Posted on March 6th, 2014

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:
March 5th, 2014 at 8:18 pm

Russia cannot be seen without including the CSTO, SCO and China. The CSTO was formed as Russia’s NATO but unlike the members of NATO the CSTO members are financially sound, rich in natural resources and strategically better placed. Many NATO members are in deep financial trouble including the US, UK, France. Putin did not take over the Crimea to engage in proposals for peace talks. Already the world has accepted the annexation of the Crimea as part of Russia.

President Obama wants to make the Ukraine a member nation of NATO. That would be handing the Ukraine to Russia for Russia will not have one of her CSTO member nations share a border with a NATO nation since Belarus is a CSTO member and shares a border with the Ukraine. Two days ago Russia launched an ICBM missile thereby violating the SALT treaty (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) and made a mockery of the agreement Obama had with Putin a few years ago to limit the nuclear weapons stock pile of both nations.

Obama has threatened Putin that if the crisis in the Ukraine is not solved he will not attend the G8 summit and has threatened to remove Russia from the G8 nations which were formed as a collection of nations who have the strongest industrial base (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States,Canada and Russia) yet they do not include China which has the second largest economy in the world and Italy, Japan and the UK are in a financial trouble of some level with Italy being the worst. If Russia exits the G8, it will be the G8 that will be hurt and not Russia. If Obama does not attend the G8 meeting then Russia will prevail in that meeting. Obama has painted himself into a corner by his own inflated threats.

Russia in turn has threatened to shut the gas and oil to Europe who is dependent on Russia. In addition Russia has threatened to drop the US currency in bilateral trade. Trade between Russia and China alone is enormous since Russia is one of the main suppliers of oil to China. If China were to sell even half of our 40% debt that she holds on the open market as junk bonds the dollar will take a terrible beating. It maybe the beginning of the end of the dollar as the international currency of exchange. China in recent times wants to replace the dollar with the Yuan as the international currency of exchange. Since these bonds are sold at zero interest and China wants to replace the dollar any excuse would be sufficient for China to take this step. Recently both China and Japan dumped Billions of dollars of American bonds on the market.

The US has already lost to Russia in the middle East regarding Syria and Iran, President Obama has loosened sanctions on Iran and come to agreements which Iran now repudiates. This has caused friction between the US and her long time alley Saudi Arabia who sees a rising Persian nation armed with nuclear weapons. Most of the Arab nations now have only one option and that is to become nuclear powers themselves in order to bring balance of power in the region where Israel and now Iran hold that power. Pakistan is more than willing to supply Saudi Arabia with the technology as she did with Iran and North Korea.

Regarding China the US containment policy is not going well. Recently the US approached the Maldive nation to build a military base in that nation and was turned down, while Russia plans to build eight military bases across the world. Three of them in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua or right under the belly of the US, thereby making a mockery of the “Monroe Doctrine”. two other military bases are planned for Seychelles and in Singapore which is one of four banking capitals of the world.

Recently a Muslim from the Chinese province of Xinjiang attacked and killed 33 people in a subway station and wounding several more with a knife as the separatist movement in Xinjiang continues. Pakistan under the Pakistani Taliban wants to make Pakistan into a theocracy that follows the Sharia law. They are also deeply involved in supporting the separatist movement in Xinjiang. Xinjiang is China’s largest province by land and is the richest in proven natural resources. Just a few days ago President Obama sent 1.6 Billion dollars to the Taliban controlled Pakistan. It is obvious some of this money will go to support the separatist movement in China.

At the same time President Obama wants to cut our military to pre world war 2 levels or 450 thousand men and women down from one million five hundred thousand. He also intends to cut the troops stationed in South Korea, Japan and Germany. This is not going unnoticed to China and Russia who have increased their expenditure on military spending. China has raised hers by 12% in order to create a blue water navy.

Finally the nature of Russia and China. Unlike India or the US these nations would not blink an eye if a million people die from a war but that cannot be said of the US or India where panic would be the result. This means the autocratic regimes of Russia and China are more formidable in war than the US or India.

India is caught in an odd situation. She has been recruited by the US to contain China and has approached Japan for that purpose. This puts China and India at opposite ends of the pole. While China holds 40% of the US debt both India and the US are experiencing deep economic problems. India’s growth rate has dropped from 8% to 4%. this is dangerous when 80% of her population are 40 years and younger and are of the working age. The US debt is at 17 trillion dollars (Google US national debt clock real time and see the chart. Look to the upper left to see how fast our debt is increasing). Nevertheless Washington DC. has increased the debt ceiling of the nation in order to borrow from itself another two trillion dollars. The collapse of the dollar is inevitable. A good book on this subject is the Crucible of Decline: Tottering on the fall of America” by Rocky Bagaladi.

When it comes to Sri Lanka the increasing tension between the US and NATO against China and Russia including their respective organizations the SCO and CSTO will serve well in the Security Council where issues of an international investigation on Sri Lanka will be immediately vetoed by Russia and China as they see the US is overextending her power into areas of the world that she has no business.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    As I said before this can happen in SL too.

    We MUST keep our army and MBRLs (plenty of them) in the north and east.

    Now CRIMEA parliament (= NPC) has declared a referendum on joining Russia or remaining part of Ukraine on March 16.

