Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran a Card Board Puppet on a string pulled by TNA.
Posted on December 18th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

Tamils of Sri Lanka should change their separatist identity , to become patriots accepting Sri Lanka as their motherland.  The death of the Tamil civilians due to  terrorism and the death of Sinhala youth fighting against terrorism would be in vain if the Tamils in the North continue to claim separation from the rest of the Communities.

The TNA is the stumbling block against patriotic attachment of the Tamil people towards Sri Lanka.  TNA had been a proxi party of the terrorists, and now represent the pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora abroad.  Hence both the TNA and the Tamil diaspora cannot expect to have patriotic affection to Sri Lanka.  Therefore they are both claiming a Separate Tamil State or demand Northern Province of Sri Lanka  left exclusively for the Tamil speaking people.

This cannot be and will never be, as the war against terrorism that had been carried out with great sacrifice had been to make the North and East of  Sri Lanka accept unity with other communities to make whole of Sri Lanka a single Nation despite the cultural, religious and language diversity of its people.  The Tamils in Sri Lanka  cannot remain as Tamils but as Sri Lankans, as much the TamilNadu Tamils cannot be Tamils but Indians.

It was considered a positive move to have selected Wigneswaran as the Chief Ministerial Candidate at the NPC elections , as he was educated and comes from amoung the Sinhala and the Muslim Communities in the South. It was a great chance Wigneswaran had to unite the Communities and contribute to the development of Sri Lanka as an exemplary  modern Nation.

Wigneswaran had the great opportunity of  getting into the history of our Country as the man who reconciled the Sinhala and the Tamil Communities to form along with the other Communities a lasting unity and build on that foundation a lasting Sri Lankan Nation. 

 But Wigneswaran has instead become a puppet of the TNA Political leadership and parrots their demands for a Separatist Tamil Province in the North without the presence of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces or the Sinhala and Tamil people as permanent residents.

TNA Sampanthan, Sumanthiran, Sivajilingam and Sritharan pull the strings and the Puppet Wigneswaran dance.   That is what has become of the retired Judge from Colombo.  Wigneswaran  has ended up in the TNA Puppet show

Unfortunately Wigneswaran did not have that political  experience, nor the spiritual or philosophical wisdom as a human being, as he has had a marginal  education confined to earn a living  in a chosen profession. Wigneswaran is  therefore not educated enough to see beyond the narrow limits of crude Tamilness to envisage greater possibilities of being an architect of the building  of a  prosperous forward looking  Sri Lankan Nation.

Passing examinations and qualifying in Law does not make  a person educated. One must be able to think beyond what one had read to pass an  examinations to earn a living, to appreciate the value of extended human relationships and national welfare.  The profession by itself does not give the philosophical wisdom to understand reality of life and acceptance of fellow beings despite their differences.

We now  see  who is  real Wigneswaran.  He is no more than a Tamil racist TNA  Provincial Councillor  like Sampanthan, Sumanthiran, Sivajilingam, Sritharan.   

 What difference is their between Wigneswaran  and Anandi Sasitharan ?

Wigneswaran cannot think independently and has no intelligence to break away from the  concrete walls of separatist racism the TNA Leader Sambanthan and his goons have built around him. Wigneswaran has to listen to the TNA MPs and act as they want him to do.

Sumanthiran  had said, “…if the government is sincere to change its present direction and treat Tamils as equals then the TNA is ready to sit down and discuss a solution which is acceptable to all communities in Sri Lanka..”

This man,  like the rest of the TNA politicians, when he speaks, speak to the enemies of Sri Lanka, who do not know the situation in Sri Lanka.   Ever since the terrorism ended in May 2009, the government had done a great deal taking care of the North and East, while the TNA MPs were fly to different countries in the world condemning Sri Lanka complaining that the Government does not attend to the grievances of the Tamil people.

The Tamils had never been treated differently even before the terrorism, and the government has not treat the Tamils  differently from the rest of the Communities after the elimination of the terrorism.

