Posted on January 28th, 2014

Chanaka Bandarage, Australian Lawyer

 Things to do in the next 2 months:


1.Under supervision and control of Mr Lalith Weerathunga  and Professor GL Peiris, the Government must send fine emissaries to Western and other important countries., including India and UNHRC member states in Africa and Latin America.  The Government  delegations must be comprised of people who are capable of sitting  on equal footing with foreign government representatives, conduct negotiations and generate good outcomes for Sri Lanka.  The main objective of the lobbying is to persuade the UNHRC member nations (47) and other important countries that the proposed US initiated Resolution against Sri Lanka  is not required (given the recent Western rhetoric, this is an uphill task; the West is  hell-bent on bringing in in the Resolution ” they are very adamant about this).

 2. It is important for Sinhala Diaspora to meet with foreign ministers of Western countries (notably the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), Western government officials and other leading representatives of the Western  countries  including key oppositions parliamentarians.   It is also important that they meet with Western parliamentarians who unfairly criticise Sri Lanka and show bias to Tamil separatists.  Sinhalese Diaspora in the UK must demand a meeting with Mr David Cameron, who frequently give appointments to Tamil groups to meet with him.  Where possible, Sinhala Diaspora who live in UNHRC member countries in Africa and Latin America must do the same (for example, there is a large contingent of Sinhalese living in Kenya, they should try to meet with Mr Kenyata,  the Sri Lankan Diaspora in South Korea should try to make representations to the South Korean Government  etc.). 

 In the next two months  it is crucial that the above two delegations (Sri Lankan Government  and Sinhala Diaspora delegations ” the two will operate separately), meet with foreign government delegates, Western Media, UN and its agencies and NGOs.  The two Sri Lankan delegations must bring to their attention the alleged frauds of the Channel 4 documentaries,  dubious  information/reports  published against Sri Lanka like the Darusman Report, Gordon Weiss’ book, The London  Times Reports etc.  The delegations must articulate to these countries the progress Sri Lanka has made since ending the war.  It is important to show the current true picture of Sri Lanka ” that both Sinhalese and Tamils are living in harmony, all people live as One Nation; it is few separatist like the TNA and Tamil Diaspora who make unreasonable agitations.

 It will be foolish for the Government to pay millions of dollars to foreign consultancy and law firms to do public relations (PR) work for the Government.   The money paid to  foreign firms before was a sheer waste.  The  work can be effectively done by the Government, and committed Sinhala Diaspora, if efficient and committed people do take up the tasks.


Two Delegations to Geneva

 1.From now to 28 March 2014, the Government should send a strong delegation to Geneva  headed/supervised by Lalith Weerathunga and Prof GL Peiris.  They must have a continued presence in Geneva until 28 March 2014.   Along with Mr R Aryasinghe (Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to UNHRC) and his staff, they must hold meetings with all of the 47 UNHRC members in Geneva (true, very effective meetings have already been held; without being complacent, this trend should continue until 28 March 2014).  The  Sinhala Diaspora group should  conduct separate discussions with the same 47 UNHRC representatives.  Lobbying from Sri Lanka side must always be professional and intent.


1. The Sinhala delegation must run a permanent  stand at UNHRC in Geneva.  They must conduct media briefings,  ‘Sri Lanka’ workshops, exhibitions (including photo and book), lectures, public meetings,  film shows (documentaries)  etc at UNHRC premises, its surrounds and in Geneva City (all peacefully).  Where possible they must attend radio and TV stations and talk to journalists to explain the real, true situation in Sri Lanka.  While in Geneva they will regularly write to Geneva based newspapers and participate in radio talkback  shows.  Sinhalese patriots (hundreds of volunteers  will be required to travel to Geneva from various parts of the world, especially from nearby countries like France and Italy, spending their own money) will  conduct peaceful demonstrations with banners/placards clearly depicting the unfair  and unjust treatment meted out to Sri Lanka by the West.


1.Say, by 1 March 2014 – analyse how the voting will go.  If there are signs, that Sri Lanka has enough votes to defeat the US Resolution, do nothing, but continue with intent lobbying. If Sri Lanka wins in 2014, it will be impossible for the US or UK to bring another Resolution next year!

