Posted on March 1st, 2014

Malin Abeyatunge

 There is some hidden agenda in Northern Province Chief Minister Vignesweran’s suggestion of granting of Dual Citizenship to the Tamil Diaspora to encourage them to invest in Sri Lanka. It sounds okay on the face of it but there is some sinister move under this suggestion. This is a very subtle ploy by the TNA and pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora (a) to get the LTTE activists among the Tamil  Diaspora back in to Sri Lanka to start another separatist war (b) to allow free  flow of illegal funds to fund another separatist war. The demand by TNA to close army camps in the North appears to be directly linked to this suggestion. Closing of army camps will be one of the proposals made by UNHRC in March Sessions. LTTE rumps  flocking back to Sri Lanka thro dual citizenship claims,  free flow of illegal funds to oil another terrorist  war machine and removal of camps in the North will eventually make an easy path for them to restart another terrorist war.

 It’s a known fact that the LLTE rump had been collecting funds thro dubious fronts in USA, UK, Canada, EU Countries, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia promising to help the Tamils in the war stricken North & East but hardly used those funds to improve the living standard of the Tamils in the North & East  but used to oil the LTTE war machine for almost 26 years. They may still have millions of funds left with certain pro-LLTTE organisations spread in the above mentioned countries  and these funds they will use to fund another separatist agenda by buying politicians, media personnel in both print and electronic media, film manufacturers (not producers as there was no creativity in some of the films already in the public domain)  for propaganda. If the Tamil Diaspora wants to help the Tamils in the North & East, they can still do so by building hospitals, getting state of the art medical equipment, building schools, other basic amenities like water & electricity, projects to increase employment if any after the end of the war.  The Sri Lankan expatriates mostly Sinhalese who are living in the western countries have been helping Sri Lanka irrespective whether it’s the North or South thro various voluntary organisations over the years in building schools, equipping remote hospitals, providing drinking water, rehabilitating abandoned tanks, helping the needy remote villages etc. I am quite aware of an organisation in Victoria who had undertaken to completely rehabilitate a very remote village in the NCP with housing, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities. There are Sinhala organisations which I personally know who have under taken overall rehabilitation of villages and housing for the poor mainly in the villages in the North and the East. These projects are funded by not only the people with dual citizenship (It’s a small in numbers) but many of them carry citizenship of their adopted country but who still loves Sri Lanka and its people. I am sure Vignesweran is aware of a fact that a moderate Tamil Australian  who is rebuilding his own village with his own money. So as CM Vignesweran thinks, one needs not be a dual citizen to help Sri Lanka but instead  let his brethren living in these affluent countries follow what the Sinhala expatriates are doing to Sri Lanka even to the North & East over the years.

 But of course, there will be problem when evaluating the qualification for dual citizen ship.  The majority of the Tamil Diaspora after 1983 sought political asylum by humiliating the Sri Lanka image saying that they have been persecuted, tortured etc. to get the sympathy of the western countries to qualify for refugee and asylum status. They are not only Tamils, but Sinhalese, Muslims, Sinhala & Tamil journalists who had obtained citizen ship in the western countries saying that they have been persecuted in their home country Sri Lanka. If the Sri Lankan Governments have been persecuting them, do they have a moral right to go back to Sri Lanka or for that matter request for dual citizenship? The Government should not entertain any request for dual citizenship from those people who have obtained citizenship in the western countries thro refugee and asylum claims. The Sri Lankans who told the adopted countries that they have been persecuted and tortured will not have any moral grounds to obtain dual citizenship. That’s why I said that CMVs proposal has a sinister move to launch another separatist war in Sri Lanka.

 On another note, the responsibility of protecting our borders lies with the Government and the Customs. TNA members who is planning to attend the UNHRC Session may attempt to smuggle out information, videos and other harmful materials to humiliate Sri Lanka at the next UNHRC session in March and the Government & the Customs should take every precaution that such thing will not happen.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Of course he is trying to COLONIZE SL with KALLATHONIS.

    But the govt. will AGREE.

  2. Sirih Says:

    We have a solid database of most of the ilamist that are out side SL, there is no way that these ilamist will get a SL citizenship…
    Whole idea of 5 yr cooling period is to get sleepers.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Wigneswaran, the FOX wants to GUARD the Hen House of Sri Lanka!!

  4. mjaya Says:

    You have to understand the mentality of an overwhelming majority of Tamils to tackle this problem.

    The Tamils were kept as human shields by the LTTE, lived in virtual hell on earth under the LTTE. The government eliminated the LTTE, now Tamil children go to school instead of war.

    1. How many Tamils came forward to refute bogus human rights charges? Next no none
    2. How many Tamils went to see ugly better (Navi P) to wail on virtual disappearances? Plenty
    3. How many voted for the gov. after getting virtually everything from houses, roads to hospitals? Next to none
    4. How many voted for the TNA who did absolutely nothing? Plenty
    5. How many Tamils UNCONDITIONALLY stand up for Sri Lanka? Next to none

    We have to understand this mentality and deal with it accordingly.

    The solution is to systematically dissolve the minority-majority complex and regain our country from Kallathonies.

  5. mjaya Says:

    To add to above.