    This can happen in SL too. If NPC declares UDI (it once did) and get down Endians for protection, SL army will be as helpless like the Ukraine army. Then they can declare a referendum. ILLEGAL by SL and Ukraine law but powerful foreign countries DO recognize it.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    DEMOCRACY in Action … the WILL of its People is that Crimea joins the Russian Federation … as the Ukraine as a whole spirals towards disintegration into smaller “empowered democracies”.

    The USA used this very argument to undermine, destabilize and divide many other countries aligned with the USSR in the past … like Yugoslavia. Now Putin is deploying the same strategy to return the favour.

    All of this INTERFERENCE by foreign powers undermines NATIONS as units of governance and sovereignty, which moves me to ask: Are there NO LIMITS to the SIZE of a region that can demand secession to exercise its own democracy in opposition to the will of ALL the people of a nation? Can a Province, a District, a County, a City, a Town, a Village, or even a Street exercise its DEMOCRATIC right to secede? Where does it end?

    Most nations are rarely perfectly uniform in demography, and have local concentrations with respect to ethnicity, religion, language, etc etc, that are small in relation to the population of the country as a whole. So, does the will of the people of each local region, no matter how small, have priority over the will of ALL of the people of a nation? Does the will of Eastern Ukraine supercede the will of all of Ukraine? Does the will of Crimea have priority over both?

    This issue was addressed by Abraham Lincoln, during the US Civil war. President Lincoln argued that the legitimate aspirations of ALL people of the United States had accrued an inalienable right to a United Nation incorporating all of its territories, that had priority over the RIGHT of the Confederate States that had voluntarily united but now wished to secede. He argued that that RIGHT ACCRUED OVER TIME since Indeoendence from Britain, had a greater validity and force than the right of the Confederate States to secede. That was his LEGAL justification for waging the Civil War, and denying the DEMOCRATIC right of the Confederate States to a separate existence.

    But we Americans, the inheritors and beneficiaries of Lincoln’s legal justification for preserving the Union, have since been all over the mao on this issue, with only our SELF-INTEREST deciding which side we are on.

    In former Yugoslavia, we held that its individual provinces Serbia, Solvenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hetzegovina, Macedonia, even Kosovo province of Serbia, had an inalienable right to a separate existence …. because we had an interest in Balkanizing the powerful Yugoslavia aligned with the USSR. In doing so, we opened up a Pandora’s box spilling out all of the old Balkan evils that Marshal Tito had managed to keep bottled up in a united Yugoslavia. That witches kettle is still brewing. Determined to divide up Sudan opposed to the US, we have similarly managed to stir up divisions and create a South Sudan, with another new nation in the Darfur region a distinct possibility. South Sudan is now at war with itself … that should keep them busy for a while, eh?

    On the other hand, in Ukraine, the US is arguing that the National Sovereignty of Ukraine must remain inviolate while Russia has become the defender of Democracy and the Will of the People of Crimea! There is no “Internal Law” here, only the Rights of the Mighty and Powerful to have their way.

    We Americans, in particular, should be wary of the recent trend in our foreign policy to exploit “human rights” and “democracy” to undermine, destabilize and partition other countries. We should be mindful of the demographic changes that are taking place within the United States, that are leading to polarization and alienation of people and regions of the US from one another on ethnic, linguistic, religious and political bases, and the po
    tential for those to grow and crystallize into secessionist movements. There is now AMPLE EVIDENCE that is happening right now.

    If that unfortunate situation were to again arise, as it did during the US Civil War period, all of the arguments we are currently using to dismantle other countries would be used against the United States by segments of its own citizens, aided and abetted by enemies of our country. Would then, an Abraham Lincoln arise to formulate new arguments and convince Americans to wage war against each other to keep the nation whole, so our descendents can enjoy the benefits of a one united nation extending from ocean to ocean, as we did?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Russia, China, etc. should finance Mexicans to push for SELF DETERMINATION in southern US states.

    They should also help African Americans gain their self respect and HOMELAND within USA.

    Mexicans in USA doubled from 1990 to 2010 and redouble by 2024 and will be the largest ancestral group by 2026.

    Mexican language should be made the official language in Mexican majority states.

    MANY Americans have guns so it will be fun. I love to see how they will struggle to cope up with it. The world should rally around human rights violated Mexicans and African Americans.

    Islamic people will be 35% of UK in another 2 decades. Russia, China and Saudi should help them achieve their legal status, Sharia, etc. in the UK. That will be TOTAL FUN.

    UK and USA the biggest anti-democracy countries are undermined from WITHIN!! Give them 25 years and they will look totally different. We MUST maintain our Sinhala Buddhist UNITARY identity at ANY COST. Let the secular countries SINK into violence and break-up.

    It’s a matter of time! It’s a matter of time!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    I warned this could come.

    Crimea = Tamil speaking areas of SL (according to the INVADER)

    “Describing the first draft of the resolution tabled by the US, UK and other countries on Sri Lanka as sweet-coated poison, MDMK leader Vaiko has appealed to the Indian government to introduce a separate resolution calling for international, independent enquiry into the allegations of war crimes during the military offensive in 2009.

    Releasing three books authoried by MDMK functionaries in Chennai on Friday, Vaiko said the resolution also contain a call for referendum on separate Tamil Eelam among Tamils living the island and abroad, ENS reported.

    Vaiko also praised the Russian president Vladimir Putin for his stand on the Crimean issue and said “Russia is intervening on the sole reason that Crimea is a Russian language speaking part of Ukraine and India should follow suit”.

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