Sri Lanka Accountability: Investigate LTTE-TNA allegiance
Posted on January 30th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

We agree with the US, UK, EU, UN and UNHRC head. There are serious allegations to be investigated. The onus is on the Government of Sri Lanka to immediately INVESTIGATE – how the LTTE emerged, who trained, armed and financially sponsored them and the most important link between a terrorist organization and a political entity such as the TNA. In our eyes both LTTE and TNA are one and the same – the Sri Lankan public now demand that this evil nexus be investigated and the criminality of these entities be exposed and charged under the country’s laws and regulations.

LTTE-TNA links (lethal combination of Terrorists and Politicians)

Attempts at Separatism

1.    Creation of Tamil ethnic political party – All Ceylon Tamil Congress during British rule

2.    Creation of the ITAK (Federal Party) by Chelvanayagam in 1949 (year after independence)

3.    Vaddukoddai Resolution 1972 calling for youth to take up arms (Prabakaran was just 18years)

4.    Creation of Tamil New Tigers on 22 May 1972 by Prabakaran

5.    Tamil New Tigers rechristened as LTTE on 5 May 1976

Collective Responsibility – Guilty by Association

·         Did Prabakaran hijack what the Tamil politicians wanted or were both following the same objective by different route?

·         Did it serve both Prabakaran and elements of the Tamil political set up to annihilate all moderate Tamil politicians who were for peacefully living with other communities?

·         How many Tamil civilians do not wish to make their stand about the LTTE or the TNA and to negate the false assumption that Tamils wish to live separate from the other communities in Sri Lanka?

·         Why do Tamils not come out to say that most Tamils in reality live outside of the ‘Tamil Homeland’ thus putting to rest the charade and lies? Does the Tamil civil population not hold the key to silencing all critics and nullifying separatist claims on the grounds that Tamils cannot live with Sinhalese.


TNA is an unregistered alliance formed in 2001.

TNA comprises ACTC (All Ceylon Tamil Congress) / EPRLF (Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front) / TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization) / TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front)

LTTE’s influence over voters enabled TNA politicians to enter Parliament – Investigate this.

TNA and LTTE are making the identical demands. The only factor that differentiates the 2 is LTTE had arms.

Now with the LTTE factor removed TNA is continuing the same demands.

LTTE-TNA alliance

2001 TNA election manifesto

TNA announced that the LTTE was the ‘sole Tamil National Entity’ in 2001. TNA claimed LTTE was the SOLE REPRESENTATIVE of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and LTTE had a right to negotiate on behalf of the Tamil people.  Investigate!

a) Recognition of Tamils as a distinct nationality 

b) Recognition of a Tamil Homeland with guaranteed territorial integrity 

c) Recognition of the inalienable right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. 

d) Recognition of the right to full citizenship and fundamental democratic rights of all Tamils.

2004 TNA election manifesto

“Accepting the LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of ‘Tamil Eelam’ Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representative of the Tamil people, let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers’ struggle with honesty and steadfastness. Let us endeavour determinedly, collectively as one group, one nation, one country, transcending race and religious differences, under the leadership of the LTTE, for a life of liberty, honour and justice for the Tamil people.”


·         TNA Parliamentarians attending pro-LTTE events abroad and locally throughout 30 years

·         TNA Parliamentarians speaking atop LTTE stages, delivering speeches that echo separatist sentiment.

·         TNA Parliamentarians paying homage to dead LTTE suicide cadres

·         TNA Parliamentarians communicating and liaising with LTTE fronts overseas

·         Foreign mission briefings/country data on Sri Lanka that describes ‘TNA as a pro-LTTE party’ while international media too carry the same description

·         2004 EU Election Observation Mission Chief John Cushnahan released the EU report on 17 June 2004 clearly establishing the LTTE-TNA alliance: Quote: Firstly, the LTTE intended that no other rival Tamil party (or Tamil candidate from the mainstream political alliances) to the TNA would be able to claim to represent Tamil interests. A chilling message to this effect was sent early in the campaign when a UNP candidate and an EPDP activist were murdered. Incidents such as this seriously restricted the right of the parties other than the TNA to campaign freely in the Northern and Eastern Districts. During the 2004 elections, the major incidences of violence was perpetrated by the LTTE, whereas at the earlier elections, the primary source of the violence (although not all), were the two largest political parties. Unquote

·         2009 statement by Anandasangaree (President/Secretary of TULF) to the President of Sri Lanka:  “Democratic Tamil National Alliance considers the TNA, as the first and the worst enemy of the Tamil People. They should take full responsibility, among many other matters, for the loss of several thousands of lives and for causing injuries for many more.…. All have become paupers now. They will find hardly anything left when they return to their homes one day. All these or atleast 90 % of these could have been saved and total displacement could have been avoided if only the TNA had the forethought to advise the LTTE to release the people from their grip, to go anywhere they liked. The TNA is blamed for this because, when everyone, every organization, every country, the EU, the UN etc. had made this request specifically, only the TNA kept on asking for the war to stopWhen the 8000 students who sat for the G.C.E(O/L) exam were taken away for compulsory training by the LTTE the TNA kept mum. Some of them are now dead and others are under detention by the Government. Where are the children and grand-children of the TNA MPs. Will the TNA at least now tell the world as to what happened to the students at Sencholai. …. “Who are these gentleman of the TNA now wanting to form an alliance with the DTNA. They are the people whom the LTTE elected to represent them in parliament fraudulently and it is they who unashamedly claimed the LTTE as the sole representatives of the people. The LTTE is no more and hence they do not need any representation in Parliament. Under the Present circumstances the most honourable action the TNA can take or must do is to quit parliament without clinging on to that office. Neither the PLOTE nor the EPRLF (Pathmanabha) gave any indication to Mr. Srikantha who met me by appointment and the other two by accident. As for me I will not touch the TNA even with a “pole”. The dead, the injured and those living in the IDP camps deprived of all their rights will not pardon us if we have any deal with them. The TNA should not under-estimate our alliance partners who cannot be bought over with a mayor-ship or with any membership in Parliament as they sold themselves in April 2004. …. “For five years I fought a lone battle, amidst threat to my life, unbearable humiliations etc. I was also christened as a “traitor”. I now feel exonerated. Let the souls of the dead haunting our homes bless me and not curse me.” V. Anandasangaree, has signed the statement as President – TULF & Secretary – DTNA/2009. Incidentally, Anandasangaree had to eat his own words because he has now joined the TNA alliance which he accused in 2009.

