A Comparison: Allied Forces treatment of German POWs and Sri Lankas’ Armed Forces treatment of Terrorist LTTE
Posted on January 2nd, 2014

By Shenali D Waduge

 World War 2 took place over 70 years ago but Geneva Conventions did exist and the Allies were signatory to the Conventions. The Nazi soldiers were all members of the German army though Germany did not declare war on Allied Forces – the Allies declared war on Germany. In Sri Lanka’s case LTTE are classified as terrorists banned by 32 nations and do not enjoy Geneva Rights under the conventions terminologies.. LTTE terrorism had lasted 3 decades with none of the foreign recipes for peace delivering any peace to the nation. 30 years of failure to deliver peace for Sri Lanka is what should haunt the international community and the UN not the excuse of 4 months. For it was only after going through daily terror deaths, bombs and killings that a Just War was declared and LTTE was militarily defeated after offering them the opportunity to surrender. While more Germans died after World War 2 ended and Germany was occupied for over 10 years after the wars conclusion, close to 300,000 Tamil civilians were saved more than 11,770 LTTE combatants handed themselves in and are all accounted for, many of them were child combatants. None of them died, were tortured, starved, ill treated or killed (as German POWs and German civilians were) but went through an indigenous rehabilitation program and are now leading normal lives.

 What the Allies did to German civilians and German POWs remains retrospective. While the Allies were quick to set up the Nuremberg Trials and execute German soldiers, none of the war crimes by Allied has ever been taken up for trial and the crimes committed by US, UK, France and the Soviet Union are far more shocking than what they accuse the German soldiers of.

 Judge Robert H. Jackson, Chief US prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials in a letter discussing the potential weaknesses of the trial, in October 1945 told US President Harry S. Truman that the Allies themselves:

“have done or are doing some of the very things we are prosecuting the Germans for. The French are so violating the Geneva Convention in the treatment of prisoners of war that our command is taking back prisoners sent to them. We are prosecuting plunder and our Allies are practicing it. We say aggressive war is a crime and one of our allies asserts sovereignty over the Baltic States based on no title except conquest.”

The US, UK and EU nations accusing Sri Lanka of unsubstantiated crimes taken from LTTE sources continue to keep from trial their own crimes that cover genocide, enslavement and institutionalized ill treatment of Axis prisoners of war both during and after World War 2.

 By all accounts the abuse of prisoners of war was contrary to the Geneva and other conventions to which UK and Allies were all signatory. Even the International Red Cross scrutinized British Government’s treatment of German prisoners and even threatened to bring the British Government before international tribunals for abuse and illegal enslavement. It was not just German soldiers who were subject to inhuman treatment even civilians were illegally held, deported and even murdered. None of these crimes have ever been investigated or justice served for the crimes committed. In contrast the 300,000 Tamil civilians housed in refugee camps – were quickly designated as ‘internment camps’ simply to humiliate the Sri Lankan Government. These camps had no such civilian deaths except a handful who died due to old age and fatigue as well as weakness.

 Allied Forces – Treatment of German POWs

‘British guards imprisoned German troops and tortured them’ so said Cyril Connolly one of UK’s most acclaimed writers. The Daily Mail quoted in October 2012 “Britain has a reputation as a nation that prides itself on its love of fair play and respect for the rule of law. We claim the moral high ground when it comes to human rights. We were among the first to sign the 1929 Geneva Convention on the humane treatment of prisoners of war. … Surely, you would think, the British avoid torture? “– London Cage in London was where the British military operated a torture chamber where thousands of Germans were beaten, deprived of sleep and forced to assume stress positions for days at a time. The London Cage was part of a network of nine ‘cages’ around Britain run by the Prisoner of War Interrogation Section (PWIS), which came under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Military Intelligence. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223831/How-Britain-tortured-Nazi-PoWs-The-horrifying-interrogation-methods-belie-proud-boast-fought-clean-war.html

The US Army policy for captured soldiers was to simply slaughter their captured prisoners where they stood. Michael Walsh quotes the cold-blooded slaying of an estimated 700 troops of the 8th SS Mountain Division by squads of American troops. In another example infantrymen of the SS Westphalia Brigade captured by the US 3rd Armoured Division were shot through the back of the head and their corpses were left on the streets for 5 days before they were buried.

