The Endgame.
Posted on December 28th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

For thirty long years the people of  Sri Lanka suffered .  The people of Sri Lanka suffered as the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka refused  coexistence with the other communities, specially with the Sinhala Majority Community.

The Tamil Community wanted to be different.  Because of their desire to be different  Sri Lanka  was made to suffer.  India profiting from this situation trained a group of Tamil youth to take up arms against the Sinhala and Muslim Communities, and terrorise the country.  India desired from this a separation of a part of Sri Lanka as a Eelam State, which it may have thought could take under its protection for strategic reasons.

The suffering of the people of Sri Lanka begun by the Tamils of the North continued for thirty years in with a flow of  blood, in which men ,women, and  children of all communities were massacred.  There was none to stop that terrible period of utter suffering.

Prabhakaran the terrorist Leader was not politically matured and took pleasure in  shedding blood for his dream of a separate State for the Tamils.  It was for him a game the children play, which in adult hood and thereafter turns to be more challenging  and disastrous, a game in which there is no turning back until the end what ever it would be .

Some Tamils were forced to follow Prabhakaran,   some followed him  blindly as their  hero ” a film star ,  some followed him as they had no alternative, and for others he was a spring board for political power.

Tamils have no love in the sense of  a motherland for Sri Lanka. Their ancestors came from South India, to plunder, and take away whatever they could lay their hands on, and later some settled down, and ruled a part of the land, until they were defeated in war by the Armies of the Sinhala Kings.

Therefore, the descendants of the marauding Tamils from South India, cannot have any great love to Sri Lanka as their motherland. It is for Tamils only a settlement where they would like to meet and be with their own community. They had to fight against Sinhala Kings who loved Sri Lanka and never wanted it divided.  Therefore the Tamils of today have no affinity with the Sinhala.

They are still carrying on their ancient ancestral wars with the Sinhala. They want in turn to tear away a part of the territory of Sri Lanka  the motherland of the Sinhala people.  The Sinhala who love Sri Lanka as their motherland would not allow any body to separate it territorially, nor would they  like any  foreign power interfering into it.

It seems that it makes no difference where the Tamils  are brought up,  they will always have the same DNA characteristics or genomic relations to their ancient marauding ancestor.  CM C.V.Wigneswran is an example of unchanging DNA characteristics. It is the same with the dispersed Tamils in foreign lands.

The problem is how in this situation could one  make the Tamils understand deeply and philosophically the necessity for coexistence with the proximate  Communities  with less genetic variations, to  avoid interference by unrelated  foreigners with greater genetic difference which is not in the interest of the  Tamils or in the interest of  their proximate neighbours-the Sinhala and the Muslims.

The Tamils do not seem to care:  ” Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislator Suresh Premachandran said that his party would push their case when the UN Human Rights Council meets next March in Geneva. ………. for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed during the final phase of the civil war against the LTTE in 2009. ”

The Tamils, the Sinhala, the Muslims, and the other Communities have a common interest despite their differences to unite, for every ones peace, progress and ultimate happiness.  The moment you let some one without any  cultural proximity to  interfere, then it would be the cause of every ones suffering.

We saw it happening in Libya. Even with political differences the Libyan ” rebels” and the Libyan Government  had no difference, the moment the Libyan “rebels” called  foreign attention it was the hell that opened up, with the International Community interested neither in the “rebels” nor in the Libyan Government ordered the NATO Armed Forces to bomb Libya destroying every thing that stood erect.  Perhaps our Tamils in the North may not care even such an eventuality because they have no love for Sri Lanka.

But the Tamils do not seem to want to know this reality.  Unless the political leaders of the Tamils understand this there cannot be a true reconciliation.   No amount of bilateral talks  would bring about even a modicum of understanding.

The problem now is with regard to the Tamil leadership.  For nearly 26 years it was Prabhakaran who led the Tamils, some by force, some willingly,  some blindly, and others  to share in the “spoils”.

But now who leads the Tamils.  Probably the dispersed expatriate Tamils who inherited the vast sums of money collected and being collected to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka.  One faction is lead by Father Emmanuel ”a Catholic Priest whose allegiance is not to a motherland but to the holy land in Rome. 

The dispersed Tamils of the so called diaspora too have their allegiance to the countries where they live and which they will never leave, but it is their part time activity to interfere on the question of Tamils in Sri Lanka.  They are the ones expecting to share in the “spoils”.

The other faction, perhaps the  intellectual section is led by Rudrakumaran,  The TNA is only the Agent  for those anti Sri Lanka pro terrorist dispersed Tamils living abroad.

But TNA has no leader.  Sampanthan is a coordinator , but he is unable to coordinate as each of the others take their own decisions. Sivagnam Sritharan is directly connected to the dispersed Tamils,  the rest iof them  Sumanthiran, Santhiran, Premachandran, Sivagnam do not form a  united team.  CM Wigneswaran is just a “puppet” he does what others ask him to do without a voice of his own.  Perhaps he is under threat to say what he says , and do what he does.

All their activities are to hinder the government from extending its administration to the Northern PC.  They will not consent to any thing that the Government requests, nor are they able to do any thing constructive for the welfare of the people of the North.  They go on with their “warfare against” the Government of Sri Lanka. One demands schools not to hoist the National flag of Sri Lanka, another  does not want to sing the National Anthem, another wants to have the Governor removed, another wants the Armed Forces removed, and another wants to celebrate the death anniversary of their dead terrorist chief.  It goes on………

The President requested the TNA to come together with the government  to find a national solution and achieve reconciliation.  But Sumanthiran  says that he does not believe that the Parliamentary Select Committee is the right mechanism to find solutions to the Tamil people’s issue.

Premachandran  says that TNA is  not averse to  restarting bilateral talks , but cannot expect any thing fruitful from the PSC.  The TNA MP Sumanthiran  Speaking on the Governments proposal to conduct a census to ascertain the number of dead and disappeared in the terrorist war, says the TNA feels that the census is not being conducted properly. They are proposing to have their own “census”  These are the issues that take their time, some as MPs and  others as PC Councillors

They seem to be playing for time, expecting some thing to happen at some stage or other.  Prabhakaran was also playing for time until the very end of the military operations expecting some thing to happen .  Whatever he  expected did not materialise.  Perhaps the TNA thinks they would be luckier.

TNA keep on insisting in having a civilian  Governor, complaining of the antecedent military carrier of the present Governor Mr.C.A Chandrasiri,  who is now a civilian.

The TNA are against  the Military presence , because they complain that with the presence of the Army their women are not safe.

The government should therefore construct married quarters for the Military Officers and Soldiers in the North for them to settle down with their families, to ensure that  the TNA will stop complain of the  safety of the Tamil women in  the North.

The Tamil Diaspora is in the mean time exceedingly busy organisation groups and caucuses to demilitarise the North. Asia Tribune reported :

“…. Nimmi Gawrinathan focused on the alarming level of militarization in the North-East, in particular the impact it has on Tamil women. She said that the militarization is a “calculated institutionalized practice and pervasive ideology which has the ability to deepen the impact of repressive policies”, and that militarization in the North-East has an “active impact on politics and social interactions as a form of state repression.” She stated that a recent survey in Sri Lanka found that defense forces occupied over one third of the land inhabited by the Tamil population in the Northern Province. 

She told the American lawmakers and their staff present at the inauguration of the ‘Caucus’ that interviews conducted (by her) with members of civil society highlighted militarization as the biggest problem facing the Tamil people today.”

The continued opposition to the Sri Lanka Government’s every effort to  get the NPC to cooperate with the government and allow the normal function of  the administration  in the North,  shows a secret planning in progress.  The TNA and the Tamils in the diaspora with the blessings of India, perhaps presume that in the continued  opposition to the government’s effort of reconciliation and the request for a dialogue, the Government  would be reluctant to enforce any drastic measures for fear of intervention by the International Community in favour of the TNA and the NPC led by CM Wingneswaran. They have thereby created an impasse.

What is the way out of it ?

What is  the  sense of being a Sovereign State if  it cannot govern its people according to its  Constitution, its Laws, and  tradition ?

If the International Community Intervenes into the internal affairs of a Sovereign State it is a serious breach of laws of Democracy, violation of the Human Rights of a Sovereign State to Manage its own Affairs. Such an act by any country of the International community  should be condemned by all Free Independent Nations in the world, and they should in the name of democracy stand by any Sovereign State whose Sovereignty is thus questioned.