 Guilty by Association

 In investigating and establishing the links with LTTE-TNA every killing and act of crime committed by the LTTE automatically incriminates the TNA as being guilty by association.

LTTE’s crimes include suicide missions, destruction of civilian property, premeditated targeting of civilians, denying fundamental rights under the UN Charter to Tamil men, women and even children by forcibly recruiting them as terrorists, denying children their right to life, right to live with parents, right to education and right to freedom of movement, banks heists, political assassinations, narcotic trade, human smuggling and a host of other crimes which TNA by association with LTTE becomes culpable. Investigate!


 Allied Forces Denazified Germany – LTTE/TNA need to be denazified as well

 When Germany was denazified by the Allied Forces with the objective to totally eliminate any ideology associated with Nazism.

Sri Lanka must totally eliminate ideology associated with SEPARATISM.

·         Germans could not decry against foreign occupation (The Sri Lankan Army is the National Army of Sri Lanka and the GOSL has every right to position its troops wherever they like and their numbers cannot be questioned by any nation or group)

·         Germans could not object to foreign military presence which remained for 13 years in Germany

·         Denazification is a legal term coined by Pentagon in 1943 (Denazification Directives)

·         The Allies thus removed all physical symbols associated with Nazi regime.

·         The Nazi Party was abolished (TNA is the political arm of the LTTE)

·         Nazi links to cultural, social, intellectual, economic or even politics was abolished.

·         Everyone who supported Hitler or the Nazis were held accountable and charged with war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials. (WE DEMAND INVESTIGATION TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED LTTE/TNA IN THEIR CRIMES FROM 1980S TO DATE)

·         The Nuremberg Trials aimed to purge all elements of Nazism – even the Swastika was removed

·         German and Austrian refugees had to fill a questionnaire that categorized them – 1.5million Germans were categorized as hard-core Nazis

·         US took over German media and 37 German newspapers, 6 radio stations, 314 theatres, 642 cinemas, 101 magazines, 237 book publishers, 7384 book dealers and printers made sure there was NO CRITICISM of Allied occupation or its troops.\

·         More than 30,000 book titles ranging from school textbooks to poetry were banned, those who possessed these books were punished

·         All artwork related to Nazism was prohibited

·         If denial of holocaust is considered a CRIME and is BANNED. The denial of LTTE crimes must be equally considered a CRIME and should be BANNED. 30 years of suffering LTTE put Sri Lanka through cannot be forgotten. Each of us are victims in our own way. We need to differentiate who made merry by LTTE terror and who suffered because of LTTE terror. Investigate.

·         Allied forces ran posters in German which read ‘YOU ARE GUILTY OF THIS’  or “THESE ATROCITIES : YOUR GUILT” photos of dead humans carried headings with “WHO IS GUILTY” or “THIS TOWN IS GUILTY”.

·         Germans were forced to see rotting corpses and made to feel guilty in an Allied program to make ALL GERMANS feel ‘collectively responsible’ and ‘collectively guilty’ for the crimes of the Nazis. This was how US, UK and FRANCE treated ACCOUNTABILITY. Sri Lanka went about a totally different path and for that these same countries find fault.


·         We want the world to know that India first mobilized groups of unemployed Tamil youth from Sri Lanka and trained them in India by Indian intelligence and retired army officers.

·         We want the world to know that these trainings began far before the July 1983 riots which makes us wonder whether this was a created incident to bring out the LTTE into the open.

·         We want the world to know that the majority of Tamils live outside their propaganda suited “Tamil Homeland” and amongst the very Sinhalese they say they cannot live with.

·         We want the world to know that in countries where minorities like Tamils making just 10% of the population can never hold positions as Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Inspector General of Police, Chairman of the Central Bank, Chairman of State TV, Heads of Government Departments, University Professors and Vice-Chancellors, Ambassadors and High Commissioners and the person tipped to be the first Tamil PM was gunned down by the LTTE as was the Mayor of Jaffna who became the 1st killing of the LTTE.

 The public have been demanding that the GOSL INVESTIGATE the LTTE and its links to the TNA.

This investigation must commence now. The Public must be invited to send all evidence of such ties and the State must bring criminal charges against all the men behind these two movements having proven their guilt by association for the bulk of LTTE crimes were meted upon civilians and under Geneva Conventions and all other customary international laws civilians are non-combatants and anyone targeting them in the pre-meditated manner the LTTE had using suicide bombers becomes a war crime and if TNA is guilty by association all TNA members must be brought to trial using all the country laws already in place to facilitate this.




31 Responses to “Sri Lanka Accountability: Investigate LTTE-TNA allegiance”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    We have been demanding it for the past 13 years! TNA = LTTE.

    To do a proper investigation NPC has to be DISSOLVED. Otherwise TNA will interfere with the investigation.

    At least SUSPEND the NPC.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks Shenali for the wonderful analysis of events of LTTE, TNA and all PARIPPU GANG. As many have suggested a FULL INQUIRY/INVESTIGATION is needed to get to the matter & as another author has seuggested in TODAY’s ASIA TRIBUNE, we have to forward a RESOLUTION, counter to US/UK resolution in Geneva.