These are political propaganda TNA are vociferously carrying out to harness the anti Sri Lanka Governments to interfere into the internal affairs of the Government  and force either the creation of a separate State for the Tamils or reserve the North and the East for Tamils

The Government re-settled  nearly 300,000 Tamil IDPs the Sri Lanka Armed Forces evacuated from the terrorists,  who were keeping them like animals unwashed, unfed as their living shields. The government built roads, bridges, supplied fresh water, and  electricity to the North and East.  Built houses for  the Tamil IDPs, built schools, hospitals, put the captured hard core terrorists into special camps and rehabilitated them, teaching them handicraft, preparing some of them to sit for Examinations.  All that the government did to the North and East far exceeds the development work it undertook in the South.

Sumanthiran had continued, “…….Among the conditions, the TNA said is the need for the government to agree to make an honest effort to address the issue with an open mind and work with the international community including India and the US and learn from the South African experience.”

It is absurd for this “ignorant” man to propose the Government to learn from South African Experience. The South African Experience has no relation to the political situation of Sri Lanka. It is the Tamils of the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora  who have to learn from the South African Experience.  In South Africa it was a minority white Community that had been in control of  the black African majority.

In Sri Lanka it’s the Tamil minority that terrorised our country for 30 years and now dictate terms to the Sinhala majority  Community.  Where is the parallel of it to South African Experience ?

TNA Provincial Councillor Sivajilingam  has proposed a resolution  in the NCP urging to recommend to the President of Sri Lanka to appoint a person belonging to the Civil Society and also a Tamil from North as the Governor of the Northern Province.

The TNA MPs were the hand picked representatives of the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  Therefore the TNA MPs cannot think differently from him. They carry with them Prbhakara’s heritage. They follow the same tactics of Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran sent delagations for talks for  peace settlements.  But he saw to it that the talks were broken down half way.  He always kept playing for time without committing to a peace settlement pretending that the government is the wrong party.

Sampanthan said that although the LLRC had recommended that the government present a political solution to the national question, such a solution was not presented by the government despite holding several rounds of talks with the TNA.  This is how they follow Prabhakaran’s tactics ”postponing, abandoning, and blaming the government .

Another instance of it is , when , ” TNA’s chief R Sampanthan reiterated his party’s resolve not to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on constitutional reforms. Sampanthan said the Tamils were not ready for another rigmarole but expected the government to talk to the TNA to thrash out a political settlement of the ethnic question.”

Even if there were to be a meeting instead of  “thrashing out a political settlement” they will abandon it half way. This is how they keep playing for time hoping that the government will  give into them.  They keep blaming the Government not allowing government to take credit for its efforts for reconciliation.

TNA politicians follow the same tactics.  Hoping that eventually they will be able to get what they want, a separate Eelam or a Northern Province only for Tamils.   Prabhakaran thought he will have his way, but failed miserably dying in the midst of it.  Therefore it is best that the TNA MPs lead by Sampanthan remember that miserable end of their leader without realising his dream,  and understand that their tactics will get them nowhere and they will also have a political end  without realising the dream of their thalaivar.

In the meantime the Puppet Wigneswaran  had said that there were four reasons for people in the North and East to try and leave for Down Under even risking their lives.  First reason he had said, “….. is  the heavy military presence in the North and East. Second – unlawful settlements of outsiders from the South in the North. Third-Our people do not have the security, Fourth- No job opportunities,”

The Puppet Wigneswaran imagines he is in his own Kingdom and the government has to give in to his wishes. He also had refused to co-chair two District Development Council meetings, as the Chair was a pro-government rival, Central minister Douglas Devananda. Wigneswaran had also declared that he would not implement the “Mahinda Chinthanaya”  which every Lankan government department is expected to implement.

Are these wise political steps taken by an ex-Judge, considered an intelligent person ?   He is like a street urchin who has suddenly grown up, to become a Chief Minister. Even the Chief Minister of Eastern Province Pillayan is far better than Wigneswaran.

