Why does Everybody Hate Sri Lanka?
Posted on December 29th, 2013

by padraigcolman

A Facebook friend asked me to explain why the Sri Lankan government has come under such criticism. A recent example was David Cameron’s November 2013 visit to Sri Lanka for CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of government Meeting). “Can you tell me why you think the country is coming in for criticism? Did the Tamil Tigers manage to get favourable international media coverage? Can you fill me in a little on how they were defeated and why Sri Lanka gets criticised for that?”

I have written about this in the past and, after receiving that question, canvassed the views of my Sri Lankan contacts.

“No one likes us, we don’t care”

In the late 70s, Millwall football fans in the Cold Blow Lane stand  used to sing this to the tune of Rod Stewart’s (We Are) Sailing (written by the Sutherland Brothers). This was in response to sustained criticism of their behaviour and the media assumption that Millwall fans were the worst kind of hooligans. Various commentators, including Rod Liddle, have questioned why the name of Millwall became synonymous with hooliganism, creating a siege mentality amongst ordinary, law-abiding Millwall fans.

South London writer Michael Collins wrote: “At the end of the 19th century around the time Millwall FC was formed, middle-class journalists used to descend on the area like Baudelaireian flaneurs, to report on the urban working class as though they were discovering natives from the remote islands of the Empire.”

It is interesting that Rod Liddle is one of the few English journalists to have criticised David Cameron’s flaneurist behaviour in Colombo recently. Liddle wrote in The Spectator back in 2005 about a riot at a game between Liverpool and Millwall after which three Liverpool supporters were jailed. The FA exonerated Liverpool and fined Millwall. Liddle commented: “the FA wished to make a political point and saw Millwall – a small club, unfashionable and not especially popular as an ideal target.”

Here is the title of Liddle’s recent article on the London Sunday Times blog about Cameron’s behaviour in Sri Lanka: “That s the president of Sri Lanka, PM, not one of your fags”. American readers should note that “fag” refers in this instance to the system of servitude in English schools for toffs like Cameron. A fag at Eton would be bullied by the Bullingdon Club.

Genuine Concern

I will have a look at the simplest answer first. What if criticisms of Sri Lanka are fair? What if Cameron, William Hague and Alistair Burt are acting from a genuine concern for human rights? What if Stephen Harper and Barack Obama genuinely want to see justice done in Sri Lanka?

There are certainly many things that could be improved in Sri Lanka.

  • The 18th amendment to the constitution was a bad idea.
  • The impeachment of the Chief Justice showed the government in a bad light.
  • It is not good for the army to shoot dead unarmed protesters.
  • For ordinary people the never-ending grind of rising prices is debilitating.

One of my respondents said: “I think, perhaps the UK is concerned that more civilians have been killed than they were assured would be, and they feel some guilt for not having intervened in 2009”.

Unfortunately, Cameron, Harper and Obama invite the charge of hypocrisy by focusing on what happened in the final months of the military action that defeated the Tamil Tigers. People in Sri Lanka are likely to say what about Iraq, Kenya, Guantanamo, drone strikes?

Cameron’s thinking seems to be directed by simplistic sound bites that totally discount the realities of war.


The Sri Lankan government was proud of its victory and keen to share its experience with the world. The Ministry of Defence organised seminars to which it invited foreign observers. The third of these was held in September 2013. There were many calls from human rights organisations to boycott the seminars. US Defense Attach© to Sri Lanka, LTC Lawrence Smith, attended the 2011 seminar and questioned the credibility of surrender offers made by senior LTTE leaders. He got in trouble because of it. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said: “My understanding is that the defense attach© was there as an observer and a note taker. His comments reflected his personal opinions. There’s no change in the policy of the United States, and his remarks do not reflect any change in our policy.”

In his article in The Atlantic dated 1 July 2009 entitled To Catch a Tiger, Robert D Kaplan acknowledged the success of the Sri Lankan government in defeating the Tamil Tigers. Kaplan admitted that tiny, cash-strapped Sri Lanka, generally thought of as ”third world” or ”developing”, has succeeded where the mighty USA has failed. The man who dominated Sri Lankan life for the worse for thirty years, Vellupillai Prabakharan, leader of the Tamil Tigers, was dead, while Osama Bin Laden was, at the time, still living, a free man.

Kaplan asks if the US can learn from Sri Lanka’s success but answers:

”These are methods the U.S. should never use.”

My detailed critique of Kaplan is here: http://pcolman.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/fantasies-of-virtue/

The gist of my critique is that the US has, indeed, used methods far worse.

A respondent in Colombo says: “as you know, the Sri Lankan side refused  to carry out the wishes of the UK and US embassies during those last hours of the ending of the war. They now think that we should be taught a lesson for being naughty. It’s stupid and shows a total misreading of the realities on the ground of that time.”

Domestic Electoral Considerations

Many of the Sri Lankans that I canvassed for this article made the point that western politicians were motivated by electoral concerns.

A respondent who lives in Toronto, a hot-bed of pro-LTTE activity, told me: “The only answer that I can give would be the ‘local politics’ in any country…It is a fact that the elite and the influential and the rich, English-speaking Tamils live either in Colombo or in England /Canada…”All these English politicians have figured out that the diaspora is a deciding factor in winning elections.  … They need the diaspora which has money to spend on them and get them to power. The Tamil diaspora is pretty much active in Toronto, unlike the Lazy/divided/ Sinhala Buddhist diaspora”.

A Sri Lanka resident echoed that view: “LTTE supporters among the Diaspora are part of the electoral constituencies of some of the political leadership in the UK, Canada and the US and are exerting pressure on them.”

The release by WikiLeaks of a batch of diplomatic cables endorsed this view.  Then UK foreign secretary, David Miliband visited Sri Lanka towards the end of the war against the LTTE, pressing for a ceasefire and negotiations. Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa scolded him and reminded him that Sri Lanka was no longer a British colony. The cables reveal that Miliband exerted his influence to get Sri Lanka’s bid to host the Commonwealth Games rejected: the UK did not want Sri Lanka to be given legitimacy for its actions in defeating the Tamil Tigers. Another cable revealed that Miliband supported US efforts to delay an IMF loan to Sri Lanka.