.2. If there are signs that Sri Lanka does not have enough votes, conduct closed door discussions with the US and UK to adopt a consensual Resolution that Sri Lanka will establish its own local enquiry to investigate the alleged war crimes in the final phase of the war.  We will need to obtain an assurance from the  US/UK that they will not put the Resolution to a vote.


1. If it is obvious that the US and UK will go ahead with their demand to establish an International Commission of Enquiry  (if they would not agree with above D2), Sri Lanka will establish its own Commission of Enquiry (must be judicial), preferably with acceptable foreign members (not a must).  This should be done prior to the Geneva vote on 28 March 2014.  Then, if the US Resolution goes into vote, it may not have much support.


1.At the moment, it looks like the US Resolution (not yet in the public domain, hence the wordings are unknown) will win.  See below the rough analysis as to how the UNHRC member nations would vote.  At the moment, it looks like Sri Lanka’s adversaries  would get  18/47 votes  and Sri Lanka  would get 12/47 votes.  The position of the remaining  17 nations is currently difficult to predict.  The main purpose of lobbying from now until  28 March 2014 is to win over nations who might otherwise be abstaining (there will be many this time).  If we lobby hard,  strong and well,  we may even be able to win over such ‘difficult’ countries like South Korea,  Brazil, Japan, Algeria and South Africa.  The list goes on, especially the many African countries.

  1. Algeria
  2. 2.       Argentina -US
  3. 3.       Austria -US
  4. 4.       Benin -US
  5. Botswana
  6. Brazil
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. 8.       Chile -US
  9. China ” Sri Lanka
  10. Congo
  11. 11.   Costa Rica – US
  12. C´te d’Ivoire
  13. Cuba – Sri Lanka
  14. 14.   Czech Republic -US
  15. 15.   Estonia -US
  16. Ethiopia
  17. 17.   France -US
  18. Gabon
  19. 19.   Germany -US
  20. 20.   India -US
  21. Indonesia- Sri Lanka
  22. 22.   Ireland -US
  23. 23.   Italy -US
  24. Japan –
  25. Kazakhstan
  26. Kenya – Sri Lanka
  27. Kuwait
  28. Macedonia -US
  29. Maldives- Sri Lanka
  30. 30.   Mexico -US
  31. 31.   Montenegro -US
  32. Morocco
  33. Namibia
  34. Pakistan- Sri Lanka
  35. Peru
  36. Philippines- Sri Lanka
  37. 37.   Romania -US
  38. Russia- Sri Lanka
  39. Saudi Arabia- Sri Lanka
  40. Sierra Leone
  41. South Africa
  42. South Korea
  43. UAE- Sri Lanka
  44. 44.   UK -US
  45. 45.   USA -US
  46. Venezuela- Sri Lanka
  47. Vietnam- Sri Lanka

In 2013, 25 member states voted in favour of the US Resolution and 13 against it while 9 abstained from voting.  India and South Korea were the only Asian countries that voted in favour of the US Resolution,   notably Venezuela and Ecuador voted against it. Japan and Malaysia abstained from voting. The misfortune is that the EU countries will always cast a block vote, and their votes will go against Sri Lanka; the same trend will continue this year.

39 Responses to “ACTION PLAN FOR GENEVA – 1 FEBRUARY 2014 TO 28 MARCH 2014”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Dr. Chanaka Bandarage……..EXCELLENT!!. This is what I always wanted & now at least we have a plan. Few members of Sinhala Diaspora in various countries WILL DEFINITELY help if explained to them of the PLAN, and with some encouragement, THEY WILL HELP THEIR MOTHERLAND.

    Almost daily we see our patriots who write to Lankaweb articulate different SENARIOS without CONFRONTING the issue, as a PLAN you have quite rightly produced with SUFFICIENT room for after effects & to attack them as well.

    The other Lawyers & Professionals of all TYPES in Lanka & abroad can also help if contacted LIKE Pof:SHELTON GUNARTNE of Minnesota University & few other lawyers who HAVE WRITTEN SUPPORTING LANKAN CAUSE, against the March 2014 resolution. Although we do not know the details, WE CAN GUESS ESTIMATE what it most likely be JUDGING by prevous resolutions.

