A black-white plan to salvage Sri Lanka
Posted on January 11th, 2014

C. Wijeyawickrema

Dayan Jayatilleke of the 13A + fame has come up with his latest proposal to save Sri Lanka from the March 2014 UNHRC Geneva trap. He no longer talks about Indian MIGs moved to South Indian air fields ready to face Sri Lanka or the American Navy ships. He said Wigneswaran was the best thing that had happened for the Tamils and became silent after one or two letters, warning W to be patient and moderate (or not to become another Vyatharaja Perumal). W has no agenda to accommodate Dayan’s soft path, and instead W wants to re-write Sri Lankan history removing the Mahavamsa Buddhism. Dayan took such an about turn in his warning letters that ome pro-Eelam writers thought that Dayan was trying to get MahindaR’s attention to get a UN posting again!

Dayan still boasts that he got 2009 Geneva victory while 2012 and 2013 were losses. Without even informing Sri Lanka, Dayan added 13A to his 2009 submission and he should explain why he could not get a unanimous approval for his 2009 thing because that was what America, UK, EU and Japan wanted all along, the 13A path to Tamil Eelam. Unless, MahindaR decided to remove 13-A and empower people at the village level (GSN) by a Jana Sabha system with a 10 member people’s committees elected on a non-political party basis for GSN units demarcated on an ecology based boundaries, he will not be able to stop the American plan to nail him down using the UN system. America (corporate US establishment) will go on this path if it cannot see MR’s regime is ousted from power sooner and they can wait and wait the same way they waited to USSR derailed or to get the WTO installed (40 to 50 years).

Now Dayan who is a Christian-Marxist proposes 3 things. (1) Appoint an independent commission of inquiry to look into war crimes headed by 1 or 2 from the list below. (2) Dayan wants a dialogue between Wigneswaran and MahindaR on how to make NPC work and (3) Create a mini-cabinet on foreign affairs with people 3-8.

1. C. G. Weeramantry- Christian

2. Desmond Lorenz de Silva- Christian/Burgher

3. G. L. Peiris – Buddhist/Package dealer/federalist

4. Sarath Amunugama- Buddhist, JRJ loayalist/federalist

5. Dew Gunasekera- Marxist/federalist

6. Rajiv Wijesinha- Christian/federalist

7. Milinda Moragoda- Christian/federalist

8. Vasantha Senanayake- Buddhist

It is waste of time to write on Dayan 3-prone plan of attack on the American strategy.  For example, America can buy UN member country votes just like Sri Lankan politician by vote or MR gets UNP MPs to his side. If Pope says not to vote there are tiny Christian countries ready to listen to him. Within Sri Lanka there must be hundreds of brown spies feeding the embassy with all kinds of information. Imagine 5000 dollars can do to a person in Sri Lanka. As Wimal Weerawansa pointed out Raap and Michelle already published pictures of the sites where war crimes took place! So, commission or no commission, there will be charges just like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Noriega or others. There is a solution to this war crime charge: a total clean-up of the present corrupt system, and empower people at village level, so that the people are behind the government.  If anybody thinks UNP or Sarath F or JVP or Ven. Maduluvawe Sobhita or a combination of them is the solution they have forgotten what UNP gave them in the past. Either, MR has to come out of his emperor’s clothe and give up his multi-religious and multi-cultural talk or else, there has to be a Third Force supported by Buddhist organizations such the Bodu Bala Sena. The country needs a new constitution, period.

           So let me look at the names list provided by Dayan. I have nothing against these persons, personally. But in a so-called Sinhala Buddhist country, where Buddhism is to be given the foremost place etc. etc. and with a president who would have been in the jail after 2005 election if not for the Sinhala Buddhist village vote, rejuvenated by the Ven. Soma ghost power, think how a black-white is treating the Sinhala Buddhists? Is it any different from the Tissa Vitharana’s APRC majority committee which had even Christian husband-wife members?

1.      Weeramantry – Nobody would object to his name

2.      Desmond de Silva – What does person in London Lords’ crowd know about Sri Lanka, simply because he was George E de Silva’s grandson. All he could remember, if at all, would be how his grandpa overcame caste prejudice against him in Kandy or how A.E. Gunasinghe, the labour leader’s daughters had difficulties in getting married due to caste prejudice.

3.      G. L. Peiris – This person who addressed Anton Balasingham as “His Excellency,” is a 2002 CFA owner and all out for federalism and beyond. During CBK’s time with Neelan Thiruchelvam he gave birth to several package deals. If not for the fact that Sri Lanka is protected by some divine power Sri Lanka would have become another Lebanon, Palestine or Ethiopia.  He must waiting for the next jump from the MR ship when signals are clear.

