Mannar Bishop Rayappah Joseph lies to Ambassador Rapp
Posted on January 11th, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

It is no secret that Rayappah Joseph was a mouth-piece of the terrorists when the North was under the control of the LTTE. Now he is a candle holder to the LTTE rump and had been undermining Sri Lanka and accusing the govt of war crimes. It had been reported, that at a meeting with Ambassador Stephen Rapp, he had said that the Sri Lankan Air Force had used unconventional weapons and targeted hospitals at Pundikudiruppu, Dharmapuram and Puthumalu killing patients and civilians. He had said this at the meeting, as if he had been an eye witness. He had also added that 200 students had been killed when Vallipuram school was bombed. Then, he had accused the army of killing 500 youth at Chettikulam, and so on.

Years ago, when the Army went to rescue Madu Church from the terrorists, Rayappah Joseph took the Shrine of Our Lady Madhu from the church and went to the thick of the jungle with the LTTE fighters, who were occupying the church. He preferred the LTTE controlling Madhu area. So, his alliance to the terrorists is well known. Ambassador Rapp is in Sri Lanka to collect material against Sri Lanka for the next UNHCR meeting to be held in March. And here among other LTTE acolytes, we have a Catholic Bishop, making bogus allegations against Sri Lanka. The irony is that the Catholic Church is silent over the Bishop’s link to the LTTE rump. May be because, the Church as well supported the LTTE, as the claim made by the terrorists was that they were fighting against the Buddhists. The Church, ofcourse would like to see a divided Sri Lanka. Because, it would weaken the Buddhists and Buddhism in general, as Sri Lanka is foremost among Buddhist countries.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What has GOSL done to STOP this LTTE curse?


    So GOSL is responsible for this dirt. You can’t expect a bad bacteria to do any good. NOT culling such bacteria is the wrongful act, NOT a bad bacteria behaving badly (it has no other way).

    6 amendment should have been implemented against Kasippu Joseph (aka Joseph Goebbels).

  2. Nanda Says:

    What has GOSL done to STOP this LTTE curse?
    ye. NOTHING.
    Their actions have, in fact, empowerd them.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Whenever govt. complains about bishop KASIPPU JOSEPH GOEBBELS I laugh nowadays.

    It is the fault of the govt.

    Joseph Goebbels was the PROPAGANDA boss of (S)Hitler. So is bishop KASIPPU JOSEPH GOEBBELS.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Rev Reyappu Joseph will know somethings about the Tamil illegal migrants into Lanka from Tamil Nadu too, as Mannar was the favored crossing point for illegal migrants from TN. When this happened during ltte rule of the North (Cold War times) the GoSLs of that time were silent on the matter. Had Lanka’s North & East been ‘rented out’ for ‘Cold War usage’ with easy access to load low caste or Dalit origin Tamils from Tamil Nadu added on ?

    It is time to bring to light and air the truth of matters in context of those times and bring closure to the matter without trying to create lies and further trouble for Sri Lanka and her citizens. They have suffered enough for other peoples causes.

    We say that all illegal migrants ought to be deported. Among other matter that ought to be changed, the SAARC rule of ‘visa on entry’ has to be abolished, as done in India.
    We do not want further trouble in Sri Lanka. How many of our able leaders have died for the causes of other people ? None of the other islands in the Indian Ocean have paid so heavy a price as Lanka. It is time to end it all, truth be told, and closure brought about. It is time to forgive and forget the past and change for a better future for all.

    Sri Lanka is not the creator of the Caste System of Tamil Nadu or the Cold War. So why is Lanka paying dearly for these
    negative items ? Sri Lanka ground is being used for various experiments without the consent of its citizens. This is not Democracy. Who is pulling the strings on the puppet Lanka ?

    Here is another dubious event published in the media. This news further involves the Church in the ltte war, whilst vilifying the Armed Forces of Lanka. What is the truth behind this event ? Why is Lanka made to pay such a heavy price for others misdemeanors ?

    “* Sri Lankan government lodges strong official protest at US allegations
    Sat, Jan 11, 2014, 09:43 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 11, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has lodged a strong official protest at the allegations made by the United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Stephen J. Rapp.

    The government has expressed its strong protest against a message posted by the U.S. Embassy in Colombo on its official Twitter page which said that hundreds of civilians were killed in the North by the Army shelling during the final stages of the war.

    Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs Karunathilaka Amunugama said that Minister Prof. G L Peiris had conveyed Sri Lanka’s dissatisfaction when he met with the visiting US Ambassador-at-Large yesterday.