In a cable dated 7 May 2009, the British Foreign Office “Sri Lanka team leader”, Tim Waite, wrote that, with UK elections soon due, and with many Tamils living in marginal UK constituencies, the UK government was calling for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka and would later pay close attention to the IDP (internally displaced persons) camps. Miliband said that he was spending 60% of his time on Sri Lanka. Miliband and his aides wrote about “ratcheting up” the case for humanitarian relief efforts: “[That] cable,” said one Sri Lankan writer, “exposes how a matter of a few thousand British votes took priority over the fate of a small state battling against a ruthless terrorist enemy”

Before the November 2013 CHOGM, Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh had warned Cameron that UK participation in Colombo would be nothing but endorsement of the massacre of civilians. McDonagh represents Mitcham and Morden in the  south London Borough of Merton (an area in which I lived for ten years). She likes to present an image of left-wing libertarianism and sell herself as a champion of human rights. However, her voting record in the House of Commons tells a different story. Siobhain McDonagh voted very strongly FOR the Iraq invasion, very strongly AGAINST an investigation into the Iraq war, very strongly FOR Labour’s anti-terrorism laws, very strongly FOR introducing ID cards, very strongly FOR a stricter asylum system. Her libertarianism and concern for human rights seems very selective.

The Wimbledon Guardian, which I fondly remember as being full of rapes and perverts (how unlike the Wimbledon I knew and loved) reported that McDonagh was given a petition signed by 196 residents at Morden’s Civic Centre on October 10 2008. “Representatives from the British Tamil Forum met Siobhain McDonagh to ask for support in tackling human rights abuses. They asked her to join the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, a group of MPs campaigning to highlight the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka.”

The subtext is that McDonagh recognised that the support of pro-LTTE campaigners might be useful to her in her constituency. Hers is by no means a safe Labour seat. She won it from Conservative Dame Angela Rumbold on her third attempt. It would require a 16.4% swing for her to lose it. McDonagh had a majority of 13,666 in 2010. A Tamil with Muslim support, Rathy Alagaratnam, was an independent who ran against her in 2010 and 2005. McDonagh’s parliamentary work-rate is not impressive. She is below average for the number of times she has spoken in debates, and for her written questions. She is well below average for the number of times she has voted in the Commons.


Robert O Blake was US ambassador in Colombo at war’s end. Later, he moved to the State Department. Blake caused some alarm in Sri Lanka when he made a statement before the Senate subcommittee on the Middle East (West Asia) and South Asia. His address included a telling phrase. This was the first time he had  gone on record to publicly state, “Positioned directly on the shipping routes that carry petroleum products and other trade from the Gulf to East Asia, Sri Lanka remains of strategic interest to the US.”

Once in Sri Lanka, he tried to soft-pedal. ”In my official meetings today, I assured the Sri Lankan government that the US is committed to a strong long-term partnership with Sri Lanka and that reports of our alleged support for ‘regime change’ have no basis whatsoever. I expressed support for the government’s efforts to recover from its devastating civil war, and encouraged further steps towards reconciliation, and a peaceful, united, democratic Sri Lanka. I think the government has made some positive progress. It is very important that this progress be sustained. ”

One of my respondents noted “a certain amount of concern with regard to SL’s lean towards China, and away from India, the latter being ‘one of us, as it were”.

Profit and Globalisation

A respondent who had migrated to Australia but is now back in Colombo told me: “UK is hell-bent on criticizing us to make the LTTE rump in UK happy. Their dream was to see the creation of an Eelam here. Many Western nations are angry with us because they profited from this war by being able to sell arms but today it is not possible thanks to peace. No matter what we do, UK will think that we are still their colony!”

Another respondent who lives in Sri Lanka told me: “The neo-colonial powers want to push through globalisation, which reduces national sovereignty, and hence the power of governments to interfere with global corporations. Weak governments are made weaker by separatism. Western criticism of the GoSL was muted while JR (President Jayewardene) was in power, although it began to get shriller after Sri Lanka strayed into India’s ambit. However, the real escalation of criticism took place after Sri Lanka became part of China’s zone of influence.”

Arrogance and Hypocrisy

When David Miliband became foreign secretary in June 2007, there were already allegations about possible British involvement in overseas torture by other countries’ intelligence services. Ironically, the UK’s involvement in the revolution in Libya brought to light evidence of its dirty dealings with Quadaffi. Libyan Islamist Sami al-Saadi, also known as Abu Munthir, claims that in 2004, he and his family were detained by MI6 and handed over to authorities in Libya, who tortured him. Documents show that MI5 gave Tripoli reports on Libyan dissidents living in Britain and identified at least one organisation using UK telephone numbers.

In the London Review of Books, Gareth Pierce wrote about Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian given leave to reside in the UK. “British intelligence and the Americans and Moroccans for 18 months slashed the most intimate parts of his body with razors, burned him with boiling liquids, stretched his limbs causing unimaginable agony, and bombarded him with ferocious sound.” Binyam Mohamed claimed Moroccan interrogators tortured him by using scalpels or razor blades to repeatedly cut his penis and chest.

As David Miliband was personal advisor to Tony Blair while Labour was in opposition and played a major role in the election victory of 1997, it seems unlikely that he was unaware of what was happening before he became foreign secretary.

Philippe Sands was Binyam Mohamed’s lawyer. He wrote that Miliband cannot avoid charges of complicity demonstrated by his actions as foreign secretary: “he could have announced that he wanted to establish a proper inquiry. He didn’t do that – and was a senior member of a government that later actively resisted calls for an inquiry. That is not to say he was idle throughout this period; he seems to have put considerable energy into defending a number of claims in the English courts relating to torture against his department.”

A special investigation, published in the 29 August issue of the New Statesman, showed how British troops regularly handed over suspected insurgents to the Afghan authorities with little guarantee that they would not be tortured.

Miliband personally approved some interrogations involving countries with poor human rights records. While campaigning for the Labour leadership Miliband was forced to confront claims that he allowed the interrogation of three terror suspects who allege they were tortured in Bangladesh and Egypt. Faisal Mostafa, a chemistry lecturer from Manchester, who has twice been cleared of terrorism offences in court, was detained in Bangladesh. He claims he was hung upside down and electrocuted while interrogators interrogated him about two Islamist groups.

