Posted on March 1st, 2014

Mahinda Weerasinghe

  Part III of the series took some time to formulate, due to several reasons! Partly personal, partly strategic, but mostly; as lot of crisscrossing topics should be juxtaposed and that was an intimidating task.

 Above all, I should attempt to make this tale hang together, also in order to make it, concise, economic and lucid, so that any global reader will grasp its essence effortlessly.

On the other hand if the tale is to be told in its entirety, it would take tomes to encapsulate.  In essence compiling two centuries of clandestine historical great game tactics was, no simple task. Though each issue by itself was well documented in isolation, yet no one dissected how the crafty British hood winked the entire world for such a long period.

Indeed in order to maximize my efforts I decided to do the next best thing!

To Caption this prologue; that was the best way forward, prior to the presentation of Part III.

 The prologue will present obvious references and documentation of a general nature, so any one keen to do research can do so through the Internet on basis of the prologue! 

And when I present the part III, it will be a simple straightforward tale; of manipulation, duplicity and deceit! It would be; clear and concise!

The saying that ‘the world is full of suckers’ is very true, or how else could they have hidden this gambit for so long.  Indeed I am certain some of the main actors were not aware that they had been stage-managed and made use of.  Only exception being; Mahatma Gandhi.

If the British were devious he was a connoisseur of this art of sagacity, which he exploited to its very hilt.

For an example rev. Wilberforce the father of the anti slavery fame genuinely believed that he won a VICTORY when the Parliament voted for doing away with slavery in 1803(mark the year). But he was absolutely and totally a pawn and whether he canvasses for a vote against or not anti slavery it still would have been voted in at the time it did. For vital reason!

Indeed by 1800 British Empire was the sole owner of India proper. And they have planned to break the backs of all other slave exploiting nation. In such a manner British Empire ended as the solo super duper power, as they landed s the top of the heap as the only coli Tamil slave using nation! They had Indian, collie slaves and they had their Uncle Tom Jaffna Tamils who were ever ready to lick the white man’s ass.

 So when you position this prologue and Part III side by side; hugs vistas open up, and end up one been enlightened. In such a manner I

 will be able to make my talk, walk!

In essence the question of the Catholic Church manipulating will be suspended in this part and  instead show how anglicized Jaffna Tamil Catholics gave their full cooperation to the British Raj to exploit coli India and use  their cousins as slaves.

Indeed I am dedicating this part to those Indian collie slaves whose lives were destroyed by the Jaffna Tamil Catholics, and   ended their lives in misery, pain and anonymity.  

I must say from what I know today of Mohandas Gandhi, makes him a colossus. Any day I will bow down in front of his loin cloth, than to a Jaffna Tamil Catholics in a monkey suits. Indeed he knew exactly what he was doing and executed the implosion the British Empire singlehandedly and elegantly.  

It is time we expose this game of duplicity. It took almost 3 decades for Indian coli slaves as indentured laborers to replace the dearth of slaves taken out from Africa.  By that time only other power around was French. Came the First World War and Ottoman Empire crumbled and fell; and through the League of Nations British and French divided the booty. Only positive thing Lloyd George did at that point of history was he gave Jews a place in pastime.

In fact living in Oslo at the final phase of Elam war IV (May 2009) of the racist organization LTTE, Jaffna Tamils were agitated, they were screaming at the Norwegians on the TV debates “you promised us, you promised us”! Promised them what?

Indeed what is that they the Norwegians could not deliver? After all Norwegian people cannot be held responsible, unlike British. Norwegians did not own plantations which Jaffna Tamils unashamly supplied Indian Tamil Coli slaves and helped exploit them as middle man Kankani.  On the contrary Sinhalese will demand compensation for financing and unlashing upon them the most ruthless terrorists!

In the final Part III, I would attempt to show how Tamils were rewarded for their labors of supplying the Indian coolie slaves to prop up the British Empire’s plantation industry.  What they have received in return; Mauritius, Surinam, Fiji Seychelles Madagascar to name a few. Somehow the Jaffna catholic thirst was never quenched, for they lusted for the plum, which is “peal of the Indian ocean”; and the extermination of its Buddhist guardians.  Which means the British Colonials must have assured Jaffna Catholics this but failed to deliver.

And believe me they will never receive it now for a vital reason!

In such manner the Catholic Spanish Empire was busted and so did the Portuguese catholic nation which became a 3rd rate power subsequently. So did the Dutch trading empire which was primarily built on slavery. Indeed the Germen the Danish powers too were left behind. And we have seen complete destruction of Ottoman Empire by the end of the world war I

Behind this great game we find the Russian left behind as they were not relaying on slaves but their own surfs.