    The US Embassy Thursday on its official Twitter site posted a photo of the US Ambassador Michele Sison and the visiting Ambassador inspecting a site called “St. Anthony’s Ground” with a caption that read “St Anthany’s Ground – site of Jan 2009 killing of hundreds of families by army shelling.”

    Rapp, who is in Sri Lanka on a six-day fact finding mission, visited the former conflict areas in the North along with Ambassador Sison.

    Photos of him visiting the Puthumathalan school and hospital in “No Fire Zone 2”, and touring the site of former UN Headquarters in the “No Fire Zone” in Puthukudiyiruppu were posted on the U.S. Embassy official Twitter account.

    An Information Officer for the US Embassy has told the local media that the tweets were sent on an official capacity and will not be removed.

    Secretary Amunugama said the visiting Ambassador was told that the US had levelled such allegations without any basis.

    Sri Lanka military, strongly rejecting the U.S. claim that the Army shelling had killed hundreds of families as completely baseless, said it could be part of a much larger campaign that the U.S. intends to launch in the near future.

    The visiting U.S. official has meanwhile, assured the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance, that the U.S. would move a third resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in March calling for an international probe on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, according to the TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran”.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    We are simply wasting our valuble time when MR govt. acting as a deaf elephant. Racists Tamils can do anything and everything. Although GR and BR are genuinely interested in Sri Lankan affairs they are helpless when MR is pretending to be a sinhala buddhist. I cannot understand why MR is allowing the racists Tamils to conduct its racist affairs against the GoSL. Racists Bishops Rayappu and Saundranayagam are Kallathonis. These two rascalls brought in to the North and East thousands of Tamil Nados during the time of LTTE rule. MR gave National ID’s to all those Kallathonis to validate the Sri Lankan nationality expecting them to vote for MR party. Can you see what has happened to-day. MR is the Sinhalaya’s worst enemy. Is he acting dumb or actually dumb. MR is a yes man to Malcolm Ranjith. Is it because MR is under petty coat government? Who is ruling the country? MR or Shiwanthi Wickremasinghe?

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    We are still under Big Foot India plus vested interests too. GoSL has been cornered with FALSE allegations of War Crimes after the final war with the ltte. Thus the ‘giving in’.

    GoSL ought to have a Referendum on all things inimical to Lanka and go by that result.

  7. Nanda Says:

    We have no hope. I understand your frustration. To be MR has yet to pass the level of RW, soon he may, but NOT YET.

  8. Nanda Says:

    We have no hope. I understand your frustration. To me MR has yet to pass the level of RW, soon he may, but NOT YET.

  9. mjaya Says:


    **Is it because MR is under petty coat government? Who is ruling the country?**

    Of course!

    Remember not so long ago, a Vestal “Virgin” of the “Order” (Moratuwa) got caught smuggling children abroad? She was arrested and prosecuted. Then the magic happened. The head of the “Order” (same name as a famous floor polish of yesteryear) said that they will boycott all government functions. PRESTO! All charged were dropped and the lady was free to go.

    MR was completely stumped when he thought…
    1. Talking in Tamil will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t (Sinhalese people in Vavuniya hooted him when he did so because they new the reality!)
    2. Giving Kallathonies IDs will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t
    3. Building roads, schools and houses will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t in fact these ungrateful people are always loyal to the Diaspora and LTTE who have done absolutely nothing for them! Why? because they are racist and want THEIR WAY in OUR COUNTRY.

    One thing comes to mind….DUMB to the obvious, DEAF to the patriots and BLIND to the sacrifices our soldiers made.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Stanley and Mjaya,

    That is news.

    Shiranthi the former beauty queen is a Colombian Christian. (No Hampantotai woman would wear swim suites and dance for male judges). She sent ALL her kids to St. Thomas’. MR the Buddhist had no say in it. Looks like we know who is the REAL ruler. No surprise. Women do dominate men. May be she has presidential ambitions!

    But if she comes against Bandit Q in an election, I will vote her. Never mind the religion.

    Please refer to Kasippu Joseph as Joseph Goebbels.

  11. mario_perera Says:

    US floating ambassador Rapp rapped GR on his knuckles by telling him that he should have prosecuted the LTTE combatants and not rehabilitated them.

    What is rehabilitation? It is like uprooting a rotten plant from its natural habitat and transplanting it elsewhere. Attempting to transform youth whose inner core is corrupt after life long terror indoctrination is not only futile but also ludicrous.