    According to him, all atrocities commited by LTTE / TNA from 1975 onwards should be investigated NOT ONLY last 4 or 5 months of 2009 (concluding of the war). Otherwise India will get off SCOTT free, after damaging so much Sri Lankan life & de-stablizing our country.

    WE CANNOT ALLOW India to get away easily after bringiing about so much DISASTER to a FREE, Democratic Sovereign State of Sri Lanka. IPKF period also should be investigated where TAMILS were treated so badly by the SO CALLED Peace keping force.
    I wish all our patriots read the article pblished in TODA’s Asia Tibune……..Thank you all…….J

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Shenali! AS I HAVE SAID, an UMPTEEN TIMES before,


    Hold them ACCOUNTABLE for the deaths of Tens of Thousands of Sri Lankan Citizens, and their TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES inviting invasion by India and Foreign Forces, and providing political, economic and military support to the LTTE.

    Hold them ACCOUNTABLE not only for the TREASON committed since the TNA was formed, but also hold its CONSTITUENT Parties and Individual Leaders accountable for ALL TREASON and CRIMINAL activities going back 30 years to the very beginning of the Eelamist conflict!

    Failure to PUNISH these criminals has encouraged them not only to CONTINUE but also to INCREASE their TREASONOUS activities, most recently seen in the demand by the Northern Provincial Council to the Prejudiced Western Powers to prosecute the GOSL for war crimes!

    The TNA demanding war crimes investigations reminds me of the murderer who AXED his parents to death pleading for CLEMENCY from the judge, because he is now AN ORPHAN! Give NO QUARTER to AXE Muderers of the TNA!

    Instead of thanking god for not being harried from pillar to post since the end of the Eelam War waged by these criminals, the TNA is demanding that the GOSL, which rescued the people of Sri Lanka from their murderous terror, to be punished for doing that! What Absolute Affrontery, what Absolute Chutzpah!

    We have always warned the GOSL that these Eelamist Tamils are DEVIOUS & UNREPENTANT and allowing them to escape SCOT FREE WITHOUT PUNISHMENT for their MISDEEDS will come back to haunt the GOSL in the future.


  4. Marco Says:

    Welcome back Ananda!
    Nice to read your succinct and relevant comment.
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    “Lets open the books for a full audit” by a credible Committee.
    Mistakes made, lessons learnt – Move forwards instead of dwelling in the past.


  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    BanglaDesh Demonstrates how to PUNISH and DETER SEPARATISTS!

    Why can’t Sri Lanka follow suit?

    B’desh Arms Case: Death Penalty to ULFA Leader, Others

    Anisur Rahman, Dhaka
    January 30, 2014

    Top ULFA leader Paresh Barua, one of India’s most wanted militants, two former ministers and as many army generals were among 14 people sentenced to death by a Bangladeshi court today for the country’s biggest weapons haul, nearly 10 years after the seizure.

    Barua, currently a fugitive whose whereabouts are unknown, was given the death sentence in absentia in the sensational case of the seizure of 10 trucks containing 4,000 weapons and over 11 million bullets in April 2004.

    Jamaat-e-Islami chief and former minister Matiur Rahman Nizami and ex-junior minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar in the then Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led government were also sentenced to death by the court in Chittagong.

    “The Metropolitan Special Tribunal-1 has handed down death penalty to 14,” private Samoy TV said soon after Judge SM Mojibur Rahman delivered the verdict in a crowded courtroom amid tight security in the southeastern port city.

    Barua, who headed the banned United Liberation Front of Asom’s (ULFA) military wing, now leads a faction of the group opposed to talks with the Indian government. ULFA for long has had bases and business interests in the Chittagong area.

    Two of the convicts, Barua and former additional secretary Nurul Amin, were tried in absentia.

    Two former generals also given the death penalty are then DG of the apex National Security Intelligence (NSI), Brig Gen Abdur Rahim, and former Directorate General of Forces Intelligence director, Maj Gen Rezzakul Haider Chowdhury, who later became the NSI chief.

    All the accused were tried under the Arms Act for illegal possession of firearms and the Special Powers Act of 1974 for weapon smuggling.

    The verdict came nearly a decade after the seizure of the weapons destined for ULFA hideouts in northeastern India through Bangladesh territory.

    Around 1,500 boxes containing submachine guns, AK-47 assault rifles, submachine carbines, Chinese pistols, 840 rocket launchers, 27,000 grenades and 11.41 million bullets were seized from 10 trucks in the early hours of April 2, 2004.

    Local media reported the weapons were smuggled from Hong Kong via Singapore.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well, why stop at Probing the IPKF?

    Instead, EXTEND THAT PROBE to the INITIATION, TRAINING, ARMING, DELIVERING, FUNDING and SUPPORTING of Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka by the Government of India!

    Draw their PANTS DOWN LOW and EXPOSE the hanging CROWN JEWELS of their Own War Crimes inflicted upon Innocent Sri Lankan Citizens!

    Don’t let these Hypocritical Snakes HIDE the War Crimes inflicted in foreign lands AMONG THE REEDS by allowing them to slice and dice the Eelam Conflict into self-serving time segments, and focus only on the so-called MISDEEDS of the war-winning GOSL rescuing its own people from the TERRORISM spawned by these very same foreigners!

    Let India that SEEDED the Wind with Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka, REAP the Whirlwind of Global Condemnation NOW!

    Yes, Shenali … WE WANT ACCOUNTABILITY …. from the Indian HYpocrites TOO!!