4.      Amunugama – he is another federalist and with crazy ideas such as hoe to charge fees from illicit liquor dealers.  He showed his true colors during JRJ days as man controlling news.

5.      Dew – Marxist coming from 50-50  Sama Samaja days. Devoted to federalism and Mrs. Chandrika package deals. Cannot win 1000 votes in an election.

6.      Rajiv- Christian/federalist and a Dayan buddy.

7.      Milinda – Christian heritage with an American wife, federalist, whiter than a white.

8.      Vasantha- 40 years old, Robert Senanayake’s grandson. Dayan thinks he is an expert on foreign affairs.

So out of Dayan’s list I can say only Weeramantry is qualified.  All what I ask is where was S. L. Gunasekera, Gomin Dayasiri, G. H. Peiris, Nalin Silva, Gunadasa Amarasekera or the well informed writer Shenali Waduge. The black-whites are still in control, it did not change in 1931, 1948, 1956 or in 2005. No wonder Wigneswaran wants to re-write history. There are people ready to do that. And some people say Bodu Bala Sena is wrong!

17 Responses to “A black-white plan to salvage Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That is a plan to DISASTER.

    I propose the following names to a cabinet of foreign ministry.

    1. Gotabaya Rajapaksha
    2. Shenali Waduge
    3. Sunil Vijayapala
    4. Dinesh Gunawardena
    5. Wimal Weerawansa
    6. Patali Ranawake
    7. Asoka Weerasinghe
    8. Mario Perera
    9. HLD Mahindapala
    10. Ali Zaheer Maulana
    11. Arun Thabimuttu
    12. Muttiah Muralidaran

  2. AnuD Says:

    It is time to build a third force at the ground level, in case these people are not doing it.

  3. mjaya Says:

    Well written and well said article.



    As the author has said MR must either see the ground reality or we need a new patriotic leadership.

    Now thats a good choice for a cabinet. You need people who will say WHAT HAS TO BE SAID not WHAT OTHERS LIKE TO HEAR!!! People who DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE and DO WHAT THEY SAY and SAY WHAT THEY DO.

    One humble suggestion – add Dr. Sudath Gunasekara and a couple of retired and attache military personnel with proven battle field experience.

  4. mjaya Says:

    Know the enemy, the parasites and the useless dead weights

    1. Tamil Racists in the north, east, hill country and Colombo
    2. Jihadis in the east, near Puttalam, southern coast, Colombo and scattered in pockets around the island
    3. Kasippu Joseph clan and Friday group
    4. Opposition garbage (UNP, JVP, SF etc.)
    5. Medical mafia
    6. Legal leeches
    7. Academic mafia
    8. Agro-chemical and GMO mafia
    9. Narcotics mafia (tobacco, alcohol, kudu, babul etc. etc.)
    10. Casino mafia
    11. MR “adviser” jokers
    12. Political monkeys, lackeys and goons
    13. NGO mafia
    14. Foreign mafia (Endia, Toilet Nadu, US, UK, No-way, Cam-moron, Man-moron, Nobama, Micro-band, Harpic, etc. etc.)
    15. Petty mafias (school admission mafia, private bus mafia, useless government servants etc. etc.)

  5. mjaya Says:

    One addition
    16. Useless import mafia

  6. jayasiri Says:

    thanks Dr. Wjeyawikrema……….as usual we have expressd our disgust about many present leaders & supporters.

    ONLY name I remember is Mr. S.L Gunesekera. Others mentioned as cabinet material are excellent. Only problem, who will LEAD this idea or process to fruition.

    We know the present leadership is corrupt, helped creating PCs, but now very silent about 13th amendment. Still some leaders are fearful KNOWING WELL that India REPEATS the mantra about fully implementation. IF MR wants to do this, he can do it with the present majority.
    EVEN a referrundum would be more powerful as its peoples” VOICE. But nothing will happen, beacuse they are very comfortbe with the status quo.

    Our expats have to take the initiative & make this happen, with PATRIOTIC forces in SRI LANKA at present. That is the only way some progress towards our goals can be realized. Shenali, Gomi Dayasri. Gunadasa Amaresekers are all valauble assets. Seect one or two Muslims & Tamils as well, to make it MORE CIVIL.

    As an expat I only can suggest, but action wise I am not the right person……..Thank you all………J

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes. Dr. Sudath Gunasekara is in. Dinesh Gunawardena is out.

    All those parasites are together. Only a military take over can bust them.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Navy has scored a diplomatic victory govt. couldn’t!!

    TIT FOR TAT works!!

    With Tamils hatred ceases with hatred alone not compassion.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has ordered the release of 179 Sri Lankan fishermen lodged in Tamil Nadu jails, mostly arrested for trespassing into Indian waters.