    That Rayappu Joseph is a tree rotten to the core with the terrorist virus is undeniable. Yet he has neither been prosecuted nor has he been rehabilitated ! So what can the Government expect of him but that he lives up to his nature?

    The Church is in the final analysis a private organization, a super NGO and nothing else. Rayappu Joseph’s nomination as a ‘bishop’ is a matter within the Church structure and should not be made to be imposed on the State. Did not Vigneswaran and his TNA rump ask that the Governor of the North be removed? MR acceded by stating that the appointment will not be renewed. So too, the Government (if it is government worth its salts) should ask the Church to remove Rayappu from his position in the North. Rayappu is a security liability. He will keep his title and his purple robes, ‘purple ambudey’ and all which is a Church NGO affair. But his repeated intrusions in the political domain has become a sheer security threat and must be frontally met.

    The Church authorities must be reminded that its representatives must deal with the domain which is God’s and not interfere with what is the domain of Caesar.

    The point of this comment is just as Vigneswaran did with the constitutionally appointed governor, so must MR with this Rayappu menace, and ask that he be removed from his position. National security is the supreme concern of the Government and not the play field of NGO’s whatever be their size and number.

    RAYAPPU MUST GO. Neither prosecuted nor rehabilitated the Sri Lankan State has no need of him.

    Mario Perera

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “MR was completely stumped when he thought…

    1. Talking in Tamil will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t (Sinhalese people in Vavuniya hooted him when he did so because they knew the reality!). They voted for TNA Gonzeka!!

    2. Giving Kallathonies IDs will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t

    3. Building roads, schools and houses will win their hearts and minds – it didn’t in fact these ungrateful people are always loyal to the Diaspora and LTTE who have done absolutely nothing for them!”

    Still haven’t learnt the lesson.

    Damn fools.

    One day it will be these Tamils who will hang them. Saved, liberated, fed, educated, entertained, given power, etc.

  13. stanley perera Says:

    What ever it may be I supported MR govt. right from the start at Mavil Aaru through to Nandikdal as I thought that was a patriotic move. I have no regret about it. But I am flabagasted with MR’s attitude against the majority Sinhala buddhists (Iam a buddhist, Hindu and Roman Catholic) not taking any action against the racist Tamils specially the catholic racist Tamil Bishops who are real Kallathonis. They connive with any mother’s son in white skin against the GoSL. Malcolm Ranjith or MR are deaf and blind buffalos. If shirani Bandaranayake was a Tamil or a catholic MR would not have removed her from the CJ’s position. I must bring President Premadasa from his grave. The only Sri Lankan leader who had a back bone to chase the Indian Monkey Army. I will still support MR party as I have no other alternative reluctantly though.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Navy has scored a diplomatic victory govt. couldn’t!!

    TIT FOR TAT works!!

    With Tamils hatred ceases with hatred alone not compassion.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has ordered the release of 179 Sri Lankan fishermen lodged in Tamil Nadu jails, mostly arrested for trespassing into Indian waters.

    The decision is to create a conducive atmosphere before the scheduled talks between fishermen of both countries in Chennai on January 20 in a bid to resolve their issues.

    Ms Jayalalithaa says Sri Lanka too would release the 275 Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu arrested for fishing in Lankan waters.”

    – ndtv

  15. mjaya Says:


    The makeup “badama thattuwa” lady won’t get five votes if she decides to run for president. Believe me!

    Everyone knows she is hardly worth the makeup on her plumpy face. That is why she is trying to show her power by using her “preschool empire” to influence school admissions. It is a huge MAFIA specially in the H district.

    As Mario had said, if MR has decided not to renew Maj. Gen. GA Chandrasiri’s appointment as governor HE IS PATHETIC! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

    In a way, the anti-gov forces have achieved their objective. They want the UNP+JVP+SF unholy alliance to come to power. They will never win an election fair and square but with the exponentially declining credibility of MR it will become a reality.

    Nothing for farmers but we need not worry for CASINOS will save the day! :D

    Now most of our reservoirs are almost bone dry because of neglect. Roads and expressways are a good thing, but the thing is they don’t feed a population and they were built on farm land (specially the Southern Expressway). Norochcholai (started by Chandrika, then UNP, then MR) is always breakdown. Yesterday Murugan’s (the 12 headed comic of Kataragama) chariot (a Peacock ) was struck and killed by a plane en route to Mattala. Only the Hamba harbor is decently helping our economy. SriLankan Air (run by the makeup lady’s brother) is billions in debt. Bogambara prison will be replaced with … a tourist hotel! Tourists have legalized Ganja, brothels and casinos.