 In Sri Lanka the military immediately set up Protective Accommodation and Rehabilitation Centers (PARC). The inmates of the Rehabilitation Centers were provided with educational and vocational training, sports, meditation sessions, facility to involve in religious activities, health care and even entertainment facilities. They underwent special counseling programmes in order to change their destructive ideology and attitude which they had acquired due to LTTE brainwashing. They also got training to respect the ideas and views of others and be liberal in their approach to things they did not agree with. All beneficiaries underwent extensive programmes that were designed to equip them with the ability to return to normal life in society. The Sri Lankan Government spent Rs.2.5billion to rehabilitate the LTTE cadres.

The ex-combatants – 11,664 in total with 4167 married, 7375 single and 122 widowed included 594 children (above 12 and under 18years of age). The Government took a magnanimous decision to pardon the 594 LTTE child combatants declaring that none would be charged taking the stand that these combatants were viewed more as victims than perpetrators. Many of these children have sat for O/L and A/L examinations, some going on to university while others have found laudable ways to recommence their lives as citizens of Sri Lanka.

While C4 thinks it can put a few images together and accuse Sri Lanka having not been anywhere near the war theatre, Associated Press Photographer, Henry Griffin had taken pictures of corpses in Buchenwald and Dachau after he visited Allied POW camps and declared “The only difference I can see between these men and those corpses is that here they are still breathing.”   

 Allied Forces – Slave Labor

By March 1947, an estimated 4,000,000 Germans were being used as forced labour. Just over a year after WW2, the International Red Cross accused Britain of enslaving 460,000 German prisoners – this was a direct violation of the Geneva Convention (Enslavement of Prisoners of War is a violation of Article 75 of the Geneva Convention) which Britain was a signatory.

Arthur Veysey of the Chicago Tribune Press Service on May 28th 1946 reported of the appalling treatment by the British Government abusing the human rights of German prisoners. He wrote “The British Government nets over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves. The Government, which frankly calls itself the ‘owner’ of the prisoners, hires the men out to any employer needing men, charging the going rate for such work, usually $15 to $20 a week. It pays the slaves from 10 to 20 cents a day. The prisoners are never paid in cash, but are given credits either in the form of vouchers or credits.”

Contrary to what is often promoted the Soviet Union only followed the British example of slave trade. America attempted to prevent Stalin from abducting 5million Germans but the Soviets produced a proclamation by General Dwight Eisenhower in 1945 that the Soviets had complete freedom to do whatever they wished with captured Germans. The Soviets reminded America that they had equal rights to as the Americans were doing.

When Berlin and Breslau surrendered the German prisoners were made to march 22miles a day.

The International Red Cross accused US, Britain and France of violating IRC agreements signed in 1929 because they were using German soldiers in hazardous work of clearing minefields, sweeping sea mines and razing shattered buildings – the Geneva Convention expressly forbids employing prisoners in any dangerous labor or in the transport of any material used in warfare. Henry Wales on 13 April 1946 saidThe bartering of captured enemy soldiers by the victors throws the world back to the dark ages when feudal barons raided adjoining duchies to replenish their human live stock. It is an iniquitous system and an evil precedent because it is wide open for abuse with difficulty in establishing responsibility. It is manifestly unjust and sell them for political reasons as the African Negroes were a century ago.”


United States 140,000 (US Occupation Zone of which 100,000 were held in France, 

30,000 in Italy, 

14,000 in Belgium.

Great Britain 460,000 German slaves.

The Soviet Union 4,000,000 – 5,000,000 estimated.

France had 680,000 German slaves by August 1946.

Yugoslavia 80,000, 

Belgium 48,000, 

Czechoslovakia 45,000, 

Luxembourg 4,000,

Holland 1,300.

Source: International Red Cross.

