Viet Nam supports Sri Lanka development
Posted on January 24th, 2014

From Sri Lanka Missions abroad

President Truong Tan Sang has affirmed Viet Nam’s support for Sri Lanka’s national development and reconciliation. Receiving Special Envoy D.E.W Gunasekera of the Sri Lankan President in Ha Noi yesterday, the President praised Sri Lanka’s economic achievements and conveyed his wishes for the country’s prosperous future. He also expressed sympathy over the challenges facing Sri Lanka and labelled embargo measures as old-fashioned and counter to the aspirations of citizens.

Sang also said co-operation enabling mutual economic development was now the major trend in globalisation, adding that Viet Nam and Sri Lanka had benefited from good political and diplomatic relations. Looking to improve economic ties between the two countries, the President acknowledged that further efforts needed to be directed to improving trade and agricultural cooperation.

Special Envoy Gunasekera said relations between Viet Nam and Sri Lanka had been enhanced by similarities between the two countries, with both having struggled with the difficulties of prolonged wars in the past. He also said Sri Lanka had started efforts to rebuild and hoped to receive assistance from the international community, including co-operation with Viet Nam.

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At the meeting with Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong yesterday in Hanoi, the top leader of Sri Lankan Party Dew Gunasekera said the Communist Party of Sri Lanka places importance on, and wants to further mutually beneficial ties, with its Vietnamese counterpart. He also expressed his pleasure at returning to Viet Nam and at the fine development of the two parties’ relationship over the decades.

Gunasekera briefed the Vietnamese Party leader on his country’s successes, as well as the challenges it faces, wishing Viet Nam, as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, would provide a fair voice on Sri Lanka’s human rights issues.

General Secretary Trong thanked Sri Lanka for supporting Viet Nam in its bid to become a UN Human Rights Council member for the 2014-16 period, asserting Viet Nam will do its utmost to raise concerns about Sri Lanka’s human rights issues based upon the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

He also extended greetings to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, affirming Viet Nam’s hope to cement ties between the two parties in terms of high-level delegation exchanges and economic relations.


b)         Electronic Media

           The Meeting of Special Envoy Dew Gunasekera with Party General Secretary of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong and meeting with the President Truong Tan Sang were broadcasted on Vietnam Television at

5 Responses to “Viet Nam supports Sri Lanka development”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    On UNHRC. SL should JOIN in a group with these POPULAR countries elected THIS YEAR to the UNHRC. Look at their votes (from UN countries). That shows WHO is POPULAR (most support from the world). If we JOIN them we can make use of their SAY to get through this UNHRC nonsense.

    Africa (4 seats)

    193 votes, 0 invalid, 1 abstention

    South Africa 169
    Algeria 164
    Morocco 163
    Namibia 150

    South Sudan 89
    Tunisia 2

    Asia (4 seats)

    193 votes, 0 invalid, 1 abstention

    Vietnam 184
    China 176
    Maldives 164
    Saudi Arabia 140

    Jordan 16
    Iran 1
    Singapore 1
    Thailand 1

    East Europe (2 seats)

    193 votes, 2 abstentions

    Macedonia 177
    Russia 176

    Slovakia 1
    Latvia 1

    Grulac (2 seats)

    193 votes, 0 abstentions

    Cuba 148
    Mexico 135

    Uruguay 93

    WEOG (2 seats) These jokers are unlikely to help us.

    193 votes, 1 invalid, 14 abstentions

    France: 174
    UK: 171

    Andorra 1
    Greece 1
    Luxembourg 1
    Portugal 1
    San Marino 1

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One the ground level Sri Lankans should not buy any products from India, the perpetrator of the Civil War (The Sri Lankan civil war was orchestrated in New Delhi even before the war began) and the perpetrator of the ongoing human rights violations. Marginalize India from the markets of Sri Lanka. That is an act the common man can do till India stops her double standard accusations on Sri Lanka, and patronize Chinese made goods.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Not only that.

    Our armed forces should have a strategy to inflict maximum damage to possible invasion by Indians.
    We must have a “go underground and fight back” strategy, well planned with new , innovative methods.

    If Vietnam can defeat US, in modern war, surely we can defeat the stupid Indians. We should develop new methods.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    In the Vietnam war MOST dead are SOUTH VIETNAMESE who supported the Americunts. That was partly how the war was won. USA could have just nuked Vietnam but couldn’t because that would have killed their south Vietnamese friends too. US options were LIMITED and continued war meant MORE south Vietnamese getting killed.

    It has to be applied to SL context too. Some people in SL will support the Endian invasion. ALL those should be ELIMINATED ruthlessly. They are DISPERSED across the country now so it is easy to do so. We have to keep a large army in the north to do it there.

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    We send our delegates to most helpful friendly countries before Geneva meeting. So China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam and Asian block always supported us.
    Geneva meeting results is our enemy states India, U.S, U.K, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and EU pass resolutions against Sri Lanka. Very same countries were the supporters of racist, tamil terrorists group LTTE.
    Till March we want friends but after March we do business with enemies and forget friends till next march.
    At least why can’t our trade missions to do some homework and recommend our government to do more trade with friendly countries and reduce imports from our enemies. Example we can import sugar and medicines from Cuba and reduce import of sugar and medicine from India. Import more cotton and textiles from Vietnam, Thailand and China and control Indian cotton and textiles. Encourage our women to wear decent dresses from East Asian Myanmar, Thai and Vietnam styles and discourage Indian sarees. For a year we send several millions of $ to our No 1 enemy tamil nadu for import sarees.
    We can easily grow Onions, Chillies and other spices than import from tamil nadu. Red lentils and chick peas we can import from Australia and Turkey than from tamil nadu.
    Reduce whisky from U.K and bring Bacardi and Vodka from Cuba and Russia. Reduce U.K and U.S cigarette imports to duty free shops and import more cigars from Cuba. Smoking Cuban cigars is a fashion in Europe so we can market cigars at transit passengers who go to Maldives.
    We import cotton from China and Vietnam and we can have weaving factories similar to Thulhiriya, Weyangoda. Then we do business with friendly countries and create jobs too and kick to enemies. Three birds with one stone.
    Fashion industry can change the mind of Gold jewellery most dominated by tamil nadians in Sea Street and introduce latest white gold or sterlin silver jewelleries. Rather than go to tamil nadu we can easily buy white gold and silver jewellery from Dubai.
    Singapore voted against us so we can encourage Thai Airways, Emirates, China airways, China Southern Airline, Vietnam Air ways and Russian air ways to come to Colombo. Always do business with friendly countries is worth.
    To give a knock to U.S and European imperialist we can have diplomatic ties with North Korea. Open an embassy in Colombo and Pyong Yang to show Ban Ki Moon and U.S.A that we have more Asian and international friends.
    Just to send delegates to our friendly countries is not enough always. In return we must give them too.

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