    ‘Probe IPKF Role in SL War Crimes’
    January 30, 2014

    Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the Sri Lankan President, has said that if an international investigation into war crimes allegedly committed in Lanka is to be fair, it has to be a comprehensive one covering events since 1980, when terrorism raised its head in the island nation. And such a probe will necessary cover the period when the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was operating in the island, drawing heavy flak from the Tamils for the atrocities it allegedly committed.

    But if the IPKF’s atrocities were included, India would get upset and India-Sri Lanka relations would suffer, Weeratunga told a news agency in Washington on Tuesday. “If there is an international investigation, the whole period has to be investigated – from the 1980s onward – which includes the two-year tenure of the Indian peacekeeping force, which will upset India,” he said.

    The IPKF was operating in Lanka from July 1987 to March 1990 to force the LTTE to accept the India-Sri Lanka Accord. Broken Palmyrah and The Satanic Force, both books written by Tamils, alleged Indian atrocities.

    Weeratunga is in Washington lobbying against the US proposal to bring a resolution at the UNHRC in March, calling for an international probe into charges of war crimes against Lankan troops. The Lankan official said that there would be “huge chaos” in Lanka, if its armed forces, which liberated the country from terrorism, were put to a judicial test. “That is really going to reduce the morale of the army,” he warned.

    Biswal’s Visit

    But an unmoved US is sending its Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Nisha Biswal, to Lanka on January 31 for a short on-the-spot study of the rights situation.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, GOSL!

    Let those FOREIGNERS who seeded and orchestrated this AWFUL MURDER & MAYHEM among the Innocents of Sri Lanka, BEAR THE BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY for that War Crime!

    Don’t let them ESCAPE SCOT FREE!

    Sri Lanka to release report on census data on dead and disappeared during conflict next month

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 30, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Department of Census and Statistics said that the report of the census on human death and property damages during the three-decade long conflict would be released next month just ahead of the challenging United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in Geneva in March.

    Director General of the Department of Census and Statistics D.C.A. Gunawardena told local media that the field work had been completed and the data were being processed at the moment.

    The nationwide survey commenced in December last year was a key recommendation of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

    President’s Special Envoy for Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said the data collected by the Department of Census and Statistics on the deaths and missing persons in the island will be presented before the UNHRC at the March session.

    The Task Force which is appointed for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations and headed by the Secretary to the President has prepared a National Action Plan which has recommended conducting a professionally designed household survey covering all affected families in all parts of the island to ascertain firsthand the scale and circumstances of death and injury to civilians, as well as damage to property during the period of the conflict.

    The Department has deployed about 17,000 officials for the survey to collect detailed information on the deaths, missing persons, injured and/or disabled persons, and damages to the property.

    The census covered the he conflict period from 1983 up to the end of war in May 2009.

    The Department asked the general public to provide accurate information on their losses to the village officers in their areas.

    Minister Samarasinghe said the census data will prove that the claims of over 40,000 civilians killed during the final stages of the war were false.

    The major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance expressed doubts on the survey saying that the census conducted by the government on human and material losses due to the war will attempt to play down the number of casualties.

    The Department said the census was carried out completely following international standards and practices of data collection with every aspect of losses being addressed.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Don’t Stop at DISSOLVING the Northern Provincial Council only to let it resurrect itself in another disguise!

    Instead, REPEAL the 13th Amendment, and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System by leaf, branch, trunk and root from our Motherland to ensure its survival an an undivided unitary Sovereign nation forever!

    Sri Lanka nationalist party calls to dissolve Northern PC over resolution on war crime probe

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 30, Colombo: Ally of Sri Lanka’s governing party, the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) today called on the government to dissolve the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) over the resolution the NPC adopted recently to seek an international probe on alleged war crimes.

    JHU member and former Western Province Councilor Udaya Gammanpila said the NPC is working against the national interests and the Governor of the Northern Province should dissolve the Council for adopting the illegal resolution.

    The Northern PC at its session on Monday adopted three resolutions. The other two resolutions called for an international investigation into the recently found Mannar mass grave and to erect a monument for the dead in the final battle at Mullivaikkal in Mullaitivu.

    The resolution calling for the war crimes allegedly committed during the war was proposed by NPC member M.K. Sivajilingam of Tamil National Alliance (T NA) while NPC Councilor representing Mullaitivu, T. Raviharan proposed the resolution to build the war memorial in Mullivaikkal.

    Gammanpila said the NPC dominated by the Tamil National Alliance, which was considered during the conflict as a proxy party of the defeated terrorist group LTTE, still working according to the agenda of the LTTE.

    He said the government must also ban all groups and organizations that still promote the LTTE ideology.

    Leader of another coalition party of the ruling alliance, Minister Wimal Weerawansa also raised concerns over the three resolutions adopted by the NPC.

    He said the proposals were approved targeting the UN Human Rights Council session to be held in Geneva in next March and passing of the proposal is the first step of a planned programme to haul Sri Lanka to an international tribunal.

    Meanwhile, the main opposition United National Party (UNP) also said the resolution adopted by the NPC to urge for an international probe on alleged war crimes is illegal since the Council is not vested with powers over international affairs.

    However the UNP parliamentarian, President’s Counsel Wijedasa Rajapakshe cautioned against dissolving the Council over the illegal resolution as it could fuel the call for a self-rule in the Northern Province.

