No land or police powers or any other extra powers should be given to the Provincial Councils as the US,UK, Canada and India wants – Sri Lanka should stand up to these bullies
Posted on February 18th, 2014


No land or police powers or any other extra powers should be given to the Provincial Councils as the US,UK, Canada and India wants – Sri Lanka should stand up to these bullies
The forces of separatism, separate state madness and extremism such as the TNA, India, US, UK, Canada etc. insist on granting land and police powers and other extra powers to the Provincial Councils continuously from the roof tops.
This itself shows that the UNHRC bogus human rights allegations are just that totally bogus since what has granting land and police powers to the Provincial Councils got to do with human rights? Nothing!
It is obvious to anyone with an iota of a brain that bogus human rights concerns are used to create fear within the Sri Lankan Government so that they are terrorised to hand over land and police powers and other extra powers to the Provincial Councils and much, much more such as setting up of a federal state and subsequently a separate state.
The north and east of Sri Lanka comprise over 28% of the land area of the country. It also comprises two thirds of our coastline. Besides this, the Exclusive Economic Zone (the large ocean area around the island) that the country can claim as Sri Lanka’s is eight times the size of Sri Lanka itself! Over four times of this is within the remits of the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.
It should be obvious to anyone that around 11% of Sri Lankan tamils or the TNA have no right whatsoever to claim the north and east as an exclusive tamil homeland. This bogus claim cannot be corroborated historically in any way nor somehow explained away any other way either.
Besides this, what on earth does that leave the other 88% of the people of Sri Lanka, the overwhelming majority?!!! The whole island of Sri Lanka belongs to all its peoples i.e. sinhalese, Sri Lankan tamils, muslims, malays, catholics, up country tamils, burghers and veddhas including the north and the east and no bit part of the island can be claimed by any group of people exclusively.
How Sri Lanka arranges it’s internal governing mechanisms is up to the Sri Lankan people to decide not the forces of separate state madness such as the TNA, India, US, UK, Canada or any other international busybody countries.
The Provincial Councils as they are functioning at present is the political solution and the Sri Lankan people are happy with the present system and does not want to go beyond this. This should be emphasised by the Sri Lankan Govt. to the busybody countries US, UK, India, Canada once and for all.
It is also obvious that the US, UK, India, Canada etc. are after the resources of this ‘separate state’ that they are out to create and also to set up naval, airbases etc. for example at Trincomalee and to grab the resources such as minerals, oil, the vast sea resources etc. by creating a ‘separate state’. 
The Sri Lankan Government should not listen to these jokers i.e. India, US, UK, Canada etc. and go tell them to fly a kite. However, the above stated points should be emphasised to these busybody countries and the TNA and they should be told not to infringe on the fundamental rights of the Sri Lankan people anymore which they do not have a right to do whatsoever and that enough is enough.

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    What happens if Sri Lanka leaves UNO altogether?

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “This itself shows that the UNHRC bogus human rights allegations are just that totally bogus since what has granting land and police powers to the Provincial Councils got to do with human rights? Nothing!”

    Actually it is everything to the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. They have effectively made the denial of the land and police powers to the Northern and Eastern provinces an act of human rights violations. Tamil Commentors in the Times of India have referred to the with holding of these powers similar to slave hood.

    In 1987 India under Rajiv Gandhi and Colombo came up with an agreement to end the war. India was supposed to disarm the LITE and Colombo was to hand over land and police powers including forming a Federal system of governance which if it had been applied would have made the Northern and Eastern provinces semi autonomous regions and only a step away from full separation. Luckily India could not disarm the Tamil Tigers and the agreement now known as amendment 13 failed in its goal to end the war. One an agreement fails to achieve its objective it becomes null and void. Since the civil war was ended using military action it only made the 13th amendment a derelict and irrelevant piece of legislation.

    But the Tamil Diaspora nor the Tamil National Alliance were not going to let Colombo do what is natural and void this agreement. Instead it has become a post war issue when it was only meant to be a pre war issue with the singular purpose to end the war. Now whether the Tamil diaspora mentions the 13th amendment or not the issue of transferring land and police powers to only the Northern and Eastern provinces is now championed by the host nations who know about as much about his amendment as they would know if life exist on our closest galaxy the Crab Nebula.

    The simple act of nullifying the !3th amendment may create a resounding protest from New Delhi to London but that is all that they can do.. protest. Once this odious and contentious amendment is given a burial or cremated then the demand to transfer powers to these provinces loses steam. The Tamil Diaspora will not have any document be it defunct or not in its purpose to use as a weapon to gain Eelam. Kill the 13th amendment and silence the Tamil diaspora.

