Stephen J.Rapp do you know WIN and Gallup International say, today US represents the largest threat to world peace ?
Posted on January 15th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

 “In their annual End of Year poll, researchers for WIN and Gallup International surveyed more than 66,000 people across 65 nations and found that 24 percent of all respondents answered that the United States “is the greatest threat to peace in the world today.” Pakistan and China fell significantly behind the United States on the poll, with 8 and 6 percent, respectively. Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and North Korea all tied for fourth place with 4 percent.”

 There is proof of this in Sri Lanka -a country seeking a peaceful existence, where Stephen J. Rapp US Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice, who  had come with a pre-conceived Agenda to accuse Sri Lanka for human rights violations.  He had met  a political party TNA, which still promotes the ideals of the former  Tamil terrorists’ demand for a separate Tamil State.  They  had taken him to St.Anthany’s ground at Iranapallai where Stephen J.Rapp had taken a photo and sent it over the twitter with the comment that ” the Sri Lanka Army shelling had killed hundreds of families at St Anthany’s Ground.” (where he was standing).

 This Stephen J.Rapp has stated without any attempt at  verify the truth of the statement,  just taking what some one had stated as the truth beyond any reasonable doubt. It is strange coming from a US Attorney and a one time  Chief of Prosecution of ICTR. This is not surprising as all allegations the USA State Department make against Sri Lanka are based on the exaggerated lies of the Tamils for Obama and the rest of the pro-terrorist Tamil expatriates.

 It is unfortunate that these investigators from USA come with minds  which have already accepted that Sri Lanka is  guilty of the offences they are coming to investigate. It is unfortunate, because with that mind set they will  accept all they are shown and  every thing they are told as correct evidence of  violation of human rights committed by the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed forces.

 The Americans seem to ask correct questions to inculpate  Sri Lanka , but never pose those same questions to themselves. America cannot have solutions for internal problems of other Nations, other than opinionated  suggestions, but they may have solutions to solve their own problems which they have not solved.  

 They remind me of Angels that came to Sodom and Gomorrah and set fire to the cities for crimes the  Angels thought the people had committed. ” For we will destroy this place, because the cry  of them is waxen great before the face of the Lord; and the Lord hath sent us to destroy it.” (Genesis 19.13)

 This American emissary who is a senior citizen and an Attorney  with the impressive title “Ambassador ”at-large, Office of Global Justice ” should be cautious in accusing others without ascertaining the verifiable  truth of the evidence.  The American legal procedures however are not exemplary. 

 It was evident even in the recent case of the Indian woman diplomat who was handcuffed ,taken to the police station, denuded, and subjected  to a complete body check including intimate parts of her body which had no relevance to the charges on which she was arrested.  Even when the former Managing Director of the IMF was arrested they treated him like a criminal allowing him to be photographed with handcuffs on, with out any respect to the man whose culpability was still to be proved.

 The Ambassador-at-Large had questioned the Defence Secretary why the LTTE combatants were not prosecuted instead of rehabilitating.  It was in fact a praiseworthy example of  Sri Lanka’s attempt to bring back its own misled youth into the society after rehabilitating them to  make them responsible citizens.

 A person may  have been a criminal but  if he regrets his errors, shows willingness to refrain from such criminality, he should be  treated with appropriate leniency.  That is in fact a Buddhist way of looking at it. Angulimala was a  criminal.  The Buddha subdued him and admitted him  to his  order of Monks.  These are aspects of Sri Lankan culture that foreign Christians will not understand.

 USA and its Ambassador”at-Large Stephen J.Rapp cannot understand this, as the terrorists  they have been fighting against were not Americans, but those they searched in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Those terrorists the Americans could not have  rehabilitated and make of them responsible citizens.  They were either murdered in cold blood, or tortured in prisons like those in Abu Ghraib, or Guantanamo Bay detention Camps. 

 The terrorists in Sri Lanka were its own Sri Lankan youth who had been mislead  and trained by India as terrorists.   Therefore there was no question of the captured Tamil  terrorist combatants  taken to justice and imprisoned , or murdered in cold blood, but instead they were rehabilitated and released into the civil society, with a “re-educated” mentality.

 This belies the UK Channel 4 video  documentaries which showed persons dressed like soldiers pointing guns at terrorist like men seated on the ground, to prove that the Sri Lanka Armed Forces tortured and killed terrorists.