The Government of Sri Lanka should stand without fear  by the Constitution and the Laws of the Country and demand the Provincial Council of the North to abide by the Constitution of Sri Lanka. In its  failure to cooperate with the Governor or act in any way in contravention of the Constitution and the Laws of the country the Provincial Council should be dissolved and the Administration of the Province handed over to a Commission.  If there is no such provision in the Constitution, legal advice should be sought to meet the situation.

Secondly:  the Government Should immediately take action to  remove the 13 Amendment from the Constitution, without any further delay.  If it is unable to get a two third majority of the Parliament then the Government should call for a referendum for the removal of the 13Amendment.

Thirdly:  the Government should take action to disband the TNA, which had continuously contravened the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  And make provision to disband all Political Parties with a Communal distinction.

Fourthly:  a proclamation should be made demanding the National Anthem to be sung in Sinhala every where in the Country, and the National Flag should be hoisted at all ceremonies.

Fifthly: abrogate Thesavalamai.  Bring back the former Sinhala Residents of the North and provide them with land and provide them aid to construct their homes.  Bring landless Sinhala people from South and provide land for them in the North and the East.

Sixthly: The Government Should consider moving a Resolution against USA and UK for violation of human rights and accountability.  It does not matter whether the resolution is passed or not, it would at least be on record.  The Government could repeat it every year.

The Government should not continue to give in to the TNA  or to the International Community, in carrying out its functions for which the majority of the people  of the country had voted  the President of Sri Lanka and his Government in to power placing their full confidence in the President and his Government.

The TNA,Tamil Diaspora , India and their supporters  should realise that a Tamil Eelam is only a mirage after which they are chasing.   Sri Lanka, will always remain an undivided Unitary State.

66 Responses to “The Endgame.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    NONE of this will happen.

    Govt. is the obedient servant of Tamil racists. ALL Tamils (except a very few) are Tamil racists.

    Tamil Elam will NOT be a mirage. It will soon become a reality IF this system continues.

    SL will be a distant dream. Another part of SL’s GLORIOUS HISTORY.

    The endgame is on! The military and the people MUST take over the country. Or let the politicians ruin it. There is no middle path in this issue.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    There should be a ONE-TO-ONE correspondence in PENALTIES METED OUT TO THE TNA with the TNA’s Anti-National Activities.

    EVERY TIME the TNA launches an move to UNDERMINE the GOSL and move towards Eelam, ONE MORE Pribviledge enjoyed by the TNA in the Northern & Eastern Provinces should be ELIMINATED …. in the National Interest.

    That way, the TNA will realize that its Anti-National ACTIVITIES are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and results in further limiting its FREEDOM OF ACTION & PRIVILEGES enjoyed before.

    Better still, the GOSL should do the following:

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution,

    2. DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System in favor of appointed Government Agent administered Districts,

    3. BAN all COMMUNAL parties with communal party names and party constitutions with communal agendas,

    4. INCREASE the presence of the Armed Forces in the former SEPARATIST war-torn areas,

    5. ADOPT a O)NE-NATION National Policy of Ethnic Integration to HOMOGENIZE the ethnic distribution of population in the nation, with Government Sponsored and Promoted Voluntary Settlement of people as its centerpiece,

    6. SETTLE Armed Forces personnel and their families in the North & East with salary incentives, civilian infrastructure (nice homes with gardens that can be farmed, schools and technical colleges, hospitals, post offices, shopping centers) with incentives for employment-intensive business to locate there) to form the nucleii of the Ethnic Integration settlements,

    7. DEPLOY the NAVY and the COAST GUARD in bases within eyesight of each other along the coastline to guard the nation and its maritime resources against terrorist and economic human summglers, gun and drug runners and fish poachers,

    8. REDUCE & DISCOURAGE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s CULTURAL, ECONOMIC, MILITARY and DIPLOMATIC areas. Impose STRONG Visa requirements against Indian visitors, ARREST and DEPORT all Kallathonis, Heavily Tax Indian products, impose strict Quality Standards on Indian goods and give Incentives to local producers of import substitution goods. Impose a strict Quota on Indian citizens residing in Sri Lanka for ANY Purpose …. business or otherwise, and deny visas to Indian journalists from Tamil Nadu. STOP ALL FORMS OF COLONIZATION of Sri Lanka by India. India is NO FRIEND of Sri Lanka.

    9. INVEST HEAVILY in Civilian Infrastructure and Education/Training of Sri Lanka’s citizens as opposed to spending on CURRENT CONSUMPTION. Make Sri Lanka SELF-SUFFICIENT in Energy and Food, promote Innovation and Local Production for Export not only to Western countries, but also to the Developing world. Let Sri Lanka become the friendly purveyor of advanced technologies, reliable manufactured goods, and technical/professional services to the developing world.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    You can PREACH UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME to ME on the need for a Military Takeover, but I will NEVER support pitting Sri Lanka’s Armed forces against the POPULARLY ELECTED Government of the Nation it is sworn to serve.

    NO ONE has ELECTED the Military, but the vast majority of the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka ELECTED this Government. No one in his right mind would advocate nullifying the FREE WILL of the PEOPLE.

    Deshapremi Bedha is not something a Patriot should contribute to, and I will not stoop to doing that.

    In my postings at LankaWeb I try to define what I think should be done in Sri Lanka’s National Interest. Their content will ULTIMATELY RESONATE in the hearts and minds of those Patriots … ordinary citizens and political leaders alike of Sri Lanka who do read LankaWeb posts … and someday will re-appear as Government Policy. We can depend on the suicidal uncompromising nature of the Tamil Separatists to ensure that … for as before they will underestimate the TOLERANCE & WILL of their fellow citizens.

    I recall my Crying in the Wilderness for over 25 years in private and in public media, advocating a Military Solution to LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, even as I was criticized as a war-monger by friend and foe alike. Most, discouraged and dispirited by our own peace-niks and the holier-than-thou jaundiced Western media that helped to propagate the myth of LTTE invincibility, said it will never happen. The situation then seemed to be infinitely darker and hopeless than it is now.

    Nevertheless, IT DID HAPPEN, under the guidance of a POPULARLY ELECTED PATRIOTIC government reflecting the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of Sri Lanka. The Patriotic Forces came together, and the entire Nation’s resources were harnessed to accomplish that goal with single-minded focus …. as I had preached over several decades. I hasten to add that I do not take sole credit for that, but perhaps in some small way my writings had planted a seed in the right minds, or gave comfort to and confirmed their own views, that there was another viable alternative to abject capitulation. It took time for those seeds planted in the minds of patriots to germinate, take root, grow and blossom as that War of National Liberation from Terror.

    Likewise, it will take MORE TIME, and REPEATED TELLING, for the truth of what I say here on the steps that should be taken to consolidate that Military Victory to hit home, and for the leaders of Sri Lanka to act upon it, but IT MUST HAPPEN without turning the Patriotic Forces of our Motherland against each other and undermining what has been achieved to date.

    In the ULTIMATE ANALYSIS, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE must triumph for they will bear the BURDEN of their own decisions. I am CONFIDENT that it will … WHEN THE TIME IS RIPE!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Charles…. You are calling for ACTION by the PEOPLE and their GOVERNMENT; NOT Military Takeovers through the backdoor against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    In another article posted in “The Island” was a discussion of the relationship of Tamil Nadu to that of the Sri Lankan Tamils and New Delhi to that of the Indian Tamils. In that article it was postulated that Sri Lanka had the military clout to destroy the LITE but does not have the military clout to take on New Delhi and India’s firing power as the politics of New Delhi are intrinsically tied to that of Tamil Nadu and by extension to that of Sri Lanka.

    I disagree. The power of a nation is not simply judged by the determination of its people nor the might of her military or world war 2 would have been won by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It greatly depends on the strategic alliance of any nation and here is where India and by that Tamil Nadu are powerless. Sri Lanka’s allies are regional and most importantly hostile to India. China’s military is more supreme than India’s and Pakistan is rapidly updating her military to match that of India. Finally lets not forget Russia. Both Russia and China want access to the Indian ocean which only Sri Lanka can offer and both these nations are Security Council members who can stop any Indian aggression against Sri Lanka at the UN. Finally a flotilla of Chinese, Russian and Pakistani naval forces in Sri Lanka’s harbors would create a dangerous situation of engaging these powers if India decides to strike any of these harbors for cities in Sri Lanka. It could escalate into a regional war of proportions capable of bringing in all the powers of the world who dare to engage their military in such a conflagration.

