The Burning Sri Lankan National Issue? Collective Hypocrisy And A Collective Mental Illness
Posted on January 17th, 2014

Janaka Yagirala

Imagine the following experiment, you have a person with a white cube in front of him (or her). If you ask the question “Is there a black cube in front of you?”, the expected answer from a sane person with a clear conscious would be “No it is a white cube”.

Now if the person were to answer “Yes it is a black cube”, what common sense conclusions can you draw about the subject? This may seem like a trivial trick question but understanding these conclusions has huge implications in solving what we are told is he burning “National Issue” of Sri Lanka by seeking out the root cause of the problem. For the readers convenience the important conclusions and categories are numbered.

The Context, Conclusions And Categories

(1) If the person who answers “yes” happens to be a child too small to know the difference between white and black, then there is no problem. It is only a matter of teaching the child what is black and what is white. (2) Similarly if the person is not of clear consciousness, it is a matter of waiting until the person has a clear conscious to get the right answer.

If the person is an adult and of clear conscious but answers “yes” in truthfulness the person suffers from a mental illness. This can either be due to the person being mentally deficient. (3) It can also be due to the person being conditioned (i.e. brain washed) to believe that white is black.

If the person is an adult and clear of conscious but answers “yes” knowing that it isn’t true, the person is a hypocrite. Hypocrites are of two types, (4) those who seek attention (mainly dinosaur Marxists) and (5) those who have ulterior motives.

Fact and Fiction

Sri Lanka (literally) has a rock solid history based upon hard archaeological evidence. All stone inscriptions from Yapa Patuna (Jaffna) to Dewundara are in no other language but Sinhalese, except those that describe trade regulations. All Buddhist temples and religions monuments along with reservoirs mentioned in the Mahavamsa (the Great Chronicle of the Sinhalese) are tangible.

The Mahavamsa does have a few fantasies such as the union of a lion and a human giving rise to Sinhabahu and Sinha Sivali. Animal-human unions are common in ancient literature such as the union of Pasiphae and a bull giving rise to the Minotaur. In modern times these are reinterpreted into more realistic scenarios such as the lion being a member of the “Sinha” tribe instead of a real Panthera leo. Nevertheless, a few such stories cannot and will not undermine the tangible archaeological evidence that verifies the vast majority of the facts in the Mahavanmsa.

The Tamils of Tamil Nadu have their own “Tamil Sangam” which is somewhat interesting to look at. Apparently it had been forgotten for centuries until it was “rediscovered” during the nineteenth century by laborious collection of manuscripts by Arumuga Navalar, Damodaram Pillai and Swaminatha Iyer (note that both Navalar and Pillai were from Yapa Patuna!).

According to the Tamil Sangam, there were three “Sangams” which took place in ancient Tamil Nadu and Kumari Kandam (aka Lemuria), the first lasted for 4440 years with Agastya as the chairman. The second goes on for 3700 years under Tokappiyar (a disciple of Agastya) for 3700 years. The third takes place in present day Madurai, chaired by poet Nakkeerar and lasts for 1800 years. The first two take place at Thenmadurai and Kapatapuram which were located on Kumari Kandam (aka Lemuria) which sank somewhere around 16,000 BC.

There are quite a few people who link Tamil and the Tamil Sangam to extraterrestrials. For example, Alex Collier ( a self claimed UFO abductee. To get an idea of Alex Collier one can view the following clip Apparently it was something important to the Tamil community that it made its way into the news An excerpt from a similar themed documentary can be found in with a modern depiction of Kumari Kandam that includes Sri Lanka! One of the main characters behind this fictitious depiction of Kumari Kandam (inclusive of Sri Lanka) was Devaneya Pavanar (1902-1981).

The existence of this alleged ancient continent has since been conclusively refuted by plate tectonics and zoogeography. The simplest argument against this is the fact that a land bridge that linked Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka and Australia would have allowed animals from all landmasses to freely roam around. Had this been the case, we would have had kangaroos hopping in Sri Lanka and elephants roaming in Australia!