 Allied Forces – Starved POWs

According to the International Red Cross France had enslaved nearly 750,000 Germans of which 475,000 had been captured by the Americans ‘in a deal’ that transferred them to France to be used as forced labor. Most of those who were pronounced unfit for work were those who had been starved deliberately. In a camp in the Sarthe District housing 20,000 POWs inmates were given only 900 calories a day – on an average 12 died daily. Some of the prisoners attempted to stay alive by eating coal. On 5th December 1946 the American Government requested repatriation by 1st Oct 1947 to Germany of the 674,000 German POWs it had handed to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

According to the Toronto Daily Star, March, 9th, 1968, “Former members of an illegal Israeli force which was given absolute freedom to slaughter Germans conceded that “More than 1,000 Nazi SS Officers died as a result of eating arsenic-impregnated bread introduced April, 13th, 1946, in an American-run prisoner-of-war camp near Nuremberg.”

After the US victory (the battle for Remagen Bridge) Germans in the Rhineland surrendered en masse. Between April and July 1945, some 260,000 German prisoners-of-war were held under American guard in the boggy fields between Remagen and Sinzig. They were kept in the open air and their daily ration was one potato, a biscuit, a spoonful of vegetables and some water. Racked by disease, at least 1,200 died, according to German records.”

It is interesting how the same countries who treated German civilians and German POWs in such inhuman ways jumped to declare Sri Lanka’s welfare centers as ‘internment camps’ but failed to embarrass Sri Lanka by false propaganda because the welfare centers by any Third World standards did not commit any of the atrocities that the US, UK and Allies committed. This is the shame that these countries continue to shoulder and it is this shame that we are now highlighting for the world must know the double standards at play.

Despite being a Third World nation food and nutrition, healthcare, post traumatic stress disorder support, psychosocial work and recreation, reunification of IDPs with their families, opening banks inside relief centers so that the IDPs could place money and jewellery, vocational training and preparation for self-employment, religious, spiritual cultural activities, providing of national ID cards, birth and death certificates were just some of the initiatives taken by the Task Force.

We therefore refuse to be ridiculed by the very nations who designed systematic programs to annihilate the Germans and Axis powers – what the Allies did was genocide and crimes against humanity.

Allied Forces – Denied Access to Media/International Agencies

The British had even denied access to the Media to examine prison camps. The Chicago Tribune Press on 19 May 1946, a year after the war wrote ‘prisoners lived through the winter in tents and slept on the bare ground under one blanket each. They say they are underfed and beaten and kicked by guards. Many have no underclothes or boots’.

In Sri Lanka both media and numerous NGOs/INGOs and even religious organizations had access throughout to the refugee camps and they were all well briefed about the program set in place even though they chose to report negatively – a good example was the immediate demand to return refugees to their homes totally ignoring the issue of landmines and how these would be fatal in most cases if uncleared.

Not reported too was the 180-day Action program designed to quickly address the basic infrastructure with $3.2billion at its disposal to take care of water, sewerage, electricity, health and education sector with 900 schools now functioning with over 260,000 students and close to 14,000 teachers. 300,000 have so far benefitted from water supply in the Jaffna peninsula. Water supply and sanitation alone has cost $164million.

Omitted from mention is also the fact that 294 Hindu temples in all 5 districts have been provided Rs.41.8m in financial assistance from 2008-9 alone. Madhu Church was renovated at a cost of Rs27.4m. Many Hindu temples have been renovated by Government troops themselves.

Not many would know that the Resettlement Package was 6months dry rations, total shelter grant of Rs.25,000 per family, 40 perch land, non-food relief items that include mosquito nets, kitchen sets, towels, plastic mats, bedsheets etc, hygiene packs, tool kits including hurricane lamps, seed paddy (2 bushels per acre per family for 2 acres), 12 nos roofing sheet per family and 8 nos. cement bags per family.

Many of these former LTTE cadres are now married, some have even joined the Sri Lankan army whilst others are leading normal lives. Whats important is that none of those who handed themselves in died under the conditions that the Allies treated the German POWs.

