plus vested interests.

    Their unfortunate choice of ‘Enemy’ is the GoSL & the Sinhela/Buddhist people. This is ironical when the very food they eat and the money and pensions they get is from these sources they call the ‘enemy’ !

    A perceived ‘enemy’ is essential to transcend the Caste divide for Tamils, but it CANNOT to be the GoSL or the Sinhela/Buddhists, and it can never be so as it is based on an UNTRUTH. Sinhela/Buddhists plus ANY Government of Lanka did not create the Caste/poverty problems of Tamil Nadu or any problems of Tamils of Lanka. TN problems are self created
    and they are laying those problems on the TNA and the Tamils of Lanka as well.

    If the perceived ‘ENEMY’ is Poverty, Joblessness, Education not geared to jobs or is impractical, not enough good health care, not enough good shelter, not enough clean Water & Food, Ignorance about the nature of Life, etc., then we have Common Ground as to who the “ENEMY’ is. These ‘Enemies’ are the true Enemies of all the People of Lanka, not just enemies of Tamils. We have Common Ground to fight together here. Till such Common Ground in ‘enmity ‘s acknowledged by the TNA, there will be no peace for Lanka or her People. It will be reliving the ‘divide & rule’ of the British Empire.

    In a tragedy that is the TNA, it is best to take a firm hand in matters and guide the Tamils of Lanka to a better life for all, away from the nonsensical and untrue reasonings of TNA. Messing around in Indian elections and TN politics & Caste/poverty problems will not help Lanka or her People.

    We need a sincere National Govt. to tackle such difficult problems. We need to see Development in all spheres of Human Need as the Common Ground for Action, and IGNORANCE as the Enemy to eliminate.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    In the long run, multiculturalism does not work in small countries such as Sri Lanka when the minority numbers grow rapidly due to illegal migration and other reasons (religions encouraging large families). – Not agreed
    1948 15m Sinhalese now 20m, 4m Tamils (in estate Tamil) now also 4m ? why ,ok 1m run away( included killed) !

    4m minority become only 5m but 15m majority become 20m ! of cause agreed it is normal growth but your minority grow rapidly not happened in mother Lanka !

    worry about TN – yes agreed we both against TN it is our common problem We need short out together !

    What big question is Hela (Eelam) Tamils Grievances ? ( please do not ask me what is that because honestly I do not know mate !

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. SAMBANTHAN or invite him to Hilton hotel than put him in a first class room & give him Somapavam ( Kallu or Arak ) !
    I am sure he will give your Demila’s grievances list !

    NB/ Old man , please take extra care mate otherwise we will blame you Chinhalavan for his dead (even though natural dead)

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SAK ! Yes I am an old man. Do you call your father the same way ? YOU WILL BE THERE SOMEDAY.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe

    Sorry you get it wrong My apologise mate , I was not calling you old mate.
    I called Mr Sampanthan as old man not you !

    NB/ Mr Sampanthan is Old man , please take extra care mate otherwise we will blame you Chinhalavan for his dead (even though natural dead)

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar/Andy,

    Your statistics are completely off the mark !
    Must be ‘Tamilnut’ stats. ?

    You say : “1948 15 m Sinhalese, now 20 m” – where did you get these figures ?

    In 1948 the TOTAL population of Sri Lanka was 7,060,000 m. – so how can there be 15 m Sinhala people in 1948 ?
    Likely the real figure for Sinhela people in 1948 would have been around 5 m. out of the 7 m total.

    The true figures for present day :

    At 70% Sinhela now and 21 m people total in Lanka, it works out to 15 m. Sinhela people. You have artificially increased the number of Sinhela people for present times by 5 MILLION when you say present day Sinhela numbers are 20 m !

    Tamil population:

    * Tamil population in 1948 must have been around 2 m at most, counting in the 1 ½ m Indentured Labor brought in by the Dutch & British.
    * Add : About a Million Tamil folk left for the west after the trumped up 1983 Riots (Cold War times).
    * Present day : At around 15% total Tamil people for whole of Lanka (Upcountry, North&East and elsewhere), it works out to 3.17 m Tamils of Lanka, of which figure some are illegal migrants. We have also not taken into account the Tamil speaking Muslims (religious group, not ethnic group), who are really Tamil people. That would make another million or so Tamils taking the figure to around 4.17 m.

    We are still for deporting all illegal migrants, wherever they have come from.

    So the true Tamil numbers increased for 65 yrs. is from approx. 2 m to approx. 5.17 m (1 + 1 + 3.17), an increase of approx. 3.17 m.

    Correct me if I am wrong in the above figures.

    Anyway, we all have to get down to the business of living together and no more hysterics as with TNA MPs making wild statements in Parliament. Time to get truthful about our REAL needs which are all the similar. No one wants to be a ‘slave’ to anyone.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    ok go with your figure:
    Sinhela people in 1948 would have been around 5 m. out of the 7 m total.
    At 70% Sinhela now and 21 m people total in Lanka, it works out to 15 m. Sinhela people !
    5m sinhalese become 15m (3 time higher) & 2 m minority become 5.17m now ( app 3 time higher) !

    Time to get truthful about our REAL needs which are all the similar. No one wants to be a ‘slave’ to anyone – fully agreed !

    live & let live !

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! IN 1952, THE POPULATION WAS 6,000,000, (SIX MILLION). I remember well, because that was the year I first did my SSC.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    In 1700 Tamil population was 0 (ZERO). Now it is a damned cursed 3,000,000!

    Where did they come from? This is a CANCER!

  21. Nanda Says:

    Any F-king passport why they let these idoits come back. Just send them back from Koti-nae-yako airpot.

