US interference in Sri Lanka
Posted on January 25th, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

A month ago, US Ambassador at Large Stephen Rapp visited Sri Lanka on a so called Human Rights mission. He spent most of his time in the North interviewing people and collecting information against Sri Lanka for the March Human Rights Council meeting. He was accompanied by the US Ambassador, Michelle Sisson. It had now been reported that last week some more officials had come from the US to Sri Lanka and visited Jaffna with the US Ambassador. They had held a secret meeting with Chief Minister Wignesvaran and MP Sampanthan from 9 PM till midnight.
Then, this week the  US Ambassador had visited Jaffna and had a meeting with Provincial Councillor Ananthi Sasitharan, who had visited Europe recently, having meetings with the LTTE rump on ‘separatism’. As usual, Chief Minister Wignesvaran and MP Sampanthan had been at this meeting, with US Ambassador. Sasitharan in the past, had been a LTTE recruit married to Eastern Province Political Wing Leader Elilan, who was killed during the war. After the war, while LTTE supporters were rehabilitated, Sasitharan had avoided this Rehabilitation Program.
US Ambassador Sisson’s interference in Sri Lankan domestic affairs is alarming. It had become obvious that the US and the West are doing their best with the LTTE rump and the TNA  to dig separatism in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Most concerning is GOSL doing NOTHING.

    They KNOW TNA=LTTE. But what did they do? Empower the LTTE (=TNA).

    Ananthi woman just came from a FOREIGN TRIP (funded by the govt.) to 10 countries where she presented them “war crimes” CDs, etc. Viggie is the same.

    Why we complain about our OWN mistakes?

    This is the fault of the SL govt. Still the FOOLS want to continue with the 13 amendment after all the dirt it has done to the country! Tigers will kill. That is natural. If they don’t kill, I will be surprised. We have to protect our country from them. At least EMPOWER patriots to take matters into their own hands as the govt. FAILED to protect SL.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Ranee met Ranjee to ask for help on Kassipu Joe Geobbles.
    I believe they have already bribed Zuma heavily, so SA mat vote for us this time.
    why can’t Ranee call up Sissi for a good session ?

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Why is the US so hell bent on galvanizing the separatist sentiments of the LITE rump across the world and embodied in the TNA? Just in the past few days the Maldive nation turned down a US request to build a military base in that nation in regards to the sentiments of Sri Lanka and India. That article might as well added China for the sole purpose of building a military base in the Maldives is to widen the policy of the “containment of China” which both India, Japan, the US, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea are engaged at a various levels.

    Seen through this prism the formation of Eelam which would also include the strategic port of Trincomalee would effectively negate China from entering the Indian ocean. Outside of the inner circles of Washington D. C. Sri Lanka is not even mentioned to the public. This is important for the Democratic system of the US is a system where the electorate play a crucial role.

    If my conclusion is right then the use of human rights as a weapon (than a solution) is taking place. Human rights has been used in this manner to bring down nations, tear others apart and shield others from it. While Myanmar is literally cleansing her land of the Bangladeshi Muslims, while the Syrian government has already killed over a hundred thousand of her own people thereby surpassing the total killed during the 30 civil war in Sri Lanka, while in India 14 million people are literally slaves, the Indian army is brutalizing the Kashmiri Muslims, and the caste system takes a toll far worse than Apartheid, Segregation, Slavery, and even the deaths from the end of the Sri Lankan civil war go unchecked, while Coptic Christians in Egypt face extinction Sri Lanka and the war that ended the LITE is put on the top of the list.

    The closer relations between Russia and China get with Colombo the louder the US and the UK will scream human right violations on Sri Lanka and the greater will be their determination to crush the strategic power of Sri Lanka by using this very avenue for the excuse to form Eelam.

    The UK is an old hand at the concept of divide and conquer. Her politicians under the Atley government knew quite well that the demand for home rule was an inevitability as even the then US President Roosevelt was pressuring Great Britain to give India her independence which the Atley government did….but not before dividing India into two parts and forever damning that nation to play a secondary role as a rising power. As long as Pakistan and Bangladesh exist as enemies to India, it will be China that will be the true power of Asia and eventually the world for that is exactly what is happening. India and Pakistan are embraced in an eternal cold war that bleeds both nations while China has not been divided, instead has expanded with the annexation of Tibet.

    Going even further back into the 19th century Great Britain almost succeeded in bringing down China by forcing Indian farmers to stop growing rice and instead grown opium, which was then sold whole scale to China. Opium dens flourished so well that even the Emperor of China was hooked. Great Britain like a drug seller reaped the rewards and waited for the downfall of China. If not for the Boxer rebellion Great Britain would have conquered China and like India divided it before leaving it. The same game is now being played out on the strategic nation of Sri Lanka with a hope of containing China.

  4. jayasiri Says:

    Dear Mr. P.A. Samaraweera………Thanks for the article. I am NOT sure was it you or Mr. Chanaka Bandara from Australia was planning to DRAW UP PLAN to counter US-UK resolution in Geneva March 2004.

    I know I do not have the right to ask anyone ,BUT as you & others in Australia know IT IS TIME we are wasting TIME & do not have to prepare a plan BEFORE MARCH. There are many lawyers who are willing to hlep, BUT a LEADER must take the initiative TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN,

    Another expat suggested that going to IFJ in Hague and make a complain about the activities of these resultion bringers. THEY ARE obssessed with Sri Lanka & after YWO RESOLUTIONS still they are not satisfied. I STRONGLY feel that we ALL MUST USE our Energy & time, to help GOSL to prevent any adverse actions by THIS THIRD attempt by UK.

    Please see if you can help GOSL in this matter………Thank you Sir………….J

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Curse those who don’t want the 13 amendment SCRAPPED.

    TNA resolutions have effect on SL. But they show the world ELECTED LEADERS IN SL’S NORTH want this BS.

    “Tamil National Alliance (TNA) members are to submit motions before Northern Provincial Council (NPC) on Monday backing calls for an international war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka.

    A motion is also to be submitted before the NPC calling for a war memorial to be constructed, with the backing of the Council, in Mullivaikal where the final stages of the war took place.

    In all, 16 motions are expected to be submitted before the Council when it convenes on Monday morning, reports from Jaffna said.

    A motion is also to be submitted calling for an international investigation into the Mannar mass grave. (Colombo Gazette)”

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    Sri Lanka is in a difficult situation. The disgraceful and arrogant conduct of the current US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, qualifies her to be declared ‘persona non-grata’ and deported immediately. But USA is so powerful economically and militarily, can a small nation do this?

  7. Christie Says:

    It is all India, Indian colonial parasites and Indian vermin. Rapp and other US agents or Sepoys or Coolies are doing it for money and votes.

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