    How many Tamils parrot 1983 July? Plenty
    How many even talk about the role numerous Sinhalese people did to save them from the mobs? Next to none
    How many Tamils even acknowledge the Sinhalese casualties of the LTTE? Next to none

    We have to cut the crap about “reconciliation”.

  6. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Malin for this very timely warning. The GoSL has to be very aware that Tamil cunning has no limits! The current aplication form for Dual Nationality specifically asks “how did yu obtain foreign nationality?” in the first place. GoSL MUST give detailed attention to the answer! I hope MR stops listening to party henchmen on key matters and only take balanced advise – S de Silva

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    In summing up events prior to the request for Dual citizenship for Diaspora :

    The Tamil Diaspora is composed of Tamils that went west after the trumped up Riots of 1983. Some of these people had their air tickets to the west ready even as the anticipated Riots happened. The 1983 Riots were filmed and shown to VIPs in the west by then Tamil Ambassadors in the west (Luxmi Naganathan, Moorthy & Balasingham). The 1983 Riots which were fake riots brought about the down fall of Lanka and the 13-A (1987) was imposed on Lanka under Duress by India. All this was an off shoot of the Cold War and Tamil Caste wars in the North plus thwarted Tamil Nadu separatist aspirations.

    Over the many years after the 1983 Riots, the Tamil Diaspora has been constantly lobbying in the west for Separatism in Sri Lanka. How can they be trusted ?

    Now, if the TAMIL Diaspora (again under guise of joint DIASPORA), wants dual citizenship, it means the TAMIL Diaspora wants dual citizenship. Surely, this must be Phase II of Eelam formation, one way or another. Also it is likely they want another roosting place now that the west is having bad winters and some areas are broke. This request for dual citizenship at this point in time cannot be a good one for the whole of Sri Lanka.

    Mischievous dual citizens plus mischievous TNA cannot be healthy for the Democracy of Lanka.

    Lanka has to be governed similar to Singapore with strong laws adhered to. Activate the 6-A and remove the 13-A. After that Lanka can consider giving dual citizenship.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Malin Abeyatunga…..YES grant dual citizenship ONLY TO SINHALESE. Now they will cry & protest ITS DISCRIMINATION. So what, they the Tamils have cried discrimination from DAY ONE, and got silly EU, USA & UK to grant them SPECIAL STATUS. Now it is our turn, ONLY Sinhalese will get DUL CITIZENSHIP period.

    If they ,the Tamils do not like this, STAY where you are. I know those countries where they NOW, ILLEGALLY FLED to are doing all that better either. So they want to come when all the HARDWORK is done by MR opening up roads, building ultra modern cities, THEY NOW want to come & enjoy. NO WAY this should be allowed. TAMIL IS TAMIL & they never change, BECAUSE they follow Indians. Indians will never change, BUT WANT to increase their population to be a THREAT to the present majority THE SINHALESE.

    Tamils & Indfians have done this MAURATIOUS, SCHEYSHELES, FIJI and the lust goes on. That is ther ULTIMATE GOAL. To have Sri Lanka ruled by a Majoritty Tamil population. That is why, I advocated to NEUTRALIZE, NORTH & EAST by MOVING SINHALESE BUDDHISTS to those TWO Provinces & arrest TNA members who fail to COMPLY, but COMPLAIN. As their present & actions are ANTI – LANKA activities.

    Thank you al.l.. SriLanka is a UNITARY STATE a BUDDHIST COUNTRY, under one leader, UNITED & FREE……J….

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    ORDINARY Tamils in the diaspora is also a problem.

    They have been FINANCING LTTE without putting their names anywhere.

    IF they come to SL, TNA will get more votes.

  10. Marco Says:

    I do not believe dual citizenship should be given to anyone who left Sri Lankan shores for what they believed to be greener pastures. Whether they be diasporas or diashoras. They undertook an allegiance to a foreign land and they should stick with it and keep out. Its not often i agree with Wimal Weerasansa, but on this one i agree with him.

    It was not long ago there was a pronouncement that anyone with $1m was given a preference to obtain dual. $1m is now peanuts, the stakes are much higher.

    Lets examine the benefits of having a Sri Lankan Passport and/or dual citizenship. The only benefit i see is free and unrestricted travel to Sri Lanka. (re- visa applications for 30 days)
    Any “savy” investor with substantial funds in Sri Lanka would be looking at structures of “nominee”, Trust, a quasi “back to back” or “shadow” instruments.
    We have heard of so many stories of diasporas investing and/or donating for worthy causes. It’s utter and total bullshit!.
    True there are genuine Foundations and individuals who continue to provide for worthy causes without the fanfare/recognition via “hands on” process. Equally a number of retiree diaspora are buying estates, retirement homes , building homes for their twilight years. They do not require dual citizenship if adequately advised and planned.

    Furthermore, the author failed to recognise that the last people to seek dual citizenship are the LTTE activist/funders, because at any sign of trouble they would immediately seek the assistance of the consulates from Canada, US, UK, Aus or which ever Country they sought refuge. Further, the author failed to recognise these activists and/or funders were able fund the terror group LTTE without stepping into the Sri Lankan shores.

    As regards cooling periods we appear to have fallen asleep if only one was to examine the Land Registry entries at Homagama

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