Posted on December 17th, 2013

Anura Seneviratna.  

 Norm of ignorance
Any defensive stance taken by the Sinhela Nation against insidiously invasive and intrusive acts into our national heritage by the settler communities in Sri Lanka,  the immediate reaction not only from the settler communities but from many Sinhela people too is the name calling of extremists, chauvinists etc. Yet, the confrontational causes which initiated the justifiable defensive stance by the Sinhela patriots are conveniently ignored by the local reporting media as well as the foreign media siding with the settler communities publicizing the Sinhelas as the culprits. Add to the bargain, the politicians too jump in the bandwagon to harass the patient and tolerant Sinhela Nation within the only Sinhela Country, tantamount to a unique state of affairs tolerated by no other nation on the planet. Does this extreme tolerance, patience and hospitality of the Sinhela nation a good thing for the settler communities and the Sinhela people alike? Decades of its impact on the Sinehla nation and the country has thoroughly proved to be negative, disastrous and foolish as these extreme humane tokens extended by the Sinhela people are being progressively exploited by the settler communities to destroy the Sinhela nation and rob the Sinhela Island to set up additional countries for themselves.
Practical lessons
The lessons we have to learn is we have been and continue to be foolish in our conduct of ourselves to settler communities and others of the world community. Foolish, because slipping into extremes even of good deeds and attitudes will lead to stupidity as Buddha and Gandhi once stated wisely. It is proved distinctly by the result, we had to suffer by the recent attempt to rob the Sinhela country by a group of settler Tamil community to carve a second Tamil Nadu and now we see a clear indication of the other settler Muslim community too is attempting to pursue the same course. Why? After successfully defending the country, instead of upholding of the inalienable Sinhela National Sovereignty by merging and integrating all settler communities into one INCLUSIVE Sinhela Nation – the party politicians are still engaged in more offerings of Tamil, Muslim  SEPARATISM to settler communities in an utterly irresponsible and dangerous manner. The so called Sri Lankan politicians still do not seem to understand the simple rules of inviolable national sovereignty rights that all other nations practice as a universal and justifiable principle. Yet, these same politicians do travel and see how other countries are governed in their numerous trips abroad but why they cannot see the truth as it is and do the same in SL is beyond imagination? However, they are quick to copy and bring any and every rubbish from foreign lands as if no tomorrow and happily thinking as progress. This folly not only negates the national self esteem of SL plus the credibility of these politicians to be unfit for the noble task of governance in serving the nation and country in upholding the Sinhela National Sovereignty.
Equality of ignorance
Equal treatment of citizens in a country is decided by the basis of SINGLE UNITARY NATIONHOOD of every country. It is naturally the indigenous nation of people are the root of this ONE NATION, hence the nation of the country are them but the noble principle of nation has extended an open arms welcome gesture to all settler communities ALSO to be INCLUSIVE national citizens of this nation. This nation is also termed as the HOST NATION. What is enshrined to be inalienable and inviolable of this nation and country to be upheld ever, is the NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. This is the solid safety valve maintained through human evolution to be unchangeable and un-negotiable as the truth and justice held in the manifestation of human refinement.  The outcome of this universal principle in close examination demonstrates the fundamental concept of justice & truth in no uncertain terms.
Highlighting practical comparatives
If settler communities who settle in host countries away from the lands of their national origins, they become INCLUSIVE national citizens of those countries. The main factor of inclusivity is attained in merging with the indigenous language of the host nation as the mode of communication is the key to bonding and uniting people, irrespective of their ethnicity. Here, it highlights the importance of mental interaction through one common language to unite people within one nation to progress together. For a country to flourish as the ONE NATION, the indigenous national language is the embracing factor followed by the national culture and philosophy or religion to be the components of the country’s national sovereignty to be upheld. If the question arises there is no equality to the languages, cultures, religions of settler communities in a host country, the answer is simply plane and clear that it is justifiable that these national rights of settler communities are well preserved right now in the lands of their national origins they left behind for pastures anew in host countries.  So, the settler communities have to be satisfied when voluntarily becoming  national citizens of a host country, they have to merge with the host nation in accepting and identifying themselves as now naturalized nationals of the host nation as one. Their language, culture and religion have the freedom to practice in private with the exception that these private baggage cannot threaten or subvert the host nation who have offered hospitality. Of course, some host countries have set up mandatory laws appearing excessive in converting the settler communities to become nationals of the host nation by even banning to practice in private their original  national rights. This may be reasonable in order to remove any vulnerability to the host nation in the future, when these settler communities increase in their population and pose a threat. Quite often, in certain situations at present there is a cry of random human rights demands within which are hidden alien national rights posing as human rights where host nations need to be vigilant.
