Vilification of Sri Lanka by World Tamil Forum Using False Propaganda
Posted on March 9th, 2014

Jayantha de Silva Victoria Australia

Member of the US Congress
27 February 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

Vilification of Sri Lanka by World Tamil Forum Using False Propaganda

With the UNHRC meeting scheduled for March, the Tamil Diasporas have once again stepped up their propaganda campaign to convince the International Community to grant the Tamils a Homeland withinSri Lanka that they failed to achieve after 26 years of terrorism.  Thanks to an honest and discerningForeign Minister, Australia may be the only First World country that will not vote in favour of a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC meeting. Ms Julia Bishop not only realized that the Tamil propaganda was completely false, but has the moral and ethical character to stand by her convictions despite pressure brought on her by various sources including the US Government and others influenced by the Tamil Diaspora and its unlimited funds. It is a pity that her counterparts in other countries do not have her strength of character. 

The Tamil Diaspora inherited the international propaganda organization set up by the LTTE, which, according to the FBI, was the worlds most violent and ruthless international terrorist organization, much more so than Al Qaeda.  An organisation that invented the suicide vest and carried out the most number of suicide bombings; one which had an Army, Navy and Air Force in addition to a fleet of commercial ships that enabled it to establish an international criminal empire that dealt in arms smuggling, drug dealing and human trafficking. More details about this organization are in the attached document. 

The most important aspect is that the LTTE was created by a propaganda coup and gained its reputation through its propaganda organization, which was able, through insidious and pervasive propaganda, to convince most of the World’s governments that the Sri Lanka government was discriminating against the Tamils, and worse. Since the Sri Lanka government did not initially engage in counter-propaganda, these false accusations went unchallenged and took root in the international community.  In actual fact, right through the 26 years the Tamil militants terrorized the country, large numbers of Tamils continued to live and work amicably among their Sinhalese neighbours.

You should also be aware that a Tamil Homeland exists already in Tamil Nadu, in South India, where there have been more than 65 million Tamils from time immemorial. “Tamil Nadu” literally means “Tamil Homeland”, and it is only about 45 minutes away from Sri Lanka by boat. In Sri Lanka there are 15 million Sinhalese to 2.2 million Tamils, all of who have crossed over from their Homeland Tamil Nadu, as illicit immigrants over the past few centuries. Worldwide, there are approximately 150 million Tamils.

A factor is that Sri Lanka permitted China to construct a harbour in the country in gratitude for providing the weapons and armament for Sri Lanka to continue the war against the terrorists at a time when the rest of the World refused to do so because of pressure from the Tamil Diaspora. Because of this, India, USA and NATO have become concerned that China could interfere with maritime shipping in the Indian Ocean, and have joined the Tamil Diaspora in its condemnation of Sri Lanka, perhaps hoping that if such a “Homeland” is formed, the Tamils might permit NATO to have a foothold in Sri Lanka. A point worth considering is that the Tamil Terrorists were trained and equipped by the Indian Intelligence Organisation in 1980, at a time when India was under the Soviet yoke and Sri Lanka was pro-USA.

On 10 February 2014, the UNHRC finally forwarded the draft report that it will be tabling at the forthcoming UNHRC meeting in March 2014 (giving the Sri Lanka Government 24 hours to submit its comments and responses). The comments by the Sri Lanka Government are in the document at:, which must be read in order to understand fully, the extent to which the Tamil Diasporas have influenced this particular UN agency.

Please read the attached article to understand how the anti-Sri Lanka propaganda was created and introduced, and why the accusations of war crimes and Human Rights Violations are fabrications (the UN Human Rights Commissioner is herself a Tamil). Once you read the attached article, you will understand why Ms Bishop arrived at her conclusions and hopefully support her in her views.  Please also understand that Sri Lanka is one of the World’s oldest democracies.


Jayantha de Silva

2 Responses to “Vilification of Sri Lanka by World Tamil Forum Using False Propaganda”

  1. Charles Says:

    It is time that the Sinhala Catholics reassess their wisdom to remain devoted to a religion which demands allegiance to the Church in Rome and pays scant respect to patriotism to a motherland. Why should they remain in a religion whose representatives like Emmanuel and Rayappu in Sri Lanka are attached to anti-Sinhala pro-Tamil Terrorists, are unconcerned about unity of the people, and a love for a unitary undivided Sri Lanka ?

    The Sinhala Catholics should now revert their allegiance to the Catholic Church and come back to Buddhism the true religion of their Sinhala ancestors. There is much in Buddhism for Sinhala people, than in Catholism which is a foreign religion without a true philosophy without any relationship to the Sinhala people other than its Catholic Missionary past that came with the Colonialists, the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.

  2. Christie Says:

    Charles, please do not bring in religious issues among the Sinhalese. India use Christians around the world to acheive their goals. It is not Tamils and other Indians from Ceylon who are vllifying us it is also India, Indian colonial parasites and vermin.

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