Sri Lanka at the March 2014 UNHRC Session:
Posted on February 23rd, 2014

By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D. International Consultant

It is reported that a group who call themselves intellectuals are advising the Government of President Rajapaksa how to handle our affairs at Geneva. They are bent on our submitting further to lick the boots of India and the Superpowers. They advise the Government to implement the 13 th Amendment in full, implement the recommendations of the LLRC Commission in full and provide a political settlement to the Tamils. They do not seem to understand the implications and seem to be ignorant of real facts.

The 13 th Amendment Was not the 13 th Amendment dictated to us by Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister of India .

At that very moment the armed forces of Sri Lanka had cornered the LTTE at Vadamaratchi and India interfered to save the LTTE. At first India sent its air planes to drop food parcels over Jaffna, infringing our sovereignty. When President Jayawardena took this lying down India sent sorties of fighter planes over Colombo in a show of strength.

An Indian destroyer appeared near the Port of Colombo. Thereafter Rajiv Gandhi flew in with a package of measures including the 13 th Amendment to be forced on us. President Jayawardena caved in and obeyed Rajiv Gandhi. The 13 th Amendment was not drafted by any Sri Lankan. It was brought lock stock and barrel and forced on us. It was also forced on Parliament because the Members of Parliament were “imprisoned” by President Jayawardena in a Five Star Hotel in Colombo and taken out by him under armed guard to the Houses of Parliament where they were asked to vote as he wished with the threat that he would dissolve Parliament if any failed to carry out his dictates.

President Jayawardena held undated letters of resignation from the Members of Parliament, which he threatened to use if any Member disobeyed him. President Jayawardena also got legitimacy for the 13 th Amendment through the Supreme Court by threatening the Judges. This was the time when the Judges residences were stoned and no one was allowed to speak against the Government .

My teacher Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra was pulled out of the stage while speaking out for the rights of citizens and assaulted The citizens rebelled to be suppressed by the armed forces. Deputy Minister Lalith Athulathmudali resigned from his Ministry portfolio and Minister Gamini Jayasooriya resigned his seat in Parliament in protest. A lone patriotic ranker in the Navy Vijayamuni Rohana de Silva hurled a blow with his rifle at Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at a Welcome Parade. It is sad that this loss of our sovereignty stands to this day.

It is interesting to note that the International Community that is now agitating against Sri Lanka, on the grounds that President Rajapaksa is dictatorial, not allowing Press Freedom and infringing the Human Rights of its people were asleep at that time. Not a murmour from the International Community when India infringed on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. . This was because Sri Lanka had accepted the doctrine of Free Marlets/Liberalization dictated by the IMF and became an economic prot©g© of the Imperialist Governments and the International Community would support President Jayawardena whatever he did.

The 13 th Amendment established Provincial Councils with some legislative powers, contravening the Constitution of Sri lanka, because the Constitution nowhere provides authority for Parliament to cede its legistative authority to anyone. It allowed the Provincial Councils many powers. However the Government did not implement provisions granting power over the subjects of police and land matters.

The Provincial Councils have proved to be a total failure in administration in a small island like Sri Lanka. It has duplicated work and is an unnecessary expenditure that has proved to be non developmental. The present day activities of the Northern Provincial Council in agitating for a war crimes investigation at the UNHRC in Geneva and its foray into international affairs itself indicate that the Provincial Council has gone beyond its mandate.

The actions of the TNA members of the Northern Provincial Council prove that they are intent on creating more problems for the present Government, the Government that provided for the elections, the government that liberated them from the yoke of Prabhakaran, the leader of the LTTE. Instead of attending to legitimate work entitled to them in development the members have marched into the international field, to bite the hands of the very personage that liberated them.

The 13 th Amendment is India’s, not Sri Lanka’s and someday we have to get out of the yoke of India dictating to us.