In putting Sri Lanka to the test of national sovereignty, it fails miserably in being vulnerable in defence of their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The proof of this is the averted near insidious invasion of northern and eastern part of the Sinhela Island Country by a band of Tamil settler community originally from the land of Tamil Nadu. Now, there is another claim by these settler community that they had a Tamil kingdom, hence the area is their traditional homeland and national property and should be a free country. The blatant and self evident fact is, if they had a Tamil kingdom then, the crime of land robbing has been committed, which calls for compensation as crime of robbing does not entail rights. In the case of the land robbing committed by the then British on SL, they returned the whole robbed island country and at least do not claim now as a right as the Tamils, questions their psyche and of Tamils! When in every country, settler communities are encouraged to merge with the host nation, only in SL the settler communities are encouraged to attack the host nation of Sinhelas and capture the country to set up additional countries for themselves. This is self destructive and utterly irresponsible and this baffled the thinking of the international journalist Paul Harris as to why? He stated this as the “greatest giveaway in history” during SL politicians’ passivity against invasive settler Tamil terrorists. It is extremely important to discover why the SL politicians adopted this hara kiri strategy against the settler communities which is quite unprecedented in a country. In meeting Paul Harris in London once, the writer pointed out the reason for this giveaway tendency is due to the SL leaders being of hybrid nature, hence their loyalty shifted away from the indigenous nation of Sinhelas. Of course, Paul Harris could not understand but was asked to think about it. When such a cause has been consistently attacking the Sinhela nation and country for decades it became a norm to the unsuspecting Sinhela people to express that equality means settler communities too as separate nations within one country.  They were made to feel by the traitorous politicians that it is fair and justifiable to give settler communities most of the national rights enjoyed by a nation of one country as if they own the country. The Sinhela nation had no qualms about this state of affairs, no matter rest of the world is the complete opposite of it. Many travelled to other countries and still travel and settled in other countries – yet it has not dawned to question the SL politics which is completely up side down and unjust. While this greatest nonsense is still ongoing in SL, what do the settler communities think? Yes, the Sinhela people must be congenitally foolish and we keep the pressure on till kingdom come!
Where is extremism and chauvinism?    
Extremism and chauvinism is within the settler communities settled in the host national Sinhela country. Who impregnated them with this arrogant approach are those hybrid Sinhala politicians, not by accident, mistake or error but by design to destroy the Sinhela nation and allow settler communities to capture the Sinhela Island. Now this fact may be dismissed by many Sinhelas, which is not unusual as they are not in the true frame of mind due to decades of suffered brainwashing. Even many so called patriots are unable to grasp the whole truth about the non ending conflict situation in the country as they refuse to delve into the past and locate causes for the current eventualities. Real solutions can only come about in discovering causes of the problem than symptoms.
For those who can see things as they really are, the extremists and chauvinists are the settler communities behaving as if they have national ownership to parts of the country, when they already have Tamil Nadu and Muslim countries to indulge in their national aspirations and national rights. But as they are made to believe by the docile stance of the Sinhela people that Sinhelas are stupid not to Uphold their national sovereignty, they use the second trick of emptying their arrogance of extremism and chauvinism on the Sinhelas as they know many of them will yield to it and sympathize with the settler communities. So the settler communities gain an upper hand, the news spreads to the world exaggerated many times by the propaganda. The truth about the Sinhela nation & country is hidden under layers of the past but many have been psychologically disabled to discover the facts and rise to their true stature. 
National resurgence lacking upfront facts
The Sinhela nation is made out to be the scapegoat of the crimes of others. When a thief is trying a getaway he points to the nearest guy and calls him thief, thief and repeats it ever so afterwards. The innocent bystander goes into a shock of confusion and begins to believe that he may have done something wrong, feels guilty to a crime he has not committed. He is unable to clear himself nor defend himself, such is the plight of the Sinhela nation.  Whenever we listen in a discussion, to a public speech, read an article from SL patriots and  experts in conflict solving, with all good intentions of the love for the country, the fact that SL is the Sinhela Country is omitted, generally for the wrongly perceived fear of being called a racist or extremist. If the Sinhela people too are a settler community like the others, meaning, if there is the Sinhela country somewhere else, then it is reasonable. Having only this tiny island to call it the Sinhela country, what is the reason and intuition for this mental blockage to avoid one’s natural identity and heritage? It can be argued then that we cannot have a Sinhela name either, in case we are called namists or racists, hence we should be called just man and woman! In order to put an end to confrontations, national rights demands hidden under political solution and human rights by the settler communities in SL;  is for the Sinhela masses together to demand out loud to restore the Sinhela National Sovereignty and true independence for the world’s only Sinhela Country. This will reveal to the world at last the truth about SL as it is, which is bound to gain the worldwide sympathy and justifiable support for the tormented Sinhela Nation.
Recent News
Mandela being the recent news, is there anything SL can take as lessons although South Africa is incomparable with its diverse but indigenous peoples unlike in SL? The principal highlight is Mandela’s policy of reconciliation that whole world highly recognize. Yet, there is one fundamental governing fact that SL should recognize in reconciliation that South African is ONE NATION inclusive of White settler community without SEPARATE devolution for none, while in SL it is promoting Tamil, Muslim separate devolutions in the name of devolution as democratic. Yes, devolution is fine if based ONLY on geographic area without any linking to separate ethnicities.