 In order to get the larger prospective we have to dabble in various subtle themes such as:

Slavery verses Anti slavery

 “Two hundred years ago, on March 25, 1807, the British Parliament outlawed the trans-Atlantic African slave trade. Eventually, in 1833, Britain was to make slavery itself illegal throughout the Empire.”

The Indian indentured coli labor:

“Opium wars against china”;

Divide and rule policy of the British.

Gandhi’s great game and how one man could have carried it off.

“Mahatma Gandhi Reportedly Depicted As Bisexual, Racist in New Biography”.

 See also: British Raj

 An 1876 political cartoon of Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881) making Queen Victoria Empress of India. The caption was “New crowns for old ones!”

Rivalry with Russia

Main article: the Great Game

During the 19th century, Britain and the Russian Empire vied to fill the power vacuums that had been left by the declining Ottoman EmpireQajar dynasty and Qing dynasty. This rivalry in Eurasia came to be known as the “Great Game“.[98] As far as Britain was concerned, defeats inflicted by Russia on Persia and Turkey demonstrated its imperial ambitions and capabilities and stoked fears in Britain of an overland invasion of India.[99] In 1839, Britain moved to pre-empt this by invading Afghanistan, but the First Anglo-Afghan War was a disaster for Britain.[79] When Russia invaded the Turkish Balkans in 1853, fears of Russian dominance in the Mediterranean and Middle East led Britain and France to invade the Crimean Peninsula in order to destroy Russian naval capabilities.[79] The ensuing Crimean, which involved new techniques of modern warfare,[100] and was the only global war fought between Britain and another imperial power during the Pox Britannica, was a resounding defeat for Russia.[79] The situation remained unresolved in Central Asia for two more decades, with Britain annexing Baluchistan in 1876 and Russia annexing KirghiziaKazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. For a while it appeared that another war would be inevitable, but the two countries reached an agreement on their respective spheres of influence in the region in 1878 and on all outstanding matters in 1907 with the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente.[101] The destruction of the Russian Navy by the Japanese at the Battle of Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05 also limited its threat to the British.[102]

Cape to Cairo

 The Rhodes Colossus””Cecil Rhodes spanning “Cape to Cairo”

The Dutch East India Company had founded the Cape Colony on the southern tip of Africa in 1652 as a way station for its ships travelling to and from its colonies in the East Indies. Britain formally acquired the colony, and its large Afrikaner (or Boer) population in 1806, having occupied it in 1795 in order to prevent its falling into French hands, following the invasion of the Netherlands by France.[103] British immigration began to rise after 1820, and pushed thousands of Boers, resentful of British rule, northwards to found their own””mostly short-lived””independent republics, during the Great Trek of the late 1830s and early 1840s.[104] In the process the Voortrekkers clashed repeatedly with the British, who had their own agenda with regard to colonial expansion in South Africa and with several African politics, including those of the Sotho and the Zulu nations. Eventually the Boers established two republics which had a longer lifespan: the South African Republic or Transvaal Republic (1852–77; 1881–1902) and the Orange Free State (1854–1902).[105] In 1902 Britain occupied both republics, concluding a 

History of Indentured labor!  

 South India, because of its favorable geographic position and the importance of its colonial ports, was to take on a very special significance within this new system of indenture, a form of debt bondage, by which perhaps two million Indians were transported to various colonies of European powers to provide labor for the (mainly sugar) plantations. It started from the end of slavery in 1833 and continued until Recruitment to the French sugar colonies continued via the French ports in India without knowledge of the British authorities and by 1856 the number of laborers in R©union is estimated to have reached 37,694. It was not until 25 July 1860 that France was officially permitted by the British authorities to recruit labor for Reunion at a rate of 6,000 annually. This was extended on 1 July 1861 with permission to import ‘free’ laborers into the French colonies of Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana (Cayenne). Indenture was for a period of five years (longer than British colonies at the time); return passage was provided at the end of indenture. (Not after ten as in British colonies) and Governor-General was empowered to suspend emigration to any French colony if any abuse was detected in the system1920.

Raw Indentured labour in fact was worse than slavery as far as the collie and the nation he was sent to.

 Using foreign mercenary

During the early decades of the 19th century, while Great Britain was establishing its supremacy in international exchanges, slavery was being progressively limited in the empire, until finally in 1843 all slaves were freed. The lack of the slave labor which the British had installed on the tropical plantations (producing sugar, coffee, to bananas, tea, . . .) quickly made itself felt, and international migrations of free laborers replaced the recruitment of slaves. Countries whose economy had depended on the continuous importation of slave such as Spain Portugal Holland Denmark and obviously the

Troops from different parts of British Empire to suppress rebellions,

Using the minorities of a nation to control the majority.

Newly given out Darwin’s theory and the Survival of the fittest 1859.

And parceling off other people’s countries.  

The fall of the Ottoman Empire.

And the secret but vital information as vast resources of oil   under Saudi desert of the coming of the industrial revolution and placing of Jewish nation to match and contain the Arabs 1832.