    Further action such as moving military families to these provinces including an increased military presence can be taken up. Protests of such actions have to be first directed to India’s massive military build up in her state of Kashmir to the presence of US troops in lands now far from the dangers of the Korean war or world war 2. On this issue the US has military personnel still stationed in Europe and in Asia when the danger has not only gone, it is a dead issue and yet the US military presence is maintained. If the US pushes Colombo to withdraw her troops within Sri Lanka then let the US do it first. The US also has 800 military stations around the world.. the largest in Iraq which is about the size of the Vatican and still functioning when it’s purpose has died a long time ago.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    What Sri Lanka should do to protect the People and the entire Country is to

    * REMOVE the whole ILLEGAL 13-A.

    * ACTIVATE the 6-A.

    * Deport all ILLEGAL MIGRANTS.

    * REMOVE the SAARC “Visa on Entry’ rule as done in India.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Not enough.

    Bring back the LTTE under control and eliminate all Tamil separatists.

    TNA is MUCH WORSE than LTTE.

    LTTE FAILED to convince the international community against SL.
    LTTE FAILED TO WIN the war.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:


    It is not up to Sri Lanka to ‘bring back the LTTE under control’. The LTTE fellows are all over the world doing all kinds of rackets to raise funds (to buy what, we wonder ?). Since they are a danger to other countries as well e.g. India, it is up to the international bodies responsible for Peace such as the UN to bring the LTTE under contra.

    The part ” …. eliminate all Tamil Separatism’ is easily done in Sri Lanka if there is the political will to do so from the ENTIRE Parliament of Sri Lanka. By Activating the 6-A and Removing the 13-A, they can eliminate Separatism from any quarter.

    We can’t help thinking such things will not happen till Tamil Nadu gets its act together re the Caste/poverty divide there. Things will definitely improve in TN after the Modi govt comes in. Hope lies eternal in the Sri Lankan, battered by other peoples problems !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as: ‘ ….. LTTE under control’.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    It is a different “LTTE” I’m talking about.

    6 amendment is NOT working. This is the reality. Whatever the excuses are.

    A more EFFECTIVE way to do is to ELIMINATE separatists by the “LTTE”. It was the LTTE that actually eliminated all peaceful Tamil separatists (the problem today) in the past!!!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Throughout the history of mankind, killing people never solved the problems that beset human beings. We can’t keep on killing human beings as ‘hatred begets hatred’ – eternal truths.

    Look at the people erupting here and there in the world today – what purpose does it serve ? The successful countries
    look at their problems intelligently and act on decisions made as a united group. Why can’t we do just that ?

    What about turning ‘swords into ploughshares’ part from the Bible ? Also ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ and so many other
    very beautiful pieces of advice ?

    I am beginning to think that folks kill each other because they are unwell.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Not true.

    Throughout history killing troublemakers helped people live PEACEFULLY.

    e.g. SL, Germany, Japan, etc.

    Unfortunately there are people who live like devils. They MUST be eliminated for others to live peacefully. Plenty of examples.

    It is foolish to live with such people because they will hurt you every way they can.

  10. ranjit Says:

    ALL my good friends of Sri Lanka I tell you this” NO ASSHOLE CAN DO ANYTHING TO US OR TO OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY” period. These stooges in and outside has to lick their own a…… and get lost. We have more friends than enemies around the world and we have a leader who has a backbone and a defence secretary who has the guts to kick the white man’s butt. Few International pigheads like US,UK,EURO have to mind their own business nowadays. Nature is punishing them and more will follow. I pray to God to destroy these venamous snakes.

    We are a very peaceful people and we do not harm anyone and why this unneccessary harasment. We sacrificed a lot to gain this peace and I cannot understand why our Sinhala,Tamil hypocrits wanted to destroy our peace? Those who do harm and coups to our beloved Motherland should be brought to justice and put them behind bars without any leniency. The enemies of our land like Ranil, Sampathan,JVP,TNA and those pigs like Mangalaya,Wickremebahu and the rest must be banished from our country for misleading the public and helping our enemies in the so called International community by telling unimaginable lies. We have to be united and fight our enemies courageously if we have to stay free and in peace.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Now Americunts have given weapons to Ukraine opposition.

    This is turning just like Syria.

    SL should guard against this possibility.

    Americunts will give weapons to TNA, NGOs, JVP, UNP, etc.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    Any type of extra judicial killings is not a good idea. Let the Law take its course in any such case.

    Why does a ‘devilish killer’ become so ? Trace their stories and see why they became they way they did ….
    Failure of parents, family members, schools, society, govts., even some religious systems, will show up.