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Anura.

    But SANITY is SHORT in SL. Those that BARK loudest get everything.

  2. Nanda Says:

    I declare Lankapage.com as anti-sinhela media.
    I am aware that Ananda-USA use extracts from this anti-Buddhist anti-sinhala media.
    Lankapage is contributing arrogantly to the NAME CALLING.
    They alway call BBS Buddhist extremist. What nonsence ?
    Whenever a monk says something the call him Extremist Buddhist monk.
    They should stop this nonsence, instead should call TNA Tamil-Hindu Extremist party.

    Wake up Langapage !

  3. aloy Says:

    You started your write up with “Norm of Ignorance”. Are mahanayakas who are the custodians of the religion are also ignorant of the fact that the minister of Buddhasasana was a gun wielding thug some time ago. I have read in the news papers many years ago such a story. It appears they all have got together to save him from the drug smuggling attempt by his ministry people. If he is too old to control his ministry he should resign.

  4. Christie Says:

    The words “Sinhalese Chauvinists” is something I have noticed in Western and Indian media for more than five decades. Behind this name calling are the Western Socialists and India and Indians outside India.

  5. Christie Says:

    There are lot of similarities between SA and SL. In SA Indians lead the locals like in SL.

  6. Nanda Says:

    That is an absoulte lie.

  7. Marco Says:

    Is this the norm of extreme tolerance, patience,hospitality and ignorance of the Sri Lankans that we see lately?

    Prime Minister, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Jayaratne, will have to resign from his position, if he is found guilty of being involved in the case pertaining to the largest haul of heroin detected in South Asia, the government said yesterday.

    “This is a very serious issue and the Prime Minister will have to take appropriate action at the appropriate time,” Government Spokesman and Media Minister, Keheliya Rambukwella, said at the weekly Cabinet news conference, held at the auditorium of the Media Ministry, yesterday.

    The minister was responding euphemistically to a question from Ceylon Today as to what action the Prime Minister could take if he was found guilty, following repeated claims by him in Parliament and outside that, he could not comment as the issue was being probed, and that he would comment only when the investigations were over.

    The gravity of the situation was also pointed out by this newspaper, given that Jayaratne is not only the second citizen of Sri Lanka, but specifically he is also the Minister of Buddha Sasana, and in a country whose Constitution gives pride of place to Buddhists and Buddhism, and whether he was or not, morally obliged to resign under the circumstances. Asked by Ceylon Today, whether he and the government feel that the Prime Minister should resign under those circumstances, Rambukwella said, that all these questions would be recorded and aired over television in the night! “I cannot at this point give the details. All I can do is to give you journalists the details of the investigations. But it is not right for me to say yes or no,” a visibly embarrassed Rambukwella told the local and the Colombo-based international media.

    Pressed further by this newspaper whether the investigations would be impartial or whether this probe, like many others in the past, would be swept under the carpet, the minister said that it was not fair to point fingers at the government and instead wanted us to point out which investigations were swept under the carpet.
    It was then pointed out to Minister Rambukwella that four long years had passed since the killing of the founding Editor of the Sunday Leader and the government had not made an official statement on the incident to date
    The minister said that it was only a media affair and there were reports of 67 cases of killings of journalists worldwide. However, he did not explain why the government had not announced the details of that crime or how the probe on the Prime Minister would to be conducted impartially.

    The news conference kicked off with a journalist querying why the government was not taking action on a series of sordid affairs by the members of the government. It was also pointed out why the government had not taken any action against MP Duminda Silva and Minister Mervyn Silva, and now it was the Prime Minister. “Minister, you are embarrassed, having to answer all these questions on a weekly basis due to the embarrassment these ministers and MPs are causing the government,” the journalist said, amidst ripples of laughter across the auditorium.
    Rambukwella also said that any minister or the Prime Minister was personally responsible for the staff they hire and what was more important was the action they would take, and added that nothing has been done or could be done as the investigations were underway. On being questioned why the Premier was not resigning, Rambukwella said: “May be the Prime Minister had not thought of it until now.”

