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Dr. Tilak Fernando

Cdn-2014-tag-In-Focus.jpgAlthough theology or spirituality has been on the increase among people from time immemorial, Westerners seemed to have woken up rapidly in recent times and become ‘star’ crazy, which has resulted in some of the British tabloids to introduce a popular ‘star guide’ column. It is so popular that first thing in the morning when most of the readers open their newspapers, their first inclination has become to gaze at the planetary guide for the day.

In such a backdrop, news spread in London among the Sri Lankan community about a Sri Lankan mystic practitioner’s presence in 1988; needless to say I too became inquisitive.

Dr. Walter Jayasinghe (Left) LA receiving a copy from Ronald

Finally when I came face to face with Ronald Senaratne, who introduced himself as a psychic consultant, he surprised me by stating that he spotted me at the Lord’s Cricket grounds during the Sri Lanka Test match and wanted to speak to me! I became more curious!! He could only utter that he has had a vision about me but had forgotten when I met him face to face.

Early research

During the course of our conversation I gathered that at the age of 15 he had started researching into the miraculous powers of pre-historic ‘hela yakka’ that had developed over generations covering Ravana, Mandori, Vibishana, Pulasthi etc and acquired knowledge through Ramayana and folk stories in Sri Lanka. This very experience of ‘tapping into the invisible forces’ helped him to energise his subconscious mind through meditation where he seemingly developed a special technique.

A book on ‘Astral bodies and body aura’ by Lombsam Romba strengthened his knowledge further and helped him to delve into palmistry, astrology, psychic reading, hypnotherapy, clairvoyance and numerology.

In 1979 he was sent to an International exhibition held in Frankfurt as a delegate to represent Laksala where he worked as Manager, Fort Branch. From Germany he proceeded to France where he met the Sri Lankan Ambassador, Tissa Wijeratne, who introduced him to many personalities in Paris.

Contact with British politicians

On route to Sri Lanka, via England, he was introduced to the Leader of the Liberal Party of England, Jeremy Thorpe, through one of Tissa Wijeratne’s friends, who in turn introduced him to Mrs Margret Thatcher. He prophesised that Mrs. Thatcher would become Prime Minister in England with a landslide victory for the Conservative party and she would be in power for over 10 years!

He also predicted that Jerome Thorpe could get involved in a court case but would be exonerated of all allegations, yet his political career would be in danger! As envisaged, Jeremy Thorpe faced trial with a scandalous homosexual accusation later. Finally he was acquitted at the trial, but lost his party leadership and disappeared from the political scene. Ronald sees this as a ‘reverse’ type of forecast to that of what he prophesised about Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike where she (Mrs. B) would lose out on her civil rights case but continue her political life magnificently afterwards.


On his return to Sri Lanka he received a hand written personal letter from Mrs. Margaret Thatcher thanking and complimenting him on his readings about her and the Conservative party’s future. After the UK elections in 1979 when Mrs. Thatcher became the Prime Minister, Ronald received a similar letter from her which he considers to date as a hallmark on his prophesy.

He proudly exhibits these to those who are inquisitive and cynical about his psychic experiences. Referring to personal letters written to him by Mrs Thatcher and Jeremy Thorpe, he makes it a point to emphasise the fact how ‘humble and down to earth’ the British politicians are in comparison with the majority of Sri Lankan politicians who never bother to write to anyone personally in that manner!!

Complimenting Mrs. Thatcher at every occasion he divulges his past experiences similar to that of the ‘Ancient Mariner’ to say ‘Margaret Thatcher’s father believed in mythology and that probably made her look at things differently with an open mind about what he predicted.’

He also states that ‘Sri Lanka should be grateful to her for gifting the Mahaveli Victoria dam project in Kandy and considers the naming of the British project ‘Victoria’ by the British as a commemorative memento to honour Queen Victoria, one of the greatest monarchs who ruled England and the British empire for a long period.

Psycho-analytical sojourn

The two predictions on British politicians encouraged him to delve into the subject in a much deeper sense and to develop new contacts in many parts of the West.