    In the case of the LTTE, wasn’t the Caste system to be blamed ? In the case of Hitler & the Third Reich, wasn’t systems of governance to be blamed (huge gaps between rich & poor or massive unequal distribution of wealth), which failed system Hitler exploited in his demented mindset ? Though Hitler demonized the Jewish people, Hitler himself had genetic connections to the Jewish people.

    Some questions :

    * So how do we spot trouble spots before they become massive social issues ?

    * Is a baby (from any ethnic group) a BORN killer or does society make it so ?

    Anyway, here is an answer to some of the social problems that beset the world. Check out this website below. This method has been tried and tested all over the world and also used extensively in the prison systems in USA and India. A very large number of prisoners (in prison for extreme crimes), just love it and rehabilitated for life. It is a SELF HELP METHOD, and goes to the heart of the human problems. It is meant for ordinary people to practice, is easy and not a religion.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    We know the Tamil caste system is a problem. But we CANNOT fix it because it has to be fixed in Tamil Madu first. Same with Tamil RACISM. It comes from TN to SL even if it is rooted out from SL.

    Both these problems are continuing and WORSENING thanks to Tamil racists and separatists.

    They don’t buy what you say. They say separatism is GOOD. Caste system is good. TE is good. Just like how you justify they are bad, Tamils justify to themselves these are good. NO ONE will win this arguing and trying to brainwash each other. NO argument is superior in real life. You believe what you want to believe. But the country cannot believe what TEs believe. The cannot ALLOW the spread of TE beliefs.

    6 amendment CANNOT stop these. MOST Tamil racist leaders are HIGHLY EDUCATED people. They know the law and they know how to AVOID it.

    ONLY extra judicial acts by a self styled LTTE can PREVENT these.

    Just imagine IF Amirthalingam, Raviraj, Maheswaran, etc. we alive. Then the country will be in a WORSE situation. WHOEVER eliminated them and did SL a favor.

    This is practiced throughout the world. In peaceful democratic countries potential trouble makers are identified (through SPYING, etc.) and ELIMINATED before they strike.

    Prevention (by EARLY elimination of trouble makers) is better than cure!! There is NO other prevention for trouble makers. For general population, yes, there are peaceful means but for trouble makers NO.

    That is the ONLY HOPE for SL.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    On the other hand killing INNOCENTS (including children) like in Weliweriya, etc. is NOT acceptable at all. That is barbaric.

    In SL it is all the wrong way. Violence is used where it is NOT needed and NOT used where it is needed.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    Let Tamils of Tamil Nadu do and think as they wish. We have no control over that. They have to sort out their Caste issues
    there in TN itself, not in Lanka.
    Lanka is not responsible for their problems and should not accept their problems as our problems. We have to just make sure that they do not come to Sri Lanka as illegal migrants and cause further troubles here. We are responsible for Lanka Tamils only.

    Re Weliweriya : It was an accident. There was no intention to cause death of anyone, much less the innocents. The rioters who came purposely later in the dark were responsible for this. The police could not handle the situation as there were around 5,000 rioters, obviously well organized. The police requested the Army to come in. Army rules of engagement are far more tough than police rules. They ought to know that ! The police in the west are like our Army, that armed and tough.

    In Sri Lanka, with the ‘success’ of the 1983 Riots which enabled around a million Tamils to emigrate westward, riots have become the chosen way to downgrade Sri Lanka. At that time, JRJ was not allowed to delate a curfew to stop the riots. If
    we don’t learn from the past, we are a stupid lot of people !
    If Tamils want to go west, they can do so direct from Chennai.
    Only peaceful protests ought to be allowed in a Democracy.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    SL is sifefring due to TN caste problems!!

    My point is TAMIL caste problem (TN AND SL) cannot be resolved. SL should find a work AROUND.

    Re: Weliweriya. It was an attack on civilians. Govt. ACCEPTED it and seperated the 2 law and order ministry and MOD. AND suspended all army officers involved!!

    July 1983 was a Tamil-Tamil affair. Tamils started to migrate LONG before that. TELO was created by Tamil migrants (doctors) in the UK in 1970!! LTTE was created by Endia.

    In SL it is all the wrong way. Violence is used where it is NOT needed and NOT used where it is needed.

    It was war that brought peace to SL ALWAYS. Not peace, peace talks, meditation or any other. War includes PREVENTION before it turns out to be war.

    Eliminating trouble makers early is the BEST way to avoid war. If we had eliminated Ponnambalam and Chelva in 1939, VP in 1972, Amirthalingam in 1975, more than 150,000 people would be alive today than dead.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re Caste: Caste is not in any govt laws and structures of Sri Lanka. Therefore, we have already found the solution.