In The Context Of The “National Issue”

Now its back to the Sri Lankan “National Issue”. To what category will a person who denies the Mahavamsa (with historically accurate accounts backed by tangible archaeological evidence) belong to? To what category will a person who takes something like Star Trek (pure fiction) as absolute fact belong to?

If one looks at the Sri Lankan “National Issue” through this viewpoint it is easy to see why the myth of the Tamil homeland continues to re-emerge (lets not forget that fictitious Lemuria contains all of Sri Lanka). It is also no surprise that so many turned up to give a Kollywood performance to Navi Pillay when she visited Yapa Patuna. Also it is obvious as to why none (not even one) out of the many thousands of civilians rescued from the LTTE by the security forces during the last phase of the war in April, 2009 have come forward to refute the bogus war crime allegations. It is also understandable as to why after being settled and being provided infrastructure by the government, the TNA won an overwhelming majority in the Northern Provincial election after doing absolutely nothing!

Solving The National Issue

The Sinhalese have given more privileges to the Tamil community (and Muslims as well) than they have themselves. Tamil is a (undeserved) “national language” when it should be a minority language. The Sinhalese  as the majority have to learn Tamil to secure a government job (that is thanks to the attention seeking hypocrite Marxist dinosaurs) when it should be the other way around. Tamil students have fair access to all universities in majority Sinhalese areas but Sinhalese students have negligible access to state universities in the NE. So what have we got in return? Nothing. Only a minuscule minority of the Tamil community exhibit the patriotism, the loyalty and the humanity expected of a citizen of Sri Lanka.

It isn’t possible to inject gratitude into a community the same way one would inject vitamins. Instead, what has to be done is to repeal the undeserved privileges and stamp out this collective hypocrisy and mental illness. The key is to stop the vicious indoctrination and minority seggregation. Both go hand in hand, seggregation makes people ignorant to the reality of the world around them, indoctrination can then easily fill the resulting interlectual vacuum. Those who indoctrinate are the hypocrits and they do so for their own avail.

The process of solving the national issue should start from abolishing the 13th Amendment. It will take away a lot of useless political and politically correct waste. It was also implemented without any mandate from the people and enables minorities to maintain segregation through language and political devolution. Next, the 6th Amendment should be enforced against the parasites in parliament (TNA and SLMC). Our school education system must be made exclusively Sinhalese with English as an international language (Tamils can learn Tamil as their mother tongue but all other subjects have to be in Sinhalese) and should include the tangible history of our country based upon archaeological evidence. Having only one medium will do wonders in stopping organized minority cheating during examinations.

The separate legal systems for Tamils and Muslims have to be abolished. No minority should be given any preferential treatment whatsoever. All place names in the NE have to be replaced with their original Sinhalese names not the Tamilized ones that date from the 19th century (a comprehensive list can be found at

What also need a broad alliance of patriotic forces (Buddhist clergy, farmers, professionals, expatriates, teachers, scientists, university academics, journalists etc.) to take forward the agenda to regain Sinhalese dignity (political, economic and cultural). During the war, there was a strong patriotic alliance that drove most anti-nationals and traitors to don sheep’s clothing. They are now coming out, one by one because the patriotic forces have dispersed.

Cardboard minority racists are nothing more than plain cardboard. When faced with superior force they will simply run. Bloated up Prabakaran didn’t have the guts to take a cyanide capsule himself, instead he died fleeing the battlefield trying to save his life! When pursued by the police, the effeminates who celebrated cyanide capsule day at the Jaffna University ended up fleeing to no more ironic place than the female hostel!

This Is Our Country!

Finally, it is time to call a spade a spade. A paddy field can have a few scattered sedge plants and salvinia, but that doesn’t make it a sedge or salvinia field. A paddy field is a paddy field and nothing else. Sri Lanka was built by the Sinhalese. Minorities are more than welcome to live in Sri Lanka provided that, they respect the inalienable national right of the Sinhalese and integrate into our society. They need not go far to see how the Malay people are well integrated into our society while preserving their unique language and culture. If they refuse to integrate, there is nothing holding them back, they can consider themselves free to return to their ancestral homelands (Tamil Nadu or the Middle East) and live as they please.

