Exposed: Tamil Plan to Revive the LTTE and Blame the Government
Posted on January 2nd, 2014

– Kumar Moses

LTTE was comprehensively defeated in the beaches of the Nanthikadal Lagoon on May 18, 2009. Thanks to the last weeks of war, Sri Lanka remains safe from bombs, terror assassinations and other terrorist activities for over four and a half years. Emergency Regulations have been lifted for the longest period of time. As war killed an average 4,000 people on conservative estimates, each year from 1983 to 2009, winning the war in 2009 saved 4,000 lives each passing year.

However, LTTE is not dead in Canada, Australia, India, USA, Norway and the UK.
Fearing the fate of KP (LTTE’s international weapons procurer), all LTTE fronts changed their stripes into sham political movements. This way they managed to sustain part of the $300 million a year money flow (1). LTTE became TGTE, TFO and TAG. Close to 60 LTTE successor Tamil groups exist in the west. Vishwanathan Rudrakumaram and Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan are at the frontline of resuscitating the LTTE in the west. Tamil Elam Supporters Organisation (TESO) is the equal in Tamil Nadu. It must not be forgotten that LTTE was raised and trained in Tamil Nadu in the 1970s and 1980s. TELO (the first Tamil terrorist group) was raised in the UK by the Tamil Diaspora in 1976. They were trained in Lebanon by Palestinian terrorist groups. Today the LTTE International has its funds and has plenty of opportunities to get trained by terrorist groups around the world.

In March 2011 Sri Lankan Prime Minister revealed that there are at least 3 LTTE training camps currently operating in Tamil Nadu. About a year later, Karnataka Home Minister R Ashok told the state assembly that Tamil terrorists are training Maoists in the forests of Western Ghats (2). Both these high ranking politicians of Sri Lanka and India made these independent observations.

Later in 2012, Indian police arrested 4 Tamil terrorists in Tamil Nadu (3). The four men, Suresh Kumar, Udaya Doss, 39, T.Maheswaran, 33 and K.Krishnamurthy, 29 were arrested in their rented house on Nallathambi Street near Pallavaram, Tamil Nadu on December 19, 2012 on information shared by the Sri Lankan Army. It was revealed that the terror operation is spearheaded by LTTE leader Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyawan who is based in Norway.

LTTE revival in Sri Lanka is spearheaded by the TNA and its affiliated agencies through the annual “Maaveerar Naal” activity in November (4). It remembers what Tamil separatists hail as “heroics” of the LTTE and pray for their return. Despite the ban on LTTE, these events take place.

However, the biggest evidence of Tamils’ activities leading to a possible revival of the LTTE comes from the highest echelons of governance in India, Australia and USA. India twice expended the LTTE ban after 2009 in 2010 and 2012 (5). Three Tamil Nadu politicians challenged the ban in 2012 at the madras High Court but without success. Obviously the threat is still real for India to continue its ban. In addition, Australia extended the LTTE ban in late 2013 as a foreign terrorist organisation. LTTE is still in the list of foreign terrorist organisation in the US.

Severe disagreements exist between TNA leadership and TGTE, Tamil Nadu and LTTE position on Tamil Elam (6). LTTE fairly and squarely rejected the Provincial Council system. TNA toed the LTTE line until 2012 when it contested the Eastern and Northern (2013) Provincial Councils. Tamil hardliners are convinced there will be no solution that comes close to their demands. LTTE’s first targets were those who compromised its “Tamil Elam Or Nothing” stand. In May 2008 LTTE leader famously said, “shoot me if I agree to anything less than full Tamil Elam”. This sums up the LTTE and Tamil extremist position on political solutions.

Fisheries dispute between Sri Lankan Tamils and Tamils in India is growing by the day (7). Tough talk from both sides and equally tough action resulted from the dispute. The dispute can lead to Tamils I Tamil Nadu reviving the LTTE so that their golden era of fishing in troubled Sri Lankan waters can be resumed. LTTE rarely harmed Tamil Nadu fishermen on whom it depended for fuel, medicine and weapons.