    As for the list of items that should be done. The only “international community” Sri Lanka needs are the security council members of China and Russia. Sri Lanka can count on Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives and maybe Japan. But that is all that is needed to hold India, the UK and the US accountable for their interference into the rights of another sovereign nation and human rights violations can be brought on all three nations. India alone is home to half the world’s known slaves. Of 29 million known slaves world wide India is home to 14 million. The US is hotbed of human rights violations as any minority will be more than willing to attest. The UK’s time as an empire greatly contributed to the massive influx of Tamils into Sri Lanka and should share the blame.

    In all other points I fully agree and may I add that Tamil should be removed as an official language of Sri Lanka in the same manner that amendment 13 should be nullified. Tamils should be encouraged to leave the land for as long as there is a Tamil presence in Sri Lanka the specter of Eelam will always be there.

  6. aloy Says:

    South Indian mercenaries are like dogs. They have been invading this country for millennia only to be beaten back by our ancient kings. How ever the colonials favoured them and planted them firmly on our soil during the last four centuries or so. Look at their teledramas, it is all dog fights. No amount of bana preaching like what Charles is doing will correct them. The more you beat them, the better they behave. We need a ruler who (does not have a purse to protect) can do exactly that. I do not see anyone in the horizon. Perhaps someone can come from the military.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    You can PREACH UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME to GOSL on the 9 points, but GOSL will NEVER support them.

    Pitting patriots against each other is one of the WORST CRIMES – I fully agree.

    Branding traitors as patriots is the WORST CRIME.

    After 2 UNHRC resolution CANNINGS this govt. is the WORST traitors ever. Even Run-nil refused to give INTERIM ADMINISTRTION to TNA/LTTE. MR did it.

    The popularly elected govt. was in 2010. At that time they didn’t do ANY of this acts of treason. It all started after that, March 2012 and worsened after March 2013. It will be much worse after March 2014.

    Ultimately GOSL will BETRAY the military after the 2014 UNHRC resolution for an independent international war crimes investigation. MR, BR, GR, NR, CR, etc. will save their arses, swiss bank accounts and power. Poor patriotic army guys will be hung in the Hague. MR will make use of it to win the next election too!!

    This is the danger of branding this TNA WORSHIPPING GOVT as patriotic!!

    MR, BR, GR, etc. are like Fonseka. Fonseka was patriotic until 2009 a traitor after 2009. MR, GR, BR patriotic until 2011, traitors thereafter.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    We agree with your Plan.

    Add : Activate the 6-A. Seize property of Separatists and either give life imprisonment or even the death penalty. That ought to stop the games.


    We have to be mindful that the INDIAN ELECTIONS will be on in 2014 – the stuff has already begun. There are attempts to tie Tamil Nadu politics to Tamil Separatism in Sri Lanka. This would be to distract the TN people from issues there such as Caste/poverty, etc.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    Thank you. Your balanced views, grounded in reason, are very valuable.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    The people of Sri Lanka are not blind … they will act …. against the Government if necessary …. at the correct time. If the GOSL does not respond, other leaders will EMERGE from the Political System to replace them. However, I am QUITE UNWILLING to FORGET the Patriotic Achievements of the UPFA Government and the Rajapaksa Clan as BLITHELY as you.

    The GOSL has to contend with, and balance, many competing issues; they cannot act in haste like individuals without any responsibilities to protect and defend the Nation and the lives and welfare of the People.

    It is easy for you to advocate a Military Takeover, but who will guarantee their good behavior once in power, and who can oust them once they are in power, when the bullet and not the ballot rules? Gonseka is a PRIME EXAMPLE of how even an illusion of power can corrupt ABSOLUTELY.

    If you recall, the JVP styling themselves as “patriots” also tried to solve “national problems” they perceived through the tinted glasses of their “class struggle” without BOTHERING TO OBTAIN THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. They didn’t bother convince the people of their views through the force of argument using Democratic process available to them, but tried to impose their will on the people by the argument of force. As you are well aware, they were SOUNDLY REJECTED by the people of Sri Lanka, who will never forget how the JVP tried to usurp the free will of the people.

    If the Military, now widely regarded as a positive Patriotic Force defending the nation by most Sri Lankans, try to usurp the freedoms of the people in a similar fashion, they will lose the Love and Respect they currently enjoy among the people. That LOSS OF TRUST would be a TERRIBLE LOSS not only for the Military, but for the Entire Nation. When you can’t trust and rely upon your defenders of last resort, to obey the civilian government Empowered by the Free Will of the People expressed through Elections, who can you trust?

    That will DESTROY the very fabric of Sri Lankan society and disintegrate it into warring factions …. comprising not only of the usual suspects, the Tamil Separatists, but also factions among the majority Sinhalese. Once that TRUST is LOST in the Institutions of Self-Government and Civil Society it is VERY HARD to REGAIN it … as we see in Somalia and Libya of today, and saw in Lebanon two-three decades ago.

    No THINKING PATRIOT in his right mind would ADVOCATE and PROMOTE such an AWFUL CALAMITY in Sri Lanka, that is only now EMERGING from the Eelam and JVP conflicts YEARNING for a brighter future.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Mongala Saramaweera has been reading my creative plans!! FOOL.

    “We are hereby exposing a top secret plan to revive the LTTE organization, presently in a state of inaction both locally and internationally, and its combat capabilities, and use it for the furtherance of the government by misleading the world community.

    It is entirely a plan by defence secretary Gotabhaya Nandasena Rajapaksa, which is being plotted without the knowledge of the commanders of the three armed forces or top government politicians. A handful of local military officers very loyal to him are making the plans under his direct and full supervision.

    As the first part of the plan, the LTTE armed wing leader Sivasubramaniam Varathanathan alias Colonel Paduman is to lead the revival of the organization. He is one of the two LTTE armed wing leaders who had attended a news briefing held by Prabhakaran at his Kilinochchchi headquarters on the day the then UNP regime signed a peace agreement with the LTTE in February 2002. The other participant was Karuna Amman, who was the then eastern province armed wing leader.”

    But I TRUELY hope that we revive the LTTE and get rid of TNA racists (worse than LTTE). Then it will be a Tamil-Tamil killing affair and SL will be safe from BOTH.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    No way!

    How can a military take over,

    1. disintegrate SL?
    2. create warring factions?

    The contrary. It will bring prosperity and order.

    It is this corrupt political system that has DISINTEGRATED the country with 13A, TNA, etc. and there ARE warring factions already – Kolonnawa war where a presidential advisor was killed by a MP!!! Another MP’s son smashed the head of a army officer, Weliweriya war, Opposition leader is a MASS MURDERER (Batalanda), JVP leader is a MASS MURDERER, TNA leader is also a MASS MURDERER by association, etc. etc.

    It is these stupid politicians people don’t trust NOT the military.

    People (Sinhalese, Muslims, more Tamils than who voted for UPFA) have faith in the military that SAVED them than the politicians who ROB them.

  13. mjaya Says:


    Ananda has a point.

    Once you loose your trust, that’s it.

    UNP, JVP, SF lost it long long ago

    UPFA – also lost it
    R-family – most have lost it GR still the person with some trust.

    Whatever happens it has to be done (as you say) with “surgical precision”.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    “We are hereby exposing a top secret plan to revive the LTTE organization, presently in a state of inaction both locally and internationally, and its combat capabilities, and use it for the furtherance of the government by misleading the world community.”

    FOOLISH MONGALA, it’s MY plan, not GR’s.

    Blame me not GR for this plan. And I’m a Tamil. (Only a Tamil can think of such nasty plans.)

    1. Tamils will be very angry IF Viggie cannot deliver on his promise of Tamil Elam. Clock is ticking fool. Tamils want Tamil Elam. Can you give it as promised Viggi, or are you another cunning Amirthalingam Tamils had to manhandle?

    2. Mrs Jeyalalitha is loosing patience on you Viggie. She refused to meet you and you still rob her fish, she will be sending the Cholas after you. She has been to prison once.

    3. Viggie, you haven’t still resettled Muslims. 150,000 of them living in camps in Puttlam. Their anger is BOILING. Where are their lands Viggie?