Indeed the enlightened English likes to  boast that “the sun never sets  in the British empire”, which  needed a another  clever Sinhalese  to put in prospective ; indeed Colvin R De Siva Adlibbed, that this been  a fact for  indeed God  would never trust the English in the dark!

Fiji is a classic example and can be set Patten where countries where natives has been disprocessed and disenfranchised and fighting a losing battle from their inheritance.

 Indians with racism runs in their veins

Five years on from the third coup to afflict Fiji since 1987 we find rebels armed with military weapons, had seized Korovou in support of local boy George Speight who was holding hostage the government of Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry of Indian ancestry “.

AS a local quipped “Before, it was called the paradise of Fiji, now it has become the darkness of Fiji.”

Indo-Fijians are mostly descendants of indentured laborers brought in by the British to work on CSR Australia-owned sugar plantations. Between 1879 and 1916, around 60,000 [indentured Indian laborers] came.  In the 1966 census, Indians accounted for 51 percent of the population, Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics says. Indigenous Fijians were just 42 percent – the rest made up of Chinese, Europeans, Rotumans and other Pacific Islanders.

In Fiji, no one knows for sure what is happening.  Just as the Sinhalese in hill country they             unaware what was happening!

London colonial masters feared Indians would take over the country and in a long and complicated process –ensure indigenous Fijians would never lose their land in the way the Maori had in New Zealand, and that their political supremacy would remain intact. But that is what exactly what happened. Fijians were given the bible and whiskey and put them into a slumber, And using slave labor were carrying on till the independence. Cooem Independence and Jijiyans are a minority and theier loosing their rights

. British Indian indentured labor transportation by country.

Colonial Indian indentured labor importing colonies

Name of Colony

Number of Laborers Transported



British Guiana








St Lucia




St Kitts


St Vincent








East Africa






 Kandyan wars British would have never got hold of Kandy if not if not native betrayers, who helped them enter Kandy and helped seize the Tamil king of Kandy!

 The First Opium War (1839–42), also known as the Opium War and as the Anglo-Chinese War, was fought betweenGreat Britain and China over their conflicting viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice for foreign nationals.[3]

Prior to the conflict Chinese officials wished to end the spread of opium, and confiscated around 20,000 chests of opium (approximately 1.21 million kilograms or 2.66 million lb)[4] from British traders. The British government, although not officially denying China’s right to control imports of the drug, objected to this seizure and used its military power to enforce violent redress.[3]

In 1842, the Treaty of Nanking””the first of what the Chinese later called the unequal treaties””granted an indemnity to Britain, the opening of five treaty ports, and the cession of Hong Kong Island, thereby ending the trade monopoly of theCanton System. The failure of the treaty to satisfy British goals of improved trade and diplomatic relations led to the Second Opium War (1856–60).[5] The war is now considered in China as the beginning of modern Chinese history.[6][7]

 U.S, following 100 year old British Strategy

The military strategists of the British Empire have long had an actual plan for the military conquest and enslavement of the entire planet, and this plan for global conquest was based on the military realities which they believed any would-be world conqueror would encounter. The British strategic plan for world conquest and the military perspective which it is based upon both predate World War One, and both probably existed long before that. The earliest known statement of this plan for world conquest was expressed by imperial strategist Halford Mackinder, who outlined the central global strategic problem in 1904 in a letter to the British Royal Geographical Society. The letter was entitled, “The Geographical Pivot of History.” The most pertinent part of this letter is quoted later on, and requires only a minimum of reading between the lines.

The most recent significant restatement of this plan for world conquest was made by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who asserted that world domination would require the conquest of the center of the Eurasian landmass. They also believed that if they did not seize the Eurasian interior, whoever was in possession of it would have the global strategic edge, and would thus likely ultimately go on to conquer the world.

Here’s why they formed this military perspective. Britain was a naval power, and therefore, as a rule of thumb, they could apply military force with relative ease near the shores of the oceans anywhere on the globe. That was the good news. The bad news was that the further from the coast their military objective was, the harder it was to apply force to it. The invading British armies were tethered to their fleets, because their armies needed the re-supply and the firepower support of their navy.

Look at a map of the world. You will see that the area furthest from any ocean is the deep interior of the Eurasian land mass. The British reasoned that if they could conquer the Eurasian interior, they would then be able to apply force from this region against the neighboring countries while the British fleet would attack as usual against their coastal regions. Thus Russia, China, India and all of Europe would be forever under British military dominance, and thereby be eliminated as competitors in the struggle for world conquest. They reasoned that the remainder of the globe was a far lesser military challenge, which could be managed with relative military ease by the British fleet, and thus easily accessible coastal regions of the remainder of the world were not the focus of their military plans as was the absolutely vital Eurasian interior.