    Re Weliweriya : That was a Lesson Learnt by govt. No repeat performances of such Riots will be tolerated.

    July 1983 : Was more complicated than just a T-T affair. The Cold War politics were playing there too, and that was the Main Menu.

    Lorenzo, Lanka is too tolerant of wrong doers. Lanka accommodates wrong doers in order to accommodate India and the west. Lanka has to be far more pro-active and remove reasons for problems within our own borders before they grow out of proportion. Also not try to solve outside problems at high costs to Lanka.

  18. Lorenzo Says:



    “Lanka has to be far more pro-active and remove reasons for problems within our own borders before they grow out of proportion.”


    That MUST include extra judicial acts as well because,

    1. in ANY COUNTRY the judiciary is not 100% efficient
    2. it takes YEARS to resolve a matter (terrorists, etc. only need ONE window of opportunity)
    3. OFTEN criminals get away (they have BETTER lawyers)
    4. ABBETTERS of these crimes are even harder to nab in law. They put forward PAWNS. Pawns get caught the REAL criminals get away.
    5. police has to get involved to catch the criminals. NO country can do that. 3rd world police is very corrupt too.

    For these reasons while allowing judicial methods, EXTRA JUDICIAL methods MUST also be used to DESTORY the hard to nab by law criminals.

    PUBLIC won’t feel a thing. It is smooth sailing for them. Those who meditate can meditate without the sound of bomb blasts. Those who make love can do so without jolted out of bed. Those who do politics can do it without getting killed. Everything SMOOTH.

    Underneath the CROCODILES will eliminate BREWING trouble makers SURGICALLY very early. The judiciary, media, politicians, public will NOT know. This is the ideal proactive model for SL.

    e.g. Mangaiyakkarasi was active in politics since 1950s. She used to sing “raghupathi raghava” song with other Tamilian women in satyagrahas. VERY PEACEFUL but anti-SL, a security threat. She was allowed to live. In 1977 she became barbaric (natural evolution). She VOWED to swim in the blood of the Sinhalese to Tamil Elam and SKIN Sinhalese and make shoes out of their skin.

    e.g. VP the school boy dropped out of school and experimented with EXPLOSIVES. One accidential explosion sent him to hospital in 1972. He was 18 then. By 1975 he was killing people.

    e.g. Kallathoni Chelva was very VOCAL about Tamil aspirations in 1948. He was left to live. By 1949 he formed the TNA (ITAK). By 1958 he was doing riots. By 1976 he created the Vadakundi resolution for war.

    e.g. Sumanthiran was a anti-SL lawyer by 2008. Now he is a Geneva terrorist.

    e.g. Ananthi was a common terrorist widow by 2007. By now she is a Geneva terrorist.

    We never learn. Religion, moral and sympathy intervene are STUFF us up always. “hitha honda gani emathaama budding”.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    All that was in the past. Some of the past is still with us. It will erase off, gradually.

    Now we need to activate the 6-A and get rid of the 13-A.

    Google the net for benefits of Meditation ! It’s worth a try. That is what will heal the individual and next the country and the world too.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    No it is not the past. History repeats itself.

    We MUST learn from history.

    Meditation is beneficial for the individual but no way to get the country and the world to meditate. Even if we do it will not change anything. Human needs are genuine and humans DIFFER in their views. Sometimes things GOT TO BE achieved one way or the other.

    Meditation has NOTHING to do with religion or morality. It about integrating yourself. Getting yourself together.
    I meditate everyday. When I say use extrajudicial acts to DESTROY SL’s enemies I mean it from a stable and wise mind after considering ALL factors calmly and without attachment.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Lorenzo,

    No killing. It is useless. The IGNORANCE and lack of respect for human life will continue if even only selective killing is done, as the ROOT CAUSE of human unhappiness has NOT been addressed.

    You can see that some countries are still restless, unfulfilled, even after two World Wars. We have tried the killing method for may be as long as human beings (homo sapiens) evolved to, on Earth.

    Resources should be gotten in the usual accepted manner in the world market place, not through life destructive games. This is possible only if populations are smaller and not increasing fast. Without having another war to reduce populations, we ought to use safe birth control methods.

    Re Meditation :

    Children do Meditation if they see the parents do it. Citizens Meditating together will live in reasonable peace – I am absolutely sure of that. Even with ethnic & religious diversity it works. I have seen it work in small diverse groups.

    Even if some disagree to such a method, they will eventually agree. Excitement of war and preparations for war can be gotten with video games or in the future some clever computer wizard will design a program where the viewer enters the program in a 3-D manner and participates in war games !

