What has hit Sri Lanka to consider South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a model ?
Posted on December 22nd, 2013

By  Charles.S.Perera

The Sri Lanka political leaders who mooted this strange idea of taking South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a model for another Commission in Sri Lanka, should immediately go to a  hospital to get their brains examined.  We have enough problems with our own LLRC with its uncalled for recommendations , on top of which these brain damaged Sri Lanka Government Officials want another Commission in the model of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

What relation has Sri Lanka’s political issue with that of South Africa.  Without going into details and statistics what happened in South Africa is that a small community of whites, controlled the majority South Africans , taking away their land and depriving them the citizenship of their own country.  The South Africa’s self imposed White regime confined the native south Africans in  Homelands for Blacks –Bantustans which were shanties without water, light and sanitation.  They had to have their own passports to travel from Bantustans to White South Africa to work and earn a  meagre living doing menial and  inferior services to the white masters.

This never happened in Sri Lanka.  The Tamils were never segregated, and the Sri Lanka Government was not carrying out an  apartheid system of Administration.  The Tamils from North to South and West to East of Sri Lanka were “our people” treated equally with the other communities.  The Sri Lanka Government provided the North as much as to the South with infrastructure developments,  water, electricity, sanitary systems, education, health facilities and employment opportunities and above all provides the length and breath of the Island with security,  employing its Armed Forces which have become a people friendly Security Force.

The Tamils in Jaffna, the TNA and the Chief Minister Wigneswaran should take special note that,  the “…….Tamils of Jaffna do not donate blood because of their high caste mentality and majority of blood supplied to the Government hospitals in the North is by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who donate blood on a voluntary basis regularly to ensure the blood bank (in Jaffna) is not short of blood. It must also be said that Muslims too do not donate blood but they are recipients of blood by Sinhalese. A little appreciation for this gesture is quite in order instead of always finding fault with the Sinhalese.” Shenaly.D.Waduge.

 Sri Lanka should not debase itself accepting any foreign systems of Reconciliation Commissions to satisfy the interfering West and America which readily swallow lock, stock and barrel any horror story the anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora relates,  with money to go,  supported by  UK Channel 4 the specialist in making videos of falsified news stories.

It is  the blood money of the terrorists that rules the West and not the truth.

The West and America do not want the truth about developing nations, because it is the falsehood about them which provides the material to keep these countries poor and dependent on the west.  Therefore they welcome fabricated falsehood to accuse developing countries and Sri Lanka for violation of human rights or war crimes, and interfere in to the internal affairs destabilising the countries  and putting people against people.

The TNA and its patrons the Tamil Diaspora, the World Tamil Forum  and the fake TGTE sing in unison the praise of South Africa and ANC.  The TGTE had even got the ANC to mention their presence as an Organisation at the Funeral Ceremony of  late Nelson Mandela.  But what connection  have they to South Africa and how can the Tamil ethnic  problem they are mounting brick by brick be resolved with South Africa’s intervention.

From what we see South Africa’s problem  has not been resolved and much has to be done before it could intervene in Sri Lanka on behalf of  the Anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora and its extension the TNA.

Nelson Mandela’s great feat was the ending  of the reign of an  illegal regime set up by white foreigners which  plundered the wealth of the native South Africans and deprived them  their right to occupy freely their own motherland.  But, having changed the white regime Nelson Mandela failed to give back to the South African people the pride of being a Nation owning its own motherland  cultivating their proper land and  managing their wealth for the benefit of the South Africans.

Nelson Mandela’s political vision was short sighted.  He did not want a confrontation with the whites, but did not plan for an equitable distribution of wealth, to ameliorate the living conditions of the people.  He did not have even the wisdom to take over the direction of the country for more than one term and left without offering to the South African political leadership a long term plan to transfer the wealth of the Nation  from its former owners back to its people while retaining a peaceful co-existence of  a white and black citizenry.

What has the Truth and reconciliation Commission given to the South Africans, the rich are still rich and the poor are worst off.  The shanties continue to exist and the crime rate is in the increase.  It is said ” despite the end of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has the highest income inequality in the world, a level that has remained relatively unchanged between 1990 and 2011.  This is one of the biggest challenges facing the country and has a detrimental impact on the country’s economic development and business environment.”

The following is a list a think tank ( leader.co.za)has made showing the problems South Africa is faced with today:

  1. Too few South Africans in work
  2. The quality of school education for most black people is sub standard
  3. Poorly located and inadequate infrastructure limits social inclusion and faster economic growth
  4. Spatial challenges continue to marginalise the poor
  5. South Africa’s growth path is highly resource intensive and hence unsustainable
  6. The ailing public health system confronts a massive disease burden
  7. The performance of the public service is uneven
  8. Corruption undermines state legitimacy and service delivery
  9. South Africa remains a divided society.