Sands wrote: “Many would not be surprised if all roads led to Tony Blair (who described Guant¡namo as ‘understandable’ in his memoir)…It is not unusual to hear the suggestion that Miliband’s actions may have been motivated in part by a desire to protect the reputation of his colleagues… His attitude to the Iraq war is equally unhappy, invoking the refrain that ‘if I knew then what I know now I would have voted against’. This recognises that the war was the wrong decision but falls well short of an expression of regret”.

The British adopted a rather superior tone about the Americans in Iraq. They claimed that British  experience in Northern Ireland made them experts at counter-insurgency in urban areas. News reports now coming out suggest that their methods included under-cover agents shooting unarmed civilians.

Gareth Pierce on the UK’s hypocrisy: “We inhabit the most secretive of democracies, which has developed the most comprehensive of structures for hiding its misdeeds, shielding them always from view behind the curtain of ‘national security’. From here on in we should be aware of the game of hide and seek in which the government hopes to ensure that we should never find out its true culpability.”

The Press

Professor Michael Roberts makes the point that western journalists felt a sense of solidarity with beleaguered Sri Lankan journalists and were unlikely to give the Rajapaksa government the benefit of any doubt. I have dealt in detail elsewhere with the distorted churnalism that emerged as a result of this.

Professor Roberts cites the example of an article in the London Times in early July 2009, by Jeremy Page. Page told the world that 1,400 people were dying every week at the Menik Farm IDP camp. No evidence was provided to support this. No evidence could be provided because it was just not true. Page quickly moved on to deal with the Eastern province where there were no camps and the war had ended two years previously. The government had asked the Red Cross to scale down its operations in the east because the situation was under control. Page elided this with the canard about deaths at Menik Farm to give the impression that the government was callously booting out the Red Cross while people were dying.

The LTTE propaganda machine took global advantage of this.The western media were and are prone to see the Tamils (and thus the LTTE) as underdogs. My Toronto respondent said this: ” The LTTE collected millions during their tenure so that money still can be used to fight a different kind of war…. Many media organizations have been bought by the diaspora to work from them for example CP24 here in Toronto has connections , and the money can buy publicity easily while the truth takes a long time to emerge of its own.”

Displacement and Diversion

My Toronto respondent continued: “The US/UK  are getting hit for their own human rights blunders so they need something to hold on to. Even at the UN, while Syria was burning, they paid attention to Sri Lanka where there is peace now. They will make a big issue next time to play the cover up game of their own for sure. This will not stop for another generation until such time our kids grow up as they are the only diaspora that was not affected by war. They get the education they deserve and will one day work against it.”

Siobhan McDonagh tried to explain her support for the invasion of Iraq and her opposition to an inquiry: “Yes, some of us feel bad about Iraq; some were even in the Government when that decision was made. I think that deposing a murderous tyrant such as Saddam Hussein and introducing democracy to that part of the world was the right thing to do.” That seems to distance herself from any direct personal responsibility. McDonagh declared: “We cannot constrain our troops by telling them, ‘You fight now””we’ll decide whether you were right to fight later.’ We cannot tie their hands behind their backs.” How about deposing that murderous tyrant Prabakharan? What about the Sri Lankan soldiers who fought in good faith?

Confirmation of the hypocrisy of the US, UK and EU always plays well in Sri Lanka; and the WikiLeaks cables revealed what everyone already knew about the use of cluster bombs and abuse of civilians by the US and UK. Freedom of speech is an important issue for the West when it deals with Sri Lanka, and there was much legitimate concern about the murder of the Sri Lankan editor Lasantha Wickrematunge. Yet western politicians have called for Julian Assange to be assassinated and the whistleblower Chelsea (Bradley) Manning has not been  treated kindly.

Rod Liddle

I will leave the last word with Rod Liddle:  “Ah, off you go, Dave. The reason that you can go to Jaffna at all is that this Rajapaksa-wallah, over the course of three years, eliminated the terrorist threat of the Tamil Tigers. The country is now at peace, not merely economically stable but with a rate of economic growth that would inflame the loins of George Osborne. I dare say Rajapaksa has been a ruthless authoritarian, that not everything he has accomplished would earn the approval of the European Court of Human Rights. But for 26 years the murderous, maniacal Tamil Tigers waged war in Sri Lanka  -assassinations, suicide attacks, using children as hostages, planting bombs. And they were able to do so thanks to the money that flooded in largely from the UK via the Tamil diaspora in, mostly, London.

For decades we turned a blind eye to the relentless fundraising for these terrorists and the Tamil Tigers were themselves only proscribed as a terrorist organisation (rather than lauded as freedom fighters) in 2001, a year, incidentally, when we all opened our eyes to terrorism. So maybe after ticking off this gentleman for the way he runs his country, a short apology from Cameron might not go amiss.”

52 Responses to “Why does Everybody Hate Sri Lanka?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Only Tamils, Endians, colonials, Jihadists and the like hate SL.

    Their hatred to SL is an ASSET. SL hates them back.

    IF they love SL, that means a major problem.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you for a valuable, fine article. It covers UK & USA hipocracy & dependence on Tamil Rump in the UK to garner votes in their elections.

    Most of the facts are very useful when a Person of stature of PM of Britain stoops that low, to LECTURE a founding member of Commonseaalth WHEN their own conduct shows ample proof of double standards. He purposely came to CHOGM not to visit & congradulate the HOST COUNTRY for defeating the TERRORISTS, but to warn Sri Lanka about the power of the western world.

    Milband learned a very HARD LESSON, with all that pampering of Tamil Diaspora, HE LOST HIS SEAT ultimately. What an achievement? Our President Mr. Rajapaksha has his faults in govering a very fractiuos country with numerous poliial parties, BUT yet he manged to MOVE the country forward slowly but surely.

    Britain can never achieve what Sri Lanka achieved, with so many countries working against us. Even India was against us, by providing INFERIOR RADAR equipemnt. Thanks to USA, not because they love us, BUT just after 9-11, USA was determined to wipe out TERRORISTS of all forms.