    As you know, our little organ called the Amygdala in our brains is geared to fight the Sabre Toothed Tiger and is constantly watching out for the Enemy. The real Enemy for us all is within us – that is our Mind constantly is in Fear of the Other. If the Other is like us, a none killer, then the Mind will be quiet.

    There is no other way to peacefully resolve human conflicts in a lasting way.

    I close my case.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    Killing is ABSOLUTELY necessary to maintain peace and win peace.

    Today you and I can live in SL, visit any part of SL, etc., etc. because we KILLED the terrorists. ALL attempts to peacefully bring peace FAILED.

    Unfortunately some humans have still NOT come out of the jungle.

    e.g. Tamil leaders

    They want to live in a TAMIL ONLY tribalistan by killing or evicting all the rest. Sinhalese and Muslims have a choice. Either destroy these Tamil racists and live peacefully or go extinct like in Nalanda. But KILLER Kung Fu saved the same innocents elsewhere!!! There is NO other option.

    Timely killing of a FEW trouble makers can save hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT lives.

    When we spray DDT to mosquito breeding grounds we KILL millions of living creatures and their young.
    When we use environmentally friendly pest control, we kill MILLIONS of living and visible creatures.
    When we STOP TN illegal immigrants to SL, we kill hundreds of them every year from poverty, starvation, unemployment, caste discrimination, etc. and their families.
    When we arrest ILLEGAL TN fishermen we starve, hurt and eventually eliminate dozens of their direct and indirect dependents. They are very poor low caste humans in TN. Some clowns have committed suicide too.

    But these things must happen.

    These are FACTS of life.

    Some dirt must be flushed out one way or the other for us to survive.

    Our war heroes did the RIGHT THING by killing tens of thousands of LTTE terrorists to bring peace.
    They MUST do it again when required. Casualties can be reduced by eliminating potential trouble makers EARLY.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have re-opened the case !

    (1) Tamil Nadu has to look after their Tamils. Tamils flee TN because they are not taken care of there, due to Caste and whatever other reasons. Lanka does NOT kill them, TN kills them. It is the bounden duty of TN to take care of their Tamil population.

    (2) When we stop illegal fishermen, it is the Law of the Land in application. The TN fishermen got used to fishing in any old place and after the boundaries were drawn up, they continued to fish wherever they pleased in spite of GPS on board the boats. Also, they had over fished their areas and done bottom trawling and ruined their own fishing grounds. Now, that is not Lanka’s fault, is it ? It is again up to TN authorities in the local govt there to correct the situation. Surely they must have the expertise in the fishing industry to correct it.
    It is NOT Lanka’s fault if TN fishermen starve, as you put it ! It is sheer cussedness on the part of TN authorities who want to pick ongoing quarrels with Lanka.

    Let us mind our own business and TN should mind their own too. We can do very well without TN. They are NOT needed for Lanka’s existence.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    (1) You can say that but TN doesn’t give a flying fart. They deport Tamils to SL for a better life. SL GOVT does LITTLE to stop them. Now Maldivians and Pakistanis are also coming not to mention Moldovian, Russian prostitutes!!

    (2) The law of the land RIGHTLY disregard the human suffering of TN Tamils. Same in Canada. MILLIONS of SL Tamils want to come to Canada but now Canadian govt. REFUSES them breaking the hearts of MILLIONS of humans.

    But the suffering of not getting there is undeniable. As you know some Tamils committed suicide in Canada, UK, Norway, Australia, etc. when they were to be deported back to SL.

    We should NOT be sensitive to those. We should blindly apply the law. Same goes for defence. Eliminate potential trouble makers early. We have to kill, break hearts, make some lives miserable, etc. if we have to protect SL. Same goes for Tamil separatists.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    Hold TAMIL NADU accountable for all suffering of Tamils. It is their Homeland that ought take care of Tamils, not other countries.

    The west does not have funds to take care of those people who want to go there in Millions.

    When Tamil folk get out of TN, they shout ‘we are Tamils’. I have been approached at airports in the west and asked by Tamils ‘do you speak Tamil ?’. Such is the “Tamil-ness” they are trained into. Yes, hold TAMIL NADU responsible for the suffering of all Tamil folk and not allowing them to integrate into societies outside.

    These Tamils who go abroad are USED by politicos, churches etc. Why do they lend themselves to be thus used ? If TAMIL NADU does not care, who should ? It is too vast a problem to care for Millions (as you say) Tamil folk who are suspended in some space without a sense of security or belonging.

    Again, hold TAMIL NADU accountable. What is the use of a Tamil Homeland (TAMIL NADU) if they don’t look after their own folk ? Do they practice any birth control at all in TN ?