The LLRC Recommendations

The LLRC was only a Commission appointed by President Rajapaksa and it comprised some judicial persons, administrators and civilians all nominated by the President of Sri Lanka. The President need not have released the Report but he did release it in toto due to his magnanimity and his being reasonable. Comparatively the Government of the UK has refused to release the Chilcot Report on the illegitimate Iraq invasion because it includes material that censure Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush. President Rajapaksa had nothing to hide. And the International Community should appreciate that fact.

As Gunadasa Amerasekera had said the LLRC was a Report of some ruggerites and lawyers and one must not forget the fact that this Commission had no mandate from the people of this country. Thus the LLRC recommendations are not to be totally accepted by the people. It is thus wrong for anyone to request the Government to implement the recommendations of the LLRC. It is the prerogative of the Government and Parliament to implement the reasonable recommendations of the LLRC. The International Communityy has no right to insist that the LLRC recommendations have to be implemented. It is left to the Government and the House of Parliament to decide.

A Political Settlement

A Political Settlement is advised by the International Community. If Sri Lanka had been ruled by a dictator or by the Armed Forces, then I can understand why a political settlement is required.. During colonial days the countries agitated for a political settlement and it all ended by the grant of independence. When one understands that Sri Lanka is a democratic country ruled by a House of Parliament , elected by the citizens one can question the premise held by the International Community.

A Political Settlement is called for on the pretext of addressing the grievances of the Tamil population. What are the grievances. Has not democracy been upheld by President Rajapaksa by his holding the Northern Provincial Council Election. Till President Rajapaksa directed the armed forces to route the LTTE and defeat it in 2009, the entire Tamil population in the Northern and Eastern Provinces were held by the LTTE leader Prabhakarn as his vassals to do as he wished at the point of the gun. Anyone that was even suspected and anyone that protested at handing over their children to be trained as child soldiers was brutally murdered by him.

A Tamil voter that dared to vote had his arm amputated. . Today the Tamil people have a voice to speak and vote. All the Tamil politicians including the Sumathirans who are agitating against Sri Lanka’s human rights record then lived under the threat of death by Prabhakaran.Two Mayors of Jaffna, Tamil Leaders- Members of Parliament, President Premadasa and even Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister of India were killed by the LTTE. It was no other than President Rajapaksa that liberated the Tamil politicians from the death threat of Prabhakaran.

Today action taken by South Africa is recommended for Sri Lanka. It will be good to realize that the African National Congress members led by Nelson Mandela actually capitulated to the White Regime to gain the release of Mandela from prison. It is the White minority of South Africa that rules through the black African National Congress with its wings clipped. The result is massive unrest, unemployment and poverty.


Today the Tamil people in the North and East have immensely benefited from the massive programme of reconstruction mounted by the Government of President Rajapaksa. They can travel anywhere in the island safely. The wholesale trade in entirely in the hands of the Tamils and Muslim traders and they enjoy all the benefits accorded to the entire population.

The grievances of the people are many. The grievances of the Tamil population in the Northern and Eastern Provinces are just the same as the grievances of the Sinhala population in the rest of the country. Recently I met a casual labourer in Colombo working with a mason. He is from Welikanda a border area. and had not known peace for over a decade because there were incessant attacks by the LTTE. He works in Colombo, living in temporary accommodation, searching for daily employment.

Colombo is full of casual workers who will be happy if they can find work for fifteen days a week and get paid He returns to work on this paddy fields only during the working season which is actually three months. Among the youth 30% is unemployed and this is more true of the Sinhala population than with Tamil youths who hold the trade in the cities. Increasing the incomes of the masses is a massive task and this I hope is the next phase of development after the infrastructure is established.

One Grievance is the allegation that Sinhala families are being implanted in the North and no less a person than the US Ambassador and US personnel are alleged to be looking into this, questioning a few Sinhala families that have gone back. This high handed action of the US if ignored will have serious implications. It is interesting to note that of the 20,000 Sinhala people that were forcibly chased away by the LTTE only a few have been re settled. What of the Tamil invasion of the City of Colombo that took place in the Seventies and Eighties changing the demography of many areas in Colombo to be more Tamil.

Accountability for Deaths.