    4. So you were sworn in by the President! Why Viggie why? Can you imagine the anger of Tamil Diaspora when you go on all fours to the President? How can the Tamil Diaspora forgive you?

    5. So you were with the Chingalam supreme court for all these years and delivered judgments against Tamils! Give me one good reason why Tamils should forgive you?

    Knowing all this (Tamils are after your skull) you want to put the blame on the govt. don’t you Viggie?

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    I get all the 3 meanings you try to convey.

    But as you say ALL political parties have LOST trust!!

    How can we continue to trust them?

    I agree the military has to do it right otherwise they too will land in this same mess. But unlike politicians, the MILITARY has STRICT RULES.

    When someone in the army does a wrong thing, he is court marshalled NO MATTER how senior he is.
    When someone in the govt. kills a presidential advisor or smashes the head of an army officer or kills another MP (Nalanda), HE ALWAYS ESCAPES!!

    Following RULES (law and order) builds trust. And who follows rules? Politicians or the military?

    But it gets worse. Politicians POLITICISE the military too!! Then the military will also NOT have any rules. Then we have NO WAY OUT. We must act before that.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    I think trust got lost (or keeps getting lost), when Lanka leaders get involved in Cold War and post-Cold War politics coming from outside. Then political leaders are forced to forget the needs of the people and lend services to outside forces. If Lanka stays strictly neutral (Non-Aligned), a rather difficult proposition but still can be at least somewhat achievable, then the People of Lanka benefit with peace dividends.

    After WW I&II, there was no clear cut ‘enemy’ other than ‘communism’. Lanka had some relative peace till the mid-70s, when Cold War politics came in and the JVP uprisings started with their local discontent on social standing/distribution of wealth matters.

    So Trust is definitely tied up with Cold War/Resources type of politics from outside. Local leaders must stay away from heavy involvement in such matters (e.g. CBK/Ranil with Norway as Peacekeeper). Ability to foresee local social problems before catastrophes arise is a real plus for local leaders.

  17. douglas Says:

    It is my opinion that every system of governing a country (whether democratically elected political party/parties or military type) depends on nothing but the “CALIBER AND PERSONAL INTEGRITY AND COMMITMENT” of the people or the person who take control of the administrative machinery. This was proved at least by the UPFA with the leadership of MR in 2009 when this administration gave us FREEDOM FROM TERRORISM. This triumph emerged after a decades. Yet it is no secret that after that huge triumph, the Government, (meaning the people in governing) of the day went down the “PRECIPICE” because all of the people entrusted with a JOB TO DO lost their caliber, integrity and commitment. We very unfortunately lost the expected STRENGTH OF CALIBER AND INTEGRITY of the LEADERSHIP and every aspect of administration has gone out of control. This is our plight today.Whether we like it or not; support it or oppose, we have to accept the reality. It is a mess and we have to come out of it. To us in Sri Lanka it is a desperate situation.

    In this quest, I believe, the medicine to be tested must not be worse than the medicine in hand. An entirely new medicine, like the MILITARY TAKE OVER could be a “PAIN KILLER” than a “CURE” if not administered by a “QUALITATIVE, PAR EXCELLENCE SELFLESS” team or a person. Our effort must be to “CURE” than to “RELIEVE US OF THE PAIN”. The present system has not yet gone into cancerian state. This can still be treated with a heavy dose of medicine to clean up and most urgently to carry out ” AMPUTATIONS” and “REMOVAL OF PARASITES”
    by the PEOPLE at the next “SURGICAL SESSIONS” named “ELECTIONS”.

  18. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Charles Perera.. A fine article, which carries most of the items I have been preaching for many years.

    PUNISHMENT for anti-Lanka activities MUST BE SWIFT. MOVING Tamils & Muslims out of Colombo & South is a MUST. Sinhalese settled in North will counter any TNA/LTTE cry about Mostly populated by TAMILS syndome.

    Moving Sinhalese to East will have the same effect. These TWO provinces should be neutralized, then all this talk of SPECIAL status will go away.

    SINHALA national anthem & our FLAG should be HOISTED in all impotant occasions.
    TAMIL as an official language should be removed from our law books. If a Tamil needs to get a translation, that should be proided free of charge. ENCOURAGE more Tamils to lean Sinhalese. Now ONLY 4.5% of Tamils in Lanka, they can easily learn Sinhalese & assmilate.

    OUR UNITARY status as a country is NOT NEGITIABLE, even more UNHRC resolutions are passed by USA, UK, & INDIA or EU.

    MOST important is to BRING RESOLUTIONS at UNHRC even if we get defeated AGAINST USA & UK for atrocities done by them to Sri Lanka & vast number of other countries UNDER THE GUISE OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Most of the items in the list Mr. Charles Perera suggested are valid. Ofcourse we can improve or adjust according to the will of the people. 13 AMENDMENT in any form is NOT acceptable, & has to be REMOVED.

    NORTH & EAST should be highly militarized, MORE THAN NOW to counter any LTTE rump thinking of another war.

    As you all have mentioned a NATIONAL GOVT with LIKE MINDED people from UNP, JVP & other parties should be asked to join as THIS IS A NATIONAL PROBLEM.

    Let us hope our present leaders will listen to some of these proposals ALL have suggested in LANKAWEB……..ONE COUNTRY, UNDER ONE LEADER, STRONG & FREE……….GOD BLESS LANKA……..J

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    Trust was lost when LAW & ORDER went to the doggies.

    Politicians have NO law and a law unto themselves. The PM’s son imports drugs and distributes them!! Now the whole thing has gone missing. NO investigation. No culprits! A container load of heroin and NO culprits. How come?

    A presidential advisor killed by a MP and NO CULPRITS!

    Namal’s friend runs over 2 people killing one (while practicing for night races) and NO CULPRITS.

    What the hell is this?

    6 amendment is NOT implemented. How can people TRUST the system to save the country?

    BUT the army has law and order. ALL wrongdoers are punished. There is an order of doing things. This law and order should be introduced to SL.

    A short term military take over, FIX the system and hand back power to election (former military leaders can also contest elections).


    Criminals who spend MOST and use THUGS to the maximum win elections. Just look at those who WON the election – Vermin Mervin, Koloonnawa Dumbinda, Batalanda Runnil, MP killer Punchinilame, LTTE Sambandan, Aranthalawa Karuna, Pamankadei Ravi, Brothel Rosy, Fag Mongal, Heroin Jayaratna, Tamil girls porn movie Sritharan, suicide womanizer Hackhim, drunken killer Thondaman, etc.

    Is this is the caliber of leaders we want? These are your beloved leaders but not mine.

    We need to change this system. The system CANNOT change itself.

    On MOST occasions the body can fight off germs but sometime it cannot. Outside medicine must be introduced. What SL has is CANCER. Body CANNOT fight cancer. RADIATION TREATMENT is needed. But after RADIATION TREATMENT, the body takes over again. Some hair loss may happen EXTERNALLY (for the dumb international community). But it saves SL.

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    While everybody is giving a piece of a plan, or some sort of plan, has anything happened so far, as to even consider any of it. NONE. President and his Henchaiyas must be laughing their sides out at the comments for ‘ A SOLUTION ”

    What the President is saying, I believe is, ‘ let the dogs bark, but my Caravan goes on ‘

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    For sure!

    But the president has crapped in his panties fearing UNHRC just 3 months away.

    He has no escape from the system he is in.

    MR is certainly sinking but the question is will he drag SL down with him? I think yes. This is the ENDGAME.

  22. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    For the President and his Henchaiyas, Sri Lanka is now a Carnival, make merry while you can.

    For the poor patients at the Kandy Hospital, sleeping on the floor of the Directors Garage, under Tin Roof, is a living hell. Even Surgery patients are put on the ground, with no beds. There is plenty of money for Lamborgini Racing, breaking limbs of people and killing them too.

    All pundits are waiting till the ” time comes ” .. till the time is ripe. The question is WHEN ??????

    There will never be a Peoples Uprising, period.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    What Douglas says is true too. However, when the local leaders (political, business, educators, parents etc.) negative aspects meets the Globalised needs and weaknesses of foreign countries (Cold Wars/Resource wars/Fear & Ignorance etc) it is like adding fuel to a fire. Unless realization of these dangers are seen and change and sacrifices happens from individuals, there is loss of trust.