    TERRORIST is a TERRORIST, there are no good terrorists or bad ones. Thanks again for a vaulable insight of LTTE Tamil Diaspora supporters, so that people in the UK will realize at the time of next election…………J

  3. thurai Says:

    SL Armed forces defended Sri Lanka from LTTE Tamil Terrorism. They lost their life for all communities.
    But there is noone to defend the name of Sri Lanka from the Tamil Terrorist network against Sri Lanka.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Only Tamils, Endians, colonials, Jihadists and the like hate SL. ! to make these group to love Mother Lanka ,

    We should Fully implement 13A & 6A( Separation is Criminal offence) over night !

    Not short cut , United Mother Lanka for all of us !

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Most hated nation in the world is India and Indians. They were hated all over the world. They were kicked from Myanmar, Pakistan, Uganda, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
    Even U.S.A purposely strip searched diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York. The female marshal used gloves to find more.
    80 years old former President of India Abdul Kalam was twice searched at New York’s JFK airport with security officials even taking his jacket and shoes to check for explosives. Those are not isolated incidents. In USA or Europe this is a common treatment to an Indian even he is Indian ex president. U.S courts summons Sonia Gandhi for 1984 riots while she was in a medical visit. BJP’s Narendra Modi denies issue visa’s to go to U.SA.
    These are typical example how even Indian diplomats and high profiles get treated from west. So nothing to say how they treat to ordinary Indians. They don’t care Indians at all.
    All most every country has many visa restrictions to Indians. In Australia even to fly over as a transit passengers, Indians has to obtain a visa. It is well-known to many as India is most hated nation of the world.
    Next hated nation is USA which killed millions of people in the world. Mass destructor of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    Next are U.K, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Japan and NATO.
    Sri Lanka is targeted by tamil racists and their propaganda machine. Tamil refugee disapora’s inferior complex mentality and to justify their bogus refugee statues they spread anti Sri Lanka news throughout. Tamils are dead against Sinhala nation throughout the history. In our history’s 75% chapters written on tamil invasions to Sri Lanka and their destructions. No wonder they are against Sri Lanka as in 2009 May 18th we made them to hide their tails in between legs.
    BBC is the other anti Sri Lanka media den dominated by Indians and they were bribed by tamil terrorist supporters. C4 is a typical example for it. There is no free or unbiased or independent news media. All most every media agency has their agendas. So they worked accordingly.
    Though dogs bark we move. We defend Sri Lanka. We love Sri Lanka.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    In our history’s 75% chapters written on tamil invasions to Sri Lanka – small correction south Indian invasions .
    Tamils are dead against Sinhala -Again Indian are dead against Sinhala .

    Tamils never against Sinhala & vice versa ! Hindhs (Saivar) against Bhuddhist !

    We Tamil Eelaver (Hela) never ever against Sinhala Bhuddhist .

    We have been used by Indian time to time (arms training etc…) because We do not have political solution between us so out sider always use us ( eg: Eelam war V training already started in TN refugees camps)

    Sri Rohana , We can not blame for others our own foolishness

    No short cut , fully implement 13A & 6A over night & resident 100,000 Sinhala family permanently in Vanni !
    United Mother Lanka for ever ( NB/ leave Indian invaders to us( Tamils) We will sort them out like last IPKF invaders)

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar/Andy,

    Fast track method to division of Lanka is to implement the 13-A !

    IPKF was acting for ‘regional security’ during Cold War times. Cold War is finished now.

    Any Eelam cannot exist on its own. Eelamists will join up with breakaway Tamil Nadu and sell both TN & Lanka to vested interests.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Fast track method to division of Lanka is to implement the 13-A ! -not agreed 13A is end of B-C/D-C agreements.

    Now time to fully implement 13A !!!

    Any Eelam cannot exist on its own- Agreed

    To avoid Eelamists to join up outsider We should implement 13A &6A over night !

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Any Eelam cannot exist on its own- Agreed”.

    Expanding on this :

    Implementing the 13-A to the full is for Lanka to ‘commit suicide’. Mr Wigneswaran has already stated his intent in the matter as his quotes are Eelam all but in name.

    North will join up with Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Nadu ‘crowd control’ method of Caste will be re-imposed on the North.
    Already 10-20% is subject to Caste in the North. Illegal Migrants by thousands will come bringing fresh Caste problems. Then when the Caste wars start in the North, Tamils will shout ‘help’ to the South. Next, the GoSL in power will send in the armed forces to keep peace and all TNA Tamil leaders will shout ‘GoSL killing Tamils’ and bring in the International agencies to help ‘further’. You know, just like earlier !

    That cannot be allowed. the 13-a should be REMOVED.

    Einstein says : Repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result is called insanity.

  10. Sri Rohana Says:

    S.A Kumar you says tamils are not against Sri Lanka. If not what the hell each and every tamil spread rumours and slang mud on Sri Lanka’s image soon they apply for refugee status. Have they mentioned anything of LTTE terrorist’s brutality in other countries?
    Even tamils those who live in Colombo 7,6,4,5 says the same story when they go out from Sri Lanka, as their houses all burnt to ashes, and their “Great grandmothers, grand-mothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters all were raped by Sinhalese”. There should be a limit for tamil nonsense Kumar!
    You said tamils have not destructed Sinhala civilization? I can tell you more than 13 times chola’s (tamils) invaded and destroyed our Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa Sinhala civilizations. They were tamil nadians and your ancestors.
    When Prabakaran’s era tamil terrorists killed thousands of Sinhalese and when he was killing who were the cheer leaders. Tamils in all over the world cheered him. More he killed Sinhalese more he got contributions from tamil racists diaspora. If not tamil racists then who contributed to LTTE terrorist organization.
    There weren’t any human right organizations, Amnesty International, UNHR’s Navinathan Pillai, Jayalalitha, British Parliament, U.S state department, Norway or tamil diaspora made any issues on Prabakaran’s killings. They celebrated, encouraged, cheered of killings even Sinhala pregnant women and unborn babies. Even it has not changed and tamils and tamil supporters want to eliminate Sinhala race from this world. This is the tamil racists agenda. South Indian tamil racist’s openly said that they cannot sleep peacefully till they eliminate last Sinhalese from this earth.
    13A is an Indian bull’s and cow’s, utter failure bullshit idea and it is a stepping stone to another Sikkim type intervention to Sri Lanka by Indian interventionists and Indian expansionists. Their main idea is to get the Trincomalee harbour under them and to control Indian Ocean.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    More DIRTY TRICKS Orchestrated by Eelamists to DISCREDIT the GOSL, and keep the Refugee Pipeline Open!