 It is perhaps important that the Americans and others who accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes know, that the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces are predominantly Buddhists.  Buddhism is a human related pragmatic  philosophy, where there is an acceptance of all beings as equal. A Buddhist learns from very young age  to extend loving kindness, and compassion to all beings. 

 Therefore even if a Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers would kill their enemies they will never harm any one who is innocent and not offensive.  This should enables those who reflect intelligently on  matters to understand that  the soldiers of the Sri Lanka  Armed Forces  are the last who could be  accused for deliberately shooting to kill Tamil civilians or torture them. 

 The Catholics do not have such a refined philosophy to understand the mentality of a Buddhist Soldier. The Catholic or  Christian religion is in the belief of  a creator god beyond human reach.

 Therefore the Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph, Father Emmanuel of the  Global Tamil Forum or any other Catholic giving evidence against Buddhist Soldiers are doing so fundamentally because of their bias towards Buddhism. 

 Even the Tamils who are Hindus believes in a creator God as the Catholics, and do not understand the subtlety of the mind of a Sinhala Buddhist soldier against killing an innocent Tamil civilian who is not his enemy.

 Taking into account that cultural difference the foreign investigators should understand why  rehabilitation of the captured terrorist combatants  is  important in the reconciliation process while allowing  the  terrorists combatants still in their youth to regret their past and  revert to society as useful members. 

 It was a unique opportunity to show the Tamils  that the Government Armed Forces did not fight against the Tamils as such but against the terrorists. Once the terrorism had been eliminated, the Government of Sri Lanka was not proceeding to take revenge from those who were forced by the terrorists to fight alongside them; but instead make of them good citizens of Sri Lanka.

 The Ambassador Stephen J.Rapp  had in fact  met the Northern Provincial Councillor Anandi Sasitharan a wife of a terrorists combatant, who had according to reports made presentations to him on the situation of Tamil women in the North.  Ambassador Rapp could have if he used his intelligence before posing the question as to why the terrorists combatants were not  prosecuted,  understood how Sri Lanka had made a wife of a former terrorist an acceptable Councillor of a Provincial Council. 

 Anandi Sasitharan was a part of the terrorist apparatus being married to a terrorist,   who had not been rehabilitated  after capture and her present behaviour  shows an unchanged biased mentality towards the Armed Forces that killed her husband, which explains why her evidence may  have been coloured by her separatist terrorist tendencies.  Therefore, Ambassador Rapp should reconsider what ever evidence she had given in the light of what she had been.

 The rehabilitation of terrorist combatants  is a unique  Sri Lankan  experience  showing  compassion towards fellow beings, and a means to reconcile the Tamil Community with the Sinhala Community.  Of the 12000 terrorists combatants captured by the Armed Forces 11000 had been rehabilitated and reintegrated into the civil society.  Some of them have sat for examinations and entered the Universities, others have found employment, some have joined the military or police forces, while some  have married and settled down.

 What would have been their future if they were prosecuted and put into prisons ?

 It was the same as making the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces who fought the terrorists, a civilian security force to protect the country and the people, reverted to civilian work of utility while being in the uniform of the Armed Forces , yet be in readiness against possible resurrection of terrorism

 The US Armed Forces and its allies have provided arms and ammunition,  and sent military instructors to train Libyan dissidents in Bengazi and elsewhere, and also to the rebels in Syria.  Is not  this arming and training of so called rebels who are in reality terrorists who had  taken arms against the government in power illegal and criminal ? 

 In that situation Sri Lanka government would  have “forced” a dialog with the rebels, and make them see reason and arranged them a meeting with the authorities to settle the problems regarding  which they rebelled.  It is not too late for the USA and its allies to do even at this late stage.

 When Stephen Rapp the US Ambassador-at- Large  asks the Government of Sri Lanka why were the captured terrorist combatant rehabilitated instead of having them prosecuted , he is contradictory, as while asking Sri Lanka to prosecute the captured terrorists, USA is arming the terrorists against the regimes in power.

 Should not USA and its allies  on this account be a subject of a resolution of accountability at the next session of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva ?

If Sri Lanka has violated human rights or committed war crimes to whom is Sri Lanka liable to answer for those supposed  acts ?  Is it to US Ambassador-at-Large of  Global Justice, US Congressional Committee, UNO, or UNHRC. 

There are far  too many busy bodies coming to Sri Lanka to inquire into what happened five years ago when Sri Lanka eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists, while 140 million people have been killed  and more are continuing to be killed in Syria, and  there is utter chaos and lawlessness in Libya with even the Prime Minister being kidnapped, by  armed  Libyans tribal groups.