    You are right in that Law & Order must prevail. How did some Thuggery take over a gentle country ? Blame must go to Colonisation of nearly 500 yrs, a large measure as well to the Cold War, Globalisation, Tamil Caste Wars, two political ideology /Class wars of the South etc. Geographically, Sri Lanka is placed in the merciless position of proximity to break away sub state of Tamil Nadu. Again, no country’s leadership or people are perfect. Have pity on this poor country,
    Lorenzo !

    We have to highlight the good parts in Lanka, and attend to the parts that are negative.

    In the end the problem rests with not only the leaders, but also the ordinary People of Lanka. As Walt Kelly’s cartoon character, Pogo said : “We have met the enemy, and they is us” !! The problem is too serious a matter for laughs, but let us unite in our demand for law & order, at least as much as is possible, under the circumstances.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    You must admit that about 80% to 90% in Lanka are ‘good people’ in the ordinary sense of the word. With such a majority, we can’t lose, can we ?

    You have to give TIME for recovery in Lanka to happen. Remember that all this negativity took place over a long period of time, from about 500 yrs ago. At least a quarter of that time must be given for a full recovery – wouldn’t you agree ?

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    You have real problem with extreme negativity. You should jettison this unending litany of criticism and proposing of “extreme solutions” which are not solutions at all, but prescriptions for disaster.

    Please overcome your depression, and your … take no prisoners, my way or the highway … approach, before it drives you completely off the rails.

    I am appalled at HOW QUICKLY some people have FORGOTTEN the pit of EXTREME DEPRESSION that most Sri Lankans were wallowing in before the Rajapaksa Family, to their eternal credit, rescued the nation rejecting the oft chanted mantra of “this war cannot be won” mindset and the “appease the terrorists and separatists” advise of the “so called” experts, both local and foreign. Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga fell for it, but not the Rajapaksas. The buoyant spirit I feel today in Sri Lanka is entirely due their yeoman efforts.

    I am also appalled at HOW QUICKLY some people are TURNING ON and DEMONIZING those self-sacrificing leaders who placed themselves and their families in harms way to rescue the nation. Ingrates Incarnate … in my view!

    Have faith, be optimistic, and give merit where merit is earned, and exercise better judgment before venting steam blindly attributing all ills of the country to these self-sacrificing leaders without understanding the limits to their ability to cure them, or the forces at play they must overcome!

    Give your advice, but don’t UNDERMINE them for you will only play into the hands of the enemies of our Motherland!

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    Of course MOST people are GOOD. The problem is POLITICIANS AND THE SYSTEM. Those need change URGENTLY.

    Otherwise the little good SL has will also be lost. It is getting worse by the year with this system. A change is needed to this SYSTEM not to the set of crooks in parliament.


    So now you have run out of ammunition and throw personal insults! Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

    Tough problems need a tough approach not a faggot approach. If the leaders can’t handle it, GET OUT!

    e.g. War

    e.g. When the required run rate is 12, a boundary or two are musts. Singles won’t work.

    A president is elected to serve the people and the nation. He MUST do it. Now the president has PAWNED the nation to save his billions and family.

    The problem is the BLUE CAMP will always say MR’s poop is golden and yummy, the GREEN CAMP says the same to Run-nil’s, the ORANGE CAMP says the same thing to TNA/LTTE’s.

    VERY few objective NON ALIGNED people. EVEN FEWER patriots among them.

    When Fonseka became Gonseka, we couldn’t believe it. We said it may be a translation error, media manipulation, etc. But with every passing week it became clear Gonzeka is a TRAITOR. Same thing for MR, BR, NR and GR. Now they have turned traitors. They can’t plead innocence of ignorance to TNA antics. We warned them. They KNEW TNA=LTTE.

  27. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo said:

    But the president has crapped in his panties fearing UNHRC just 3 months away.
    He has no escape from the system he is in.
    MR is certainly sinking but the question is will he drag SL down with him? I think yes. This is the ENDGAME.

    Mahinda Rajapakse is made of better stuff and he keeps his pants clean. He has shown that he is not a man to keeps his arms folded awaiting disaster to fall on his head. Sri Lanka was already sunk when he came, but he has not only brought it to the surface saved its people , gave them peace, hope and prosperity, but also given it an importance which it never had before.

    He has experienced worst calamities than UNHCR, he is not a pessimist. Sri Lanka is better equipped today than ever before to face the UNHCR in March.

    The Endgame is yet to come for those who deserve it.

  28. Nanda Says:

    What I found, after speaking to many of my close friends who left for the west is they get brainwashed by the so called “freedom” in the west, while they do not really have any freedom !
    I agree with Lorenzo that the military take over could be the solution.

    main argument against it is “known devil is better than unknow angle”.
    But out of the “Sri Lankan Politician Training Institution” you will never get a good person as a leader.
    A godd person will be forced to flee or get killed !
    Therefore the chances of getting a good sensible leader from the military system is 1000 times higher !

    Prof. Duminda Silva
    Dr.Mervyn Silva can only be kept and supported by brainless idiots, not by a patriot.

    Allowing TNA to destroy our history by lies and break it , MR has proved he values his wealth and power than anything else.
    Charles has made patriotic demands as a true patriot, same is Ananda but these demands will be met by MR only in my wildest dreams !

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Of course MOST people are GOOD. The problem is POLITICIANS AND THE SYSTEM. Those need change URGENTLY.

    Otherwise the little good SL has will also be lost. It is getting worse by the year with this system. A change is needed to this SYSTEM not to the set of crooks in parliament”.

    I must alter my percentage of good folks in Lanka to even a higher figure of around 95%. I gave some thought to this matter and arrived at around 95%. Unfortunately, the few who are ‘baddy’ leaders from the political sphere as well as other spheres of leadership, who are getting a lot of attention. Media that is funded by those who like ‘baddies’ emphasizes the acts of ‘baddies’ who are few in number. Generally speaking, all Media ignores the good acts done daily by ordinary folk or gives only scant attention to such good acts. Why is that ?

    We have every hope that the Human Heart will win in Lanka and all over the world. That is the way we are made – it comes with the chip and is in us all.



    Thank you for staying positive and with practical approaches. Your contributions are invaluable. We really appreciate your writings.


    On another important topic :

    We do not have to despair about our religion and heritage either.

    On the theme of Self Sufficiency and the Sasana, I have been trying to propagate the idea of growing Organic Soy in the Nindagam lands. The Buddhist Clergy can to step in re the Economy here, in keeping with the Teachings of the Buddha.

    Below is an idea I have been writing into the Lankaweb for some time. The Nindagam land can be leased out to Dhayakayas in the area or the Dhayakayas can work the land to grow Soy plants (as a Soy Growers Co-operative) and give the Temple part of the earnings as lease money. That way it is a win-win situation for the Temple which will get some funds for the upkeep of the Temple, and also put some money in the pockets of the Co-op Soy Growers of the area.

    Being a legume, the Soy plant is a hardy one and will grow with minimum care and some organic fertilizer or even a little artificial fertilizer. The Soy bean will give Soy milk and ‘tvp’ which can be converted to soy burghers with natural vegetarian flavorings of meat or chicken. The market is waiting ! And the best dividend will be less slaughter of cattle. Both Buddhists and Hindu folk will love the Soy burgher as an alternative to killing cattle – strongly in favor of religious teachings and better for human health. Others will like Soy products too as a healthy alternative food.

    Let’s go !

  30. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA AND FRAN !! All your suggestions and plans will be tabled by the President for immediate action, because they are the best in your view. Is it wishful thinking ? or may be Iam a dreamer to say so.
    Ananda, please try to control your insinuating rhetorics. You have said that the Army will come through the back door. It is a down-right insult and a perverse comment to the Army Commander. Just your thought that the Army Commander will come through the back door is very insulting. He is there to safeguard you and me and everybody else from Security threats. Express your views. Good. Just don’t take pot shots on those who comment in this forum, purely to lay emphatic on your very distinguish plans and excellent thoughts, which in my point of view is just crap. I may be wrong. Possibly, President will summon you for further IDEAS.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    We have to have a Plan going forward while keeping our self respect intact, or else succumb to all the Negativity thrown at Lanka, our Leaders, the Army etc. Some people project Sri Lanka as a Failed State. Lanka is not a Failed State ! Let us not give in. Please send in ideas – we need ideas to GROW in every way possible. Growth for all in Lanka is what we have to aim at.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Lorenzo,

    Don’t suffer further. Join in with us for growth with a lasting peace. Don’t amplify the bad deeds of a few. Think of all the good that happens to millions on a daily basis.

