Ukraine: Don’t blame us says Russian Ambassador to EU
Posted on March 1st, 2014

During an interview at New Europe Studios, Ambassador Chizhov described the relationship between the European Union and Russia

During an interview at New Europe Studios, the Head of the Russian mission to the EU, Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov  accused foreign forces of helping the Ukrainian opposition which he described as having fallen into the hands of right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis.

We all know that the European Union at one point developed its Eastern Partnership Initiative which included Ukraine. From the outset it did not include Russia and we never sought a place among those “focus countries” of the Eastern Partnership. Though we viewed the whole initiative with an open mind and were prepared to look at possible specific projects that might be of equal interest to the EU, focus countries and Russia. Unfortunately, the EU never came up with a single such project in all those years.

President Yanukovich had second thoughts, because evidently he understood the possible implications of the entry into force of this agreement on the dire economic situation in Ukraine, which since then has only worsened. That was his choice.

Those who immediately started blaming Russia and still continue to blame Russia are totally unfair and incorrect, because Russia did not interfere in this situation. The only thing we did was to outline to our Ukrainian colleagues the implications that association with the European Union would have for the Ukrainian economy and its relations with other countries, including Russia.

Even schoolbooks were changed to promote association with the European Union, and of course those people who came out to protest against that particular decision by President Yanukovych were eager to see Ukraine closer to the European Union. Most of them had no idea what the Association Agreement is all about. I would claim very few people had read it. They mostly thought that immediately after signature they would have a visa-free regime, which was never intended. That the EU will open up its limitless coffers and pour huge amounts of money into Ukraine, which was never the intention. But eventually those protests evolved into something different. If you compare pictures from the Maidan square, the Independence square in Kiev, in the first days and weeks to what happened towards the end of the sit-in, they look completely different because the popular protest was sidelined and then almost eliminated by thuggish-looking armed people, well-equipped with steel helmets, with flak jackets, with bats, and ultimately with firearms. The flags that were seen were no longer EU flags, but those red and black flags of the ultra-nationalists, and the portraits were not of Van Rompuy or Barroso, not even Ashton. They were of Stepan Bandera, a well-known Nazi collaborator and war criminal who is still considered a hero among the ultra-nationalists.

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3 Responses to “Ukraine: Don’t blame us says Russian Ambassador to EU”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is the height of HYPOCRISY for us Americans to be preaching to Russia about violation of International Law.

    In the last three decades the USA has HABITUALLY RESORTED to violating International Law and invading and bombing multiple foreign countries on various fabricated pretexts,all in the name of NATIONAL INTEREST, with or without “coalitions of the willing” and other assorted mafias in tow when even the puppet United Nations cannot swallow hard and sanction our aggression.

    With our repeated threatening of Russia since the demise of the Soviet Union, by stationing missiles along her borders, undermining her allies around the world, and inciting separatism within nher borders, we have pushed Russia into a corner from which Russia has no option but to fight its way out. And the patriotic Russia people will succeed, as they did against all odds during WW-II despite torture by both internal and external enemies. The events in the Ukraine were carefully fostered and engineered by the US without regard to the consequences. We are spawning a new Cold War in which the Russian Federation will abandon collaboration and will openly lead those opposed to the United States.

    We have missed a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to treat Russia, emerging from Communist subjugation, decently and to make it a reliable and trusted partner in a peaceful new world order. By threatening its essential national interests, we have transformed resurgent Russia into an implacable enemy.

    Chief among those who led us into this MONUMENTAL FOLLY is Hillary Clinton who perfected and implemented the machiavellian art of destabilizing and undermining other countries from within using “human rights” and “democracy” as her tools of choice, pitting the citizens of these nations against each other.

    Contrary to her expectations, when the dust settles, the United States will have no friends or allies left in the world, and will have lost much blood and treasure on the way, leaving our citizens needs unmet at home. Have we no wise leaders left to replace these covert gun-slingers of both sexes eager to carve one more notch on their six-gun handles in the quest of immortality which continues to elude their grasp again and again? The best laid plans of both mice and men, it seems, do often go astray!

  2. AnuD Says:

    Study History. Many Empires came and, now, they are gone. So do the American empire – Remember British Empire is long gone. –

    Now, it is the time of the Chinese empire. Remember Bizanthian empire lasted far more than the well known ROMAN EMPIRE.

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The fascist “revolutionaries” demand of immediate rewards makes it clear that the $35 billion is meant only as a 1st installment/down payment for NATO’s experiment with sponsoring the first fascist government in Europe in decades.

    The IMF is now officially fund fascists in power they just claim that joining the EU (and NATO) is for the sake of prosperity, never mind that the sole purpose of this fascist regime is to serve bounded Ukrainians as human meat in the Drang nach Osten led and resumed by NATO!!!

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