“I’m not saying that Libya needs a new dictator at all, I’d like to see more democracy in Libya but the responsibility for this chaos must lie with the Western powers who toppled Gaddafi without really having a firm plan on what was going to happen afterwards. We have seen this in every country that the West has intervened to topple the government. We have seen this in Iraq ” 6,000 people alone killed this year in Iraq. We have seen it in Afghanistan with the ongoing war there and we had over 100,000 people killed in Syria in the last two years. That was due to a different type of Western intervention by packing proxy militia who is trying to topple the government there. The chaos and the lawlessness in Libya and the prime responsibility must lie with the NATO powers who helping toppling Gaddafi in 2011. ”  Says Neil Clerk of RT Question More (

Is it not more appropriate that USA sends its Ambassador-at-Large Stephen J.Rapp to Syria and Libya to find out what USA could do to stop this massacres without resorting to annihilate the Syrian people and property by using NATO Forces to bomb ? 

There is more work in Syria and Libya for the Ambassador Stephen J.Rapp to do,  than in Sri Lanka ?

If the USA may have the right to ask question as to whether Sri Lanka Armed Forces committed violation of human rights and war crimes in the elimination of terrorists, it may seem for others that it is  not correct for Sri Lanka to point its finger  and say you also have  violated human rights and committed war crimes. 

But Sri Lanka nevertheless has the right to know whether USA posing questions is without blame on that score. Because the names of the  countries where violation of human rights  and war crimes  have been committed by the USA Armed Forces are written in too large red letters one cannot miss to see-Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan…….list is long.

In the light of that “war crimes” back ground of USA,  may I ask the Ambassador-at-Large of Global Criminal Justice,  what is the necessity for the USA State Department to spend money and waste the time of a very important Ambassador of Global Criminal Justice Stephen J.Rapp, to be sent to Sri Lanka to collect evidence to prepare another resolution against Sri Lanka for violation of Human Rights and war crimes?

These  Accusations,  the Ambassador Rapp as an Attorney  should know are absolutely false if there are no verifiable eyewitness accounts.

Ambassador Mr. Stephen J.Rapp,  the people who  took you to meet  those who  they said  have evidence of acts of  violation of human rights and war crimes committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the period of terrorism,  may not have even been allowed  by  terrorists to enter any where near St.Anthany’s Ground,  and during the military operations they may have been  driven like cattle by the terrorists keeping them- the civilian Tamils as their human shields. 

Under the circumstances what is the guarantee you have, that they are telling you the truth, and the absolute truth, and how in the world are you going to verify the truth of their statements ?

It is high time that the USA State Department  should reconsider  whether they have the moral right  to keep on moving resolutions year end and year out against  Sri Lanka on the question of  accountability in respect of violation of human right or war crimes against civilians in course of the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka as far back as 2009. 

It seems perfectly alright if the US Sate Department is in the embarrassing situation of not finding any thing better to  keep you occupied in your office as the Ambassador-at-Large on Global Criminal Justice.

It is time at least now in the wake of  new Nations with greater military and economic power competing for the leadership amoung Nations of the world, for USA to  re-assess its continued  political intimidation of developing nations,  and adopt a generous coexistence with them. 

It is in that reality the USA State Department should adopt a different approach in dealing with developing countries like Sri Lanka.

Therefore the US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice should in absolute honesty demand the US State Department to stop  passing further resolutions against Sri Lanka,  which after suffering thirty years under terrorism is trying to develop the country, unite its communities, and bring happiness to its people, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful existence.

5 Responses to “Stephen J.Rapp do you know WIN and Gallup International say, today US represents the largest threat to world peace ?”

  1. douglas Says:

    This man, Stephen J Rapp is no stranger to us in Sri Lanka. To be very direct and precise he was the person who submitted a report in October 2009, accusing Sri Lanka of violating International Humanitarian Law referring to the final stage of war from January to May 2009. Then again we should know him for his famous “cover up” of the USA’s involvement in the Rwandan Genocide while being the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Justice Courts.

    So these are the types of people who come to “investigate” our affairs. It is also interesting to note how this man “used” USA Embassy twitter to pass a “judgement” against Sri Lanka having visited the North and spoken to some of the so called “eye witnesses” in the company of Ms. Sison. The people of Sri Lanka must know who this Ms Sison is and why she is posted as the Ambassador. This “Combination” was well a planned strategy of the USA prior to the UNHRC sessions in March.