    Thank you for your efforts. You have a creative and fine mind – use it without fear for growth for all.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Susantha,

    We don’t intend our Pseudo-Cabinet (as appointed by Lorenzo) to be taken so seriously ! We just pump out some ideas
    and if suitable, the powers that be can use them with adjustments. It is up to the elected members of Parliament to do so.
    We are a Democracy and nothing should alter that status – however flawed, Democracy is still the best system for all.

    Hope you are feeling better in health. Wish you all the best.

  34. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Iam hanging on Fran. Will have another Cervical Epidural on 6th January. Thanks for your concerns.

    Even in Parliament, they do not deliberate solutions as we do. Alles Gute.

  35. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo & Susantha: Have a nice sleep with sweet dreams of a MILITARY TAKE OVER – Proposed by The President Lorenzo and Seconded by Defense Secretary Susantha. Also remember our President elected by the people of Sri Lanka will not add any more “BULLS INTO HIS CHINA SHOP” who propose this type of MILITARY TAKE OVER.


  36. Lorenzo Says:

    Fran and Ananda,

    As Susantha says can you please forward the 9 POINT PLAN (to which we ALL agree) to the president, GR, BR, etc.? ALL patriots support that. Lets see how many of it is implemented. I can help sending it (if needed).


    “I must alter my percentage of good folks in Lanka to even a higher figure of around 95%.”

    This is certainly NOT true.

    TNA + SLMC + voters for murderers, rapists, traitors, drug dealers, corrupt MPs, etc. add up to MUCH more than 5%.

    Accomplices in crimes.


    NO. The president (and Fonseka) did face bigger challenges before 2010 and we fully appreciate that which makes MR the BEST we ever had until then, not after. After 2010 they have been UNABLE to face the UNHRC. Just look at how many insults they put up just to get through UNHRC. How many acts of treason they are doing in fear?

    Otherwise there is NO reason to put up with TNA racism or 13 amendment. GR and President’s secretary called 13 amendment a white elephant! The census of the disappeared, TNA census, Kasippu Joseph petitioning AGAINST SL, etc., etc. Big talk by the govt. against UNHRC just dissipated!

    Its all fear of UNHRC. They know its their endgame. TNA makes most of it while the govt. panics.


    We are not dreaming to become presidents! We want the NATION OF SL to win. We want MEANINGFUL DEMOCRACY not a sham democracy where TNA rules the north and SLMC essentially rules the east.


    As an interim compromise, shall we all agree on Ananda’s 9 POINT PLAN and send it to the President, GR, BR, etc.? Then we can SEE for ourselves where they stand on matters MOST IMPORTANT for the survival of the nation?

  37. Ananda-USA Says:


    1. You said “You have said that the Army will come through the back door.”

    A Military Takeover as Lorenzo, and others, propose, is seizing control of the country without authorit,; that is indeed coming in through the back door. What is a military takeover except an illegal coup-d-etat through the backdoor? Is that allowed by the Constitution of Sri Lanka? Will the Consitution be amended first, and the Military be granted permission by the people, for such a takeover … perhaps through a referendum? If not, it is an ILLEGAL TREASONOUS ACT that must be implemented by stealth! Ergo …. through the backdoor!

    2. You said “It is a down-right insult and a perverse comment to the Army Commander. Just your thought that the Army Commander will come through the back door is very insulting.”

    You have failed to correctly read and understand what I wrote before lashing out …. as you had done on an earlier occasion and apologized pleading your age. Well, you have made a mistake AGAIN!

    I am not the one who enthusiastically advocated a Military Takeover, but others including you.

    I am not the one who expects support from the officer corps for such a takeover, but those who advocate it.

    I am among those who categorically oppose such a takeover. Remember? Or have you forgotten already?

    Such a takeover would require the participation of at least some officers in the Armed Forces, not necessarily the Army. In expecting some officers to violate their oaths of fealty to the nation and its constitution, the people who are advocating such a step INSULT the loyal officer core who protect and defend the country. It is they who Indirectly INSULT the officer corps, not me.

    Please don’t get on a high horse and try to put words in my mouth, or attribute to me words I have NEVER uttered.

    In particular, I never insulted the Army Commander, or expect him to break his oath to serve the nation loyally.
    In fact only those who advocate a military takeover insult the Army Commander by expecting him to break his oath of fealty to the nation and be disloyal.

    Get your FACTS STRAIGHT, Susantha!

    3. You said …”Ananda, please try to control your insinuating rhetorics.”

    Let me see, when I criticize advocating a Military Takeover (which by the way is TREASON), continually CRITICIZING the governing leadership of Sri Lanka in the most EXTREME ways making unproven accusations of the most VILE MOTIVES, and FORGETTING their yeoman achievements in rescuing the nation from terrorism, as UNFAIR and UNGRATEFUL, ….. that is “insinuating rhetorics”? In which universe? It is not rhetoric, but a plain statement of fact.

    I offer up your own statement ” All your suggestions and plans will be tabled by the President for immediate action, because they are the best in your view. Is it wishful thinking ? or may be Iam a dreamer to say so.” an a PRIME EXAMPLE of an “insinuating rhetorical statement” because it indirectly implies and mocks (ie., insinuates) Fran and me for not being able to influence the GOSL or the President.

    By the way, you are ABSOLUTELY right in your assessment of my helplessness; I humbly admit that I do not have any such power over the GOSL and the President, and never implied that I had any such power at any time.

    However, in the knowledge that often the pen is mightier than the sword, we do offer advice … because we love Sri Lanka … for the patriotic leaders of Sri Lanka to adopt or ignore.
    Furthemore, it will give these leaders comfort in their darkest hours that they have millions of Sri Lankans, just like us, supporting them, who will not abandon them come what may.

    Finally, let me ask, how you would describe those who commit the transgressions I have criticized? Not at all, perhaps?

    4. You said “Just don’t take pot shots on those who comment in this forum, purely to lay emphatic on your very distinguish plans and excellent thoughts, which in my point of view is just crap.”

    Opposing extreme comments that UNDERMINE Sri Lanka, and not letting them go unchallenged, is a duty, not a matter of taking “pot shots”. If many such statements go unchallenged, then an impression takes hold that most readers at LankaWeb, and even LankaWeb itself, agree with these comments … which is simply wrong. Most readers are a silent majority, reluctant to oppose other aggressive writers. I too avoid doing so because I dislike these cat fights, until I get so concerned that I am forced to act.

    BTW, who gave you the right to act as an imperious LankaWeb moderator? As I recall you appeared on LankaWeb ONLY ABOUT A YEAR AGO, but you have now arrogated to yourself the right to define its rules!

    It is time to climb down from that very high horse, Susantha!

  38. Lorenzo Says:


    Shall we NOT attack one another here for their opinions please.

    As Susantha says can you please forward the 9 POINT PLAN (to which we ALL agree) to the president, GR, BR, etc.? ALL patriots support that. Lets see how many of it is implemented. I can help sending it (if needed).

  39. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ananda , It is you who came to Lanka web of late. I have been writing full articles to the Lanka Web from long years back. That is why you say, “one year back” It is only now I make comments. I have no authority to moderate comments here. You are the most belligerent subscriber in this forum. You win, I lose.

    Iam not riding High Horse. Yet, I have been riding Horses in Arkansas in jungle trails, periodically. I have pictures.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I would like to end opposing extreme proposals, if they are not made, but when they are made, I reserve the right to oppose them.

    Yes, it would be good to send the 9-POINT PLAN, suitably revised to address all important issues, to Sri Lanka’s governing leadership, but it cannot be through you who advocates a military takeover as a cudgel if the plan is not adopted and immediately implemented.

    Remember, the gestation period between an idea, its dissemination to all stakeholders, and its implementation can be long, just like the successfully concluded War of National Liberation against Terrorism.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:


    I have been a LankaWeb reader and contributor for nearly 30 years, and have maintained a few Patriotic websites of my own during this period. However, I do not recall reading any articles written by you, and have seen only comments beginning about a year ago.