One of the agenda items of the British Empire is the culling of most of the people on the planet Earth. They also intend that the mass of the remaining population will be reduced to peasant social status, and kept in perpetual ignorance so that any revolt against their overlords will be impossible. By these means they intend to establish a global empire which will rule the world for all time without any possibility of being overthrown, either by any competing empires, which will all have been eliminated, or by the peasants, who will be held in perpetual bondage and therefore likewise unable to rise up against the oligarchs.

The following quoted passage is from a letter written by British imperial strategist Halford Mackinder to the British Royal Geographical Society. The letter was entitled, “The Geographical Pivot of History.”

“As we consider this rapid review of the broader currents of history, does not a certain persistence of geographical relationship become evident? Is not the pivot region of the world’s politics that vast area of Euro-Asia which is inaccessible to ships, but in antiquity lay open to the horse riding nomads, and is today about to be covered with a network of railways. There have been and are here the conditions of a mobility of military and economic power of a far-reaching and yet limited character. Russia replaces the Mogul empire. Her pressure on Finland, on Scandinavia, on Poland, on Turkey, on Persia, on India, on China replaces the centrifugal raids of the steppe-men. In the world at large she occupies the central strategically position held by Germany in Europe. In conclusion, it may be well expressly to point out that the substitution of some new control of inland area for that of Russia would not tend to reduce the geographical significance of the pivot point. Were the Chinese, for instance, organized by the Japanese, to overthrow the Russian Empire and conquer its territory, they might constitute the Yellow Peril to the world’s freedom.”

The following passage is quoted from the book, “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives,” which was written by Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1997.

“”In that context, how America ‘manages’ Eurasia is critical. Eurasia is the globe’s largest continent and is geopolitical axial. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination, rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central continent. About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for 60 per cent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.” (p.31)

Other statements in his book make it clear that Brzezinski’s geographic focus is on the new Islamic nations of South Central Asia that were formed out of the Breakup of the Soviet Union. Note that Brzezinski even used the name “Oceania” to refer to the British Empire.

The British plan for world conquest also called for the de-industrialization of all other nations so they would not be able to build modern weapons to fight back against British attacks. All major nations of the world were industrializing in the years prior to World War One, and the British Imperialists decided that all other nations must be both de-industrialized and depopulated so that they would never again be potential rivals for world domination.

The British reasoned that Russia was their primary rival for world dominance, partly because of it occupied much of the strategic heart of the Eurasian land mass, and partly because it huge population and abundant natural resources gave it vast military potential. Other smaller potential rivals such as France, Germany and Japan would be crushed later and reduced to depopulated puppet states with plantation economies. America, was not considered an immediate potential rival because it was effectively re-colonized and under British control, and had been since the assassination of President McKinley by British design in 1901.

The British planned to provoke a war between Russia and Germany so that Russia would be crushed and forced to accept a British-controlled puppet government that would de-industrialized Russia, and thus make it unable to defend the Eurasian heartland. The British also hoped that Germany would be exhausted by all the fighting, and would thus be an easy opponent in a subsequent war which would likewise result in its de-industrialization and depopulation. It didn’t really matter to the British strategists which side Britain would be on in the war; their primary goal was the destruction of Russia industry, and the weakening of Germany as a hoped for bonus. The British imperialists didn’t care much about the form of the new Russian government. The British didn’t care if the new Russian government was communist or fascist or whatever; all they really cared about was that the new Russian government would suppress industrialization.

The British imperialists both planned and instigated World War One, but unfortunately for them, their primary goal of de-industrializing Russia was not achieved. Russia was defeated, but the post-war communist government instituted a program of industrialization and re-armament under both Lenin and Stalin. The post World War One situation looked exactly like the pre World War One situation as far as the disappointed British Imperialists were concerned. Russia was still the number one rival because of its dominance of Eurasia, and because it still had its huge population, and worst of all because it was still industrializing. Their other potential rivals were likewise still industrializing, just exactly as they were before the war.

The British imperialists planned and instigated World War Two in order to achieve the exact same strategic goal they had failed to achieve with World War One, and they used the exact same plan because in their eyes the strategic situation had not changed at all. The British imperialists therefore instigated World War Two between Russia and Germany in order to achieve the exact same goal, and once again they failed. Post war Russia continued to industrialize, and they were still in possession of the heart of Eurasia.

The Geostrategic situation is pretty much the same today as it was both before and after the two world wars that the British instigated, and all the evidence indicates that the British strategic plan for conquering the world remains exactly the same today as it was prior to World War One. The British and their puppet ally America have established military bases deep in the heart of Eurasia in the Islamic states that were formerly part of the old Soviet Union. They have invaded Afghanistan and are preparing to invade Iraq.