  9. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    To think that the GOSL weren’t and aren’t aware of the Link between the TNA and the LTTE seems like some kind if joke. For fear of reprisals from certain powerful quarters that bowed down to the Tamil Lobby they were tolerated and during the murderous Prabhakaran’s time even negotiated with involving despots like Anton Balasingham calling him an idealogue (My foot!) and was part of a so called peace process which should have been re- named the LTTE kiss ass process and all participants on the other side of the Sri Lankan Sinhala Nation fence coralled and incarcerated for treason against a Sovereign Nation while they had the affront to call themselves Sri Lankan’s also and demand rights when they were criminally liable towards attempting to destroy the Natiion. H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party should be renamed the Liberation Lions of Sinhala Sovereignity and he revered as a demi-God for what he accomplished in ridding the nation of the scourge of Tamil Tiger terrorism. Even now the tolerance of the TNA at times is minf boggling when they should be confronted for being a front for the LTTE and stripped of political rights on the basis that they could easily create a resurgence of Tamil Eelam where they hardly attempt to hide this as part of their agenda despite some denials.Together with Tamil Nadu they could wreak havoc in Sri Lanka again if not carefully monitored and stringent preventive action taken if necessary.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Welcome back Ananda.

    “Sri Lanka nationalist party calls to dissolve Northern PC over resolution on war crime probe”

    I said it first!

    At least SUSPEND it pending the investigation.

    When Perumal declared UDI, Premathasa DISSOLVED the PC. Now it is WORSE. DISSOLVE the damn thing and SCRAP 13 amendment that CREATED this mess.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Agree with Mahattaya.

    However, even the UNPiers are coming out and stating that the resolutions passed by TNA tigers are illegal. The government, as “Law makers” with 2/3 majority , who should pass laws to stop these stupid resolutions are still silent.

    Quoting news “Jan 30, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party (UNP) says that the resolution adopted by the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) to urge for an international probe on alleged war crimes is illegal.
    UNP parliamentarian, President’s Counsel Wijedasa Rajapakshe told a news conference that the Council had overstepped its mandate by adopting such a resolution.
    He explained that the provincial councils were not vested with powers over international affairs.
    He added that the provincial councils set up under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution do not have the power to pass resolutions calling for an international probe.
    According to Rajapaksa, while the government could dissolve the NPC over the illegal resolution, it could fuel the call for a self-rule in the Northern Province. “

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    ACTION on investigating TNA-LTTE link and taking legal action was INITIATED by the MILITARY (MOD) although it is the task of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE to initiate it and run it!!

    The MILITARY should (through MOD) TAKE CHARGE OF and DIRECT more and more DEFUCT FUNCTIONS of the govt. and turn them around to success as they have done.

    1. Our diplomatic service was crap until military leaders took charge of MOST CRUCIAL places. Our diplomat to UN office is Gen Shavendra, Japan – Admiral Karannagoda, UK – General Prasanna, Israel – Wing Commander Donald, etc., etc. They have been VERY EFFECTIVE than the dip-low-mats.

    2. Our UDA was a gone case. Couldn;t do anything right until Colonel Gotabhaya Nandana Rajapaksha and MOD took over. Now they are the BEST working in the country. WOW!

    3. Our drug board was as useless as a drug addict. UNTIL MOD took it over and revamped it. Now they are doing VERY WELL.

    4. NPC is made up of TNA terrorists and TNA voting terrorists. BUT it has been UNABLE to break free thanks to GENERAL GA Chandrasiri a military man at the top as GOVENOR!

    5. EPC is made up of TNA terrorists, TNA voting terrorists and LSMC Jihadists. BUT it has been UNABLE to break free thanks to Admiral Mohan a military man at the top as GOVENOR!

    6. Our law and order ministry was made very effective by a military man GENERAL Nanda M as its boss.

    7. Our justice minister was sleeping with LTTE VP (there are fotos them loving each other) UNTIL the MOD INITIATED an investigation into TNA-LTTE.

    8. Our universities became JVP shittholes if INDISCIPLINE until the military took over LEADERSHIP TRAINING. WOW!! Now look at them. WAY BETTER! Where is UDULA the terrorist?

    9. Our CONSTITUTION MAKERS should be DIRECTED by the military and MOD to CHANGE this stupid constitution to SCRAP 13 amendment. Actually the MOD has called for it MOST VIGOROUSLY!

    10. Ministry fo rehabilitation FAILED to rehabilitate DEPRESSION affected Tamil war widows like Ananthi. MOD had to point it out. At least now the Ministry fo rehabilitation must take steps to CORRECT this.

    11. In future BEFORE appointing supreme court judges and attorney general top staff, PROPOSED names should be passed through the military. IF ANY dubious character comes through they can be stopped. We had Siva Pasupathy and Vigneswaran two LTTE terrorists and we had enough. A DISASTER.

    12. Construction of churches, mosques, kovills, temples should authorised by the MOD AS WELL to ensure there are NO SECURITY ISSUES. Prevention is better than cure.

    13. Publishing textbooks is very important. Some SHADY academics try to TWIST history. HISTORIANS and MOD must be consulted before ANY historical or political or security matter is included in the textbooks. This happens in other countries.

    14. Archeaological dept. has been UNABLE to save historical sites. MOD must be involved in protection and looking after.

    15. Fisheries dept. was so INEFFECTIVE in stopping Endian robbing fish UNTIL the NAVY got involved bigtime. Now what? Matters resolved at least temporarily! Ministry of fisheries should FOLLOW MOD instructions in handling the issue and NOT the other way round.

    16. Ministry of HINDU AFFAIRS has lot to do with MOD (saviors of Tamil people). They should join forces for a CULTURAL REVOLUTION among Tamils based on patriotism than following cheap Tamil Madu junk.

    17. Army is already into agriculture in a big way. Further cooperation is needed. Irrigation is another area army can play a BIG ROLE.

    18. MILTARY has proven its ability in disaster relief. Ministry of disaster relief should ACT according to the directions of the MOD to be more effective. SLAF is superbly trained in AIR BORNE rescue and relief operations.