    Speaking metaphorically, riding a very high horse is what you have been doing, perhaps you will have the good sense to step down now.

    Literally speaking, I too love horses, riding and target shooting … in California … but that has no relationship whatever to this discussion.

  42. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    An article I wrote on 21st September 2011 to Lanka Web, ~~~The IRONY OF WORDS, AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS, BY GENERALS. This was over TWO years ago. Ananda, just make up any lie to ridicule, to win your day.
    I have written many more articles years before that.

  43. Ananda-USA Says:


    OK. I will verify that article of about 2 years ago. Anything more?

  44. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “just make up any lie to ridicule, to win your day.”

    This … from you …. who mocked all I write as “crap” …. to win your day? Come on …. get real!!!

  45. Ananda-USA Says:

    More DIRTY TRICKS Orchestrated by Eelamists to DISCREDIT the GOSL, and keep the Refugee Pipeline Open!

    External Affairs Ministry raises concerns… ‘OPERATION DISCREDIT’ SCUPPERED

    By Chamikara WEERASINGHE
    December 30, 2013

    ‘With support of Tamil political elements in North’
    Journalist on tourist visa arrested for filming military installation in Jaffna

    The External Affairs Ministry yesterday raised concerns about some suspicious incidents having taken place during the week, apparently with the support of some Tamil political elements in the North.

    “Attempts are being made to discredit the Armed Forces,” External Affairs Ministry sources said. External Affairs Ministry Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama yesterday said they are concerned about the incident in which an Indian journalist who was travelling on a tourist visa, was arrested while filming a Sri Lankan military installation in Jaffna without requisite permission.

    The man is said to have come to Sri Lanka on the invitation of a Tamil National Alliance MP. “The incident concerns national security and it had taken place a few months ahead of the UNHRC sessions to be had in Geneva in March,” explained Amunugama.

    Meanwhile, a 22 -year old Tamil national named Suriyakumar Thamil Amudhan was arrested by the Police from a friend’s house in Mulathivu,

    when he was planning to leave for Australia staging his own abduction to claim he was being harassed by the Armed Forces in Sri Lanka.

    Suriyakumar Thamil Amudhan had remained missing for sometime before he was arrested by the Police, and some Tamil politicians accused the Security Forces of having abducted him. Amudhan’s father had filed a complaint with the Point Pedro Police that his son had gone missing and that he had sent SMS texts from his phone that four armed members in an army jeep, had abducted him and that he was tortured by them.

    Following his arrest, Amudhan had confessed to the Police, that he had staged this incident and had feigned his own disappearance in an attempt to seek asylum in Australia, where his sister lives. He had said that he had made up the story about being tortured by the Sri Lanka Army to attract international attention to help his plan.

    Police said, the suspect and his family had worked out a sinister design to discredit the Army with false accusations.

    “They were backed by some Tamil politicians,” they said.

  46. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ananda ! Have you written just ONE ARTICLE on Lanka Web, other than making comments. NOT ONE. I have written many, many articles, other than comments.

    One comment of my comments on 2nd June 2010, on article :- Navi Pillai, You still want a pound of flesh from Sri Lanka, by Asoka Weerasinghe. That was three years and six months ago. So you have still lied that I came only one tear ago.

  47. Ananda-USA Says:

    NO AMOUNT of Computer “Apps” to WARN Fishermen of crossing the Maritime Boundary will help, if they are ECONOMICALLY motivated to KNOWINGLY POACH FISH, or POLITICALLY MOTIVATED to ENGINEER a CONFRONTATION between Sri Lanka and India.

    The ONLY WAY to deter Poachers is to make the ECONOMIC LOSS PROHIBITIVE by CONFISCATING their BOATS and EQUIPMENT, and IMPRISONING them at HARD LABOR (i.e., they have to EARN their keep) on EXTENDED SENTENCES.

    Meanwhile, Sri Lanka must expect RETALIATION against our own Fishermen, and EDUCATE them, TRAIN them and ASSIST them by providing Navy/Coast Guard patrols to compel them to STAY WITHIN Sri Lankan waters.

    Apps to alert fishermen about maritime border

    By N. Anand
    December 30, 2013

    Concerned over the rising attack on fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy for crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL), the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) Centre has developed a mobile application that would alert the fishermen about a few km from the actual point.

    This application has been developed to safeguard the fishermen from Nagapattinam to Tuticorin when they proceed in boats for fishing as IMBL is located closer to their coastline as compared to other districts of Tamil Nadu. There about seven lakh fishermen in the State, of which nearly three lakh are in these districts, said S. Velvizhi, MSSRF principal scientist.

    The application developed for Android based mobile phones, forms part of Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA) phase-II programme. Five mobilephones incorporating features such as providing cyclone and disaster alerts, real time data on fish colony and danger zones and helpline numbers, was distributed to five fishermen from Kasimedu.

    Talking to The Hindu, Ms. Velvizhi said “We upgraded FFMA-II based on feedback provided by the fishing community. It was launched 20 days ago and is currently being used by 110 people. The real-time data is provided in Tamil, English and Telugu. In the next few days, the apps would be offered to fishermen of Kerala, followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Odisha.

    FFMA-II is jointly developed by MSSRF that provided design and data, Qualcomm (financial support and technical advice) and Tata Consultancy Services (application developer). FFMA-III will be uploaded on Google so as to extend its reach.

  48. Ananda-USA Says:


    My saying that I do not recall any of your articles at LankaWeb …. cannot be characterized as a “lie” … I truly do not, just as you cannot recall any of mine. Again, this is the way that you … who presumes to be qualified to preach to me … insults people!

    So, stop dodging the issue, and give us a full list of your articles by title and date …. please!

  49. Nanda Says:

    Please remain united against ALL acts or ideas to destroy Sri Lanka. It SHALL include destroying the country by

    1. Tamil racism
    2. Endian game of PC, 13A or sever corruption
    3. Kudu business
    4. Alien religions
    5. Western take over lead by the USA and Saudi

    Having visted very recently all the above are very very vissible in Sri Lanka. Corrupt police is destroying law and order of the country. When all the later 4 are acting together the former wins easily. There is no doubt the government is in the completely wrong path, GREED is the president of Sri lanka, not Mahendra Rajapakse.

    However Sri lankan citizens are better positioned than USA, UK, France , Canadian ( I leave Australia out purposely for the time being) citizens who have no choice but to choose between two evil, both are backed by the same evil groups. We have Buddhism, we have out heritage. They have nothing. Please do not get brainwashed by their idealogies, just because we being there have a comfortable life thanks to free education and values we brought together with us. Others do not have that comfort.

    Let us watch and see. Een a single point Chrales list will not be implemented by MR. GREED.

  50. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lankan President asserts not to let any powers to divide the country

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 30, Galle: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa reiterated that he will not allow any power to divide the country or handover power to any authority that would lead to the division.

    The President made these remarks Monday at a ceremony held to declare open Dakshinapaya, the administrative building of the Southern Provincial Council.

    Speaking at the occasion, the President said the provincial councils and the government should work together in the best interests of the people and all must act as one nation since the victory of freedom was achieved with great difficulty and sacrifice.

    He said although there are different opinions regarding the provincial council system both the provincial council and the central government need to act in cooperation within a single country by respecting the state policy.

    The seven storied administrative office complex in Labuduwa Galle was constructed at a cost of Rs. 575 million.

    The Southern Province Secretariat has been awarded the ISO:9001.2008 standard certificate for maintaining services under a systematic management procedure .

    Ministers Gunaratna Weerakoon, Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody, Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijeyalal de Silva, Deputy Minister Nishantha Mutuhettigama, MPs Romesh Pathirana, Mohan de Silva and Manusha Nanayakkara and provincial council members were present at the occasion.

    (Photos by Nishanka de Silva)

  51. Nanda Says:

    Extreme pressure is required to wake MR GREED up. When he realises with or without western powers involvement his GREED is exposed anyway, he will have to act. Only way he will have to survive is thorugh peoples power.

  52. Lorenzo Says:


    PLEASE stop this now. Both Susantha and you are TOP patriots. Never mind who comes first in the list. I recon SENIORITY in which case,

    1. Susantha
    2. Ananda
    3. Nanda
    4. – 15 Ohers
    16. Lorenzo
    17. – N. Others

    We are in the same team. We DISAGREE on the method. That’s all.