30 Responses to “The Burning Sri Lankan National Issue? Collective Hypocrisy And A Collective Mental Illness”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Tamil is a (undeserved) “national language” when it should be a minority language.”

    This is the BIGGEST PROBLEM.

    Tamil is a national AND official language that is why TAMIL MADU ILLEGALS come to SL in drones. IF Tamil was NOT an official or national language they would NOT come here. Then SL Tamils will slowly become Sinhalese which is what is happening in Canada (Tamils slowly becoming FULL English Canadians).

    A paddy field can have a few scattered sedge plants and salvinia, but that doesn’t make it a sedge or salvinia field. A paddy field is a paddy field and nothing else.”

    Well said! But in SL the stupid farmer is LETTING salvinia TAKE OVER paddy. That dumbo should realize it is the paddy that gives him money (votes) not bloody pests and creeps.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    To his credit Fonseka (he was a GOOD man UNTIL July 2009) called the spade a spade. He said SL belong to the Sinhalese and others can live in peace. BUT minorities should NOT demand this and that.


    But then he went mad and joined TNA.

  3. mjaya Says:

    Patriots, here is something very serious to consider…..

    According to Lanka C News, from Feb 1st ALL National IDs will be in Sinhalese AND TAMIL.


    The registration of persons has absolutely NO RIGHT to do this, politicians also have absolutely NO MANDATE to do this. NICs should be ONLY IN SINHALESE for SINHALESE. This is the gov. in panic mode as Lorenzo has said.

    This is the URL of the news, add the dot as mentioned.

  4. mjaya Says:

    Lorenzo and anyone who else who knows Tamil, appreciate your advice on this…..

    From what I know about Tamil, you cannot right something like Prabakaran, instead it has to be written as Pirapaharan. If this is true, people with names like Praveen, Praneeth will have their names completely wrong when written in Tamil. Also Tamil has no “E” sound as in Epasinghe, so Epasinghe will be written as Apasinghe.

    Similarly there is a mix up of “G”, “H” and “K”, “D” and hard “T” (as in Tennyson) and “P” and “B” as well right?

    We should use this as one basis to reject an ID with both Sinhalese and Tamil, that A LOT OF SINHALESE NAMES WILL BE INCORRECT when written in Tamil.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





    THE IDEA OF A ” NIC ” IS PURELY FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY. The person looking at it will not know whether the Holder is a Sinhales or Tamil. THIS IS A DELIBERATE MOVE TO CAUSE CONFUSION. Perhaps, the idea may have originated from a Tamil.

    The IDEA should be totally rejected. REPEAT~~~The IDEA should be totally rejected.

  6. mjaya Says:

    ** THIS IS A DELIBERATE MOVE TO CAUSE CONFUSION. Perhaps, the idea may have originated from a Tamil. **

    Makes a lot of sense now.

    Viggi is trying to rewrite history – probably based upon a nutcase like Al. C.

    Sangiri says Kuweni was a Tamil – from Kumari Kandam -> Sri Lanka is what is left of Kumari Kandam -> Kumari Kandam is Tamil -> Sri Lanka must also be Tamil.

    This is the ludicrous logic these nutcase racists use!

    I think the best thing would be is to reject the NIC if it has Tamil on it.



    This is the typical Sinhala National Anthem, Tamil National Anthem madness of people who don’t know their place in Sri Lanka and the nutcases who don’t have the anatomy to stand up to them.

  7. aloy Says:

    Thank you Janaka for this very good piece. More grease to your elbows and may god bless you.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    That is true. In Tamilian language the Sinhala and English sounds of “KA”, “HA”, “GA” are confusing.

    Yes. “PA” and “BA” are also confusing. “SA”, “SHA”, “JA” and “CHA” are confusing too. “DA” and “THA” sounds are also confusing.

    Writing Sinhalese names in Tamil will be AN INSULT to them.

    In Tamilian “R” sound like in Prabha is written and often pronounced as Pirabha which also gives stupid names.

    At the moment all Tamil IDs have the Tamil name in Sinhala. OFTEN it is NOT the correct name!

    This madness of every ID card having bloody Tamil Nadu language letters on them MUST stop.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    SL needs a leader with a backbone.