Hindu verses Christian clashes within the Tamil community have increased after the defeat of the LTTE (8). All top LTTE leaders were Hindus but the new face of the LTTE has been dominated by Christians. This is creating a stir in Tamil Nadu, India, Jaffna and the Tamil Diaspora that want to project Tamil Elam as an extension of a global Hindu kingdom. This was also a problem during the initial stages of the war. LTTE’s first victim was a Tamil Christian (1975). These clashes are likely to escalate into the open.

Tamil-Muslim friction on one hand and collaboration on the other growing in Southern India (9) as displayed by the rise of Tamil-Muslim terrorism. The day Muslim-Tamil National Alliance leader Azath Salley was taken in for questioning in Sri Lanka, three more Tamil Muslims were arrested in Tamil Nadu over terrorism allegations. With that the total number of arrests in relation to the Bangalore bomb attack rises to nine. They include Valayal Hakeem, Asghar Ali, Rehamatullah, Tenkasi Suleman, Bukhari, Basheer Sunnathi and Basheer Peer Mohiddeen. All of them Muslims from Tamil Nadu. A group of terrorists suspected to be from Al Ummah terrorist group carried out many terrorist attacks in India, the most recent being the Bangalore bombing on 17 April 2013 which wounded 16. This is the newest facet of Tamil terrorism which has uncanny resemblance to TELO’s origins in the 1970s.

LTTE hid a large haul of weapons in Vanni, Batticaloa and Jaffna (10). In October 2013, a weapons haul including 10 T 56 rifles, a claymore mine and a SMG type rifle was found in a forest close to Unnichchai tank in Karadiyanaru, Batticaloa. These hidden weapons may fall into wrong hands causing massive destruction. LTTE only had a few small weapons when it started the war. However, using the few they expanded into a large terror organisation.

Without a doubt TNA leaders are aware of LTTE activity and play a diversionary tactic to cover it up by blaming the government for reviving the LTTE no matter how absurd it sounds. When Lakshaman Kadirgamar was killed by the LTTE in 2005, TNA blamed the government for lack of security, plotting the assassination and staging it to blame the LTTE. Northern Chief Minister’s hint which was regurgitated by many LTTE sympathisers points to a definite TNA-LTTE conspiracy to revive the terrorist organisation. It is worthy to note that TNA was inaugurated by the LTTE in 2000 after years of denying to work with the Sri Lankan political system. For its part, TNA nurtures the LTTE this time much like how TULF leader adorably called the LTTE, “boys”. Tragically he was gunned down by the very same LTTE! Even Ghandi who protected the LTTE leadership and helped LTTE regroup in India was killed by the LTTE in 1991.

TNA leaders are playing a very dangerous game of harbouring LTTE terrorists and blaming the government to cover up clandestine LTTE activities. TNA leaders must be investigated for their allegation that government has a hand in LTTE’s revival. It will save the TNA leadership from the LTTE and avoid what happened to the TULF, TELO, TMVP, EPDP and many other Tamil groups that went against the LTTE; once best friends, soon bitter enemies.

(The writer is a qualified defence expert specializing in Violent Extremist Organizations – VEOs).

29 Responses to “Exposed: Tamil Plan to Revive the LTTE and Blame the Government”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Sri Lanka needs to take a lesson from Israel and instead of observing these terror cells forming across the world and instead of relying on the host nations to solve this growing problem take the war to these nations. Send out assassins to take out the LITE organizations and those who support them for it is obvious the war DID NOT END in 2009.

    Like the Israeli secret service Mossad who have developed a system to hunt down former NAZI members and either bring them to trial or assassinate them if they are under the protection of a host nation making it impossible to try them for what they did. In the same manner Sri Lanka may have eliminated terrorism from its soil but by doing so has sowed the seeds for the terrorists to flourish in foreign soil where they get the host nations protection and support.