    External Affairs Ministry raises concerns… ‘OPERATION DISCREDIT’ SCUPPERED

    By Chamikara WEERASINGHE
    December 30, 2013

    ‘With support of Tamil political elements in North’
    Journalist on tourist visa arrested for filming military installation in Jaffna

    The External Affairs Ministry yesterday raised concerns about some suspicious incidents having taken place during the week, apparently with the support of some Tamil political elements in the North.

    “Attempts are being made to discredit the Armed Forces,” External Affairs Ministry sources said. External Affairs Ministry Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama yesterday said they are concerned about the incident in which an Indian journalist who was travelling on a tourist visa, was arrested while filming a Sri Lankan military installation in Jaffna without requisite permission.

    The man is said to have come to Sri Lanka on the invitation of a Tamil National Alliance MP. “The incident concerns national security and it had taken place a few months ahead of the UNHRC sessions to be had in Geneva in March,” explained Amunugama.

    Meanwhile, a 22 -year old Tamil national named Suriyakumar Thamil Amudhan was arrested by the Police from a friend’s house in Mulathivu,

    when he was planning to leave for Australia staging his own abduction to claim he was being harassed by the Armed Forces in Sri Lanka.

    Suriyakumar Thamil Amudhan had remained missing for sometime before he was arrested by the Police, and some Tamil politicians accused the Security Forces of having abducted him. Amudhan’s father had filed a complaint with the Point Pedro Police that his son had gone missing and that he had sent SMS texts from his phone that four armed members in an army jeep, had abducted him and that he was tortured by them.

    Following his arrest, Amudhan had confessed to the Police, that he had staged this incident and had feigned his own disappearance in an attempt to seek asylum in Australia, where his sister lives. He had said that he had made up the story about being tortured by the Sri Lanka Army to attract international attention to help his plan.

    Police said, the suspect and his family had worked out a sinister design to discredit the Army with false accusations.

    “They were backed by some Tamil politicians,” they said.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    NO AMOUNT of Computer “Apps” to WARN Fishermen of crossing the Maritime Boundary will help, if they are ECONOMICALLY motivated to KNOWINGLY POACH FISH, or POLITICALLY MOTIVATED to ENGINEER a CONFRONTATION between Sri Lanka and India.

    The ONLY WAY to deter Poachers is to make the ECONOMIC LOSS PROHIBITIVE by CONFISCATING their BOATS and EQUIPMENT, and IMPRISONING them at HARD LABOR (i.e., they have to EARN their keep) on EXTENDED SENTENCES.

    Meanwhile, Sri Lanka must expect RETALIATION against our own Fishermen, and EDUCATE them, TRAIN them and ASSIST them by providing Navy/Coast Guard patrols to compel them to STAY WITHIN Sri Lankan waters.

    Apps to alert fishermen about maritime border

    By N. Anand
    December 30, 2013

    Concerned over the rising attack on fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy for crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL), the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) Centre has developed a mobile application that would alert the fishermen about a few km from the actual point.

    This application has been developed to safeguard the fishermen from Nagapattinam to Tuticorin when they proceed in boats for fishing as IMBL is located closer to their coastline as compared to other districts of Tamil Nadu. There about seven lakh fishermen in the State, of which nearly three lakh are in these districts, said S. Velvizhi, MSSRF principal scientist.

    The application developed for Android based mobile phones, forms part of Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA) phase-II programme. Five mobilephones incorporating features such as providing cyclone and disaster alerts, real time data on fish colony and danger zones and helpline numbers, was distributed to five fishermen from Kasimedu.

    Talking to The Hindu, Ms. Velvizhi said “We upgraded FFMA-II based on feedback provided by the fishing community. It was launched 20 days ago and is currently being used by 110 people. The real-time data is provided in Tamil, English and Telugu. In the next few days, the apps would be offered to fishermen of Kerala, followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Odisha.

    FFMA-II is jointly developed by MSSRF that provided design and data, Qualcomm (financial support and technical advice) and Tata Consultancy Services (application developer). FFMA-III will be uploaded on Google so as to extend its reach.

  13. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article headlines state: “Why does Everybody Hate Sri Lanka?” but the body of the text only focused on a select number of western nations. The shift of world power is from the west and the Middle East to the Asia Pacific region. In that context should not Sri Lankan thinkers and writers focus their attention on the powers in the Asia Pacific region who have steadfastly supported Sri Lanka during the war and after it?

    especially nations like China and Russia who are Security Council members, regional powers and are generally antagonistic to the very nations aligned against Sri Lanka (UK, USA, even India in the case with China and Pakistan). Sri Lanka will win this international game of hate propaganda by focusing on the rising powers that are more than willing to negate these nations and to play a greater role as a strategic partner with Sri Lanka

  14. Nanda Says:

    This battle has done us huge harm.
    Rather than giving in to Tamil demands, if Gov has concentrated on,

    1. Making a good police force
    2. getting rid of corruption
    3. getting rid of politicians thuggery and kudu business

    these powers have no ground to argue as we clearly are progressing.
    But what is happening is MRs associates are proving these powers right and she is not doing anything !

  15. thurai Says:

    Sri Rohana,

    As you say all Tamils aren´t against Sri Lanka. Do you know how many Tamils were Killed by LTTE in Sri Lanka,India
    and in other countries. Please look at some Sinhalese how many of them really love Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka means their own and other communities. If any one hate Sinhalese or Tamils that don´t means
    they love their own community. There is one and same enemy aginst us. Not Tamil against Sinhalese or
    Sinhalese against Tamils. Some politicians make us enimies each other. The same politicians are having
    dinner at a same Table but we fight each others.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    In another massive victory for the LTTE (TNA) the govt. has decided to SACK Maj Gen GA Chandrasiri as GOVERNOR of NP and appoint a PRO-LTTE/TNA person. GAC is likely to be made the New Zealand or Australian HC.