    We have BIGGER things where we see eye to eye. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

    I will send the 9 POINT PLAN to “aa.le” today as a New Year Gift! I have no VALID contacts of others.

    Cheer up patriots, there is more than ONE WAY to skin a TIGER! :)

  53. Nanda Says:

    A common value binding all of us is HONESTY.
    Let us be honest to each other, age does not matter, it alone will not make you wise.
    Inteligence,profession all these alone will not make you wise.
    There is no point being foolishly optimistic. Be realistic.
    Nothing is lost at the moment, but pathways to EELAAM is being opened up by GREED.
    How to stop this ?
    Lte us see the Young Fella’s plan.

  54. Lorenzo Says:

    Now this is HYPOCRICY AT ITS BEST!

    “Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa reiterated that he will not allow any power to divide the country or handover power to any authority that would lead to the division.

    The President made these remarks Monday at a ceremony held to declare open Dakshinapaya (Dakshin + Apaya = southern hell), the administrative building of the Southern Provincial Council.

    Speaking at the occasion, the President said the provincial councils and the government should work together in the best interests of the people and all must act as one nation since the victory of freedom was achieved with great difficulty and sacrifice.

    The seven storied administrative office complex in Labuduwa Galle was constructed at a cost of Rs. 575 million.”

    Provincial councils = DIVISION of the country!

    Even MR said this in 1987!!

    Look what TNA is doing with the provincial council system.

    For Rs. 575 MILLION, vitally needed computer lab expansions of Mahinda, Richmond, Rahul, Weeraketiya College + MANY MORE schools could have been done!!! 12,000 new computers! Enough for the ENTIRE southern province schools.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    I better go to my uncle’s psychiatric clinic for treatment tomorrow – I SEE THINGS others don’t and I fail to see naked Maha Ranee’s beautiful dress! Or is it an optometrist?

  55. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ananda ! get the list from the Lanka Web. I have no time to waste with you.

  56. Ananda-USA Says:


    I wish you had not rank listed people who comment here, by seniority, patriotism or whatever, just as I wish you had not written up a “Shadow Cabinet” some time ago … even in jest.

    It makes us objects of ridicule ….. anonymous bloggers fighting for prestige and position on the Web! Especially when no one really knows whether they are even Eelamists and/or Western agents working under deep cover ….. it is indeed a ludicrous sight!!!

    I just don’t care about such things. We must be judged by what we write … just leave it at that.

    This is not a simple disagreement on the “METHOD” of attaining the SAME goal, but a radical undermining of the FREELY ELECTED GOSL, that WILL NOT attain stated goal, and could have a serious adverse impact on the safety and lives of people in Sri Lanka. We all know that the enemies of Sri Lanka …. among them those who engineered the Arab Spring …. would LOVE to TOPPLE this GOSL. I don’t want to do anything that undermines Sri Lanka; My entire family, thousands of friends, and everything I value in this world are there in Sri Lanka.

    I request you not to send the 9 POINT PLAN as is … it needs to be refined further … and CERTAINLY it should not be sent by you, who proposes to initiate a military takeover if it is not accepted and implemented. I certainly don’t want to associated with such an IMPLIED THREAT.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa, like me, is not someone who would take kindly to people waving cudgels at him. That was what David Cameron tried to do, and failed. We must not do such things to this courageous, honourable and decent man, who has done everything he could to preserve what we care about.

    I don’t like the trend of things, and I have been pondering the wisdom of my continuing to blog here. I may discontinue my participation totally and attend to other important work on helping Sri Lanka that I have under way.

  57. Ananda-USA Says:

    Susantha! Just as I thought … dodged the issue … again!

    BTW, I don’t have any time to waste on you either!

  58. Nanda Says:

    Ananda please stop being too angry and stay on.

  59. Lorenzo Says:

    This is such a joke!

    Man Moron Sigh has decided to arrange a meeting between SL north fishermen and Tamil Madu fishermen trying to solve the fishing dispute!!

    What madness is this!

    BOTH these groups are Tamils. The dispute is between Endia and SL. It must be resolved along the BORDER.

    This is their plan. To regularly meet and transfer weapons, drugs, etc.

    At the end of the day BOTH SL Tamil fishermen and Tamil Madu fishermen will blame the NAVY!

  60. Lorenzo Says:


    I advise you against.

    Please remain in the forum.

  61. Lorenzo Says:


    In another massive victory for the LTTE (TNA) the govt. has decided to SACK Maj Gen GA Chandrasiri as GOVERNOR of NP and appoint a PRO-LTTE/TNA person. GAC is likely to be made the New Zealand or Australian HC.

    This is a HUGE defeat for SL and a MASSIVE victory for LTTE (TNA) which has been a long term demand.

    East too has a military governor. He too will have to be replaced with someone who can get into bed with the SLMC.

    What next?

  62. Nanda Says:

    What next ?
    We stilll be optimistic and keep on worshiping this “people elected God”.

  63. Charles Says:

    We have no elected God in Sri Lanka. We have a very humane President elected by the people. He knows what he does and he knew what he was going to do when he was elected. No,body has helped him. He does not get impatient and does not react the way others want him to. So far he has not failed the people who, placed their faith him.

    There are many “patriots” who would like him to fail, and perhaps they want TNA to set up the Tamil Eeelam just to spite the President. But the President will not allow it to happen. He knew what to do with the terrorists without anybody’s prompting. And may be he knows how to get out of the impasse if there is one.

  64. Lorenzo Says:

    Yet another blunder!

    Why did we allow this junk into the country? Now she will go back with “first hand evidence” of BS allegations. And the west will trust her “first hand evidence” more than real evidence. This reminds me VFA time when ANYONE AND EVERYONE could come to SL and do as they pleased.

    DENY visa to these KNOWN TERRORISTS.

    “Canadian Eezham Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan under house arrest in Jaffna
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 20:51 GMT]

    Canadian Eezham Tamil parliamentarian Rathika Sitsabaiesan representing Sacarborough-Rouge River constituency, who was on a visit to the island has come under the harassment of the occupying Sri Lankan military and police establishment in Jaffna on Tuesday evening.”

  65. Nanda Says:

    One enters the country by landing at he airport. Coming through the gate one could see the huge portrait of the “God” before the serene statue of Buddha and even above the level of the Buddha.
    Then you proceed towards the capital city and go through a huge portal hosting a huger portrait of the “God”. Then you will notice very large ads advertising that this God is the “Sakvithi Raja” (just because Sri Lanka happened to be the chairman of CHOGM, it lies “our leader of the world, as if this “God” has earned the leadership of the world by own deeds.

    A real leader will be utterly shameful and disgusted by these ADs. But not the “God”, because evil people worship this man hoping to get a favours such as,
    1. Help me when I am in trouble by doing all illegal trade.
    2. Help my kid to send to Royal College
    3. Help me if I kill a man
    4. Help me if I rape a woman
    5. Help me to avoid paying tax.

    Then , we the stupid followers keep hoping he will follow the eternal law, “In its failure to cooperate with the Governor or act in any way in contravention of the Constitution and the Laws of the country the Provincial Council should be dissolved “.
    No what the God does is sacking of the Governor !

  66. Nanda Says:

    My only hope is I will be proven wrong by a woken up Gota or even the Ranee God.

    News Flash

    Sri Lanka government considering ousting a Tamil MP from parliament

    Dec 31, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government is planning to bring a proposal in the parliament to oust a Tamil MP from parliament, a Sinhala daily The Divaina reported today.

    A two-third majority is needed to oust an elected MP and the government has the sufficient majority in the parliament.

    According to the report, the Jaffna district parliamentarian of major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) S. Sritharan is under government’s concern for his continuing involvement in anti-government activities and efforts to arouse communal unrest in the North.

    State intelligence services have reported that the MP is inflaming communal sentiments in the North and creating trouble, the newspaper reported.

    The MP Sritharan recently accompanied a Tamil Nadu journalist, who was arrested by the police for photographing military camps in Jaffna while traveling in MP’s car. The MP was accused of inviting the Tamil journalist, who came under a tourist visa.

    Former Jaffna leader of Tamil Tiger terrorist movement, Theepan was a close relative of MP Sritharan, according to the report.

    Last month justifying the LTTE’s cause as a freedom struggle, Sritharan praised the former Tamil Tiger terrorist leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran on his birth anniversary in parliament amidst protests by governing party members.

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