    By assassinating the leaders of these LITE terror cells Sri Lanka will make world news and controversy. But that is exactly what Sri Lanka needs to do; demand world attention and the controversy for if these LITE terror cells are given the freedom to develop then the host nations are as complicit as Tamil Nadu in helping develop another existential threat to Sri Lanka. By killing the LITE leaders it will put the fear into the Tamil Diaspora that they are not immune to the long arm of Sri Lankan justice and it will challenge and expose the moral turpitude of the host nations of such subterfuge of supporting a movement meant to divide another nation while taking the moral high ground about supposed human rights abuses.

    If tiny Israel can take on the world so can Sri Lanka on this particular issue. Sri Lanka has every right to defend her right to exist as a united nation. If the shoe was on the other foot and Sri Lanka was harboring terrorists that would pose an existential threat to these very western nations they would not hesitate to send their agents to take out the terror cells supported by Colombo and drag Sri Lanka to the international courts. In this year 2014 no nation is morally superior to another and all nations have the right to protect their sovereignty against hostile nations willing to turn a blind eye to the terror cells developing on their soil whose intention is to be an existential threat to Sri Lanka.

  2. douglas Says:

    We are a Nation trying to prove to the world that our VALUES are based on “KARUNA; MUDITHA;UPEKKA”. By all means it is good. Yet with continuous “bombardments” from the Terrorists out fits, the Diaspora spread through out the world and supported by Big Powers including India, our President must take time to watch the film “GOD FATHER” (the whole series) and make use of Karuna,Pillian,KP, and others to “eliminate” the LTTE rump. Why spent millions and millions on Public Relations Agencies who are not doing a penny worth of work? That money can well be spent on any such organization as indicated by Mr. Bernard.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Bernard and Douglas provided the LTTE RUMP include TNA.

    But that should also include ELIMINATING the druggies, murdies, corrupties, terrorists, etc. from the ruling party.

    You can’t do good to bad people the good way. A way they UNDERSTAND must be used.

  4. Nanda Says:

    After visiting Lanka for 1.5 months, sometimes I feel shame. It is shameful to be Sri Lankan Buddhist.

    Where are our values gone ? There is no proper bus service. A good looking girl cannot travel in a bus, getting stares all the time and most the time getting molested. There was an instant one soldier happened to travel in the bus (in civil cloths) and caught the molester and hammered him and threw out of the bus. Drugiies everywhere, cannot leave the house, it will get robbed and police are with the robber’s. Even if the they catch the thief and recovered the goods, they don’t give it back to owners but distributed among them.

    Traffic Police are extremely corrupt. Now they catch motorists for no reason, expecting bribes.
    There is no proper Law and Order in the country.

    Maha Ranee has ruined our country and the culture, I have no regards to him now after defending him for 6 years.

  5. Nanda Says:

    There is a good chance, a good soldier will stand up to save Lanka.
    There is no chance that this criminal PC political system could somehow generate a proper leader.

  6. douglas Says:

    Nanda: You have seen for yourself what is going on in this country and I consider it the best way to learn.

    You also say” Maha Ranee has ruined our country and the culture, I have no regards to him now after defending him for 6 years”.

    When I explained (as you have done)the present situation as seen and experienced on a daily basis and commented on Dec. 10th 2013, you know what I got from one of a differing comment. Here it is :” The moment MR is NOT hated, Douglas goes crazy who is driven by sheer hatred towards the Rajapaksa family than anything else”.

    I too to a “certain extent” lost regard to him. Yet, I do criticize him and his “way of administration” with the “hope” and “confidence” of turning the course for our (the people and the country) betterment. I have not lost HOPE.

    Therefor, in any event, I do NOT agree to a “Good Soldier” ( if meaning military) standing to save Lanka. But, of cause, if things go this way of rotting, we certainly need a “GOOD SOLDIER”, NOT military, but a “”GOOD,SELFLESS,NO NONSENSE” LEADER.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    There is a difference between Doglas and Nanda (I think) camps on MR.

    Doglas is driven by HATRED against MR but Nanda (I think) is driven by FACTS.