    Thanks again Sir, for your valuable EFFORT & hope you will CONTINUE TO MONITOR in the months & days to come……J

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Now we have 5 action plans. We need some ACTION.

    I think all European countries have ALREADY MADE UP their minds what they are going to do in March 2014.

    USA is playing a cat and mouse game with SL. Biswal will be in SL tomorrow try to get something from GOSL.

  3. Chanaka B Says:

    If you look at the list of countries, many of the UNHRC member nations are not hostile to us. It is up to us to get them to our side. If we do our homework well (ie, like follow the Action Plan), we can emerge as Winners this time. It will be big a slap in the face of the US and UK! Like Obama himself said, ‘Yes We Can’

  4. Chanaka B Says:

    Lorenzo D1 is the best. I think we can do it – simply look at the list of nations; we should harness the African vote

  5. Chanaka B Says:

    Jayasiri, please email me Pof SHELTON GUNARTNE’s contact details. Thanks

  6. Nanda Says:

    Australia is not a member. But can we get their support to influence others ?

  7. Chanaka B Says:

    Nanda, Australia is a very important country – member of the UN Security Council

    We (our group) meet with Australian parliamentarians all the time. Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison; basically everyone in the current government are good friends of Sri Lanka, but we should not take anything for granted. We need to work with them continuously. Thisara is doing a fine job. Remember, the Tamil Diaspora will never give up

  8. Nanda Says:

    Is Japan on on our side yet ?
    Wasantha is there for some time now.

  9. Chanaka B Says:

    It is up to Akashi. If he advises his (Japanese) Government to vote for us, they will. It is very good that last time they abstained. If we work hard, though difficult, it is possible to get them to our camp. It is very disappointing that South Korea voted against us last time

  10. Nanda Says:

    I mean, like Thissara, man there should have been doing the lobbying already. It is very hard to break into major countries like Japan by lobbying in Geneva alone. I am not discouraging but it is a fact. Most Asian block countries need personal influences. Bad behaviour of our government makes it very hard for people like you.

    I think Kuwait and Brazil on our side this time.

  11. douglas Says:

    Chanaka B. : Thank you and it is no doubt an splendid plan.

    You also pointed out: “Under supervision and control of Lalith Weeratunga and Prof. G.L.Peiris the Government must send a fine emissaries……….” We in Sri Lanka got some news through media, of course. Sajin Vas Gunawardane to monitor the mission to Geneva together with Namal Rajapaksa. IF THAT IS THE CASE, I GIVE UP. I am aware of the profile of these persons made by the Research and Analyst personnel attach to the Ministries of these foreign Governments. I do not wish to dwell on that subject anymore until this news is confirmed.

    Anyway thank you again for your efforts and wish you the very best.

  12. Chanaka B Says:

    Nanda and Douglas – when I say Sri Lankan government must lobby foreign governments on this Geneva issue, I also took into account that the Government will utilize the services of our overseas posts to the maximum. Generally, when compared with the past, most of our oversea posts are doing a good job. Yes, things can be improved.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sajin Vas Gunawardane to monitor the mission to Geneva together with Namal Rajapaksa. IF THAT IS THE CASE, I GIVE UP.”

    Typical! We all have our different opinions. We HATE somethings of this govt.
    But we all come together to defend the country when it matters. We will team up even with the devil to save this country.

    Sajin is the REAL foreign minister who makes decisions. Whether we like it or not, we have to work WITH him.
    Namal is the future PM of SL with high international exposure, a LLB from UK, LLB from SL and is a REASONABLE person to work on this (though there are better people). Whether we like it or not, we have to work with him.

    Rocking the boat now is only the work of TRAITORS.

  14. Chanaka B Says:

    It was the slow-moving Tortoise that beat the Hare! (Aesop’s fable)

  15. Ramanie Says:

    Call the Indian rat (Ambassador) to the Foreign Office. Advice him in no uncertain terms that a vote in favour of US will mean that all Indo _ SL trade agreements will forthwith be cancelled. All Indian kallathonis wiil be sent home. All traders and other hang-arounds will have their visas revoked and be sent back to India. No more Matutis, Bajajs, Tatas, garments, dodgy drugs, Bollywood and Tamil Nadu films will all be censored/ banned. No more faulty spares allowed on SL shores. Indian rathole will be closed rats designated persona non grata and deported.