  22. Nanda Says:

    Even now the Tea-Mil population can be zero. Make the assimilate with SinhalaBuddhist culture rather than living like worms.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    In 1700 Tamil population was 0 (ZERO)- not agrred
    all five Sivas Temples builded before 1200 as Thirughana Sampanthar’s Thevar have Thirukonamaliai & Thiru kethiswaran .

    why they let these idoits come back ? because they come with money

    Even now the Tea-Mil population can be zero. Make the assimilate with SinhalaBuddhist culture rather than living like worms- I always wellcome make Estate Tamils to become Sinhala population .

  24. Sri Rohana Says:

    S.A Kumar!
    1. What is the Grievances Exclusive to Sri Lanka’s Tamils? Can you please answer?
    2. “Thirukonamaliai” = is the historical Sri Gokanna harbour. Gona Kanda (Gona= Deer, Kanda= Mountain) Gona Kanda became Gokanda-Gokanna.
    Sinhala Gokanna name tamilised by tamil invaders as Sri = Thiru, Gona=Kona, Kanda =Malai
    Gokanna harbour was used by great king Parakramabahu for his Polonnaruwa kingdom. There are many historical Buddhist temples around Trinco including Seruwila temple. Trinco was Kandyan king’s main port. So don’t claim Trincomalee as tamil city. We don’t object them live there but accept it was a Sinhala city.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Rohana

    please explain me Thirikona malai Sivan Temple , what is the history ?

    Grievances Exclusive to Hela (Eelam)’s Tamils ? Please come & live with us in NEP !!!

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    There is a dearth of proper statistics for public use re population matters, which factor is used by the those who wish to ‘down’ Lanka. What were the population figures in 1948, at Independence ? I took the figure of approx 7 m off the net. You may be right that it was 6 m during 1952.


    Tamils of Tamil Nadu who were wealthy never came to Lanka. Generally speaking, particularly in the old times, Tamils with money were higher caste folk. Only poverty stricken Tamils of Dalit or low caste origin came to Lanka. That is a fact.
    No higher caste Tamils ever came to Lanka to work in the plantations industry of the British & Dutch.

    During the ancient times in the days of the Sinhela kings, there were garrisons along the coast that prevented illegal migrants. This was done away with during the times of Colonist rule. During JRJ’s time, there was a unit called TAFFAI or TAFFEI, a special unit to turn away illegal migrants. This unit was removed (at Dixit’s behest, we can safely assume) – Cold War politics.

    If Lanka is to survive, we have to go back to old ways of emphasizing Security, using new methods.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Make the assimilate with SinhalaBuddhist culture rather than living like worms- I always wellcome make Estate Tamils to become Sinhala population”.

    The Upcountry Tamil people are welcome to become Sinhela/Buddhists. I have met doctors from this sector who are decent and good people.

    Have you spoken to these people and found out what THEY want ? They are not living ‘like worms’. They have unfortunately got caught to the Cold War politics and just obeyed Indian/Lanka govts. Govt. should mechanize the tea plucking. Besides, they must do what THEY want to do – no one can MAKE them Sinhela/Buddhists. They must want to join our community. What kind of brotherly love do you Tamils show each other, eh ?

    Tamils have become Sinhela/Buddhists in the past and some Sinhela people have turned to Hinduism in the past. Those numbers have been few.

    However, it is the Northern Tamil people & the Caste structure (we are told that still 10-20% in Jaffna subjected to Caste) that is the troubled sector among Tamils living in Lanka. As for the Tamils abroad who play games, they ought just be loyal to their countries of residence and not play dirty games on Lanka for personal benefits.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    What kind of brotherly love do you Tamils show each other, eh ? agreed We NEP Tamil used this poor Estate Tamil for ever .

    We have paid at Nanthikadal on May 2009 for the KARMA We committed to these poor Estate people since 1948 !

    no one can MAKE them Sinhela/Buddhists, They must want to join our community- We both know IQ of these poor people , only way to help them is teach every one of them Sinhala !

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree. Everyone who is a citizen of Lanka must know some Sinhela and the correct history of the island nation. This country has a mixed gene pool and it will remain so.

    A bit of kindness to all, Tamil or otherwise, would gain some real happiness for all in the end.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : KARMA is merely action and reaction. Kind thoughts begets nice actions thus good Karma is born. Simple. Why wallow in Bad Karma when Good Karma is easier ?

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    Further thoughts :

    You say : “We both know IQ of these poor people , ..”

    There is nothing wrong with the basic IQ of Upcountry Tamils. Those who did study prove that – there are doctors, lawyers etc. from the Upcountry Tamil sector. You have conveniently assumed that they have low IQ. That is caste based trait to assume so, isn’t it ?

    There is no caste base to IQ. India’s Dr Ambedkar, the writer of the Indian Constitution, was himself a Dalit who turned to Buddhism later. Education is what matters. But cheating at education is counter productive to real gains to erase caste.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    INDEED, Bureaucracy, Inefficiency and Waste of Public Funds EXPLODES under the Provincial Council System. The ONLY beneficiaries are the Provincial Councillors profiting from their stranglehold on the citizens of their feudal fiefdoms.

    ‘Country bogged down in PC quagmire’

    December 19, 2013

    Chief Government Whip Water Supply and Drainage Minister, Dinesh Gunawardena told Parliament yesterday (19) that the country was bogged down in a quagmire because of the Provincial Council system introduced by the UNP.

    He said the provincial council system had created a lot of administrative problems. “While 400 schools under the purview of the Education Minister, 9,000 schools are under the Provincial Councils,” he said The Provincial Council system was being continued by the government without change owing to political imperatives, the Minsiter added.

    Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa said the Provincial Council education ministers, too, could be summoned to the Education Ministry’s Consultative Committees as a solution to such administrative problems. (SI)

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