    IF Sinhala is made the ONLY official language MOST problems will be resolved within 25 years.

    It will break the Tamil Nadu-SL Tamil link, Tamil Diaspora-SL Tamil link and LTTE-SL Tamil link. Sinhalese and Tamils will be inseparable apart from their skin color, religion and surname.

    I can’t see one with a backbone in politics.

    Even SWORD Bandaranayaka SUSPENDED Sinhala official language 48 hours after making it the official language. People protested and he reinstated it!!

    This has nothing to do with the VASTNESS of a language. Knowing both languages I think Tamil is more vast than Sinhala with more words and more proverbs. That is because there are 6 times more Tamil speakers in the world than Sinhala speakers.

    For SL the NATIVE LANAGUAGE is ONLY Sinhala. Everyone MUST know it.

  10. Nanda Says:

    I cannot believe this bugger allowed such thing to happen.
    I have noticed lately that some Sinhalese nowadays speak with a hint of Tamil accent.
    No wonder, the reason is Colombo is a Tamil speaking city now.

    Some news.
    “The Defence Ministry yesterday said that Northern Provincial Council member Ananthi Sasitharan was under investigation, though she had publicly distanced herself from the LTTE fighting cadre.”
    Lets see what happens.

    We can see the backbone and the balls soon. The government is under X-ray. Looks like some balls starting to develop, until I heard the Identity Crisis frmo Mjaya.

  11. S de Silva Says:

    Thanks Janaka for clearly showing how the Sinhala politicians by ignorance or for short term gain planted the cancer of ‘undeserved privileges for Tamils’ and allowed it to grow. More time wasted in trying to put things right now, more difficult will things get and if we leave it too long things will go beyond the “point of No return” which Tamils justifiably believe will shortly happen. So do bravely what is needed NOW – S de Silva, London

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    ID cards ought to be in Sinhela, English and Tamil, making English the link language.

    Better to know English than Tamil for computer literacy and jobs, knowledge of the world and access to books etc. Tamil Nadu does not give a single job to any Lankan. They only sell sub-standard pharma to Lanka, send Kallathonis to Lanka to create destabilization, grab sea fish from Lanka sea waters, sold the Separatist idea to Lanka Tamils to hide Caste Wars, help bring about the diabolical 13-A, Lanka to disrepute abroad through all the negative activities – the list is long and endless. Why promote the Tamil language in Lanka – it will end up with more Tamil culture along with reimposition of Caste.

    Tamil folk of Lanka have to integrate into mainstream life in Lanka, just as they do when they go abroad to other countries. Lanka is NOT an extension of Tamil Nadu. Never was and never will be – that is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF LANKA.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Can someone please enlighten us, on who originally suggested this idea of imposing Tamil on a Sinhalese NIC. His background should be exposed.
    This is a PLOY to make all Sinhalese ~~~Tamilians. Apparently, some lunatic at the Registration of persons, prompted by a Tamil Politician.

    THE WHOLE COUNTRY SHOULD RESIST THIS MOVE, vis-à-vis to force a Sinhalese to carry his or her name in Tamil too. Ridiculous, Ludicrous, and INSANE.


  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  15. Lorenzo Says:


    There is no need for the name to be in 3 languages.

    The current system is WORKING. NO ONE has a problem with it!! Why the hell these fools want to change it?

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !!

    A Sinhalese who does not know Tamil will not get a Government job. A Tamil who does not know Sinhalese will not get a Government job. What is the Ratio of Sinhalese against the Tamils ??? The Sinhalese are always at a disadvantage. Who brings about this pathetic situation ?? It is MR and his gang of Law-Breakers.

    The suggestion to introduce Tamil into the Sinhalese NIC, is a subtle move to Tamiliarisation of the Sinhalese. IDIOTS DO NOT REALIZE IT. If this comes to pass, the TNA TAMILS will pass flatus from the rear end of their alimentary canal, while have a loud laugh, at the plight of the Sinhala modaya.

  17. mjaya Says:


    **Can someone please enlighten us, on who originally suggested this idea of imposing Tamil on a Sinhalese NIC. His background should be exposed.**

    I am not sure about the background. I just got to know from Lanka C News that from Feb 1st, Sinhalese IDs will be contaminated. Might as well include the national ID with English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Timbuktuan!