  16. Chanaka B Says:

    There is a school of thought (due to its own problems with the US) that India may not vote in favour of the US Resolution this time. I don’t subscribe to it. But, it is possible for India to abstain. Again, lobbying is the way – the only way.

  17. Nanda Says:

    Well said Ramanie. Wish you were the President of Sri Lanka.

    Unfortunately some lazy cats let rats jump over his tail. We appointed the cat, he is not catching rats.

  18. Chanaka B Says:

    Let’s handle India carefully and wisely.

    Because of our location, weak economy etc, we rely on India for everything too much. If we want to become a rich country (yes, this is a different topic), we will have to do it on the back of India (like how Hong Kong became rich on the back of China). Thamilnadu will try its best to prevent Sri Lanka from having a good relationship with India. Indians, especially Northerners, have been good to us, Thamilnadu (at least a section of it) is the curse.

  19. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: Let me tell you one of life experiences,

    Once I met an inmate of the Angoda Hospital. As soon as he saw me, he started a “lecture” in a loud voice. It went this way ” who are you? I am the king of this place. My word is the law. If anyone goes against my word, I will order him to be killed.” Then he turned on the others gathered to listen to his loud lecture and asked ” Do you agree or not”? Everyone present by that time (around twenty to twenty five) shouted: “Yes we accept you as our King”. Then they all bowed down in honor of him.

    I judging the situation, also bowed down and said “Yes My Lord, You are the King”. When I did that and said so, he started laughing haughtily and got others also to laugh so loud that it roared like thunder.

    I got so bewildered and very apologetically asked him: “why are you and all those around are laughing”.

    He smiled and said: “SO YOU BELIEVED I AM THE KING”. (The End) Have a Nice Day.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    another story smilar about Angoda Hospital !
    PR Premadasa went to Angoda Hospital once he elected as PR ,He met an inmate discharged at hospital at front office , He told him I am the President of Mother Lanka , inmate told him do not worry , you will be ok here ,as When I was admitted here two years ago I was PR of Mother Lanka !

    (The End) Have a Nice Day !

    Jaldevi will be come to Jalpanam in our Demila ,Chinhala New Year 2014 !

  21. Ben Silva Says:

    Excellent article. GOSL need to organise knowledgeable good communicators and approach the problem in a logical manner.Persons such as Asoka Weerasighe would be useful Prof. Rajiva Wijesinhe may be useful as he is a good thinker and a good communicator. What is happening now is propaganda WARFARE with misinformation by LTTE on a massive scale. LTTE is now winning the war. We have to act intelligently now.

  22. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DOUGLAS ! There is a slightly tilted version of this.

    JR went to inspect our Lunatic Asylum. While going around, he saw an inmate gazing into the sky. JR walked upto him and said Hello ! No response. The he said, Iam the ” President of this Country.” The inmate looked at him, smiled, and broke into loud non stop laughter. JR asked why he was laughing. The inmate whispered to his ear, don’t tell that loud, I told the same thing and they put me to this asylum.

  23. douglas Says:

    S K Kumar & Susantaha: Both of you are correct. The whole trouble for Sri Lanka started when the Medical Personnel at that hospital “discharged” the inmate JRJ. He made the whole country a “Mental Hospital”, because that was the only place he used to live. You remember the “Kalagedi” drama enacted and declared : “I can do anything other than to make a man a woman and a man a woman”. From there onwards the whole of the country acquired the status of a “Mental Hospital” managed by “High Profile” mentally “Deranged” persons.

    Thank you bringing these to light.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Doglas, STOP discrediting NAMAL and SAJIN in CT and LW websites for no reason.

    They are doing their BEST for SL now and don’t disrupt them.

    If you have VALID reasons against them TELL WHAT those are. Don’t just criticize them.

    This is the difference between you are us when we CRITICIZE the govt.

    We criticize for the GOOD of the country, the govt. and leaders, NOT out of HATRED.
    You criticize for your hatred against the SONS of the president and SAJIN, NOT for the GOOD of the country, govt. and leaders.