    There are some shortcomings in MOD as I have pointed before BUT they CAN be FIXED. Hopefully those will be FIXED and the military is given MORE AND MORE RESPONSIBILITIES to serve the nation without confining them to baracks!!!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Sunil Mahattaya! You have nicely summarized the looming dangers of not holding the TNA Accountable for their CRIMES and TREASON!

    Every day that the TNA is allowed to getaway with its misdeeds, is another day allowed for them to grow stronger and move beyond the GOSL’s control …. just as successive Governments of Sri Lanka criminally neglect its Prime Duty to Protect the People in the past, and allowed the Tamil Separatist threat to grow from a rag-tag movement into a formidable Armed Force with International Tentacles that could threaten the very survival of the Nation.

    Like Nero of old, the GOSL is now strumming its “Reconciliation Harp” LOLLING in the aura of its War Victory while the simmering embers of Tamil Separatism flash into flame. Instead, the GOSL should ACT DECISIVELY to discharge its DUTY TO PROTECT the lives and future of the Citizens of Sri Lanka, by PUNISHING all MISCREANTS, REPEALING all divisive laws forced down Sri Lanka’s throat by foreigners, and strengthening Sri Lanka’s military, economic and diplomatic defenses at all levels.

    Let us LEARN from the FOLLIES of our RECENT PAST! Let us not to CONTINUE PLACATING our enemies and LANGUISH in a BLISSFUL TORPOR in the face of REVIVING Eelamist Separatism!

  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I agree with the article that any investigation into human rights violations must include those who funded, trained and have shelter to the LITE terrorist group. They are as guilty as the terrorists and equally guilty of the acts done by the terrorists.

    In the same manner that President Rajapakse is being held for the violations of human rights, In the same way that the Chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat Narendra Modi who is running for the post of Prime Minister is accused of violating human rights by the world, those in power in New Delhi and Chennai should be equally held for human rights violations for directly supporting, training, funding and giving shelter to the LITE and for the genocidal crimes they commited.

  15. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Shenali for reminding that Sri Lanka has to say an absolute ‘NO’ to UNILATERAL accountability. Well, if there is to be ANY International Investigation into accountability, that MUST include all the parties to the conflict including terror funding by the LTTE, India’s role covering the complete time period of the war of 30 years- and not just the last few months allowing India to escape responsibility. AS THE VERY BOTTOM LINE SRI LANKA MUST REJECT THE PROPOSED ACCUSATION AS DISCRIMINATORY, BIASED AND WITHDRAW FROM THE UNHRC MEMBERSHIP and put in a ‘no confidence’ motion against Navi Pillai under ‘Conflict of Interest’. This much have been said by many including myself before. As they say here ‘we are drinking now in the “Last Chance Saloon” and it is Now or Never. So Go SL, go for it and do something these hypocrites will never forget – S de Silva – London

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Many thanks, Shenali, for your relentless efforts to bring justice and peace to Lanka through your articles.

    Sri Lanka’s elected authorities must never fall into traps again. All the cats are now out of their bags now and the past scenarios are plain to see. Let the rule of Law win through and peace and joy reign in Lanka.

    Ananda USA, good to have you back ! Stay with us.

  17. Nanda Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo for 18 points facts.
    Remember Gota too is a military man. Without his leadership nothing would have been accomplished.

    Lets join JHU in demanding

    1.Dissolution of NPC and arrest of Ananthi terrorist Councillor and send to for interrogation and prosecution NOT rehabilitation. persecution of the WEAKEST individual is the best tactic.

    2. Appoint a Tribunal ( a panel of patriotic judges- majority should be Sinhala Buddhist) to investigate war crimes since 1971 to 2009. Let whoever want to complain make it official.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Of course Colonel Gotabhaya Nandana Rajapaksha is a military man behind all this work.

    Ditto. All should support the 2 proposals. Otherwise NPC TNA will do another trick next week.

    Viggie happily wined and dined with MR last week and backstab him this week. TYPICAL!

    “According to Wijedasa Rajapaksa, while the government could dissolve the NPC over the illegal resolution, it could fuel the call for a self-rule in the Northern Province.”

    NONSENSE! ANYWAY they are after self rule. Dissolution doesn’t make it any special. IF anyone calls for self rule the ARMY can handle it. So nothing to lose. DISSOLVE the damn NPC.

  19. Charles Says:


    It would be good if you could prepare a draft speech to be delivered at the UNHRC in Geneva and forward it to the MOD, it would at lease help them to understabnd what is important to emphasise in a speech at the session.

    It is also important who addresses the Geneva sessions. Dayan J speaks with confidence and was able to delivers the message effectively, Mahainda Samarasinghe speaks well but his style is political and that does not go well with Diplomats. Kunanayagam wa good but is emotional. G.L. in the circumstance is the more appropriate. He speaks well, though his style is that of a professor, but he appeals to the Diplomats and his language is refined and diplomatic. Rajiva Wijesinghe , and the Sri Lanka Ambassador Nonis are good speakers and they are clever with repartees.

    I think the delegates do not take decisions at the sessions, but they are advised by their governments which way to vote. Therefore it is at that level the respective countries should be convinced that they should vote against the USA resolution. GL had visited most of these countries already and his absence at the session may go against Sri Lanka. Therefore he should lead the delegation, not Samarasinghe. Sajin Vaas Gunawardhane is a political speaker, he may be alright in the Parliament but not to speak before diplomats in Geneva.

    Sri Lanka has to do a lot of home work before sending the delegation to Geneva.

    Shenali I think you copy your article to US State Department, The US Embassy in Sri Lanka etc. Any way as your articles appear in the National news papers they will certainly be read in different embassies and reported to their home countries.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Extract from Shenali’s article : “We want the world to know that these trainings began far before the July 1983 riots which makes us wonder whether this was a created incident to bring out the LTTE into the open”.