    This is a HUGE defeat for SL and a MASSIVE victory for LTTE (TNA) which has been a long term demand.

    East too has a military governor. He too will have to be replaced with someone who can get into bed with the SLMC.

    What next?

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Einstein says : Repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result is called insanity.!
    That why not repeating same BS peace talk, give a political solution to Tamil in United Mother Lanka that is fully implemendation of 13A & 6A .
    NB/ We Sri Lanka Tamil hate TN Tamils than you Sinhalese (TN /Estate Tamil/ Muslim knows very well) so We won’t let TN Tamil to come to NP or EP.

    Sri Rohana
    VP& co finished now ,We all know end result after 33 years by promoting Karays caste 7th class droped to our Thesiya Thalaivar !
    Thanks to MR & Family ( Take all blame for us – like Prince Aryunan in Mahabaratham )
    end of the day We (Sri Lankan) need a political solution to live happly for ever !
    thats is fully implemendation of 13A & 6A !!! No short cot, United Provincial Council of Mother Lanka !
    0ne Nation , Two Languages, Four Religon !

  18. Nanda Says:

    Time has come to remove the biggest betrayer of the history.

  19. Nanda Says:

    “This is a HUGE defeat for SL and a MASSIVE victory for LTTE (TNA) which has been a long term demand.”

    It is a huge cheat for our sons and daughters who sacrificed thier lifves, libs and blood to defeat the heartless murderers.
    It is a huge defeat for Sinhala Buddhists.
    It is a huge win for betrayers of motherland.

    But keep on praising Maha Ranee ! Jayaweva! He is going to remove 13A soon!
    HE is going to sack the Nothern PC soon ! jayaweva!

  20. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I have already made a comment that regarding “everybody hating Sri Lanka’ it is really a handful of nations and their power is shifting away from them to the Asia Pacific region where Sri Lanka has plenty of friends. But what I did not mention as a Sri Lankan American is the state of affairs of the United States. It is abysmal and that is putting it mildly.

    I do not know what the media in Sri Lanka is reporting about the US but what is happening here is the end of the power of the US and it is happening rapidly. If anyone Google “US National debt clock real time” a graft will appear on your screen. Look to the top left hand corner for it shows the national debt of the US. Look at the speed at which it is increasing. The US is close to 17 Trillion dollars in debt and the world debt is around 54 trillion dollars in debt. Obviously a good share of the world debt is US debt. Every number that is marked in red in that graft is debt. Our unfunded liability is around 127 trillion dollars (which includes Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security). Over 50 million people are out of the work force and around 100 million Americans are now depended on the government is some capacity.

    Our Manufacturing base, Industrial base have been gutted and exported to foreign land. Hardly an item on the shelves is produced in America. Our service industry is struggling and our entertainment industry including Hollywood is flat. This year Hollywood made a profit but not because of more audiences or better films but much higher costs for a ticket to see a film. Detroit once the world capital of the car industry is bankrupt and so are many other cities as they file for bankruptcy. The rise of America was spectacular immediately after World war 2 and in the ensuing 1950’s and early 1960’s. Then the decay started. Now it cannot be reversed. The collapse of the US is now an inevitable fact. One in five American children are malnourished. The culture of tattoos, rap music, and trailer trash white culture has replaced the Opera houses, the symphonies, and Ballet. Broad way theater cannot produce one single noteworthy play nor can Hollywood produce a movie of any substance except for special effects.

    The present government wants an ever larger government that demands ever more taxes. They have deliberately shut down all publicly owned oil, gas and coal fields in the name of the environment costing the US to be dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Our education system is so bad that the level of students dropping out of primary education is at an all time high. The use of illegal drugs is now so high and popular that marijuana has been made legal in many states simply to raise revenue from people who have no jobs and live off of the government. Obama care is such a disaster. It consists of the Gold plan, the silver plan and the bronze plan of which most can only afford the last which has high premiums (over 200 to a thousand per month) and a deductible of 500 dollars. Which means anyone has to pay out of their pocket till they can reach that deductible. In addition this health plan has so many regulations and taxes it fills two thousand pages of it.

    Consider why so many nations, even India, is standing up to the US in ways never seen before for the world knows a power when it is dying and the US as a world power to even a regional power is about to see its end. Recently China turned down a shipment of US corn for it was genetically engineered.

    Finally to make matters even worse the Euro zone is struggling with only a few success stories as Germany and Great Britain. Many of the other European nations who have followed a socialist system often referred as “the nanny state” where the government “takes care” of the people and the economy from cradle to grave or from womb to the tomb policy is now defunct. The debt these nations such as Greece, Italy, Portugal etc. are unsustainable and they are slated to collapse as well. The twin collapse of the US and the EU while the Asia Pacific region rises will be a massive shift of world power and wealth. The collapse will be so severe that it will take years if not decades for these nations to recover.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    No one hates anybody. It is just fear and greed in operation by just a few, and the old established ways of life giving way to modern ways and are we prepared as a Nation to face all that ?

    Andy, you says : NB/ We Sri Lanka Tamil hate TN Tamils than you Sinhalese (TN /Estate Tamil/ Muslim knows very well) so We won’t let TN Tamil to come to NP or EP.

    Now, who would believe you, Andy ?? Personally, I think the big politics of today are beyond ordinary folks like you and me …..
    Indian elections, you know, and broke Europe.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    Yet another blunder!

    Why did we allow this junk into the country? Now she will go back with “first hand evidence” of BS allegations. And the west will trust her “first hand evidence” more than real evidence. This reminds me VFA time when ANYONE AND EVERYONE could come to SL and do as they pleased.

    DENY visa to these KNOWN TERRORISTS.

    “Canadian Eezham Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan under house arrest in Jaffna
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 20:51 GMT]

    Canadian Eezham Tamil parliamentarian Rathika Sitsabaiesan representing Sacarborough-Rouge River constituency, who was on a visit to the island has come under the harassment of the occupying Sri Lankan military and police establishment in Jaffna on Tuesday evening.”