  25. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: I am glad you are in the CT even with a ” pseudo name”. To answer your concerns, please look at the analysis made by a well baked and competent journalist who has called a “spade a spade”.

    “…… do the handlers of external affairs for the Government of Sri Lanka have the competency to use more than the basic of public affairs, public diplomacy and strategic communication mechanism, understanding how the American polity works, the US strategy in its own handing of foreign affairs to engage in basic research and high level of analyses with future projections to use Mr. Lalith Weeratung – presentation to the UNHRC representatives in Geneva last week to enhance Sri Lank’s image globally and , most importantly to negate the ongoing “Global Diplomatic Insurgency, well oiled by the pro-separatist elements within the Tamil Diaspora, or allow the task outsourced to some Washington lobbying firms?” This is the question raised by Mr. Daya Gamage of Asian Tribune.

    Just take off your “dark glasses” and “Think of above observations rationally”. You will be a more practical person than now and from onwards.

    By the way, someone suggested that you go by the “pseudo” name “Fatima Fukushima” in CT. Is that true?

  26. Fran Diaz Says:

    Whatever the outcome at the UNHRC sessions for Sri Lanka, the people of Lanka know the truth. So do the Indians, UK, USA, Europe and Canada.

    If Sri Lanka does not pull through at the UNGRC sessions, then a whole lot of folk are lying !

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Doglas, STOP discrediting NAMAL and SAJIN in CT and LW websites for no reason. They are doing their BEST for SL now and don’t disrupt them.

    No. I’m not posting any comments in CT which is a Tamilnet sister website. By posting comments we encourage that Tamil junk site in its cause. Best punishment not to post comments there. Most comments are filthy, racist or both. Comments are not moderated allowing filth to be written.

    I have REPEATEDLY told the authorities to BLOCK that racist site CT but they NEVER listen. SLT can TRACK those who ACCESS that site from SL. So it has some merit to keep it going.

  28. Chanaka B Says:

    Fran, they all know it is a big lie,. They justify it to intimidate us

  29. Chanaka B Says:

    Fran, the end aim is the Eelam

  30. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: I will always question the competency and the credibility of the people who are chosen wrongly to handle important affairs of the Government. You complain about CT which is a Tamil sister website. I don’t know it and best to leave it to you judgement. But I comment there and you are invited to read what I wrote on the article titled “Resolution In Geneva Will Go Through” by S.V. Kirubaharan. Thanks to CT, my comment was published without any deletion or change. So why not go into these sites and say what you have to say, of course within the stipulated rules. If you notice, my comments have never been deleted and all those are very critical examinations of all sides, meaning the Govt. the LTTE affiliates and writers on various subjects, even including religion.

    I also notice how you spelled my name Douglas as ” DOGLAS” in addressing me. not once but tow times. To me that is a very important clue to assess your DASTARDLINESS. Therefore I DO NOT ask for an apology from a person like you. I leave it to the readers and the administrators of this page to see you through that mirror.

    Dear Chanaka: I apologize to you for getting involved in a confrontation with some unconnected dastardly comments posted against me using your presentation. I hope and wish your attempt to help Sri Lanka with your proposal would not be harmed and distract the readers from a very worthy cause. I assure you of my unstained support and wish you all the success.

    If you read that article I referred to above in CT you will see what NEW strategy these LTTE activists are deploying to reach that goal of Eelam. I too agree with you: “the end is the Eelam” unless we confront them and approach the problem in a very responsible and an intelligent, mature manner.

  31. SA Kumar Says:

    JRJ. He made the whole country a “Mental Hospital”,- agreed, but not his faulted as he had 4/5 majority in parliament .
    ok pass is passed ,
    I am so confident MR can & will solve our 2000 years (from Eelara/Thudda kaimunu time) before his retirement from political.

    My opinion Solution should be…..
    Fully implementation of 13A & 6A and at least 100,000 Sinhala Buddhist family permanent residence in NEP (with in 10 years ) !

  32. Marco Says:

    I wish you the very best in your endeavors to present a robust and credible argument against the resolution especially this coming from a group of non residents in Sri Lanka and equally to counter the Tamil diaspora.