  26. Nanda Says:

    Actually, Tamil Nadu is not the problem. Problem is Sri Lanka ( does not behave like a proper country)

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    My point is we cannot make decisions always based on morality. We have to inflict hurt, death to our enemies to survive.

    Killing is part of the solution as it always has been. That was how we have peace today.

    Also IGNORING the suffering of some humans is needed to safeguard the little we have.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    No, Lorenzo, I am sorry, I CANNOT agree on killing anyone.

    The Law of the Land, used properly will bring results where we do NOT have to kill anyone.

    If inadequate, make new Laws, so that killing is unnecessary.

    Sri Lnaka’s long war was too much. No more war, no more killing. The picture is clear only now. The Cold War was responsible for a lot of the miseries of Lanka.

    I think Tamil Nadu is quite capable of solving her problems. It is the will that is lacking. Mr Modi’s govt will mitigate the problem with the 100 Smart citifies. Do not worry too much. It will work out.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    The how can you agree on the role played by the army in 1971, 1989 and 1983 to 2009?

    But you agreed on killings in Weliweriya?

    What if a poisonous snake is found near to your home in SL? Will you let it go? No.

    You kill it so that kids, etc. in the surrounding area are safe. That snake may be pregnant, etc. But still you KILL it.

    (Some fools give food to cobras believing they are dead ancestors!! They soon die of snake bite.)

    Tamil separatists are WORSE than poisonous snakes. They MUST be killed early.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are using ‘fuzzy logic’ here !

    To me, killing is not right, past or present. The circumstances under which killings did happen have to be examined here.

    You say : “The how can you agree on the role played by the army in 1971, 1989 and 1983 to 2009?

    But you agreed on killings in Weliweriya?”

    These killings that you mention : the Army was COMPELLED into mini-wars in 1971,1989, 1983 & 2009. The govts. of those times were pushed into these mini-wars due mostly to the COLD WAR and aftermath plus POVERTY. 1971 & 1989 were JVP (pro-eastern bloc) wars. 1983 was a FAKE RIOT, set up for Tamils to go west, to plump up clout for the west, a fact now obvious. 2009 was a JUST WAR against a ruthless terrorist group, the LTTE (built up to erase Tamil Caste wars and serve COLD WAR and aftermath), which played havoc with killing sprees for nearly 30 yrs.

    The Weliweriya kiling was an ACCIDENT.

    You simply cannot use ‘fuzzy logic’ and dismiss all loss of human life through wars so easily as a necessity and a convenience. In that case, it is better to bring in the DEATH PENALTY for Separatism, than have extra judicial killings.
    Expose all the facts to the public first and then impose the Death Penalty where necessary for Separatism. It is the LAWLESSNESS that I am protesting in your argument for killing in stealth.

    In my view, for a small country such as Lanka, properly activating the 6-A and removing the 13-A is sufficient. In addition have a Hall of Shame for proven anti-National activity.

    We have stay free to do business with both the West and the East. Don’t you agree ?

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamil Nadu IS the problem. That is why Tamils flee Tamil Nadu.

    Presently, Sri Lanka has been cornered by the Int. Community, TN leaders and India into submission on various aspects of governance.
    It is not our present day failure. Our failure started the day (In 1505) when we trusted PIRATES coming into Lanka in the guise of traders. Colonists never gave quite up small countries and even bigger places like India.

    Ex-Colonists have to realize that they are all only human beings subject to same same Laws of Existence, just like the rest of us.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are right : MEDITATION IS Universal. It ought not to be the ‘property’ of any group. That is the beauty of it. Just like the Breathe which is Essential, Meditation is the property of all of humanity.

    However, some religions emphasize Meditation.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    At NO TIME did SL achieve peace without killing. This is a FACT. (Excludes killing innocents as in Weliweriya which is a THREAT to peace.)

    e.g. Dutugemunui, Cholan, Maga, Portuguese (Kandy kingdom), 1971, 1989, 2009, etc., etc.

    The further we move from this fact the more danger we put ourselves into.

    We MUST eliminate all threats to national security EARLY as a cobra would be killed upon SIGHT in a populated area.

    Only a damn fool would let it go or otherwise deal with it.

    This is why SL had a war. We didn’t eliminate threats EARLY. We made use of the LAW. VP was arrested in 1975 and released because of lack of LEGALLY ADMISSIBLE evidence!!

    National security goes far beyond the law. The problem is MAINLY SL Tamils, not TN. SL Tamils are WORSE separatists than TN Tamils.

    TNA has been careful NOT to contravene the 6 amendment from a legal point of view. ALL documents they prepare carefully word it to AVOID falling into 6 amendment crimes. So law alone cannot control TNA.

