40, 000 Civilian Deaths In Sri Lanka – David Shearer D’Post 6/1/14 -Fact or Fiction?
Posted on January 11th, 2014

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokeperson, United Sri Lanka Assn. Wellington NZ

Prime Minister John Key was right   not to refer to the allegation of 40,000 civilian deaths of highly questionable credibility, in the last months of Sri Lanka’s war of liberation from Tiger Terror, at the  CHOGM in Colombo in November , and David Shearer is wrong for being critical of this  (Opinion Dompost 6th Jan). Thisbecomes evident when one traces how this figure evolved and the evidence against such a high figure.

The Tamil Net made the first claim of the number of civilian deaths at around 7000, allegedly based on UN sources, soon after the end of the war in May 2009.  Sir John Holms the then  UN under secretary in charge of humanitarian operations , was quick to clarify that it was only an estimate and was not comfortable with it as it was not based onevidence as the UN was not on site at the end of the war. Thereupon The Times London , who had earlier had it’s reporter expelled from SL  accused the UN of collusion with SL , in making a low estimate, an accusation vehemently denied by the UN. The Timeswent on to escalated the figure to 20,000 based on “estimate of thousand deaths a day” and “analysis of areal photographs”. This drew criticism from many including The Guardian & BBC and even more vehemently from the UN.

Gordon Weiss , a UN employee in Colombo at the time, with a newly published book on the war  ” The Cage ” to sell, raised the figure to 40,000 based on “sources” he refused to divulge. The UNSG’s Darusman commission concurred that civilian deaths could “range up to 40,000” again based on sources not available for divulging for thirty years. Gordon Weiss , subsequently reduced his estimate of civilian deaths to 10,000   , under intense interrogation at his book launch in Australia in June 2011.

However, well known human rights advocates   like Amnesty International,  who have been showered  generous donations by the  Tiger Diaspora  and UK Channel 4  have orchestrated this figure of 40,000 with vigor since.  Consequently it has gained currency with many   including the ill informed    whose passion for protecting human rights make them vulnerable to being mislead by   poorly substantiated allegations of their violations.

The lack of plausibility and logic to this claim was apparent from the very start . If this claim of 40,000 civilian deaths from Sri Lanka forces fire was true, would nearly three hundred thousand of these Tamil civilians,  herded as human shields by the retreating Tigers,  stream into the arms of these very forces the moment the Tiger builtembankment to prevent them from doing so was breached? This streaming is a  fact as it happened in full view of the world media.

If killing civilians was the aim of the soldiers, why did they so rescue them  without shooting at them. Instead they tended to them and  erected shelters and facilities  to accommodate  this vast influx,  in a very short  period of a few days,  no mean an achievement . Further, if the soldiers were ill disposed towards  these civilians, why did they spend the next one to two years  demining the homes of these civilians at great personal risk, to resettle them in their homes as they have done.

In the documentary “Lies Agreed Upon”, easily accessed on U tube , about 50 Tamil civilians representing this three hundred thousand, six Tamil doctors  and a Tamil member of parliament who were all a part of their human shields herded by the retreating tigers, have,  to a person only had the highest praise for the conduct of the security forces. They  confirmed that the only directed firing at them came from the tigers to prevent the loss of their human shields. In January 2014 , one of these doctors has confirmed these revelations under oath.

A SL government census conducted  by  Tamil teachers  in Feb /March 2012 in the war zones has established that the number of war related deaths was 7432 very similar to the first estimation released by the UN  and quoted by the Tamil net. Given that the security forces lost about 4000 in the last days of this war , it would be reasonable to estimate that, of the 7432, a similar number would have been Tiger fighters, reducing the non combatant civilians still further to around 3000. A far cry from the 40,000 and quite consistent with collateral damagegiven their deliberate exposure as human shields , by the Tigers. However, the estimation of the Tamil doctors referred to above , of the dead civilians they encountered, was 7-800.

 chula1  chula2  chula3

The Escaping Tamil Civilian Human Shields Streaming Into The Arms Of The Sri Lankan Forces, Seen Tending To Them

Further, the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) was set up among others   to hear evidence in support of this type of allegation as was the Army commission to investigate civilian deaths thougharmy action. However , nothing was forthcoming regarding the alleged 40,000. This is the basis of Sri Lanka’s reluctance for even more commissions which it rightly feels would retract from the current momentum that has seen impressive gains in ethnic reconciliation and post war reconstruction that is evident to any visitor to Sri Lanka and acknowledged by all of the CHOGM attendees.

Given these uncertainties and contradictions related to the allegation of 40,000 civilian deaths , Prime Minister John Key along with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia demonstrated wisdom in steering clear of this poorly founded and contentious allegation, despite disappointing David Shearer .

This tempered stance   of Prime Minister Key provided a sharp contrast to the authoritarian ultimatum delivered by Britain’s David Cameron to little Sri Lanka to have further inquiries into these allegations. This delivery would have served as a chilling reminder to many CHOGM attendees from ex colonies,  of   the oppression & repression experienced under   their former colonial master, in yesteryear. Such a breaking of ranks   with their traditional ally UK,   is as good as one could get in demonstrating New Zealand’s capability of taking an independent stand on international issues, enhancing it’s credentials no end, to be in the UN security council.


Pictures Showing Leaders of BTF & TGTE In Company of Tiger Leader Prabakaran andAddressing Under The Tiger Flag.