The United Nations has held that as much as 40,000 were killed in the last stages, however there is no tangible evidence that the army went on the rampage as did happen in the last stages of the War of Liberation in Bangladesh where the Pakistan Army went on a killing spree in Dhaka. The International Community should know that the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka actually liberated a mass of almost three hundred thousand civilians who were held by the LTTE as a human shield. This is the only instance in history where such a mass of people were liberated by any Army.

In any armed rebellion there are deaths. Some 4000 soldiers were killed by the LTTE in the last stages of the battle. In the JVP Rebellion in 1971 the number killed is put at between ten to twenty thousand while in the JVP Rebellion of 1987/1989 the number killed is held at around eighty thousand. President Rajapaksa vowed to the twenty million civilian population of Sri Lanka that he would rid the country of terrorism that plagued Sri Lanka for almost three decades. He alone has to get credit for liberating the country by defeating Prabhakaran who ran a fascist dictatorship and killed almost all the Tamil leaders.

All the Tamil leaders who are agitating in Geneva against the Sri Lankan Government were held in check at the point of his gun. They had no human rights whatsoever and had to serve as the mouth piece of Prabhakaran on pain of death. It was no other than President Rajapaksa that restored to them the right to voice themselves.

The Humanitarian Attitude of Sri Lanka.

In the annals of armed conflict the manner in which the Government of Sri Lanka handled the LTTE is unique in that right throughout the Government provided all essentials- food, clothing shelter(building materials), medicines, education to the polulation in the territory held by the LTTE. Every week food etc was taken to the border and handed over to the LTTE, all entirely free of charge. The LTTE actually sold these and made money. The LTTE even confiscated the lorries and drivers, who brought supplies.

My own driver when I worked in the Agrarian Services who drove his lorry laden with rice never returned. His wife and children suffer to this day. Five Government Agents were murdered by the LTTE for not carrying out the dictates of the LTTE. All Government officials including social workers and teachers were paid by the Government and they did carry out LTTE orders. Thus the fact that the Government looked after the Tamil people in LTTE areas is unique and stands out as a humanitarian effort never paralled in the entire history of warfare.

The above facts may pleace be considered by the Country Representatives who are sitting in judgement at the current Session of the UNHCR at Geneva in March 2014.

The Awakening of the Intelligentgia in Sri lanka has to be heralded, but advising the Government to cave in to the Imperialists is to my mind far from intelligent thinking. The task of our Intelligentia should be focused on stengthening our economy to face the machinations of the Superpowers.

Garvin Karunarathe, Ph.D. Michigan State University. , International Consultant Formerly of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service, Author of “How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka & Alternative Programmes of Success” (Godages) 23/2./2014

20 Responses to “Sri Lanka at the March 2014 UNHRC Session:”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Dr. Gavin Karunaratne….I have to RE-TYPE my comment as Some IDIOT always BLOCK my comments when I critticize India or tamils.
    As I was sayng it is TIME to boycott ALL INDIAN products & services, and USE ONLY from other developed country products. INDIA has dictated long enough, to Sri lanka & now it is our turn ACT. India should CLOSE extra consuler offices in Lanka, ONLY ONE in Colombio will be alloewed. India SHOULD NOT get any preferential treatment in any matter that concerns Sri Lanka.

    As our last president WHO was forced to ADPT to Indian whims & fancies, President Rajapaksha SHOULD CURTAIL NY involvement of India in future activities of lanka. Indians should be DEPORTED even USEFUL ONES as Indian is an INDIAN like Tamils they do not change.

    Some Tamils who are involevd in SOCIAL WEBSTES Block independent eople VOICING THEIR opinions. INdian lover s are stil rampant in Sri lanka. The people who are in prisone s in USA, aare NOW clamouring to get out as Rajiv Ghandhi murderers are about to set free.