They will not abandon their campaign of looting of Eurasia, and they will not stop their callous slaughter of Asian people unless they are defeated militarily. If they succeed in their criminal aggression, they will be forced by their own imperial logic to go on and instigate similar wars of aggression against all their remaining potential rivals. Both China and India are now immensely powerful and growing in economic might and military capability. Both Britain and its puppet ally America are declining relative to both China and India in economic ability and military might. The Anglo-Americans have lost their nuclear monopoly. The Chinese will develop missiles capable of reaching America and Britain.

Time is working against the Anglo-Americans in both economic and military terms. The longer Britain waits to attack China and slaughter it back to the stone age, the harder the task will be. The British and their American stooge ally will not be able to defeat China if they wait another twenty years. Their own logic tells them that it is now or never as far as the British Empire is concerned. Britain will either conquer the world within the next few years, or Britain and its stooge ally America will slide first into insignificance, and then both will be torn apart in starvation-induced internal wars because they will no longer be able to extort the resources of the world at gunpoint.

In conclusion, it is clear that the century-old plan of the British for the conquest of the world is still in effect. It also seems undeniable that the culling of most of the world’s population is a necessary and therefore built-in part of their plan to conquer the world. The exact role that vaccinations and other devices of mass murder [E.g. chemtrails] will play in this blueprint for the coming global slaughter is still unclear. The British aristocracy regards this as their last throw of the dice to achieve world domination. From their perspective, it is now all or nothing. By their own perspective and by their own logic, these aristocrats will be compelled to use every device at their disposal, especially those of mass destruction . The British aristocrats fear that if they fail, they will be overthrown because they are utterly useless parasites, and the British people will rise in the wake of so many of them being used up in a war whose only goal is to preserve the dominance of the useless aristocrats.

Their hatred of humanity and the wickedness of their envisioned global and eternal police state should prepare us to expect them to employ every weapon at their disposal no matter how horrible. The recent media-friendly terrorist attack was the latest bit of theater in their final bid at world conquest. We can expect more such incidents, including even a nuclear detonation on American, which will precede the erection of a complete police state here in America, without which their plan for global conquest will not succeed.

The British aristocrats are not the daffy, absent-minded twits depicted in the mass media. These British aristocrats and their banker bedmates are the worst collection of cold-blooded gangsters and cynical mass murderers ever assembled. They will use diseases, revolutions, starvation, planned economic disasters, civil wars, concentration camps, nuclear bombs, and mass murder by vaccinations both here and abroad until such time as they win, or until they are removed from power. This broad outline of their plan for world conquest will provide a framework for understanding events as the world plunges toward this very real Armageddon unfolding in Asia


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Another good analysis.

    Thank you Mahinda.

    World order can be changed by only ONE WAY – WAR between big powers. Hopefully it will happen soon.

    A relatively SMALL price to pay for FREEDOM OF MANKIND.

    Otherwise ALL HUMANS will have to suffer under this evil world regime.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    With all due respect~
    What are you trying to prove Mahinda?
    Will you be saying that since the President’s wife is a Catholic there will be Catholic manipulation leading to a Catholic power surge in Sri Lanka linked to this with much reprisals ? Hardly as the one thing prevalent in Sri lanka with respect to religions is tolerance which was primarily preached by Lord Buddha and emulated by many religions and philosophies.Christianity to a great extent was also linked to this although its practise sadly was quite questionable.
    And what makes you so sure thet WW1 and 2 were started by the British?
    These are statements ahich cannot be qualified towards the salient truth which appear to be based more on conjecture than fact!! While some of the tirade you are indulging in against the Brits do attest to reality there are far worse attrocities committed and proven through established historical fact by many rulers of many nations during the course of history.
    Perhaps the only time Sri Lanka ever knew real peace and tranquility albeit disrupted by the occassional disruptions by some who opposed the system and caused tirmoil may have been during the rule of the Ancient Sinhala Kings and the many dynasties recorded where the land was prosperous, calm and tranquil relative to the times and the modern trappings of development had not invaded the land yet a nation contented with self sufficiency and a land flowing with milk and honey ursurped of course by the subsequent foreign invasions. A burdgeoning population, unassailable socio economic issues in a relatively small surface area and huge cultural divesity eventially put paid to all this sadly but seemingly recussitated today.
    Give credit where it’s due and ask yourself what Sri Lanka and otherparts of Asia might be today had it not been for the development savvy of the Portuguese, Dutch and predominantly the Brits with of course prices to pay ~ granted there were huge excesses but the singlemost reality is that Asia per se may have been a wilderness of blood letting pagans inasmuch as South America was during the times of the Maya and Incas where human sacrifice preceded all their religious and cultural rituals and the brutalities that prevailed emphasizing man’s inhumanity to man colossal. You will probably object to the Spanish conquistadores too in tnis respect where they too need to be acknowledged for broadbasing an organized society, discipline, order and development in a paganistic environment where of course the arguments once again re the pros and con would also be two sided based on proselytism and the destruction of indigenous cultures which is wrong but pehaps inevitable.
    IIn an analytical sense based on rationality it is not the concepts or dogmas of religions in the world that are so wrong but the method of practise by human kind which seems to have twisted it to suit their advantage distorted it beyond recognition and the end result a world in turmoil.
    The new world order has been threatened more by fundamentalist Islam and neo Communism than any other source which is threatening to take over the world today and if you contradict this there would be no purpose for this argument.
    While it may be true to ascertain that the Catholic Church is manipulative stemming from the Vatican itself the manipulations are a form of self assertion towards the established church and should only be this where today the representatives of the church such as the Bishops in some parts of northern and eastern Sri Lanka do tend to cross the line towards their own sense of moral authority but an exception rather than the rule and surely need castigation.
    Perhaps the freedom of all religions and a means to co-exist side by side in any society as a priority may resolve some of the religion related issues but once again no guarantee considering how fallible human nature is rowards this.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Last year 132 Tamil racist Catholic priests begged UNHRC to grill SL.