If there is any HR violation   issue   in   relation to Sri Lanka that has alluded investigation,  it is on how,  the alleged international  funders of  Tiger Terrorism, that threatened the most basic human right , the right to life  for 20 million Sri Lankans  for three decades,  now enjoy unquestioned and unfettered access to the west  with their blessings , most particularly in the UK . These funders are the Tiger Diaspora that have reinvented themselves as the Global Tamil Federation (GTF) and the Trans National Government of Tamil  (TGTE) to circumvent the proscription of Tigers as terrorists in many countries. They are at the heart of many conspiracies to undermine SL. They have congregated   in the British House of Commons, in   March for the past three years to celebrate their   reinvention, so rubbing salt into the wounds of their millions of victims.

If  Mr David Shearer wants , as he says to see “NZ  take a stronger stand on human rights” a good starting point would be a call for and ensuring an investigation into,  the role of these alleged  funders in funding  one of the gravest and longest violations of human rights in modern times & how despite this possible complicity they have come to enjoy this unquestioned welcome in the UK .


http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=Vanni_Pocket_in_Refutation_of_Channel_Four_20140108_06 – The Sworn Affidavit Dr V Shanmugarajah, One of The Tamil Doctors Referred to Above

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Assn. Wellington NZ

Lower Hutt.

6 Responses to “40, 000 Civilian Deaths In Sri Lanka – David Shearer D’Post 6/1/14 -Fact or Fiction?”

  1. crobe Says:

    the US satellite images of the last stages of the war are available for the Western countries to see. None of those images are indicative of the carnage they peddle. With these satellite images in hand, if 40,000 to 146,000 perished, Sri Lanka would have already had a UN peace keeping presence. There is absolutely no evidence for the numbers the West is propagating. US/UK/Canada are working backwards to achieve their goal of regime change. All they want to do is destabilize every non white nation which will in turn open up for plunder. This is all about geopolitics.

    Now that the US/UK/Canada has got their stooges in the UN to establish a number, they want an investigation to “prove” it. This is why they are trying so hard for an International(White man) investigation. Any International investigation is a Trojan Horse. One would think that with so many deaths being claimed, there would be hundreds of thousands of family members looking for their dead. Not so. Also, the US continually monitors all these countries through satellite images. If so many people died, there have to be mass graves. I am not talking about the type of mass grave they found recently with 20 some people. I am talking about hundreds of thousands of people in mass graves. Obviously, its not there.

    Also, does anyone know a reasonable count of the number of dead in the Tsunami from the North & East? Not really. There was no census in that area since 1981. No one will ever know how many died in those areas. So, for the Bishop of Mannar to come out and spew these numbers as fact is unconscionable. At the end of the day, the Ealamists and the foreign Tamils want only one thing, which is a separate state carved out of Sri Lanka. The White man is helping because of domestic political compulsions and fund raising opportunities that these Tamils provide them and for the geopolitical reasons of supremacy & plunder. The term for that would be Neo Colonialism.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE terrorist Viggie chief minister of NPC want a COMMISSION to look into the Ellala-Dutugemunui war, compensate affected Tamilians, other BS and REWRITE HISTORY.

    All this war crimes nonsense are all about,

    1. GEOPOLIICAL WAR for the west
    2. BEGGAR’S WOUND for Tamils.

    Nothing else.

  3. Nanda Says:

    No action is always better than ALL Foolish action that does not adddress the root cause.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    Ryappu Joseph has inflated this figure to over 140000. For good measure he is on record wanting an investigation into the possible use of cluster bombs. It is strange he did not go further to request an investigation in to the use of nuclear bombs.
    The figure 40,000 is an invention of Gordon Weiss and he must be laughing his guts out to know how this figure is now being quoted by all those forces friendly with Tiger terrorists. Ryappu Joseph has to wait patiently some more time, before people like David Shearer move on from this mythical 40,000 to R.J’s figure of over 140,000.
    R J is the man who ran with the Virgin Mary statue to Prabakaran’s hide out. Is he a true Christian? Is he not ashamed of spreading lies against Sri Lanka? Why are the Hindu priests representing the vast majority of Tamils, not making similar allegations?

  5. douglas Says:

    All these self appointed specialists and witnesses on the last phase of the the war:- viz. Gorden Weiss, Francis Harrison, Channel 4, The Daruman Committee Members, William Blake, Hilary Clinton and now the latest addition to the gang Michele Sison, Stephen Rapp and the 11 “Prominent Judges” who passed down a “unanimous verdict” of “Guilty” on Sri Lanka even without summoning the defense, were never ever inside the war zone.

    The real witnesses who claimed and were to be at the closest proximity i.e. within few meters were the team of reporters from “Door Darshan” and an Indian journalist by the name Murali Reddy who worked for Hindu/Front line This journalist’s report. appeared in Front Line and offered the readers a snap shot of what really took place. Please read that report in http://www.frontline.in/statics and anyone with an atom of brain could get a good picture of the war.

    All the above named “specialists and eye witnesses” were “placed” in the war zone with very handsome payouts from the LTTE Diaspora and also provided with “cooked” up stories to be published to the world. One thing they did and are doing a “good job” as assigned. This is what we have to confront and that action is needed from every patriot at this moment of time.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Why are the Hindu priests representing the vast majority of Tamils, not making similar allegations? because Saivar/Bhuddist blieve in Tharma and Karma – They can not lie! but not like other our religons , they can get parton not us We or our childen need to pay/or pay back for it what we done good or bad !

    all is good!

    end of the day 7k or 40k or 140k killed 300k saved for ever !

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