Is there any planning at all?
Posted on December 20th, 2013

Sent by :Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Vanderwert Place, Dehiwela

The whole length of Galle road in Wellewathe is dug up and now being dug up more and more on all 4 sides – that is on both sides of both  lanes! There seems to be work going on (?) right throughout the length  of the lane at snail’s pace. Nothing is completed properly rather more and more digging, more and more inconvenience for the pedestrians and the motorists but then who cares? The traffic is almost at standstill most of the time with blaring of horns nonstop, three quarter of the road being taken up for repairs; no one seems to know what the repair is about when and how it is going to be completed.

Does it have to be so chaotic? Isn’t there a saner way of doing this? Is someone supervising this or is it being done at the whims and fancies of the  laborers?  From the Wellewathe traffic lights up to the Wellewathe bridge it is half done work, ditches dug and left open, cement blocks strewn about and when it is raining, it is pandemonium personified.

Can someone tell  the long suffering silent majority of citizens, why not do the work  at small laps of stretches  from one end and finish before going onto the next lap? Why didn’t someone think of doing one lane first and  do the other one later so that at least the people  could have used one lane for to and fro traffic? Why not close the huge holes in one stretch before digging up the next one? Why not let the workers do the repairs at night and let them rest  during daytime and make the traffic flow a little easier? Why not  employ a larger number of laborers and complete the work in shorter period? Why not leave completing the middle divider between the two lanes to a  later time and  finish the constructions at the sides first? Why not at least lay the concrete slabs properly even if cementing or tarring is  to be done later? Why, why oh why not?

Who is in charge? Who is supervising  this if at all? Is this the only way to do it?

The way it is going on it looks as if some sinister plan is there to stress out the pedestrians and the motorists or to break up the business of people of Wellewathe! Srilankans are so stupidly tolerant that no one seems to be making any effort to sort this mess out  sooner.

We were told it will be finished before the CHOGM  starts, the CHOGM  has come and gone but the chaos have not abated. Only “sogam” ( sadness ) seems to be remaining for Wellewathe!

Sent by :

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

Vanderwert Place, Dehiwela

3 Responses to “Is there any planning at all?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    So SLs are stupid and Saudis are intelligent? What a joke!

    May be this is what SLs WANT to happen. If we can dig up all SOUTH ENDIAN GHETTOES in Colombo at least then the separatists will creep OUT of our beautiful country and go back to Endia and Arabia.

    The other day I watched on youtube the destruction of a termite colony. The colony looked so similar to the shanty stinky high rise Afro ghettoes in Wellawattei. It gave me ideas!!

  2. mjaya Says:

    After all these nations have the best planning (family planning) in the entire galaxy!


    Families are so well planned (to factory reproductive precision), so are food resources. By the time all of the food runs out due to well planned families, they plan to use sand as food by a well planned miracle.

    Of course Saudi Arabia has the best planning in the world as well. That is planning of beheadings, amputations and stonings.

    The only problem is with the Syrians, who have two many planners and cannot agree on the best plan to take their nation back to 50,000 BC.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    INDEED, Bureaucracy, Inefficiency and Waste of Public Funds EXPLODES under the Provincial Council System. The ONLY beneficiaries are the Provincial Councillors profiting from their stranglehold on the citizens of their feudal fiefdoms.

    ‘Country bogged down in PC quagmire’
    December 19, 2013

    Chief Government Whip Water Supply and Drainage Minister, Dinesh Gunawardena told Parliament yesterday (19) that the country was bogged down in a quagmire because of the Provincial Council system introduced by the UNP.

    He said the provincial council system had created a lot of administrative problems. “While 400 schools under the purview of the Education Minister, 9,000 schools are under the Provincial Councils,” he said The Provincial Council system was being continued by the government without change owing to political imperatives, the Minsiter added.

    Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa said the Provincial Council education ministers, too, could be summoned to the Education Ministry’s Consultative Committees as a solution to such administrative problems. (SI)

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