  23. Nanda Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha has rightly shown the true colour of the “FALILED STATE”, the USA, while others living in the same country think it has “democrazy” and “freedom” just because of the people are given a choice to chose between two evil blood suckers.
    A democratically elected idiot can ruin a country and bring it to disaster just as a military junta is able to do. Similarly a military junta can rescue a country heading is wrong direction. If the whole political system is evil, what you get is a bunch of blood suckers who will exploit the word “freedom” and “democracy” and ruin the country.

  24. AnuD Says:

    USA is not a failed State. It is like HINDIA. Just wait and see what the future will be. USA gets it’s claims of States which want to separate from the USA. ….. Look like some Indian States.

    In this long human History, China is about 5000 years or more, India is about 6000 years or more, USA is less than a few hundred years.

    So, it is new. It will evolve.

  25. AnuD Says:

    I don’t agree that all the Tamils are against us the Sinhala People.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    Agreed we do not trust each other that why outsider are in mother Lanka for ever!
    Is not that our Karma?

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    First, Tamil invasions. Next, outsiders (Portuguese) came to trade and then took over, with others following (Dutch, British).
    Now it is time to integrate to One Lanka, isn’t it, without special provisions for any of the Provinces ?

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    First, Tamil invasions- not agreed South indian Invasions (eg: Cholar is not Tamils- Telgu )
    end of the day We are not Tamilar We are Eelavar (Hela) Who speck Tamil, Please do not take NP& EP have any special provisions .
    it will have practical admistration for Tamil because it have majority Tamil specking people eventualy (eg: SF idea of permant 100,000 Army family in Vanni) it will disarpire itself. integrate to one Hela (Eela) Nation!
    give & take policy , First of all We should trust each other than together We can stop any invaters for ever !
    otherwise We Tamil do not have any other alternative to obey Indian order for ever & you sinhalese have to live with night mare of Eelam war V will start , Do we need this !
    We have golden oppertunity now to short out over different with NP CM ( who have majority Tamil Support )& MR ( who have 2/3 majority)!

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    Aw, Come on, Andy, re-check your history !
    Read this extract on Tamil history.

    “Dark age of Cholas :

    The ancient Chola kingdom once famous in Tamil literature and in the writings of Greek merchants and geographers faded into darkness after c. 300 CE. Cholas during this period almost completely disappeared from their native land. They seem to have held on to their old capital city of Urayur. This ‘dark’ age of Tamil history came to an end with the ascendency of the Pandyas and the Pallavas. The Cholas had to wait for another three centuries until the accession of Vijayala in the second quarter of the ninth century to re-establish their dynasty. It should not be assumed, however, that the new Chola dynasties were necessarily related to the ancient Chola dynasties of the early centuries AD.
    Cholas under Pandyas and Pallavas[edit]

    We know very little of the fate of the Cholas in this long interval. What is certain however is that when the power of Cholas fell to the lowest ebb and that of the Pandyas and Pallavas rose the north and South of them, this ancient dynasty was compelled to seek refuge and patronage under their more successful rivals. The Cholas, though not prominent or powerful as they were earlier were not completely in danger of extinction and continued to hold sway over a limited area consisting of what are the districts of Mayiladuturai, Chidambaram, Thanjavur, Tiruchy and Pudukkottai in modern Tamil Nadu”.

  30. SA Kumar Says:

    The Pandyan or Pandian dynasty was an ancient Tamil dynasty, one of the three Tamil dynasties, the other two being the Chola and the Chera

    So please tell me I am Hela Demila is our ancient Chera , Chola or Pandyan !

    My Chinhala sakotharam , This is olden history won’t give even one meal ( Sooru, Bath) to us !

    Thanks to MR at lease he released my 300,000 family members from mulveli (wired fence) !
    live & let live !

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    My point is why did you say : “First, Tamil invasions- not agreed South indian Invasions (eg: Cholar is NOT Tamils- Telgu ).

    It is established that it were always groups of Tamils that constantly invaded ancient Lanka, whatever their sub-sect was, Chola or otherwise.

    * What our concern is that modern Tamil invasions do NOT take place. Are you agreed ? To be Hela Demela you must be loyal to Lanka. Would you take an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka ?

    * Do you also agree that all illegal migrants (from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere) must be deported ? To be Hela Demela you must be loyal to Lanka. Would you take an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka ?

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    always groups of Tamils that constantly invaded ancient Lanka- not agreed Tamils , Agreed with South Indian

    What our concern is that modern Tamil invasions do NOT take place- agreed Modern (South) indian will be invaded .

    To be Hela Demela you must be loyal to Lanka. Would you take an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka ?- We are Loyal to Mother Lanka thats why We kicked out IPKF even though they have offered NEP in gold plat !

    * Do you also agree that all illegal migrants (from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere) must be deported ?- Agreed but cut of point is who ever living in Mother Lanka to 1948 & born in Mother Lanka to today , should be given full citizenship & rest should be deported back !

  33. Fran Diaz Says:


    South India was/is always led by the Tamil Nadu area. Even in ancient times, it was the Tamil slice of the South Indian area that ‘led’, not other areas in S. India. That Tamil area of land now called Tamil Nadu is closest to Lanka and it is reasonable to say that all enemy cross overs commenced from the Tamil Nadu area. Even Kalinga of Magga, the worst invader Lanka ever knew, must have crossed over from Tamil Nadu area as he had brought with him a huge army. In those days, it is impossible for him to have built several hundreds of ships to bring an army from another area by the sea route. The easiest point of crossing was/is from Tamil Nadu.

    He himself may have come from another area, but he quite possibly raised his army from among the Tamil area. This is just reasoning that it is the Tamil Nadu area that Lanka must be super careful with.

    Re the IPKF : This is what we think : The local ltte outfit ran a deal with Pres. Premadasa re this matter. After the IPKF left, it was impossible for Pres. Premadasa to give more and more to Lanka Tamils and I think that is why he was killed by an ltte suicide bomber. Otherwise there is no explanation for his murder. It is also possible that Indian intel got involved in the matter, promising more to the ltte. So, Andy, the IPKF was removed not for love of Lanka, but for more gain for the ltte. The ltte motive here is not a good or attractive one to the rest of the people of Lanka as they lost either way – in the first place, the excuse for the IPKF coming to Lanka was because of the ltte.