With his professional experience,  and old age wisdom,  one expects him to be different from  the terrorist Prabhakaran and think of the necessity to change hackneyed ideas of Communal segregation  and work for  Communal unity, progress and development of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had people like Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan and Lakshman Kadirgamar who understood the value of unity and working together with the other Communities.  Why cannot Wigneshwaran try to be a modern day Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan or a Lakshman Kadirgamar ?

It is a great opportunity Wigneswaran has to work with the Governor Major General G.A. Chandrasiri.  He is the symbol of freedom, peace and democracy in the Northern Province.

Wigneswaran does not come from another planet not to know what it was to fight against the terrorists of Sri Lanka who had arms and ammunitions greater in numbers and better in quality than what the Government Armed Forces then had.  To battle again the terrorist of Sri Lanka was then like attempting to commit suicide. Every one local and foreign thought  the Sri Lanka terrorists were invincible.

Having faced such a ruthless group of terrorists and evacuated nearly 300 thousand Tamils and resettled them in their original homes Major General G.A.Chandrasiri needs the gratitude of the Tamil people. It is up to Wigneswaran to make the Tamil people aware of that duty to their Governor, without blindly following Sampanthan and the TNA MPS with blood of terrorism in their hands.  TNA was a part of terrorism and Wigneswaran has not got to be told, if he lived in Sri Lanka through out the terrorism that lasted 30 years.

Every Soldier as much as the Governor Major General G.A.Chandrasiri has a right to be in the Northern Province and be part of its future prosperity or its decadence, as the soil of the Northern Province is wet with the blood of Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers.

Wigneswaran was brought up, studied and worked in the South among the Sinhala , the Tamil and Muslim Communities , therefore it is his right to defend the flag of Sri Lanka and have the National Anthem sung in Sinhala .  That is the least that the Tamils can do for having regained the freedom and peace they had lost for thirty long years because of the Tamil terrorists..

9 Responses to “Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran a Card Board Puppet on a string pulled by TNA.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Wigneswaran is TNA.

    Don’t expect anything good from Tamils. You will be disappointed.

    Tamils got all the benefits from GAC and now want to kick him out. Typical! They did that to Run-nil too in 2005. Sirima in 1977. Rajiv in 1991. CBK in 1999.

    Our fools never learn.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Exept for a handful of moderate Tamils, all others never change. They think Tamil, they are Tamils, they live Tamils. Anything and everything is Tamil. Basil gave over Rs.100,000 worth of goods per family in the North after the war and Tamils never grateful or appreciates the good done to them. They think that Colomb o government not doing anything to Tamils. Racist Tamils never want to be Sri Lankan. Their god is Tamil Nadoo, their leaders are Tamil Nadoo, they belong to Tamil Nadoo. Never want to be a part of Sri Lanka. More you listen to them, more and more they want. Never appreciates any good done to them. Bugger the bloody North. Anybody anti Sri Lankan is Tamil.

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Wigneswaran, Prabakaran and Chelvanayagam and 90% tamils in Sri Lanka for dravida munnetra kazagam agenda. Their dream is to create a Dravida nadu in tamil nadu, kerala and Sri Lanka.
    Jayalalitha, Karuananidhi, Navinathan Pillai, Velupillai Prabakaran, Velupillai Chelavanayakam and Wigneswaran work for the same agenda. All these pigs in the same pit for the same agenda!
    Tamils can’t understand the good faith. They understand the language of gun! Till 2009 May they thought they were superior race. But in 2009 May realized who they are.
    British knew how to treat them correctly. Brought to Sri Lanka as municipal scavengers and made them clean their toilet buckets and carried by shoulders. This was a shame to a human race even though when tamils doing that job tamil leaders neither in tamil nadu nor Sri Lanka or human right pundits or NGO’s never object to British rulers.
    The lesson is tamils are for “shape nam vali, Vali nam shape” if for peace they are aggressive, if aggressive they are for peace.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    National Anthem sung in Sinhala -I am not against this but if majority audience are Tamil please sing in Tamil as well Tamils to understand what is meaning of National Anthem & make them proud to be citizen of Mother Lanka !

