Ananthi Sasitharan and Her Daughters Living Proof of Human Rights, Tolerance, Respect for and Safety of Tamil Women, Democracy and Media Freedom
Posted on February 18th, 2014

– Kumar Moses

Unintentionally, the TNA Northern Provincial Councillor and widow of former LTTE terrorist leader for Trincomlaee district Ananthi Sasitharan, has done Sri Lanka a great favour. She plans to travel to Geneva to present herself at the UNHRC and a couple of meetings ahead of it. She spews hatred, racism and violence. However, she and her daughters are living proof of tolerance, human rights, democracy, safety and dignity of Tamil women and media freedom in Sri Lanka. If example is better than precept, the example is Sri Lanka has perfect human rights even for a wife and children of a terrorist leader. Can similar freedom be expected from USA or EU countries for Al Qaeda leaders’ wives? Absolutely not!

Sri Lankan team in Geneva must make use of this opportunity to highlight to the UNHRC the very high degree of tolerance practiced in Sri Lanka.

False allegation – women

Has Ananthi Sasitharan suffered any physical attack, abuse or sexual violence against her? Have Ananthi Sasitharan’s daughters suffered any physical attack, abuse or sexual violence? They are not bad looking women among Tamils but they have been perfectly safe all these years! In that case how can anyone allege Tamil women are constantly attacked, sexually abused and undignified? If such horrendous crimes take place, there is no way these four women can be immune to it. Given the possible number of enemies they have created over the years due to their terrorist connections, they must be particularly at risk. But they have been safer than an average American school kid. The false allegation simply falls apart.

Contrast their safety and dignity with the lack of safety of Muslim women in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to US military invasion. Or even in USA, India or South Africa?

False allegation – intolerance

Intolerance of opposing views is another allegation levelled against Sri Lanka. Ananthi has spearheaded a campaign against the island nation, its military, its government, Sinhalese and Muslim civilians and politicians. Her hate-filled allegations arouse disgust and anger in anyone who is subjected to these disparaging attacks. However, not a soul has ever tried to silence her or attacked her to silence. She is free to express her view throughout Sri Lanka and even around the world.

Her conduct also busts allegations on lack of media freedom and attacks on witnesses.

Contrast the tolerant treatment she receives in Sri Lanka with the terrible predicament of innocents like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. These two innocent young men are hunted throughout the world. One of them is hiding in an airport in Russia and the other at the Nicaragua embassy in the UK!

Who is tolerant of opposing political views and who is not?

False allegation – authoritarian rule and lack of democracy

Another false allegation is an increasingly authoritarian rule and lack of democracy. However, Ananthi being an anti-government and anti-Sri Lanka activist could become a provincial councillor. Sri Lanka is a country where even a terrorist leader’s wife who still propagates her terrorist husband’s views can become a provincial councillor. That is sufficient proof of a super-duper democracy in Sri Lanka even in comparison to democracy advocates in the West. When Hamas won the election in Palestinian Territories USA and the EU refused to accept them as elected representatives. Can the wife of an Al Qaeda leader become a state councillor in the US or any EU nation?

False allegation – human rights violations

Ananthi and her daughters enjoy human rights in Sri Lanka unlike the detainees at Guantanamo Bay or the wives and children of Al Qaeda leaders who are killed by either drones or marines mercilessly. Ananthi and her daughters were never discriminated due to their ethnicity, religion, skin colour or gender. They all have the right to life, pursue education, engage in business and politics, express their views and all other human rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She and her children were not spied on unlike the people in the US and EU. They were not arbitrarily arrested and questioned for speaking their hearts out. Sadly the same cannot be said about civilians in the west who are constantly being watched, spied upon, arrested, interrogated and tortured.

EU, USA and the UNHRC have all missed the wood for the trees. They pay too much attention to what Ananthi says but fail to observe the very existence of her and her daughters in complete safety with no attacks or abuse on them. Actions have spoken louder than words.

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  1. Nanda Says:

    A very good point , Sir. Our buggers, if they have brains, should turn to them and recite your excellent point.

    “She and her children were not spied on unlike the people in the US and EU. They were not arbitrarily arrested and questioned for speaking their hearts out. Sadly the same cannot be said about civilians in the west who are constantly being watched, spied upon, arrested, interrogated and tortured.”

    Since the west is always doing the right thing to safeguard their respective countries, we must do exactly what their doing to safeguard our motherland.

  2. Marco Says:

    Excellent- Kumar
    Thats the kind “Yiddish” thinking that could have save us $66,000 per month to TAG.

    A note to our delegation please..

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Even though Ananthi Sasitharan is a splendid example that pro LITE members are treated with dignity the ugly fact is that she is functioning within Sri Lanka. She is using the land to travel to Geneva and tell lies. There are examples of Muslim women who have stood up to the intolerance of Islam in their homelands and the West eats this up as the heroic woman who fights “all odds” to live a descent life. There is an example of such a woman in Pakistan and I believe Egypt. Both women now live in other nations for fear of their lives and in their cases it is valid.