    Govt took no action. So this year it has risen to 205.

    Where are the patriots with power?

    Led by Kasippu Joseph Goebbels as usual.

    205 Tamil Christian clergy from North and East ;

    1.Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Catholic Bishop of Mannar
    2.Rev. Fr. V. A. Justin, omi, Trincomalee
    3.Rev. Sr. M. Tharcilla, hfc, Mannar
    4.Rev. Fr. S. Arul Sutharson, omi, Mannar
    5.Rev. Bro. M. Deloshan Rajeeva, omi, Jaffna
    6.Rev. Fr. A. V. Alfred, omi, Mannar
    7.Rev. Fr. A. Xavier Croos, Mannar
    8.Rev. Fr. Terrance Fernando, Vavuniya
    9.Rev. Fr. Desmond Angelo, Vavuniya
    10.Rev. Fr. M. Nirmalaraj, Vavuniya
    11.Rev. Fr. Anthony Bala, Jaffna
    12.Rev. Fr. P. Jesurajah, Mannar
    13.Rev. Fr. Reginald, cr, Jaffna
    14.Rev. Bro. J. Anthony Sosai, Mannar
    15.Rev. Fr. S. C. Vaz, Mannar
    16.Rev. Sr. Prista, Batticaloa
    17.Rev. Fr. Sugnaraj Croos, Mannar
    18.Rev. Fr. Bosco, cr, Jaffna
    19.Rev. Fr. Lawrence Leon, Mannar
    20.Rev. Fr. A. Luckston De Silva, Mannar
    21.Rev. Fr. G. A. Arulraj Croos, Mannar
    22.Rev. Sr. Christine Croos, fmm, Mannar
    23.Rev. Fr. J. Dunstun, Vavuniya
    24.Rev. Sr. Mariatharani, Vavuniya
    25.Rev. Fr. M.G. Camillus, Jaffna
    26.Rev. Fr. J.S.A. Mariathas, Jaffna
    27.Rev. Fr. D. V. Patrick, omi, Mannar
    28.Rev. Fr. M. Mariasuthan, cr, Vavuniya
    29.Rev. Fr. M.P. Peter Manohar, Mannar
    30.Rev. Fr. I.C. Ferdinand, cr, Jaffna
    31.Rev. Fr. J. Denystan, Vavuniya
    32.Rev. Sr. Juliana Kulas, Mannar
    33.Rev. Sr. Mary Theresa, Batticaloa
    34.Rev. Sr. J. Ragal, Vavuniya
    35.Rev. Sr. Jeyam, Vavuniya
    36.Rev. Fr. A. Jesuraj Silva, Mannar
    37.Rev. Sr. Jacintha, Kilinochchi
    38.Rev. Sr. Sylvia, Kilinochchi
    39.Rev. Fr. Terrance, Mannar
    40.Rev. Sr. Emma, Vavuniya
    41.Rev. Fr. Francis Jeyam, Vavuniya
    42.Rev. Fr. S. Balendran, Jaffna
    43.Rev. Sr. Hilary Fernando, scjm, Vavuniya
    44.Rev. Fr. A. Sahayanathan, ivd, Mannar
    45.Rev. Sr. Marietta, Vavuniya
    46.Rev. Fr. T. Navaratnam, Vavuniya
    47.Rev. Sr. Fatima, rgs, Mannar
    48.Rev. Sr. Jacintha, scjm, Kilinochchi
    49.Rev. Sr. Aquina Joseph, Mannar
    50.Rev. Fr. S. Stephen Rajah, Mannar
    51.Rev. Fr. S. Mariathas Leon, Mannar
    52.Rev. Sr. Mildred Pedrupillai, Mannar
    53.Rev. Sr. Amalie, Mannar
    54.Rev. Sr. M. Julia, Mannar
    55.Rev. Fr. M. R. Figurado, Mannar
    56.Rev. Fr. A. Arulanandam, cr, Vavuniya
    57.Rev. Fr. Macmilen, Jaffna
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    79.Rev. Bro. Francis Mark Ignatius, Mannar
    80.Rev. Sr. Marsilla, Mannar
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    82.Rev. Sr. Judesala, Vavuniya
    83.Rev. Sr. Marian, Vavuniya
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    87.Rev. Sr. Malarvily, Vavuniya
    88.Rev. Sr. Victoire, Vavuniya
    89.Rev. Sr. Jane, Vavuniya
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    197.Rev. Fr. M. I. Thayakaran, Jaffna
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    200.Rev. Fr. A. J. Yavis, Kilinochchi
    201.Rev. Fr. Brian, Jaffna
    202.Rev. Fr. Eugene Amalaraj, omi, Vavuniya
    203.Rev. Fr. P. Anthony Jesuthasan, omi, Vavuniya
    204.Rev. Fr. T. Vasantharasa, omi, Vavuniya
    205.Rev. Fr. S. Philip Ranjanakumar, omi, Vavuniya