    Although BOTH camps are disgusted of MR, the REASONS and SOLUTIONS differ.

    Just because we are disgusted of MR, we should NOT fall into the HATE CAMP. The GOOD things (VERY VERY FEW NOW) of MR should be appreciated and a nationally beneficial plan should be supported.

    Did I say a nationally beneficial plan?

    Now that is where the HATE CAMPERS disagree!

    A simple acid test.

    e.g. Yonibillas

    There is NO DOUBT Yonibilla dress MUST BE eliminated from SL. But the HATE CAMP will not agree to it.

    e.g. 13 amendment MUST BE SCRAPPED.

    But the HATE CAMP will not agree to it.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Hate Camp wants MR at any cost. Even if than means split the country.
    Hate camp is driven by hate and jealosy.
    Hate Camp is blind to good work done, for example good roads, they will say MR has pocketed money using roads.
    Hate Camp wants UNP at ANY cost, LOVE camp do not want UNP as it is.
    Most of all Hate Camp do not care about Buddhists, because Buddhism is always against them ( because they are haters).

  9. Nanda Says:

    Hate Camp wants MR out at any cost.

  10. douglas Says:

    MR can and capable of identifying and also to deal with the “Enemy”; “Hater” ; “Friend” and most importantly “PSEUDO FRIENDS” who plan to establish a “MILITARY TAKEOVER”. In any case MR knows an “Open enemy” is better than a “PSEUDO FRIEND”.

    Also this plan of “MILITARY TAKE OVER” is the next step of the LTTE Diaspora Funded agents ,in the guise of friends, who are planning to haul MR to their battle ground in Hague. These agents are appearing in various forms through the print and electronic media. We will continue to expose these “barbarians” at any cost.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    NOT true Doglas.

    Unfortunately MR has been UNABLE to differentiate between the good and the bad. That is why there are ENEMIES within his own cabinet.

    Military take over does NOTHING PERSONALLY BAD to MR. It has higher and noble objectives than PERSONAL VICTIMISATION. It can save MR from his enemies. It was the military that SAVED MR and gave him votes!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “Hate Camp wants MR at any cost. Even if than means split the country.”

    This is true. This separates us from them.


    They want 13 amendment, etc.

    TO SAVE SL AS IT IS, we want a change to the system not to VICTIMIZE a person.

    POOR MINDS discuss about persons. Average minds discuss events. GREAT MINDS discuss IDEAS!

  13. douglas Says:

    “Military take over does NOTHING PERSONALLY BAD to MR……………”

    I am quite familiar with my village saying” “PUHUL HORA KARENG DANE” ( We can identify the thief of the ash pumpkin from the traces of ash on the shoulder).


  14. Nanda Says:

    Military takeover is hypothetical.
    It is highly unlikely, as MR is aware of this and placed officers educated at Imperialist Schools at top. He removed SF and others soon after war because of this fear. It worked. He keeps rotating top posts, retiring officers constantly.
    There is no question MR is extremely pragmatic with respect to keeping power.
    If this is the only pragmatism we expect from a politician, considering what happened to JR and Premadasa, I am very worried.
    Cleaning up of the offices than the surroundings is a must and we hope and hope and hope he will do this sooner than later.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Doglas is wrong again.

    NO ONE will be harmed by a military take over. HARMING people will earn the HATE of the masses.

    The problem here is NOT MR. It is the SYSTEM.


    You are right.

    Look at TODAY’s (5 January 2014) situation. MR is in Jordan + Palestine. BR is in hospital. What if MR’s plane is attacked or vehicles are attacked in ALWAYS VIOLENT middle east? Or even a heart attack?

    Drug Jaya (next in line) takes over SL!!

  16. Nanda Says:

    Planes can crash, no need to attack. You forgot GR. GR is the next in line in terms of popularity.

