Comment on the UNHCR Resolution against Sri lanka: A Plea to the members of the UNHCR to open their eyes and to be fair, to look at All Human Rights Violations happening today, instead of looking at the one country that liberated its population from terrorism.
Posted on March 9th, 2014

Garvin Karunaratne PhD(Michigan State University, International Consultant, 10/3/2014

It is time that the members of the UNHCR do consider the fact that the LTTE Rebellion aganist the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka violated all the human rights of the entire 20 million population of Sri lanka for three decades.

The LTTE killed all Tamil Leaders, including two Mayors of Jaffna. Tamil Members of Parliament, Indian leaders like Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Ministers and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka. During that period no one was safe in Sri Lanka. The LTTE attcked Colombo many a time killing Civilians, monks and children The nuber so killed is easily in the tens of thousands.

Hundreds of pilgrims were shot and killed at the Sri Maha Bodhi at Anuradhapura President Rajapaksa won his Presidential Election on the vow that he would lberate the entire island from the Menace of LTTE terrorism, the vow included liberating the Tamils in Jaffna and in LTTE territory who were held as captives under the pain of death.

President Rajapaksa first negotiated with the LTTE, made overtures to have a peaceful settlement and was finally forced to take action when the LTTE stopped irigation water for the Fields of farmers at Mawil Aru near Trincomalee. It was essentially a Human Rights act to deliver amass of 20 million from the clutches of Prabhakaran.

It is sad that this liberator President Rajapaksa the one man who delivered peace to his island is now the target of attack by the USA and the UK, countries that profess in the open that they are democratic. but in actuality want to cause Sri Lanka to become destabilized. Please consider the fact that even at the height of the war with the LTTE the vast majority of Tamils well over 50% of them lived in harmony with the rest of the population, while the Tamils in the region controlled by the LTTE were living a life of fear, fear that the LTTE will shoot them, steal their children for training as LTTE cadres.

There is absolutely no proof that any of the armed forces of Sri Lanka killed people wantonly like what is happening today in Afghanistan. The Armed Forces liberated a mass of some three hundred and eighty thousand Tamil civilians whom the LTTE had taken as a human shield in the last stages of the battle.

This mass of three hundred tousand were housed, fed, medically attended to, their lands de mined and settled all done in record time in three years a feat yet unparalled in the annals of history. Today Sri lanka is the peaceful home of all its citizens.

There is a rabble that took to proceed to Western countries as asylum seekers, feigning that they were manhandled by the armed forces and they do that to earn social securiy payments and to be able to get support fom the NGO. This include journailists and many who are economic migrants.

I hope the members of the UNHCR will kindly access the numerous papers written in LankaWeb which give out the real truth. To charge SriLankan leaders and its Armed Forces of commiting war crimes is itself a crime and should never happen.

The USA resolution should be overruled and instead the UNHCR shold look at how human rights are being violated at this very moment in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Stria, in Libya.

The USA of all should be ashmamed of how it treats its own American Indian population who are forced to live in poverty in settlements, where the USA do not provide the basics of,life.

The UK and the USA are no longer upholding democracy in the world. They want to destabilize Sri Lanka and split it into pieces. We have seen that happen to Somalia in the last two decades. It is imperial colonialism once again, this time not with the gun but through manipulating the United Nations

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