    Asked what the opinion of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and other Cabinet ranked ministers were, on this sordid affair, he said the investigations were on and therefore he was gagged. He added that an impartial inquiry would reveal all.
    Ranbukwella also said, the Prime Minister, on being told there was a suspect container, had directed that the container should be released only after the inquiries were over.

    He went on to say that he believed the quantity of heroine was for transshipment and that the drug lords were elsewhere. When asked by this newspaper whether he thinks that the quantity was too much for Sri Lanka amidst ripples of laughter from journalists, Rambukwella said that the quantity would be too much for this country. Asked about heroin being found in Hikkaduwa, he said there was a possibility of boats carrying the contraband to Australia.
    He however said, the government would make every effort to rid the country from the menace of drugs and narcotics, for good.

  8. Senevirath Says:

    can u remember me the one who wrote the book JAATHIYA PAAVADEEMA u encouraged me to write that book. we both wanted to defeat tigers. it happened in one way but there is so much much more to be done to give freedom to helayas
    Do u know anything about the verdict of the S/C VERDICT IN 1986 ABOUT THESAWALAMAI
    I published an article in divaina in 2011 about this with the heading “”HATHVALAME EY THAWAMATH THESAVALAME”




    now I live in u s a

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I am sometimes ANNOYED by Lankapage.com using words like “extremist, radical” etc when referring to the BBS but not when referring to other groups opposed to the UPFA GOSL. However, that apparent bias, is not very pronounced. I would not go so far as to label Lankapage.com as anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist, but that is for each of us to judge separately. For example, they often feature Shamindra’s articles from the Island newspaper.

    On the other hand, I find the Lankapage.com format to be very convenient because my interests span the full gamut of political, economic, military, cultural, development, and other fields.

    It is for that reason that I almost always preface each article with my own comments to leave no doubt where I stand on the issue, irrespective of any bias in the article itself!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    REWRITING of Sri Lanka’s HISTORY by the Elamists, whose Hopes for a Separate State has been Encouraged by the Northern PC Elections, has been RESURRECTED and is again in FULL SWING!

    Ravana,Vijaya, Tissa Hindu kings – TNA MP

    By Saman Indrajith
    December 17, 2013

    Tamil National Alliance parliamentarians yesterday said, in Parliament, that Sri Lanka was originally a Hindu nation and its national anthem should be sung in Tamil. If Lanka’s national anthem could not be sung in Tamil in the North, there was no point in singing it in Sinhala there.

    “Sri Lanka is a Hindu country. Ravana ruled this land. He was a Hindu king. The Mahavamsa confirms these facts. Therefore, Hindus’ rights should be protected. Ravana is a Siva follower,” Batticaloa TNA MP S Yogeshwaran said.

    Participating in the third reading stage debate, on budget 2014, under the expenditure heads of 23 ministries and Secretariat for Special Functions (Senior Ministers), MP Yogeshwaran said: “Vijaya too was a Tamil King. King Devanampiyatissa, too, converted to Hinduism. He also gave Hindu names to his children. Pandukabhaya, too, was a Hindu king who had followed Shaivism.”

    Batticaloa District TNA MP P. Ariyanethran said that there was no need to sing the national anthem in Tamil areas if it was not sung in Tamil. The North does not have the need of a national anthem sung in the Sinhala language, he said.

    Public Relations Affairs Minister Mervyn Silva, responding to the demands of the TNA MPs, said: “Maha Ravana was a great Sinhala King. Sinhala kings brought princesses from India and married them. For the use of those women, brought down from India, the kings built kovils. So you cannot point out to these Kovils and say that Lanka was ruled by Hindu kings. This is not a Hindu land. God Kataragama was born in the Sakya clan. Do not misinterpret the history of this country.”

  11. Nanda Says:

    I am not blaming you, infact I found it very very fast and good during the previous war when Tamils took Elephantpass are kept coming towards Jaffna.
    But I want Lankapage to correct this name calling.
    It is simply stupid to use the word “extremist Buddhist” because extreme Buddhist is an Arahant. Fools should wake up.

  12. Nanda Says:

    Dutugemunu is also TeaMill In-doo king ?
    Vihara Maha Devi by the name surely should be In-Doo ?
    Buddha must be Tamil too ?

    Our Maha Ranee has given some dope to this TeaMill jokers.
    Even the big joker Silva become a wise man in replying these worms.

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