Rathika Sitsabaesan MP for Scarborough-Rouge River
Posted on January 2nd, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

2 January 2014

The Editor (Letters)

Dear Editor:

I am not sure why all this fuss is about in your news item “Sri Lanka warns MP possible arrest.”   The MP concerned is the Tamil-Canadian Rathika Sitsabaesan, the NDP  Parliamentarian for Scarborough-Rouge River where the majority of her constituents are Tamils.

Whether she is a Canadian MP or not is insignificant to the Sri Lankan Police and Army who are the guardians of the sovereignty of that island nation.   None of them would have recognized her face anyway.   All what they knew was that here was a Tamil woman on a tourist visa with a definite agenda, inimical to Sri Lanka’s sovereign interests.

 She flies into Colombo and as a tourist immediately travels north zeroing on the Northern Provincial Council  Tamil members who are proxy-Tamil Tigers and other Tamil activists in the North who wants to separate the country and have their mono-ethnic, Tamil racist state, Eelam.

She should count her lucky stars that she was not deported from the island for being mischievous and cunning to come into the island on a tourist visa and gets on with her political agenda having meetings with Tamil separatists in the North of the island where the Tamil Tiger terrorist  separatist war happened for 30 bloodying years.

Without penalizing the Sri Lankan government for guarding her sovereignty of their island state which is their right, the NDP leader Tom Mulclair should rap her knuckles when she returns for bringing disrespect to Canada’s parliament with her shenanigans, and that she should not try  that stunt  again.


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  1. bathgediya Says:

    Yes she should have been deported. Whan Charles de Gaulle arrived in Canada on an OFFICIAL VISIT and proceeded to stir up separatists in Quebec, the Canadian Govt. cancelled his visit and showed him the door. He was out of the country within just a few hours and had to cancel all activities immediately.

    These Canadians seem to suffer from ‘collective amnesia’.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    send Colombo municipal council officers to catch this bi…..
    they are well trained for caching dogs

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Canadian woman Seethasabesans father is a tamil terrorist and a political/economical refugee in Canada. She was a cheer leader to tamil terrorists. She and her tamil refugee clique jumped roof high when prabakaran and his terrorists massacring Sinhala civilians. She always acts against Sri Lanka. Therefore we don’t want a terrorist supporter coming to our country.
    What is her duty to come to Sri Lanka? Tamils have appointed more than 25 members of parliament. More than 60 tamil members in provincial councils. More than 200 municipal council tamil members to represent tamils. But Seethasabesan appointed by Scarbourough tamils to represent them in Canadian parliament. She has nothing to do in Sri Lanka.
    If any Al Qaeda supporter wants can he/she visit Afghanistan or Iraq for fact finding missions? Will U.S.A or Canadian forces allow them? Can any IRA member visit Northern Ireland for fact finding mission? Can any Kashmir or Khalistan or Naxalite members visit India for fact finding missions? Answer is no. Then why only Sri Lanka has to allow tamil terrorists supporters to visit Sri Lanka for fact finding missions.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Sri Rohana for your very natural question. The answer could be (as almost always) utter incompetency of our officials and those in charge of them!! – S de Silva – London

  5. Vijendra Says:

    The way I understand, this LTTE supporting woman wanted to show her LTTE supporting voters in her riding that she she can do better than Stephen Harper’s boycotting the CHOGM. How low can these Canadian politicians stoop down to for the Tamil vote? It appears that they have no principles at all. If the Canadian politicians are like this, it is an insult to Canadians. I really pity the Canadian public.

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    Thank you SDS totally agree with your answer.

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