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Lorenzo the long list of miscreant anti Govt priests is a very plausible one.They need confrontation for sure probably with the Vatican involved.However this is not cause enough to generalize the issue by naming the Catholic Church as an overall impure source.
    Furthermore the denigration of the British seems somewhat of an overkill as the historical fracts behind British imperialism and the Rule Britannia concept was by far overridden by the example Britain has set in the post war era as a nation with a stable economy,pride, dignity, integrity and an overall contentment of her people that their country today is a true world leader despit the odd idiotic parliamentarian.A curate’s egg perhaps where the greater part is quite wholesome.We have a lot to thank Britain for by way of direction, organization and integfrity much of which has contributed to the well being of Sri Lanka despite some of the mistakes made by Britain in their colonial aberrations.Robbing national treasures, incarcerating our last monarch and recognizing the tamils over Sinhalese however are mortal sins committed againdt Sri Lanka which must never be forgotten.

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    correcrion of spelling for ‘integrity’ and ‘against’ and ‘Tamils’ using lower case ‘ t ‘. Would lso lie to add that there are many other mitigating factors that contribute to Britains neo – empathy for Sri Lanka particularly the recent release on the acceptance of officially stamped information about the LTTE conflict presented in the British Parliament where much of Sri Lanka’s antagomists and their concocted reports have been contradicted and deemed unacceptable.!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some comments :

    The Catholic church is very active in Sri Lanka because the Catholc church of Tamil Nadu are thwarted by the massive Hindu population of Tamil Nadu. Conversions are not easily possible in Tamil Nadu. Catholic converts of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in Asia convert to get away from the Caste/poverty bind. In Tamil Nadu, converted Catholic Tamils are treated as low caste. In Sri Lanka, the situation is quite different. In Sri Lanka. Catholic folk (Tamil or Sinhala) are treated with respect. Catholic schools get quite a bit of prominence and as far as I know they stick with the English stream of instruction. So they get a good education and are able to travel abroad. I think this is the main reason why Catholic priests want to carve out a separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka – to ship in more Tamils from Tamil Nadu.

    Then millions of Caste/poverty bound Tamils of Tamil Nadu can flood into Lanka. If it is a Federal State for Tamils only, then
    any GoSL will have to pay the bills for FREE education, health care, infrastructure etc. of that Federal state which probably will run circles around any GoSL and bring in more and more Tamils from TN for cheap labor, and grow in wealth and power. In fact, a separate State in any form different to the rest of Lanka (my addition), is like giving the hen house to the fox !

    Also, Lanka has a Labor problem. Investors, whether in the plantations or manufacturing sectors, will endeavor to get the best deal on Labor. Tamil Nadu will be only too willing to ship out low caste Tamil labor to any place in the world, including of course, neighbor in trouble, Sri Lanka. Once this ‘Labor’ arrives in Lanka, mostly ILLEGALLY, mostly via Rev. Reyappu Joseph’s Mannar, they mostly convert to Catholicism with some becoming Muslims (hence the Tamil Muslim party), for protection and funding. The Tamil illegal migrants come, like all migrants (illegal or legal), in the hope of better pastures. They may be promised all sorts of benefits to entice them to enter, say, Lanka. However, I think we can safely say that the illegal migrant does not have much loyalty affection for indigenous Lankans. They are here ‘for the beer’ as the saying goes.

    Such illegal migrants blend in as Labor, and form the vote bank for the TNA. The churches grow more in power too. Tamil leaders will be empowered to make more and more demands on whichever GoSL is in power. In fact, with Tamil Nadu shipping out her low caste Tamils as Labor, TN can gain a sort of Chola Nadu in the future.