    defend the flag of Sri Lanka – agreed Flag is representing all three community ! Bhuddist & Saivar & Islam !
    not Sinhalese, Tamil , Muslim !

    given & take
    live & let live

  5. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Charles Perera… Always you bring out the real facts & arguments like no other. THIS MAN’s, daughters married to Sinhalese, has NO BACKBONE, to create such unpleasantnes among Sinhalese & some Tamils.

    Some say Wigneswaran is TNA agent. So we do know his true coulors now. A TAMIL is a TAMIL, that is what we learned in High School. From the time I can remember, Tamils have this MANTRA.. DISCRIMINATION. I spent 7 years in the UK, studying & working & NEVER I USED the word discrimination, EVEN when there was PROOF.

    In Canada for the last 39 years, I NEVER used the word, except TWO days ago, when a postal clerk who refused to give me 10 stamps. So that is how we use the word in ECEPTIONAL circumstaces. THIS LOT the TAMILS majorty of them go abroad & paint a very bad picture of Lanka. One tamil tried to do that where I was studying & I called him and said NEVER to utter that word, again. HE stopped it. This was when COLOR BAR was prevelant in the UK, and in 1960-70 era.

    So now our govt. leaders bend backwards to please TAMILS & MUSLIMS, just to get along. Also our leaders are SO SCARED about foreign intervention. INDIA, UK & USA together know this & they make LIFE so difficult to Sri Lankans, mostly SINHALESE. Even the social networks are infiltrated BY TAMILS & their supporters who beleive what LIES Tamil put out.

    I REPEATED many times, & I say again.. IF INDIA wants to invade, LET THEM & see if they will succeed. Foreign powers cannot do anything without INDIA. So foreign countries COME TO INDIA & plot, conspire to de-stablaize our country. TAMILS should declare FIRST they are SRI LANKANS, NOT Tamils or Mulims. SINHALA is the main official langugae & the majority are Sinhalese. THEY SHOULD SING our National Anthem in Sinhalese. THERE ARE NO IFs or BUTs about it.

    IF NOT try them for treaason & anti lanka activities. If TNA is banned lot of these BIG talkers will stop. Our leaders are TOO weak to act. Let the people organize a mass movement to DRIVE ALL TAMILS from Colombo & South completely. THEN & THEN ONLY SRI LANNKA WILL PROSPER. MOVE Sinhalese to NPC so that they acnnot claim North is their province.

    Thank you all………as usual I express my opinion, hoping some day our leaders will listen…J

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Sri Rohana.

    NOT 90% but 95% of Tamils support RACISM, TAMIL ELAM and other nonsense.

    The 5% sane Tamils BATTLING DAILY against them to stay sane. They are fighting a LOSING BATTLE.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    THEY SHOULD SING our . THERE ARE NO IFs or BUTs about it- Not agreed ! If in Tamil audience it should be sing in Tamil ( same Anthem in Sinhala) ! they should proud to sing National Anthem !
    it is very sad even Mr jayasiri living in western world for 40 more years want Tamil to sing in National Anthem in Sinhalese !!!

  8. Nanda Says:

    Sing the Nation Anthem in Mandarin. Problem solved for stupid maniacs.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Sing the Nation Anthem in Mandarin. Problem solved for stupid maniacs.- NO, Nation Anthem is not Sinhala baila sing by M S Fanando (our golden olden days )!

    Mr jayasiri – please explain me ,You living in Canada if Nation Anthem sing in English in Quebec ! You know why Canada have National Anthem in Two language to unite the country !
    Why do not you let us sing Lanka National Anthem in Tamil to proud to be Mother Lankan !

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