 Allied Forces – Treatment of Civilians –

Most of the two million German civilians who perished after the end of the war were women, children and elderly — victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide, and mass murder. The vengeful plan by US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau to turn defeated Germany into an impoverished “pastoral” country, stripped of modern industry, is recounted by British historian Giles MacDonogh, as well as other genocidal schemes to starve, sterilize or deport the population of what was left of the bombed-out cities.

Mass Rape

During World War II, Hitler didn’t enforce laws against rape in Eastern Europe. It has been estimated that the Wehrmacht raped up to 10 million Soviet women during World War II, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children born as a result. Rapes were rarely prosecuted and they were seen as a way to “crush the Soviet resistance.” In the Soviet Union, women were often taken from their homes and branded with the words “Whore for Hitler’s troops.” There is also evidence that the Nazis used sexual torture and sexual slavery. However, in 1944, when the Red Army and Western Allies started to take control of the war, the situation changed and German women were the ones targeted for rape. It has been estimated that Soviet soldiers raped as many as 2 million German citizens in 1944 and 1945, killing around 250,000 of them. British historian Antony Beevor said it was the “greatest phenomenon of mass rape in history.” German women were also beaten on a massive scale.

Official U.S. military reports reveal that 36,500 children were fathered by American soldiers during the 10 year occupation of Germany. The Gis, however, took no responsibility because, under military policy, they denied paternity of the child and the German woman had no further recourse. It was the same in all occupied territories. Even in cases when the soldier took on the responsibility of fatherhood, an order to redeploy elsewhere would end all contacts between him and his partner.

Figures provided by Commonwealth authorities show that 8,500 children were born to British fathers and German mothers during the occupation. Clear figures do not exist regarding the offspring of Canadians in Germany, but while stationed in Britain, 22,000 children were fathered by them. In the Netherlands, some 4,000 babies were born of Canadian fathers and Dutch mothers. Authorities in London and Ottawa discouraged intimate relations, but if they happened, they ignored the relationships, fully protecting the soldier.

In the decade after World War II, more than 100,000 babies were born to unwed German mothers and Allied soldier fathers. Most of the men left Europe without ever meeting their children. 


 The best that the Human Rights Watch could do against Sri Lanka was to put out a 140 page report titled “‘We will teach you a lesson’: Sexual violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces” giving 75 (seventy five) cases of alleged rape and sexual abuse between 2006-2012, Leaving aside World War 2 rape, mass rape was what took place in Rwanda in 1994 when upto 250,000 or more women were raped in 3 months, or the UN agency estimates of more than 60,000 women raped in Sierra Leone (1991-2002), or the more than 40,000 raped in Liberia (1989-2003), or the 60,000 women raped in former Yugoslavia (1992-1995) and the 200,000 raped in the Congo. It is surprising how 75 cases can be categorized as ‘mass rape’ when he Government can prove that between 2009.05.19 to 2011.12.31 out of a total of 210 cases of rape and sexual offence allegations only 20 cases have been committed by Sri Lanka armed forces including police and CDS with cases against these members already in process and under investigation. 


Shooting at Civilians ‘For Fun’

Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible. He issued an order on March 10, 1945 and verified by his initials on a cable of that date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction. Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN said “…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater.”… “For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW’s on the Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply … Witnesses and survivors have been interviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the American camps to Buchenwald.”

Former British Army veteran  A W Perkins described the ‘Sennelager’ British concentration camp which held civilians and not captured German troops. ‘During the latter half of 1945, I was with British troops guarding suspected Nazi civilians living on starvation rations in a camp called Sennelager. They were frequently beaten and grew as thin as concentration camp victims, scooping handfuls of swill from our waste bins’. A W Perkins also describes how the other guards amused themselves by baiting starving prisoners….’it was a common trick to throw a cigarette just inside the fence and shoot any prisoner who tried to reach it’.

Allied Forces machine gunned women and children

Between 1939 and 1945, the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs, which averaged to 27,700 tons per month. East Europeans who were captured by British in British controlled Austria and Yugoslavia had been taken in groups and machine gunned in the woods by British army and Red Army NKVD officers – Cossack civilian refugees in Austria suffered most.

