Posted on February 2nd, 2014

 Malin Abeyatunge

NPC has last week passed resolutions to the effect calling for an international inquiry into war crimes allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces during the last stage of the civil war in attempt to interfere with the Foreign Policies of the Central Government. The NPC Councilor Ananthi Sasidharan. wife of ex hard core LTTE terrorist supporting these resolutions has also called for an international inquiry into the Mannar mass grave site, alleging that the census carried out by the Census and Statistics Department into the casualties during the war was wrong. Well, the investigations that are currently being carried out will reveal the truth in no time and that she may have to eat her own words as this is definitely an LTTE mass grave. I am sure Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph would be able to throw some light into this investigation.

According to further reports the NPC has nominated this woman to attend the UNHRC session in March 28 2014 in Geneva.

Firstly nowhere in the world national CENSUS & STATISTICS has been conducted  by private/semi-governmental institutions or part of the politics in a country as demanded by NPC to carry out a separate C&S operation on its own. Census & Statistics of a country is done by ruling governments of countries according to the accepted international Norms & Standards. Sri Lanka has done the same thing at the last C&S operation. Is this woman and the NPC at large are out of their mind asking for a separate C&S to suit their fancies.

 Secondly, another report said that NPC has nominated Ananthi S to represent TNA at the next UNHRC sessions in March 2014 in Geneva. The Government should stop her attending UNHCR as NPC is part of the Sri Lankan nation (PCs are under the Central Government on Foreign Policy) from all avenues by not facilitating her trip financially by the NPC. In case, If she is allowed to go as President Rajapaksa is sometimes na¯ve (trust too much) to accommodate such requests without realising the dangers, she should be thoroughly searched of her all belongings and even a body search by the Customs to make sure that  she is not smuggling any tapes, videos, films, Eelamist propaganda literature, papers and the materials such as any sim cards, fake mobile images and everything that may be detrimental to the country to show at the UNHRC session. There may be protest from LTTE rump, local LTTE activists, dollar thirsty NGOs and INGOS but the Customs (Government) should do this without bending to the TNA or other external demands. Take a cue from USA stripping a Indian diplomat for the sake of USA’s security. It’s time that GoSL passed an Act of Parliament like THE USA PATRIOT ACT as I mentioned in my letter which is quoted below.

Posted on September 6th, 2011-Lankaweb

 Quote As long as the active LTTE rump among the Tamil Diaspora continues to destabilize Sri Lanka through their international political connections, through print and electronic media bought with their funds like Killing Fields and Channel 4, the government should not repeal the PTA. In fact, we should further pass laws similar to the PATRIOTIC ACT of the USA government for check and monitor so that another terrorist group like LTTE will not emerge in Sri Lanka ever again. Unquote

 Malin Abeyatunge



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    But knowing the BACKBONELESS govt. I think she will be allowed to travel AT TAXPAYER expense.

    According to Tamil sources she will ACTUALLY be in the UNHRC assembly when the matter is taken up. She has promised to WAIL AND CRY to bring their attention to the plight of Tamils. An entourage will travel “with” her. Actually they plan to go BEFORE her and stay in HOUSES of Tamils in the Swiss. So less cost. CPA (Pakiya Saravanamuttal) is financing their flights.

    SL needs POWERFUL and RUTHLESS vigilante groups.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Declare emergency and arrest these criminals !

    This is why I say we need a government with BALLS.

  3. Marco Says:

    (The Island 13.09.1990).

    MP’s protest at seizing of documents at Airport

    “Police seized over five hundred photographs of missing persons, burning human bodies and other documents from SLFP MP Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday night at the Katunayaka International Airport, a senior police officer said yesterday.

    Two opposition members of Parliament yesterday protested to President R. Premadasa over the incident.

    Mr. Rajapaksa, the Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on human rights was on his way to attend a special meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission, the two MPs Messrs Jeyaraj Fernandopulle (SLFP) and Vasudeva Nanayakkara (NSSP) had said in their telegram to the President.

    The two MPs while demanding an immediate inquiry into the incident had alleged that the police seizure of documents proved a direct official involvement in human rights violations.

    They have said that the detention and search of a Member of Parliament without the permission of the Speaker are violations of Parliamentary privilege.

    But, the senior police officer maintained that there was no violation of parliamentary privilege by the action of the police, which involved questioning of the MP and seizure of the documents.

    The above is a news report of how Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was on his way to the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, carrying photographs and documents pertaining to missing persons in the 1988-1989 period, was detained at the Katunayake International Airport. The police searched him and seized all the photographs and documents in his bag. The then Opposition Leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike called it a blatant violation of parliamentary privileges of a Member of Parliament and condemned the high-handed action, allegedly instigated by the government.

    Did bring a smile…

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    The 2 events are DIFFERENT.

    1. LTTE is a TERRORIST ORGANISATION. Ananthi’s husband was a TERRORIST.
    Victims in the case MR defended were NOT terrorists. They were CIVILIANS.

    2. Ananthi and other terrorists are trying to DIVIDE THE NATION.
    That was NOT MR’s intention.

    3. Ananthi and TNA terrorists are financed by LTTE RUMP a terrorist group.
    MR was not.

    Too bad you don’t see telling differences. Typical Tamilian mentality.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Did bring a smile…
    Typical Tamilian mentality
    Micro now become Tamilian to Lorenzo !

    JVP freedom fighters or Terrorists ? only our Lorenzo know the answer !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    There are similarities and differences between the JVP & the LTTE.,

    JVP (class/poverty) and LTTE (Caste/poverty) were both inspired by the Revolutions in the region. Masses of people in Sri Lanka were neglected due to Colonisation ( approx. 500 yrs) & Cold War politics. The old ways of living and self esteem of the local people were both removed by Colonists.

    As Lorenzo says, the JVP was NOT for division of the country. In fact, the second uprising of the JVP was due to the Indian imposition of the 13-A which encourages divisions. The LTTE was for the division of the country to form Eelam, and this is encouraged even today , through the TNA.


    We say : Activate the 6-A and PROTECT THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE.

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