    These are the convicts who wanted to BUY Surface to Air missles to DESTROY SRI Lanka. Weshould NEVER allow USA torelease them. Een if they are releaase we MUST RE- try them under Sri lankan laws & punish rhem so that NO ONE will try to DESTROY SRI LANKA.
    Thank you again Dr. Karunarante. & please make ssure Our He President doesn’t act anything that will UNDERMINEour country………J

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Patriotic SLs should write to the Chinese govt. and tell them to FORCE GOSL to either sign the NEW SILK ROAD defence and economic pact NOW or withdraw support for SL in Geneva.

    Since 2008 GOSL is dragging its feet on this. But signed pact after pact with blooddy Endia.

    SL has to be saved from pro-Endian GOSL.

    UNTIL GOSL signs the NEW SILK ROAD agreement China should NOT save SL in Geneva. This is becoming a joke. Our govt. gets all help from China and sleeps with Endia. Scrw friends and praise enemies policy!! This cannot go on.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Maha Ranee is on the path to become the greatest betrayer of Motherland.

  4. mjaya Says:

    Lorenzo and Nanda and others…

    Lets not forget that elections are due.


    Now is the time to get things done….remember patriots are very, very valuable during elections…….

    …but this time we have to change our tactic…..

    We have to GET THE DOWRY BEFORE THE WEDDING!!! get it? Usually you wait after the wedding you get nothing…:D

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “They advise the Government to implement the 13 th Amendment in full, implement the recommendations of the LLRC Commission in full and provide a political settlement to the Tamils.
    They do not seem to understand the implications and seem to be ignorant of real facts.”

    I disagree. They DO UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what would happen if the 13th amendment is implemented. THEY WANT THE DEVOLUTION OF POWER TO THE NORTH AND EASTERN PROVINCES FOR THE EXCLUSIVE ISSUE OF RESURRECTING SEPARATISM.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    That’s right Mjaya.

    Govt. has to FORGET ABOUT keeping or getting 2/3 again!! They can NEVER get it back again. NEVER!

    Yes. We should DEMAND the govt. to scrap 13 amendment or go to hell.

    I think govt. will use VIOLENCE to silence TRUE patriots who make these demands. Then there are arselickers who will tell DEMANDING PATRIOTS to shut up! They will say 13 amendment is OK for the time being and the right time to get it scrapped is AFTER the election (total BS). All this time govt. had 2/3 and they DIDN’T SCRAP it. Only a fool would trust them again.

    Dowry well before the wedding. NOT after. Absolutely NO excuses.

    But pending that patriots should get CHINA to get tough on GOSL. Govt. has been fooling China too with BS promises it never intended to keep.

    If China fails to get the dowry before UNHRC, MR will fool them AGAIN. He fooled them for 6 years in favor of Endia.

    NO silk road defence and trade agreement, NO support at UNHRC or UNSC.

    SL needs a protector BEFORE that RACIST RIOTER Modi becomes Endian PM.

  7. Nanda Says:

    This is a very serious situation. If this bugger joins the betrayer list it is impossible to pull back.
    There is no reason to wait. African countries joining China alliance one by one. Why this bugger do not want to grab the opportunity by both hand , I don’t know.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Me too.

    Look what Maha Ranee has done. He has directed the Chinese delegation to meet that CFA Horagoda who just came from Endia. I’m sure he got instructions from RAW to DISRUPT the China alliance.

    Chinese delegation meets the “PATHFINDER FOUNDATION” an NGO and not the FOREIGN MINISTRY. What madness is this?

    Horagoda was the foreign minister in the UNP govt. and he is now running a SHADOW foreign ministry in SL.

    This is DELIBERATE. We should write to the Chinese and warn them against Maha Ranee’s double play.

  9. Nanda Says:

    We don’t have to tell the Chinese. They know already.
    Just look at the Chinese faces. They don’t look happy. They look betrayed.
    They already have intelligence to know what is happening everywhere, and particularly in Endia.
    They know RAW. They know CIA.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Can we trust someone who’s wife offered the bush to US?

  11. Dilrook Says:

    Elections are the perfect opportunity for people to get policy matters decided as they wish. It is the beauty of democracy. People have to organise themselves to take full advantage of democracy and not fall for politicians’ carefully laid deceptive tactics. Not so long ago some were advocating a military coup which is self defeating and plain absurd. Needless to say no one supported such moves. The democratic option is always there.