    The Sinhalese people have two options.
    1. Unite, form a new leadership (military or otherwise), take the destiny of the nation into their own hands and save the nation like they did in the past.


    2. Get a Gal Bottle (tax free courtesy from a Cabinet Minister), add some Kasippu, smoke a huge Susthi (Ganja cigar), mortgage your house, spend it at a casino, run a brothel (massage parlor), eventually run out of money and starve to death.


  16. SA Kumar Says:

    opion three !
    live & let live happy for ever!
    United Proncial Council of Sri Lanka !No short cut!

    Hela Demilaya ( (I)lanka(i) Thamilan )

  17. Sooriarachi Says:

    According to comments posted by readers, Ryappu Joseph and several other catholic Bishops are migrants from South India and they have engaged in bringing across more low-caste illegal immigrants during Prabakaran’s rule. This is believable as low-caste Tamils are good candidates to become devout Catholics due to them being disallowed from entering Hindu temples. The blunder Sri Lanka made was to give these illegal immigrants, Sri Lankan ID cards, without any verification of their residential status. If possible all illegal immigrants should be sent back to India, as a first step to reduce the damage done to Sri Lanka by these Catholic Bishops in the North.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Totally agree with Sooriarachi.

    It is the illegal migrant that all mischief makers depend on. Fearlessly deport all illegal migrants, as done in all other Democracies.

    Unfortunately, MR & GoSL were caught in a FALSE War Crimes trap after the last war with the ltte, and gave into giving IDs and voting rights in the North. This was to give a numbers legitimacy to the NPC & Wigneswaran. These IDs are temporary IDs (per media), and these people can be identified easily.

    (a) Rev. Reyapppu Joseph will know a great deal about these illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu. During the times of the ltte occupation of the North, the Catholic church had built some 100 churches in the Northern area in anticipation of huge numbers converted (per Shenali’s article on her visit to the North).
    (b) Just a few days ago, there was another news item declaring that there are some 600 Pakistani ‘Christians’ in Sri Lanka and they are not allowed to work and have so far depended on the charity of other Christians. How have these people entered Lanka and stayed on ? It is due to the lax SAARC rule that SAARC citizens (Pakistanis in this case), can enter Lanka and get a ‘visa on arrival’. These people have claimed ‘Asylum’ in Lanka, as they claim persecution in Pakistan by Muslims ! At this rate, Lanka will end up with all those converted to Catholicism from the SE Asia region and more ! This may amount of millions of people. Tax payers of Lanka will end up looking after foreigners and not the indigenous people of Lanka who will become poorer and virtually enslaved by wealthier outside forces.

    In this instance, the fault lies with our Lawmakers for not removing the SAARC lax rule from being applied to Lanka. India has already done so. Why can’t Lanka ? Whom are we pleasing here ?

    Lanka voters must push their local govt. representatives in all legal ways possible to remove the SAARC rule re entry and Asylum, and also deport all illegal migrants. Or else Lanka is lost, again.

  19. stanley perera Says:

    Pakistanis are Sri Lanka’s friends. Don’t forget the helping hand they gave us to destroy LTTE. They are far more better people than Indians except Dr. Subramanian Swamy. I take my hat off for Dr. Swamy who exposed Italian Indian.Let us all work to Balkanise India.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    “As Mario had said, if MR has decided not to renew Maj. Gen. GA Chandrasiri’s appointment as governor HE IS PATHETIC! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!”

    That will be last nail on MR’s coffin in the north.

    After that the north will be ALMOST TOTALLY free from SL.

    MR is now only good at giving into TNA demands.

    Even MR when he had brains realized the NEED to bring the military to RULE the country in the north and the east. BOTH governors are military men!! Now the whole country needs them.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Pakistanis (and others) are good at selling arms (especially against India !).
    Lately, the Pakistani record is dismal to say the least.

    * a huge haul of heroin from Pakistan
    * a large consignment of outdated Basmati rice
    * Some 600 Pakistanis holed up in Sri Lanka claiming Asylum (entering using SAARC rules and using Catholic church for help).

    Sri Lanka had best beware of SAARC members. Be careful of ‘friendly neighborhood rapists’.

    Dr Swamy is for the full implemention of the 13-A – we have a friend of sorts in Dr Swamy.

    Best friend to us is ourselves. We know the history, we know the story.

  22. aloy Says:

    GOSL should ask Arch Bishop Malcom Ranjit to remove the two Northern Bishops who rose against the nation and took the terrorists side when Rapp visited, or else he too should not be entertained in any government functions. In fact I see the Catholic church as an enemy of the Sinhala nation

  23. Nanda Says:

    But he will get hammered at home. No makaan for many days.