    The decision is to create a conducive atmosphere before the scheduled talks between fishermen of both countries in Chennai on January 20 in a bid to resolve their issues.

    Ms Jayalalithaa says Sri Lanka too would release the 275 Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu arrested for fishing in Lankan waters.”

    – ndtv

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has ordered the release of 179 Sri Lankan fishermen – so TN holding our fishermens not India!

    soon NP will hold TN/Kerala fishermen! ya ho ho……


  10. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m speechless.

    Do you REALLY think she wants to SERVE the people. Her father left her a coffin of a dowry.

    “Hirunika Premachandra has been appointed as the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Organizer for Colombo Central by President Mahinda Rajapaksa today, sources told Ada Derana.

    Reliable sources also say that Hirunika, the daughter of slain former MP and Presidential Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, is to contest the upcoming Provincial Council election.

    She reportedly met with President Mahinda Rajapaksa this morning and is expected to officially accept the letter of appointment on Monday (13).

    Hirunika will contest for the Western Provincial Council under the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).”

    – adaderana

  11. Christie Says:

    Time to stop sucking to India and Indians. I am very upset about this website that try to represent the Sinhala Buddhists. Stop attacking the West.
    The Yankee guy has told TNA point blank that trying to get war crimes on Sihala leaders is is not going to work as China and Russia will not support it.
    The West is playing to suck to India and Indians. If people cannot see this it is unfortunate.

    Let us expose and attack our enemy of today and yesterday India and Indiasns.

  12. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: I am sorry for my earlier engagements with you on a very serious note. Now I enjoy your work.

    You appointed a cabinet of Foreign Ministry consisting of 12 members on Jan.11 2014 @ 3.20 pm.

    Next Mjaya asked you how about appointing Dr. Sudath Gunasekera on Jan. 11 2014 @ 4.05 pm.

    Next you dismissed Dinesh Gunawardane and appointed Dr. Sudath Gunasekera on Jan 12, 2014 @ 11.32 p.m.

    This takes back my memories to the time when Dr. W.Dhanayake was the Prime Minister and dismissed some of his cabinet members and they only knew about it when they attended the cabinet meeting. Some of them even did not have a “Railway Warrant” to get back home.

    I also like the way your Military Take Over is working. One proposal, you must also have a Cabinet Spokesperson. Can I propose the name of Mr. Lakshman Hulugalle. He can work very well with GR- the No. 1 in you list.

    Keep up the “good” work. Congratulations.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    As I told you before you have been shortlisted for the post of JESTER.
    Haven’t met anyone better suited to replace you, yet. Lack of originality is a concern though.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Christie has a point.

    Endians (Tamilians are Endians too) are the problem.

    West is a distraction. By attacking the west NOW, we disadvantage us. We have to SCALE BACK attacks on the west and start attacking the REAL culprits.

    Soon Tamilians will come up with another C4 documentary. This time it may be photoshop images of DWARKA (pronounced DURGA) VP’s daughter. We have to be ready.

  15. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: THANK YOU. I accept that post of JESTER. I can have the last LAUGH.

    Thank you again. Bye.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Doglas.

    PLEASE keep commenting whatever the differences we may have. Your point of view MUST be in the forum. Honestly, it has helped me understand the LTTE+UNP point of view of things. As LTTE+UNP has gone bust there is no other way to know what they are up to. But they are NOT dead and they WILL be back!

  17. Samanthi Says:

    I am wondering why Dayan didn’t recommend anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist parasites like Thisaranee Gunasekera, Nimalka Fernando and Jehan Perera who’re also happened to be his buddies.

    When Wignewaran’s name was first proposed for the NPC, Dayan was thrilled and hailed R. Sampandan and Sumanthitharan for that choice.

    Please see what he wrote to The Island of July 16, 2013 under the caption “The Wigneswaran factor”.

    “Justice Wigneswaran is a candidate that every Tamil can be proud to have as his and her representative, and may make a Chief Minister that most Sri Lankans of whichever ethnicity or religion can be proud of. In fact he will have the salutary effects of raising the bar of performance for every chief minister and Sri Lankan politician throughout the island.”

    Please also read the following article from the Island of 13th January, 2014 about Wigneswaran.

    By Norman Palihawadana
    An attempt by Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran to hand over presents only to LTTE suspects at the Welikade prison in view of tomorrow’s Thaipongal festival was thwarted by prison officers.
    When the Chief Minister wanted to handover presents to LTTE suspects, the prison officers have told him that it would amount to discrimination if only the Tiger suspects were considered and told him to consider all Hindus serving prison terms at the Welikade jail.
    Wigneswaran relented to the request made by the prison staff.

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