    A short Memo, lest we forget :

    Yes, 1983 Riots were a created incident. Drugs were used extensively. Our home helper at that time told us that drugs could be bought at the Nugegoda market area for as little as 25 cts. Drugs are being peddled in Lanka at the present time, or at least attempts have been made to do so.
    During the 1983 Riots, some drugged Sinhala looking men were dressed up in white jatawa and tucked up white sarong and carried wooden poles – most likely for filming purposes to ‘prove’ that the gangs who roamed and killed were Sinhala men.

    Three of the Lanka Tamil Ambassadors in the west at that time (Luxmi Naganathan (Bonn, Germany), Moorthy (London, UK) and Balachandran (Paris, France) showed these films to various VIPs there. The rest is history.

    Yes, the 1983 Riots allowed the LTTE into the open to operate freely. Also, the Riots enabled some one million Tamil ‘refugees’ to go west. We all the know the results for Lanka from the Tamil Diaspora. Do we want more of the same ?

    Then again there were those odd riots (night time riots) over Rathupaswela water at Weliweriya, not too long ago. End result is that a flourishing local industry in glove production was CLEARED of creating polluted water, but is still relocating to a designated industrial estate area. Another end result : that area has lost a large source of income as well as employment. No new wells were dug at Rathupaswela to find out if indeed the entire water table at Rathupaswela was contaminated or only just the wells. If only the wells were contaminated, then we know for certain that it was another trumped up affair.

    Riots and somebody’s ‘department of dirty tricks’ seem to the preferred method to ‘down’ Lanka, using drugs and bribes, likely conversions, polluted water, and god knows what else ! With friends such as Lanka has, within and without, who needs enemies !

    Some suggestions :

    * Will the future bring more of the same ? Is our Parliament prepared (not only GoSL, but the entire Parliament). Regarding larger issues, we the People hold the entire Parliament elected by the People of Lanka, accountable for what happens in Lanka and to Lanka. Preventive Care is best. Form Civil Peace Associations at District level to keep watch and prevent future trouble.

    * In any future bargaining with Tamil political parties, Parliament must make sure that the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) is REVOKED once and for all, and such a Promise signed by all present day Tamil leaders. In future, ethnic & religion based political parties must not be allowed. Only National political parties ought to be allowed which have national interests at heart, not foreign interests.

    * The 6-A must be activated. Right now, it is just a piece of legislation rotting in the archives.

    * Sri Lanka must be truly Non-aligned. No pieces of Lanka land ever be ‘rented out’ for experiments by foreign nations, using gullible, poor rural folk for nefarious activities and cannon fodder.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Add: Revocation of the Thesawalami Law (transfer of Land to Tamils only). This is an archaic law and has outlived its usefulness during the time of the rule of the North by the Dutch who wanted to retain/attract Tamils to work the tobacco fields.

  22. douglas Says:

    Very encouraging comments. It is now clear who are to be taken to task, and that being the Political Parties of “ethnic based” and various foreign Governments and NGOs who were the parties to this “INJUSTICE” done to an Independent country. So let us stop “bashing” Tamils collectively, but go after the “organized criminals” taking cover behind Political Parties and other NGOs.

    If a Resolution is brought forward to resolve on an International Investigation to be instituted by UNHRC or even UNO, we, the Sri Lanka Government MUST decide to bring an AMENDMENT and state in “UN NO CERTAIN TERMS” that it should cover the period from the time that Prbakaran killed the Mayor of Jaffna – Mr. Duraiappa and fled to India and the culpability of that country in providing PROTECTION from arrest of a wanted person for MURDER and thereafter providing MILITARY TRAINING and FUNDS to WAGE WAR against a Sovereign Independent country. That AMENDMENT must also include to investigate all DIRECT and INDIRECT ASSISTANCE afforded to the Terrorist outfit called the LTTE and its politicasl affiliate the FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.

    To do the above the Government must:-

    1. Be firm and resolved to stand against the DIPLOMATIC INSURGENCY of the Power Bloc.

    2. Decide on a POWERFUL TEAM with a STRONG LEADER to present the case convincingly and emphatically.

    3. ARM the Team with all the TOOTH necessary to decide on any ad hoc eventualities that might come in the course of the proceedings.

    4. STATE IN UN NO CERTAIN TERMS OR WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY that IF the terms of reference for any Investigation is not to cover the period from the beginning of the day that India gave cover and protected a wanted MURDERER, and provided all facilities in training and funds; we THE GOVERNMENT OF SRI LANNKA will never ever SUBMIT or ALLOW that Investigation to be carried out.

    5. If the AMENDMENT is not agreed upon in TOTAL, but an attempt is made to “AMEND” the “AMENDMENT or lessen its coverage, EXPRESS in CLEAR TERMS that the answer of the Government of Sri Lanka is a FIRM NO.

    6. If our AMENDMENT is not ACCEPTED, without any HESITATION or PROMISES to CONSULT, The Government of Sri Lanka MUST WITHDRAW IMMEDIATELY and stage a “WALK OUT”.

    7. Thereafter the Government must take stock of the situation; hold meetings and make use of all print and electronic media outlets in the country to brief CLEARLY the outcome of the sessions and the consequences to follow to the citizens and ask for a MANDATE to SEVER all connections with the UNHRC.

    To do the above the Government must be made strong, in that, all the citizens and the expatriate patriotic community must forget the differences and speak with ONE VOICE and bring pressure to move with strong conviction.

    I do not see any other option than the above course of action at this juncture. Let us move FORWARD.

  23. stanley perera Says:

    Thank you Shenali. This is music to my ears. Who is spearheading this action? Oh Gota you must be our saviour. Long live Gota. Long live my Sri Lanka. Thank you, thank you Gota Shenali and all those who contribute to Lanka Web including Nalliah and others.