    May i add, many if not most have got accustomed to these yearly rigmarole of the Geneva resolutions and quite used to seeing our foreign/diplomatic experts/analyst running around to foreign destinations like a blue a$$ fly at this late stage to make presentations and videos to put forward our case.
    As an example,may i respectfully point out to your header “ACTION PLAN FOR GENEVA – 1 FEBRUARY 2014 TO 28 MARCH 2014” – 54 days before the resolution is to be presented !!.
    I’m sure it does not come as a surprise the Govt as been rather lackadaisical in its approach to counter and address the issues raised from the last resolution 11 months ago.

    Which brings me to point out and observe and reflect that its possibly in the best interest of MR GOSL to have such Resolutions on a yearly basis from a political perceptive. MR is a shrewd and clever political operator. I believe its in his interest to gather the “nationalistic” political vote bank irrespective of the fact that as a Nation we are hailed as a despotic nation.
    It is more than likely the Resolution will have “no teeth” and it suits MR to prolong this further for 2 more years.
    I’m surprised however he has “cudgeled” the likes of Lalith Weeranthunga ( a Civil Servant) to defend the nation.
    Which brings me to the question that no one in his Cabinet, Party or the Foreign Office have been trusted with this task. (or – there were no willing volunteers)
    Think we and the outside world are aware of Sajin Vaas skill sets!
    I very much doubt that Namal would be part of the delegation (not high profile) as i believe it would not be in the long term political interest of the Rajapakse Inc.

    ps- Douglas- I do believe some individuals have keyboard malfunctions when it comes to vowels. I have often been referred to as “Micra” which i do take as a complement for obvious reasons.

  33. Chanaka B Says:

    Lorenzo and Douglas, both of you are great patriots. Let’s work together without a conflict in this national issue.

    Marco, I am glad you agree with me that their end game is the Eelam. With respect, I disagree with you that UNHRC is a ‘toothless tiger’. They can do many things. For example they can establish the International Commission of Enquiry; they will then try to use the findings to send our leaders (both political and military) to the Hague (ICC). Also, they can try to split Sri Lanka by bringing in an UN supervised Referendum in the North and East (like South Sudan). I explained the process in my 13 January 2014 Lankaweb article. The way things are brewing, Wigneswaran is likely to call a UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) in the near future – Kosovo came into existence from nowhere (I wrote about these extensively when I fought to abolish the 13th Amendment, early this year). I note with sadness that the Army has in the last few months closed hundreds of small camps/check points. We are doing so many things to please the West, but, we only seem to get criticism and receive very little praise. It is high time we ‘sell’ the many many positive that things we have done. Remember the famous Jefferson’s quote ‘Only a coward is exposed to quarrels, not a man of spirit’,

    What I am saying is that, judging the current UNHRC membership, we can use the forthcoming sessions to our utmost advantage. In fact, the coming sessions are a ‘golden opportunity’ for us to emerge as winners. If we do a thorough, intelligent campaign, we can win the forthcoming Resolution, to be voted on 28 March 2014. That will put a death knell to most of the bogus accusations made against us. If we campaign well in the next two months, the Asian, African and even some Latin American countries will vote for us. These votes will not come our way easily, we will have to work very very hard for each vote. But, it is worthwhile to ‘fire all our guns’ this time. The Government will have to utilise Professor Peris, he has a high international regard and knows the correct ‘diplomatic language’. My proposed Action Plan is a very good way forward. As Sinhala Diaspora, let’s work together; let’s run a stand in Geneva. Let’s defeat the lies and deceptions once and for all.

  34. douglas Says:

    Chanake: Thank you. But one thing I must tell you is, especially at this moment we must be able to “DISTINGUISH” between a Patriot and a Stooge. If not disaster is imminent. In that context our President must seriously think and display responsibility in the selection of an all important and competent team to represent the country at the UNHRC. You and I know the story we learned back in school.; viz the guard who killed the fly sitting on the head of the king.

    Coming back to the subject matter: We have only a short time ahead of the meeting in UNHRC. Do we know at this moment who are the members named to go to Geneva.? No yet. The team must be named and given the Government directions and form a Task Force to feed all necessary information, data and design the strategies to meet the eventualities that would crop up. This time we must know the background that led us to our set backs during the previous sessions and the team must be fully “toothed” to meet the present situation and any events that would arise as the sessions get going. In this process quite a lot of time, energy, intelligence, study, and concurrence have to be done prior to departure to Geneva. Do we see that happening excepting the “information sessions” conducted presently by the Secretary to the President.? Why this “LULL” is disturbing to me.