    Problem here is MR, who is a product of the wrong system. But A BUGGER WITH GUTS AND BALLS

  17. Nanda Says:

    LEE KUAN YEW came out from the same system. So many druggies around. So many communists challenging him.
    But he had the guts to challenge corrupt Malaysia.
    In 1982 Malaysian ringgit = Sing dollar. Now it is worth 1/3 only.
    Lanka could worth 3 time more, if MR did something after 2009.

  18. douglas Says:

    To all TRUE PATRIOTS: Please keep your “ANTENNAE” up and clean. Look at the following statement”

    “We want to keep SL as a UNITARY SINHALA BUDDHIST COUNTRY”. This is another SLOGAN craftily coined by the Diaspora and handed down to the agents to MARKET it to put our country against the wall in the eye of the world.

    We are put on alert more than ever.

  19. douglas Says:

    Ananda: I am glad that you mentioned Lee Kuan Yew and that indicates what you are hoping for and admiring.

    I can write volumes of his success story. To make it very brief and short and put the whole story in a few words this is how I have seen and heard of it.

    It is nothing but “NO NONSENSE MANAGEMENT” principles he infused into the whole of the Governing System of the country. As you very correctly understood and said there was nothing WRONG with the SYSTEM, it is the PEOPLE who manage the system that matters.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    We want to keep SL as a UNITARY SINHALA BUDDHIST COUNTRY”.- They want 13 amendment, etc.!-Lorenzo
    our country against the wall in the eye of the world-douglas

    Who is who ??? I am confused !!! Namo Namo Thaye ….

    Hela Demilaya !

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no conspiracy Doglas.

    We NEED a change in the SYSTEM. The problem here is the SYSTEM.

    MR is just a part. The SYSTEM has to be changed. There will NEVER be a LKY under this system.

    If you think Run-NIL to be LKY you are mistaken badly (as usual).

  22. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: Let me put this straight. You, connecting me with Ranil is of no use and shows your “bankrupt” level of meeting the subject matter debated. Earlier you even listed some of the “well noted” “write off” of the political arena and connected me with them. This is a well known and published “trick a treat” you use to play. You cannot succeed, because I have no “admiration” or “support” for any of those mentioned including Ranil, whom I firmly believe must be swept off the political field. Get this straight and better refrain from those “childish” play games, but meet and debate the issues on a factual basis without resorting to your “in-born” way of vomiting venom and hatred linguistic caricatures.

    However, I still connect you with an “undisclosed” agenda that you have been entrusted to “MARKET”.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    You have been supporting ANTI-SL activities here for a LONG TIME and praising Run-nil.

    Just 2 questions.

    1. Do you want 13 amendment SCRAPPED TOTALLY? (And NOT replaced with any other)
    2. Do you want the violence, drug dealings, treason, TNA racism ENDED?

  24. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: HA……HA…….HA….

    I think you need psychotherapeutic treatment urgently. Therefore, I close your file. Good Luck.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    So the answer is “HA…HA” and running away without answering 2 simple questions of national importance!!!!

    Doesn’t it speak volumes about a fox in donkey skin?

    What does the fox say!

  26. Marco Says:

    Bit of trivia ..
    Wasn’t it the Donkey that put on the skin of the Lion to frighten the Fox?

    Whose the Donkey?

  27. douglas Says:

    Marco: Don’t you think my “diagnosis” was correct? and equally the recommended treatment?

    Just, please leave him alone to mend his ways. He will learn the hard way.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    Stop running away from 2 SIMPLE questions Doglas!

    Doesn’t it speak volumes about a fox in donkey skin?
    What does the fox say!

    When you can’t answer 2 SIMPLE QUESTIONS you shoot the MESSENGER!! Even better.

    May I refer you to serious psychotherapeutic treatment and as they say in China “re-education” urgently and expect an answer to those 2 SIMPLE questions thereafter!!

  29. SA Kumar Says:


    Please forgive our Todays Hero ,Yesterdays VP’s POW !
    You can see He is recommending Chinas psychotherapeutic treatment You !
    remember a well know joke , Premedasa went to angolda Hospital once he become President ….

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