    Upcoming provincial and national elections are the chance people have been waiting for to abrogate 13A, put in place a more equitable distribution of university opportunities to all ethnic groups, development allocations, land distribution and curtail certain LLRC recommendations biased towards Tamils. Forgotten Sinhalese are in the limelight only during elections.

    I agree with mjaya that action must be demanded from the government, not promises. Next presidential election will be a very tight one with a formidable UNP backed by a third force contesting to dent the nationalist vote. Peace and confidence in elections in the north and the east means a large lead for the UNP from those provinces. It’s safe to estimate a lead of at least half a million for the UNP from the north and the east. Colombo district and central province will also give the UNP a very large lead than previous elections. It will be a herculean task for the ruling clan to outdo that lead in 14 other districts. Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha despite allegations against him will be able to dent the nationalist vote substantially, enough to give the UNP a decisive advantage.

    Rajapaksa clan has more to lose than any other leader in history. Losing the election means the entire clan unfairly and maliciously hauled before a war crimes tribunal with blessings from a new UNP president heavily backed by NGOs, India, Tamil Diaspora and TNA. Even the JVP and the Fonseka group will throw in their weight.

    The ruling clan will do literally anything to win the election. Trend analysis and demographics show only Sinhalese will vote in significant percentage for the ruling clan at a presidential election. I will be surprised if Tamil majority districts and electorates give him even 20% of the vote. Ampara, Trincomalee and other Muslim majority electorates are against the President given the sentiment and the lack of a need for protection against LTTE attacks. It will be the perfect opportunity for the neglected Sinhala voters to demand all their demands. Action must be demanded, not promises. The Sinhala community must not settle for compromises on important national and community issues. Otherwise they will be taken for granted again and it will be a failure of the democratic system.

    A parliamentary election ahead of a presidential election is more likely in late 2015. Abrogation of 13A without replacement can dramatically increase chances of a UPFA landslide win again as Tamil and Muslim votes will be divided between SLMC, TNA and UNP. It will also put the UNP in a very difficult position. District and electorate organisers are not necessarily provincial councillors and therefore there is nothing to lose by abrogating 13A. All displaced government politicians can be accommodated in Divi Neguma units which are appointed by the government.

  12. Nanda Says:

    Mervyn Silva, who said he will buy a Lamborgini, marry NoPeeEllay will then be accommodated in Divi Neguma units which are appointed by the government.
    Divi Neguma or Divi Nasima ?

    “Abrogation of 13A without replacement can dramatically increase chances of a UPFA landslide win again as Tamil and Muslim votes will be divided between SLMC, TNA and UNP. ” Very true. At least Ven Sobhita has nothing to campaign then.

    In fact March UNHRC behaviour of the government will show MR is another or worse RuinNil or not. Then the people will decide between Ven. Sobhita or MR, giving the power to UNP, running all the Sinhala progress pride and heritage. UNP WILL DIVASTATE the Sinhala Sri Lanka.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Elections CANNOT resolve SL’s problems. How many elections we had.

    If UPFA wins, it will be same old same old.

    If UPFA loses, it is UNP that comes to power NOT a fantastic group of visionaries!

    That is HOBSON’S CHOICE!!

    So either way the country is scrwwed. A group of sexy actresses will run the show.

    Think outside the box. The military is MORE disciplined. LESS corrupt. Less politically motivated. EXCELLENT governors than Alavi Maoulana type of racist junk. SL military is better in EVERY WAY than all political parties.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t think the Chinese really know MR’s deception tactics.

    1. Chinese people work mostly on TRUST. Westerners work based on the assumption everyone is an enemy.
    2. Chinese are not used to political BS because they don’t have elections.

    Already MR has fooled the Chinese for 6 years.

    But they soon will come to know. I hope they realize it BEFORE UNHRC.

