‘Tiger Bishop’ Rayappah Joseph’s proposals to UNHRC
Posted on March 9th, 2014

P.A.Samaraweeera, Melbourne

‘Tiger’ Bishop, Rayappah Joseph of Mannar, along with LTTE backers and NGO’s had submitted some proposals asking the US to include them in the final draft of the US Resolution to the UNHRC. In their memo, they had given 7 requests and some of them had been ‘separatism’ to the North and East, an international investigation on war crimes in Sri Lanka, acceptance of the traditional homeland theory, a remembrance day for the tiger terrorists and so on. Rayappah Joseph and his gang had requested that their proposals be included in the US Resolution. The Tamil diaspora as well had requested that the US resolution include these recommendations. So all these groups are canvassing the UNHRC to impose on Sri Lanka what the LTTE failed to achieve with arms.

Rayappah Joseph’s support to the LTTE is no secret. When the LTTE was driven away from the Madhu church premises, he walked away with the Madhu statue to LTTE held territory. Now he is doing all his preaching to revive the LTTE rump. Another well known supporter is Father S.J.Emmanuel who is now the leader of the UK based Global Tamil Forum. Then we have in this group Jaffna Bishop saundranayagam. When Ambassador-at-large Stephen Rapp was in Sri Lanka they had a meeting with him presenting with their so called ‘Grievances’. There was also a time when the Catholic Church had its sympathies with the LTTE. The Church took the stand that the ethnic crisis is a conflict between the Tamils and the Sinhala Buddhists  and not an issue between the terrorists and the State.  The church preferred a divided Sri Lanka.

During the hey days of the LTTE the Bishop  of Jaffna requested all Tamil political parties to cease functioning so that the LTTE could act as the sole representative of the Tamil people. The position of the Church was confirmed by Mr. S. Dixit, a former High Commissioner of India, who stated in his book (‘Assignment Colombo” P.228) that, “What was fascinating was that the Tamil Catholic clergy kept arguing in favour of the LTTE throughout my tenure in Sri Lanka’. So it is not surprising that Rayappah Joseph is carrying on with his support to terror backers! The actions of some Catholic Bishops had eroded the credibility of the Catholic Church.

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  1. Charles Says:

    It is time that the Sinhala Catholics reassess their wisdom to remain devoted to a religion which demands allegiance to the Church in Rome and pays scant respect to patriotism to a motherland. Why should they remain in a religion whose representatives like Emmanuel and Rayappu in Sri Lanka are attached to anti-Sinhala pro-Tamil Terrorists, are unconcerned about unity of the people, and a love for a unitary undivided Sri Lanka ?

    The Sinhala Catholics should now revert their allegiance to the Catholic Church and come back to Buddhism the true religion of their Sinhala ancestors. There is much in Buddhism for Sinhala people, than in Catholism which is a foreign religion without a true philosophy without any relationship to the Sinhala people other than its Catholic Missionary past that came with the Colonialists, the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Tiger Bishop Kasippu Joeseph will not change. That is not a problem.
    He claims he is a good friend of MR. MR does not say NO. He does not say a word condemning him. This is the problem.

    Government have to send this bugger to jail , so that fellow criminals there will rape him rather than he raping young Tamils.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “He claims he is a good friend of MR. MR does not say NO. He does not say a word condemning him. This is the problem.”


    We have MR, GR, BR, NR, CR and SR!!

    SR is also a decision maker. Shiranthi R. She is a Catholic and INFLUENCES DECISION MAKING.

    MR dare not punish Kasippu Joseph Goebbels.

  4. Nanda Says:

    “”The decision is your hands. If you say it’s wrong we have to bow our heads to that. We are prepared to bow our heads to the people but we clearly say that we are not prepared to do so to imperialists or to their henchmen. We believe in the people of this country,” the President said. ”

    We the people of the country want you to say “INDIA IS NOT OUR FRIEND. INDIA TRAINED LTTE”. Why do you bow your head to INDIA ? India is the biggest henchmen to imperialists and you are worshipping them. How dare you say “Musawada Veramani Sikkapadam Samadiyami” Mr. President ?
    Where has your Buddhism gone ?

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