    In turn, to protect ourselves in Lanka, we have to, like Fiji, ban all Indian and for that matter all illegal entrants on a permanent basis, labor or otherwise.

    Lanka has to guard her coastlines on a forever basis or capitulate to the next set of Pirates – the first set of Pirates being the Colonists. Lanka guarded her coastlines with zeal prior to the entry of the first set of Pirates in 1505. It is time to do so yet again.

    Re the Fall of the Kingdom of Kandy :

    On reading the book by Dolapihillai, “The Last Days of Kandy” we are told that the ‘mathaka Katha’ of those times tell us that
    Kappetipola Maha Disawa had eyes on the Throne of Kandy. He shared the affections of a Tamil courtesan with the King. This woman had a son by Kappetipola whom he wanted to place on the throne, feining him to be a true heir by the King. He arranged to have an ‘accident’ to remove the King and placed the boy on the Throne of Kandy. In reality, the last King of Kandy was a Pretender and not of true lineage. The other leaders of Kandy (the Disswas) knew the truth too. Some of them tried to remove the boy king who was totally under Kappetipola, but they failed. The British sent whiskey to the Court of Kandy and the Pretender king in a his drunken rages ordered ghastly acts against the people. Thus the betrayal of the king to the British.

    Ex-Colonists are clever ! Can the Dharma of the Land overcome treachery ? Clear thinking and the Law can prevail with justice for all. Singapore style governance will suit Lanka.

    Right now, the legal institutions of the country (the education institutions and the Law College) must be watched carefully by one and all who care about Justice in Sri Lanka. How was it that in the last few years minorities get all the top places to the Law College ? Even an ex-Chief Justice rolled over to disloyalty !

    The East-West divide makes fools of us all. Loyalty to the land and our people a must – no more betrayals of the indigenous folk, whatever ethnicity or religion.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    It is TAMIL CATHOLIC PRIESTS engaged in racism by commission and the hierarchy is silent.

    These are ENEMIES of SL not just govt.

    They are VERY influential people in their congregation. Behind each one of them there are 10,000+ people who listen to their SERMONS and become racists themselves.

    Govt. should at least give up on these people. STOP giving them govt. facilities. Make misery for them by omission. Otherwise they become bolder and in 2015 there will be Tamilian priests from Colombo, etc. as well.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    That doesn’t help resolve the problem. These racists are a problem. How long can we PRETEND there is no problem with these racists and WORSEN it?

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    That’s why I keep saying to DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS. Such migrants are fodder for all Separatists.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    But GOSL imports more and more. No deportation!!

    If Tamil language is NOT an official or national language illegal immigrants will NOT come to SL. Prevention better than painful cure. As long as Tamil remains an official or national language illegals will see SL as part of TN.

    e.g. No point taking diahrea medicine if you don’t wash your hands after going to the loo. It comes back again and again.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    I have also said that the best things to do is to ACTIVATE the 6-A and REMOVE the 13-A !

    Tamil Nadu will export MILLIONS of Tamils to any place in the world ! That is how Chola Nadu is to be built up. If
    Lanka wants to commit suicide there is nothing you or I can do.

    We are in agreement.

  12. Cerberus Says:

    The question is why are the Sinhala Catholics and their Bishops remaining silent. Do they agree with what the Tamil priests have done. What is Rev Malcolm Ranjith’s position. What is the Vatican position? It appears that the Sinhalese have no one on their side from the Churches.

  13. Cerberus Says:

    Good question, Cerberus !

    Why didn’t any of the Minority groups raise protests when JVP (around 80,000, we are told), were killed off by two GoSLs
    (Mrs B govt and Premadasa govt) and LTTE terrorism killing hundreds of thousands of Sinhala as well as Tamils ?

    Yet Sinhala people helped Tamils & Muslims through all their travails. Only a few Tamils speak up for Sinhala people and others of Lanka. Our heartfelt thanks to them. What about the Muslim community ? Where are they in this current matter ? We know of the Muslim Tamil party, and the other day Muslim party SLMC secretary handed over a paper to UNHRC about religious places being attacked in Sri Lanka. With friends such as Lanka has, who needs enemies !

    I am not for any religious places being attacked, but unethical conversions, sadistic political games for self gain etc. are worse. Religious places were not attacked earlier but only happens as a consequence of negative events. In the end, the Sinhala folk get the blame. This is because all Minorities bring in strong clout from abroad. Strange homeland for the Sinhala people !

    The Sinhala people appear to be the minority in this island. In fact, people abroad ask me whether Tamils are the majority of Sri Lanka as it is only their voices that are heard in the upper echelons of power in the west.

    Jesus Christ said “the meek and the humble shall inherit the Earth”. Time is Eternity for God.

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