Another says:  ” Current problems in South Africa include widespread poverty, despite the BEE (black economic empowerment) initiatives, high crime rate, high unemployment, and rising xenophobia directed at African migrant workers from other countries. Authorities have also noted a rise in brain drain. Moreover, one of the lesser known but major problems is that of land redistribution as farmland in South Africa is predominantly owned by whites. ”

Is this from where Sri Lanka is going to  find ways to end the “ethnic problem” about which the TNA and its Tamil Diaspora is shouting high and low , appointing another Commission  modelled on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission ?

TNA are just political dreamers without any plans for governance and administrations or any idea about how to set about carrying out work projects.  Their only means of survival and only ideas of development of  the north and bring prosperity to the people is not getting down to work harnessing the know how of the south and cooperating with the government , but carrying on a confrontational  rather than a conciliatory relation ship with the South and the Government.  That is their modus operandi  for a continued  political existence.  To which the Chief Minister Wigneswaran blindly contributes.

In that confrontation they perhaps expect Government giving in by making proposals of development for which they may get  aid from the Tamil Diaspora and the anti Sri Lanka Western countries, in addition to that of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka should stop giving into the TNA and the Diaspora and the threats of the anti Sri Lanka countries of the West.

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission is no model for Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka has its own LLRC and it should go on doing whatever is possible with it. The rest the government should initiate without  awaiting the approval of the TNA or the  Interfering West.

The UNHRCouncil Sessions are an annual exercise and its major function is to pass resolutions against Sri Lanka.  If the worst come to worst Sri Lanka should give notice and withdraw from the UNHRC, instead of wasting money and time preparing to answer accusations it will be levelling against Sri Lanka every year, without ever wanting to accept any explanation.

16 Responses to “What has hit Sri Lanka to consider South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a model ?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils of Jaffna do not donate blood because of their high caste mentality and majority of blood supplied to the Government hospitals in the North is by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who donate blood on a voluntary basis regularly to ensure the blood bank (in Jaffna) is not short of blood. It must also be said that Muslims too do not donate blood but they are recipients of blood by Sinhalese. A little appreciation for this gesture is quite in order instead of always finding fault with the Sinhalese.”

    Didn’t I say PARASITES?

    Not just blood. Eyes too!! Sinhalese are world famous for donating eyes.

    Without being FOOLS this OPPORTUNITY must be used to DEFEND the nation and the generous Sinhalese from Mosquitoes and Termites. Blood poisoning is a major weapon SL MUST use to manipulate its demographics favorably. (Now I will be bashed by the “hitha honda gani emadaama budding” crowd. I wish THEY get budding NOT Mother Lanka with unwanted bastards.)

    Well, “hitha honda gani emadaama budding” indeed.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Not only blood and eyes, I know a young monk who donated a kidney to a Catholic family. I heard many other monks donate kidneys without considering race or religion. A lot of kidney seekers go after young monks.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Utterly foolish LLRC and now another one ! Yes you are absolutely right, these buggers must get balls examined. Not a brain problem, this a balls problem – this how Raja has now become Ranee.

    If there would be any kind of reconcilliation commision, it should be headed by Lorenzo. You, Shenali, Mjaya, Mario, Dilrook and Ratnapala shall be the members. Qualifications shall be the posession of fully developped balls.

    Underlying condition, however, is the excessive greed, which cause the balls to shrink with time. Greed yield fear and then the hormones,

  4. stanley perera Says:

    Thank you Charles for high lighting my expression that the TNAI are blood sucking paracites. GoSL must forget about the unrealistic recommendations of the LLRC and enforce whatever the possible and realistic recommendations. Bloody mindless rascall’s imaginations of the South African lessons. South Africa has already been infiltrated by racists Tamil Diaspora. Tacist Tu Tu and Pillai woman are already become heros with Tamil Diaspora. South Africal is fully contaminated with racist Tamil’s anti Sinhala ideas. Ehere is that crossover champion GULP? The chappie is too busy counting his illgotten American dollars. Some Sinhalese are the worst enemies of the Sinhalese. All incumbent government gaining the power at the expence of the majority Sinhalese and caving in for the pressure by the minorities and the powerful west and the church.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Nanda!

    “Qualifications (to be in a presidential commission) shall be the possession of fully developed balls.”

    LLRC losers had no balls whatsoever from their conduct. Bloody mollusks.

    But that puts the ball-less MR in danger. He went to USA and removed his testicles and prostate in 2010.

    ALL ministers, commission heads, top govt. officials are CASTRATED at the Apollo hospital before they assume office.

    The surgery is performed by Endian doctors. GR is a director of this hospital. Gonzeka was also castrated at the Nawaloka hospital. Run-nil was castrated at birth so no problem.