    But to host a traitor is to give shelter to a viper and expect that it will not bite you. The advantage this woman has is that she is the eyes, ears and voice of the Tamil Diaspora. She is that proverbial spy in the midst of the nation willing to bring down the nation from within. Ananthi Sasitharan will continue her propaganda of lies since she is already doing it when she nor her daughters live in Sri Lanka with no threat of molestation or violation of their human rights.

    For catering to the pro LITE Tamil Diaspora while enjoying her life in Sri Lanka is tantamount to treason. Mr. Snowden who told the truth about the NSA is a hunted man. He dare not return to the US for he will face the death penalty. Russia has given him permanent shelter. In the same light this traitor should find a new nation to live for if life is so terrible then why live in Sri Lanka. She can spout out her lies in some other nation. Sri Lanka already has too many traitors such as the TNA. This woman should not enjoy the freedoms she gets in Sri Lanka while going abroad to say exactly the opposite Either she says the truth and stays in Sri Lanka or continue her tirade of lies and live elsewhere.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Good point!

    I guess this is a COPY from what GR said about that LTTE woman in C4.

    She was talking about mass sexual abuse of Tamil women.

    GR asked if she was subjected to such abuse being such a GOOD LOOKING woman. Valid question and obviously she wasn’t. GR called her bluff and SHE KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT ever since!!!

  5. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The minorities in Sri Lanka have equal rights and live their life according to their religious and ethnic beliefs without any problems.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mrs Sasitharan is being used by TNA & the Separatists for a Media hype (Womens’ Rights and all that, you know !).

    Using a Woman for a media hype is to bring instant sympathy and empathy from the world at large.

    Sri Lanka authorities should publish the crimes committed by Mr Sasitharan as an LTTE member so that the world sees the other side of the picture. Kumar Moses points out how well this woman HAS BEEN TREATED IN LANKA, considering the heinous crimes of the LTTE, to which outfit her husband belonged.

    Mrs S. may probably never come back to Lanka. She may stay on in the west somewhere (probably Europe or Canada) as a refugee and also rejoin her husband later. He is most probably living somewhere under an assumed name.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    No one is using or misusing her.

    She is doing all these anti-SL thing BY HERSELF. She is a northern Tamil = a Tamil RACIST.

    Unfortunately the truth is ALL Tamils are NATURAL enemies of SL until proven otherwise.

    The more the racist a Tamil is, the more popular he becomes among Tamils.

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Nalliah Thayabharan: “The minorities in Sri Lanka have equal rights and live their life according to their religious and ethnic beliefs without any problems”. Not really. The Tamils overwhelmingly voted in the Tamil National Alliance knowing quite well that their manifesto includes words for a separate land called Eelam.

    The Tamil National Alliance has worked with New Delhi on almost all domestic issues which by itself should be considered treasonous. The Sri Lankan Tamils have yet to prove their loyalty to Sri Lanka and not harbor delusions of Eelam. The Sri Lankan Tamils and the Tamil National Alliance continue to call the Northern and Eastern provinces “their homelands” insinuating that these provinces are separate from the rest of the nation.

    As for living by their ethnic beliefs it is time that Buddhist Sri Lanka BAN the massive slaughter of animals to the Hindu Lord Skanda and ban the caste system from the shores of Sri Lanka.

  9. Marco Says:

    It is unfortunate that Mrs Sasitharan did not “do” a KP, Karuna high jump. GOSL could have used her in Geneva as damage limitation and a worthy witness.
    Regrettably we cannot use KP (arrest warrant by Interpol still outstanding) and Karuna after the Gota Diplomatic passport issue where he served a sentence under her Majesty’s Pleasure.

    BW- Perhaps you would like to point out exactly which part of the current Manifesto of the TNA includes specific reference to a “separate land called eelam”

    As regards to the caste system in Sri Lanka please refer to Rambukwella statement a few months ago regards to the Siam Nikaya and its exclusivity confined to the Govigama caste.
    A peruse of the Sunday Observer Matrimonial section will make you chuckle.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    She is a still a TERRORIST. She cannot be accepted until she denounces TERRORISM. KP and KA denounced terrorism.

    There is NO rule against witness. Karuna and KP are witnesses as any other. ANY human can be a witness.

    Go to a kovil to see how caste discriminations till works!!

    Or try to marry a Tamil man or woman outside your caste. If you survive without SERIOUS INJURY you are extremely lucky.

    LTTE collapse was partly due to caste problems. Batti Tamils fell out with Janitor (Jaffna) Tamils. Vanni Tamils also fell out with Janitor Tamils.

    You may read a Tamil racist by the name Charles Saravan on this.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    I like the way news report selectively. Earlier UK was going to bring the resolution against SL. Then they said it will be US and UK CO-SPONSORED. Now UK has dropped off fully!!! Now it is Canada – US CO-SPONSORED resolution. Why? SOME UK war crimes investigated at the ICC. UK is embarassed.

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