  24. cassandra Says:


    It is worth the while stating for your benefit and that of others who may not be aware of the correct position in this regard, that it is NOT within the authority of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit to remove the two Northern bishops. In the Roman Catholic Church, bishops are appointed by the Pope, they are responsible for their dioceses (the areas coming within their administration) and are accountable to the Pope. So, too the two bishops from the North – they are accountable to the Pope. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit has no authority over them.

    In this connection, it is pertinent to point out that according to a report in today’s ‘Island’ Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit has publicly disassociated himself from comments made by the two Northern bishops accusing the GOSL of using cluster bombs and chemical weapons during the ‘war’.

  25. Sooriarachi Says:

    I think Stanley Perera has got mixed up in judging all Pakistanis as friends of Sri Lanka, in response to Frans Diaz’z comment. It is true the Pakistani administrations of the last few decades have been extremely reliable friends of Sri Lanka. But the Pakistani Christians who are applying for refugee status on the pretext they will get persecuted in Pakistan are in fact denigrating the reputation of of a friendly country Pakistan, and they also could bolster numbers for Ryappu Joseph and company, if given refuge in Sri Lanka. So Sri Lanka need to verify their refugee claims very carefully and if not true, deport them.

  26. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Cassandra,

    I write with all due respect to you.

    You state the correct position by affirming that bishops are appointed by the Pope.

    However such appointments are not made ‘in vacuo’ or on a papal hunch. Candidates for bishoprics are scrutinized, and so to say placed under the microscope of papal diligence and concern. Candidates for bishoprics do not advertise themselves. They are proposed by the body of local bishops the head of whom is the cardinal. The recommendation of the bishops’ conference, the local governing body of the church is an absolute prerequisite. The head of this body is once again the Cardinal although they pass the ball among themselves as regards the chairmanship of that body as a sign of their fraternity, a sort of I tap your back and you tap mine. The cardinal nevertheless remain the ‘primus inter pares’ – the first among the equals. Therefore if the removal of a bishop from his charge is in issue, there too the opinion and advice of the bishops’ conference will have great weight, even the conclusive weight, as the Vatican (the pope) will not act on his own personal initiative.

    Now as regards the statement of the cardinal, that the bishops’ conference (meaning the Sinhala bishops) is not of the same opinion as the two Tamil bishops with reference to their accusation of the use of chemical weapons by the army against the Tamils, the cardinal is coming out in a very dubious light. The cardinal dismisses the issue by stating that it is the opinion of the two Tamils. Yet the issue remains and the condemnatory fingers of the two Tamils continue to point at the nation because this is what the matter is all about: guilt or non guilt.
    Now what is the bishops’ conference but the assembly of all the bishops, the two Tamils included. How can there be a ‘WE’ and ‘They’ in this regard? How can the cardinal say that the bishops’ conference is of another opinion when the simple truth is that the bishops’ conference is divided on ethnic lines?

    By washing his hands, the cardinal is doing what Pontius Pilate did to Christ. It is the royal ‘We’ of Pilate as opposed to the ‘They’ of the Jewish mob. The net result was that Christ was crucified. The two individuals the bishops are leaders of the Tamil mob seeking the crucifixion of the Sinhala nation and the Sinhala bishops have washed their hands of their involvement.

    Foes within and without are pushing for this country to be condemned at the international forum at all costs. The Tamil bishops are playing a leading role in pushing for this condemnation. The Sinhala bishops say we do not think as they do but they are perfectly free to think as they do. In other words what the cardinal and his Sinhala colleagues insinuate is that the two Tamils might be right!

    The issue in short is, did the army use chemical weapons against the Tamils. The two Tamils concerned loudly proclaim before the world, yes they did. The Sinhala bishops say that is their opinion. The issue is not about opinions but about the truth. By putting the truth in doubt the Sinhala bishops are giving weight to the Tamil opinion. What the Sinhala bishops are saying is: we do not think so, but there are two different opinions among our members because the bishops’ conference consists of us all.

    The message that the Catholic hierarchy is giving to this nation is clear: we are washing our hands in the matter of your eventual condemnation before the Geneva assembly. We are not concerned. Can we Catholics find fault with the Buddhists, laity and monks, who accuse us of being anti-national? The hierarchy does not care a red cent about the well being of Catholics in this country. They have the Vatican as their refuge but the Catholic laity have to face the brunt.

    Mario Perera

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