  6. Nanda Says:

    No. Run-Nil had “Nil” at birth. No castration required.

    By agreeing to follow PILLAI’s country is agreeing we have similar problem. This means we the Sinhalas (the minority) bully the poor Demalas (majority). I can’t imagine how on this earth the conditions can even be compared.

    Even if we conside North as a seprate quantity, there are no SInhalas there. Then the situation is occupation of foreign land no need for re-con-silly-action, just give it to those who own it !
    FOOLS and Ponnayas ruling out country.

  7. Nanda Says:

    Even Gota’s got the shrinking decease, being the director of the “Ponnaization” hospital.

  8. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Charles,

    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was deeply flawed. It was like a staged ‘Hamlet’ without the Prince.

    The chief perpetrator at that time De Klerk refused to go before the Commission. He said he only makes confessions to God !

    Before his sudden late-80s “enlightenment”, De Klerk supported racially segregated universities and was in charge of education policy at a time when the state spent 10 times more on white children than on black children, dooming future generations of black children to unequal education.

    During the negotiations to end apartheid, he used political equality as a carrot and the threat of war as a stick, with no regard for morality, to ensure that whites lost none of their ill-gotten gains from creating and exploiting cheap black labour.

    De Klerk refused to cooperate with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and went to court to stop the commission from publishing findings that he was an accessory after the fact to the Khotso House bombing.

    And he insists to this day that apartheid was an innocuous, two-state solution that went wrong only in implementation. What outrageous nonsense.

    Yet he was recast by Steirn as a Buddha-like South African icon – and no one was surprised.

    The S A Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a total FARCE.

    Mario Perera

  9. Charles Says:

    Thank you Mario it was refrehing to read your post, after all these comments about balls and nonsense

  10. Senevirath Says:



  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Sorry for the distraction BUT who is going to appoint the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in SL after the LLRC BLUNDER and thousands of other blunders?

    It is the govt. without a STAND. We DON’T seem to have a STAND. We FALL for everything imaginable. How many COMMISSIONS we had? This is why we need LEADERS with balls, guts, a backbone. It is only a dream at this stage.

  12. Nanda Says:

    My apologies. Your point taken.however, my point was, big boss is doing all these counterproductive nonsense in fear born out of excessive greed. He and his purohithas have “brains”, knowingly these try to accomodate the enemy. By doing so, they do more and more harm to our country.

    By even praising South Africa, they are dancing to the tune of the enemy.
    Which fool does not know, that the white SAfricans were invaders and a samll minority terrorising the majority. Can that be compared in any way to our terrorist problem ?

    MORE WE SAY THERE IS A ETHNIC PROBLEM MORE WE CREATE PROBLEMS. More we compare SAfrica with us more we tell the world we have a similar problem.
    Even you article does more harm than good. It gives publicity.
    Mario, on the otherhand put is bluntly that “The S A Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a total FARCE.” He did not try to defend.

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    LLRC was utter failure idea don’t know who is the man behind. This was solely to please tamil tribal anti Sinhala South African racist Navinathan Pillai of UNHRC.
    With LLRC report we don’t achieve anything. Navi Pillai and other tamil racist in worldwide demanded not only one pound of flesh but 50 pounds of flesh from Sri Lanka. Anti Sinhala British and their cousin of USA and Canada demand the same.
    We submit LLRC report and implementing most proposals, released most terrorists without any conditions, North and East provincial councils formed. Reconstructed LTTE destroyed infrastructure. Are they satisfied?
    Now they want national anthem in tamil. Not allowed to hoist national flag in Northern districts. Want majority of tamils to live in Sinhala area and only tamil region for northern districts. Demand a tamil person as a northern governor. Police powers, land powers and foreign relations powers to Northern PC. Withdraw army camps from North. What else next by tamil racists?
    What lessons tamils have learned? Demand and Demand till eelam. Modern day Shylocks.

  14. Nanda Says:

    What’s the point trying to satisfy Tamils , after they have been defeated ?
    When the enemy is defeated you rule the enemy.
    Here we have the defeated enemy ruling you. You build they destroy. You forgive they vote for LTTE.

    What a set of selfish, guttless balless leaders we have. Earned so much wealth out of our poor children’s blood and yet they are not satisfied.

  15. Christie Says:

    Yasmin Sooka od Darusman was also Yasmin Sooka of Truth Commission of SA an Indian colonial parasite from South Africa.

  16. Sri Rohana Says:

    Nanda you are absolutely correct.
    It was totally mistake of Sinhalese to entertain tamil racists. After 2009 May 16th, tamil racist in all over the world kept their tails between the legs for few months. It was the best time to abolish provincial councils. We missed that opportunity badly. Now they demand like they are the winners of war.
    They don’t want to take any step back. Even now northern provincial councils use as a stepping stone to eelam.

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