    There is a place for meditation and there is a place for elimination of vile elements. Don’t confuse the two. One cannot do the other’s work. BOTH must coexist. Mixing religion and meditation is another disaster.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:


    In earlier times Sri Lanka was prepared for invaders. The coastline was guarded (per Dilrook’s earlier article on the topic). After Colonists took over this sense of preparedness disappeared and the coastline ceased to be guarded and illegal migrants came in from Tamil Nadu especially. In fact the vast influx of Tamil labor from Tamil Nadu to satisfy colonists British & Dutch especially finished off that sense of separation and safety from the Tamil Nadu area. The troubles mounted rapidly with Tamil leaders Separatist ideas in various forms supported by churches, after Independence. The reasons are too lengthy to discuss here again, but the Cold War and poverty figures largely.

    Also, the introduction of modern methods of the Economy run on plantations via the British & Dutch demanded labor intensiveness, this need filled again by Tamil labor. Also import of food into the country lessened dependence on the local farmers (paddy cultivation especially and other staple foods) creating a void over a long period between the rural and city folk.

    These are significant social problems coming with the Colonists. Sri Lanka’s free education and free health care is very attractive to would be illegal migrants. But, after some time, they want to do even better in the west. First Tamil folk run away from the TN Caste system, and next they run from poorer economic conditions in Lanka, after getting an education.

    Now we have to contend with these problems. It can be done through the Law, and not by killing.

    Let us agree to disagree on this topic.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S> : I agree that Meditation should not be mixed with religion. I never said it should.
    However, it is fact that some religions do emphasize Meditation, and everyone knows that even if I did not state it earlier. There has to be a balance between Materialism and Spirituality, otherwise life on earth will not work out right.

  36. Lorenzo Says:


    Law alone cannot save a country.

    That MUST include extra judicial acts as well because,

    1. in ANY COUNTRY the judiciary is not 100% efficient
    2. it takes YEARS to resolve a matter (terrorists, etc. only need ONE window of opportunity)
    3. OFTEN criminals get away (they have BETTER lawyers)
    4. ABBETTERS of these crimes are even harder to nab in law. They put forward PAWNS. Pawns get caught the REAL criminals get away.
    5. police has to get involved to catch the criminals. NO country can do that. 3rd world police is very corrupt too.

    EVERY country with a threat of violence and separatism operates extra judicial killing agencies.

    SL should NOT be the exception.

  37. Fran Diaz Says:


    Isn’t that the way (what you recommend) that we have been going for a long period ? In fact since 1971 or so that is direction. Kill and be killed in turn !

    The list of killed VIPs & gangsters is very long indeed for such a small country.

    Why not change directions ? The 6-A activated will be very effective. No one likes ‘seizure of property’ especially and much less rigorous labor or even a death sentence. I agree that legal proceedings have to be very speedy. That is not an impossible task.


    Einstein said ” to repeat the same experiment and expect a different result ……. ” you know the rest !

  38. Lorenzo Says:



    That is NOT what happened.

    e.g. Wijayaweera

    LAW FAILED to correct him. He was jailed in 1970? But his buddies were NOT because there were no legal charges against them. They rioted in 1971 killing 20,000.

    RW was in prison and he was released. It didn’t work. He rioted again killing more people.

    Govt. response in 1971 and 1989 was SWIFT. Killing concluded within months and peace.

    War started in 1983 because we didn’t kill the killers in time.

    But in 2009 war ended because we KILLED the killers. Thanks to the KILLING of the killers we have peace for 5 years s far!!

    But we should not sit on our laurels. We should keep eliminating separatists EARLY otherwise there will be another war.

    Prevention by killing off potential and current trouble makers SAVES tens of thousands of lives.

  39. Lorenzo Says:


    “to repeat the same experiment and expect a different result”

    We didn’t do the experiment. THEY (JVP, LTTE, TNA) did it.

    We gave the SAME SUCCESSFUL solution.

    We EXPECT the same outcome by doing the same military solution = PEACE.

    That is the point.

    How did SL achieve peace in 2009? By war! We expect the SAME OUTCOME again!! So we need the same thing done!!

    Killing troublemakers ——-> Peace.


    NO killing trouble makers ——-> War and misery.

  40. Lorenzo Says:


    Similarly people thinking like you told the govt. in 2002 – 2009 that there is no military solution!!

    What BS! They have been proven wrong. It did have a military solution. Looks like these NGO goons have fooled you into believing their mantra.

  41. Fran Diaz Says:


    Don’t jump to hasty conclusions ! I am no NGO wallah. All NGOs pipers play to the tunes of the payor, whether local or from abroad. I play for Life and Existence only !