    While the President, the members of the UPFA are preoccupied with “elections” the Northern Provincial Council, violating the Constitutional Enactments has spun into action by passing a resolution calling for an International Investigation on War Crimes etc. On the other hand the Diaspora LTTE activists are in Geneva and other important cities laying the foundation for erecting a “formidable” wall on the attack front. There is an important meeting scheduled in London to meet Ms. Bisva of USA on the issues and formation of the Resolutions. All against Sri Lanka have spun into action and put on alert mode. Have we done it? NO.

    If NOT, why? Is the Government( meaning the Leaders) waiting for the passing of a Resolution against the country to achieve their ulterior motives? Come to Sri Lanka and see the situation. There is no “awakening” of whatsoever taking place on this matter of UNHRC. Yet there are “protest rallies” and “marches” and “court cases” etc. on many matters other than this all important issue before the country. I have many more guesses and answers; but wish to keep silent for obvious reasons personal to me. In the meantime, I am trying to see through that statement Mr. Lalith Weeratunga supposed to have made and published in the Daily News (Govt. mouth piece) “If a Resolution for International Investigation of War Crimes and Human Rights violations is passed in UNHRC, there would be “CHAOS” in the county”. Is it a SLIP of the TONGUE or a PREMONITION?

  35. Chanaka B Says:

    It is good if either Mr Lalith Weeratunga or Prof GL Peiris could meet with John Kerry in the coming days. Mr Kerry is the key.

    Douglas, at the moment we simply do not have the numbers in Geneva, and I am not sure whether we will lobby well to secure new ‘friends’. We should assist the Government in these endeavours. It is sad to note the apathy and complacency among Sinhala Diaspora about lobbying and conducting demonstrations etc. You know well most of the Asian, African and Latin American countries do not have a policy on Sri Lanka. When it comes to voting, they will seek advice from their representative in Geneva. On occasions they advise their representative to use the representative’s own discretion and vote. That is why lobbying in Geneva is also important. As you correctly stated Tamil Diaspora has already established their camps in Geneva; this is because they know the value of lobbying. Over the years Tamil Diaspora has grown to become a ‘giant tree’ largely due to successful lobbying.

    At the moment, the spotlight is on us – that we killed 40,000+ innocent Tamils. There is an obligation on our part to prove whether we are guilty or innocent. Once we prove our innocence, we can do lots of other things like exposing the LTTE atrocities, Tamil Diaspora lies, Western hypocrisies etc. At the moment, the obligation is on us to prove that ‘our hands are clean’.

    To an extent, LLRC already reported on the LTTE atrocities.

  36. douglas Says:

    Marco: Thank you. I appreciate what you stated in that PS note. Absolutely, this “vowel” ( characterized by lack of closure in the breath channel or lack of audible friction) causes lot of problems. So I will tolerate it like you. Thanks again.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    As expected Endia will vote against SL this time too!! Only FOOLS thought otherwise.

    “NEW DELHI: To avoid hurting Tamil sentiment ahead of elections, the government has refused to commit Sri Lanka any support against a US-sponsored UN resolution accusing its military of committing war crimes in the final assault on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2009.”

    GIVE UP on Endia. Court China.

  38. Nanda Says:

    Ask the US woman Nishi Biswal to visit north Central province to meet relatives of people killed by US Monsanto.
    Threaten complete BANNING of ALL Mossanto products.

    They will STOP the US resolution immediately. This trick is as good as ROUNDUP (ග්ලයිපොසේට්‌ ).

  39. Chanaka B Says:

    Nanda it has become a fashion for Western leaders travelling to Sri Lanka to do the ‘Jaffna pilgrimage’. This has happened after the NPC Election.

    It was we who created the monster, the NPC . We could have had the Referendum instead of the NPC Election.

    The Government can still say it is inappropriate for foreign governments to conduct negotiations/discussions with the NPC. The conduct may also be unconstitutional.

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