  24. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    It is time that Colombo create a Dossier backed up with 30 years of film footage of the human rights violations and the crimes against humanity committed by the LITE and most pertinent those who supported these acts. India stands out for she trained, funded, gave logistics and shelter to the LITE starting even before 1983.

    If the Rajapakse government and the Sri Lankan military are to be held for human rights then so should the current candidate in India running for the post of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is an accused person for human rights violation by the international community but has not faced the Hague or any other court in India or outside. Nor has the UNHRC paid any attention to the pleas of the Kashmiri people who for decades have faced a massive Indian military presence where acts of human rights are done on a daily basis.

    The most obvious comparison to the end of the civil war that has led to certain nations forming a cabal to accuse Sri Lanka’s military of human rights violations is the defeat of an equally separatist movement in India that took place in the Punjab where a new nation named Khalistan was meant to be realized by the leader Brindanwale. Indira Gandhi launched Operation Blue Star and defeated the movement in a brutal military campaign (please Google Operation Blue Star) where an estimated five thousand innocent Sikh were killed. Mind you they were not a “Human shield” to over come. Yet India in spite of her innumerable acts of human rights to acts of genocide have not been addressed by the UNHRC.

    Sri Lanka cannot do this alone but needs the support of both Russia and China including those nations in the region who supported Sri Lanka against the human rights violations. Emissaries from Sri Lanka are currently going to Washington D. C. and the UK to “soften” this latest selective attack on Sri Lanka. They will fail. One example of having the Security Council nations of Russia and China back up a Sri Lankan resolution to create a dossier and supporting evidence on the people and organizations that supported LITE is the nation of Syria where the US has been effectively nullified by the strong support of Russia. If that can be done with Syria it can also be done with Sri Lanka.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    The only way to overcome this.

    1. DISSOLVE NPC now.
    2. SCRAP 13 amendment.
    3. FULLY IMPLEMENT 6th amendment, prevention of terrorism act, jail TNA terrorists.
    4. KILL racist troublemakers and separatists by a VIGILANTE group calling itself Tamil Liberators. This will save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of lives in future.
    5. INVITE China to set up military camps and deploy nuke subs in SL waters.
    6. BUY and DEPLOY more MBRLs and MLRS targeting all so called “Tamil areas”. They will NEVER be used UNLESS Tamil Elam comes close to reality or Endian invasion.

  26. Marco Says:

    We have to thank Lankaweb in posting articles from Daily News as its not often we can express opinions written by the tethered goats.
    I agree with Shenali there should be a full and frank investigation into the alliance of the TNA/LTTE nexus and beyond.
    However, i disagree it should (Not) be carried out by the GOSL as it has no credibility judging by previous investigations, commissions, reports that have been carried out in the past only to be gathering dust.

    Think the world at large have become accustomed to what GOSL call an independent, unbiased, balanced credible report or investigation. case in point by the recent statement made by the British FC Minister Swire and a sentiment shared by many “any domestic process should be credible, independent and transparent to be accepted by the international community. We do not believe that any of the processes established to date by the Sri Lankan Government meet these standards”

    Classic example being, the only reason Sampath was arrested and jailed (may still get away scot free) was due to the international pressure brought on by Khuram Shaikh family and pressure from the British. Of course we see a different kind of justice/investigation in the case of Bharatha Lakshman/Duminda Silva.
    A further case being the removal of the former Chief Justice.
    Regret any form of internal/local investigation is going to be on deaf ears based on past history.

    Even if there was an internal/local investigation i wonder how the Govt would deal with the most senior former LTTE (still wanted by Interpol) member who by and large was instrumental in arming the terrorist group.

  27. Lorenzo Says:



    e.g. LLRC report.

    The world calls on GOSL to IMPLEMENT the LLRC report!! It was done by GOSL and the world TRUSTS it.

    So you are wrong again.

    You don’t have to worry about KP. He has high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. !!

  28. Nimal Says:

    As Someone mentioned Thesawalami Law ,I think this law should have been abolished long time ago. I wonder if the parliament could do this under the law of the land? I tried to expand our business to up north in Jaffna in 1964 and I was told that as a Sinhalese I was not allowed. Instead we had to rent out a premises and we had nothing but trouble in running the place. Textile that was manufactured could not sold in Jaffna and we had to sell our materials in Colombo.
    Since all our politicians seems to be Dravidians, they have no desire to change the law,afterall they dress like Dravidians and act like them too. Premadasa’s killer was his roommate who was a Dravidian.Politicans just as in all third world countries bs their people, mark the time and cling on as long as possible, make their fortunes and live in the western countries they so despise to fool the people. See what’s happening in Thailand and Ukraine, where people are disillusioned. In Thailand the powerbase of the present PM in in NW of the country, where the rice farmers are committing suicide due to very poor incomes for their harvest and while the politicians never tried to promote their products, while the prices of rice is escalating in the world markets. Present PM’s brother fleeced the country and spent quarter of a billion Pounds buying a football club in UK while his supporters were starving and now his sister is doing the same. But they all act like pious people to keep the people subdued while indulging themselves abroad. Why good and transparent governments are not the priority in the third world countries?

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    In a Democracy, you get what you vote for.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Another query : If the TNA is an unregistered political entity, then any elections they win ought to be null and void ? What’s the legal take on this ?

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    We know that the TNA contested under the ITAK tag, but now they are back being TNA. All the articles refer to the TNA. What
    is the legality of this chameleon shift – are such shifts allowed in our elections laws ? If so, something is wrong with our laws.
    The Elections Department needs a lot of revamping. I am told that there are over 100 registered political parties – is this true ?
    In the future, we ought not to allow ethnic or religious based parties either.

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