    When all is said and done, at the end of the day, now : What can Lanka Tamils do to reassure the rest of Lanka that they are truly Hela Tamils, loyal to Lanka ?

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as “Magga of Kalinga”.

  35. SA Kumar Says:

    What can Lanka Tamils do to reassure the rest of Lanka that they are truly Hela Tamils, loyal to Lanka ? Lanka Tamils can reassure the rest of Lanka ,last invader is IPKF if Hela Sinhalese can leave us to live peace full in mother Lanka !

    This is what we think – wrong, VP thought first Indian kicked out from Mother lanka than muder Premadsa than Naalai pirakkum thamil Eelam

  36. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : ” VP thought first Indian kicked out from Mother lanka than muder Premadsa than Naalai pirakkum thamil Eelam”.
    That is naive thinking.

    We don’t agree. VP was running on the back of the Cold War while he eyed Eelam as his present. Also, there was more to go as there were several other Sinhela leaders available after Pres. Premadasa was murdered. He had a long way to go to get Eelam. Killing the President was perhaps the first step only.

    Re : “What can Lanka Tamils do to reassure the rest of Lanka that they are truly Hela Tamils, loyal to Lanka ? Lanka Tamils can reassure the rest of Lanka ,last invader is IPKF if Hela Sinhalese can leave us to live peace full in mother Lanka !”

    IPKF is not the enemy. Tamil Nadu troubles are the real enemy.

    Aren’t you sad that Lanka has lost many able leaders from all ethnic groups ?
    Anyway, enough said. It is left to the Tamils of Lanka have to convince the rest of Lanka that they are Hela Tamils.

  37. SA Kumar Says:

    enough said. It is left to the Tamils of Lanka have to convince the rest of Lanka that they are Hela Tamils.-not fully agreed
    it is Hela Sinhalese to convince Eelam (Hela) Tamils that Mother Lanka is for all of us !!! other wise We do not have alternative to used by Indian for ever againd mother lanka!

    IPKF is not the enemy.- no , SL real invaders WHO use south indian to invader SL .
    Tamil Nadu troubles are the real enemy- Kollywood Cinema Jockers

  38. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “it is Hela Sinhalese to convince Eelam (Hela) Tamils that Mother Lanka is for all of us !!! other wise We do not have alternative to used by Indian for ever againd mother lanka!”. You must be joking ! Tamil folks of Lanka have more rights than
    those in Tamil Nadu. There are no more rights to give you folks.

    It has to be ‘Hela Tamils must convince the rest of Lanka that you are loyal citizens of Lanka’.

  39. SA Kumar Says:

    There are no more rights to give you folks-Back to basic !!!
    Why does Hela Demilayas Hate Sri Lanka?
    Sooner or later Eelam war V begin !!!

  40. Fran Diaz Says:

    Wow ! what a temper !
    Cool it man. Take, take, games games can’t go on. Get real.

  41. SA Kumar Says:

    Wow ! what a temper !- agreed !

  42. SA Kumar Says:

    once Mr Amirthalingam said,

    1) Sinhalese do not know how to live together or divide ( Chinhalavanukku senthu vaalavum theriyathu , pirinthu valavum theriyathu )!

    2) & IPKF should not leave until implement 13A fully !

    What a golden words !!!

  43. Sri Rohana Says:

    S.A Kumar
    Amirthalingam said more “Golden words (NAZI).” in 1965 election meeting at Trincomalee.
    “I cannot sleep peacefully until I peel last Sinhalese and make a slipper.” Appapillai Amirthalingam ITAC leader.

  44. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Rohana, You know those are election gimmicks .

  45. SA Kumar Says:

    like our Maththara Mathayas – 13 Plus !

  46. Fran Diaz Says:


    Strange that the Central Province which is heavily planted with tea & vegetables and using fertilizers and insecticides, is not affected by CKD due to polluted water. Can you explain this ‘miracle’ ?

  47. SA Kumar Says:

    Can you explain this ‘miracle’ ? Sorry , I did not understand Head or feed (Enakku Thalaiyum villanka villai & Kalum villanka villai !)

  48. Fran Diaz Says:


    What do you mean by ‘Head or feed’ ? (I understand Weed & Feed – insecticide + fertilizer). Please don’t go into the ‘me no understand’ mode to avoid answering a question.

    I am referring to the Upcountry area which is devoid of Kidney Disease, whilst the surrounding Provinces are having very large numbers with kidney disease due to polluted water. How do you explain this ‘miracle’ of no CKD in the Upcountry area which uses both fertilizers & insecticides in fairly heavy doses ?

  49. SA Kumar Says:

    ‘miracle’ of no CKD in the Upcountry area ? what is CKD means?
    real me no understand ???
    I am Japanaya panangotta do with upcountry ??

  50. Fran Diaz Says:

    CKD = Chronic Kidney Disease.

    Come on, Andy, you are quite well educated when you choose to show it. And your English is pretty good too, when you
    want it so.
    You do know about Upcountry matters, Andy. Sometime ago, you showed some concern about the Upcountry Tamils, and called them by an uncomplimentary name too – that may be where the real and only Tamil problem is, isn’t it ?

    Anyway, back to the CKD matter. Do you know why there is no CKD in the Upcountry area ? Anyone is free to answer this question, not only Andy.

  51. SA Kumar Says:

    Ok – Sorry mate I do not know anything about CKD ,
    do You think ? some one is spreading this disease ?
    I hope not !

  52. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am merely making an observation (& inquiry) as to why it is that the Provinces surrounding the Central Province are heavily affected by CKD whilst the Central Province itself is not affected. Whether it is/was intentional (ltte/Cold War times) or not I do not know.

    At any rate, the Tea Brokering firms now entrusted with the running of the tea estates in the Upcountry, GoSL reps, as well as the political parties of the Upcountry ought to meet up with local Scientists to sort out the problem of ‘Weed & Feed’ run offs from the Upcountry area.

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