One incident of a British transport train where the open-plan carriages were splattered with blood. Captain Duncan McMilan ‘being guided to a small railway station where there was a barbed-wire enclosure….Cossacks being unloaded from trucks and described how they were stripped of their possessions, even food before being marched away.’ British soldiers have testified that they heard the rattle of machine-guns ‘we thought they were just taken back there and slaughtered’. These accounts are described in Nicholas Bethell’s book ‘The Last Secret’ published in 1974 – the English legal apparatus suppressed further accounts from being published.

Of the 90,000 Germans who surrendered at Stalingrad, for example, only 5,000 ever returned to their homeland.

Mass suicide of Germans

Around 270 Nationalists organized a “funeral march” on May 8, 2010 to commemorate the 2000 victims of the mass suicide that happened in the German city of Demmin on May 1, 1945, during the closing days of WWII and the so called “liberation”. The victims, mostly women, children and old men, committed suicide by downing themselves in the nearby river or by taking poison to avoid being captured by the Allies.   

Only a handful of examples have been shown above to show the comparison of how the Allies treated the Germans – both POWs and ordinary civilians. As against this whatever international campaign is in place spearheaded by these very nations cannot take away Sri Lanka’s achievement. The allegations of deaths that has yet to even name the dead cannot outshine the fact that close to 300,000 Tamil civilians were saved by the Sri Lankan army. All of these people lived to be resettled and are now leading normal lives. All the surrendered LTTE combatants too remain alive and they too have undergone indigenous rehabilitation and reintegration and they are also leading normal lives except for a handful who will face formal charges for terrorist activity.

In terms of the Nuremberg principles the atrocities committed by the Allies remain relevant for trial for none of these atrocities were ever taken to the dock. There cannot be a time bar for crimes nor omission simply because these countries are super powers and architects of international laws that appear to apply to everyone else but them. If so, international laws are just a hypocrisy of justice.

We all know that the West – the powerful international community deem it is their right to deny rights to others so long as their power, their profit and their rules prevail. That is the perversity with which the rest of the world must live unless people start to wake up.


Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “A Comparison: Allied Forces treatment of German POWs and Sri Lankas’ Armed Forces treatment of Terrorist LTTE”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    To quote the article: “What the Allies did to German civilians and German POWs remains retrospective. While the Allies were quick to set up the Nuremberg Trials and execute German soldiers, none of the war crimes by Allied has ever been taken up for trial and the crimes committed by US, UK, France and the Soviet Union are far more shocking than what they accuse the German soldiers of.” That is an excellent point. The carpet bombing of Germany by the UK and the US was so intense the number killed surpassed the twin nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima of Japan which in and by itself is a massive “crime against humanity” as both cities’ populations were by and large vaporized and the lingering effects of radiation continued to take its toll for decades after that inhuman act.

    The carpet bombings of Dresden was so intense people vaporized under the intense heat and like Hiroshima and Nagasaki it was an indiscriminate killing of citizens both babies to the elderly to the disabled and those in hospitals to maternity wards. They were all simply burned to death. The efficiency of the allied attacks equal in every way the the efficiency of Nazi Germany’s death camps and even surpassed them in the speed at which millions were killed. This article brings out a very pertinent point that these allied nations were “excused” of their barbaric act because they won the war. This logic does not apply to Sri Lanka whose war was far less brutal and systematic. The crimes of genocide by a nation does not have an expiratory date and the UK including the US should be held for crimes against humanity for what they did to the Axis powers in order to win the war.

  2. douglas Says:

    I reiterate what was said in one of my comments. In my comment I suggested that a Team of Experts – Criminal & Constitutional Lawyers, Criminologists , Social and Human Rights Activists (Not the Pseudo Activists), War veterans, Academics must form into a Study and Investigative Forum and prepare a very comprehensive report on the recently concluded wars and other crimes against committed against humanity by the US,UK combined NATO Forces and submit a Resolution to the UNO through the Security Council demanding a High Level Investigation.

    This is a much needed action that must be undertaken that will expose and bring to book the “Pseudo Custodians” of Democracy and Human Rights.

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