    This is the URL of the news, add the dot as mentioned.

  18. mjaya Says:


    Thanks for the insights on Tamil.

    I have formulated somethings we can do about this new “contamination” of our Sinhalese ID cards.

    1. Refuse a NIC in Tamil during application for a new one or renewal. Clearly tell the person at the ID counter that you are a Sinhalese and do not wish to have an ID with Tamil on it.

    2. If you have a name with the “Pra” sound your name will be written in a funny way. “Praveen” will become “Piraween”, “Prasad” becomes “Pirasad” etc. Also “Epasinghe” will become “Apasinghe”, if your name is “Kamal” it will be written “Gamal”, “Dayananda” becomes “Thayananda” etc. So make it clear that your name is OUTRIGHT WRONG when written in Tamil.

    3. Inform your local temple and patriotic pro-Sinhalese organization. Organize campaigns that operate within the framework of the law against this nonsense. Bombard the Registration of Person’s Dept. with letters, email, etc. and let them know that you are against this.

    4. I kindly request an organization with the means to take the initiative to legally confront this after all the 13A which makes Tamil a national language has NO MANDATE from the PEOPLE. It was implemented illegally by Endian intervention.

  19. mjaya Says:

    Patriots, I searched this NIC issue a bit this is what I found from Sundaytimes. Its the dirty TNA in Action!


    Source: www[dot]sundaytimes[dot]lk/130505/news/identity-cards-in-sinhala-tamil-soon-43319.html

    “The relevant authorities are taking a policy decision to include both Sinhala and Tamil languages in the identity card, Deputy Solicitor General Viraj Dayaratne informed the Supreme Court.

    The fundamental rights petition filed by A.P. Dananjaya Gamage cited Registration of Persons Commissioner General R.N.S. Sarath Kumara, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, National Languages and Social Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara and the Attorney General as respondents.

    The petitioner claimed that as his identity card which was issued to him in June 2011 was only in Sinhala and had not served the purpose of him being identified if he decides to visit the Northern or Eastern Province as the language of administration there is in Tamil.

    The application claims that his fundamental rights to equal rights that no person shall on the grounds of race, language etc.’ be subject to any disability, liability, restriction or condition with regard to access to public places as well as his right to the freedom of movement and of choosing his residence within Sri Lanka, are infringed by the respondents.

    The petitioner states that the Constitution specifies that Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of the country.�The DSG informed Court that there are several modalities which have to be looked into in both languages, in the identity card and moved for time till June.

    Attorney M.A. Sumanthiran with Ms Saritha Fonseka appeared for the petitioner. The Bench comprised Chief Justice Mohan Pieris and Justices Saleem Marsoof and Priyasath Dep.”

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THE Petitioner is a SINHALES..A.P. Dananjaya Gamage. He feels that if he goes to the North, people will not be able to identify him, and therefore his fundermental rights are in question. I hope my assumption is correct. His Ego is damaged,
    Hence his move to have his name in Tamil too. Am I right ? Now who are his Attorneys..M.A.Sumithara, and Ms Saritha Fonseka. A Tamil and a Sinhalese. A beautiful set up. Nothing looks hanky panky.

    I can retract on my earlier stance, and make a change, as suggested by Fran, in all three languages. That will please everyones EGO.
    The Suggeston for examples with Colour Coding.

    A.P. Danajaya Gamage ‘s name can appear in BLUE,with the largest size letter that can be accommodate, on the card to denote ethnicity. Repeat. Name in Largest possible letters in BLUE to denote Ethnicity.
    Then name in Tamil, in smaller size letters in RED.
    Again, name in English, with still smaller size letters, in Black
    Since Dananjaya is a Sinhalese, his address should be reflected only in Sinhalese.

    Similarly, B.C. Gamageyam’s name has to appear in Blue to denote Tamil ethnicity. Likewise, Muslims And other ethnic groups. BLUE WILL DENOTE THE ACTUAL ETHNICITY OF THE HOLDER OF THE NIC.
    Any additions and subtractions welcome, which I may have not seen.