  15. Nanda Says:

    “Elections are the perfect opportunity for people to get policy matters decided as they wish. It is the beauty of democracy”

    Wishful thinking. However, true, where Law and Order prevails and politicians “Love their country” more than their own “pockets” and material comfort.
    It took 40 years to get someone who acted firm to get rid of Tamil evil.

    What is the democrazy USA people have ? Chose between 2 evil. It is the same in Britain, Endia, Europe you name it.
    Democrazy has become a crazy excuse for evil leaders to validate their evil agendas.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt is panicking!

    Gives money to Tamils to avoid UNHRC trouble!!


    “The Sri Lankan government under a programme initiated by the Rehabilitation Authority will distribute 40 million rupees as concessionary funds to the war-affected people in the Mullativu and Jaffna districts of Northern Province.

    Accordingly, 413 severely affected persons and ten religious places will be given concessionary funds.

    Concessionary funds will be provided to the people of the Mullativu area in the Muhudu-bada-Pattu Divisional Secretariat office this evening with the participation of Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera.

    The funds will be distributed to the conflict-affected families in Jaffna at the District Secretariat office of Jaffna on Tuesday.

    Earlier this month Ministry of Resettlement utilized 3 million rupees from the savings of the 2013 budget of the Resettlement Authority to distribute shelter assistance to 119 families in Batticaloa district.”

    – colombopage

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    Failure to PUNISH the CRIMES of the Tiger Nominated Separatiss of the TNA comes home to roost.

    Unpunished for its TREASON and STILL Unfettered in its bid for a separatist state, the TNA CONTINUES its merry way to contradict the GOSL and undermine SL at the UN.

    IT IS TIME to PROTECT our Motherland against these SEPARATIST TRAITORS! Use every one of TNA’s pronouncements to PROSECUTE it, PUNISH it, and DRIVE it from power. Better now than later in a full fledged war against Eelamist SEPARATISTS!

    The TNA believes it can hide under the skirts of the UN and the Western Powers arrayed against Sri Lanka; Use the LAWS of SRi Lanka to DISABUSE them of that notion.

    Sri Lanka’s major Tamil party stands by UN High Commissioner’s report

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 25, Colombo: The major Tamil party in Sri Lanka, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the report submitted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanetham Pillai is a comprehensive and accurate depiction of the serious human rights issues in the country.

    Welcoming the report, the TNA in a statement said a number of serious concerns High Commissioner raised in her Report to the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka pertain to the entire country.

    Among the serious concerns are the treatment of former combatants and detainees, attacks on religious minorities, the attack on dissent and the freedom of expression, the government’s dismal record in implementing LLRC recommendations, and the government’s disinterest in making progress on accountability.

    The Tamil party said it “unequivocally” supports the High Commissioner’s recommendation that the Human Rights Council establish an international inquiry mechanism to further investigate alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws, in addition to monitoring any domestic processes for accountability initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka.

    “We believe that such a mechanism is necessary in the light of the government’s unwillingness to take steps towards accountability.”

    The Report is based on the High Commissioner’s visit to Sri Lanka last August, during which she was able to observe first-hand the issues of concern to victims and survivors in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

    The TNA said it is particularly concerned over the impact of the high levels of militarization on the security of women in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

    “There are mounting and credible reports of systematic patterns of sexual harassment and violence in highly militarized areas, and we ask that the Human Rights Council take cognizance of this reality in its deliberations on Sri Lanka,” TNA said in its statement.

    The party said it has consistently opposed the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution which vests exclusive powers in the President over key public appointments.

    “Thus the deep politicization of civil institutions, together with the widely acknowledged erosion of judicial independence, seriously undermines any prospects of a credible domestic process for accountability,” the TNA noted.

    The party stressed that though painful, an international Commission of Inquiry into allegations against both sides is needed for a meaningful reconciliation.

    “We are mindful of the important need for all communities in Sri Lanka to reckon with the past in a spirit of reconciliation. We sincerely believe that an international Commission of Inquiry into allegations against both sides will provide our communities the space and environment to come to terms with crimes committed in our respective names.”