His fans who were satisfied with their readings invited him regularly to visit them which helped him to tour the West and India on an annual basis from 1988 continuously up to date, which he likes to call it his “psycho-analytical sojourn”.

His motto has been, “seeing is believing”, “touch is fascinating and real” and “practical experience is nature consciousness”. In his attempts to put such theories into practice he has gone through craggy times, but in most cases many have acknowledged his astuteness.

Although he was not very popular among some of the Sri Lankans living in London who subjected him to severe criticism about his ‘chakra tapping technique’, he confirms his theory after he met the famous Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn, touched her and predicted several personal details to her which has helped to convince not only her, but many others in the USA and wherever he went, after the Hollywood actress’s response on a facsimile to him on June 13, 1966 which read, in part, as follows:

“Dear Ronald,

I had the most enlightening experience with you today. More than forecasting the future, you saw my soul through your gift of reading the chakra light energy- Goldie Hawn”.

Essence of nature

He believes in the existence of deities and invisible cosmic forces which are responsible in protecting the nature, the essence of it all, he puts it down to one developing a virtuous relationship with natural elements; when it is accomplished to the full ‘you are never alone,’ he stresses.

According to Dhammapada, ‘Chitta’ or the mind is fickle and wavering every second, as such, it is most difficult to guard or control. ‘Any individual becoming conscious of the psychic energy power of Jhayana (Ghayana – sanskrit) is able to awaken to the truth and much more to Nibbana’.

Delving further into the subject of nature, he refers to the Sidashwatha tree which protected Prince Siddhartha during his tedious process of seeking enlightenment to become the Buddha. Subsequently this tree has been termed as Bodhi or Bo tree.

He translates the relationship with the tree and Prince Siddhartha as a symbol of interwoven natural elements blending with the individual’s own consciousness of everything where a macrocosmic energy traces begin to enter one’s mind, body and the heart and ultimately becoming a microcosmic personality – which in other words helps one to develop the sixth sense aura to realise a certain amount of permanency and impermanency within one!

Sri Lankan dilemma

With regard to the present chaotic problem Sri Lanka is facing with the international forces which are becoming constantly ferocious day after day at present, he tends to believe that Sri Lankans living abroad had failed to establish one single united body as a Sri Lankan Diaspora to work for peace and harmony of the country without attempting to go against each other or the Tamils abroad and to work on an amicable formula to live in harmony and peace without thinking of dividing the country of a sovereign nation.

He takes Negombo in Sri Lanka as an illustration where many Catholics have gone to Italy, earned their foreign exchange and come back and developed the town with au courant buildings and maintaining comfortable lives. Likewise, he says a Sri Lankan Diaspora could help Tamils in Canada, Australia and the UK etc., to follow suit to help all children of mother Lanka to come back and develop their country and live in harmony!

His first book based on his experiences under the title “Sangnya Lokayen Vihidena Rahas” (secrets that emanate out of universal vibrations) deals with his past experiences with many eminent personalities, events and spiritual content that include what he has articulated on Sri Lankan cricket, human aura, radiating of energy out of the Sidashwatha (Bo) tree, kingdom of death, under-water eye, mighty ocean, ‘Na lowa’ (kingdom of snakes), King Dharmasoka, Adolf Hitler, magnetic effect of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s universal aura, Premadasa era, analysis on Anura Bandaranaike, Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini Dissanaike, Vijaya Kumratunge, Gamini Fonseka’s aura et cetera.

Dr. Praneeth Abayasundara of Sri Jayewardenepura University commenting on Ronald Senaratne’s first attempt of prose claims that he had the opportunity of reading about a psychic expert who, is well versed on prediction with a profound knowledge on meditative forms, questions the reader ‘whether people should accept only things that can be seen and heard? Are there not many facets to life people are unable to see and hear. How many research papers are there concentrating on such topics and can such work be taken as an acceptable science and how man is going to benefit out of such subject matter’.

Currently Ronald Senaratne is working on an English version of the book which is going to be more comprehensive and concise with additional information and revelations out of his latest experiences.

His ultimate ambition in life is to retire as a ‘global senior citizen’ by travelling round the universe and tapping into peoples’ auras.

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