    Mr. Obama, where are you? What happened to you and your promise of “CHANGE” made to the world. Look what is going on in your back yard and who is running the country? Isn’t it a SHAME on you, Mr. President? In the name of DEMOCRACY and appreciation of Sri Lanka for having got rid of the world’s ruthless terrorist outfit called LTTE after thirty years of struggle, don’t you think it is way of saying “THANK YOU” by stopping this never ending passing of resolutions against our country? Please address your inner conscience and ask yourself whether you are doing the correct thing of harassing a small country that is struggling to come up.

    The best advice I can give you is “QUIETEN YOUR MIND, YOU WILL GET ANSWERS”

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Hack-him has said something sensible this time.

    Tamils HATE Sinhalese over BS war crimes. But if war crimes investigations are done, Sinhalese will start hating Tamils.

    This nonsense MUST stop.

    “The Sri Lankan government Wednesday urged the US to reconsider its position on the island nation and support efforts towards achieving reconciliation in the country.

    Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem said, instead of further polarising the country, the international community, including the US, must look at alternate mechanisms like encouraging a truth commission in order to see reconciliation being achieved in the country, Xinhua reported.

    Hakeem said the US government had a preconceived notion on Sri Lanka and this was clear even during the recent visit of Stephen J. Rapp, ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues, Office of Global Criminal Justice of the US State Department.

    The minister said digging for evidence to back war crimes charged on Sri Lanka will only aggravate the division among communities and not help reconciliation.

    The US Sunday urged Sri Lanka to seek the truth over alleged human rights abuses through independent and credible investigations.” – IANS

  3. stanley perera Says:

    Why did Obama receive the Nobel Peace Award before hand? That BS Peace Award was for Obama to work for the world peace and not to investigate bogus war crimes allegations by the bogus Tamil refugees feeding Obama with blood money collected by the Tamil Terrorists.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    With so many civil society organisations representing the Sinhalese, Buddhists, Hindus, non-LTTE Tamils, Muslims, Christians etc, Stephen Rapp met only known LTTE supporters and Bishops, who were the cause for the recently ended conflict. In all probability the US Embassy in Colombo and those represented by Steven Rapp’s delegation had connived to plant non-existent evidence against the Sri Lankan forces to suit their agenda, rather than truth seeking. This is the conclusion one could gather from the Twitter allegation sent out by the US Embassy in Colombo. This also goes to show the bogus law and order issues the US authorities could be raising in around the world against other countries too.
    Steven Rapp and Ambassador Sisson have brought the USA into disrepute with their brazenly one sided conduct. Nations like the USA or India would have by now either arrested or deported people like Rapp and Sisson for their conduct, if it happened in those countries

  5. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Charles Perera as always. Very useful information for our PATRIOTS in Australia & concerned citizens everywhere.

    I need not go through ALL, as many have responded adequately for Mr. Stephen Rapp & USA ambassodor in Sri Lanka.

    I feel as one of your patriots from Australia suggested that a RESOLUTION OF ACCOUNTABILITY should be brought forward by Sri Lanka, with the support of Asian & African nations who are willing to be brave. Once it is brought I am sure USA will try to impose many roadblocks to contries who support our motion.

    But Charles, we must attend to more URGENT matter at hand ie..Resolution in Geneva 2014 against Sri Lanka. Most probably India will support the USA position to AVOID their INVOLVEMENT & insiitence that ONLY last 5 months of war ( so that Indians CULPABILITY is not taken into account).

    This is very astonoshing an ASIAN country who helped terrorists in their camps in Tamil Nadu STILL want to proceed this resolution as India did in the past TWO resulutions. WE MUST INSIST that UNHRC should cover ALL 27 years of war against a SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT STATE. UN also is at fault for NOT acting in the best interests of a small country ( the ONLY country that defeated terrorists).

    Even some Professors from various Western Country universities have commented HOW ONE SIDED USA’s resolutions ONE AFTER ANOTHER, just keep Tamil Diaspora, Catholic preists (in name sake)who are part & parcel of LTTE network.

    So I plead with all PATRIOTS to rally around & help the legal begals of Australia who has volunteered their ervices to FIGHT this upcoming USA resolution against Sri Lanka in March 2014.

    Thank you Mr. Charles Perera & all who responded……….Remember ONE NATION< UNITED & FREE, UNDER ONE LEADER, STRONG & INDIVISIBLE……………J

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