    The TNA said it remains committed to leading the Tamil people through a painful process of introspection, and encourages the government to use the opportunity of an international inquiry to break with the past and meaningfully pursue reconciliation.

    Sri Lanka rejects UN High Commissioner’s report as unwanted interference in the internal affairs

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 24, Geneva: The Sri Lankan government has categorically rejected the call by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanetham Pillay to establish an international inquiry to investigate the alleged violations of international humanitarian laws saying that conclusions and recommendations contained in her report reflect bias and are tantamount to unwanted interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign State.

    The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN, Geneva said in a statement that “a trajectory that has emerged with regard to the recommendation of the High Commissioner to the HRC for the establishment of an international inquiry mechanism reflects the preconceived, politicized and prejudicial agenda which she has relentlessly pursued with regard to Sri Lanka.”

    Recalling that the High Commissioner has called for an “independent, international inquiry” just weeks after the end of the war on 26th May 2009 at the 11th Special Session of the UNHRC on Sri Lanka and in three other subsequent sessions and in a report, the government said the reference in the current report that “the High Commissioner remains convinced” demonstrates her persistent efforts against Sri Lanka.

    “It is pertinent to question the factual basis for the High Commissioner’s initial formal call to the HRC for an independent, international investigation in May 2009 and its continuation, in order that the international community not be misled,” the statement further said.

    Responding to the concerns raised by the High Commissioner (HC), the governments said while the government rejects the initial Resolution 22/1, it has nevertheless continued to make significant progress in its own reconciliation process and Sri Lanka has continued to regularly update the UNHRC on such progress.

    The government rejected the HC’s claim that most of the recommendations made in her previous reports to the UNHRC remain unimplemented.

    The Sri Lankan government objected to the references made to the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Expert’s report (PoE) saying that it was not referred to in the Resolution 22/1 on Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka and therefore alluding to it in the HC’s report clearly takes it beyond the scope and mandate of Resolution 22/1.

    It further said that the PoE report on Sri Lankan commissioned by the UN Secretary General was the culmination of a a private consultation that UN SG sought for his own advice , and is not the product or request of the UNHRC, the UN General Assembly or any other UN body.

    “As it has not received the endorsement of the intergovernmental process, it has neither credence nor legitimacy within intergovernmental for a,” the government statement pointed out.

    The government statement was released in response to the draft report of the High Commissioner on 12 February 2014, ahead of her final report on Sri Lanka to be presented to the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva on March 26. Edited version of the draft report has been made

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA has done many crimes against SL in the past. Unpunished!

    TNA has NOT violated any law in agreeing to Pee-illey’s demands.

    So it cannot be punished BY LAW in this instance.

    There should be legal and OTHER means to dissolve TNA terrorists. If we rely only on legal means we fail.

    Now UNHRC wants tougher WITENESS PROTECTION LAWS in SL. These are LTTE protection laws. GOSL will enact them. Then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to prosecute them. We need legal and OTHER means to neutralize TNA.

  19. Nanda Says:

    In no other democratic established country Members of Parliament ask for foreign intervention. It is our Maha Ranee who started this nonsense some 20 odd years ago and now he is getting his own medicine.

    If we had proper Laws , TNA cannot act illegally in PCs ( 13A).
    If we had laws to expel those who ask for foreign intervention TNA become toothless.

    Even now this can be started. No needs to kill these pests. Just keep the house clean. our house is dirty. Dirty everywhere. It is full of THOSE WHO DO NOT LOVE THE COUNTRY , in fact they are the majority in the parliament by far.

  20. Nanda Says:

    “IT IS TIME to PROTECT our Motherland against these SEPARATIST TRAITORS! Use every one of TNA’s pronouncements to PROSECUTE it, PUNISH it, and DRIVE it from power. Better now than later in a full fledged war against Eelamist SEPARATISTS!”

    How to punish when Maha Ranee is partying with them ?
    Why can’t this bugger F the 13A today ? What prevents him from doing it ? GREEEEED !

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