    The sole purpose of my writing in is to get at to the bottom of the problems that beset Sri Lanka so that effective solutions may be found in a lasting and peaceful way for all in Lanka. No short term solutions will work for Lanka such as killings on the go ! Following Singapore for ways to govern is a good idea.

    All of the past problems you mention with JVP, LTTE & TNA happens/ happened due to Colonisation and Ex-Colonist agendas. Rural life styles and dignity were uprooted when COLONISTS took over the country and ran it to grow Tea, Rubber & Coconut on an exports scale using imported Tamil labor. That is why insurrections took place in Lanka from both Sinhela/Buddhist and Tamil Hindu communities in the rural areas.

    COLONISTS never really cared a tup for the welfare of the rural folk, as well the Colombo Sinhela/Buddhists. Both parts of Lanka society were maligned during British rule especially (recall 1915). It’s that ‘divide & rule’ principle of the British, you know – nowadays that is quite evident !

    However, we have to now pick up the pieces and move forward.

  42. Fran Diaz Says:

    I was WAR with the LTTE a long time before the actual war took place in 2009. They were far too ruthless in their terrorism to ignore. If they continued to date, what do you suppose the situation would be in Lanka ?

    Common sense has to prevail. PREVENTIVE CARE is best. Avoid future insurrections – talk to the People !

  43. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : I was for WAR with …..

  44. Lorenzo Says:


    When SL was getting ready to go to full scale war again in 2006 NGOs said the same thing!

    War is not winnable, no military solution and other BS. But what happened? A military solution brought peace.

    But now threats to peace have reappeared and NGOs again say NO military solution, no killings. Total nonsense.

    Without killing the trouble makers prevention is NOT possible. MOST LTTE/TNA terrorists does NOT violate the law. So we cannot take legal action against them. But they are a threat. Soon Tamil youth will be up in arms UNLESS TNA is stopped one way or the other. Not killing a handful of LTTE top terrorists = tens of thousands of deaths in a decade.

    “hitha honda gani emathaama budding.”

  45. Fran Diaz Says:


    What NGOs say is not concern of mine !

    We wanted a war to stop the LTTE a long time ago. It had gone on too long.


    Shall we close this – I am tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

    Let us rest now, Lorenzo !

  46. Lorenzo Says:


    What you say is exactly what Jehan Perera, Nimalka F., etc. and other NGO crows said in 2002-2008. They gave up saying that in 2009 knowing people didn’t care.

    War was the solution to LTTE.

    Elimination of Tamil separatists is the solution to current problems. We have to learn from the past. Had we ELIMINATED Tamil trouble makers in 1970s we could have avoided war.

    LAW is useless to stop them. Law FAILED to stop the JVP terrorist Wijeyaweera TWICE!! Only extra judicial elemination in Narahenpita and Borella cemetary worked. Otherwise we could have had another revolution in 2007 (1989 + 18 = 2007). Now JVP is more peaceful even than the SLFP and UNP!!!

    Same thing with Tamil trouble makers. No difference. Lets do the same elimination tactics and expect the same outcome. It can save hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT people.

  47. Nanda Says:

    “Law alone cannot save a country.
    That MUST include extra judicial acts as well because,
    1. in ANY … 2. it takes YEARS to resolve …. 3. OFTEN criminals get away (… 4. ABBETTERS of …. They put forward PAWNS. Pawns get caught ….
    5. police has to get involved to catch the criminals…..
    EVERY country with a threat of violence ..
    SL should NOT be the exception.”

    DO NOT AGREE ! Such action is for the weak. It is the same action Paraya-horan one of the weakest in the history of mankind took. Did he succeed ?
    We should develop the morals to be exceptionally strong. No other country but Sri Lanka can do it. There is a reason to it.
    “Law + Law enforcement ” and enforcers should be subjected to more punishment.

    Who is going to real trouble makers ?

  48. Nanda Says:

    Who is going identify to real trouble makers ? That is where the cleansing of whole system and new methods are required.

    DO NOT COPY EVIL COUNTRIES jus because they are militarily strong.

  49. Lorenzo Says:


    Their evil plans will not be copied. When we eliminate the trouble makers it will be done WITHOUT hatred, revenge, etc. It will be done in GOOD FAITH with the NOBLE INTENTION of saving the people.

    Agree we need better SURVEILLENCE systems. That alone is not enough. Political victimization is NO. Only threats against the country will be eliminated surgically.

  50. Lorenzo Says:

    It is like VACCINATION.

    A little bloodshed done without hatred that can save a LOT of trouble later.

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