    Everybody is Happy Eh ?

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to weigh up the COSTS AND BENEFITS of letting these TNA DIRT live.


    1. UNHRC and other clowns will blame us if we don’t let them live.


    1. SL can be saved from the Tamil Elam project.
    2. SL can be saved at UNHRC in future.
    3. People can be saved from RACISM.
    4. Parliament can be rid of dirt.

    MORE benefits than COSTS in NOT letting these criminals poison the nation by their very existence.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    “Rajapaksa said the presence of troops in the north has been reduced to 12,000 from 70,000 and that less than ten are camps still exist in the region. “There was a time that we witnessed military camps almost everywhere,” he said.

    – adaderana

    What a dirty act of treason!

    Another FOOLISH thing is to open a cancer hospital in the north. It is a TAMIL ONLY hospital! This is damn foolish.

    Why save TNA voters from G~d’s will of cancer on them?

  23. Nanda Says:

    This will be the hospital for LTTE cancer growth which will be the cancer incurable for Sri Lanka.

  24. mjaya Says:


    “Rajapaksa said the presence of troops in the north has been reduced to 12,000 from 70,000 and that less than ten are camps still exist in the region. “There was a time that we witnessed military camps almost everywhere,” he said.

    That is treachery pure and simple!

    This is just what happened after the peace talks. The army withdrew camps from A9 and the LTTE moved in.

    Now its back to the old days. This has to be said. We have an Army of 200,000+ and only 12,000 in the north.

    The entire clan are hypocrites (including GR), bowing down in the north, parading cardboard patriotism in the south, night races and lamboginis for badagini and bullets for those who ask for clean water. Had not been for our garbage opposition, I would have given up “the clan” ages ago!


    Cancer affects human beings, but the cancer in our country is minority racism (Tamils Racists and Jihadis). If we don’t do something about it it will eat away the whole country. The fools can wait with their mouths open until it is all over!!!!!

    PS: As usual, they will keep the new cancer hospital all for themselves and swamp the cancer hospitals in Maharagama as well!!!!

  25. mjaya Says:

    Denial is the worst thing that can happen.

    We can foolishly deny the obvious and continue thinking that someone is a patriot. It is time to open our eyes and accept the bare naked facts and truth.

    If we continue to deny our motherland will continue to suffer……that is what all of us don’t want.

  26. mjaya Says:

    We need not be surprised when Viggi dictates the terms, we need not be surprised when our IDs are contaminated with Tamil, when need not be surprised that the 13A is NOT GOING despite the 2/3 majority, we need not be surprised that yeoman Maj. Gen. GA Chandrasiri will be replaced by a eunuch, we need not be surprised that terrorists can make Mahabooru speeches in parliament.

    I remember a poem I came across when the CFA was implemented and we had to painfully watch what was unfolding….the last line went….

    “niwata amana mola nethi sihalunne, ada ada eyi maru pin karaganne….”

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Absolutely Mjaya!

    Even GR is useless. He makes BIG statements from time to time to keep patriots hooked in. Apart from that NOTHING.

    MR can’t reduce the army to 12,000 WITHOUT GR’s agreement!!
    Rehabilitated LTTE terrorists alone is 14,000!!

    Fonseka in 2002 was a FAR BETTER PATRIOT than GR today. Fonseka RESISTED changing HSZs in the north even against the president CBK, PM Run-nil and LTTE/TNA.

    Now LTTE will definitely come back. I wish its first assault is the THIEVES DEN in Kotte.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    CFA-2 between MR and Sambandan.

  29. Nanda Says:

    No LTTE will never assault THIEVES DEN because it is their HQ right now.

    “Cancer ” is the wrong word.
    “AIDS” is better word, contacted through communication from the wrong end. They tell us one thing from one end while enjoying the LTTE …………

  30. SA Kumar Says:




    Susantha Wijesinghe well said !!! We never learn , do We ???


    My chinhala sakotharaya , Thamil Eelam is already born in your mind which we Hela Demilaya given up in 1987 finaly MaY 2009 !

    Why This Kolaveri !!!!

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